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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 16, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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senior working group, the dignity fund coalition, senior and disability action, faith in action, and self-help for the old elderly. i also want to acknowledge the team of the department of aging and adult services and the mayor 's office of housing for their collaboration. in our commitment to continue pushing the envelope on this issue, and hopefully get to a place where seniors will never have to question whether they will be able to find a safe, affordable and accessible place to live. with this, colleagues, i can hope i can -- i hope i can count on your support. supervisor safai? >> thank you. i just wanted to thank you for your hard work on this. please add me as a cosponsor and i just want to reiterate, is one of the districts that has the highest number of those aging in place, and many of whom have families move on and they are in houses that are too large for
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them to manage and control, this is such an important piece of legislation to allow for those that want to agent continue to live in san francisco, that they would do so with dignity. i appreciate your leadership on this and i am proud to be a cosponsor. >> thank you for cosponsoring. supervisor peskin? >> thank you. this is the first time we have ever done this and i just really want to salute your leadership. it is going to have a profound impact on many of our constituents. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor brown? >> thank you. i would like to be added as a cosponsor. thank you very much. seniors are our fastest growing population. and so this is thinking ahead and working upstream. i really appreciate that. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor haney? >> i just want to thank you and commend you for your leadership on addressing not just the needs of this population, but really
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elevating asked towards having long-term solutions. i would also love to be added as a cosponsor. >> thank you. supervisor ronen? >> agreed. this is essential legislation. i'm so grateful to you and looking forward to figuring out how we can get to 30% of anyone 's income for affordable housing in the city. >> thank you. supervisor stefani? >> thank you. i wanted to add my name is a cosponsor and thank you for your leadership on this. i am definitely looking forward to finding more room for senior housing industry two. i commend you on your leadership thank you very much. >> thank you. supervisor walton? >> thank you. i want to echo the comments made by my colleagues. as a member of the rules committee, we were excited to go over this as policy and i would love to be added as a cosponsor, as well. >> thank you. supervisor mandelman? >> thank you. please add me as a cosponsor.
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>> thank you. i really appreciate you cosponsoring. colleagues, you know, before i do that, i always forget my staff who works on these really important legislations. in this case, it is my staff, general low, she was tireless in terms of getting this together and actually moving very quickly on this piece of legislation with all the advocates. so colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. madame clerk, please call the following items together. item 44, 45, and item 54, the committee report, out of order. >> item 44 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to modify the san francisco city college financial assistance fund from which the city provides funding to the san
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francisco community college district to modify the membership of the free city college oversight committee that makes recommendations regarding the uses of those funds. item 45 is the motion to withdraw the charter amendment previously ordered some it'd by the board of supervisors for the election to be held on november 5th, 2019 to establish the free city college fund to defray certain costs of city college students and to require annual appropriations in designated amounts to the fund, and item 54 was considered by the government audit and oversight committee at a regular meeting on thursday, july 11th between -- 2019, and was recommended as amended with a new title. item 54 is also right -- authorization to authorize the department of children, youth and their families to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the san francisco community college district for the city to provide financial support to the free city college program, retroactive to july 1st, 2019 through june 30th, 2029
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subject to the budgetary and fiscal provisions of the charter >> supervisor mandelman? >> thank you. supervisor mar is out sick as you noted earlier and not able to be here today, but he has asked me to read a statement on his behalf. colleagues, as you know, free city has been a huge success story. it is broken down barriers to higher education for diverse san francisco residents, rebuilt enrolment in the college following the accreditation crisis and served as an important model for similar efforts statewide and nationally for tuition and debt free higher education. free city was started as a pilot program in 2016 through the vision of supervisor kim and the free city coalition, and in an initial two-year funding allocation by mayor lee from proposition w., the 2016 real estate transfer tax. the initial funding allocation for their free city pilot program and did in june with an extension covering the summer of 2019 semester. additionally, due to the overwhelming success of the
