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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 3, 2019 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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closed. do we have a motion? economying commissioner laguana. >> quick question. the attorney in me in here is wondering, should is an optional request. it is like -- so i am getting down to the part further resolved, economic mitigation measures should be developed in partnership with merchants, osb, oewd, and sbfc, controller's office, city attorney's office, board of supervisors. are we -- >> i would say, commissioner, good catch because generally "shall" means it's mandated. so should and shall. >> so is that your recommendation is that it -- >> maybe turn it down a notch. and not instruct all of those
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agencies that they have to all work together. maybe some of them want to participate and some do not. maybe it's appropriate for some of them. >> our reasoning for recommendation is because each provides some level of information and knowledge and expertise that i think it was out that entire package working together of departments that i think will get the best results with that entire package of departments working together. >> i don't disagree. is should the right word? >> do you want it to be stronger or weaker? >> i think a little more encouraging, less mandating, directing. does that make sense? weaker, i guess, would be the vote.
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>> are you thinking it should be stronger? >> shall would say these are the departments that need to be at the table. should is -- should is the weaker version. i was thinking you were going in the weaker direction -- >> shall means mandating. should is recommending. >> right. >> okay. >> that was the attorney in me and which i am not an attorney, and revealed. >> we'll keep it as should then. are we? >> i am good with should. i thought should and shall were synonymous. >> thank you for your work on this, dominica. and updating it to include our recommendations from last time.
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>> did we -- i'm sorry, did we call for public comment? >> we did call for public comment. do we have a motion? do we have the motion out there? >> i move to adopt this resolution. >> with the changes. >> with the amendment of putting per year. >> i second. >> roll call vote please. >> yes. motion by commissioner zouzounis to adopt the resolution as written with changes as direct bid commissioner dwight, seconded by commissioner yee-riley. roll call vote. commissioner adams. >> yes. >> commissioner -- >> is it too late to interject? >> while we are doing -- we are already doing the vote. >> fine. >> a commissioner dwight? >> yes. >> a commissioner laguaan a?
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>> yes. >> a commissioner ortiz? >> commissioner riley. >> commissioner zouzounis? >> motion passes 6-0 with one absent. item six, approval of draft meeting minutes, action item. >> has everybody read over the minutes from june 10 meeting? do we have any comments? if not, does any member of the public like to make a comment on the june 10 meeting? seeing none, public comment is closed. do we want to have a voice vote. everybody approve of the commission minutes? say aye. >> we need a motion. >> i move to approve the minutes from june 10. >> i have to abstain. i wasn't there. >> we have a second? >> so before we take the motion,
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then, if commissioner laguana is needing to -- is not abstained, but recused. you need to ask for recusal from the vote. first. >> who do i ask? >> do you want to recuse -- you don't need to. if you don't miss -- >> if i don't need to recuse, we won't bother. >> okay. i made my motion. >> do we have a second? >> an i'll second. >> all in favor? aye. any no's? motion passes. >> item 7, director's report. update and report on office of small business and small business assistance center, department programs, policy and legislative matters, announcements from the mayor, and announcements regarding small business activities. discussion item. >> so commissioners, i just want to bring to your attention for the accessible entrance program, we are now in the category three deadline so these are entryways
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with one step. submission for the checklist was due on june 1, 2019. and any building permits that are going to be filed need to be done by september 1, 2019. as always, this is regulatory item that we are encouraging clines, so even if property owners are missing the deadline, we're encouraging them still to submit their checklist and start their remediations. so d.b.i. just did send a letter to property owners that combined both the vacancy and update on that vacancy ordinance and a reminder of the category three deadline that was sent out in may. the california redemption value, the c.r.v., we were very close
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in getting $3 million in funding at the state level to start the mobile recycling. unfortunately, during the budget process, though our local elected officials advocated for this, we as a city, the mayor, advocated for this, and it did not get through committee. other members thought it was too much money going specific to san francisco, so we -- the department of environment, we will be convening in july and trying to figure out what to do with the next step. and there may be -- might revisit again or take a different look to get different funding at the local level and work through that through the next budget cycle. >> this would have been funding from the state? >> right.
