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tv   MTA Board 21616  SFGTV  February 16, 2016 9:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> san francisco parking authority commission for thursday, february 4, 2016, ms. bloomer call the roll director borden director heinecke about will be oobsz director brinkman director ramos director nolan director rubke mr. chairman directors we have quorum item 3 electronic devices. any person responsible for disruption may be asked to leave the room. set cell phones on vibrate, the vibration could cause an interruption in the proceedings. turned off
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item 4 approval of the minutes mr. chairman a member of the public that wishes to address you patrick. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon director nolan i'm patrick those minutes are met indicated that ms. bloomer refused last meeting to distribute any turn out i've requested even though i see director ramos cringing his e e neck to see the handout on the overhead display the monitor. >> as i testified you can't have 2 millions bused stops the muni bus zones which the october analysis showed 2 pointed 7
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messenger percent of the shuttles were blocking suggesting 32 thousand obviously the sheer blockage of the shuttle buses have an adverse impact on the vulnerable pedestrians but more troubling ms. bloomer wrongly constituent my testimony at the end of these minutes not the body of minutes where they belong sunshine task force xhuvent rules the testimony belongs in the body of the minutes not at the end and sunshine section 67 dot 16 states written testimony shall if more than one and 50 words be included the minutes unquote the task force
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repeatedly ruled the minutes means included the given agenda items the section not at the tends i've written sunshine complaint on this issue and indeed the retirement board supervisor cowen ruled last june that the written testimony the body of minutes after i asked repeatedly they do that she did with without my having to file and sunshine complaint i filed a complaint yesterday with the task force regarding those minutes i can guarantee you i'm certain to win i filed a second sunshine complaint yesterday ladies and gentlemen, ms. bloomer ladened my comments rights bow refusing this board needs to reign ms.
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bloomer in at your pleasure not her whim and direct her to amend my minutes and put the testimony where that belongs. >> thank you on the minutes themselves. >> motion to >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. on that mroovm that came back dysfunction in a clerical fashion. >> the city attorney want to. >> you're done you're done. >> i wonder the city attorney wants to add what the the appropriate the minutes. >> i don't have anything to add the sunshine ordnance has made comments to that effect in the board agrees to move the section that will be fine. >> a
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i. >> i. >> the i's have it. ladies and gentlemen, we're going to move the agenda around and go to immediately to item 11 and back to the court reporting director's report so actually mr. chairman before we move on i'm required to announce agenda no closed session that communication having been directed to call item lovingly immediately item 11 is supporting the revisions to the pilot program limiting it to one year requiring a 6 month and cap the loading sown eurozone for more efficient zoning and this monitoring the air quality at the individual locates and a study on the possible impacts of the commuter shuts off and others factors on the
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displacement directors staff has asked the board to consider an amendment to the resolution it is the resolve clause that states resolve that the director of transportation will commission a study on the shuttle and others displacement they request your consideration of on amendment it will state above grade to separate from the moechgs on the program described above the sfmta board to say a study of the relationship between transportation programs commuter shuttles and you housing costs with an analysis of all others conceptually factors for displacement that is a motion they've offend. >> should we put that up there first. >> no mr. chairman i'll suggest you hear the staff
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comments and then consider the amendments and then the items in this the amendment passes. >> mr. maguire. >> good afternoon director the motion before you reflects the direction you gave us as staff on february 2nd asking us to consider potential changes to the shuttle program to address the issues raised the board of supervisors or by the board of supervisors and the ceqa appellants the motion we wrote the language reflected our consultation with the shuttle program and the supervisors and the comments on this topic we think that is a this resolution represents a step forward to a shuttle
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program that meets all the concerns due to the ceqa laws. >> thank you we have members of the public. >> yes. mr. chairman several members of the public (calling names). >> those are the first 3 speakers. >> good afternoon. i'm osie with the charm the neighborhood o over 2. households in noah valley some are here in support i'd like to ask you to consider more we need more i doable that prioritization of public fapgs is good for the bay area or our country's i believe not only those measures those recommendations should be implemented but also we need the study how many people are riding
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the shurltsdz not two a long time the companies offend mini advances for carpools what happens we're now replaced them that are including the streets and wrecking our infrastructure at no cost to the companies what i hope that the studies that will come out of this commission out of this board would point to the fact that we need to have better public transportation and this at least we need a hub for those shuttles the people that are riding the shutters are not attributing to the public transportation and infrastructure that the city is spending money on and have to spend money to so for the have added population i'll encourage and urge you to you vote yes on those revisions in addition to more measures more studies to
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help replacing the shuttles what public transportation it is much needed for our very much. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> hello good afternoon my name is kathy i live in noah valley i work with a large coalition called the anti displacement coalition and also work with noah valley tenant and charm so you know the anti displacement map project last year been two years a thorough analysis where the good morning buses were going 60 percent of no fault evictions were within the shuttle stops it make sense a brilliant idea hubs where last
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year diesel shuttles community-based organization and sending them downtown make sense that is not a matter of faster than but we have to remember they'll be two more google campus one maybe under construction in the valley and so this means thousands and thousands of workers where will they live for one thing and how to get there i was thinking from the hubs materialized let's hope they do there will be bike accomodation you know young people are riding bikes the city and the tech workers will fit that model and the 09 pocketed cesar chavez i live there and reggie walk to the church e.r. bart to get where i'm going i'm 75 years old so we can't go on those things are huge white
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ghosts and really kind of creepy something is off about there is enormous compared to the city buses and wearing down the asphalt on the streets the streets will be a mess and in need of repair so thank you, very much for listening and hope you adopt those important amendments. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good evening i'm bob plant hold one of the named appellants to the appeal to the board of supervisors that generated it they to can he railroad i support of suggestions and ask you to add that it is important to address the concerns that have been miss stated by some the media our appeal is not to get rid of
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of the program it is to make sure the pro program is safe for all not just workable for the shutter yours but for muni passersby for san francisco pedestrians we've sent you photographs over the past few months documenting situations where muni buses are not able to pull in with the shuttle is blocking the bus zone on the muni bus has to be if a traffic lane and sent you that over the period of time it is not just once occasionally throughout the city that is relevant because we want you to know this program needs to be made savor this didn't address anything like the questioning the legitimate or the non-liquidity under the section of why there was a quick exception as opposed to the
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least providing for the analysis a negative declaration the idea is that the pilot program you've authorized to run to the end of the year it was cut short nevertheless of the data analysis that pushed for what you approved as a permanent program and again, even though state law says that's illegal you don't have a data for the rainy period for december and for people people with disabilities so push through that resolution please. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> (calling names). >> good afternoon decorations my name is john i'm a member the alamo square association and the society member of the hayes valley a resident on has a
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street near which there are several pickup and drops off my constructive analysis of commuting down the peninsula i've used car and bikes to do much i feel this proposal recommendation by the board of supervisors which is also the board of ss c articulation is sound and meets all the needs of the people on commuter shuttles and the residents in the community near it it meets the needs that were 10u7b8d impressed e expressed by alamo square to not allow double decker i tourists around the square the commuter shuttles at the same dimensions as the tourist buses going through alamo square those points i'll
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share with you my general pardon me absolute support of this recommendation and the amendments for we two work together to develop an effect route to continuity to and from san francisco you know about to open up a new apple haerltdz 13 thousand people will be working for apple incorporated other fork of people living in san francisco and needing to travel mrs. support this recommendations from the board of supervisors. >> thank you, sir next item, please. >> (calling names). >> thank you. i'm a behaving e paiveng the resolution contains 10 specific items your resolution only incorporates 6
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omitting the recovery of costs, fundamentally enforcement and large vehicles should be restricted on smaller streets and requiring cleaner emissions the calendaring memo attached to the resolution second to the last bullet point director reiskin can bring back the program for consideration on march first, the conditions stopped by saying the pending appeal have been roved the the bupz didn't include that you should direct the sustainable streets hub to bring back to this body with thirty days timeline with it should have recommended
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in august of 2014 as i testified here on february 2nd the news state ceqa guidelines my require an eir we're concerned with safety protection for vulnerable pedestrians clearly a hub based approach for the shuttle will provide that for vulnerable pedestrians and the second whereas clause the resolution states that an extensive analysis was conducted a categorically untrue you must know the data presented in november covered 2014 to 2015 but omitted 38 of the remaining seven months data you need to direct the sustainable streets. >> thank you
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thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon i'm doug i represent 12 thousand teamsters the city and county of san francisco and one hundred thousand in northern california to be frank i'm a little bit frustrated to, here on this issue like many things in san francisco this seems to be a referendum on much bigger issues and i don't want to make light of the issues of affordable housing and gentrification and income and equality the role of the tech factor in those issues we're right there on the sharing those concerns, however, i would say that maybe some people are paint two aboard a brush and attacking tech we can point to works of facebook and apple and others companies that are
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getting a piece of pie and doing something to address the equality by organizing our unions so the one thing that everyone agrees on this in actuation is the importance of labor harmony pieced i want to thank the mta for sticking to that and just to remind i as discussion and debate about the program for us there needs to be a program that the users of the shuttle support and the tech companies without a program we can't fill the harmony labor component thank you very much next item, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon ms. taylor i'm fran among other things a retired member of the graphical communication workers of america
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and just to echo the concerns of the brother before me support the drivers and want to make their drivers easier not driving the monsters down the small residential streets they sort of attract this hatred and not directed at the drivers they're doing their jobs on the system you have control over that i support 24 to create the hutchings that will make everybody happier unless you're a person that has been given everything you want muni forward i support basically has initiated stop xhoelsz we've seniors have to washer favorite and it failures the grid system we center to transfer more why are we having to the tier system
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where muni riders have to transfer and keep one seat ride for mostly young and ableled bodies downtown or wherever the hubs and those buses i've seen the number of buses they're not full and it will be much more efficient to fill up a bus and leave full you could have fewer buses i don't want to getting get rid of of buses but will be easier to navigate the streets. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon good afternoon i support the one year hub analysis and the housing studies the bay area study supports this scale