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program, the cost of exceeded the original funding allocation by $2 million per year and the cost that city college has had to absorb. as i joined the board in january , i have been working with gordon mar -- i have been working with the free city college coalition, mayor breed and other city college leaders including the chancellor and trustees on a plan to ensure full funding for free city over the next decade while also strengthening the program design and financial oversight reflecting learning from the pilot project phase. despite some differences of perspective and priorities, i have been appreciative of all the parties share commitments to the important program and to ensuring it is sustained for the next decade and beyond. after a very robust and complicated negotiation process involving multiple stakeholders, i'm pleased to say we've come to an agreement on a comprehensive framework and plan for the future of free city. besides fully funding them for the next decade, the plan includes a number of significant improvements in the terms of the free city charter amendment that
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the board voted last december to put on the november 2019 ballot. notably, the new agreement would start full file -- full funding this fall, a year earlier for the charter amendment. this represents an additional eight my $6 million this coming year. this agreement includes a reimbursement of five my $4 million to city college to cover the underfunding over the first two years. the key terms of the agreement on the future free city are outlined in a tentative agreement between the city and city college that was negotiated by the mayor's mayor's office and the chancellor his office and was approved bike trustees on june 27th. will serve as a basis for an m.o.u. to be negotiated by city college administration in the coming weeks. as our clerk explained, in order to move this agreement forward, there are three items to take action on. forty-four is the ordinance modifying the city college financial assistance fund to align with the terms of the tentative agreement. forty-five is the motion of the
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free city charter amendment. i want to thank the mayor's office in the city college and ministration and trustees for the free city college for working with us in these complicated negotiations and i wholeheartedly support the three item package before us today. >> thank you. supervisor safai? >> if supervisor mart were here, i was start by saying congratulations and thank you for your leadership. thank you for the members of labor for working so diligently at the table and work in good faith to come to agreement. i know in this body we have put forward the idea of making it a charter amendment and the negotiations continue. they could have ended, they could have walked away, but instead, the leadership and community members have agreed to embrace this process and working
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in good faith. so i just want to say i appreciate that and i appreciate all the hard work that was put into that. as i find out, and they kind of knew by my gut, as is a district that represents the most number of people that take advantage of free city college, this is an increasingly important benefit to working families, and not only the families that are going there to take part in, but also the educators and what they mean by institutional knowledge and what they give back to the city. please add me as a cosponsor to this. thank you to everyone for all your hard work. i think this just shows that when there are larger issues, rather than them being divisive, we have the ability to come to the table and workout agreements to the benefit of everyone. thank you for all your hard work and i am proud to be a supporter of this. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> colleagues, can we take these items same house, same call? without objection, the ordinances passed on first reading. the motion is approved, and the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clark, i think it is time to go to roll call, i believe, or am i missing something? let's go to roll call. >> okay. mr. president, we have the results back from the downtown community benefit district. >> okay. let's do that first. >> regarding the downtown community benefit district. the returned weighted ballots voting for the downtown community district was 70% and the return waited ballot voted against the downtown community benefit district was 29%. further indicating there was no majority protest. >> okay. there is no majority protest.
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colleagues, without objections, can we take a vote on item 51, the resolution to establish the downtown community benefit -- sorry, supervisor peskin? >> thank you. good things come to people who wait for a dozen years. congratulations. albeit they beat be to you by 14 points. [laughter] >> as i was saying, there is no majority protest. colleagues, without objection, can we take a vote on item 51? the resolution to establish the downtown community benefits? madame clerk, please call the role. [roll call] >> i'm sorry, i forgot to take my name off. >> on item 51... [roll call] we are taking the roll call vote
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[roll call] there are ten imacs. >> okay. the resolution passes unanimously. [applause] >> okay. i think we can go to item 53. did we get the tabulation? >> we are not ready for item 53 yet. >> no problem. let's go to roll call then. [roll call] >> supervisor brown, you were first up to introduce new business. >> thank you. today i am asking for the board
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to adjourn in memoriam of amber laurier got who was a long time a beloved member in the coal valley community in district five. amber was a fixture in the neighborhood who was always there with a helping hand extended to her neighbors. she was the most warmhearted person and would help anyone who needed it. when talking with her cold valley hardware customers where she worked for several years, she would not only tell you how to fix the problem, that you came in to deal with, but she would also than offer to babysit your kids or walk your dogs when needed. she has a huge -- she had a huge give for knowing when a person needed a hug or somebody needed to talk. amber is survived by her mother, three sisters and 14 nieces and nephews. valley is a little sadder today with the loss of one of the most vibrant and caring members of its community. thank you. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor brown.