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>> to do and if you recall, senator passed legislation or a bill that was supported at the state that allows five mus any mallties to start -- to allow five municipalities to start a pilot program. so we're hoping that we could get that additional funding from the state to be able to initiate the pilot program. so we are getting nothing -- >> a we are not getting the additional $3 million that our local area was asking for from the state budget to be able to initiate this program. so and if we had the $3 million, it would have been easy for the department of environment to purchase the vehicles and really start to have a program rolled out by the end of the year.
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so this --. >> are you saying that they think $3 million is too much. so is that and we're not getting any from the state this coming budget cycle. >> oh, that is too bad. >> yes. so i just want to provide you with that update because we worked -- our office and department of environment had with the mayor's a u.s. had close conversations and worked hard on trying to get the funding. the active space legislation which you heard on june 10, that will be heard in committee in july after the city's budget cycle supervisor brown and mayor breed on legislation on the business streamlining. it was introduced in december of
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2018, heard for the third time in committee today and we'll all know the result to pass on to you whether it moved out. there was definite pressure to really make some significant amendments, and i do know some amendments were being and probably postponing some amendments but not wanting to water it down too much. be able to pass that on after today. provide you wan update. the cash acceptance, the mandated acceptance of ka, for brick and mortar, the implementation date is around august 23. we ole get the specifics on that, but and which the mayor signed it. >> the amazons downtown all take cash now. >> a great. >> and then restricting the
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commercial tobacco activity activities for both on the port and and restricting the sales of e-and brick and mortar and online. both passed on the first reading last tuesday. again, as stated earlier with the resolution, there is effort -- there was discussion around creating the and supervisor walton's office did reach out to set up a meeting on mitigation strategist. not clear if it is the same thing as the working group, but we'll probably have a meeting in july once the budget cycle is done with. and i do think that we will fro federal lowed based upon the
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economic analysis that they have done. and with the flavored tobacco cigarettes, why they chose not to do an economic analysis with the and dominica's ability to do the basic analysis and that it's a larger economic hit and the criteria of which that is used when economic analysis should be done, that legislation met the threshold from our understanding. and so we would like to know why the choice was not to do why the and teddy is on vacation and he is the one to respond to that. we should soon, but not in time for today's meeting.
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and then i am very happy to report that supervisor peskin has introduced legislation that and the department of public health has been wanting to change the health scores from a numerical health score to the green, yellow, and red scoring, which most counties use and then this will also etlim and that many businesses have had about yelp posting the health scores and that's economically and the department of health has been wanting to do this for a little while, but they needed confirmation with a new director coming in and has given them -- has said, yes, let's move forward with it. so i know that this is something that the and i know this is something that the restaurant
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and food communities have wanted. it won't change the metrics of which businesses are evaluated, but it will -- it will no longer be something that yelp can use and -- which is important for our businesses. and request for two hearings that i thought would be important notes for you to know about that were asked for last week at the board of supervisors was a hearing on the niche tifr ordinance for the business and tax regulations rative which is proportionate with the pay. and also a hearing on the status of worker rights in the california gig economy. and so i know that and i know
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there is discussion about the other impacts of the businesses who operate the gig economy and its impact on small businesses. and so there may be an opportunity to expand on to expand on that, but just wanted to let you know that is there. and don't know when that is going to be scheduled yet. and then in regards to state legislation ab161, the solid waste and when the commission heard it on may 29, there hasn't been any updates. it's sitting in the state senate and it has yet to be scheduled for any hearing yet. >> that's a good thing. >> yes. and then one last thing that the office is going to be moving this thursday, friday, over to the other side of the tax and treasurer's office. still be in the tax and
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treasurer's office. >> you are not available? >> going to ask for your help. but just to note to we and we will be moving to get relocated. and rick is very happy because now he'll be able to be sitting with us and we'll be sitting together and all together. the last thing that i would thought -- we don't need to have a conversation, but something to think about in relationship to the discussion with the bags is that -- this was a concern of mine with the requirement for and requiring businesses and buildings. and with sort of the
