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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 23, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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as well. i just want to start by that i thinking naomi kelly, and the work of the capital planning committee. because of the work of the capital planning committee over the years, we've been able to have a very well-thought-out plan for investing dollars in facilities that the city owns, especially our public safety facilities. and in 2010 and in 2014, voters passed these bonds without raising property taxes but with almost 80% of the vote to support rehabilitating facilities all over san francisco. and just this year, i was really excited about cutting the ribbon on station 5, which is my home station, where i used to get my toys as a firefighter. our firefighters and our police officers, fixing our buildings
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and making sure that they can sustain an earthquake is so critical to protecting the lives of our citizens. in fact we are all reminded from last week, the major earthquake that happened in southern california and the devastating impact it had on that community, we are reminded that we have to be prepared. it's not about if, it's about when a disaster strikes. so what are we going to do to make sure that our public safety personnel can focus on the work that they need to do to save lives and not necessarily the challenge that exist with the buildings that house them and what could happen to people that we need to shelter in a disaster. kezar pavilion is not
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seismically safe. it is one of the facilities that could qualify for additional revenues so that if necessary, we can use that as a shelter facility in case a disaster hits. we have to be thinking ahead in not only repairing the buildings that we know need to be repaired, like park station, which is currently undergoing some renovations like police and fire stations and public safety buildings, and 911 buildings where we send our dispatchers, all of these places matter, so when a disaster hits, their only focus is on saving lives of the citizens of san francisco and not worrying about the condition of their buildings and whether or not they're in a bad place themselves. so today, we are announcing a $628 million public safety beyond for earthquake safety and emergency response for the
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march ballot, as i said. and i am just so excited and so proud of the work that we did collaborating with the board, collaborating with the capital planning committee to do this in such an incredibly responsible way. and i just want to thank all of you for being here, joining us, because this is exciting for the future of san francisco. we know that there are challenges in our city, and we have to make the right kind of investments, not only the issues that we face today but for the issues we'll face tomorrow. this is just taking one step further to doing just that, and so i'm really excited to be here with so many incredible people, including the supervisor who represents district 5 -- [applause] >> the hon. london breed: many of you all know vallie brown.
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she's been a community advocate in this district for so many years. not only does she spend time cleaning it up, i mean, personally, literally in the morning, picking up track with her own picker, but she also spends a lot of time fighting for resources in this community. whether it's our public safety locations or our community locations, she's been a real advocate, and some of you know the work that was done here, also, the track that was repurposed. and commissioner buell, what was the location over here by the triangle? what is that called? yeah, with public and private dollars, we're transforming this area. and when i served as supervisor, the person who was really actively engaged in working with the community and helping to bring together public and private resources to get these projects done for
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this community was no other than your current supervisor for district 5, vallie brown. [applause] >> supervisor brown: thank you, mayor breed. i'm really happy to be standing here today and to be talking about this. just a few months ago, we were at fire station 5, brand-new opened. not only is it absolutely state-of-the-art and beautiful, but it is going to be a hub if anything happens in this city. and when i think about we have so many other stations and buildings that we need to have this kind of bond money to be able to fix them up so if we do have earthquakes, if we have things that happen in this city, that we're prepared. when we look at -- i know that mayor breed was talking about kezar and other places, but when we have a major
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earthquake, and if we think about the earthquake that just happened in southern california, and how strong it was, but it was in the desert. but think about what if it was here, and what it could have done to our city. i think about that every day, and what i would do if my place was flattened in the city. i probably would be camping in the park unless i had someplace to go that was safe, right? i would. i know the no-tent rule, but i think they have a cot there for me. i asked them, can you put a cot? so i just feel that it's so important that not only is this city ready for anything that could happen, unfortunately -- and we know it will someday, but we have to be ready individually. we have a responsibility. i actually just went to a fire in my district a few weeks ago.
