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tv   Historic Preservation Commission 21716  SFGTV  February 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> good afternoon, supervisors and winter to the historic preservation commission like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. >> i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president wolfram commissioner president honda commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda and commissioner pearlman thank you, commissioners commissioners, that places you under your is general public comment at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i do have one speaker card.
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>> georgia swedish. >> go ahead. >> thank you. good afternoon. i'm georgia swedish here last time i just want to bring up the issue i think there are two issues occurring now with regards to the façadism the main we know but i think it is concerning when a building is basically defendant's next in order and an ocher stark facade with a lot of glass takes it mrs. place in noah valley and in neighborhoods labor bernal heights and glen park many of the oldest neighbo neighborhoods the city is logging b rated building inspection building with
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texture for which the city is known whether you study this issue of façadism i was hoping you can examine the issue of this what i call pe verse façadism a building is denounced congratulated if a building b to c but yet in the meanwhile window replacement get scrutiny those facades changes don't so here quicken in the interest of time if i'm with the overhead those are if google earth this is 2008, 2011 i'm trying to look at that building there, there in january of 2014 underway and here it is today and then the other one 2008, 2014. >> december 2014.
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>> and here it is today so that's just some examples favoritism you're welcome to have this i went 0 google and with the address on the badge and family for the minutes thank you very much have a great day. >> thank you. >> ada changing but the filipino cultural heritage district illinois want to thank you thank you. i heard about the culture being spoken so how he experienced it thank you and looking forward to work with you the more detailed you deduction around the cultural heritage and want to talk about things the south of market the fulton fair date was moved twice for oam i
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correct? occ /* oracle world over time it will dwindle if we change the people plan on it plan oncoming to very much so appreciate this conversation coming forward and table and the staff to have the culture implementation plan started this year there will be a great implementation plan so it will be great if we start more often on that thank you, very much very much. >> is there any additional public comment? >> >> hello commissioners with the san francisco heritage i want to introduce or note very within new internal starting sfrooit paris france susan and she's a student at the institute
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of the pat anyone and training to an curator for the momenumen for 7 weeks helping us deputy a paper on the façadism and welcome her and let you you know she might be interested in talking with some of you. >> thank you and welcome to san francisco do is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item if so please step forward sean's public comment is closed. >> commissioners that places us under department matters on director's announcements. >> good afternoon tim frye department staff it is in your packet help to answer any questions. >> commissioners seeing none, item two past event and announcements again tdooiftd no formal report
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from the commission, however, many of you saw an article by john king in today's paper regarding the main within the kemper arena xhechlt district a district and designated early the city historic preservation program as you saw the interior is for consideration to expand the existing landmark designation this is something you'll be seeing the near future we're currently in the owner outreach part of the project right now, we're discussing the interior character defining features with the property owner and there air ideas for prospec tenants so as more information come forward we'll share that with you and certainly be before
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you i would say before this summa summer i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> should you have my. >> seeing and hearing none commissioners to commission matters president's report and announcements. >> no formal report or announcements. >> item 4 consideration of draft minutes for february 3rd, 2016. >> commissioners any corrections to the minutes. >> at this point we'll take public comment on the draft minutes of february thirds 2016 is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on this minutes seeing and hearing none and barbara boxer do i have a motion to adapt. >> i move we adopt the minutes. >> thank you, commissioners for february 3rd commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner president wolfram
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12340e67 so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places us under item 5 commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioner johnck and i was interested in the speaker that spoke at the omn time republican impression e expression regarding the filipino community and maybe could you give you an update on that tim or schedule that at another meeting i was interested the fact that the point being made the date was changed twice and whether to brought to your attention of our efforts for cultural heritage to the may amayor and have a lette of or some kind of documentation that because i was postponed i it mayor. >> sure from the commission is amenable to us providing an update in our staff report and
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at this point you can decide in a formal letter we've made process with the supervisors office and stakeholders one the community to give you an update on that our work to date. >> folks will be amenable to that thank you. >> commissioner hyland. >> a few things as an ad on to commissioner johncks commentsito would be good if our commission was made aware some of the significant cultural events dates changed at the minimum provide a letter to the board of supervisors you know expressing our concerns and this is monarch an event lib the fulton street fair is probably major for these who come every year a commissioner johnck and i are on
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the waft plan update working group and we had another meeting last week and the topic was all they were representing and giving us context of the mr. chairman marge /* maritime activities and the difference between the port of san francisco and the other ports within the bay area as well as other ports up and down the weight of this was fascist i think they reinforced it if you're interested in scanning through that the last thing is the had the cultural heritage assets committee prior to the hearing and susan goldstein the architect with the san francisco public library a fascinating conversation they're continuing to digitize tombs of information