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environmental impacts of our sort of gig economy and the delivery economy and whether should the business pay for it all? or should -- where are we -- where is a friend who managed an apartment building and she took me down to the garbage area and there was absolutely no care or effort to breaking down boxes and caring about how the individual, most of the individuals in that apartment worked in the tech environment, just care about their disposables and how they are handling their dispoisable and garbage and -- their disposable and garbage and waste. and the's of that, well, the
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ease of it, where is the consumers' responsibility and always paying for their ease of creating more garbage as opposed to putting it on the business. and so whether it is, you know, our restaurants who are being charged a great deal by these delivery services and is it -- are businesses that have to deal with that facilitating that, is it the consumer or is it the larger entity? and it's just something to sort of think about and good to maybe get some direction because as our office meeting with the department of environment to get sort of a first hit or with supervisors kind of what is and so we can have dominica put this down under new business. we can have a discussion about it going forward when we have
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our weekly meetings. we can schedule it in. >> and maybe invite the department of environment to this discussion. >> so that's it. that concludes my report unless you have any questions for me. >> a commissioner zouzounis. >> i was told by the sponsor of the additional tax on businesses with disproportionate executive pay that part of the and is this a final allocation to mental health assess? is that what this -- >> i think that there are a couple ordinances that are similar to dealing with salary
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compensation. so this particular initiative -- >> this is the one she is talking about. >> no. >> an it goes to mental health services. >> were you having a conversation with supervisor haney on this? >> are you saying there are multiple? >> i think there is one other one that's similar. >> no, this is the one. >> this is the one. >> u a this is definitely the one. this is the one here, the one that you are talking about and he had this -- >> an i talked to supervisor mar and he came and presented this so the council of district merchants legislative committee and and part of it goes to small yet -- >> this is the one it is supposed to go into the small business stabilization. >> an it says here only mental
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health services. i am wondering if he said that because he was in front -- i have also heard him say the same thing. >> or it could be that it's -- well, we will take a look at it and get back to you. i have not had a chance to read the ordinance. >> that is the one -- and what you are talking about is that legislation and matt haney said that in or the neighborhood meeting that part of the funds is supposed to be small business stabilization grants. >> okay. so i will circle back around with you and yes. >> this one we have to be really choes on that before it get -- really close on that before it gets to the ballot that it is put on that. >> another thing we brought up as merchants is and big tech companies that contract with small businesses go under, and the small businesses usually eat the default, so part of an ask
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and how to we collecting and thousand her partnering small with big and how will the ordinances effect the big ones. >> a do you want to bring that up under new business? >> a bring that up under new business. any other questions for the director before we go on to the open public comment? >> okay. public comment. would anybody like to -- any public comment on item number 7? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> there was a motion made by the board of supervisors for business and backs legislations and that's separate from this.
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and the motion included that the additional tax would be some portion of it would be allocated towards small business stabilization. >> okay. so there is a separate. >> thank you. >> next item. >> item 8, commissioners' reports. allows president, vice president, commissioners to report on recent small business activities and make announcements that are of interest to the small business community. discussion item. >> okay. commissioner dwight. >> i attended the monthly cdma meeting and council district merchants last tuesday the 18th. as did our director and i just rebehinded everyone of the $15.09 an hour. >> thank you. commissioner riley. >> yes. ai tended the war -- i attended the war journal 2019 small
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business and startup seminar in chinatown on saturday. mayor breed was there, and she shared $9 million budget investment for small business. >> thank you. commissioner laguana. >> wanted to give my fellow commissioners a heads up that i have been chatting with some folks at oewb about a possibility of a concert for jobs, which would benefit -- and i think that would be a cool project for us to get involved with if it comes to pass. >> great. that would be the mayor's summertime work program. >> that is a good idea. >> the only thing that has to do with small business are my -- i am on the board of what is called the lazy beer fund. and we wound up delivering a
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check to for $33,000 to the guernville chamber of commerce through the -- and affected by the flood up in that area back in march. so with that said, it is pride week. happy pride, everybody. >> shop, eat, and drink in the castro. we need the business. >> any other commissioner reports? >> do we have public comment on item 8? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item please. >> item 9, new business. allows commissioners to introduce new agenda items for future consideration by the commission. discussion item. >> a commissioner ortiz. >> i wanted to follow up on an email i sent to the president and director regarding the lack of regulation regarding car