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everybody ran out of the building. there were, like, 12 people. the things they forgot when they ran out -- they forgot their i.d., they forgot their medicine, all of those things, and it keeps going into my mind, am i ready? am i ready for an earthquake? am i ready for a fire or anything -- any other kind of emergency? so i went home, and i remembered an emergency kit that i had put together probably 12, 15 years ago, when i did nert, and nert was first starting. my water was expired, the batteries expired, the food expired. i'm like, i'm not ready, and i didn't have the emergency little pack that you're supposed to have by your door to grab and run if something happens. i wasn't ready, and i think about that because i think about what about my neighbor that's elderly, and she has a hard time getting down the stairs? we should be going out, talking
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to our neighbors. we should be going out, training with nert. please sign up. if you're not a member, it's kind of fun. we need to start thinking about our neighbors and what we can do individually. are you signed up for the alert, emergency alert, everyone on your phone? your neighbor? this is the kind of thing that we need to do because it really takes us as an individual and our neighbors to really protect each other if this happens. and believe me if we have an earthquake, i'm heading down to cafe revelry, and if his coffee machine is working because these are the places we're going to have to go to see, are they left behind? do they need help? i say that because i appreciate all the work in this city that everyone does.
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our police chief, fire chief, naomi kelly, and especially our mayor to say we need to look at this, we need to do this now, and being so creative for doing this. i want to thank everyone for coming to district 5. it's nice and foggy here, but cool you down a little bit before you go back to your job. so thank you, everyone. and the next speaker -- are you going to bring him up? all right. thank you. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you, supervisor brown. and just a reminder, anyone can go to if you want to get prepared for any emergency situation in san francisco. a lot of great information from emergency management. now i want to introduce someone
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who's ae be who's been a 25-year veteran of the san francisco fire department and has a very thorough knowledge of how to deal with emergency situations and is why she is currently serving as the chief of the department. please welcome jeanine nicholson. >> good morning, everyone. i love our san francisco summer weather. speaking of nert, as supervisor brown just mentioned, i want to recognize, we do have some nert volunteers right here, and nert is going to be critical in the event -- [applaus [applause] >> in the event >> -- in the event of a disaster. we know it's not if, it's when. i want to recognize mohamed
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nuru. he's been a great ally for us and working with us. in the event of a disaster, our fire department needs to respond immediately. our firefighters and e.m.s. workers work 24-7, 365, and we need to be able to respond immediately. and this bill will provide the funding that we need to invest in our public safety infrastructure so we can continue to bring the city and the citizens the best service that we possibly can, but especially during a disaster. so thank you all for being here today. good day. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: all right. our last speaker for this program before we finally sign this legislation is the chief of the police department, bill
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scott. [applaus [applause] >> thank you, mayor. i'll be brief. i just want to reiterate what the mayor said. we have 13 san francisco police departments and 14 other buildings. many of our stations are over 25 years old. these stations, from the day that the doors open, they are open 24-7. they have always been in use, and many of them are in need of seismic improvements, significant seismic improvements. and we don't want -- in the time of an emergency, we don't want to have to worry about whether or not the station is going to be standing, even though we plan for that if it happens. that's the last thing we want to worry about, so i, too, want to thank you all for being here. the vision of the mayor, city administrator kelly, and the vision of our city for looking forward so our city has the
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proper infrastructure to respond properly, so thank you for the leadership, and thank you, mayor. >> the hon. london breed: thank you. and again, i want to thank all of you for being here. again, this is only the beginning. the real work beginning when we have to -- begins when we have to campaign to get this ballot measure passed. we have been successful in 2010 and 2014 in getting almost 80% of the support of the voters for a previous eser bond, and i want to make sure that we top that, so i'm going to need your help. it's incredibly important that we shrine a light on the measure that will be going on the march 2020 ballot for voters to support. i appreciate you all being here, and also don't forget to vote for the housing bond on the ballot this november. all right. let's get this signed. [applause]
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>> the hon. london breed: 7, 11, 19, done. [applause]
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afternoon. welcome to the july 23, 2019 regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors.