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supervisor fewer? >> thank you very much. today i'm requesting the city attorney begin drafting trailing legislation for the affordable homes for educators and family now initiative to amend the three-bedroom unit mix requirement for educator housing projects in order to accommodate the francis scott key educate a housing project and ensure it will be eligible for s.b. 35 streamlined approval as soon as this initiative is passed by the voters. i would like to thank supervisor mar and my cosponsor for working with me on this amendment to ensure that this wonderful educated housing project, which has been planned and designed in partnership with united educators of san francisco, to serve the needs of our educators it will be approved and built as quickly as possible. thank you and the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor haney? thank you. today, supervisor ronen and i, along with our cosponsors, we
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will be introducing substitute legislation moving mental health s.f. and our funding measure on the march 2020 ballot instead of the originally scheduled november 2019 ballot. since announcing mental health s.f. in may, we have had dozens and dozens of meetings with community advocates, service providers, behavioral health and substance abuse experts, police, and frontline emergency providers and families affected by serious mental health conditions. all who agreed that an overhaul is desperately needed. now we are excited to continue that work partnering with the department of public health and the mayor to put forward a program that the entire city can be proud of. the feedback we have received from mental health consumers and providers alike is clear. we need systemic uniform reform to the way we treatment to health and substance abuse in san francisco and the best way
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to achieve success is through a collaborative, thorough process with everyone involved. we are committed to meeting weekly with the department of public health, the mayor's office and mental health experts and we are confident that san franciscans will overwhelmingly support this effort when it becomes before them on the ballot in march. mental health s.f. will be a sweeping, transformational systems change that will finally address our mental health and substance crisis. it is critical we take the time to get it right. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor ronen? >> thank you. i just wanted to add to supervisor haney comments that were extremely -- we are extremely excited about mental health s.f. and believe that it is the right way and vision, a bold one, to overhaul a broken system here in san francisco, but it is a big loss that is
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attempting to address one of the most entrenched and difficult issues that we are facing here in san francisco. we believe that a four months delay, moving it from the november to march ballot in order to have time to hear about d.p.h.'s implementation concerns can only ultimately benefit the city and county of san francisco that we have a strong law, but we can make it even stronger if the department that is responsible for implementing it has the time to give us their detailed feedback that we can debate with them about and potentially amend the legislation. i do think it is amazing and i want to echo supervisor haney been thinking so much to the supervisors for their support of
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this measure. i think the fact that nine out of 11 supervisors promote and support the vision that we have put forward is pretty extraordinary with a law that has the potential to create such profound change. i just really want to thank you all for your competence and for spending the time that you have two study this major, major change, and for your vote of confidence here. thank you so much for that. unfortunately, i also have an in memoriam that i would like to ask supervisor haney and walton to join onto for a young man named devon hanh who was a brilliant 15-year-old whose life was tragically and senselessly cut short on sunday, july 7th,
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on 24th and cab street in the mission district. he was a victim of terrifying gun violence. he was only 15 years old. although the loss of him is heartbreaking, i wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on all of the joy that he brought into this world. by all accounts, his smile could light up any room. his teachers and friends remember him for his kindness and his incredible generosity. he attended bessie carmichael middle school where his charm and his charisma, even at a very , very young age were noticed by everyone. his teachers, his peers, his councilors his councilors at the crossroads,. he would have attended abraham lincoln high school in the fall. he was an active participant in the youth empowerment, nonprofit united players where he made an indelible impression is not only a respectful teenager with a giant smile, but was known for
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his comedic talents. he could always make people laugh and feel better. he strived to improve his community and our city. together with his two brothers, he handed out hundreds of flyers at a youth -- as a youth outreach worker and volunteered at his monthly cleanup events, and eagerly participated whenever help was needed. he was a rising star who was on the path to achieving great things. his potential was phenomenal and his tragic death is an anonymous loss, not only to his loving family and countless friends, but to the entire san francisco community. when i attended on friday, together with supervisor haney, a circle to heal and remember his life, and i held his mother 's hand as tears streamed
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down her face. when she looked at me and said, i lost my uncle to gun violence when i was a child and was put in foster care, i then lost my father, and now i lost my 15 -year-old son who did nothing. he did nothing wrong. why was he taken from me? that is the moment, as an elected official, that you just feel both helpless and also, as if you don't want to work on anything else in the entire world and stopping this senseless gun violence that we failed her filled her and refilled her son. if you looked around the enormous community that was there to mourn and celebrate him and you just saw the tears that were flowing down the faces of all of these young, black men who know that they, too, could