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share and the amazons of the world. the purview obviously is to take care of small business, and we do a great job preventing legislation from the supervisors that are sometimes bell attended. think about the traffic. the biggest issue is the quality of life, but it is also affecting the small businesses because you don't go to certain neighborhoods and can't take public transit or uber or your vehicle to get across town during certain hours. that is having a large impact on small businesses like restaurant and the delivery services charge up to 30%. i grew up in the mission and street tax wasn't 30%. so this is getting crazy. and it's getting out of hand. and we don't regulate this. amazon wants to apply for a liquor license. >> their formula retail via app is crazy. crazy that us as small businesses are not forcing the legislators to do something to
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regulate. key example today and they are the ones generating the most waste now in our city, but yet we have to pay? the consumers of small business. that's crazy. that is just crazy. nobody is regulating. all we look at is the legislation passing through. and we're not -- the big corporate culprit is the formula retailers with the gypsy apps. we got to do something. i propose we have an economic impact report and we got to make it happen fast. our small business -- i bet you they are declining. i bet you there was more small businesses 10 years ago. with all the crazy legislation we nasz and amazon hugs, is that what we're doing? >> we're going to put this down. i want to make this a priority. thank you. >> and one last thing. what do i have to do seriously, and i am getting really upset about the paper thing. >> speaking of environmental
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waste. do i have to get a supervisor to legislate us to do it? or can't we do it ourselfs? >> there is some -- i will get back to you because there is some sort of criteria that it's not just as easy for us just to buy tablets. let me just put it that way. so we may have to legislate it. but we'll get back to you on that because and i have had some discussion with the finance section of the office. >> i think we should be the first commission in san francisco to ban paper from our meetings. >> an i love it. >> a commissioner zouzounis. >> self-imposed. >> i want to echo what the fell hoe commissioner here said and also what -- fellow commissioner has said and commissioner dwight said we can't just fight the technology innovation that is
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happening, but we need to hold them accountable to better work with small businesses and with that said, i am curious if there is some types of legislative precedents that we can advocate for as a commission far lot of these cloud kitchen is a new one up in front of public safety and neighborhood services on friday asking for a type 20 and 21 off sale liquor license. and these are all companies that will be delivering to individuals, and that will really effect the small businesses especially the officers and will be competing with delivering. ands a and buy from san francisco and independent businesses if they -- because i heard anl amazon's pitch to the
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committee, and they did not characterize and i know they met with dog patch and i am curious how they presented it to you all because it was very unclear the intentions when they presented to the board. >> commissioner laguana. >> i want to speak strongly in support of both of you. on both of the topics including the paper, but in particular the gig economy and a case winding through the courts now about it seems they both try to have it both ways and can't establish a
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price together because that would be illegal. there is a move afoot to classify them as workers on a level playing field with small businesses. i wonneder if there is a small, minor role for us to play in terms of advocating for that and whether it's a resolution of some kind or you think inning some of the supervisor friends into doing something a little more substantial, but it does seem to me that it's not a level playing field. and that they are taking advantage and the city suffers for the lack of it. >> okay. we can add that.
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any other new business. public comment. do we have any members of the public who like to add any business? >> public comment is closed. >> i have to give a shout out to my son because it is his birthday today. happy birthday. >> what is his name? >> alexander ortiz and his eighth birthday and we went to universal studios and best bud trip. >> happy birthday from the small business commission. >> seconded. >> all in favor? aye. next item. >> sfgov tv, please show the small business slide. >> it is our custom to begin and end each small business commission meeting with a reminder that the office of small business is the only place
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to start your new business and the best place to get answers to your questions about doing business in san francisco. small business commission is the official public forum to voice your opinions and concerns about policies that effect the economic vitality. if you need assistance with small business matters, start here. next item. >> item 10, adjournment. >> i move toed a adjourn in honor. >> i will move no honor to adjourn to my son, al ander, eight years old. and happy bit birthday, son. i love you very much. >> all in favor? aye. meeting adjourned.