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program and licks the less impact on the neighborhood and by supporting the neighborhood freeway system you'll be able to move all the people in a this manner and appropriately now i think you need to due diligence to understand what i'm talking about you need to on co-. to 24th street and church between 7 o'clock in the morning and obviously the 20 plus commuter buses that transverse that intersection with the 48 that are operating on 20 sdrarlz they and they're not time they're one minute apart and bunch in gaps and you ought to see the congestion on 24th street i can't express any frustration and have the garbage trucks once or twice a week and the delivery trucks if you want
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to understand how well, that is thought-out the bay area council and see how it's committed stand with me on 24th street and church you'll understand the magnitude of the impact on those streets that you've got buses that make right turns that slows down everything go to 24th street and castro and 0 see those buses the a.m. and p.m. you'll understand i don't understand how we couldn't have had a eir at the beginning of this program with the delays and xhoej in noah valley i want to express my opinion to due diligence and see you at 24th street and church. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> this motivator matter was twice before the board of supervisors we could see from
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the planning department and those representing the mta that they were favoring the buses that are not muni buses and if you're especially overseeing who represent the physically challenges and the elderly if you don't represent the constituents of san francisco then it is time for you not to be sitting here we've seen there this through the taxi commission that is about the precautionary principle which i'm sure none of you have read so the precautionary principle that is law states that adverse impacts to evaluate what is happening and you've haven't done that so are the to meetings we've had at the board of supervisors a lot of us clearly stating what should be done but what you are all doing
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playing ping-pong we don't have time to waste you say your time is precious we be our time is precious i'm here to state that that you are analytic the seniors lay our lines on the roads so you'll get a clear message don't think i'm blue river again and again again, we see when we and you have to work together to help those who most need help you shove them to the side that will for the be reported to i'm not bluffing i'm not bluffing someone should form a committee to see the adverse impacts on the seniors and the exchanged
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next item, please. >> (calling names) who is the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> timber. >> hello tom through the south beach apartments considering this started as a give away a corporate give away with whatever they wanted to do they could do the shorted monument it is obviously we need a home based system for what we've got going the waste only the streets are going to be easier if it is a week street system to tell us which one will break first, because of the extra weight i don't like the idea we're adding diesel we
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should be reducing diesel hubs, of course, those buses should not be leafing until their full and shouldn't be waiting and shouldn't be dropping off one or two people and driving on the streets on a third of the bus open their last stop the overhead i don't think how much time i have 51 seconds a. >> everyone is stepping off a bus should have a muni fast pass if they board at the bus stop or get off we're taking a little bit of money and sharing it with muni thank you for that one a plan to make all the buses wheelchair assessable should be implemented immediately the buses - should find a little
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bit of hubs we don't need the - they should be able to board muni aprons waiting going their direction within the city especially they your honor, return to san francisco thank you for your time. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> those are the last to people that turned in speaker cards. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon committee members i'm tony's work with the senior and gakt action we work with seniors and people with disabilities, transportation is part of overall quality of life focus or lens, if you will, that we look at in advocating for the people that we serve the buses provide or they pose many different issues
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particularly i would say at the other most issues of safety i've seen big buses the neighborhoods their cumbersome and quite frankly they seem to be out of place the idea of the straddle hub or where the younger technology worker can come and take those bikes and come and take the busses to their employment is practice than the buses that cause more congestion the neighborhood particularly noah valley neighborhood you know you see where folks have gotten into near misses you know taking tech shuttle buses and people inconventions by stopping
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that is farther done than their regular city attorney stop that is a safety hazard some folks don't know where their at and it exasperates congestion that is already there i'll just try to convey to you the seniors and the people with disabilities we make up a large part of population here in san francisco and aging in place is something as a city that is a policy that we try to locate seriously and transportation being a big part next item, please. >> (calling names) the last speaker card. >> hi seiu 10 to one thank you for having us. board of supervisors board of directors i want to recognize the work of the supervisors and the work of our staff at mta coming together the last two weeks and discussing the aspects of this permanent time program
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look to low and behold i want you know, i think there is sill still two outstanding issues the board of supervisors will look at we can exhaustive improve to address the riders and sfmta i look forward and hope you adopt the resolution that drafts some of the concerns moving temporarily fast forward what are the alternatives you ks or hubs do we have a combination how to deal with moving forward could we get more white sdwoenz a combination of things as well what are the other mitigations with other concerns you've obviously seen the community and others raise both enforcement and pulling up the shuttle buses and making sure our muni services have not yielded
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interrupted we've been dialoguing and i look forward to your support on the supervisors resolution moving forward temporarily and exploring the enthusing for housing as well as looking at had a are the aelths to look at the shuttle out of the red zone thank you. >> michael. >> thank you i'm michael i'm a member of save muni which is an organization that is intentionally advancing the work of municipal railroad railway we've addressed the busses we're doing a better job than the city has done not a real eir done on this job anybody that lives in noah valley is completely invebz and not right our regular citizens
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should take a backdoor to commercial issues. >> is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item. >> bruce okay bruce. >> come forward. >> this way i canned see whom i'm talking to this - >> good afternoon mr. chairman members of the board i'm available to answer any questions you may have a bruce
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and as you may know i've been a proponent of access to muni for almost and the easiest way possible and i also letting anything other than the muni buses and office of the city administrator any other vehicles allowed by your existing should be - i've already seen many instances where people like myself we're to use to leave the sidewalk to get to their way
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that is deployed because another familiar or what do they call those things the bus zone i don't think that is the way you want to be safe the city those things cause a hazard a potential hazard to all of us in wheelchairs and i know that from personally seeing what happened on a weekly was not a daily basis so i think it is a bad idea and i think that if we allow this to happen it can happen in other other plays we don't want that. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> mr. chairman no one else has
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submitted a speaker card. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon jeff here on behalf of the supervisor wiener supervisor couldn't be here but asked me to deliver a whatever he sent to the board of supervisors i have copies for everyone not to make any changes to the computer shuttle program they're to unravel the program making it harder for r50ir8dz to rides the shuttles and not making it harder to commute by bus the changes will not improve the program but lead to a program of interrupting this is massive solutions not to put people into private vehicles please support the program it is vetted by the mta staff thank you. >> thank you is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak seeing none,
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let's see. >> members of the public. >> yes. i'd like to start mr. maguire a few clarifying questions if you wouldn't mind my first question is around the studies we want to do i think we've mentions air quality monitoring, we've mentioned influencing the housing costs and displacement i want to get a sense of what that adds to the sfmta the sense of any burden of costs will we that role those into someone else or shift those into the first programs and the into the shuttle program. >> i know that the shuttle program is a cost recovery no net costs to the magnifying mta we believe all the analyze be done at no extra costs to the mta. >> how is that adoption of the
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program help us shift the buses off the small streets that's a concern. >> i'm glad you mentioned that a number of items shifting the large vehicles off the streets and the full fund and those provisions were the program will go listed in 2015 we'll continue to go forward so those provisions will remain in place. >> excellent he completely hear the concerns of you'll our muni riders about striving for safety as we manage the sfmta buses and the counterpart shuttle this program every time we say we can continue to manage individual stops and continue to manage individuals corporate
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shuttle programs and continue to make the changes; correct? >> yes. from the enforcement point of view but from a legislative point of view and a working relationship with the 14ur89 providers our staff will be able to work with their staff to prevent issues from out of hand. >> one last question he promise i see where we'll be recapping the as to the at 1 hundred and 25 12079s will 3 inquisitive are or exist for this implementation of the program and be the subject of review as we redefine the program. >> yes. in effect for the year of the program. >> perfect don't tough. >> directors. >> i do have a few questions i hear people talking about safeties this resolution didn't address safety in any way i mean, i'm perplexed by that did we look at the drive safety or
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taxicabs or the issues of safety with the disabled and other people of today i don't see how this solves that the safety programs we have the program today and in the existing. >> he can do. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. thank you directors i'm hanging program manager under the program that is this board approved in november a requirement that every drive take a safety course that is geared towards driving larger vehicles the city and it is something we will hope to be spraefd as wide and using whatever the regulatory methods to - we're not aware of others cities implementing that is one
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of the main safety sort of requirement we have and all the cpu c requirements for the commercial drivers. >> i guess i mean, i'm just i think that's interesting in terms of the program i'm not- i'm not unclear why sfmta does the study not the planning department and the those portion what is intended that mta will do with the results of the study upon getting them and talk about the scope the desire principles are corridor and how the corridors are over laying the transportation and been deny in new york city how closer to subway stops where are we saying we should change the muni routes
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i mean the larger finding will be that transportation in general whether it is located; however, costs are more expensive i'm trying to figure out what is the outcome will we hang the general plans for the housing element and under the general plan the principle 1.2 about alternatives to private memorabilia how we see this whole thing out. >> that's a great question the first was why is mta doing the study it is written so that the mta board we ask the director the idea to find an extra subject matter not transportation staff produce finding related to housing as for the bigger question the idea of the study related to housing
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to provide finding back to find an ultimate decision beyond the one year period so your i think your objection is correct a relationship between the housing costs and other things the idea of the study to get provide an overall study. >> this is studying all transportation not just the shuttle. >> it is transportation. >> and then i have thank you in terms of the shuttles that are making the. >> the vehicle trips. >> vehicle trips. >> 84 percent intercity that's right. >> with the valuation shows in
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the pilot 75 percent of trips for the intercity 25 percent this ignores the intercity didn't fit the program so hospitals and things like that a lot of them are doing their own thing not reflected the numbers. >> the other issues we've talked about the program the issue of our prioritization of our non-private automobile use and the general plan that talks about the matter i don't know how i mean, i guess the challenge how do you measure that has not happened the harder thing to do like how could you measure whether or not it is relied to ridership or other things i mean it operationally is going to be interesting to determine you have to look at the other patterns we've seen to
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determine whether or not it is trouble able to the counterpart shuttles. >> that's right we'd like to be certain building on this evaluation it is important because of the evaluation we know far more about commuter shuttles but more that is beyond what people like in an evaluation i think the answer to our question what we do with the finding they will mostly see what the findings are in a year time we'll know more about that and . >> i guess isn't it true those are going to leave the city. >> hanging referred to the continuity shuttle program a
