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tv   Fire Commission 92816  SFGTV  October 2, 2016 5:00pm-7:46pm PDT

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commission occurring wednesday, september 28, 2016 will begin shortly. >> good evening everyone can i please ask the people standing by the door to please move to the side of the room? there are some empty seats please fill them in. thank you. the fire marshal is facing this way but at the men were all in trouble. we want to stay out of trouble. our commission of regular meeting wednesday, september 28, 2016 and actual time is 5:01 pm. item 1 local president francie covington, here. cleaveland, present.
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nakajo, present. hardeman, present. chief of department joanne hayes white, here. item to public comments. members of the public may just the commission for up to 3 min. on any matter within the kurt jurisdiction does not appear on the agenda. speakers shall address the remarks of the commission as a whole not to individual commissioners were department personnel. commissioners are not to enter into debate or discussion with a speaker. the lack of her spots by the commissioners or department personnel does not necessarily constitute agreement with the support of statements made during public comments. >> thank you please take mdm. clerk. other any member's of the public that would like to speak on matters not on the agenda? hello >> my name is sylvia johnson. i was speaking to one of your
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[inaudible] commissioners scientific technology and that these codenames have been written. it says on their on these codes, that these things are going to happen under certain way and this is how the time limit and everything. i [inaudible] which i know i've already written this down and has not been [inaudible] the e-mails or nothing because of
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some substantial that i had already put now to beauty and peace on this world and we probably [inaudible] in the process years ago to make some of this stuff. for some of these congresses that has been done on these codes issues.african american historic and this is where our time is going on now which would be more aware more prepared for the police department and also all our fire departments that we can learn a lot of these issues.
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[inaudible] to proceed in this issue is red over because i think it has a lot to do with the social security number my original social security number was marked as a dead person. i am not dead. that is not the issue that's been going on. now for things that we look at as republicans and congress and all our [inaudible] that we need to search for peace. >> thank you. are there any other members of the public would like to speak at this time ? please, come forward >> hello. my name is evan
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cambridge but i only recommend that you put the agenda for each meeting on the website. the front page of the website. so that it might be accessible more accessible for citizens. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public who would like to speak again? no. seeing none, public comment is closed.. clerk >> item 3 approval of the minutes discussion and possible action to approve the meeting minutes of august 24, 2016. >> thank you. any member of the public that would like to comment on the minutes estimated? seeing none, public comment is closed. i will go to my fellow commissioners beginning with commissioner cleaveland >> i moved to approve >> thank you, sir. second? is
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there a second? >> second mdm. chairman. >> second by commissioner hardeman all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes]. thank you all next item, please >> item for chief of departments reported import on current issues activities events within the department since the fire commission report meeting of september 14, 2016 including fiscal year 2016-17 budget academies 100-5000 foot hundred and 50th anniversary update strategic plan update special density medications in our reach to other government agencies and the public. >> report from administration. report on the administrative divisions fleet and facility status on its support services, homeland security and training within the department. >> thank you and welcome, chief >> good evening pres. covington and members of the fire commission this or are
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report since our last meeting on september 14 starting with a budget we recently this month finished the closeout of fiscal year 15-60. we completed the year on budget for expenditures and revenue. it's good news. accounting and finance staff currently are working with the controller's office on your and audits. we have begun implementation of some of the funding initiatives in the 16-17 budget. including women and fleet allocation. with the order of fiber engines and cordless rescue jews as was winning some of our prevention positions as civilian position. that is underway and we are moving along at a quick pace which i'm pleased to report. with regards to our division of training, the 1/20 classes in their 15th week. we have 52 members that are in that class remaining we started with 54. the graduate on november 4. on
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november 28, we look forward to welcoming the 120 first-class. it was comprised of 54 members. 42 from the ntn national testing network list and 12 will come over from station 49. they are level ii paramedics that will join the 121st academy two weeks and because they do not need to go through the evaluation period four emts. last week an early this week i conducted meet and greet sessions with approximately 63 members and have made some alternate offers we call them for consideration for the november and april academies. what that means is they will move onto the next phase which is a medical examination. i will continue to conduct interviews and has an even further net on some background and we hope to do that in the
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next month of october and into november because we will have a steady stream of classes coming and which is also good news. earlier this week on september 26 we welcome 52 h-eight paramedic that the per diem tier which group to be very helpful during super bowl week. we were able to augment our current staff with these part-time h-two sorry, h-eight paramedic could we currently have 50 in this wag to that group of professionals. i'm my understanding is to weeks of didactic training and then the week of october 8 there will be one month of what we call right up your field evaluations. so the division of training will be continued is very busy with all the work that they are doing and are doing a very good job. regarding our 150th
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celebration that this continue as you know. the committee has a meeting tomorrow at 10 am. the division of training. since the last reporting period we did talk about the unveiling of the world trade center piece which was on 9/11 but since that time, also during this month last weekend we had a living history day. that was a great opportunity and i know many that are gathered here volunteers could we really appreciate the volunteers that put on help us put this on. we had a press conference on friday the 23rd that president covington and commissioner cleaveland attended should follow by two wonderful days bite fisherman's work. the weather really cooperated. for me was actually a look at one or then i usually like but it was a wonderful time we had the permits represented from all over the state of california including jeff just south of
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the border but we had san diego's fire department here with an antique apparatus. we have steam engines and steam pumpers that were in the horse-drawn apparatus as well as a whole host of entries in the parade. the want to acknowledge all of you the measures for attending with us being in the reviewing stand to really take pride in our department the history and tradition the, robbery that exist in the fire service. it was a day i think that anyone went out there wouldn't be an active member or retired member resident of the city were visited the city anyone that came upon this and attended left with a great feeling and was really well done. lots of hard work. guardians of the city odyssey are to be commended. my previous when i previous deputy chiefs, which--was chairs of
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the weekend. we had james lee president of the guardians of the city, dave everly bill koenig from guardians of the city. my staff including mindy talmadge--callie off, all of them put a lot l into it making a successful weekend. larry yup and lieut. mike day also very very helpful and so it was a prideful weekend. it was something that we were all proud of and appreciate your support and your interest as well. moving forward, on the one 50th activities, we have a few months left but we still have a lot to do and to participate in and to celebrate. fire prevention week will be october 9-15th. on the final data will be a drill at marina middle school beginning at registration i think is at 8:30 am. the duo goes from nine-3 pm. and we have an open
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house at every price ration on the 15th in the afternoon i believe from one-3 pm. all stations will have a large banner out in front all week where we will accommodate anyone that comes into we are fire prevention materials. we have plastic helmets for the kids so we want to welcome the public as we always do but particularly this week to provide the with information on how to be better prepared for any emergency. conduct over 17th at 10:30 am will be officially commissioning a new fire boat and unveiling the name of that date. the name selection took place last week on the 21st. the was a committee comprised of myself resident of the fire commission francie covington james lee from guardians of the city are cheaper protocol charlotte schulz and four members that work at station 35. one of our pilots one of our marine engineers and the two captains. so we want to make sure we were well presented. we have over 330 names submitted by schoolchildren and we narrowed it down to about 10 and then we
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discussed about four in the meeting and finally we arrived at the name. it will be unveiling on the 17th and the student that suggested the name we will invite that students and family to participate in the commissioning. so that will be at 10:30 am. will do ibid. the petticoat. the giants have been great. the other partner that i should've mentioned not just for the commissioning but for the history date belt port has been incredible partner to accommodate all the asked for. for the weekend. and they have just been wonderful to work with. i have very good working relationship with former port director monique moyer and i praise it relationship continues with our own director you mean forbes. i also note our sponsors that day. it was a reception after going back to the living history day, the credit union provided support and really, for the parade itself and for the cost and the
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stands to be installed and so forth, are two major sponsors for that event were the civic gas electric and aim are our private partners that help provide free hospital care in the city. then moving onto another event in november, we have our present of the bar commissioners sharing and organizing this event. the via wonderful event, freak at the main lobby to our film festival we be held saturday november 5 and sunday, november 6. we are blue looking forward to that. we something for everyone of all ages. and we are working with local 798 specifically executive board member adam wood on helping sponsor with some of the funds that we raised . the showing of the documentary on the garland fire that took place years ago and so we have decided to support
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them to underwrite that event and doing so with some of the funds we raised for the 50th and i believe that rochelle in them mission disappeared will get an update from firefighter would that tomorrow's one 50th meeting. then finally, l ration on the actual 150th anniversary of the department on december 3. we plan to have something special for everyone that's working that day. all of our stations in the city all 44 stations in the city the three stations at the airport and we will do something on the friday for all of our office staff headquarters staff and staff that worked monday-friday. then followed by an evening for those that wish to come and are off duty, and event salvatori event december 3 at the zoo. san francisco zoo. we'll provide more details on that as they arrive. regarding strategic planning, the
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committee met last wednesday on the 21st. i know commissioner hardeman we appreciate you been there and vp cleaveland thank you in the committee view the latest ipo that apartments strategic plan. we are getting closer taken a while but we want to get it right. feedback and input was given at the meeting as part of the overall discussion of the plan. our goal that we said at that meeting is that we asked committee members to review and submit further feedback. was a lot of feedback shared at the meeting. any comments they had by friday, october 7. so the end of next week. with the plan being that we will then bring all those comments and come up with a draft that we would be present into the fire commission. we will give you a copy ahead of time and at your discretion and at your call, to have a discussion item on an upcoming agenda for the fire
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commission meeting. which realistically come i think as early would be the october 26 meeting but possibly the november meeting would be more realistic to be able to present to you. then i just want to let you know, since the 14th some of the activities that my office and i've been involved in person. we met on monday as part of our monthly labor management meeting. we met with folks 798 to discuss events, issues, and so that occurred this week. an ongoing effort to reach out to the employee groups i think i mentioned before that in august i sent an e-mail. we try and do this at least three times a year we sent an e-mail to all the employee groups. some have gone back and some have not. probably almost at least 50% maybe 60% we met with over the last six weeks and on tuesday seems like
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it was longer ago but since yesterday we met with united fire service women to discuss they come up with an agenda and it's kind of a q&a and sharing of information. so that went very well. i participated in the ugly bits quarterly the dem department of emergency management has a disaster council meeting why was there yesterday representing the department. the type of the week and upcoming activities and what's been achieved this year to date. just also want to let you know on friday at and asked to participate in a citywide strategic planning retreat with some of my colleagues of the department heads.. it's going to be hosted by the port and location wise and it's put on by the mayor's budget office can all be able to bring back some information on that at the next meeting. i provided each of you a extensive list of what's happening for fleet week which is october 3-ninth before our
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next commission meeting. will be happy to answer the question might have. it's a lengthy schedule. there's a lot going on. and many of our members including myself will be participating in a number of the activities. i know i'm going to be going at least two mornings to senior leader seminars which were going interacting with members of the military for more training. retraining taken place over the division of training to partner the military and civilian uniform members to discuss what working well it would be like working together in the event of a large-scale emergency unit we were to need military assistance. and on october 9, there will be another parade. italian heritage parade that will be held down in north beach. the other thing i want to mention, i had the opportunity to go to the harvey
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milk recreation center which is at across from davis metro was under on scott and a bolus. there's an exhibit there. it's called the art of five. fighting the beast. there photographs of san francisco firefighters at work it it spectacular. it's on i went to the opening reception on saturday evening at number 17. it goes on until october 16. i've more information on that but the exhibit is for about a month and is comprised of photographs of sf firefighters engaging the biscuit is a collaborative exhibition featuring work from photographers who captured images that put the viewer on the fire hose alongside firefighters in the fight to save lives and property. there are many different photographers works that are displayed. some of our own members mission bay fires
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displayed and retired member duane newton it was his doctor but all this together and it's very impressive. it cosponsored by san francisco park and rec. certainly our department local 798 san francisco firefighters cancer prevention foundation. san francisco chronicle and it's a free exhibit. so i would encourage any of you to take that in over the course at least until october 16. that concludes my report. >> thank you chief hayes-white could any member of the public that like to comment on the cheese report? okay. >> my name is sylvia johnson. my comments[inaudible] a report
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on monday and i was [inaudible] i wasn't really alive so somebody took a shotgun to my temple and that's pretty serious when it's in your temple area. but i would have been there [inaudible] on that success but because of that medical issue i had a lot more easier because i think it had a lot to do with the climate control. because i was get hit with a climate controlled when the climate does. [inaudible]. also i want to tell you that
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that's one of the reasons why i have been missing a lot of the events [inaudible] going on that i've been [inaudible] it's very hard with medical issues. with medical advisors and i was standing in there because of my sadness that i have been going through. it's been putting me to a point where i was not able to make the class. but i am trying to still proceed and making the class. really i'd rather go to santa monica and push with [inaudible] to make all these issues we have. i have been trying to get my birth certificate on this issue.