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>> everything is done in-house. i think it is done.
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i have always been passionate about gelato. every single slaver has its own recipe. we have our own -- we move on from there. so you have every time a unique experience because that slaver is the flavored we want to make. union street is unique because of the neighbors and the location itself. the people that live around here i love to see when the street is full of people. it is a little bit of italy that is happening around you can walk around and enjoy shopping with gelato in your hand. this is the move we are happy to provide to the people. i always love union street because it's not like another commercial street where you have big chains. here you have the neighbors. there is a lot of stories and
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the neighborhoods are essential. people have -- they enjoy having their daily or weekly gelato. i love this street itself. >> we created a move of an area where we will be visiting. we want to make sure that the area has the gelato that you like. what we give back as a shop owner is creating an ambient lifestyle. if you do it in your area and if you like it, then you can do it on the streets you
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>> (clapping.) >> i've been working in restaurants forever as a blood alcohol small business you have a lot of requests for donations if someone calls you and say we want to documents for our school or nonprofit i've been in a position with my previous employment i had to say no all the time. >> my name is art the owner and chief at straw combinations of street food and festival food and carnival food i realize that people try to find this
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you don't want to wait 365 day if you make that brick-and-mortar it is really about making you feel special and feel like a kid again everything we've done to celebrate that. >> so nonprofit monday is a program that straw runs to make sure that no matter is going on with our business giving back is treated just the is that you as paying any other bill in addition to the money we impose their cause to the greater bayview it is a great way for straw to sort of build communicated and to introduce people who might
2:40 am
not normally get to be exposed to one nonprofit or another and i know that they do a different nonprofit every most of the year. >> people are mroent surprised the restaurant it giving back i see some people from the nonprofit why been part of nonprofit monday sort of give back to the program as well answer. >> inform people that be regular aprons at straw they get imposed to 10 or 12 nonprofits. >> i love nonprofits great for a local restaurant to give back to community that's so wonderful i wish more restrictive places did that that is really cool. >> it is a 6 of nonprofit that is supporting adults with autism
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and down syndrome we i do not involved one the wonderful members reached out to straw and saw a headline about, about their nonprofit mondays and she applied for a grant back in january of 2016 and we were notified late in the spring we would be the recipient of straw if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer thems in the month of genuine we were able to organize with straw for the monday and at the end of the month we were the recipient of 10 percent of precedes on mondays the contribution from nonprofit monday from stray went into our post group if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming fund with our arts coaching for chinese and classes and we have a really great vibrate arts program. >> we we say thank you to the customers like always but say 0
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one more thing just so you know you've made a donation to x nonprofit which does why i think that is a very special thing. >> it is good to know the owner takes responsibility to know your money is going to good cause also. >> it is really nice to have a restaurant that is very community focused they do it all month long for nonprofits not just one day all four mondays. >> we have a wall of thank you letters in the office it seems like you know we were able to gas up the 10 passenger minivan we were innovate expected to do.
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>> when those people working at the nonprofits their predictive and thank what straw is giving that in and of itself it making an impact with the nonprofit through the consumers that are coming here is just as important it is important for the grill cheese kitchen the more restrictive i learn about what is going on in the community more restrictive people are doing this stuff with 4 thousand restaurant in san francisco we're doing an average of $6,000 a year in donations and multiply that by one thousand that's a lot to
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>> working with kids, they keep you young. they keep you on your tones -- on your toes. >> teaching them, at the same time, us learning from them, everything is fulfilling. >> ready? go. [♪]
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>> we really wanted to find a way to support women entrepreneurs in particular in san francisco. it was very important for the mayor, as well as the safety support the dreams that people want to realize, and provide them with an opportunity to receive funding to support improvements for their business so they could grow and thrive in their neighborhoods and in their industry. >> three, two, one! >> because i am one of the consultants for two nonprofits here for entrepreneurship, i knew about the grand through the renaissance entrepreneur center, and through the small business development center. i thought they were going to be perfect candidate because of their strong values in the community. they really give back to the neighborhood. they are from this neighborhood, and they care about the kid