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volunteery and mother leg will i available parking spaces. >> will we look at ridership behavior for example, there is a lot of research around what distances between stops or even like two year final destinations it is important to understand you know we're not changing without where it is located this is it is what it is and certainly can't necessarily make the personal choices where people locate it is useful to understand the other side of the evaluation increases people driving their cars it is a far greatest safety hazard on the street driving everyday i don't know if it is part of this. >> that issue will be a very important thing to study whether people continue to ride shuttles. >> any way to look at this the
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first time around the traffic was horrific and it is because people were commuting any way to do a comparable analysis from that pedestrian to this if all the factors remain the same for the streets today. >> it is a good suggestion to explore the long term data. >> great, thank you. >> director rubke. >> so i think for, thank you for all the work i appreciate all the work that staff did in attempting to address those important issues i support this program from the stand point of leaving the congestion in our caltrain and other transportation system so the people will not take the private automobiles and appreciate the wonderful things that staff has done a few follow-up questions wanting to make sure we're going
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to do this study and look at this for the next year and this. >> next speaker. >> is not saying we'll drop the program completely or things like that so before the year expires we'll move from tell you that's correct. >> and a clarification on the stop caps so how many stops do we currently have i mean will this undo anything that staff has done. >> one and 25 is the current number of stops. >> so we're not adding any. >> that's correct. >> and i think a lot people have asked this this is not preventing us from coming back and looking at some of the safety issues; right? to make sure on the muni driver's side we have a way to address do accessibility concerns that
9:50 pm
helps with the passengers i'll cognizant of that myself and my understanding and staff you guys have confirmed this but put it on the public record the buses our muni buses are priority at the bus stops and the passersby with the disability can ask the bus to stop before unloaded them or letting them on the bus that's right. >> you want to speak to that. >> yeah. the answer is yes the muni buses have a priority in terms of assessing the bus stops wherever possible the muni buses get access to the zones one thing i didn't mention we will be sending out a blood sugar level to all the muni drivers updating them on the latest
9:51 pm
program but pulling to the curve is essential and they have to maybe wait or something like that in a shuttle is blocking. >> the one last question a member of the public brought up the idea or the point of making sure that the private shuttles are wheelchair assessable i realize this as volunteer program and limited jurisdiction is that something we can kind of apply some pressure i definitely as a a member of the disability community people in wheelchairs have trying to get to the jobs as well. >> that's mostly an issue of federal and state law so i i don't know whether what sort of requirements for the busses and whether they have assessable lifts and things like that but something we can
9:52 pm
examine and we go forward with the program and include that as an incentive. >> thanks again for all the thank you for all your hard work. >> thank you director nolan and all the staff that's been working on this mr. williams it good work and clearly something that we all care about deeply when we choose to move forward with the program before i think we were all under the - we were assuming we were going to have to tweak that it needed work and feels it still needs work maybe more formally than originally thought would do the trick i want to make a couple of things clear to i think for
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myself i'm equally supportive of the shuttle serves as someone that has gone up and down the peninsula regularly there are only effect not to privatize transit but actually to audible the traffic that is not there to get up and down the peninsula not where it needs to be so someday i'm working daily to fix that and we some of us have been working on getting us anymore transit for well over decades on this area issue and i'm for one as someone who understands how hard to park a car the city i'm grateful there are options for people to take to get to work that reduce the demands of private vehicles on the streets which includes vehicles get in the way of the buses all the time that includes reducing the private vehicles
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that are a danger to pedestrians and bicyclists i saw a woman almost get hit is she stilt here she almost get hit and a car in front of the city hall every car out there whether we want to acknowledge it including the cars we drive are a treat to everyone else that is the street if we can give options or private companies to give opts o options to get cars out of the streets and to improve your performance time doing everything we can to work with them to make that all happen i do believe there is terrific room for improvement the safety thing is real those transit corporations or shuttle service providers need to understand this is a real challenge for people who are wheelchaired or
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have a hard time getting on and off buses the only thing they're looking when they force the muni to get on the board to have a passengers on and off the 14ur89 we owe it to all the passersby and everyone to grant people the time so unboard and do it safely so there are issues that need to be addressed i appreciate your comments director rubke and i hope we make sure those things become accountable those agencies are more accountable the small streets is another thing that is real and the better routing is clearly a mark and everyone understands we need to find a way to guided confidence in the board of supervisors and everyone else that we're doing everything we can right now that confidence is not there i've got confidence in
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staff we'll would get there but m that confidence is not shared by the board of supervisors i do feel though that with all that said we should move forward with the recommendation i appreciate the amendment i think that there is theeshgz and like to see the busses better marked mr. mason makes his point trucks are driving how am i driving and call my boss that's real we need to be accountable to one another and with that said, i support the resolution and that we should move forward with the amendment. >> okay. thank you read the - >> mr. chairman at this point it will be appropriate for the board to consider the amendment offered by staff brobd to
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separate and apart if modifications to the program described above the sfmta board authorizes the director of the transportation for comprehensive study of the relationship continue transportation programs including commuter shuttles and housing costs with an analysis of all others conceptual matters flurn those costs and displacement. >> moniker to make a motion. >> motion to approve. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. so the amendment is adopt now that the staff has the recommendation. >> move for the amended recommendation. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. thank you very much now back to item 6. >> actually let me go. >> item 6 introduction of new
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are unfinished business by board members. >> yes. a couple of new things actually, the first is i see that we now have a director of the office of innovation at the sfmta i wonder if director reiskin when he decided the right time an updated the form of a memo to present to the board only technology and innovation on the impacts we expect and how to deal with them in a policy manner i feel there is so much i'm not aware of overtime we hear the geotech and stuff coming down the river would be nice to get a grasp of that how it affects us in a policy manner and another thing i see that carli and hanging
9:59 pm
left i've been on a slightly earlier schedule and seen charge i do not buses and violating the market street turn i'm assuming that they are really doing it a certain time of day but would be nice to representative reach out to generously remind them not to violate the red zones. >> to that one i mean they're very aggressive in people on business stops to get shuttles to the point at the pies off the people they do it on the routes and and within their legal rights there. >> thank you. >> other directors new and unfinished business none. >> item 7 director's report. >> good afternoon director reiskin. >> good afternoon director
10:00 pm
nolan a few things to update you on when we last met we were just the first phase of super bowl activations the city and wanted to give you a little bit of a wrap up we'll be acknowledging staff with the sfmta employees that kept the travel moving and thank you to the members of the public they we suggested they do the ridership and others providers so people really harder the message and adhered to it a large part why the events were successful from the transportation stand point we didn't have any major security incidents, traffic, transit, pedestrian collisions on or
10:01 pm
around super bowl city there were unrelated by and large a safe event from a transportation stand point and we've talked about very significant amount of planning and you got updates over the course or 6 months and the adjustment of those plans reality i think modified the good work across the agency and city and again with the public with the super bowl host committee to make sure that went oh, well and the mayor himself mentioned what a good job that the parking control officers were doing there was some media concerns about potential arming geology that didn't materialize and members of the media today received a letter if the mayor acknowledging that the good job the atlantic ocean did to make
10:02 pm
the event successful there was a lot of outreach dozens of community mergers and a lot of that community outreach helped the fentsdz to be successful from a transportation stand point and opened up a day earlier than we were anticipating and thought it was on friday that he finished on thursday night and got an extra day and overall we got a lot of praise not only from the mayor but others very proud find staff that accident the work and formally recognize them at future meetings and kind of close the loop on super bowl i know you'll recall when you adopted on february 20, 1441, of the things you directed us to do and the resolution that adopted vision zero to complete 24
10:03 pm
projects in 24 months we got the 24 done ahead of scheduled and now have completed another 6 we've got thirty prongs that were done in the 24 months and rvkt r reflecting the high imprisonment issues around the city we had the means to address anymore quickly than you asked us to by the end of this calendar year we've approved the highest intersections with short time high visibility crosswalks and timely and red donates and the daytime and started the work on masonic and polk like at the end of the year a good kind of report card on vision zero in terms of the engineering as of
10:04 pm
today one of the i don't remember this is one of the 24 i feel like every other month the polk street bike lane and out here once again it has won an award this was the american society of the civil engineers the bay area or northern california chapter named it as one of the most outstanding trails projects oh, i guess that is california wide so yet another anyone who rides it or goes by it seize it and just we continue to get recognized if a around the state and country for the project and finally next monday people will start to see some existing changes coming to mission street mission street the mission which is when would we'll start of the
10:05 pm
communication of 14 and mission rapid transit we'll be painting the red transit lanes from market street will be consolidating bus stops and restrictions and putting in busy holds and requiring signal improvements and other improvements on mission if here 11 street to randell to the mission district mission street will be improved for people no matter if their traveling onramp muni 50 thousand times a day people ride munching and anticipate saving up to 5 minutes that is a lot of time saved but not just about the time but increasing the reliability and so through those changes the red lanes the signal priorities and bulbs not only
10:06 pm
will the time are shorter but more consistent people will not have to spend as much time and i can't wait for that working and 49 and taking the right direction and the 49 and beyond. >> you and other 50 thousand people will be repeating the benefits of it so this is a demonstration also have how we're spending the money that the voters authorized us $4 million prop a the go bond that was supported by the voters with vision zero this project does both so relatively short order get our approval and now we're up to date it into the ground the full project will be finished in the winter a majority of the improvements will be done by the ends of
10:07 pm
march so very excited about that everyone will see it soon and president's report. >> thank you director reiskin. >> i wanted to agree with director borden that mission project the changes to the street will be huge i can't wait to see those i'm slightly concerned we'll see the cars choose to use valencia student i hope we can have a champion project for valencia street that will make that more attractive for cyclists if you use the valencia street rush hour seeing all the double parked cars if we can put that on the streets we'll have a vision to behold and more cyclists then we thought i want to put that out there as a suggestion. >> thank you. >> another questions are we
10:08 pm
good evening to add more buses everyone the 14 right direction is crowded that will speed up things up and do you think this will help i've not been on the 14 right direction not crowded so we have been adding service to the mission corridor and will continue to do so one way to reduce the crowding without adding buses eliminate - when the full buses are much full everyone and evening out the frequency of buses but continuing to add buses more end of april for a particular increase for the corridor that is exactly what the the course of this trial p p asked for for the 14 is at top of list.