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madame clerk, will you please call the roll? >> thank you, mr. president. brown present. fewer not present. haney present. mandelman present. mar present. peskin present. ronen present. safai present. stefani present. walton present. president yee. >> president yee: thank you, ladies and gentlemen. please join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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>> president yee: so, on behalf of the board, i would like to acknowledge the staff of sfgovtv, michael and kelowna, who record each of the meetings and make the transcripts available to the public online. madame clerk, are there any communications? >> none to report, mr. president. >> president yee: colleagues, today we are approving the minutes from the june 18, 2019 board meeting. are there any changes to these meeting minutes? seeing none, then can i have a motion to approve the minutes as presented? made by supervisor walton, seconded by supervisor brown. and without objection, those minutes will be approved after
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public comment. madame clerk, let's go to our special order for 2:00 p.m. >> yes, the first order of business today is to welcome the honorable mayor, london n. breed to present a five-minute address to the board of supervisors. there have been no questions submitted by eligible districts. >> president yee: all right. welcome, madame mayor. mayor breed, there are no topics submitted by supervisors today. it's your freebie. we welcome you. [laughter]. we welcome you to share your remarks. >> mayor breed: thank you, president yee, are you sure, nothing? well, i know in the past i've come to the board and really talked about a lot of our differences and the challenges that we've faced in the city because of those differences. but today i want to talk a little bit about how we're all
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working together. while there are and will always be places where we will have disagreements, there is plenty of room for us to come together for solutions. first i want to thank president yee for your support and leadership with the affordable housing bond. that bond came out of a collaborative process and we worked through all the issues on the agreement, whether it was the size of the bond or how much money we were going to spend. and while there were numerous opinions, we sat down, had the hard conversations and got the job done. so, thank you, president yee, and also happy birthday. supervisor fewer, you were a fantastic partner on the budget, getting it out of committee earlier than scheduled and bringing all your colleagues together to fund our shared priorities and i want to thank you for your fairness, and your transparency and your hard work, every step of the way across every issue. supervisor safai, i commend you for stepping up and finding us a
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location for the safe vehicle triage site in your district and leading that very difficult conversation in your district. supervisor stefani, i know you've been working really hard on 3333 california street project and we all know that we need more housing in this city, in all communities. so thank you so much for your work on that. supervisor mar, i want to thank you for your dedication to fully funding free city college. your collaboration together with the trustee, the chancellor and the coalition helped us to remove a charter amendment that would have locked us in a ballot policy that we would not be able to adjust here at city hall. and anytime that we can accomplish something in city hall instead of the ballot, we should. and i want to appreciate supervisor ronen and supervisor haney for their willingness to sit down with my office and the department of public health to
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work on a mental health solution that involves support with substance abuse treatment for those that we all know are most in need. we know behavioral health is one of the top issues facing people in our city, particularly those sleeping on the streets. and i know i have a tremendous ally in supervisor mandelman and his commitment to helping those who continuously refuse treatment. i want to thank you, supervisor mandelman, for your leadership. we both share a sense of urgency to push these solutions forward now. i recognize that there is also a sense of urgency in district 10 where supervisor walton is dealing with the tremendous amount of issues around violence in the community and i'm committed to working with you to address those issues and to, of course, address issues around criminal justice reform. so thank you for your leadership. thank you to supervisor brown for your hard work on
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legislation to streamline the business permitting process and to fight vacant store front retail across the city. and for your work, together with supervisor fewer, to push for an office of racial equity. supervisor peskin, your commitment to a clean ballot and interest in getting our gross receipts underhaul under way demonstrates your commitment to our responsible policy making for our residents and i truly appreciate that and your thoughtfulness. we all know that what our challenges -- we all know our challenges in the city, and i believe that we've proven we can come together to work in the best interest of the people of the city. i'm willing to have these conversations and i'm truly glad you are, too. ultimately, we're here for the people of san francisco and they, of course, want us all to work together towards solutions
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that are going to make the quality of life better for the residents of our city. that's why i'm here. that's why we're all here. and i want to thank you all again for the work we've been able do to move san francisco forward in a positive direction. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. in the time that you're allocated, so madame mayor, i want to thank you for joining us today and making those positive comments as we sort of end this session pretty soon and go into recess. and hopefully, in september, we'll continue having these collaborations. thank you very much. >> mayor breed: thank you, president yee. >> president yee: madame clerk, let's go to our regular agenda.
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can you please call the first item? >> item 1 is a resolution to establish renew and expand the property based business improvement district known as the civic center community benefit district and levy assessments for 15 years to beginning 2019-20 and affirm the ceqa determination. >> president yee: supervisor brown i think has made a motion to the civic center community district? >> supervisor brown: yes. and i'd like it make that motion to renew and expand the civic center community benefit district with amendments, specifically, i would like to remove parcel 0768-021 through 71 on the northern westernmost edge of the cbd. the amendment and management
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plan and engineer report before you reflect the changes. and i'd also like to ask deputy city attorney givner to confirm the timing of this process is correct and legal. >> deputy city attorney jon givner, yes, this is an appropriate time for the board to make amendment reducing the size of the proposed district by removing those parcels. the process is essentially set forth in state law and state law provides that the board can make this type of amendment at this point in the process. >> president yee: supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you. and thank you for your the legal clarification. which was all i wanted. i do have to say for the record, though, while it is in state law
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and he correctly advised the department and we're now dually advised by our counsel, it seems a weird thing you can change it after the election. i realize that it's legal and i will be voting for it, but it seems like a very bizarre provision in state law. >> president yee: okay. so there is the motion made and is there a second? second made by supervisor safai. colleagues, without objection, can we take the revisions? the document will be accepted, okay. now on resolution itself, with the changes to the supporting document, which is item 1, madame clerk, please call the roll. >> item 1, fewer? fewer on item 1? fewer aye.