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and it's been like [inaudible] . they said that the police department when i didn't talk to them that there's one here that i had no idea about that. i think [inaudible] it was one of the things in my past history that needs to be addressed and i do apologize for all these missing because of his illness but i don't think i will have too much of climate control [inaudible] stars and the moons. >> thank you. is there any other member of the public that would like to speak at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. welcome
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chief williams for the administration report. >> thank you president covington. good evening president covington and fellow commissioners, chief. gevity chief of administration ramona williams with my report for the month of september 2016. starting with the assignment office, they have recently completed the vacancy for the members in the field. this report should be distributed the first week of october. there presently preparing the vacancy list for the airport division. under homeland security, as the chief mentioned, there's various activities that are in the works for the upcoming fleet week either and. chief francisco continues to attend various meetings and training exercises and continues to disseminate situational awareness information regarding various tactics which include
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heightened threat reports against civilians and first responders. the prizes the command staff and units in the field of potential or real terrorist activities. chief francisco's as mentioned is planning for the fleet we activity which includes very various training activities and demonstrations such as training k-9 demonstration airshows to name a few. the department >> ms. williams excuse me, for the micro little closer. >> is that better? >> yes >> that atomic continues to learn as much as we can from the recent terrorist incidents and say ever vigilant. during my reporting i'd like to continue to remind the public that if you see something to say something. under investigative services bureau, the bureau continues to conduct random accident and fire boat
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drug and alcohol testing for the reporting period and i was happy to report that all results have been negative during this reporting period. they also continue to conduct candidate background checks are upcoming academies. under the department's positions office they also continue to administer candidate promotional probationary physicals for the department as well as return to work and work related injury exams. the physician's office reports 28 work related injuries for the month of august up from 26 drained the previous month reporting period. under support services, construction at pump station one which is located fire headquarters is moving along. they have opened up the fire headquarters lobby this week. as is essential portion has been completed with full completion estimated at the end of october. at this time all
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projects are continuing to move forward and on track. station five construction has been pushed back to march of 2017 due to renegotiating the contract between the general manager, general contractor, and the subcontractor. as you have been reported earlier, it is scheduled set station five spindle talk station 238 and division ii station 38. members of station 16 are scheduled to g t durin first week of octobndmove ain, th out is as fos: engine 16 o io52ano uck s 10. chief lombdi onve a ce ro oth withthe on er 2
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ng conruwe a are to bo witaan 3th by therojecthoul b mbve dthis reporting riod, 131 reque for ices received a essefor the month of gust. in as previously mentioned our new fire boat has been delivered and we are looking for to the commissioning ceremony which will take place as the chief mentioned, monday, october 17 at the c cold. under fleet management, all bids have been awarded and apparatus are on order or have been delivered. one apparatus is currently awaiting moving to the field with their hose tender 18 which is very close to being put in service following the arrival of [inaudible] which were waiting for eight. under division of
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training, under ems during this reporting period, we've had to suspend active shooter training temporarily due to our paramedic and emt training requirements. the active shooter training will resume on october 10 and so far we've trained over excuse me for 75 members of the department and were looking to administer this training to all members of the department. during this break in training, we have administered the pat assessment for station 49 h-three paramedic members and these members are those that are interested in being considered for placement in the h-two academy. currently, the 61#the list. 45 passed during the recent testing and to be considered members must pass the pat. they must complete a task book and anticipate or excuse me attend a one-day
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training. under fire reserve, the members attended the following events during this reporting period. the commotion he street there the volunteer day, which was the 75th anniversary of the fire of valerie reserve. and they'll also assisted--organizing donation. they also attend weekly training at the division of training at the fulsome and treasure island campuses and during this reporting period a have trained in various battalion drills scenarios. under in-service training, we have continued to construct the props for the upcoming transit training module as well as continue field training that operations with positive results from the field. as a chief mentioned, we have an upcoming drill on october 15 at 9 am at marina middle school
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with registration at 8:30 am. under nurse they continue to hold various meetings conduct various outreach presentations and provide valuable neighborhood in advance training throughout the city. under the group training, as chief mentioned, there are 52 members of the h a classroom academy began this week. consists of two weeks of classroom training followed by the field preceptor evaluation. the chief mentioned this is the 15th week of the 108th-123 two academy and they've completed their engine block as was their talk block and they have just completed their hazardous material training while i'm training and firefighter survival training. they be given their final examination during the first week of october. we anticipate a full competent of 52 on the graduation date on november 4.
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that concludes my report. i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you chief ones that i think at this time we will go to the commissioners in case they have questions for our chief of the department and for chief williams. i'll begin with the vice president than cleveland >> thank you mdm. pres. and thank you, cheaper your conference of report as always and at a couple questioning first off i want to also echo what you said in terms of the last weekend in celebration about 1/50 anniversary of very proud event for all of us and it was a really a very moving thing to see so many of our retirees come out and have so many of the other five the permits around the state bring their apparatus down and their historic fire engines and fire trucks and horse-drawn
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apparatuses so that we can all enjoy them. it was a really wonderful thing and i'd like to again thank the guardians of the city garbage--james galindo port authority building forms were allowed us to make that and for helping us create such a wonderful evening could i'd like to also thank pg&e and amr for their financial contribution because without that we would not have been able to sponsor as many things as we did. so that was a great event for everyone and i'm just hopeful that many of our citizens enjoyed it and many of our taurus enjoyed as well. really find a fair getaway think all the volunteers that are here present as well as watching who helped make that date, that we can i should say, a success. so they do for taking the time to show off our 150s years of proud history of the san francisco fire department. i would like to-i'm
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impressed by the 330 names that were offered up by where they middle school children? >> i think was k-8 >> k-8, okay. for the fire boat. probably you get a number of good names that we can use for future fireballs, right? >>[laughing] >> yes >> i know my fellow commissioner sent hardeman would like to see more fireballs and so what i. i want to ask you about your trip where i guess you're planning session with some of the other department heads good i hope that you will talk to them a little bit about the cities general vehicle replacement budget item which for years was so pitiful. for the entire city that needs to be looked at and we are very pleased that the mayor and the budget folks
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have given us additional funding for our equipment needs in the fire department had some serious equipment needs and we have a program now to replace the fire engines and apparatus and keep our fleet as modern as it can be. we are privileged to have that. but i think a discussion with the other city department heads about what the other city departments are having a robust replacement budget as they need so that we can modernize all of our city departments. we need to do that. we need to budget for it. i don't think we been doing enough to do that. we've not been budgeting on up your so bring that up in your conversations with fellow department heads. the art of the fire exhibit being held at the harvey milk academies >> the recreation center >> right. is that something we could have brought here and put on as part of an agenda item
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for the future commission meeting? i mean i think it's something that would be of interest to not only everyone here, but everyone watching it if that were portable at some point in some way. i don't know. is that something we can check out? >> you can certainly check it out. they are framed photographs. so i don't know >> they would have to take obviously some sort of picture of all the pictures and then >> i can pass that along to the organizers spews >> i think would be dumping worthwhile and useful throughout the city were not possibly able to make it to the exhibit itself. i mean if it's worthy it's worthy of preserving. we can preserve it on film and bring it to the commission i think would be great. they'll also be something to use in our on permanent display at our fire department history museum. so it's all good. chief williams,
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you mentioned we had 28 work-related injuries this past month. were any of them serious? >> from my reporting they were maybe some haven't placed on disability as a result of them. yes. >> long-term other hopefully not? >> hopefully, not >> all right. i guess you do an investigation of each of these injuries to see what the cause was and how we can improve in the future, etc. etc. >> yes, there's always that. their investigation based on the reporting documents that are been submitted with the regarding the employees and elicit any safeguards that were in place and any precautions that they can take in the future to prevent that from reoccurring. >> i'm just concerned of course about liability and that kind of thing. i want to make sure that not only are they taken care of but the reasons for those accidents are
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investigated thoroughly and we know how to prevent them in the future. most of them are human error i am sure but were all human and we all err keep that to a minimum, that would be good. station 16 you said was moving out next month. do we have an idea on when the demolition as can happen on that station? >> they're moving out next week actually and i believe demolition will start the following week. >> hooray. that's going to be a great new station and i'm real pleased to hear that. you talked about the active shooter training that been suspended until next month. where do we do the active shooter training for the fire department? the was that is actually held on your book wayne island near the library. >> b was okay excuse me it's
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been moved to the treasure island system. we risen plan to have it at the naval library with an associate with the police department involvement but since we have not had that involvement as yet we are currently holding it on our training facility. on treasure island >> the rock library objectives ? last question. the street there is this coming sunday. are we can have agreement is the fire department can have a recruitment both their? >> was definitely >> good. that's all my question >> thank you vp cleaveland could commissioner nakajo >> good evening chief dwight chief williams good i'm in a differentiate the questions because a couple of these questions are questions that i was and ask both of you but i'll ask you, chief williams good in the report of hh hires in terms of [inaudible] you were talking about there might be a 100 members of h-eight
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>> corrected i believe we have about 50 at this point so it would add to that number. >> so just for my information and the colleagues on the commission, what kind of a employment status are they? are they a temp? is there a civil service number or how do we hire these h-eight and what rain do they have? rank name status, employment identification and if they're on board with us and we liberalize them tomorrow i know we utilize them because chief gonzales has reported that could do they wear uniforms etc.? he was sure. during a h-eight expedition to there are represent a local 798. basically most of them not all of them have other employment
5:43 pm
elsewhere. they're all state licensed as paramedics. they do where sort of a hybrid uniform. they do not wear badges. but they work alongside an ambulance with a sworn member of the department. we have with some of the h-eight hired first-round and actually brought them into the department is full-time employees. >> okay thank you for that. do you want to add anything chief gonzales because otherwise i have the answer to my questions he was the chief handled it very deftly >> good answer >> thank you very much. so when hundred members is quite a bit. >> yes >> if i went on the scene i guess i would be able to identify these h-eight and it would be with the ambulance >> yes. they're actively working on the emirates group.