10:09 pm
>> thank you. >> mr. chairman you have 80 a member of the public that worries about to address you been the issues from director reiskin herbert wiener. >> herbert wiener. >> when i really am concerned is about the money that mta put out a for the super bowl it contributed to the deficit the public will have to pay for this deficit through the services and possible a fair increase that is talked about now this if there really was a football in the super bowl it was the sentences of the super bowl we are kicked and passed and run over i protest mta putting out any money for the super bowl the nfl is filthy rich this is an
10:10 pm
outrage i'll not thank mta for doing this. >> anything else seeing none, okay ms. bloomer. >> moving forward the citizens advisor report so. at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, first speaker will be herbert wiener >> followed by patrick. >> in muni forward use the term trade off and this is because this reflects the consolidation of bus stops a nation of bus stops forcing people to walk long distance this is a trade off now in contrast burden that is placed by seniors and the disabled i am wondering if a
10:11 pm
proper term would be sacrifice and if seniors today they're being sacrificed and paratransit is recognized as angle alternative does any recommendation remain in the budget for increased paratransit? i think this is really important and also instead of sacrifice i'm wondering if this planning for muni forward shouldn't benefit everyone i think the seniors seniors and the disabled have the same rights as bicyclists they have all benefit from the planning i'm wording wondering the decrease and consolidations of bus stops improves the transportation permanent not so what we're seeing right now is muni going forward with the
10:12 pm
same wrongful solutions to the detriment of everyone and millions if not billions of dollars spent on that >> patrick followed by (calling names). >> thank you. i'm patrick i'm requesting that this board introduce amending the san francisco vehicle code quickly as you may know the vehicle code prohibits subways on sidewalks i see them on sutter street daily but san francisco vehicle code regarding hover boards which operate similar to segues both travel up to 12 miles per
10:13 pm
hour and they're also prevalent the 900 block on the street and hover boards using sidewalks can be guided under the california vehicle code but the opinion of a sfpd officer the hover board is placing pedestrians at risk do you see an eye on hover board which is the last time you've heard a battedy clicking away unless you have a hearing loss i have had my entire life i would like you to consider amending the vehicle code quickly to prevent hover both sides and put them in line with the policies you have regarding segues
10:14 pm
they're both dangerous to people like me who have a difficulties yes, ma'am latinos on the sidewalks. >> next speaker, please. >> >> career cab driver and full-time driver for 27 years i also serving on the wrood of yellow cab the struggles of tech industry are far from over medallion and can be companies are having a hard time making ends meet it has to deal with the unfair competition i'm here to ta to ask you to waive the medallion
10:15 pm
fee in june we're struggling and another thing i'd like to mention last week, i wrote you a letter asking you to join us in a joint hearing in sacramento tomorrow a joint hearing the communication committee with the transportation committee and it is establish a leveled playing field the for hire transportation markets i copied this day director reiskin and i think i've been told annette williams will be there with us i hope that is true and i sure hope you join us on the battle against free flow of i'm going home to my city by the bay tmcs the city and
10:16 pm
(calling names). >> good afternoon. i would make one recommendation to the board if some members can please speak into the microphone not at the microphone it is difficult to understand sometimes what is being said so if you could please speak into the microphone it would certainly facilitate the understanding thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon good afternoon director nolan and members of the board i've george been driving for more 35 years and more than 70 years old two points i'd like to make one
10:17 pm
is we need to change the name of the so-called medallions that were issued to long term drivers based on the seniority and merit change that to senior drivers that is what we are and we do and need to be reward for the director of taxi services time to terminate the medallions for one reason none will benefit from that certainly not the drivers that holds the medallion not the public those are one of the oldest professional drivers that the city has so, please if anything the name should be changed to senior medallions and secondarily they should be standard for the life unless the medallions are returned to the city through natural attrition reasonable. >> the other thing is that the
10:18 pm
original uber were limousines licensed limousines the question is iceberg like unlicensed limousines or taxicabs this needs to be addressed soon it is destroying the cab industry. >> next speaker, please. >> >> (calling names). >> and then chuck minister. >> good afternoon i'm tom i've been a caregiver since 1975 got any medallion in 1989 and also vice president of san francisco yellow cab coping and here today to ask you to consider waving our medallion fees for this year this is coming up in june and i'd like to show you a picture of a
10:19 pm
problem here up on the board whoops anything that's a boxful of medallions that don't go out it is drastically effecting our income any money we get from driving that can be they're not driving it anywhere they're not making money and and a daily basis i'm working 6 days a week and can't compete with an industry that is unregulated their fares are subsidize we can't do that you set our fairs we can't do anything about that i'm asking you to set a fair for everybody every petitioned vehicle for hire that works the city has to
10:20 pm
charge the same rate to the consumers that will help the uber drivers they went on strike if if they got they're fair load by 10 percent so every passersby vehicle for hire it will be a good idea for the same rate structure next item, please. >> (calling names). >> i'm a traffic officer with the sfmta for 26 years i live near mini and levi ward park and here today in regards to san francisco rec and park wanting to implement a 4 hour zone and montana street my
10:21 pm
neighbors and i don't want that basically because there were signs that were posted in english and the majority of my neighborhoods are hispanic and asian they don't speak english they were not aware of the signs that were posted i had hi mom and occupant i aunt come they didn't understand those signs and still don't and we don't have any available parking because the park and rec has basically sold the new park and it's soccer fields to marin and others to come over and play soccer to other families my neighbors are under the impression we have this great
10:22 pm
new park i had an opportunity to work the super bowl efforts and when i got home late night i didn't have a place to park i'd like to have to park 3 blocks away from my home i don't have having a garage and 3 blocks away in any direction those 4 hours zones will be implement and that is everyday 7 cases a week i don't have anywhere to park like generations that families living in those homes and, of course, the rents are steep and people have families that are occupying those spaces so i really need - >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next item, please. >> (calling names) the last person to turn in a
10:23 pm
speaker card on item 9 a good afternoon. >> good afternoon directors charles minister of advocate groups a shout out to the drivers and mechanics and staff of muni that keep the city running we couldn't have done it without you i came here because of the news items that was on testify avenue and the printed press about the folks that ride muni and when we get on muni everyday i ride muni everyday police dog pay your fair share we see what paying the fair share when nfl comes to town and they get car bank when the buses the tech drivers they charge a buck we charge three
10:24 pm
hundred bucks sitting the wrong seat and the money that is a panned out to the corporate entities mayor ed lee gets on his knees to help them and this board goes along with this board it is a biased board and usually thinking only about corporate interests and if you do anything against the interests they'll pull your plug be more honesty when you make the decisions now rate muni fairs they should be free countering money you're raising the tax bases the city plus all corporate heralds and they can easily fund the muni we've paid it many times over my rather than increase the fairs it should be free to everyone
10:25 pm
thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> last speaker card michael barrett. >> mr. barrett. >> i don't see anybody coming down. >> okay next item, please. >> the next item please is the consent calendar all matters listed hereunder constitute a consent calendar, are considered to be routine there has been a request to sever one .1-b and 10.2. >> okay. >> so is there a motion consent calendar minus those two. >> yes. motion to approve. >> nullification. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. >> one .1-b has to do with with the crosswalk closure on north and south at the mcallister street intersection. >> who will be speaking and
10:26 pm
kathy. >> good afternoon decorations i'm kathy the policy and program manager with walk sf and i'm here today to urge you to keep the crosswalk on masonic and mcallister on the staff memo states the south leg of the crosswalk would be open but not planning because of low pedestrian volumes i want to share with you the reasons why walk sf asks to keep it on it is not painted the crosswalk is not painted so the large majority of public does know that an unpainted crosswalk is legal people don't know they're allowed to cross that might be attributing to the low pedestrian use we think if the medium is put in with not crossing people will cross there
10:27 pm
anyway, the staff murdering in one hour how many crows in a day those people will still cross wall a legitimate crossing cars won't are expecting them? extremely short sighted to go through a huge expensive capital improvement plan and not implement the best practices for the short block that is viable for public safety and walkability and we all know another important thing to keep in mind we know that land use changes and our transportation extra is always raising to keep up with the changes we think we should expect for people to walk the location the future we don't know the entry the park will change let's get ahead of that now with at crossing so we don't have to add it later and the pedestrian strategy to open and
10:28 pm
close crosswalks this does the option we want this to be built right to start thank you. >> thank you. >> director borden. >> yes. could we get mr. maguire to answer the questions okay. thank you. >> thank you so i think my southern is i walked up and look at the intersection and based on the memos if staff and the drawings i understand the dilatation inclination to not a crosswalk so the medium will run all the way across from the walk it is signed no left turn if you're coming down masonic not supposed to turn into mcallister there's
10:29 pm
been 4 collisions with the bikes and pedestrian i assume that's car on car. >> from the sfmta thank you for having me to respond to these questions regarding the intersection of mcallister and ma optimistic the promoted design is on the overhead right here it is right now would have a contiguous medium cross mcallister intersection this is out of the community design from 2008 to 2012 and it was a preferred design 4 staff explored having the crosswalks marked and opened and we looked it a sidewalk design at the intersections you know for the city so we we establish it and have a schizophrenic crosswalks the minimum is 20 people per
10:30 pm
hour as our memo sites when we counted 4 people crossing at both locations north and south locations the intersection at the same time 60 people crossing along mcallister we look at the adjacent land use and as you can see from the overhead picture the current sporting facility and looking at the guidelines we drafted did memo and talked with the stakeholders in 2014 as the memo was dated saying we are going to close both legs the crosswalk we came up with the decision after a long process being it is 2016 right now and we take it strongly to actually take the recommendation recommending closing the crosswalk so - >> thank you for that information
10:31 pm
i do understand that that playing field at usf not mile-an-hour intention to change the uses i believe their going on a project to redo that playing field it is there are for the long run i'm inclined go ahead and support this but i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say i understand the rational not open this one i believe there is an elementary school on the street not too far up as well i'm also wondering the way the hill say, i understand that crosswalk can be dangerous at an uncontrolled intersection this will are we intending to put signs no crossing but at the
10:32 pm
crosswalk. >> right? we'll have the signage to notify the pedestrian. >> if you're a speaker they're short blocks the muni stop is at fulton three hundred and 50 feet away there is crosswalks and it helps to establish this project the $28 million as far as transit and bicycle safety by having the medium as contiguous to the second sense the crossing of the vehicle crossing for the transit reliability and perhaps bicycle safety. >> okay. >> all right. i am inclined to support this but i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say if anyone has an opinion >> i - i appreciate walk sf and others brought to your attention as a regular
10:33 pm
pedestrian there is nothing that is so frault as running into the signs that is a don't cross here as a pedestrian and i am looking for ways to actually slow down the traffic i feel that traffic moves too fast and anytime we can get and make it so that the traffic is slowed down by a causation or whatever i think we win there is a great hope for the driverless cars everyone will slow down to void indicate tropics the future so with that said, i will wonder in a staff self-we were to pull this out would we calibrate things like indicate tropical the overhead projection or a matter of a
10:34 pm
switch - we've been at a 100 percent designs for months so a change at this point will potentially increase the cost of project and delay the actual construction of that along the masonic cord. >> that's much worse. >> as much asand.
