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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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the tracks are on the center lane and they have stops located at the bart/muni station. we have these routes stopping only at van ness and civic center and powell, montgomery and embarcadero. we have the local station and the 5 and 9 and the local stops and they will be slightly modified. what this means is the local service which is only slightly modified to increase the stops facing between the stops from the current about 930-1100 feet. basically the local access will still be maintained but the local
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rapids will be maintained from 900 feet to 2100 feet and those interested in walking a little bit further. simon went into this liblt but all of our stops would be modified. there would be a minimum of eight 8 feet wide so they are all wheelchair accessible. half of them are not accessible for the f. in the future all the stops will be modified to accommodate wheelchairs at all locations and in addition we'll be extending the islands to accommodate more buses. some of the stops can only accommodate one or two buses at a time. on first street we have 85 burse in
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-- buses in an hour. by extending the bus stops to accommodate 3 or more vehicles at a time we can get people on the bus faster. when people are going in the same location. going web, outbound, we know that people care where they are going, we want to make sure they get on the 5 or the 38 and that is the two buses which is our standard length throughout the city. this is a graphic that does not show up very well so i won't spend much time on it. i wanted to illustrate the differences between the proposed. each stop is a blue circle or square. we have a fairly dense spacing of stops and becomes less dense in the proposed. the details for this can be seen on our website, better market street sf .org.
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we are also pairing these with vehicle restrictions. mostly for two reasons to improve safety and for us to improve our travel times. we are proposing to restrict private vehicles which does not include buses, taxis, commercial vehicles or para transit. private vehicles will be subject to new turning restrictions. they are not allowed to turn on market street. to explain why we are doing this, it's a data driven proposal. we have looked at the analysis of the industries and found the collisions on market are happening four times more frequently from carson market street and this street. even though they are four lane streets and they have transit and
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pedestrians. market is different. we found that a lot of the collisions that are happening on market are caused by vehicles going through and these collisions are caused by the carson market. it's surprised because the cross streets tend to have more traffic. these are high volume streets. but the majority of the collisions are caused by the carson market street. the way this would be played out we would add no left or right turns on market. there will be a lot of signage telling people they can't turn to market so they won't go there and wonder where can i go. they will be directed earlier to take a different route. in conjunction with this we are also looking at relocating on market street trying to reduce conflict so you don't have the trucks parking half way on the sidewalk and it fearing
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with the bicycles and transit. to the extent possible we would relocate as much as of the loading so around the streets on north of market just around the corner or looking at soma we have the opportunities to use the alleys on the other side of the buildings or loading that already exist. we are doing a lot of analysis to determine how much would be impacted by this loading and para transit would be fair from this because para transit vehicles would be exempt from this restriction and will still be allowed to load on market. that is it for our presentation. we can take questions. >> thank you both for your
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pregnancy. do -- presentation. do i have any comments? >> councilmember zarda? >> i would like to thank you for your presentation. in the independent living resource center they had members of the community come out and partake on services to make sure we can increase that to show the commitment that you have towards improving access. just a few questions, though. regarding the bicycle improvements and your talking about different ways to entourage better more positive bicycle behavior, i have heard that come up a lot in the past year, you know trying to encourage or entice or someway to softly handle that situation
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of bicyclist driving down fast lanes, what on your options, what is in place to slowdown, i know there is some things about bumps to slow them down, what is in place that they will slowdown for people getting off these islands and trying to walk the cross ways. some can't move as fast whether through mobility impairment or you are elderly too. what can pe done to ensure besides just betting on the bicyclist improving. what can be in place to ensure that these pedestrians can be safe? >> that's a design detail that we are working through now. along the corridor we are generally recommending the cycle track to be about seven 7 feet wide and we are suggesting that perhaps the
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islands to be narrowing to be about 5 feet wide which is single file so we only obvious -- have to worry about one cyclist at that time. and a raised crosswalk. so it starts as a speed hump for a cyclist and insures the island is the same length height and makes it accessible for wheelchair usees and have different ways to signal that this is the area where we would expect pedestrian crossing. we are also looking at strategically locating railing and shelter placements to make sure the cyclist can see
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pedestrians that are about to cross. >> was there ever a suggestion for having a designated red light, green light, yellow light for bicyclist lane to ensure they do come to a stop. the way they do move, it behoves, it is a transportation of a car. does that come up at all? >> that is a suggestion we have heard before and it's considered, it's not that we have spent a lot of time looking at and we can look at it. >> i think, i mentioned the fact that a better cycling facility would be to take the people off the sidewalks. that is one conflict and where one of the tracks will go across a boarding island and we are looking at a number of strategies to make it clear where
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cyclist have to be careful. the other caracas -- crosswalks that look at designs to help bicyclist to help the bar of the crosswalk because today a lot of cyclist don't understand. they think it a great place for us to wait for the light. we are looking for that in the design details. those are the two real points of conflict we see in both options between cyclist and pedestrians and we are going to look to create design details that help solve that problem. that's definitely something we are aware of an want to address. >> okay. thank you. >> i have one quick question. i'm looking at the different options and i'm having a hard time deciding what i'm looking at. on option one i see lots of seating, open spaces, i see shelters.
