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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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still fresh in our memory per we're commenting one $.7 million from the arts commission to maintain the murals and on top of the one percent of gross revenues. the arts commission in undertaking their chart task for the arts commission or the arts portfolio is applying for a grant a $100,000 grant in the bank of america to the ongoing protection and prejudice of the murals. it's for the signage and attractive features around did you murals for protective barriers around the murals and for an inspection and protection. the department as the property owner and one of the stewards of
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coit towers is interested in strongly supporting as stronglyly as soon as possible supporting their and we've brought through a resolution supporting the arts commission grant application and i do know there are a couple members of the arts commission staff that would like to speak if that's okay. i believe the first person who wants to speak a forgive me i'll look at my notes i believe it's rochelle >> thank you, mr. kency. good afternoon. i'm rochelle with the arts commission. i wanted to focus our comments
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on the murals themselves. number one the partnership with the commission and the rec and park department has been stoorl in working on the murals restoration it's also french to hear about the murals protection. and so the third thing is the resolution you have before you s to ask for your support for the grant application that was submitted to bank of america is to ask for additional monies from bank of america to improve the experience important and i just wanted to let you know that bank of america our conservatism practice writing promise is a relatively new project they've only made those grants 2010 and
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2011. their xhoeft and they only made some grants they helped to resort e restore the national amount in madding decided early mapts from da vinci and those are things we want to restore because of their culture. they made international grants and a few grant to restore the towers down in la. it's our turn. we feel this is a wonderfully application to make and the first bank of america down at powell and market i believe we
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see bank of america in the murals themselves and a portrait for the bank of america. we've asked for this request from them before but and approached us and asked us to come back. we'll hear whatever support i can give us. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm al stone i'm the senior regular traffic. to expand on what rochelle was saying in terms of the cost for the restoration and the need to apply for this grant. what we've encountered in working occupy our surveys is several work has expanded slightly reknew that would. we're getting closer and closer
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to our costs having this entrapment it tremorly helpful. we're taking on historic finishes to help to enhance the mural presentation and this allows the arts commission to take this administer costs and it does it would do wonder to supplement the diversities of $250 from rec and park department >> we do have any public comment? so i have (calling names) sandra did you want to speak on this. she's gone. anyone else who want to make any public comment? >> i'm richard recording man but i horde something that part of the granted is for security. as you know it's not very would i do up there and between the
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water damage a lot of the damage is humans touching the mourldz and the murals are substantial to the moisture in the hundreds so in this grant can supply horrify grant some type of security that will protect the murals from people reaching over because it's a narrow hallway after we finish the murals the restoration is to protect the mourlz >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any other any public comment? please come forward >> john with the tower. i would simply ask the commission to support of the resolution. as i mentioned earlier that more is needed and no surprise that getting into how the fix the
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murals you, you know, there's more problems and to do it right this is the best time to spend the money. if this grant does come through i urge the commission to find a way to help the commission do the work now so we in the community and i'll reach out to talk to them but now is the time to do it. thank you >> is there any other any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> and margaret can you ireland read this. >> the title is the resolution supporting the arts commission application for a $100,000 grant from bank of america for the restoration and conservatism of coit tower murals the resolve is
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that the department support the commission for the $100,000 the bank of america arts you conservatism. >> i think the map is correct. once we make the large capita expenditure for avoiding water intrusion and doing the capital expenditures for the towers our percentage rent is retouching 10 to $15,000. is that going to be supplemented by the arts commission >> the arts commission has a limit budget for maintaining the citywide art collection. and i can let them speak more at
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length about that. but the anticipated annual cost of the annual prestige restoration and monitoring is less than $10,000. so we'll be doing the annual up keep to maintain did you murals >> seeing no other any public comment? so moved. >> we're on rec and park department for fiscal year 2015 and 2015, 16. >> katie you're losing your crowd don't they want to hear about our budget. >> (laughter). >> we have to be out of here by 4. >> use the full 20 minutes
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(laughter). >> okay i didn't dock i didn't. commissioners i'm katie i'm the departments director of finance. i'm here this afternoon with the first of 3 presentations regarding the departments budget for fiscal years 2014, 15 and 15, 16. in the interest of time i'll try to stick to the highlight of the presentation here today. so starting with the two year's budget outlook from the budget instructions they provided to the department. i want to take a moment to say the numbers on the slide are a little bit different than those in the packet.