10:35 pm
>> is there a motion? >> i think all my questions i'll make a motion to approve. >> any further discussion? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. >> next speaker, please. >> >> 10.2 amends the transportation code division to add a penalty for fair evasions and passenger conduct violations condominium by youth and other non-substantive provisions john is the member of the public that asked that the item be severed. >> good afternoon. i'm john san francisco has also always been a larger city it is so noted in the state
10:36 pm
but i believe today, i'm asking for the board to recommendation that the muni security that you take the tag books from them you can't have a run. >> dual procedure here because what is happening you have a private citizen signing off tickets the only one that can sign off a sixth is pofrlz or it is considered squabble harassment and in the city there is a lot of people are plays a dual role as far as we know who the district attorney is and city attorney but do we know who the county attorney is i'm asking you to at of right now to have
10:37 pm
them pull that tag book because if we're to go come down on kids you'll have parents coming in here and talking about protesting that will be a major protest you will have no advertising attorneys and has money i'm just giving you the heads up i think that is voices able to pull that tag book the only thing you can do ask them to get off or move to the back the bus you'll have to call the manufacturers to sign off the tickets you're setting users up for a civil suit and go to court later this is why it's not on the front burner. >> motion on this one.
10:38 pm
>> i'm disappeared in was a press story it was all over the news. >> by this action it is essential de, am i correct? the citations for those other issues not increasing enforcement but making the enforcement less pen active. >> there should have been security the first time probably on other. >> we actually needed it in state law but last year that allows us before january 1st, we didn't have the authority. >> so a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> any further discussion? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. >> ms. bloomer chairman have you dispenses with item 11 and staff asked that item 13 be called ahead of the neck item.
10:39 pm
>> item has to do with with the contract for the total abandonment of parked vehicles. >> authorizes the director of director doing business as san francisco auto the amount of time not to exceed $65.4 million for a term ending march 31st with the option to extend up to 5 years 30 years the director to execute the bayshore lease for two 21 to extend up to 5 years and amending the transportation code to incorporate the customer tow storage and related fees and to step up the san francisco waiver provisions to non-san francisco residents.
10:40 pm
>> director reiskin. >> yeah. mr. chair and director of finance and technology will present. >> good afternoon. >> thank you that is a simple item i'm going to present it is simply a new contract for our towing services we did a biding process with 3 bids and the current provider auto return won the bid the good news the contract a couple we were recent to reduce the towing fees about 5 percent and we were able to expend the stolen fee waiver fee to everyone so we believe those are very attractive components of this contract and in addition have the cost recovery it is not subsidize by the fairs is we're pleased with the contract and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i have the whole team if
10:41 pm
you have any questions and speakers as well. >> introduce the speakers. >> yes. mr. chair one. >> mr. gleason. >> good afternoon directors march with the teamsters union i'm here to support the renewal auto return i give you a little bit of background a little bit over 10 years go the predecessor the workers were looking for improvements tlilt it happens the private sector that's what we're talking about here private sector workers at the tow yard we had to work through those and i'm delighted to say that the years since with the autopsy repair coming in and making improvements and improvements certainly in the total
10:42 pm
environment we presenter working in partnership with auto return to hopefully do something that has not been seen in san francisco and making improvements in something that people oftentimes not happy to have our members have to deal with the public you know certainly not happy to be conducting a business translation but everyone makes the best of it we're proud to get up and fully support this renewal we have members at mta contracts the private section we're working without source works with the fifth and mission and workers from time example time and working with the folks that are collecting the coins at the parking meters and each one of the projects are difficult but
10:43 pm
in auto return a very good partnership and happy to see that continue and i the president to say that we are appreciative of the work with stephen lee and others have done recently and over the years assist the project much better for everyone so thank you. >> board members questioning. >> i'll make a motion but note there is good news what is the decrease the number of twoez over the years that that is amazing 10 years detain thirty thousand a tows due to the information be able made and motion to approve on that good news. >> especially do we pay them and people pay them and they pay us i'm confused how that process. >> the current process is as
10:44 pm
of today, the customer pays auto return not us we're changing that the new contract the customer pays us we'll pay the returns. >> i want to clarify the contract looks like that. >> and thank you director for making that strong point. >> do we have a motion and second >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. so ordered. >> ms. bloomer. >> a presentation and discussion and possible action for the focusing 17 and 18 capital budget. >> good afternoon again mr. chair and members of the board this is following up on the presentation that we walked through a few woodworks at the workshop in january and give more information and extort city attorney right to surface some of the ideas not a budget proposal at this point just a reminder of what the bottom line situation looks like and what
10:45 pm
things we might want to consider adjusting on the revenue and the expenditure side also looking at a little bit of the capital budget i have a presentation and walk through and want to start off looking at the revenue picture and if we can get the slides up on the screen what you see in terms of revenue this is kind of the big picture of what last year looked like what that this year and the baseline for 2017-2018 okay. so you can see roughly will 20 percent of agencies budget comes from trait fairs and thirty from parking and traffic and from the general fund the major components of the budget so this is just giving you an overview of what we work with
10:46 pm
again if so baseline essentially means we're doing everything we're doing today on the expenditure side by category and this shows that a little bit over 60 percent of the agency budget is going into salaries and as you can see it dwaflz all the on the costs including the towing contract you authorized us and looking at it a different way by division sngz it is more than half the budget is forcing the transit division after that it is sustainable streets but is significant attraction that the budget dollars is going to support muni operations so just a reminder of what is the baseline and not
10:47 pm
and this speaks a little bit to what is driving the changes the base we have included positions that were added during the last two fiscal years that are forming put into the budget the landmark raises for the first floor and we're using the cpi controllers establishment and the pension there you you've heard about for the city and our budget is the bigger drivers the cost of the base and some contracts you've counterfeited by approved by the board but since you've approved them some additional things that have come up the last few months not yet the base but those are among the things we'll consider adding one a larger than historic or
10:48 pm
recently historic caltrain tricks debt service for the next revenue bonds that the capital improvement plan anticipates in 2017 that is for the purchase of the expanded light rail fleet and the higher workers' compensation costs that are here and the transit service increases that the t e p recommended two years ago and rents for a new training facility which we have not yielded yet signed the lease but come to you i believe recently and went to the board of supervisors so just some high-level of things what's in and not on the revenue side we are assuming continuation of the free muni programs for the low and moderate income and people with disabilities the base assumes the automatic indexing
10:49 pm
of the fairs we'll show you some of those it assumes that the populations general find from baseline continues that was was it authorized in prop b and it presumes us some increases the development fees that the planning department is projecting based on the development the city and the fees that come to our budget capital use of those fees and it does include some estimates of cap & trade fund from the state and the operations program which is the name of suggest that see used for operations other cap & trade funds that are part of the capital budget as well we search warrant we don't have yet not the base the base is not presuming fund balance we talked
10:50 pm
about we will anticipate having significant for fined balance maybe double the policy that it requires 10 percent the operating budget we're closer to 20 percent so right now it is close and didn't assume any other potential revenue sources so when we boil that down it is the numbers of the next slide shows we have very modest shaufltz if every year on the billion dollars budget the range of 13 to $14 million and driven by expenditures for revenues and parts of the positions we at in part of the pension costs and other contracts so looking at the revenue sources that the automatic indexing in terms of affairs and bans our policy so the base
10:51 pm
assumes those some are higher and some lower this is a picture for you have what the fairs will do and the board acts differently terms of fee under these not every fee but the more noteworthy ones fairly significant fee increases that is based on a combination of the cost recovery methodologies or cpi increase we used the cost increase methodologies based on the actual costs plus the agency overhead and in some cases the overhead will in the differ including the pension and others issues you'll see many of these have big jumps they're adjusted
10:52 pm
to the cost recovery through the cpi calculation the baseline assumes these are as presented to the extent we want to raise or lower any that will impact the revenue picture but the cost recovery we can't raise them higher than the 100 percent due to prop 26 so nevertheless of some ideas we started dui at the workshop this is not an careful list but some of the ideas we've discussed and some dollar figures and just the footnotes on the bottom the caveat we need to perform a title 6 that the civil service requires the recipient we evaluate the impact to different populations the city so we'll need to before we make thai increases and go over bugged
10:53 pm
doing a title 6 analyze and our cfo wants to us add direction from the board the fury analyze we do it is labor doesn't even and 7, 8, 9 doesn't even so just to guess quibble through those to change the definition of muni that entitles you been to a discount fair and right now actually for the free muni 5 to 18 but the program we define it to 17 and got a lot of feedback we were doing the free muni for youth kids turn 17 in high school i've been talking about with any colleagues other than the region to standard device our fairs karate's region and bart youth is 5 fee telephone and some 6
10:54 pm
and some 18 we've agreed as a arraign to pursue the prioritization the definition to be 5 to 18 which for us means raising the top level from 167 to 18 has an adverse revenue impact the teenagers that are be paying full fair will be paying discount this is a policy that is consistent with the other things we're doing in terms of of making muni assessable to youth particularly those in school the second one on the list is to adjust - to reduce the amount of discounts we provide to youth, seniors and people with disabilities and in the advisory committee of the fact that board has made riding muni free for people in those categories that are of loss and moderate income there is a justification for the fairly steep discount by about
10:55 pm
two-thirds the few fair folks in those categories and so, now that those are lower and moderate income nothing reasonable to consider asking the rest to pay a less discounted rate the thirds one on the list would be to establish a $0.25 premium for riders that are paying in cash in order to inner incentive the clipper card i think you know the issues with pga cash in terms of the back up at the farebox and the more cash out of the system the better we will have to pay attention to to within not having a disprorments - at least one other thing for typewriter in those region many around the country and world