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in design two, not so much. and i'm just concerned that there will be seats along every island and lots of them for folks who have you know, issues with their ability to stand for long periods of time and the elderly. so, can you explain to me why it doesn't show any seating on the island. >> i think that is a discrepancy in the drawing. there is no intention for us to have a level of amenities. between the two designs, there would be enough seating. >> i would recommend increasing seating from the current level on the super islands that you are going to create and better lighting especially
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where a person in a wheelchair has to wait at the end of the ramp alone. some lining e -- lighting would be night. >> i miss spoke. the graphic for option one appears there is seating on the islands. that is not the case. we could not accommodate seating on the islands because of the width constraint. we are designing with both options one and two and some which is like a leaning rail at the station. it's a great design. it allows people an opportunity to rest before they are waiting for a train. >> you know, it's difficult to make out these drawings, i understand that. this option one where you are seeing the seating is at the curb site. it's a shelter with a panel that you can't see through.
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those would be normal bus stops with seats that because of the wide sidewalks would provide plenty of seating at those curb side transit stops. the middle island here. in fact both, where we don't show the curb side stops. this is the curb side stops, both of the island stops would not have seating. they are just wide enough to allow the ramp to unfold and provide enough space for people to wait for buses. so the only accommodation we have for that is leaning. we are looking to design the railing with some better leaning ability. >> with only the rooms for people to stand, how is a person in a whiech going -- wheelchair going to navigate that island. >> there is not enough room to include
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a seat. the eight 8-foot dimension is specifically designed to make sure there is enough room for wheelchairs to navigate. we don't have the extra space on market street. >> okay i'm just wondering. >> getting to the third bus we are only designing the stops to accommodate 3 buses going inbound where all the buses are going to the ferry building. usually they can use the first or second bus. >> okay. thank you. do i have any questions from staff none? now we'll go public comment. mr. bob plant hold? >> i'm bob plant hold and i'm
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part of the citizens advisory committee for phase two of this better market street plan. i want to compliment and point out the staff throughout the various departments involved in this have been quite responsi to people with disabilities both in meetings and follow up e-mail suggestions. they had an extensive focus group last year. we get answers from the staff and not silence and and i -- contrast that to item 6. i want to make sure we keep a careful look at the design. now they are going to increase the distance by two times from 96 feet to 2100 feet. that's a full block or more longer.
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i want you to think how many people when they come out of a store, nordstroms or whenever are going to want to get on one local bus to go two stops to then be proximate to a rapid stop. that's a lot of back and forth between one and the other. i'm going to suggest there is going to be an energy factor where people are going to say, where is the stop that i want. i don't think that has been carefully addressed. as far as the seating, there is also an option for some of these islands to have a crosswalk at the front and maybe a crosswalk at the back end so when you are coming out you can go e to the back end and may not have to travel so far. this is one i hope gets some awards. >> thank you. do i have any other public comment? yes, sir?
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>> hi. my name is marty zach. i want to mention there is clearly look loot of work being done and not in the interest of better market street proper since it's not under the sf mta jurisdiction but in making market street accessible and escalate ors and elevators are a great importance to this community. i would like to make sure it's possible to the level and interest engaged with these exciting developments to also bring to bear on making sure the underground stations are accessible and always functioning so seniors and the disabled are always able to access that.
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>> thank you very much. anymore public comment? >> hi. my name is wendy. the comment that i have is on market street there are a lot of bikes. i have seen a lot of them. the comment that i have is that the more bikes there are, there are more and more of them migrating onto the sidewalk. they do not disembark at the curb and that can be an issue. okay. people coming back behind me, zipping biechlt it's a high startle fact ofrment thank you. >> do i have someone on the bridge
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line? >> yes. i name is gita. i have a problem that deals with a couple issues and i'm going to try the old deal with the disability and getting around the city. so i was hit by a car which caused my disability. so i just want to make sure that you know with lyft and with uber that they really do have the proper insurance, not just when the cars are, you know in process and for their passengers, but also when the cars that they are using are just roaming around waiting for a call. because i know that they always say they have $1 million
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insurance and when i provide the stories and provide links to these things, i know it's a meeting about lyft but they say they are not responsible and they just provide the software. i know there is a big difference where we taxis whether they are on call or off call, if they hit a pedestrian or somebody who is in another car, there is always coverage of $1 million. if someone became disabled as a result and if someone who walks a lot slower as other people, for me, that's a huge issue. i know that there is the box, the box initiative going on right now that was publicized in the san
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francisco chronicle where they are starting to give tickets to cars that block intersections and i'm glad to see that's happening because six 6 months to a year ago i called the mayor's office and the local police department. >> mam, i'm sorry, your two 2 minutes is up and we need to move ahead. thank you. if you have further comments you can contact the mayor's office on disability. thank you. all right. next we have a cochair election. i will turn it to cochair zarda to lead it since i'm the one up for reelection. >> so the next item on our agenda is the cochair election. i will now call for nominations. councilmembers may nominate themselves or another member and this is for the current open position held by
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cochair supanich. do i have any nominations? >> i would like to nominate chip supanich for another term. >> do i have a second for this nomination? >> i have had a second. councilmember supanich, do you accept the nomination? >> i do. >> do we have any other nominations? okay. seeing no other nomination. the nominations are now closed. do counsel -- councilmembers who have been nominated wish to speak.