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die too young, because we know that it happens every day. it was getting. and so i just want to recommit and say we have to do better by these young people. we cannot let this happen over and over every month in our city it is just so deeply wrong. i am certainly going to remember his mother's face in my head every single day as the fight to make things better. thank you. >> thank you. >> supervisor walton? >> thank you. thank you, supervisor ronen for doing the in memoriam in honor of his memory. one of the things that is very hard when you serve in our role is we are used to having issues and concerns come up and we sit
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together, we work hard to come up with ways and strategies to address all of the problems that we have in this city, and one of the things that has always been very difficult, and the one thing i don't understand and don't always have the answer for is how to address all aspects of violence. there is nothing worse than going to a scene where there was a homicide and talking to families, or sitting down with a mother, or any family members who have lost someone to violence, and not having an answer in terms of what you can exactly do to make sure that this doesn't happen again. [please stand by]
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>> -- and pain and trauma around him and was trying to do something about it, was a leader among his peers, many of whom were at the memorial and who are devastated, and he had incredible potential. i think what his family told us and what his friends told us was that he was already a
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peacemaker and that they want us as a city to continue his work and continue his legacy. and the most tragic thing about this sort of violence is that we know that it's preventible, and that our city has a responsibility to make sure don't have to be afraid to walk out on their own streets, on their own sidewalks, and be gunned down. and that's what happened to this young child. and so our hearts and our thoughts and our prayers are with his family and his friends. i want to especially recognize united players. he was a very active member of united players in soma and -- but beyond that, we recommit to make sure that young people in our city are not in danger, to address gun violence and the
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prevalence of guns on our streets, and to remember him and what he stood for in his life that was cut far too short. >> president yee: thank you, supervisors, for your comments. so i guess next up in roll call is supervisor safai. >> clerk: okay. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: colleagues, i recently got back from italy, where i travelled as a supervisor to assissi and rumbria. it was incredible to be in italy where my family is from. the trip was incredible to learn from one of san francisco's many partners across the world.
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i want to thank mayor breedpro arranging the trip. when i was on the trip, i learned of the death of davon, from united players and i called them and had a good cry. the loss of him is certainly something that i think agonizes all of us. i was heartbroken to not be able to be at his memorial
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service as i was still in italy but definitely recommit myself to work on this issue and the loss of life. as i said, it's not just shootings, it's every day gun violence that we need to work on. i will recommit myself to this issue in his hone or -- honor. and again, thank you, supervisor ronen, for your in memoriam on this issue. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor walton?
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>> supervisor walton: thank you. [inaudible] >> supervisor walton: -- for suspicion of crime or denial of service based on the individual's race, age, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, and national origin. over the last few years, we've seen an increase of racial profiling and discriminatory incidents targeting people of color posted on social media. last weekend, a program called project level who works with our inner city youth to expose them to the arts and allow them a platform of expression, also
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providing good jobs for youth through mayor breed's opportunities for all initiative, they took their interns to forever 21, which is the flagship store in san francisco to purchase clothing for their youth. the program organizers spent thousands of dollars in the store on the youth, only to be accused of stealing as they were leaving. the manager called the police on the group and when the police came to verify, the accusations were proven untrue. the manager has not since apologized, and the company has also not issued a formal apology publicly. during july fourth this year, a man was waiting for a friend in
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san francisco, and was accused by a friend of breaking in. there's video evidence of the man harassing the black man who was simply waiting for his friend. on june 14, the department of emergency management presented a community -- presented, and the community came out and shared their experiences. last year in san francisco, i'm sure you've heard or have seen the video clip of an individual infamously named permit patty who accused an eight-year-old girl of illegally selling water without a permit across from oracle park. and another incident in oakland where another individual named barbecue becky called the police on a group of black men
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who were simply enjoying a barbecue. consistently biased and prejudiced individuals have called the police on people of color for conducting regular daily activities. in addition, biased individuals and prejudiced individuals have also threatened people of color who speak another language another english. san francisco has reffirmed its commitment to developing a discrimination-free community regardless of race, age, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, gender, immigration status, and national origin time and time again. and we urge other companies to do the same by profiling bias-base -- providing bias-based training, teaching