5:44 pm
ambulance crew. i don't know if we have ever two or h-eight working together but generally the working with another full-time member of the department. >> is that h-eight paramedics he was correct. the classification itself does allow for flexibility to either emts down the road but we have chosen to hire all paramedics at this time. >> so there are paramedics there not emts? >> that a higher level of training. they're able to utilize their advanced life support skills. versus basic life skills. >> i was asked a little bit more. chief myers, t want to chime in on the information on this particular discussion? >> the only comment i was going to make about two h-eight working together. davis set agenda as far as training both in the academy and post-academy. they have 240
5:45 pm
hours of precepts service and by another member field a valuate her and her preceptor at station 49 and a task book that has to be completed before they can work with any member of 49 including another h-eight >> please identify yourselves he was jeff myers ems chief >> so chief so i am clear in my mind, these h-eight they can ride ambulances only if they clear the qualifications that you just cited. there's not ever dispatched to h-eight on any indolence? is use the h-eight are qualified not only a state that county accredited. the vent through the department training program along with field evaluation which qualifies them toward their county accreditation to work in san francisco. generally the
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parents are one regular member and 1h-eight paramedic it within completed the after education at treasure island training which is the 240 hours of presented work with another member the station 49, and they've had their h-eight task work signed off, then they are considered what we consider a super h-eight and they can work with paramedic and the emt from 49 or another h-eight because they met all the qualifications to be considered basically a regular member is our service capability. this gives us the greatest flexibility in staffing down the road. i believe that she does write. we have fit for a 6-50 currently in service and seated 54 in training started on monday. >> okay. again, it's part of the experience of this commission and this department is that we can be introduced to conceptual's terms of programs h
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-eight was a conception that got defined clearly in terms of personnel. the [inaudible] all along several questions in terms of that here i think over time the question was if the h-eight vehicle entry is a possibility within the department. for me, it clearly is. if your field of choices paramedic or that particular level, that's why i asked to the differentiation between the emt and paramedic and the other thing that i hear is that if everything goes right and they've feel for phil all the requirements, is a super h-eight they could be basically a member of the department if budget allows and of entry allows. can i've some interpretation on that? >> the super h-eight allows him to work with any member of station 49 as a per diem employee. the ability to become
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permanent were moved to a level i entry position is at the discretion the appointing officer and the chief. we've done at one time prior but that is a budgetary and decision for the chief of department. >> if i could add, there are people that want this to be in sort of a way to consider entry into that apartment. but there are also a number of h-eight that are very satisfied with her other employment could we have firefighters are working other jurisdictions that because of the schedule are able to pick up another shifter to work as paramedics. that's worked very well. many of them don't envision necessarily entering into the our department on a full-time basis could so there's a blend i would say either that of that h eight. >> i truly appreciate the candid answer because when hundred members is quite a bit. i know we are utilizing them. i know that is really important that they haven't entry level but i need to be reminded that some of them take it as a
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optional career addition could i just want to be clear in that because again when the paramedic division station 49 first came on board, same question i asked if they have a uniform do they have a patch and we do not want to devote to different kinds of cultures and h [inaudible] i've one more question in order to be a h evans read yesterday and h 2b was the physical agility test is for h-two for the candidacy of the h2 academy. so we know we take normally approximately 12 members from station 49 and we found that by giving them the free testing training orientation on the equipment and the recruits academy
5:50 pm
exposure by giving them that preview of it the better prepare them to successfully complete the academy. >> make sense. a question on the fire boat on october 17. we will have the identification of the new fire boat at some point i assume there's an integration of usage about that new boat is going to be rotated within or fleet usage or boat usage? >> corrected our goal is to always have two in the water. we do have a third boat now. right now there's two in the water one is been dry dock. so there will be a priority order if you will and then a rotation. if needed. depending on the drydock schedule and at this time since the boat did arrive late july, numbers are still getting orientated to it and sober. so we feel that we will be able to definitely put
5:51 pm
it underway once it's officially commission. under regular basis. >> chief, does that mean there's a crew that's already designated on a boat new boat? >> yes. not an additional crew. we want crew in the event we need to watch the second boat we would call in an additional computer there's one crew and it's a split crew so we have an officer of the fire boat in conjunction with the marine engineering pilot and we're an officer engine 35 the land-based units. the crew the other three members go back and forth. so if the fire boat does get a call in is underway, engine 35 in effect goes out of service because they don't have the staffing. so they work in tandem. >> okay. thank you. chief williams, at some point i know when you talked about station five being delayed there's going to be some transfers of engines and trucks. i cannot catch all of that. is there some point in way that you
5:52 pm
might be able to get that information to us? >> i'm sorry commission or a transcript is first legal relocation? >> right. i was trying to write it down some turks are going to 38. some division ii is going >> i can give you that information >> please if you could speak slower >> engine five is going to station six. truck five will be going to station 38. as well as division ii. there will also move over 238. >> okay >> per engine 16, there will be going to station 51 and trucks 16, will be going to station 10. >> and is that all occur within the next >> within the first week of october the crew from station and 16 will relocate out of the station 16 >> okay. two other comments and then i will complete. i
5:53 pm
also wanted to the mark chief hayes-white] schedule of the fleet week schedule of events, i ran out of paper. talk about impressive. the logistical. i'm again want to talk about it again be part of the san francisco oc the blue angels and fleet week but this is a tremendous event in a really glad that we did department and yourself participating within this as well. whoever's in the audience i know that we participate with that. the other mark was i believe you said that our plan will be presented somewhere around november. commissioner mean i'm looking for to that i think is a lot of work with this whenever we can calendar mdm. pres. other than that the client question left was i also want to acknowledge the 150th parade this last weekend,
5:54 pm
saturday-sun. they give vp cleaveland for the knowledge meant. pg&e and did you say [inaudible] the ambulance services sponsors as well? >> yes >> i just want to thank all the volunteers that participated when the audience to make that a great thing. that's all i have matter present. thank you >> thank you mission or nakajo commissioner hardeman >> be thanks matter present. other stuff like around trying to figure out where to start. i do not think i was not any questions or anything to say until everything comes out. the chief talked about this strategic planning committee. so i think she's very generous in saying that we are still
5:55 pm
working-it's come down to wordsmithing where everybody's interpretation of words which is i think the chief and everybody else handles this all very well but it's there. just a matter of how people interpret sentences and words otherwise it's very good. i think it's really terrific job. everybody did a good job on that. the 1/50 which is great appreciated to participate in having a little shade and i don't number ever having shade in any event port. that was really nice. even though they had to move this awful little good they were getting crowded on the stage there. was nice to see all the command staff could also there. all the horse drawn engines and equipment was great.going back somebody is
5:56 pm
good the volunteers. everything was wonderful. was nice to enjoy it so i appreciate very much all the effort everyone wants. very good job including you president covington which was chairing the cook committee for the commission. really good. it's nice to see all these new ambulances going around town. then to see more efficient. i will also would we were at the 150th capt. mcdowell made a wonderful presentation to us on volunteers since the inception of the fire department, he asked commissioner covington and i would be a briefing on the entire heart among the skies like a dynamo. he must have that information to. i told him we probably would but something he should run by the chief and see if you can spare 15 min. it somewhere if he was willing to do because the presentation was just fantastic westmont. as a matter-of-fact, the other night it's five after 12 am channel
5:57 pm
surfing baby was five after-i stay up late. this commission meeting came on and a made sure that i kept listening until he does report again. it was just fantastic. very good. it was nice to see how the volunteers and incorporated not a lot of history of the fire department but i think of you would be willing to do history of the active fire department, not just the volunteer that would be fantastic. the naming of the fire boat, commissioner cleaveland is right. that's what my theory thinking about boat not good i like boats. those on the port commission always try to support the fire posted like that you said we need to fire boats at all times and that's not even a question good so we have this new fire both quite often we have one in for extensive drydock and only have one. there's not extra
5:58 pm
fire boats floating around the bay area so emergency happens. i'm real happy that were going to be dedicating that fire boat in the 17th. that's terrific. the first couple fire boats again dennis open [inaudible] and the frank g white and i've a hunch this won't be named after a former chief but you never know. they were former chief. so that was interesting how they chose to do that. i guess i will stop there. very good report chief williams. thank you report chief. it's always good. nice disease graduates and let's hope we can get to 52 for
5:59 pm
the november 4 graduation. good job. >> thank you >> thank you commissioner cleaveland. the living history days. this past weekend. they were fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. usually when you hear the phrase, a living history it's a bunch of very elegant people walking around in period dress. here the nurses were dressed all. as were the people and it was wonderful to see particularly the the three steam engines. i'm going to call out chief francisco. chief francisco was so enthusiastic. i was already enthusiastic it but he was beyond enthusiastic so some of his enthusiasm rubs off on. this is probably the last time were ever going to see three steam engines together in one place. i was like, okay. >>[laughing] it was
6:00 pm
a wonderful time and i want to thank all of the volunteers. there was a legion of volunteers, 120 volunteers for that day. many of them are in this room. the jiggly, i want to shout out to the google scooper squad. because when you have horses you need someone there. or elephant you need someone there and these guys were very very very meticulous in their work and they were very gracious in their work. so people coming from all over the state, it's really quite an undertaking for people to travel with her horses and with this antique apparatus in mint condition looking sparkly and shiny and just gorgeous. gorgeous. people being very proud of the history of the fire service in general and particularly here in
6:01 pm