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haney aye. mandelman aye. mar aye. peskin aye. ronen aye. safai aye. stefani aye. walton aye. yee aye. brown aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: okay. without objection, the resolution is adopted with the revised management plan and engineer's report unanimously. madame clerk, please call items 2 through 18 together. >> items 2 through 18 are being called together. they constitute the budget for the city and county of san francisco for fiscal years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. item 2 is to appropriate all estimated receipts for the departments in the city as of
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june 1, 2019. item 3, the annual salary ordinance to enumerate the positions in the budget and appropriation ordinance. item 4 is the ordinance to adopt the beautification and graffiti cleanup fund ceiling. item 5 is the ordinance that authorizes refunding certificates of participation or the c.o.p., for multiple capital improvement projects to improve the form of notice and sale and attention to sell the c.o.p.s. item 6 is refunding certificates in the amount of $160 million to deappropriate $16.5 million in 2009a and b and to re-appropriate series 2019r1 in the amount of $176.5 million and place these on reserve pending the sale in fiscal year 2019.
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item 7 is to amend the fire code and increase fees for services and affirm the ceqa determine sak -- determination. item 9, to set nonresidential adult admission fees at specialty attractions by utilizing flexible pricing based on certain factors. and item 10, authorizes the imposition of the surcharge of $1 per nonresident adult visitor at the japanese teagarden to fund the restoration of the facility until such time as the restoration is complete and determine the ceqa for all three items. item 11 eliminates fine for overdue library books, material and equipment and to forgive
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outstanding debt for overdue fines. item 12 is the resolution to approve the budget for the office of community investment and infrastructure operating as the successor agency to the san francisco redevelopment agency and authorizes the issuance of $41 million in bonds by the office of community investment. item 13, resolution to concur with the controller's establishment of the consumer price index for 2019 and to adjust the access line tax by the same rate. item 14 is the resolution to concur with the controller certification that services previously approved can be performed by a private contractor for a lower cost than similar work performed by city employees for specific services. item 15 is the resolution to authorize the planning department to apply for, accept and expend $625 million s b2 planning grant from the california department of housing and community development for city-wide planning projects that
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streamline housing approval and accelerate production. item 16, resolution to authorize the acceptance of state grant funds by the san francisco department of public health. item 17 is the resolution to approve the expenditure plans for the department of homelessness and supportive housing for the fund. and item 18 is the resolution to authorize the san francisco public library to accept and expend approximately $808,000 in in-kind gifts, services and cash monies from the friends of the san francisco public library for a variety of public programs and services in fiscal year 2019-2020. >> president yee: okay. i see supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: i would defer to chair fewer, but when the appropriate time comes, i would like to sever item number 9 and offer some amendments to it that i passed out. i just wanted to put that on the
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record. >> president yee: number 9. >> supervisor peskin: yes, sir. >> supervisor fewer: thank you, president yee. colleagues, i gave my comments and thanks last week when the budget and trailing legislation first appeared on the agenda, but i realized that i did not acknowledge the incredible interns in our office who helped staff on budget. since today is the first vote to pass the budget, i want to take a moment to recognize them. in particular, jimmie, jackie and marissa. without the support, the budget process would not have gone an smoothly as it did. thanks to our interns, my staff, the bla, the mayor budget office, the controller and all of my colleagues for the collaborative process that allowed us to prioritize investments for many of the most vulnerable in our communities. thank you. >> president yee: can we take items 2 through 18 with the exception of item 9, same house same call?