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employees how to file a discrimination complaint, and companies committing to investigate any violations of discrimination. we also urge the city to boy cboy -- boycott businesses who discriminate against anyone, just like how we boycott states and municipalities who are against a woman's right to choose or against an individual's right to love and marry the same sex. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor yee? >> president yee: thank you very much. colleagues, today i'm calling for a public hearing into the allegations of abuse of patients at laguna honda hospital that were made public
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approximately two weeks ago. a city attorney investigation originally initiated by a human resources complaint uncovered evidence that 27 patients were subjected to privacy violations and abuse by staff between 2016 and early 2019. by june 28, the department of public health director, dr. kol fkol -- colfax stated that the department was developing a turnaround policy and would be reporting in 60 days. there's no excuse for what transpired. families like my own depend on laguna honda for care, that they should be able to trust. it's going to be the highest --
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and it would be the highest quality. i think it is crucial to hear from the hospital regarding the protocols that they have in place to ensure that this never happens again. we cannot entrust -- ask our residents to entrust the care of loves ones if they don't have a system that guarantees the well-being of every single patient. and if there is ever a hint of a violation of any patient's rights, that there is a system in place immediately identified and incur any possible violation. since taken by the city they've reported wellness checks, and retraining the staff on
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reporting of violations, contacting all state and regulatory and law enforcement agencies and more. there are currently investigations being conducted by both state regulatory agencies as well as local law enforcement. my office has been contacted multiple times by concerned families and individuals, and i'm sure that other offices may also be dealing with those concerned about this situation. anyone with information about this case is strongly encouraged to contact the san francisco police department's special victims unit at 415-553-9225. anyone with concerns with patient care or staff conduct can call the confidential department of public health compliant hotline at
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855-729-6040. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president, and we have the results for the civic center community benefit district, item 53, in addition to item 55, which is still out there. >> president yee: okay. what are we -- can you name the results? >> clerk: okay. so the returned weighted ballots for the community benefit district was 93.5%, and voting against was 6.5%, further indicating there was no majority protests. >> president yee: okay. supervisor brown? >> supervisor brown: yes. i would like to make a motion to review and expand with amendments, please? >> president yee: what amendments are you making? >> supervisor brown: the actually amendments are before you. i would like to renew and
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expand the community benefits district. specifically i would like to district to remove the parcels 0 0768 and 0721 on the western most edge of the c.b.d. the engineering report is before you that reflects these changes. >> president yee: thank you. is there a second on this motion? >> supervisor haney: second. >> president yee: seconded by supervisor haney. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: can somebody describe to me what this is? i was in committee when we talked about it. i was in this chamber when representatives of s.h.n. thanked members of this board. mr. corgis, what the heck is going on here. >> i hope i have answers. those are good. so the districts obviously splits two supervisorial
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districts, district 8, which is supervisor haney, district 5, which is supervisor brown. late in the game, we got notified by a group of condo owners at the northwestern most edge of the community benefit district that they believe that their condominium complexes did not actually benefit from the community benefit district. taking a look at the map, and taking look at the n.c.d. zone and the commercial zone, it did make sense to amend them out of this. and because they're on the periphery, the board does have the ability to amend them out of the district. >> supervisor peskin: okay. i think i passed the original legislation in 2003. i've never seen anything happen like this. deputy city attorney givner, have you seen anything like this? this paper dropped on my second two seconds ago, and i am not
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comfortable doing this, but deputy city attorney givner what do you know about amending these after an election? >> mr. givner: deputy city jon givner. the board could continue this to next week to continue supervisor brown's amendment, and we can give you some advice during that. >> and city attorney, i did buck to buck devlenthal -- >> supervisor peskin: i'm not going to have debates city attorneys. i'm not prepared to do this on the fly without decent legal advice, and i just heard from a deputy city attorney -- you may have spoken from another city attorney, and i have profound respect for buck, but the guy who advises this body seems to know absolutely nothing about this.
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>> president yee: i'm sorry. let's have some control over this. let's don't just invite people. >> steve gibson. he's the management plan consultant for the -- thank you, supervisor. >> president yee: and does he have an answer? >> he can tell you the state law that this comes from. >> supervisor peskin: i take legal advice from my attorney, not from third parties. >> thank you. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. >> president yee: so supervisor brown? >> supervisor brown: yes. one of the reasons that we're doing this, and the h.o.a. had reached out to me, there was a couple things. first of all, they said that they were not -- had been contacted and addressed, and they felt they had been picked up because the c.b.d. needed money. these were elderly people in the condos, and they said they would not be able to afford that increase.