california. so having that brotherhood and sisterhood is very very warning to the hearts. so i want chief, i want you to talk just a little bit about the grand marshal. and the other young lady. >> certainly. so we did select mr. al waite was a retired italian chief. as our grand marshal and he served in the department from 1954-1983. we believed but not seen an e-mail apparently any milk came in that there someone that is older than mr. h was in the permit i have to figure that one out. that just came out today but however we believe that is the oldest living member of san francisco fire departments. still resides here in the city. he was thrilled to be selected as a grand marshal. our idea was to pair him up on friday the day before that
6:02 pm
festival began with the youngest number of our department was hired in january of this. her name is amanda conley. she is 21 and he is 97. i the opportunity last tuesday afternoon to visit al at his home up in the twin peaks area and was very gracious welcoming to his entire family was there. we spent some time going over some of his memorabilia, his captains jacket that still fit in which he purchased in the 60s. so we were happy to have him with us at the press conference and then he spent a good 4-5 hours that day in the heat enjoying the parade and the festivities. so we were delighted to have him as our grand marshal for the parade. >> thank you. he was a great choice. a great choice. the pairing of the youngest and the oldest was a master stroke of very very good. also, just
6:03 pm
walking around fisherman's wharf, i think the location was ideal because we had a lot of out-of-towners and we also had a lot of san franciscans. it was a wonderful mix of people and before i go too far afield 012 really make sure that people understand this was not an intimate gathering of people. this was thousands of people who came and enjoyed the day. the fire reserves that we had on the turnout coats and their taking pictures with little kids and so many people had on little plastic fire helmets. i imagine that those members of the reserves are going to be you know, on refrigerator is all over the country with those wonderful wonderful photos. so, thank you all to everyone who participated in making this such a wonderful occasion. now i also want to just shift in gears here, chief,-excuse
6:04 pm
me-the strategic plan. you're thinking you be ready for our october 26 meeting? >> i said that's a possibility i could check in with that. i think to allow just slightly more time we've asked for feedback by october 7. we will synthesize good i know we only have one meeting i believe in november. i think that might work better to present it as a discussion item. on your agenda for the november meeting. >> all right. i think we can have it for the 26 that would be great. as a result of us canceling a meeting in november in a meeting in december because we are backed up against the national holidays i think that our agendas for the remaining two meetings
6:05 pm
might be quite lengthy. so whatever we can put on the agenda for the 26 would be good if it's at all possible >> okay. certainly, i think it would be best to provide the document to you well in advance state we can advance in a meeting. let me check in with mr. corso and his staff and see what can be possible. >> thank you. i encourage my fellow commissioners to look at the document and give candid feedback and if there's anything that you feel is on this were absent please do bring it up when we go to public discussion about it. so that we can help inform the process. the was president it covington if i could add commissioner ken hartman has been with us at several of the meetings and has participated actively in, say vp cleaveland we both smirked when you give
6:06 pm
recent give feedback and lots of it and he certainly did at the meeting. e had pretty much line by line with some of his comments. i would agree with commissioner hardeman that substantively it's there but it's more sort of the word choice and so forth an order of the document but we are very close to it it's a lot of hard work from the committee so we will be very proud-we took your feedback as well to provide greater detail in some of the places so that we are not just our audience is not just our members but it's the public at large nets very good feedback we took into consideration. as well that you gave us. >> thank you. regarding your administration report chief williams, you said the weather 131 request for service. can you tell us the nature of these requests for service? >> typically in the field you
6:07 pm
have an opportunity to report to any repair that you may have in your station and you submit it to our online reporting system hr ms, and it goes straight to support services. they can send out the proper way sources to mitigate or repair any damages that may incur in the station. so that's how many we received. i do not get provided with the specifics. >> okay. i don't think i need that level of detail. i was just wondering what branch of the service were speaking of >> support services >> thank you. the active shooter training. how long is that training? >> that's a day long. although the training. members are detailed over to the training facility. they are to bring their own lunch. the training is eight hours. >> okay. so you said approximately a third of the department has gone through it?
6:08 pm
>> yes over 400 members of gone through it and we anticipate another thousand numbers and we will complete it. we want civilian as well as uniform numbers to go through this training. >> when do you think the entire force will have been trained? >> according to chief --hopefully by the middle of next year. >> okay so it's a lengthy process >> yes. that's barring any distractions or delays in the training. >> okay well thank you very much for your report. chief, thank you for your report as well. next item please >> is there additional public comment on what would just be the administration report. we aren't all the common on the cheapo department report already seeing none, the comment
6:09 pm
. we will go to the next item >> item 5, discussion on civil grand jury viewports. discussion pertaining to the fire commissions amended response to the civil grand jury report fire safety inspections in san francisco a tale of two departments. department of building inspections and san francisco fire department. >> thank you. ms. johnson, okay ms. johnson i'm sorry. we are starting on another item you are you going to speak about the grand jury report? okay then please come forward. >> my name is sylvia johnson. i've been talking to the city attorney and [inaudible] secretary about some of these
6:10 pm
court hearing sessions with a civil grand jury and this is one of the grand jury's that i was [inaudible] intended to because most likely my phone did not coordinate with me right. i thought the number was [inaudible]. i'm trying to discover a phone that will be more wracked on these issues. because this is the way the grand jury has been to explain [inaudible] and associated with
6:11 pm
[inaudible].org and i have with railroad construction [inaudible] not olden times but [inaudible] the tracking licenses that are [inaudible] here in the city for our safety and some of the areas that we have a driving situation [inaudible] is more like a [inaudible] driving and i don't think [inaudible] categories need to be put on our driving [inaudible]. i'll probably said to [inaudible] it might improve
6:12 pm
the backwards way. it's not short really. [inaudible] >> thank you. is there any other member of the public that would like to comment on the san francisco fire commission
6:13 pm
response to the grand jury report? seeing none, public comment is closed. by fellow commissioners, do you have comments regarding this matter? were questions doing commissioner cleaveland >> thank you. we have put together a response to the grand jury in their request that we work more closely with the dbi with the department of building inspection. we have a couple of very good suggestions for doing so and i think i am ready certainly as one commissioner here, to adopt our response and officially present it. but i'm asking you i guess is that the right process? what is the process for adopting our response? >> thank you. as president i was responsible for getting the response to the grand jury by the deadline which is passed.
6:14 pm
so for transparency purposes, i want to make sure that our commission secretary would be to our response into the official record. so that's why we are here. so it's a discussion >> no action necessary? >> no action necessary at this time. >> do want to read the findings and recommendations? >> let's see. yes, unless there is another commissioner that has something to say at this time? >> [inaudible] >> thank you in mdm. clerk please read this into the record >> the grand jury's findings were dbi and sf as of date inspector multiunit residential buildings for many of the same fire safety hazards but do not coordinate of the any effort of their inspections were code enforcement efforts including not sharing information. the
6:15 pm
fire commission responded that the partially agree with the findings in the explanation was sf fd is always open and willing to foster improved interdepartmental engagement and cooperation. the particular case of dbi and sf fd one mistake into consideration the very different business models of dbi and sf fd. dbi has staffing dedicated to residential two inspections was sf fd bar suspension and subcommittees are first and foremost tasked with first responder duties. as of ft inspections of all residential-do occupancies is both an art of responsibility that must be timed in a manner so as not to compromise health and safety emergency. in spite of different different business models per above, there are key ways to enhance and drive
6:16 pm
greater collaboration. number one, establish a perpetual working committee that meets with regular candidates and seeks to evaluate the housing code and fire code in parallel identify where there is a lack of overlap and develop a referral process to support these areas in a proactive and transparent manner. number two, implement a 21st-century close loop digital solution that enables dbi and sf fd to seamlessly share data across departments and provide online access to interdepartmental referral tracking and reporting. the civil grand jury's recommendation was that the building inspection commission and fire commission should require a task force be formed to study dbi and sf fd inspection and code enforcement processes and make recommendations on how they can coordinate their efforts. the fire commission responded the
6:17 pm
recommendation has not been but will be implemented in the near future. the fire commission will work with dbi with the dbi commission to implement a task force. the goal is to have a task force in place by february 2017. >> take you very much. mdm. clerk i like to think fire marshal dan--four providing the necessary framework for the response. thank you chief because you. next item, please >> i'm sorry commissioner shannon nakajo is a common >> this is on the response of the grand jury report. i also want to concur the support of the commission to this resolution. there's been a lot of work involved with this. i also want to acknowledge our
6:18 pm
fire marshals in this. the spirit is to work collaboratively with the department but also i don't want to reinvent wheels. i know we don't have that relationship now but i certainly would like to take the lead from the chief's office and the fire marshal as how we best try to form formalize that because it's just easier said than done to create another committee and we could good spirits and intentions but we the commission we have a lot of work with what we need to do as well. i just want to publicly acknowledge that we are going to back up our offers of relationship and meeting together. i just wanted knowledge that and acknowledge the department that we did respond a little late but we did respond in a timely manner should [inaudible] >> thank you commissioner
6:19 pm
nakajo. we can call the next item, please >> item 6, resolution 2016-08 discussion and possible action to approve resolution 2016-08 recommending that the board of supervisors authorize the san francisco fire department to accept and expend a safer grant from the mud in the amount of 8,533,008 or $72 for the hiring of 36 new firefighters. >> thank you. welcome to >> good evening matter president and members of the commitment mark or so finance and planning here to present on the next item which were thereupon is very pleased to present on. it's a fiscal year 15 staffing for adequate fire and emergency response for safer grant award from fema in amount of $8,533,000. that
6:20 pm
covers the salary and benefits of 36 new hires for two years. this is actually the second consecutive year the department was allocated funding in this grant program. the planning from the fiscal year 14 grant is currently funding the salary and benefits of 36 numbers from the weasley graduated 119th academy class. i graduated back in june. this will add a much-needed academy to the permits hiring model were the next few years. this part of the mayor's office the board of supervisors and the fire commission department will now be conducting five h-two academies with this fiscal year and eight academies with the next four years. these governments will help offset pending retirements and supplement current staffing for the department. there's no matching requirement for the city or their apartment and happy to answer any questions that you may have. >> thank you mr. corso. is there any public comment specifically regarding this resolution to authorize these