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without objections, these ordinances are passed on first reading. can we call number 9 again? i think you already called it. so supervisor peskin. >> reminder, item 9 is setting nonresident adult fees at specialty attractions. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, president yee. i want to thank the chair of the budget committee, supervisor fewer and other members of the budget committee for the entire budget that we just passed but also for their deliberations and modifications to this provision in the park code with regard to the conservatory of flowers, the teagarden, the botanical garden and coit tower elevator and want to commend the committee for the
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amendments that have already been made. i would like to further suggest insofar as a report will be forth coming in march 2021, that the legislation would sunset at that time or the board of supervisors could extend it for a period of time, or permanently, if it so chose and to that end, i've circulated on page 5, lines 10 through 16, a sunset provision to that effect. which i believe supervisor fewer has a friendly amendment that she has shared with me that i support. which she can or tick calculate in a moment. -- articulate in a moment. i also talked with rec and park and the code as it was already written had a mistake in it, which i am offering some amendments to fix. and that is on page 2, section
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12.06. as a matter of fact, coit tower which was built with a bequest from the lily hitchcock coit and the art came courtesy of the united states of america from the works progress administration or a similar new deal federal program, has indeed been free for everybody since it opened some 80 years ago. only the elevator has been the source of revenue and a fee. so weirdly enough, the way the code currently reads -- and i think it's just a mistake -- it says admission fee. so we have gotten rid of admission fee and it now is very clear that it is an elevator fee and not an admission fee, so those changes are at the top -- bottom of page 2 and top of page 3. i want to thank deputy city attorney for making those amendments and so i offer those
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amendments, but i know that supervisor fewer has a slight change to the sunset provision. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. yes, on page 5, line 8, before the paragraph begins, i would like to include, unless extended by ordinance. >> supervisor peskin: i would just incorporate that into the amendments that i previously discussed and so that is a motion from the supervisor. >> president yee: okay. i think we have amendments on the floor made and motion made by supervisor peskin, and seconded by supervisor fewer. can we take these amendments without any objection? it passes. can we take item 9 as amended, same house, same call? seeing no objection, it passes
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unanimously. madame clerk, let's go to item number 19. >> item 19 is an ordinance to appropriate 50 million of the series 2019-b embarcadero earthquake wall bond proceeds to the port of san francisco for fiscal year 2018-2019. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. next item. >> item 20 is ordinance to retroactively approve agreement between the public utilities commission and the california independent system operator for reliability accord nalter services -- coordinator services to suspend the administrative code. subsection b, and to authorize automatic renewal of the contract term in excess of 10
7:41 pm
years without returning to the board for authorization and with maximum cost not to exceed $3 million. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. madame clerk, item number 21. >> item 21 is an ordinance to amend the environment code to raise the amount charged for checkout bags from 10 cents to 25 cents per bag to require bags to be recyclable and to affirm the ceqa determine united nations. >> president yee: same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance passed unanimously. madame clerk, it's close to 2:30, can we -- i'm going to skip items 22 for now and ta
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take... -- take item 26 out of order. >> item 26 is an ordinance to approve a lease at 500 jefferson street between the city and the south end rowing club for a term of 25 years with option to extend for 24 years and general public access requirement and to affirm the ceqa determination. >> president yee: same house, same call? this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. item number 27. >> item 27 is ordinance to approve a lease at number 1 yacht road for a term of 18 years with youth programming and a general public access requirement in addition to affirming the ceqa determination. >> president yee: same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed on first
7:43 pm
reading unanimously. item number 28. >> item 28 is ordinance to delegate the board's charter granted authority to the general manager of the public utilities commission to enter into one or more agreements to sell low carbon fuel standard credits accrued by the municipal transportation agency when revenue from such an agreement will be $1 million or more and to amend the administrative code to establish a low carbon fuel standard credit sales fund to receive the funds in connection with projects that will reduce san francisco's carbon footprint and/or advance sustainability goals. >> president yee: can we -- >> roll call, different house. >> president yee: roll call. >> supervisor fewer aye. haney absent. mandelman aye. mar aye. peskin aye.
7:44 pm
ronen aye. safai aye. stefani aye. walton aye. yee aye. brown aye. haney aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: okay. without objection, the ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. now that we reached 2:30, can you call the item. >> it's time for the 230 commendations. i have commendations from president yee, ronen, fewer, safai. >> president yee: colleagues, in november 2017, and if you're wondering who i'm talking about, can i have our housing czar up here? where are you? i can't see you.