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so i had said to move forward on this, i would need a letter from their h.o.a., their board, that this was not something that they wanted, that they felt they did not have enough time to really talk about it and see if they can really get a conen -- a sense of do they want to be in it. so they felt they were grabbed at just the corner of it, so they had asked to be removed. so i had talked to chris and i said i think this is something that we should look at. >> supervisor peskin: by the way, the policy rationale may be completely legitimate. i just never have seen this happen before, and no disrespect to the management consultant, i would like to have legal advice that is clear. i think the proper course is just to continue it a week, and if mr. delventhal gave advice
9:44 pm
to mr. corgis, that information will eventually come to this board, so mr. givner, based on his statement, is not prepared to do that. i'm the pied piper of c.b.d.s. i've got five of them in my district. i want to accommodate the residents, but i want to get the correct advice. >> president yee: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: supervisor haney has the most, with nine. i'm just joking, supervisor
9:45 pm
peskin. i would like to get mr. delventhal down here to see what -- what about the second question? who a delay hurt this conversation -- would a delay hurt this conversation? >> procedurally, no. >> supervisor safai: because a a member of the land use committee, when i did see this, i did ask on the record, there was a considerable amount of condominiums that were added to this that were outside of the normal area that you would imagine a community benefits district in. i followed up with one of the owners that had just built a building, and they said they had no idea that this expansion was happening. rather than relitigate this, i
9:46 pm
think supervisor peskin wants to make sure we have the right legal advice, and probably this has never happened on this body. i'm fine with continuing that, but as supervisor peskin -- >> president yee: supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you, mr. president. the thing that is weird about this is it happened after the election. if it happened before the election, i would have a totally different take on it. but it's, like, people voted -- it's like donald trump became president and i am no longer a member of the united states. this is very weird to me. >> president yee: supervisor walton? >> supervisor walton: thank you, president yee. i guess my question is we didn't think to have this conversation during the hearing or why did we not have any
9:47 pm
mention of this during the hearing here? was there a specific reason for that? >> president yee: supervisor walton -- >> supervisor brown: yes. you know, i had gotten this late, and -- this request, and they had said that they -- they didn't know about it. they felt like they were brought in at the last minute. they did not have time to really talk to their building to figure out what that would mean for a lot of people, that they said a lot of people had bought their units years ago and were on a fixed income. so i had talked to -- i said if we're going to do something like this, how do we do it? because i had never heard of it being done like this. so i talked to chris corgis and said if we are going to take this condo unit out at the very edge, how would we do it? and he says this is how we do
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it. and i know he talked to the city attorney because i said talk to the city attorney and get this correct. >> supervisor walton: and just to be clear, oewd said to vote on it and then bring it back? >> supervisor brown: yes. >> president yee: supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: i think we should continue this a week. in terms of the no surprises and particularly no surprises to our council, i think we should let -- we should let this sit for a week, and i think -- also in deference to the supervisor and also in a week, presuming this is actually all -- we all probably would be willing to vote for this, i think we should continue this and take it up again next week. >> supervisor brown: and can i
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just say, i have no problem continuing it. i don't have a problem continuing it for a week, as long as it doesn't interfere with the c.b.d. as a whole because i don't want that to happen. >> i move we continue it for a week. >> second. >> president yee: so procedurally, there's a motion -- >> clerk: procedurally, mr. president, you should have the maker and the mover withdraw the amendment, the motion to amend it, and you can remake it once the item's been continued and rescheduled. >> supervisor brown: thank you. i would make a motion to withdraw. >> president yee: thank you very much. now there's another motion to continue this item a week until the next meeting on july 23, made by supervisor mandelman and seconded by supervisor walton -- no, seconded by -- somebody raised their hand? supervisor peskin.