6:21 pm
monies by the board of supervisors? seeing none, public comment is closed. i will go to my fellow commissioners for their comments and suggestions. beginning with commissioner nakajo b was thank you director corso. >> thank you director course. this is good news. i'm here to support this. again for clarification of this runs having similarly gave this information the last commission meeting is a two-year fiscal cycle mr. corso? >> correct. the two-year period. yes. >> is that 2016 through-what is it? he was technically the performance period begins in february in general while the department was awarded in august, fema generally gives
6:22 pm
you a period of time costly 180 days to ramp up if you're starting in hiring from scratch it obviously where the eligibility process for that and a list. if you don't they allow for the claimant ramp up at center. so this is only projected to start in separate. the grand period it can be moved up were able to higher in advance of that. which looks like we will so will be working with fema on that will be a two-year grant performance period >> director corso, do you say this would be somewhere around 2017? is that what you said? >> that's currently without terms of the grant performance state. i believe or look at chief mention a believe the last academy will look at november is the timeframe for the next academy and be working with fema and the approval process essentially to select 36 of those bombers to be part of this grant >> reported as no matching requirements for this department >> correct >> last time i asked the question after two years in roles into our budget request,,
6:23 pm
into our budget operations? >> correct. after the two-year performance period was 36 members will be absorbed into the budget overall budget and will have [inaudible] >> part of that dedication of revenue source for negotiation continue with the mayor's office? >> absolute. this ongoing discussion we have got to staffing levels and impact of retirements and new hires that we have in the department >> this is great news. thank you director corso. >> thank you. commissioner cleaveland excuse me permission or hardeman >> i did real quick. real quick, mdm. chairman, thank you again mr. corso. i see why you have received your promotion earlier this year. this would that you do not know this was coming and this is [inaudible] the best about this is it shows
6:24 pm
the system doesn't work against good citizens that don't lay off their fire department employees. san francisco do not lay off any employees even though shorthanded working overtime and other fire departments were receiving state programs lay off employees, a couple years later it's the same program because you get off your employees. so we were just as deserving this department for hanging in there and to see that two years in a row that the folks that work passing out these safer grants realize you can't penalize the city for doing their duty and to me, this is just shows the systems working and it's great that you continued and the department continued to persevere even though director
6:25 pm
feeling that you're been a be denied, denied but we were not for two years ago so congratulation. great job >> thank you very much >> okay. thank you commissioner hardeman. i also want to, lament you and say thank you for your steadfastness in this regard. because $8 million is a nice chunk of change and we need it. so, thank you mr. corso. your abilities at grant writing are becoming widely known and admired. thank you, again. did you have a comment commissioner cleaveland. not at this time. all right. well, thank you on this and >>[cross-talking] [off mic] >> this a possible discussion item he was only sure adam has had a chance to speak. before i
6:26 pm
thank you village on a motion, okay commissioner cleaveland has some move. is there a second, please >> second >> moved and seconded. all in favor of accepting a plus million dollars please signify all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] that's allowed aye. next item please >> resolution 2016-09 discussion and possible action regarding proposed resolution 2016-09 recommending that the board of supervisors authorize the san francisco fire department to accept and expend port security grant funding in the amount of $60,524 from the federal emergency management agency to purchase a rapid development dock system. >> mr. corso >> good evening again commissioners. the next item is
6:27 pm
a quest for approval for the port this for your port security grants. allocation in the amount of $60,504 for the purchase of a rapid deployment dock. you may recall couple commission meetings ago that apartment put forward for approval by the commission eight fiscal year 15 port said 30 grant for of the apartment. this project is in conjunction with that boat with the vessel itself. the rapid deployment dock for that vessel. there's a match of approximate $20,000 that will be absorbed by the permits budget for a total overall project amount of 80,006 and are $99 happy to answer any questions for this project >> thank you. is there any public comment regarding this particular item the $60,000 coming to the department? >> my name is sylvia johnson. my regarding is the equipment
6:28 pm
and stuff though we might be able to use and there's a new way [inaudible] that it's put on the shipments and other processes that which the supervisors probably had put a lot of these questions put a percentage at [inaudible] because it wasn't in their
6:29 pm
[inaudible]. we probably even laughed at-probably already lived written[inaudible] they put [inaudible] everywhere and was all detected by me being there. on this [inaudible] this is what i've been thinking on the wide the [inaudible] historical that has already let some of these disadvantages we have in our congress. process
6:30 pm
and [inaudible] that we have [inaudible] not even precise. [inaudible] in this process of making [inaudible] to be able to gain a whole lot more [inaudible]. it's about my music. that's words been all these years. [inaudible] >> thank you could any other
6:31 pm
members of the public that would like to speak at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. i will go to my fellow commissioners. regarding this resolution. vp cleaveland >> i make the motion that we accept this grant from fema and we appreciate it very much >> thank you bid is there a second? >> commissioner nakajo >> i have a question would you like 7 seconds b was a. be the person to second, yes >> i second the motion of vp cleaveland and have a question >> yes >> the clerk the patient question on director course. new a purchased the rapid dock system, i don't know what that is. to have a visual for me or description
6:32 pm
>> i do not have a picture for you but if using our rescue boat or i believe the police have one as well, it's not a boat and vessel it's okay to talk to rest at the birth at the marina and allows for quick deployment of the vessel it's oh. we dropped into the water where crews can board and immediately respond to an incident >> chief hayes-white whose that fall under operationally in terms of that instrument? is that the boat or what is that >> to be under gevity chief of operations mark gonzales >> okay. is this deployed at the airport or is that over here with us >> it'll be deployed in this in. this is not an airport asset. dubious city department has been unaware of the actual final location has been determined at this point will be deployed in the city >> so it's like a lower-level dock that has access for this >> corrected it's like an
6:33 pm
inflatable dock system that allows the boat rest on men for times of employment the crews can immediately access >> okay thank you for the karthik is good thank you very much director or so >> thank you. since this is a port security grant i think it's wonderful for us to have these additional resources. there is a motion and a second. all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes]. thank you, all. thank you mr. corso. >> item 8, amendments to the 26 in california fire code. discussion and possible action to approve recommended amendment to the 26 in california fire code and recommending the board of supervisors approved amendment torn to the 2016 california fire code. >> good evening commissioners did good evening, chief. i believe you have a copies of the amendment and your possession should i believe you also the copy of the legislative digest summarizes those change. the is these identified herself >> and e0 fire marshal.
6:34 pm
>> thank you, fire marshal >> personal i like to adults that help persistent fire marshal brown or capt. kim coghlan a deputy city attorney janet clark for helping putting this document together. the amendment cycle with a three-year cycle. so every three years we repeal the existing san francisco cargo to replace with a new fire code. so come january 1 one he 17 we'll be repealing the 2013 san francisco fire code and replacing it with a 2016 san francisco fire code. the majority of the code carries over to the latest version to the 2016 however we do have some changes. the code itself is based on the model code which is the isc international barcode. it is the building standards commission of sacramento adopts and publishes with california amendment july
6:35 pm
1 i just did it this last july 1 good that becomes the california fire code that they do. then we have the local jurisdiction 180 days to submit our amendment from the chief through this port commission here to the board of supervisors for approval and then onto sacramento. our local amendment are based on three things. we have to satisfy our amendment that we can be more sick of due to climate, due to geology, or due to topography. as we all know, all three of those apply here within our jurisdiction. the density of the city topography and the age of the buildings. so keeping with that in mind, i like to do a brief summary of those changes could slightly tucked him and take some any questions you may have. i'll be reading from our legislative digest. first item there is a group radical
6:36 pm
occupancy which is education, schools. right now, public schools fall under the jurisdiction of the dsa division state architect. so they do the plan review and the construction inspections are all public schools. the local jurisdiction, us san francisco, has jurisdiction over the private schools. so where there was a kind of a gap or loop oh i should say is new construction we were not always in the loop with dsa because we were not part of the review process. now this section here were require all schools to register with our bureau before occupying after new construction has begun. we get the marlys for anyone special was also conduct our first initial life safety inspection. the next item on there is supervisor weiner's ordinance betty's put forward and that has to do with art and ob process which is already
6:37 pm
underway. and it has been implemented. our next item adds to our citation section making it $1000 fine with tempering for new fire protection systems. next is our acknowledging the h-42 position new position as this last year made and so giving deposition the assistant fire marshal the authority to issue citations. next is supervisor tang's legislation regarding fire safety disclosure information. so all r-two new tenants will be provided with fire safety information and annually that information will be given to all tenants regardless of not just the new tenants could someone so year and went to new tenants moving. that has to do with the basic iris ac since
6:38 pm
fire escapes, basic life safety concerns. next item has to do with our fire department access. the last code had in a clear width for part of common axis. it allowed for having a six-inch curve be considered clear with it it's our opinion that we don't that's not accessible to us to mount a six-inch curve to drive over sidewalk were pedestrians may be standing so we are stripping that out the old fire code. we actually consulted with state fire marshal on this as well and they were in agreement with us that they would not consider that clear with. next item were asking for 5 foot clearance around cisterns access to the systems around fire hydrants. right now it is three good i'm and 5 feet. right now it's 3
6:39 pm
feet. we are increasing at 25 feet clearance around those hydrants and systems. systems. auxiliary water supply system you were putting those requirements into our fire code by now. they live under subdivision regulations and puc regulations. so we are bringing them into our fire code. our emergency responder radio coverage, we are acknowledging nap 1221 as a standard for maintenance and installation. on accession standpipe was always step up the code as jacob belasco 2013 hose were required in all required exit stairs the new code for 2016 says all new interior stairs.