10:56 pm
have done to incentivize people not to use cash a few others one is to there the vendors commissions to make it more trophy position for the vendors to carry ore products like maps and consent calendar today the next one is one that is not a new one but the recognition that the express service that muni provides is a different entire level of service and this is the via the concept of attaching a premium for those services likewise for the a pass the muni plus bart and muni san francisco pass raising it to further the index provides for would be an idea it is fairly significant value to riders to use bart in
10:57 pm
san francisco the last one on the page will be to provide a discount vauvenlt to the lifeline discount for low income adults to provide that same discount to city and nonprofit agencies who purchased tokens and pays for low income populations from the feedback from the public and last thing i mentions on the revenue sources i believe there are some taxi fee waivers the board has previously adopt or included some the baseline and ultimately with the recommendation that some speakers under public comment mentioned, i.e., wanted to point out those are some of the potential revenue changes on the expenditure side those first two are really what john
10:58 pm
halley discussed with you a couple weeks ago the first thing to put forward the additional 2 percent service there with 10 percent in the current budget recommend 12 percent so this is the balance remaining two percent we've not yet can you think by the end of this fiscal year the second bucket is a collection of a number of different things all kind of within the theory of performance enhancements of the muni system it is a number of different things some of which have a more direct connection but all things that kind of from a wish lift are things investments we wanted to be able to make to improve the performance of muni the next one is vision zero education i spoke in any
10:59 pm
director's report about the capital projects moving forward we've talked about some of the enforcement the past if sustainable streets to the police department the education is one that is the half-hearted to secure grants for this is a proposal to have money the operating budget to really sustain more of an education program, i.e., over the vision zero the next one has to do with with maintenance of much of the extra we're increasing putting the streets and working a lot more striping and signage and putting in for traffic signals, and so this is a request to essentially increase the maintenance budget for the folks that are responsible inform maintain all that as you recall a number of years ago four years ago, we we were audited by the controller's office that found that we were
11:00 pm
not at the time, equality investing in the maintenance and since then added a lot of facilities to this is an idea to have our ability to maintain some of those and the last one on this slide is really about kind of the expansion of our demand based pricing model we employed through the process as well do a number of complimentary things to that some of which carry costs moving to the next slide i'm not going to do go through all but surface the ones that the other smaller agencies put forward those are mostly the behind the scenes things by things nevertheless, important in terms
11:01 pm
of being able to increase our hiring input through this meeting of safety improvements and the federal government is putting in basing place a good direction for safety and transit but more work by the staff and having more taxi investors investigators to deal with what is happening and the investments in security and staffing our store rooms we've got more parts that's a good thing and staffing up and even more focused on outreach that is when a controversial item comes before you we don't hear how good or bad our outreach process is this provides for outreach for the many kinds of capital and other projects that we deal with so those are some of the ideas on the revenue and expenditure
11:02 pm
side i don't know if you want to paused now for discussion or keep on going and wait to the end. >> i'd like to go to the ends and have public comment and then discussion. >> okay. >> just a few slides to respond to things that came up during the workshop one what work orders their work orders that we have with other city agencies the different kind of categories of service that you see shown on the slide this is the history that is fairly flat compared to the growth of the overall budget on the last item we're not spend $10 million a year to support the traffic companies the mayor took that out the rest are largely things services we're buying and sharing the costs of the rise over the cost of time
11:03 pm
the next slide gives us a picture of the fund balance so again on at billion dollars bunt the policy requires one million dollars worth of funds balance with us the projection is over 200 and thirty so this gives us more than one million dollars dollars above the fund balance we could spend in this budget for operating or capital and recommend capital but still maintain the boards 10 percent possess eaten the final follow-up slides this came in with relationship of the idea of cash premium or premium of $0.25 or some level for people to pay cash versus clierp that is a higher percentage of low income folks that pay by cash not a huge difference cross the income
11:04 pm
spectrum but one that he well have to study very careful and probable make some extraordinarily efforts to make sure that low income people are not disprorms entangled should the board go forward with a cash differential those are follow-up items on the operating budget and then quickly on the capital budget a much new view you've seen here are the main drivers i'll not read those things that koirment into the 5 year window and try to capture the best we can projecting the future grants whether formula or discretionary this is symsomewhat of their projection we could our best - the next slide with the exception of the strau along the
11:05 pm
process that is a good thing more or less a funding picture so on the mine categories of safer streets and state of good repair the levels are consistent where they are the 5 year cpi it changes because we have some much rendering with the central subway that is less in the current cpi the next the breakdown of what the $2.9 billion dollars looks like and as you can see the largest chunk is fleet as we complete the rough fleet replacement and start rail the light rail fleet replacement and the straw remains a big cushion but the streets what used to be separated into bike and
11:06 pm
pedestrian safety and others projects are delivered together that's in one bucket now, one of the more sixth parts the capital budget and the transit guide way that is basically, the state of good repair of the transit system the rails and signals and swichlz and the overhead wires this is generally the way the picture look at the moment sgriven driven by the funding source for the skyway we get the funding for the sprau we can't use we're committed to the volunteers or voters we can spend the prop a general go bond funds not a ton of discretion between the two categories and one thing if i didn't say it right now this is going to
11:07 pm
anticipate the next two review measures that were recommend by the mayor's task force the license mission fee in the 2017-2018 as we develop the cpi and the discussions about what might or not on this november other than 2018 ballot change the cpi review to incorporate both of those the next slide just slow in some of the large categories what the projects might look like these are the ones for the first and foremost currently undergo the capital improvement plan development process and the kinds of things that you will see as we bring forward did capital budget which will be bringing forward the 2 year and cpi asking you to consider the operating budget between now and
11:08 pm
april that slide shows transit and now kind of some of the miscellaneous other category so of these are well development and ready to go this give us an idea as you recall the spreadsheet was vast to give you a essence 0 so it concludes the presentation not a recommendation painting the picture of the current landscape and talking about expenditure and the operating budget mainly to seek your and the public's facebook i don't know if i want to pass it or include it we have the next rest of the process that we'll be undergo and sharing and going to the cca not
11:09 pm
just in this room for feedback. >> decorations if you ask clarifying questions i'd like to hear them and move on to public comment before we give our feedback anybody clarifying questions can we go to public comment. >> one speaker indicated an interest herbert wiener. >> a few more it is rumored. >> herbert wiener point of clarification my understanding is when prop a a was passed fair increases were contingent about the muni performance which is clearly not been the case and i believe that was passed by the voter in 2000 so before you raise any fairs or do any of the fair restructuring
11:10 pm
you have to see that legally capable what was passed for years this is going on where there are increases but nolo contendere have an opportunity increase in service this is staring the public the eye everyday thank you, mrmr. wiene >> next speaker. >> >> a couple of items disabled fair 50 percent is tough disabled senior is tough no increase in the cost of living from the federal and everything is going up you're not under yet you don't feel the crunch 50
11:11 pm
percent is a hard number one number and caltrans it is bart i don't want to say impoverished teenagers have a problem hoping over fences or trying to over gates transportation the city and the bay area needs to be free to even people not free but people that will i am poeshd needs to be able to ride we don't need them to feel like they've illegal that's important the new buses we're getting rattled just as bad as the old busy of the on 989 and 044 whatever the new numbers they rattled on van ness like anything else we should be able to build a rattle free bus okay. so at least in the
11:12 pm
beginning they're one thousand-year-old and the rider from the shuttle 8 thousands of them they should have a muni pass that would be a nice increase on the taxis i see taxis up there but no uber or lyft and i remember that gavin newsom what we have the crash is muni riders $2 and some odd cents but really $6 i'd like to know what it is now. >> thank you. >> that's the last person that turned in a speaker card. >> one more. >> thank you good afternoon peter straus with the san francisco trait riders a few quick comments first of all, we're in support of dpaeven the cash and clipper fairs and
11:13 pm
position that as a clierp discount rather than a surcharge with respect to the bus fairs i have concerns but not taken a position yet i wanted to note that the main thing i want to observe though i can't help noticing that the revenue sources identified are all on the side of transit riders and even on the expenditure side a number of manufacture which are really driver related but management fees and the vision zero and the sustainable streets no revenue sources that are identified that is entirely inappropriate i think that come up with someone i hope you'll consider the sunday parking rates i'll add that perhaps he
11:14 pm
did we support full fines you might consider discounting that and maybe that will make that or some of the fire stone we had last time but sunday need to be considered and other measures towards our riders not just transit riders are put in place. >> thank you, mr. straus. >> like control back. >> all right. so as mr. ed reiskin said this is the second time this is before us and so that would be good if we could get input from the directors any feedback from director reiskin or the layouts director borden would you like to start. >> no i'd like to wait. >> okay director reiskin please. so i of the wondering if such a
11:15 pm
nerdy question not the breakdown is the debt service for the - are those somebody explain like what bonds are and why it is not the base is that optional or something we've not issued where is that. >> so those are for bonds we've not issued we've done 3 series off issuance between 2013 and 2012 and 2014 that next proposed issuance is in 2017 if we include that and approve that as part of capital budget we'll put that in some things railroad were not in the base because the timing when the third floor they came that we again include them some of the things we absolutely have to accommodate we'll be recommending the 2017 issuance because that is a big part of
11:16 pm
how we fund our light rail vehicle fleet we're fully committed to we'll incorporate the debt services for the 2018 services into the second year of the operating budget and subsequent years. >> go ahead director borden. >> can you, you remind us of the fair bus. >> the last data i saw around thirty percent so that $2 to have dollars is probably close to i don't know if we have any more data. >> sorry to contradict it used to be thirty but close to 27. >> what's at national standard. >> it depends on. >> so you know from rail operating and right-of-way we don't have to rail operating to bus it kind of comes down the