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and the efforts they're going to make that digital information assessable is something that we on the full commission might not interested in hearing more about several things that came out of that discussion one i want to bring up the notion of our plaque program and how we had a are still you know bronze plaque and discussed how to capture significant information about the history so that can be shared and maybe an opportunity to a digital plaque or mobile either on a building in a development to the community space that a lot of the developments negotiate to provide the cultural district the cultural we have at physical cultural centers the city and
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the rec and park properties that you know we could provide access to this amazing digital information so - just thought you'd be interested in that. >> thank you i had a couple of questions one was i say the paper that the l rate theater was closes and maybe at the next hearing have a status of report and talk about that any information about that that would be helpful and can you remind me i forgotten where we left off the façadism conversation. >> commissioners tdim frye justin from our office is preparing the second insult and we were hoping to bring to you this month we believe that will occur in march so based on the
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conversation this commission time to see more examples of projects already completed projects the last decade or so and have an opportunity to look at the pros and cons of each of those projects and maybe there is one in particular that stand out or maybe a combine of contribut tribut triniti attributes it could have a solid policy how the city uses these facade projects he's prep that information and hope to binge to you in march. >> thank you me other questions or comments. >> commissioner hyland. >> i don't know if this is a disclosure but we received a series of e-mails in support of various owners and one e-mail in particular talking about the agenda items about a missed
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piece of information murals at the whatever the agenda item. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move on to considers of items proposed for continuance item six the central soma and historic survey is proposed for that continuance to march 16, 2014 and commissioners i've received a request for continue item 8 under our regular calendar for case the african-american historic statement however, i didn't receive a proposed date do we have a - >> proposed hearing date tim. >> i believe april is our
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suggested - the department is in support find it to allow the partnership webinar public more time to look at the document it is lengthy we're extending the public comment for those interested in providing the commissions additional comments i believe that. >> april 6th. >> april 6th or 20. >> 6. >> so then item 8 to april 6th. >> you can take them up separately. >> we should take public comment. >> yeah. no. >> any comments from the commissioners about continuing that is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on the proposed continuance of the central soma historic context statement and the african-american context statement seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. and back to you, commissioners. >> to the commissioner, i heard the motion to. >> to continue both items. >> second.
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>> thank you commissioners to continue items 6 to march 17 and item 8 to april 6th. >> mr. cranshaw commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner president wolfram. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places us under our consent calendar all matters listed hereunder constitute a consent calendar, are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 7 for case at 101 townsend a certificate of preference holder certificate of
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appropriateness any commission wish to take it off consent. >> no, it is a great use. >> is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak request this be taken off the consent calendar zero pu opportunities for public comment seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. and precede to the item. >> a motion to approve the consent calendar. >> second. >> then on that motion to approve item 7 under consent commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and place under our regular calendar item 8 continued to april 6th and leaves us what item 9
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case this is a consideration to initiate landmark designation. >> good afternoon. commissioners shannon with the planning staff i'm here today to present the department's recommendation regarding landmark and hospital and health center the excelsior outer mission neighborhood the building was added to the looker-on may 20, 2015, after the department got a landmark application the alamany hospital and health center part of the emergency hospitals that became known and was want comprehensive and
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eloquent health services constructed in 1933 the alamany was the final piece in this system. >> the buildings were designed by master architect charles sawyer the architect and over e overseeer of the amuse hospital buildings to the city but prepared the alamany plans for the alamany health center and the buildings for the significant example of his work. >> the emergency hospital has a spanish with a scheme and health center with that itself example of the spanish could not only style the supervisor features painting by many paternity the alamany health center were funded by the art project and sponsorship of the
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relief administration the planning department has shared the definition with the department of real estate and talked about the landmark designation and the department received to additional letters after packets were published one in supportive and the other was not in support because of the perceived association with dan white as part of buildings significance the buildings are not significance such dan white their centuries for the fonts effo events anticipate as the master architect and contains the murals the department buildings the buildings meets the dpoiblt and landmark the department recommends it be a landmark designation the department will return at a hearing for the resolution recommending the