6:40 pm
so our concern was live in exterior stair that's required zero why would it not be required there. so we are still applying it to all required stairs. i just interior stairs. then the next two items address integrity of the fire pump room in the water tanks. basically you cannot run any utilities or anything in there does not serve the fire pump or those tanks. and has to do with f occupancies on port property. those are manufacturing fabrication factories. we've are going to require they be mdm. clerk at all times regardless of the square footage giving a hazard on a port on pier's. , or santo sliding doors. we are asking to you limit the application of this section and have it not apply to high-rise buildings where those doors are
6:41 pm
installed in the means of egress. the reason for that is in a bar high-rise buildings we are holding place with no tool full building evacuation. usually we have for for several fire floor, too low and one of of your wheat relocatable to place and have our fire department operations and to be sliding door horizontally as were coming through with hose leads would make it negatively impacts operations. just refers to class iii pipes for stages. signage for fire escapes. requirements for egress passages. and i'll just close out here briefly with we are adopting 503 which is fire department access road with street measures etc. that is not adopted by the state bar marshals office. we are
6:42 pm
recommending to adopt at the local level. we also recommend to adopt appendix d section d105 two refers to arial apparatus with a width of 20 feet dependent on the height of the building etc. and appendix i which is it breaks down the fire protection systems noncompliant systems should basically describes when the system becomes noncompliant. what type of systems or what-it will describe all those areas where maintenance is required. i'll leave it at that. answer any questions you may have. >> thank you fire marshal. the legislative digest is very helpful. because we have both. we have the entire sparrow and then we have the if this time
6:43 pm
if there is a member of the public that would like to -excuse me-like to speak on the new proposals for the fire code going to the board of supervisors, please come forward. i admonish anyone speaking to please, stick to this topic cured fire codes. thank you. >> my name is sylvia johnson. the adoption of 503 and the section [inaudible] is one of fire codes that was [inaudible]
6:44 pm
for newer ways of establishing and as i was a non-section 6 that we have different lines in that section because this is what it explains with the fire code that he just got done discussing. this is what i was talking about, the codes on the buildings again, there we have our answers that we need to be investigating because this is really our economic way of
6:45 pm
[inaudible] but to go along with our climate controls. >> thank you. seeing that no other members of the public that would like to speak at this time,-excuse me public comment is closed. by fellow commissioners, do you have comments? commissioner nakajo >> thank you. chief did you say this adoption is a two-year adoption? >> three years >> thank you mdm. pres. >> thank you. you want to move this item? >> i have some questions >> thank you. vp cleaveland >> thank you mdm. pres. thank you chief, for ushering us through the code cycle into the next iteration. of the states
6:46 pm
fire code and adoption of the local level. i have a couple questions and one was doing with a six-inch curve sidewalk piece that were going to take out the were not going to use. was there something were substituting here? >> that was added in ordinance during the 2013 cycle is strictly at the local level. personally, this is before my time here. i don't understand the rationale why was put in there. spoke with the field that suppression crews, operations etc. it just isn't practical to think would be mounting six-inch curb where people are standing. so i went as far as to reject to state fire marshals office on this so maybe they can help provide insight. the purpose of this and they were in agreement with us that they would not consider that clear with >> i was just wondering whether this is something a product of the vision zero so to speak and that was that came
6:47 pm
in at the state level from the division zero >> i do not know have knowledge of that. >> okay. are we substituting-on the page 3 when you are dealing with the-excuse me, page 4. when you're doing without 2015 international fire code street with good this has nothing to do with the curb issue, right? this is strictly street with >> correct. >> this is also probably been increased-have you consulted on division zero are we in sync with them on this particular thing? >> it's a negotiation should we go case by case. we are all for our green with them when he to be retain access as well. >> i agree >> it's been a challenge and
6:48 pm
one size does not fit all on this. to take this tool away from us though there may have zero input moving forward on any street designs and i think that would be a bad way to go >> i completely agree. as i mentioned at the last commission meeting, i don't agree with permanent closures of roads that don't allow access where fire department apparatus and fire trucks and engines. they have to get in there to protect property and lives so temporary closures may be given permanent closures, never. on page 3, dealing with the emergency responder video coverage systems. i know you are using nfpa's 1221 standard but whether other standards that were considered? >> that is the only standard i'm aware that addresses their first responder radio covers. it was never spelled out. >> i do not know if there were other systems out there for radio response that we might
6:49 pm
sort of considered >> as far as the standard itself? >> right >> to my knowledge this is a. was never spelled out before. >> okay. dealing with proposal fire code dates that supervisor campos introduced and was passed by the supportive supervisor requiring building owners provide tenants with annual smoke alarm information disclosures annual filing of fire alarm statement of compliance with the fire department urges to be posted on the website and establishing a posting enforcement and recordkeeping requirements, that is only residential b1 >> correct. >> construction and maintenance of the integrity of the fire pump room ensuring the room is used solely for the fire pump in related to equipment. has that been a problem? >> the path of least resume the we've had answers well you cannot put anything exit and
6:50 pm
closure bitty the same thing for life safety concerns. seismic concern. if you look at that burst and that could impact life safety system. >> is not ever been a problem locally, though? >> not that i know. >> on the state level and so they put it into the code were simply adopting it or was that something were putting a >> this is something we are adding >> >> works are fine art tradition of the session and this was our request for plan check section to add this in error. >> you said the water tank clean required that are essential part of our fire suppression system of a high-rise building. that is something that were adding is a new requirement or is that- >> backspin and exist in the true source of water acquired. quite often stunned by storage tank in a fire service. again we want to keep that is independent and maintain
6:51 pm
integrity as much as possible. the few things that can affect it a better >> in the state code is not there. this is something were adding specifically for san francisco high-rise building >> yes. >> continuing to given the code >> yes >> got it. in utah flood horizontal sliding doors not beingaccessible in the event of a fire or emergency in high-rise buildings. this prohibition if you will in using horizontal sliding doors as egress dollars, will only affect new construction >> correct. >> or will it affect remodeling >> >> it would affect remodeling. we are doing this on a case-by-case good when i think he would never would be allowed to do that it was a negative part of an egress component meaning you have to open that were taught by the special doors, the most like a portable
6:52 pm
wall. that pulls back in. you don't even see it opens up upon smoke detection good to have to open and close these and make the rest through them in a high-rise building which already has a greater challenge potential more hazards, greater hazards, we don't think that's reasonable. >> thank you very much, cheap. a lot of hard work. i surely appreciate it. mdm. chairman, i would move to approve these amendment to the san francisco fire code two 2016 cycle >> thank you. i think our chief of the department has some remarks? >> is one of the fire marshal clarified next steps after this approval process here tonight >> to the best of my knowledge this is for some of actually gone through this. i understand it's a three-year cycle. these
6:53 pm
minutes are submitted from the chief to the commission it was the commission approves them send them to the board of supervisors. the board of supervisors has to vote on. i think that's a 30 day period the public comment.. the board votes on it once it's approved then it goes to sacramento could all this has to take place by january 1 2017 >> thank you. he concluded >> yes. >> so come achieve anything also >> no. >> these are good amendment >> thank you could commissioner hardeman >> thank you manager. we'll quickly, fire marshal you been very busy. i appreciate the gravity in your report. and the length of document that we can research. after going through the grand jury and have these at the same time as you've had your hands full. we are very grateful for doing a good job. thank you. >> i will second the motion >> commissioner nakajo screws
6:54 pm
thank you so much. commissioners think is much for your comments as well. fire marshal, again because of time and experience we go through this cycle during the requirements of that and i just want of knowledge chief, this is the first cycle for yourself within this kind of contract in june and your timeline definitions was very very good. so i just want to thank you for all the hard work as well as for your acknowledged supportive staff. >> thank you very much >> thank you commissioner nakajo >> well done. as far marshal. yes, i believe my remarks at that. time being of the essence. we have a motion and a second. all those in favor say,
6:55 pm
aye >>[chorus of ayes] the motion passes unanimously. thank you. >> item 9 update on the restoration of battalion five. >> good evening pres. lincoln commissioners did mark gonzales ugly giving the presentation for the reactivation of battalion five. >> welcome chief gonzales >> thank you. the reactivation as planned for the middle of january 2017. battalion five was deactivated on may 25 2004 due to budget cuts at that time. it's going to be located station 21 was deactivated from that sin a sally and grove and brought it. within the #station five, station six, station 12 and 21 lead battalion five. station 10 is located in the
6:56 pm
northern tip of battalion five is assigned to battalion four. the battalion five response area description covers the beat western addition called out, hayes valley and part of the inner sunset. battalion five. include our hazards such as uc and st. mary's hospital. university of san francisco-stadium and many victories of wooden construction. on this map disregard the 11 other with the presidio subject is where we currently have. give nine battalions ashley battalion four and seven cover that area. but were battalion to, four, and seven and eight that is basically enveloped the area where battalion five used to be. in this slide uc battalion five. on the map there. it goes
6:57 pm
in the middle of battalion seven, four, 26 and eight. it'll be in division two. this is a closer look, i battalion five. its boundaries. runs along the includes the panhandle runs along-golden gate park runs up to california in the north. and then and comes in some other part of the castro there as well. just to give the public and yourself i know that you know most of this good some of the operational roles of the battalion chief and incidents. the time she's make sure the right moves are being made by first responders that major incidents. the foundation is weighing correctly most incidents run smoothly. battalion chiefs perform the role incident commanders at many incidents were division chief is not required. battalion chief surcharge of fire attacks
6:58 pm
exposure building safety and other functions as a network in bars greater all on screen battalion she's a cisco unified commands were can cooperation with the police and other agencies in that instance where the cabin incident commander. also a partial list of some administrative duties. personnel apparatuses patients action tidbits and community meetings. they do investigations of nightclubs target hazards, homeless others, bart and high-rises. drills they do battalion drills. every week. i then chose those extra extrication bills, etc. they bounce the districts in the morning make sure that the right number of firefighters at each station. they handle investigations handle by myself with the chief. a mature company officers disseminate departmental news to companies and many more tasks as well. better not listen. i would just like to thank sincerely thank the mayor's office for their support as well as the board of
6:59 pm
supervisors for the ad back to battalion five. this is really important. and also to thank president covington per your work advocated with as supervisors as well as the chief of the department. our communications are reached or nader olivia scanlon does onto great credit for it a lot of things was essential in helping with this. she's right there. she did a great job. very happy this is that. as well [inaudible] 750 in my presentation at (he questioned >> thank you chief gonzales. are there any members of the public that would like to comment on the restoration of battalion five? think we one person coming forward >> my name is sylvia johnson. [inaudible]
7:00 pm
>> thank you. any other members of the public? public comment is closed.. chief gonzales, before we go to each member of the commission, can you really put into context for us how important the restoration of the battalion five is? >> as you know, our cities. more challenging as far as traffic logging density, population growth,. we had 10 battalions and seven in the garman. i was activated in 2004 i thought this was always needed to come back. i believe that when other areas are more thoroughly expended like treasure island hunters point shipyard and candlestick point
7:01 pm
as well as-. under we need another battalion possibly two more batons good in the future. this is an essential get back. the battalion chiefs as i said added incidents multiple units are responding that they really do live the foundation for when the us achieve better and it matters oftentimes that these incidences especially fires were as you know it zero lot line a lot of wood construction, hills, whether, or we are challenges that these are good at the right moves are not made in the inception and apparatus placement is not done often times we can use to, three, four dollars. the battalion chief [inaudible] the right news on not being made the closer they are to the building ashley spent about their equidistant from everywhere in the battalion. they get there to make those corrections if needed. often times me the difference between losing one building were
7:02 pm
confined to a room was in the building or losing multiple buildings. >> thank you. by fellow commissioners, who would like to speak for? vice president cleaveland >> thank you. i like to also just say how important it is for this battalion chief five position reactivated and i'd like to publicly thank the mayor and board of supervisors for authorizing but i'd also like to thank the chief of the department and olivia scanlon, tom o'connor local 798 and president covington. are making it happen for making the case i guess is the best way to put it to the board of supervisors, to the budget and finance committee into the mayor's office. that was important as our city grows and gets denser it's more difficult to get to the fires to emergencies and so we need additional commands that. so delighted that it happened, to congratulate all the those that help make it happen the >> thank you mr. vp.