11:17 pm
stretch i believe we're certainly lower than bart for the right-of-way and higher than than the transit the bus system closer to the muni lines and get a a benchmark if you like but given the system and the operational kind of challenge of the system it is respectedable but for the high ridership the fairs are low royalty to other fairs in the country. >> whether or not to include fairs we're looking at that number we can't continue to i mean, i mean we can't a charge the true costs but not too far away it is problematic so i think we've done a lot of things for the population if we can increase the fairs it make sense people are willing to do ridership and taxis shows that people are willing to spend more
11:18 pm
money to get to places more quickly so i think that is important we - in order to increase our services to have the fees. >> director ramos. >> thank you, ma'am vice chair you. >> i have a couple of comments i think that starting with the premium service i want to echo what peter said earlier i also have concerns with how that plays out in the long run you know the brt lines could be considered an premium survivors some people make at cases the rails are premium services and i in seeing the way the premium services played out with ac transit and their transbay service that divides the ridership the way the political
11:19 pm
decisions with made how their spent and the riders get their seats it gets analyst i didn't to see that i know they did that a la it is an awkward place to go if we can we would like to avoid that accept well, two reasons one i'm under the impression the premium service is for quotes and less to operate it is lens less wear and tear and the refinery for xhourments it is cheaper to run that i'd like to do more of that and you know not get the impression that the office maybe i'm wrong but where to go if in direction learn will o more about that and also want to echo what peter's building department the
11:20 pm
whole you know - what you said director borden's about covering the true costs cars are i'll be the one to say this i'm the bad guy they really do create a town hall on the system and streets and everything else and our transit i don't believe that their making their fair share speaks for itself around parking and not just sunday metering or should say only sunday metering but the evening and in the morning hours i know i've heard from merchants and other folks that they did like the sunday meters they didn't like it at first but their opinion changed after the benefits a terrific opportunity for revenue generation if we do it in a way
11:21 pm
that is in conjunction with the support of low and behold community we do it in sections and zones the way we the accident it or doing it and what have you i say this because i'm not convinced at all that cars do pay their fair share for the using our streets and effectively costing the city by way of parking and transit people that are taking triumphing trirlt transit are doing the right thing and not reside to speaks for itself punish them by raising the fairs we're not raising fairs on people that are driving cars we should be trying to cover the cost of fairs of providing services first of all, it is not impossible but i know that keeping transit affordable is for people to be able to live
11:22 pm
the city the cost of live living in the city is up-and-up and up the way we save people in terms of transportation to live here we wanted to see on inclusive city if we have the good conversation we can raise the fairs for everyone or most of us at least or we can make cars pay their fair share of the impacts on the city and transit and that might not come from parking it might come from i mean meters but residential parks permits we're supposed to say we're covering the costs of operations and what have you but look at the real impacts of having cars on the streets unregulated and what are the impacts of that so - i think to believe that if we reality truly
11:23 pm
understood the true costs that cars have on our system we would be more inclined to raise the fees for parking and operating a car in the city as opposed to raising the fairs of people 0 who are just trying to do the right thing by taking transit to the environment and the management of congestion and using the limited that is a there is no so much transit riders are doing and that might actually include garbage charging higher rates at garages as well as on something i will if we can justify the costs of the impacts that that cars are having on the streets i think that people are more inclined to acknowledge that and pay our fees so we don't have to pass the fees onto the people
11:24 pm
that can at least forward to pay the higher costs director nolan i want to go next it is nice going after any fellow direction you raised the questions and helped me think about that a little bit more i want to run through some of the specific things first i think that the change in the youth definition i do support i think setting the discount fair at 50 percent i support as well, having the cash fair go up looking at higher than the fair media fair i don't know i'm still worried about that with only abused of our breakdown of income of the riders and the number we heard either at our full day workshop thirty percent of our residents live in poverty but 51 percent of riders live in
11:25 pm
poverty it feels that one feels scary to me i don't want to penalize the lower income riders the vendor commission i will support, the raising the prices on the express or premium service i'm with director ramos i feel that that feels difficult because of what premium you know when we get our bus rider at the time of trial in yeah, that one i don't like it the a pass yes raising bart and the token i'll support as well one clarifying question director reiskin when we had the slide of the things not in base i assume we're not assigning them a base because we're not sure page 13 we're not sure of what we're going to do
11:26 pm
with those yet and that's why we don't see a dollar amount i'm worried about that this is somewhat fighting and modest gap will get much bigger. >> it varies in some cases the dollar amount we know and some we do and again, we didn't have a dollar amount established ensue point next time we come back not in the base needs to be for considerations we'll make sure to bring the dollar values and in terms of the revenue side more of a policy we used if any and how much potential revenue and on the expenditure side we can bring our best guess of dollars amounts. >> when we talk about the fund balance slides 24 i support dipping both that modestyly in
11:27 pm
coping the guidelines and to get to the pot point that director borden's and director ramos made and one of the public commenters i think what i'm starting to feel and your alluding to it is a feeling we're down the road of a double standard in fairs for our rider passengers but not appropriately politically parking management policy for the car driefdz we've talked about the driver deficiency we bring down the costs in operating that transit i'm sure you've all been an streetcar that is parked behind a car in the evening or sunday morning i sat on this someone ran into to get money and we sat
11:28 pm
there and doushth is rampant we can percentage manage that i'd like to see us take into account to look at the parking management policy we have i could fairs for the riders but i think our cap per hour for sf park and the meters has been flat for 5 years didn't seem right if we are capped out for 5 years on what went up charge and yet demand has imploded and double parking we need to look at that as good parking policy that helps us meet the other goals not only revenue as well we still have is from the last time to the board of supervisors to get approval on new parking
11:29 pm
meter i believe we kicked that cap we have no more new parking meters to add in the city yet the city continues to change areas that probably divert to the meters. >> like my apartment i live along the n judah line that whole n judah street a parking lot and people drive in and jump in and are gone all day it is not right. >> yeah. >> so it is if i look at this we have great ideas and a great start i'll starting to wore we have a double standard verse what we expect from the paying riders verse what we are doing the parking management policy to not to our point bring up combats impacts those people are having when we park and double
11:30 pm
park and when we find a meter and not find a meter i'm hoping we can take into account as we moved on this and let me just run through here make sure i didn't miss anything. >> monopoly i think outside the box is all the feedback. >> one more little point you know the conversation will clipper versus cash and providing a clipper discount what it it makes you feel better i'm happy to talk about that but i do feel to that encouraging people to again do the right thing by getting a clipper card your benefiting everyone for me as sort of like it is a handicapping to get a clipper card but load it up in the walgreens or machines it is a
11:31 pm
benefit to everyone so including yourself your get to where you're trying to get to faster so i awhile i also appreciate the analysis and think this is important we do the weather title 6 obligations feel that if we were all an clrpdz we would all benefit from it and i think that that will be despite it having some you know being a little bit more challenging for some of us to have a clipper card folks should make an effort the returns where tremendous they benefit everyone including cash paying consumers. >> i will like we'll have to really push to get those kind of late adopters of clipper card and make that does mean raising the cash fair and clearing the
11:32 pm
clrpdz fair by 6 months or something so one of the indexes and i agree we need to do it but really hard for me when i look at the cash payers the idea of putting that extra burden i was that person out of college feeding dimes and nickels into the slots so. >> i wanted to add i wanted to say i remember my previous comments be miss instructed the - and i'm absolutely in favor of the increasing the parking fees and the garages have no issue think; right what we've seen as we increase the parking ticket we get to the place where everyone is taking the transit we still have the same problem there is ultimately it is look
11:33 pm
an affordability issue can we afford to maintain the system the way we need it to run and, you know, we can't rely on - we have to be able to have it good enough that everyone wanted to get rid of their car but i don't own a car i've not owned one my adult life it is a delicate balance it make sense to raise fees where there are opportunities to raise fees there is obviously political issues around adding more parking and sticker areas we saw how that went down the hate and in the commercial and increasing more meters there is a balance we have to strike but at the same time, i think a lot of these things make sense in terms of of what we can do and explore other things from partitions is make sense and everything should
11:34 pm
be on this table but an issue the premium service issue does strike me as - i cannot afford to pay more money. >> i think that you know looking at investigating o two tier services are questionable so thank you. >> thank you for your clarification. >> jim the unbalanced issue kcmo i don't know if you discussed it but director reiskin this is a policy matter for the board there are actually things that gives us an treerld opportunity i'm focusing on paratransit their facilities in san francisco in brisbane or some place as the vehicles so some of the vehicles have older and need repair i'll be interested in a list be prepared for the board
11:35 pm
for things we can do and certainly in the get rid of of the entire thing but have an opportunity the more concrete things we can do in my mind people can actually see so i don't know from the staff is thinking about in at all but maybe i'll appreciate that. >> absolutely i agree i think that is a great opportunity i'll not recommend use of it for plugging the gaps as ongoing costs but discussed and workshop i think that is a number of criteria such as those you suggested making great candidates and it would be irresponsible to sits on this cash and not putting some of it so use acknowledging the fact the committee is it not going to
11:36 pm
continue at this rate and we definitely want to have a cushion but not have a million cusp. >> have you thought will a process for a hierarchy or making decisions and so at the workshop we had back in january, i noted down a number of criteria it was recommending we consider for use of funds balance so i've been going through the capital budget and particularly looking at those things that are not fund i've been kind of scoring those in terms of the criteria and incidental i have a pretty good sized list i'll bring it to the next time on the agenda and putting ideas based on what i understand the criteria's.