7:45 pm
kate harley, come on up. [applause] in november 2017, we and the residents of this city were very fortunate because kate hartley accepted the role of permanent director of the mayor's office of housing and community development. there was an incredible amount of work that has been placed on her shoulders immediately. including to make the rental assistance demonstration, rad program, successful so that thousands of public housing residents could be housed safely in homes that any of us would be proud to call our home. she has developed creative ways to finance affordable housing construction and to protect and preserve existing units. she's helped aspiring homeowners
7:46 pm
and first responders and teachers become first-time homeowners and home buyers. these are just a few snapshots of the work that kate has poured her heart and soul into over the last 25 years, that she has dedicated to finding solutions to the affordable housing challenges that we all face today. i recall that when you were first asked to fill the interim director position, one of the first things that you did was to ask to see the chinatown s.r.o.s. to me that showed me your heart and your desire to understand and bring solutions to address the differing facets of the housing crisis as it impacts every community and neighborhood in the city. more recently, i've had a lot of fun working with you on a couple of issues. that, of course, would be the affordable housing bond that we're going to be put in the november ballot and trying to
7:47 pm
work through the issues and the needs we have in the city. and knowing that even with the $600 million housing bond, it's not going to solve everything, but what can we do with it, with the month that we have and best serve our community whether they're low income, moderate. it was quite a balance, a feat to come up with numbers and the concepts with we want to support and it seems that everybody is supporting it. more recently i was speaking to a lot about affordable housing for seniors and you pointed out the challenges that we would have if we were to do that. especially to try to make it affordable for those seniors that are on fixed income.
7:48 pm
and because of your communication to me that this was a huge problem and that we're not going to solve it if we do nothing. and that speared us, my office to look at what the solution could be and brainstorming with you. we came up with the s.o.s. program. i always forget what it means. s.o.s. i wish my staff were here. >> senior operating subsidy. >> president yee: i just love s.o.s. and i really want to thank you for all that. it took some discussion. it took some creativity to figure out how to move forward with that. as kate, you know, we really -- i appreciate and i think quite a few people appreciate your commitment to improving the lives of so many of our fellow residents. i really want to thank you
7:49 pm
enough for your public service and please know that we wish you the best on your new adventures. it looks like you'll be cross -- we'll be crossing paths a lot. thank you very much. i wanted to turn it over to -- i'd like to turn it over to supervisor mandelman who asked to speak next. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you, president yee. director hartley, i'm sad -- i am sad you're going, but you're not really going, because you're still going to be doing great work. we dug around a little bit. i knew some of your background, but i didn't really know your background and you really figure this out when you do the goodbye, but i did not know your interest in housing began when you were a graduate student at u.c. berkeley in the law school, training to become a legal
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studies professor. who knew? [laughter] and then, you got derailed because you signed up for a class on urban planning. and the rest is housing history. you were hooked on housing development and you never looked back. over the next 25 years, kate would go from a post grad entry level position in housing development to work in nonprofit and for profit development. and to lead as, president yee said, this city's affordable housing efforts. over her long career, kate served as a financialal consultant working with non-profits, tax exempt bonds and hud transactions. she built affordable homes in the bayview and western district and worked for the san francisco redevelopment agency where she
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closed multiple complex affordable housing deals while also community outreach and interdepartmental project approvals. she joined mocd in 2014 serving as deputy director, before being named director in 2017 by our late mayor ed lee. she worked to preserve 10,000 affordable homes after decades of chronic underfunding in public housing, kate led the department in the rehabilitation of 3500 public housing apartments, also seeing the conversion of the units by community based affordable developers while keeping thousands of families in their homes. under her leadership, she's presented initiatives including the 2015 affordable housing bond, the small site acquisition loan program and the neighborhood preference program. from the moment i took office,
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you have been ready and available to collaborate and support me and my staff as we try to figure out how to do affordable housing in district 8. a district that has had one of the highest levels of displacement of rental units and yet also has a scarcity of vacant land, high and rising land values. it's just a hard place to make affordable housing happen, but you helped us think creatively, and helped us with the district 8 affordability strategy. and i just really want to thank you for your intelligence, your competence, your professionalism, your commitment to the mission. i will miss you in this role, but i look forward and hope that our paths continue to cross and we're able to continue to work
7:53 pm