7:03 pm
commissioner nakajo >> thank you good i also want to echo sentiments of vice president of this commission in terms of all the identification this is a 12 year lapse that we've had. for myself as lower talk about reactivation battalion five we indeed are talking about additional personnel, battalion chiefs that is that the main personnel that we are adding to this restoration to battalion five, chief? >> yes, sir it will be three more actual spots for permanent battalion chiefs >> than this reactivation in the spots are they determined who's going to be the pcs in this battalion five? >> no. can the advertisements the vacancies coming up the next month or so. >> wendy went to state having this in actual operation? >> we anticipate it happened
7:04 pm
overly by generate 14th 2017 >> those three spots rotate the role. is there a chief to this battalion chief or how does this operate? >> epistemic, no. when they were deactivated i believe that a chief spot of i could be mistaken >> taken very much. congratulations chief. >> thank you commissioner nakajo. commissioner hardeman >> yes real quickly, this is wonderful news. i was born that you see so i hate to see that without a battalion. i wait for that st. mary's for 40 years. i love soccer stuff in the universe of san francisco our city namesake for university very important institutions. a lot of people. i bet you are real busy when the niners play that [inaudible] sunday afternoon was the bottles and the things find around full beer cans and people fighting so there's probably a lot of
7:05 pm
work for our department at that time. anyway, thank you and good job >> everyone has had an opportunity to speak. our chief of the department would like to add something >> thank you. without a doubt a group effort. all the names that were mentioned to be thank and acknowledge and we do good work when were unified. i would personally like to knowledge because he did not mention himself, get the chief gonzales. as you know, my son was having surgery the latter part of the middle of june and i was off into the latter part of june and so for the final push chief gonzales was the executor that apartment. so that should be noted as work. i appreciate it. >> thanks, chief >> thank you. i would like to thank everyone involved as well. there are many people who despaired that battalion five would ever return and so when
7:06 pm
word got out there was a lobbying effort on the part of the department for the restoration, people felt like i don't think that's core to work and they were ecstatic when the news did come down that, yes, we got it. it was an ad back but we are still much stronger together when we are presenting a case and i really do appreciate the effort on the part of everyone for this. thank you for your >> thank you president covington >> thank you. next up >> item 10 station 35 bp are 26 update on france construction in progress. >> welcome chief lombardi >> thank you president is a city for the presentation on
7:07 pm
the new fire station 35 and the work were planning for your 26. before i started bring up the powerpoint i like to say that this is been a joint effort with other city agencies department of public works, or project managers here tonight and i'll bring her up to answer any questions after the presentation. ms. gabrielle is--and also the port has been a big partner in this and that was a port represent earlier but had a prior commitment and had to leave earlier. i just want to say also that it's been a huge joint effort for both of these projects. we been talking getting new fire station 35 since before 2010 no finally it's come to fruition. so first slide is just an old picture of the actual firehouses into either in the middle. just a reminder of the fund until we have a easter bond 2014 $400
7:08 pm
million general obligation bond that the voters approved with the seven & grading, 85 million about went to the neighborhood fire stations that so we get the majority of the funding for this project. were were actually talk about his fire station 35 which is a pier 22 1/2 the red circle indicated there used to be a bigger 24 that's no longer there. that's our project right there. we will be building out behind the current firehouse. this slide shows the first slide on the left shows are actual footprint right now. this slide in the middle the dotted line that will be going away. when the building out over the water you've got to give back and is holding of how much shadow over the water and stuff so all the
7:09 pm
dotted line will be going away and then the new project on the right will be the new projects or you can see the old firehouse will stay in the be a new project behind it. this slide is hard to read up on the board but it really shows our existing facility which is 6100 ft.2. the new proposed facility which is seen thousand 800 ft.2. what this is intended to show is that our old 100-year-old facilities grossly undersized. another example of the existing facility our assets are to fire boats one engine is currently staffed with the seven full-time members on a 24-seven basis and only six 100 ft.2. some of the issues are no changing facilities for firefighters. no separate men and women's bathrooms. there is one bathroom and one shower for the firehouse. the new station
7:10 pm
will be like i said 16,800 ft.2. it will be able to accommodate 35 votes. it be able to accommodate water craft rescue craft. jet skis. the dive boat but we heard earlier that we don't know where it's going to go but this building will be able to accommodate it. we will still have the one fire engine out front and there's been a lot of talk is budget season about having a marine unit. this would be a facility that could accommodate that. so were planning for the future. obviously, that's not been approved or anything but this building would be able to accommodate that if that came to fruition for us. quick sketch of what the downstairs is anticipated to look like. one of the major things here is we would have a floating dock that we can operate on and off of the boats which we currently do not have the other thing is, we could get an ambulance into the middle of this world can unload bodies in recovery and work on them right now. you bring a body back on the boat and there's nowhere to work on patience and stuff. click lands
7:11 pm
of the top floor.i kept this presentation the same commissioner nakajo zero presentation on at those port commissions why didn't want to shortage with everyone appears 30 familiar with our three-part houses. this next picture shows the mass sizing of the. this project is we don't program to say what we need but has not been designed. it will go out to architects and builders to actually come up with a design for us but this is the volumes are you can get a look at the old firehouse and then this new big square is the volume that weren't his grading that we need to be. one of the things that was discussed with the port with dpw and would achieve a
7:12 pm
department is sea level rise which is a big thing now being built around the embarcadero. so if we were to build this and was to be a fixed pier we would have to build it 7 feet higher from ground level that our current building. so slide before showed how big the building was going to be if they were level. if we build a fixed pier we have decided around the block 7 feet higher after ramp that went up at that degree and then the building would start and go up. so it's not regular practice here in the bay area but around the world it is. to build floating piers and bills buildings on floating piers and so that dpw, with the port would achieve a department, and a lot of research on making this light of this really quick but a lot of research on what would be the best thing to do, the best option that came about is a steel pier. this slide
7:13 pm
would you all have just compared thanks begin to this deal floating. to a concrete footing speed. we figured the steel be there would be the best option for our fire department. shows how the steel pier is designed. of course, when you have a floating. you're right about the comfort of the people working in there and living there. this is a picture of how they're anticipating to keep the movement of it to a bare minimum. the pictures some examples of floating barges about the world actually. there's a school up in alaska. there is actually present in new york that is out over the water on a barge. then we've got an office building in cleveland ohio and a ferry terminal in australia just some examples where this
7:14 pm
construction is done. you have a regular building but it's actually on a floating barge. next slide shows some boathouses throughout the country. with our area it's very limited space lies in san francisco what we can and can't do. so these are just in different examples around the united states. this slide is very interesting because when you look at the original slide that i show you that showed her old firehouse versus this new building or barge were to put behind it looks kind of massive but if you take it along the waterfront this slide puts it in perspective. the first one would be the firehouse and our new firehouse behind it. the next one would be pier 26 which is tremendously bigger and dark gray shows what our new footprint is going to be. the pier 28 exploratory inaand the
7:15 pm
cruise ship terminal. so although our project looks big for us it's not really a big project when it comes to building buildings and barges along the waterfront. one of the major challenges for doing any project along the waterfront is the agencies you have to go through. there's 15 major agencies listed here but there'll be a total over 20 agencies that work have to get approval from and some and everybody has their own interests and what their agency represents. so make the top. make your plan to one agency in states permit new show to another agency and we want you to change that. so these projects anything along the water or over the water takes a tremendous amount of time to get the approvals for the project. to bring this to the next i would actually be the timeline. you can see the dotted red line is where we are at now and then were looking at
7:16 pm
being able to finally occupy this building at the end of 2020. the project we thought about since 2010. so it takes a while. now that was it for station 35. the next thing on here is pier 20 secured what we have now is a brand-new fire boat that everybody's happy and excited about we have a dilapidated dock beyond our current firehouse. so were going to put a new obviously building and but the current one will not last until 2020s when you place to put our three fire boats now and while the construction is going on. so that will be pier 26. we are working with dpw and the port on that also. this overview shows our current firehouse and then the straight line on the
7:17 pm
left shows the edge of pier 26. we are going to rehabilitate goal side of pier 26 and get storage area inside. speak the pier 26 you be able to be physically see that the backup firehouse or whether sarah sponsor can you walk over and we would respond from pier 26 but the current firefighters and staff would live the current firehouse. this is a footprint of the negotiations with the port. we're never 385 feet outside on the water which would accommodate all three of our fire boats. we would have deck space for one boats we could bring a forklift in and out and bring equipment in and out to the boat with inside storage for our shop and every thing else inside the port. this is that pier 26. this is currently with the edge of pier 26 loci. it has seen better days. there's old wall rail tracks. the pylons are all one
7:18 pm
up so we will be rehabbing the whole side of this pier and building a platform over these railroad tracks so we can make it a working pier again. last slide finally is the timeline for pier 26. chief williams mentioned end of november. that's actually there's a window when you can type piles in the bay. so that window at the lead opens november 1 and closes november 30 so we will have all the piles on by november 30. only having a whole project on by the end of january. meaning whole project meaning doing the concrete siding and evident at this point of the willing to take questions and also like to invite up our project manager only for this but for all of our projects in the neighborhood is gabrielle cirelli. >> thank you very much chief
7:19 pm
lombardi. ms. cirelli did you have something you want to add or say at this time? >> good evening commissioners they do so much for having the most happy to report on the easter bond and our progress. i'm here to support chief lombardi and answer any questions you have. in the full technical detail. >> thank you. at this time i would like to call up any member of the public would like to comment on chief lombardi's presentation? seeing none, public comment is closed. ms. johnson okay. this is about the new fire boat station and the fire boat berths >> sylvia johnson. i think that the plans he has to elegantly
7:20 pm
sparrow but some of the [inaudible]equipped [inaudible] we probably would have extra with lights that probably had not got through the computer yet because they probably did not [inaudible] certain [inaudible]
7:21 pm
that put on this [inaudible] and i think this [inaudible] in the process of not so we can give a better example >> thank you. is there any of the member the public that would like to speak at this time? public comment is closed. i will go to my fellow commissioners began with vp cleaveland >> thank you mdm. chairman and thank you chief lombardi and your entire team putting this very impressive when together.
7:22 pm
had a couple of questions. i know when you first decided to go with it floating station as opposed to a fixed pier type of traditional structure over the cost differentials for doing fixed versus floating? >> so i breezed over that page but page 13 in you are thing actually shows it. thanks to peter as the steel pier was the exact same cost. we will look at estimated pics. $6.4 million just for the pier with the steel floating pier is 6.3. so very close in cost.. the floating concrete pier is a $.69 estimate but if the first you know kind of feeling was we are saving money but it's really not a monetary savings but when it comes to sea level rise, it's a much more practical build because like i said the base, the ground level
7:23 pm
of the fixed pier would have to be 7 feet higher than the current firehouse. the you would have a building that is 15 feet away that starts at 7 feet higher than the gross the square of the buildings can be taller already. it would just-venue of a steep ramp going up that. now the ramp would adjust with the tide so it seems like a better idea >> there was a lot of research done. >> i think is probably a better idea. what kind of movement is expected on a floating fire station? how much is it going to move the spirit we've all kinds of weather out there on the bay however the key. making our firefighters seasick? >> that's an excellent question commissioner cleveland the premise for the design will be designed in detail by the forthcoming design build team is there's a series of god piles
7:24 pm
in this case estimated six that piles holding the floating structure in place. there are certain designs for floating structures with the intent is for the vehicle to actually because it is a vehicle float away be able to move this presumably would stay fixed. therefore the comfort criteria would be developed that the basic structure. on this slide 15, slide 15, gets into a little bit of our marine engineers usability study for the comfort criteria. the floating barge. the intent is that it be barely perceptible hues laypersons terms good there are a series of rollers against those god piles that motion moved the motion. absorb the motion so that really is not very different from being in a conventional land strike. that's the intent is not intended to feel like a boat. it can also mention this is not a detriment we like the league has been not cutting-edge.