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>> i will not speak. >> okay. anybody opposed? thank you again. congratulations. i look forward to reelection of his term. thank you very much. >> okay, let's move on to a reports. let me just mention that it looks like we are going to run over by a minute or two. i want to apologize for that. next is a report from the disabilities disaster preparedness committee given by councilmember denise senhaux. >> good afternoon, the meeting met with representative on people with disabilities. the first discussion with respect to the department of public health. dph and list of agencies
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serving people at risk after a disaster includes the disabilities , and seniors, dph's representatives will be added agencies as discussions progress. another topic of interest was about how in the event of a disaster news and information as well as public service announcements on all media forms need to be fully accessible with website update, captioning, video and remote interpreting and asl. members of the ddpc are hoping to get a demonstration of the vri at the november meeting. the next topic about a study being held by the national institute on testing and standards. the study will focus on the use of elevators for evacuations in
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very tall buildings. the nist will hold interviews in october with persons with mobility disability who work in high rises. if you are interested in participating call the mayor's office on disability. the ddpc then had a conversation about appendix e to the city's emergency response plan which covers explicit evacuation, sheltering and care plans for people with disabilities. these are some simple editing needs for the appendix mainly formatting. there are month major changes in language or content. the revised version will be posted on the website for the department of emergency management at some future date. we will keep you a pprised. this completes the report of september.
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the next meeting will meet friday november 7th at 330 . >> next we have public comment for items not on the agenda. do i have any? seeing none we are going to move on to the cochair report. there is one on the line. >> my name is rita again. i have had a couple of issues that i have brought to the attention of the mayor's office. when i do have concerns they item me to come to the mayor's meeting and when i come to the mayor's meeting i go over two 2 minutes because i have a number of issues i want to bring to your attention and one is the boxed intersections and one is disability passes for parking and category of disabled people and rent
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control buildings and obviously you can't address all of these issues that affect disabled people in a two 2-minute period. so how can i get my voice heard because when i try to raise these issues, and some of these i believe violate the california and state law, and when i try to raise these issues with the mayor's office they don't hear me and when i talk to advocates they say they do violate the law and the mayor's office doesn't help me and i'm really disappointed with the back and forth that i end up getting. so what is the proper venue, is it this venue or mayor's office or should i go through the state or supervisors office or through the monthly city
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hall meetings? >> we don't answer questions during public comment, but i would encourage you talk to your advocate friends and others about ways to get your voice heard in the arena. as for issues with mayor's office with disability those are not subject to comment at an mdc meeting. >> okay. i think i will go through organization because i think those are more powerful and maybe get some critical power around that then because i think this has been very educational for me. thank you. >> gida, this is carla johnson director of the mayor's office on disability. it's clear to me that there are a lot of issues that you would like to talk about and perhaps the best forum for that would be if we could set aside some time for you to come to the mayor's off disability to
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hear your complete list. i agree that two 2 minutes is obviously not enough time to be able to get an understanding of what you need so we can better understand how we can assist. >> thank you, carla and thank you caller. >> now we have the the cochair report from cochair zarda. >> thank you, cochair supanich. what i will be discussing is a brief overview for our annual leadership meeting. we reconvened all the counsel as well as the staff and mayers -- mayor's office on disability. this year it was a great success. cochair supanich and my goal was to increase participation from all councilmembers and to ensure
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we understand their needs and encourage their full participation. it felt like a really great starting point for the coming year. during this meeting, we managed to discuss some major revisions and to our bylaws and that will be finished within the next month or two and should be up for voting for approval. we also discussed about recruitments and outreach to make sure that this council's presence is known more in the community, not just to organizations bus to -- but to the general public so they understand what it is we have the power to do because i feel there is a misunderstanding and that is on our part and we developed strategies and ways


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