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supervisor walton? >> supervisor walton: just a procedural question because we already voted on the item, am i correct? no, not the amendments, i'm talking about the item. >> clerk: not the amendments and not the resolution itself. >> president yee: the people in the district voted, and that's how they voted. okay. there's a motion and a second to continue this item. okay. no objection, same house, same call? then the motion passes. [gavel]. >> president yee: let me see where i am. i think we have one more item. >> clerk: item 55. item 55 was considered by the rules committee at a meeting on monday, july 15, 2019, second charter to create the homelessness oversight commission to oversee the
9:51 pm
department of homelessness and supportive housing. this should be continued to next week, july 23. >> president yee: okay. colleagues, do we have a motion to continue this item to the meeting of tuesday, july 23, 2019? >> so moved. >> president yee: okay. and seconded without supervisor ronen. without objection, then, this item is continued to the next meeting for tuesday, july 23, 2019. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk, i think we'll go to public comments. >> clerk: at this time, the public may now address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the june 11, 2019 abort meeting minutes, and the special minutes of the budget and finance committee meeting, and item 58 through 60 on the
9:52 pm
adoption without represent to committee items. please direct your comments to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors or the audiences. speakers using interpretive services will get double time. and if you'd like to use the overhead, let us know, and remove it when you'd like to return to the meeting. >> contrary to what we heard earlier, sfmta is out of control. we do not want this to happen to any other districts. last night, several concerned owners tried to appeal a charge station at western addition and marina. the station was built before a public hearing. the neighboring business was
9:53 pm
informed that they were placing the racks. there was a subsequent hearing noticed as if the racks were to be built. the neighbors were upset. the tapes for the hearing were lost. the person who signed off the permit did not even look at the minutes of the hearing. predatery practices. the reason was the bike racks were a block away from this location, and we looked at the other locations that they were producing, and guess what? the other three that they're trying to promote right now are all next to small businesses bike rentals, within a two-block hearing or another one. the very stringent rules enable cause enablers to not appeal
9:54 pm
this because catherine stefani was out of the country, and we didn't get it in time. this is most important -- guys, i come here with my time. please give me respect. the current law concerning the fourth -- the ford lift bike racks, as you may know, the court in the ccfa action has granted lyft a preliminary injunction over its purported exclusivity over dock bike sharing. according to the city attorney's papers filed in that action, such a construction of an agreement would constitute illegal restraint of trade. given the position of the city attorney, is this board going to authorize the city attorney to make a request to the state attorney general to file and
9:55 pm
t the -- antitrust or other restraining of the trade? this is very important, and i would like someone to come and get this. >>. >> clerk: . we'll come and get that from you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. -- with l.c.a., the county's current operator. once again, it appears the san francisco supervisors are allowing the sheriff's office
9:56 pm
to operate the county's e.m. services via written contract that has not been publicly approved by the board. the sentinel contract begins september 1, 2019. the contract is a critical effort to san francisco's efforts to reduce the local jail population by provide alternatives to practice additional incarceration. the public, especially the thousands of individual shackled with these ankle monitors deserve a properly noticed public and substantive discussion of san francisco county's electronic monitoring contract. under the new contract with sentinel, the sheriff has included a clause that allows the company to collect contract
9:57 pm
fees from the participants should there be a change in the policies. a year ago, supervisors were gushing over their effort to eliminate all locally controlled adtritiministration, noting the detrimental effect it has, particularly on low-income people and people of color. now that san francisco appears to be handing out monitoring -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker, please. >> today's performance by all of you is an example over supervising what you don't need to be supervising, and
9:58 pm
undersupervising when you need to be supervising. don't feel bad. your own governor's doing this, too. i object to governor newsom to provide 21 consid$21 million t after several towns of people lost everything they own. it's being expected it'll come from the utility customers. it's not fair. it's not the only thing that gavin newsom was being foolish about. he was president on an 87 unit apartment complex that's being built for $64 million. i've been telling you all along the best way for several years, the best way to build an apartment complex is 100% nonprofit developer instead of a profit developer.
9:59 pm
when i first met walton, i showed him my technique and developing an apartment building, and he used my technique, and my technique saved him $66 million. and by the same response, this time another example of the differential treatment. here's a 300-unit apartment building complex. you refuse to use the ordinance pertaining to 15% of all buildings are supposed to be for low-income bracket people, and as a result, you're missing out on approximately 45 units that's supposed to be for low-income affordable housing. and i also object to mario woods' mother being paid a moore $400 -- being paid a mere $400 million -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. [inaudible] >> president yee: thank you.
10:00 pm
next speaker. >> dear board of supervisors. my name is pierre lujan, and i am the person producing the opposition of naming the chinatown subway station after rose pak. we only approached san francisco residents. in two months, as of yesterday, july 15, we have collected a total of 10,328 qualified signatures. among them,