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landmark designation that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, commissioner any questions for the staff. >> no? >> seeing none, we'll proceeded to public comment that i have 3 speaker card (calling names) and you'll have 3 minutes with a warning bell 30 seconds before. >> thank you mr. president, and commissioners my name is david hooper serve as the president of the new terrace improvements association that s which which is one of the many neighborhoods active neighborhood associations the outer mission the for instance i want to say thank you for the forest to do this and the primary person the first person i want to thank that helped lift ev'ry voice and sing i can't was richard rothman it focused on the murals and i
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learned a lot about that and thank you anthony is from the staff it moved to another job and shannon ferguson they made a difference i'd like to thank supervisor avalos and supervisor avalos for their staff and the history center your waving aware from an earlier preservatintatio i'll hit on the points i think that we'll use the 3 minutes effective and the question when does the alamany integer hospital will represent and to recognize historically and the 80 steps there was an obligation to provide heathlth d safety with a significant design times by a persistent with getting adequate fund that never stopped the emergency hospital
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or the public health building a relationship with the community if you were raised in town ever itself knew where the emergency hospital were tuyou were taken there i got there 3 times the grattan elementary school change the model for providing the health care services whether the effort in 1978 to represent the possibility of closing the integer hospital the communities of outer mission the ex-wife's at the history stiffer and i kn that - the enterimergency hospis still closed some communicated services on site the last i was familiar with the adult daycare
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7 years ago they closed the complete closings of both buildings the 0 recognize of the importance to this community and final finally the question of what the reuse of those buildings for the community can represent to mission street that have seer economic problems and many vacate storefront there are a lot of people involved in trying to use our assets as a community to revive mission street the outer mission thank you. >> thank you. >> lisa. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is lisa i wrote the background report supporting the provocation i want to thank anthony and shannon and ferguson and the planning department this whole thing was at the history expo at the old mint the
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professor showed me his map that indicated a location in my neighborhood i have no idea we had this in our neighborhood that led me to richard rothman trying to save the murals inside of the health care center building i spent 9 most of weekends researching the his history and the neighbors special affirming and the story of that kind of murals. >> our neighbors and local community groups were interested to learn about the history of those buildings and oare extremely supportive of this the buildings were slayed to be sold though the city's real estate division we gardened overwhelm community support support to save them and the murals and supervisor avalos agreed to expand his support of murals to include the safes of
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the building we hope with the support from the community guess so architectural bill, the planning department staff, and supervisor avalos office that this landmarking effort will be approved we respectfully ask the commission consider and shading landmark designation today if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them and thank you for your time. >> thank you very much richard rothman. >> why not go ahead and start speaking sfgovtv. >> good afternoon and thank you for having this hearing my name is richard rothman and these murals are sort of a lost
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give me the city i give tours and acquitticoit tower and got folks one day i he was at the meeting with her, she happened to tell me about this mural at the same time the art commission found out about or refound out about this from the department of real estate that they were going to sell this building and asked the art commission about it i wanted to take my time to talk about the kind he was born if mr. o'donnepoland and came td states as a furnish maker but decided to study mural i was panting he went to france to study and came back and studied with the diego river the first mural we do was as jewish
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community center the wedding this was done in 1934 it is saved from the orange e origin location up on to stall hard to find but you if ask people you'll see thask the next one was a coit tower and this was up there and after that, he did to the murals at - the title of them was health at home and communicated spirit and growth and the bottom one combroerth was white washed under zach was
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a friend of herb cane and herb said that was done by accident so those are beautiful murals i want to thank beth and supervisor avalos for seeing we can keep this building open to the public those are murals that should be seen then finally the last ones he did were at usf the historical of medicine in speakers shall address their comments to the commission as a whole and neither the police commission nor the land hall and been unin there they'll starting to by the time let people in there the murals are sitting in the context of the bernard and pained and should, recognized and should be open public when i started on this none in the public knew about those murals it's important they do. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> beth rubbiinstein i have bn
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talking about the carbarn and others that is definite one of the community assets it is architectural history and community atheism i love the fact that 4 you've seen the photographs of the murals that was built as a community living room i read the history report they speak about the design of that to be the neighborhood health center to be welcoming and it is literally built and we basically want those buildings back as neighborhood assets the
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board of supervisors has been working with the mayor's office and the office of economic workforce development to re vials those to be health and social services we building that landmark status is part of this process of reactivating the building we've been the supervisor will say he's been impressed and inspired by the community outpouring for the rerelocating location of those buildings those are important leaders but many, many more people we got letters from are represent by this work it is an important building the community so i urge to support it. >> thank you very much. >> is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item? >> hello, i'm desiree with the san francisco heritage we were here to offer our support for the landmark designation