together. i wanted to add my remarks to president yee's. >> president yee: not done yet. sit down [laughter]. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: thank you, president yee. kate, i'm going to miss you, too. i have loved working with you. and even though i disagreed with you often, it was always okay and easy to disagree with you, because we would just debate it out and talk about differences and respect one another in the process and continue to work with each other after the resolution of whatever we disagreed on happened. it was such a beautiful example of being able to have mutual respect and not always be on the same page, but have a great working relationship. and i have had that more with you than any other department
7:54 pm
head and i really appreciate that. i also think your incredible -- you're incredible at your job and always accessible and you always follow through. you take a stand and you push back when you think if something is wrong, even if it's not easy to do so. and you're someone i respect tremendously. i'm so excited for you in your next adventure and so glad i'll continue working with you. congratulations. >> president yee: supervisor walton. wa >> supervisor walton: i wanted to add my sentiments and say i had a chance to briefly work with you before coming to the board of supervisors and you've always been very professional, very experienced and you have a high level of expertise in the area of affordable housing, which i 100% appreciate as you know. it's a priority for me and a lot
7:55 pm
of my colleagues. and you worked very hard to come up with as many different possibilities and options as you could to find the financing for a lot of affordable housing here in the city. i want you to know -- i want to appreciate that firsthand and thank you for that. i do wish you the best in all of your future endeavors and look forward to our continued work together. and hopefully, i can continue to bother you with questions at some point. >> president yee: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, president yee. director hartley -- i guess we don't call you that anymore -- kate, i really appreciated the moment we had our first meeting regarding the upper yard. one of the things that i found about the people that have had your position is that the level of expertise and understanding that you have often many of us don't have that understanding. and so some of this, your job is
7:56 pm
about sharing information. or not sharing information. and so when you do share information it empowers us to be more effective in our position. and when you hold information back it inhibits our ability and i never once found you ever to be someone who held information back. in fact, you always put solutions forward. i always, having worked with many department heads for and with, over the last two decades, i always find the department heads that always are ready to confront a situation with how can we get to yes? your approach was always how can we get to yes? some people say no, we can't do that, no that's not part of what i'm focused on right now and no, i don't have time to talk to you. it didn't matter if you were with your family on the east coast. didn't matter if you had family in town on a sunday night. didn't matter.
7:57 pm
whenever it was. not that i crossed any boundaries, but i can be impatient when i want an answer to a question. you were always firm with me when you needed to be, but always very accommodating. that is what i am going to miss the most. i got a call on a friday afternoon, i think it was late in the day, you called me back at 7:00 at night. and by monday, your team was already working on it. and in less than two months we made the largest acquisition in the city's history. a lot of it had to do with your accessibility and direction you gave to your staff. the upper yard. the housing bond. 4840 mission. all the things that we worked on specifically just for my district, but also even when it came to our inclusionary housing conversation. when we worked together to expand the definition of what
7:58 pm
was affordable. every step of the way, you were a wonderful partner, great leader, and i know you're destined to continue to be such an important part of our housing conversation and achieving great things in san francisco. so i will continue to work with you where you go on next. i think you made that public, right? so we'll be working together on the lending side. and so, really, really, look forward to continuing our great work together and seeing the leadership you have for the city, it means a lot. thank you very much. >> president yee: thank you. supervisor brown? >> supervisor brown: yes, thank you. kate, i cannot believe you are the fourth director for mayor's office of housing that i've worked with. now you're leaving. i remember when olsen lee was leaving. he was a policy wonk.
7:59 pm
i remember thinking, who is going to take his place that has his same lens of policy wonk? and lo and behold, there is kate. and, yes, your background, it absolutely reflects you being a policy wonk, but the thing that i really appreciate about you, kate, is that two qualities. one, you're really creative, trying to make sure that things work when we ask you. and then the second quality is you're very forgiving to us. when we do things, when we know you have said no, or i don't think so, or that is going to be really tough and we push it forward, you're very forgiving and then you actually come back and say, okay, we can make this happen, i figured it out. so thank you for that, kate. that is a quality -- those are qualities you don't find in a lot of people no matter where you work. and, again, along with supervisor safai, the small site
8:00 pm
program, we've all been pushing that and now because under your leadership, it's moving forward in a way that i think is going to make a real difference. also, really trying to figure out how we can build affordable housing since it's almost $900,000 now to build one unit, which is crazy. but you have been there figuring it out and working with people to do that. so it's not goodbye kate, it's hello. we'll be seeing you in another light, but thank you for your years of making this happen for us. and making it a positive experience. >> president yee: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you, president yee. kate, i just wanted to thank you for your service. at times we've had conversations that have been sometimes disagreeing with each other, but i have really learned a lot from you, from someone who is a novice to this, trying to build affordable housing in a neighborhood, i just want to thank you for lending your