11:37 pm
>> so caltrain is not in there i guess. >> the increase is not in here. >> not the base because of the baseline we didn't have the question and not confirmed that request and certainly we've entered agreement with the 3 counties of the share of the contribution and ma to i'll recommend it is. >> the article in today's paper the high speed rail comes this way instead of la first so maybe a whole lot maybe to look at that so speed up the electric fiction process the plan for the next potential
11:38 pm
mayors task force recommended revenues we are trying to create space for the reasonable bart and caltrans they have needs beyond mayor current resources need this particular issue is doing that for the support. >> if they are serious about coming this way first, we'll be more abusive aggressive in the assistance not just us the other counties as well. >> right director ramos. >> yes, sir. >> excuse me. director. >> thank you. >> i believe this - yeah. >> sorry. >> so i just wanted to for the next go around the come back on the budget i was wondering i support the proposal to bring to
11:39 pm
market-rate or discount fairs to the disables but i support that because i have great background information from the staff compared to other agencies as far as the downtown rates as the demographic information for the discounts offered through point programs for the fee funning e muni so i guess i think that so you would a controversial item you look at the data behind it is the not controversial it will be great to have the information i think that it is out the public before just so the public has that. >> to clarify on the earlier discussion who is paying and so we are by board policy what is the baseline it is increasing by inflations or cost recovery fees and finances all of the park through the marking fines and
11:40 pm
the transit fairs so it is somewhat across the board approach on the revenue and expenditure parking management and more muni service was one of the ideas we're not trying in this proposal to have those ideas having a double standards or one verse the other i'll remind you it the fair policy you put in place before i got here was one of the things that supported our high credit rating and the good credit ratings the agencies don't have this we've dei cannot and large stuck to it in 2010 it is kind of a financial managed best practices anything we consider will be mindful of that i just want to
11:41 pm
refresh the boards memory for the in relation couple of months but when it comes time to issue the 2017 gap one of the things we've deemed our strength and resources and the policy we can for the cost increase. >> absolutely. >> which is why generally speaking across the board your fines will increase as well as don't policy reasons to change that and muni is one one that deadequacy but be that as it may a good policy we should support. >> just to be clear i don't have a policy are indexing it could be everything that costs more so it is you know gas costs more unusually and probably cost more costs of medical benefits goes up and everything goes up i
11:42 pm
appreciate the index and i take issue with what vice chair brinkman man all things are not i could like the parking meters and opportunity to index other impacts on costs on the system overall so this is what the point i was trying to make. >> thank you director reiskin you remind me that sf park is sort of it's only form of indexing and as we look towards rolling that out that will be you know it is demand based so it's on indexing that brings me back to the fact if we have a cap on the hourly rate some sort of limiting our index for the sf park we have a de facto cap on the number of parking meters regardless how the city changed since that again, we're de facto
11:43 pm
limiting the ability to index to our point to kind of charge a fair share of the impacts of someone having on the streets when they park and double park all right. any more observations commissioners no okay this was not an action item at this point so i building we'll move move on to the last item on the agendas the replacement of wireless facilities on the managed real estate assess this the requirements for the review process for the communication and antenna and productive the form communication size installation of the communication innocent antenna. >> what is the subject we love
11:44 pm
it so m much. >> good afternoon sally cfo so this item before you is a we're asking approval for a template for our wireless equipment on the garages we have been before you on the same thing on the equipment on the poles so we're trying the same thing on the garages we've been working on this project for over two years with various wireless companies that hopefully, will be in agreement with us at this point but essentially we have received combating input over two years and revised the document we revised the rates and lowered our rates since before you to be maufrtd and worked with the - with the other city departments including real estate department or rec and park the port so we feel strongly that the document
11:45 pm
of the item before you has been scrubbed and rescrubbed we have incorporated many of the provisions that the wireless companies have requested to the ability we could and some of the items we couldn't incorporate bus their contemporary to the city's lease or not supportive of the agencies best practices so i'm happy to go through a pipeline if you wish but maybe you'll want to hear the wireless companies up to you. >> maybe i mean, i'll issue one of the - this document that speaks to the rates and how we compare so this table basically summarizes what we believe. >> on page 4. >> sorry page 4 we believe
11:46 pm
where we are compared to the rest of the market to the board of supervisors approved a lease for the last month the last hours we feel comfortable we'll done our due diligence we came back down. >> directors don't police log have any clarifying questions before we go to public comment no can we please have public comment. >> two members of the public that submitted speaker cards. (calling names). >> hello members of the public board members i'm with the law firm representing verizon wireless we appreciate the new things with the staff i've been rep verizon and this is a long journey and my client and staff has spent hundreds of hours and
11:47 pm
tens of thousands of dollars negotiating that i wish i could stabbed before this board and say any client supports the agreement they've spent tons of money and the rates are not comparable if you look at the last chart you'll notice that the comparables are all the government entities we deal with private leasors those rates are astronomical i've recommended this for 25 years and negotiated literally thousands of documents in northern california and obviously including san francisco and never seen rates like this from the board want to achieve the revenue and wants to encourage the carriers i recommend the board continue this matter and let us continue the negotiation i do presenter with the staff we
11:48 pm
met to negotiate we had our xhashts and have a civil discussion, however, no progress i do recognize the staff has reduced the rates but simply not significant enough i ask the board to consider a continuance so we can continue negotiations. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> eric. >> hello thank you for having us. i'm eric i'm a real estate manager for verizon wireless i'll start by that's why this was nice on the pricing structure than we started two years ago we ask you to t you continue this one of the rates you're going to propose i can only speak on behalf of the verizon what you'll be paying your structure puts us over the
11:49 pm
thresholds not only that but puts in the position every time i modify a verizon site i come to you it is over the thresholds that allows matt to work so in order for you guys to maximize the revenue i suggestion suggest you come into a market-rate as opposed to this high rate your detour business i have two properties with mta but the rate structures you're looking at which i what i get in the private sector i can get a justification of packing up and rebuilding somewhere else within this 7 or 8 years for a 15 year term didn't make economically sense for verizon to stay not only that but the modification
11:50 pm
terms and agreement to maximize revenue but maximize the efficiency on the team not requiring an amendment every time i understand due diligence necessary and proceed to you structures and studies that shows we're within the lease premises but a simplification of the process and simplification of the terms will be much better. >> thank you. next speaker. >> it's the last person that turned in a speaker card. >> wait one more. >> anything else that wishes to turn in a speaker card. >> thank you. >> teddy. >> thank you good afternoon director nolan and members of the commission i'm teddy the regional vice president for at&t i'm here along with our outside council
11:51 pm
tom newsom to ask you to continue this item and instruct staff to work with the carriers to come up with lease terms that we can all work with it is not unprecedented two years ago we entered into a contract lease with the garage and came to terms on all the items we're asking for mta to consider working with us on and we value our relationship with mta we want to continue to put our facilities on mta properties unfortunately with the lease term that have been presented to us we're not going to be able to do that it maintained only a couple of hundreds thousands of of dollars a year for mta our ability to service our customers without the restrictions that
11:52 pm
are in this lease are paramount to our success so we're asking for a little bit more time and a little bit more diagnose diagonal to create a leases that works for the carriers. >> thank you. >> last speaker that turned in a speaker card john newman. >> honorable chairman chairman and commissioners i'm john newman one of the at&t outside council i've had the privilege of documenting agreements with over 20 years now with various departments of the city and county we've pioneered many of the agreements and found the solutions with the mta you've seen corporations we went through the issues we're concerned about in our record here today with the sfmta staff and this board
11:53 pm
a copy of that lease which i'd like to put in the public record is lombard street garage that agreement provide a a great deal of control for your staff to content to the changes to equipment provided a reasonable pricing model at&t does have discrepancies about the pricing model and it if were adopted our directions from the radio frequency team to immediately consider relocation of our facilities once the existing portfolio expires a direction for the tenure that no new sites will be considered open sfmta property that's a current direction of our client we don't want that we prielgd the recipients with the city and want that to continue but needs it have equitable terms we can
11:54 pm
work with the main concern is the modification provisions and i believe there are lawyers on the commission the use of word sole discretion which means the staff can be arbitrary and capricious in way the changes are allowed to our facilities those changes are invisible and unfortunately, if it we don't have reasonable certain we'd like to not have that. >> thank you. we'll scan the documents and provide them to the board was that our last speaker and protect. >> madam chair. >> ms. booze i have one question i am going to depend on our research about the fair market-rate what was the issue the access. >> certainly so right now the way the language is written in
11:55 pm
the contract if one of the providers wants to make a change to the infrastructure they must ask our staff for approval one of the concerns that the parking team has they going you know the filed we wouldn't know about it so that is one change they go up there and make changes to the lease they'll have to inform us and let us know as to our authority. >> but not your intent to be arbitrary and capricious. >> not you usually. >> not me the parking father and mother that makes that determination. >> okay. thank you. >> yes. director borden and then. >> so there was an issue about the fair market-rate of the private sector did we look at all what people are paid on private property. >> we could as much as we
11:56 pm
could couldn't get the data but talked to the real estate director of the city he feels comfortable the rests are compatible to the private segmented we looked at verizon providers their rates conversationally and say they're close to what we're recommending so mr. graph was not here from the parking department and he's feeling comfortable we're within the market. >> the other question in terms of how you choose to go by antenna one of the things the city works there is a preference one through 7 in terms of what the preference one site and another site and preference one site is a site that has wireless mntsdz that are appreciable to location with the antennas proposing less of that so i was
11:57 pm
wondering why you choose to direction it divulges people. >> our model was complicated in terms of pricing we have a variety of equipment and long table of pricing structure trying to simplify and not the calculations so our team came up with looking at the market 3 leases were the average of the leases in our property that and that's where we established our market we double checked that with the city department i mean, i'm a little bit concerned to make that negotiate expensive to the co-go location it a a detrimental and the issues that happens the neighborhood if they can't find a public place for a mountain. >> you know other right arm so it becomes more problematic the other issue is where he because of topography of the city makes
11:58 pm
it difficult you have to cite the antennas i mean they're much closer and they are different all companies and another issue that is not for us to debate but the pricing structure will decrease the use of multi citing and not pricing ourselves of this review revenue. >> i understand director borden but we feel comfortable that you know we don't believe this is discouraging for example, sprint has not concerns they've been establishing leases so given the other verizon wireless there are other concerns but - >> i don't know with what else to say on that issue. >> director nolan. >> anything to gain by a slight delay this this from your
11:59 pm
prospect. >> we've been working on that for two years and can't go to the city we've run the race and not sure if they'll have a different okay. by delaying it from our side. >> thank you. >> can i ask. >> director rubke. >> so with respect to the companies that are here and the changed language and the discussion of over staff i'm wondering i totally understand what your significantly not planning on withholding capricious arbitraryly so with that in mind why not will tougher language in the clause i hear you've been working o on to but wondering is there a reason it - specific proposals they've brought forward that are problematic in terms of the
12:00 am
prargz. >> i'll defer to tom if you want to speak to the parking garage we're following the template in the port language our city attorney what. >> good afternoon director nolan and members of the board one distinction. >> state your name for the record. >> deputy city attorney stephanie stewart there is a carve out that allows for challenges of equipment from like to like equipment it is similar not as though a change requires an approval of mta staff the intention was that if there was going to be additions of equipment antennas or different types of equipment that requires input from staff there is a concern of whether or not


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