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and architectural significant resource and the home of the alamany health center artist bernard. >> and in addition, we know that this project has been important to several of our heritage members and including be richmond r09 man a wonderful advocate and we're work with him on other projects that actually he helped to secure the funding for george washington high school and a contact statement we'll hopefully be nominating others people and dpw era reverses for landmark designation and lastly we're encouraged that this landmark designation is the neighborhood that has few designated hectic
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district and this community generated landmark nomination can serve as a future four collaboration thank you. >> thank you very much. >> is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item if so please step forward hearings public comment is closed. and back to you, commissioners. >> commissioners comments on the report. >> commissioner this is so e was generally from the history expo i was there and seeing the busses the buzz it was exist i' thrilled to see this come out of that thank you to the community from the president of the neighborhood association and jumping on that he doing the work a year ago i'm thrilled and i guess there is another aspect to this i think there is no question that this commission
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will support is the in violation of landmarking for this the building i guess one of the things i'd like to think about and in revision the architecture all murals are one - of course, a big piece and the community athei activism but - the point was made about the leadership e living room i love that and sharing the kindness of values we checker so i'all i think abo is the thread that go through it i'll offer a motion in support of initiative landmarking. >> other comments. >> just to get this going
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(laughter) your commissioner pearlman i second the motion. >> (laughter). we're not ready for the motion laura (multiple voices). >> okay. let's have a little bit of discussion commissioner pearlman. >> i want to thank the community one of the joys have been being on the commission is learning about part of city i know nothing about i've not spent time in that part of city and certainly learning about the emergency hospital system, the health system and i knew a little bit about that but now i'm learning more i wanted to dovetail on what commissioner johnck said that is amazing the community is there is so much discussion how crazy sfta san francisco it has become and a from nerve and displacement and all those things you look at the
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neighborhoods who is embracing the values that were present because of so much we have so many e-mails and clearly a heck of a lot of support i hope they like the geneva carbarn so is that can be you know in a credible positive way this is a great, great building and great project so thank you. >> thank you commissioner hyland. >> i wanted to echo previous commissioners said and thank the community for coming up and speaking up about this community asset he offer one suggestion in the actual designation report on the characterize defining features their listing the skylight to look at page 13 that is 14 this is a lesson we've learned my form firm learned
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from the jewish museum identifying the skylights as a feature is sometimes not enough it is the reason the skylight are important and the relationship displaced brown below i ask we add a comment to that statement or that item other than the list is catalyst of defining feature the skylight only page 14 of the skylight are tdr under but a wall the middle that. >> that's an amendment to the motion. >> okay. before i would like - i was going to say i appreciate commissioner johns entertain you were not at the previous meeting with the discussions
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i would before we take the motion like to chanthank the community hard work for the landmark designation and happy to see this information is really shows the support of community and also teaching us about an important aspect of the city's history and tom sawyer and the enter hospital a lot of people i think donna today don't know about that is a great designation it has so many layers it is fantastic new - and i think i've heard a motion in commissioner johns that was with the amendment from commissioner hyland. >> okay thank you to the maker and the seconder so there is a motion that has been seconded to initiate the landmark designation to the 34 work through 45 avenue as amended to include under character defining features the
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skylight and to the relationship of space commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner president wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero i have no further items on your adjoined. >> the hearing is
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>> san francisco parks, golden gate park transforms into one of the greatest music festivals of all time, let's journey, inside, outside land. ♪ >> to this, our 6th year doing the outside lands and our relationship with san francisco, rec and park. and we work very closely with them in the planning and working very closely with the neighborhood organizations and with the city supervisors and with the city organizations and with the local police department, and i think that
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the outside lands is one of the unique festivals in the world and we have san francisco and we have golden gate park and we have the greatest oasis, in the world. and it has the people hiking up hills and down hills and a lot of people between stages. >> i love that it is all outside, the fresh air is great. >> they have the providers out here that are 72 local restaurants out here. >> celebrating, and that is really hot. >> 36 local winerries in northern california and 16 brewers out here. >> and you have seen a lot of people out here having a good time and we have no idea, how
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much work and planning has gone into this to make it the most sustainable festival in the united states. >> and literally, in the force, and yeah, unlike any other concept. and come and follow, and the field make-up the blueprint of the outside land here in golden gate park and in the future events and please visit sffresh
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>> i called this meeting for thursday, february 11 transbay joint powers authority good would you please call the roll >> all note for the record sartipi has a scheduling conflict. two actors


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