7:25 pm
>> or leading-edge >> is an example many floating pier's in singapore, australia a lot of pleases with it uses biology. it's not unknown to armoring engineering communicate and also quickly like direct your attention to this slide would be design-i believe it's the one right before it. slide 14. in the top left corner of that diagram, where it says still barge, you can see the presupposed structural system there and the corner where it is blue can you see those corner blue areas? dozer buoyancy tanks. so that's part of the engineering there sealed tanks that help once they level the structure they would presumably be never moved again. so that would be helping to both absorb the motion and assure the structure is level.
7:26 pm
>> underway specters to be a permanent position but can be floated away? >> it could be indeed it could be. fire department we consider the apple station draft to be part of their firefighting asset and equipment. technically speaking is a large piece of equipment. >> how did we get the staff as station 35 involves? were they involved in the discussions at all? >> we actually have this presentation in dpw, the port went to station 35 my talk to the members talk to the captains invited the union executive board there and they give a very effective presentation i got the firehouse. he was that's why you don't have the seeking pots >>[laughing] >> those are gone. >> what will happen to the historic fire station 35 >> the historic fire station will stay there and we will still be using it. engine 35
7:27 pm
will not respond out of this or offer this part. engine 35 would still respond out of the current firehouse. in conjunction we use the current firehouse and we will use the new parts. >> okay. 2020 the opening day. what can we do to shave some time off that? >> like i said >> what we do to-get the zipper was going faster >> the construction period over the water is not the big issue. is the approval period and like i said the port is very experienced in this. a lame forbes has given us or talk people to work with us and so i would anticipate it hopefully it's a concert of schedule but we have everybody in the port has been cooperative it is a matter pushing this through to the different agencies. i've got to tell you honestly, pier 26 the first part of this and that has
7:28 pm
come we were nervous about missing the window where you can drive piles that looks like evidence working out great. the port has been a great advocate for us on that >> very much appreciate hearing that. i'm very excited. they set about getting pier 26 built and getting station 35 and its floating station 35 built. thank you for all the hard work you've done you will continue to do into opening day 2020 >> thank you vp cleaveland. commissioner tran nakajo >> chief lombardi, thank you so much for your patience and staying at this late hour. when i caught this at your presentation at the port commission are marked that this commission and chief will party the enormity of this project. being a commissioner and the fire department [inaudible] i
7:29 pm
appreciate this preaching. i think with vp cleaveland you've dealt with the items that i needed some verification that the sea level rise, on page 12, the reason why the floating pier on page 13, the examples on the steel barges, page 14. the example, 16 of barge supporting structures. my questions were weird is this done, who has done it, are we experimental here or are we creating something but again the verification of all these projects and other cities the timeline.. the enormity for me is how large this is historical 35 there were so going to maintain that operation. were going to build a new pier station behind 35 and were going to pier 26 for a temporary >> yes. were going to pier 26 temporarily moving the boat.
7:30 pm
the whole crew would continue to save station 35 during the construction and then they would respond off of pier 26 and we are in negotiations with the port rainout working at mou and hopefully we would maintain one slip at pier 26 to store excess stuff because were making networking pier. we would return to it is suspected up pier so they can users of easily we want to keep our boat said her new dog but maybe keep one vote at pier 26. >> i appreciate that she. i appreciate you being a project manager and keeping oversight with this. pier 26 is going to be quite a [inaudible] in itself. now that i have the compression where the members or were 35 in terms of the truck, and that timeline would
7:31 pm
be an operational december january 2017. am i correct with that >> yes. it's a quick timeline and yes you are correct. i think the actual contract date to be goes to fairbury fourth of 2017 but we were just look at the contractors estimate could use estimated finishing in the middle of january which would be great for us he was pier 26 and station 35 are closed to each other >> you can walk if we could pull up that picture page 22, slide 22, it looks a distance but it's literally the next pier over the. you can walk to it within probably a minute were under a minute but they would have i could give her something we can have them drive there in under 30 seconds. so it will be-that was the closest option we had. it worked out that the port the
7:32 pm
allowed us to go there because other than that, we would've had to close the firehouse that we would have to move the firefighters temporarily somewhere else the boats somewhere else. it makes it real talk. to be able to stay at stations are not respond right out of their these votes need you just can't tie them up they need power need a lot of hookups. so this is the best option that could happen for us >> because it goes with us in the cooperation of the port commission and the acting chief marty talk like 10 different agencies were more than that in terms of this approval. this is again a major step within our development for future within the city and county of san francisco. i'm going to be very very anxious to see this at some point chief lombardi 10 commissioners go and view this 26 development
7:33 pm
>> absolutely. could be worth viewing out to see how deteriorated us be. is. then see it again later once we do the work. >> i would like to do that as well. again these pictures of the condition of 26 now again this is an ambitious timeline and i hope we can do it. because it works within our program and our advancement with the new boat as well. thank you very much chief lombardi >> thank you. commissioner hardeman >> thank you. very great graphics. chief lombardi. i do like the one. it's hard on the screen for everyone on the audience to see but the one that's listed as the los angeles fire boathouse which is in san pedro that that's my favorite firehouse. for years at first went about 25 years ago. i went on a cruise which is just recently built there. that is just spectacular. very
7:34 pm
nice. then not too far from it they have one of the nicest maritime museums i ever subject so san pedro rate: the money. you've been around a few times for us and always feel confident when you're here because things move along good. he was thank you. i appreciate that >> i appreciate you being here. this is although fire boats and as you indicated in your graphics, the years of age of our fire boats there under 60s. it's not really the real problem the real problems they don't have the pumping capacity so we can say we can [inaudible] but as we all know if the delay the new fire boat was pumping capacity. getting something that can handle him underwater that san francisco feels they need in a crisis. so again i would say were moving
7:35 pm
along this project we have to think about another fire boats. great. just wonderful on feeling really good. this rule one my personal favorite things. and by commissioner cleaveland is worried about [inaudible] force amount-i do an awful lot of boating. every was singing to be a nice station some sort of disappointed. i sleep the best remote in the ocean with a little rock. anyway thank you very much >> welcome to make common in response to your reference to the long beach and send to joe and other area bonuses in southern california you have an excellent teamwork worked on this project. we have a really excellent team conducted with public works at one of those is a marine boat station architect who's been advising us on our design build criteria and she was actually involved in some of those boathouse project name is mary mcgrath. she's in oakland california. so
7:36 pm
excellency just want to stress that. >> thank you >> anything else to mr. hardeman >> 'mdm. chairman >> thank you. excellent presentation. i can't wait to see it. it's going to be fabulous. a lot of innovation. i think people are going to be very excited to see it. the chief lombardi is right. from one peer to another is just a job. it's a quick jog. that's it. that pier is only through god's grace it is not collapsed into the bay. it is like a toothpick now open up those rails. this is going to be very very good and i also like the boathouse that it looks a something out of thomas the tank engine like the boat is going to sleep in there. there
7:37 pm
was one question i had. on the list of approvals that were needed, i noticed i noted the absence of the event fire commission. >> so the capacity with which public works will continue to adopt with san francisco fire commission in that advisory capacity. according to the mr. go this action of contract action would need to approve soap under the list of approval actions is what we do not include either but certainly as my primary client as service out pleasure of the fire department happy to be here an update anytime you like. >> thank you. so the approvals are coming from the people putting up the money >> the approvals are basically coming from the revelatory agencies that need to bless the project to allow us to move forward. the san francisco voters have spoken with a bond funding in place. there is no contingency for funding. i know concerns over proper funding
7:38 pm
moving forward it just the act and sequencing of obtaining all those various rogatory approvals commissioner cleaveland was referencing an earlier and really the critical path goes through the sql process. that something that a revelatory affairs division of public works has a lot of experience with and a regulatory affairs director started working for quite some time with city planning. we believe major ceqa action is can be mitigated negative declaration which is preferable and that's wonderful step and that is the primary indication good we are hoping that will continue to be the case. there will directly impact the schedule in a positive way. to your point. one thing mma comments, one thing in a favor is by doing a floating pier there's a lot less environmental impact get we will need to dredge. nor to drive all because good makes a lot of agencies really happy. >> indeed it does as a long-standing former leader moment commissioner very familiar with sql and yes, you have to have all of your i's
7:39 pm
dotted and t's crossed and new [inaudible] whatsoever. that's good. i have one question one more question regarding it was construction. dessert portion of this project is going to be off-site? >> presumably, yes. this project will be bid as part of a design build contract solicitation of delivery method that's a delivery method that's used by her sister agencies quite a lot for example san francisco international airport uses that build back the prime of your public works is now using. it seems to be the perfect example the marriage of a designer and contractor by needing to be working together to affect the proper outcome that we want here. the ultimate team will be able to subcontract out to build what and where is on the thingy
7:40 pm
although stephen ordinances which include local hire, 30% of the needing to be san francisco residents is work on the project also will be a local bid business enterprise: presumably will be at war near the minimum goals set for most projects of 20%. were waiting for cmd's determination that because of the specialized nature of this project as emily could be lower because there's no local firms who can build the barges. as emily, yes, they parted it would be fabricated off-site could presumably delete it with a barge comes floating in to our site is either to the skype house and from there is a much conventional construction from backup. >> good. there was one question i had and so as i suspected out of it would be off-site. great. thank you very very the much. commissioner hardeman >> i feel to say human element of this the new firehouse, the
7:41 pm
way the conditions down there are starting to say the least and people do that because they love working with the fire boat. they set twice a lot with the amenities that are very very hard to live by. it would be nice for them some of the younger people in quite a few people avatar recently but younger people look forward to the new firehouse. he was here. could there be commander when we have our work in session i have to extract from and to ask for more. because the just a very modest in the request. they are really anyway wonderful time to work right good we are working session for three hours with him last week. going with the design details and i will continue >> thank you. again thank you so much for your presentation. it's very exciting project. >> thank you for having a some happy to come back anytime >> i appreciate it. mdm. clerk
7:42 pm
>> item 11, agenda for next fire commission meeting on october 12, 2016. >> thank you. is there a member of the public that would like to come forward and give some suggestions for the agenda for october 12? this is for agenda items only. thank you. >> sylvia johnson. section 35 i would like to make an agenda for more with [inaudible] some improvements on 25 and 26 sections and building processes.
7:43 pm
mostly for [inaudible] 23 to discuss that process. processing to make more [inaudible] >> thank you. seeing no windows want to speak on this item public comment is closed. i will go to my colleagues. yes? >> i like to put the status of h-23 on the agenda get a quick
7:44 pm
update on the process where it is in hr. i think that is an important thing we want to have that in a position created we one have that latter to advancement for emts in our department. i think it's important that we take a good look at that as you were we are. >> thank you. any other items? commissioners, no? the vice president and i will consult with the chief of the department and other pertinent persons and present the agenda. are there any other matters before us this evening? >> if not, i will entertain a motion to adjourn moved and seconded. all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] thank you all very much. >>
7:45 pm
>>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>


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