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i have better information now. so the mayor's office is currently promising a $170 million deficit and a one hundred 18 point plus deficit. i want to point out that the size of the quest the mayor's office has projected is slinking. i think that's a item number testament to the economic groektd growth that san francisco is enjoying but it's a result of the discipline of a two year process that has instilled amongst those of us who do budget for a living. it's really good news. last year the mayor's office thought would he do is a deficit of 2 hundred and 63 million
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dollars. we're silencing the size of those deficits going forward. of course, the deficit they're projecting for the next two fiscal years has to be zero by the time the mayor submits his budget to the board of supervisors on may 1st. as usual the mayor's office is asking departments to reduce their general fond. they've asked us to reduce it by neeshgsz one percent which is worth 6 hundred about a little over $600,000.01 and a half percent for the psyching year. the second year we have to cover negotiation and the year after so that's a reduction of $1 million. we also have to cover some revenue kreksdz in neeshgdz budget and the 6 hundred and 5
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thousand dollars is $400,000 for the garage. this is a project we're getting from the transportation agency who manages the garbage for us. it's based on business as well as last year's actuals. and then the remaining $200,000 or so is a incision of the in addition gak fact that the strawberry festival is going on. we've received some information on the golf carts a slight reduction from the golden gate tense courts. we have to cover our non-salary
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cost increases. this is the number that you see here are an assessment but the cost increases are assuming the increases in the work orders we pay other departments so for light heat and power city attorney i'm assuming generally a 10 percent increase for our work orders for next year and the year after. i'm hopefully that very much this the conservative estimate and it it will be less than what i'm projecting. i'll know more in three or four weeks so by that february 20th comes around i'm hoping they'll be smaller. loosely in terms of costs we have to cover in the next two years. in fiscal year 2016 we'll have
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to replace some funding for maintenance that are currently for stadium maintenance funding this funding is going away as the stadium is going to be torn down. this will be an additional fund cost of $396,000. the mayor's office has asked us to give them an one percent proposal on parcel only with the budget that we submit on february the 20th. i'll be updating those numbers as we move through the next three weeks or so. a familiar slide the budget balancing fingers that the staff putting together with the community and all of our stakeholders four years ago now. i still think they're a really
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nice set of guidelines ignore trade off decisions as we prepare our budget. the budget in the current fiscal year to give us a context for the decisions is a $160.9 million. of that $138 million is our operating budget with $23.2 million for the cool in the current year. i'm sure you're aware of we have 3 primary source of our budget we have the open space fund and 36 percent by the general fund and savings we generate on an annual base and 37 percent of our fund come from revenue we
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get ourselves. open space and the general fund together account for $108 million. open space continues to grow, property tax continues to do nicely in the city and so open space is really a vital source of funding. of course, we receive an annual general fund subsidy and we're allowed to keep our general fund savings that we accrue like the police department and we have general fund money left over it goes back to the general fund. we are allowed to revisit them for equipment or capital. earned revenue as you all know
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we really benefit from all the property and resources that we manage in the current fiscal year our annual reviewing revenue is for parking garages and the lake and tea garden and many other facilities. i want to point out one particular category which is program fees for $4. million plus. we're going to generate more than that. we are going to do better than budget and that figure is not necessary of about $8,900 in scholarships we gave away last year and will give away this year. this is for other agencies to provide services as well as gift and requests. so this is just a slide that
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indicates how our earned revenue has grown. in the last 10 years we've increased our revenue by 19 and a half million dollar. it's interesting it's happened in every single category of our revenue we have placing the marine a and golf and it comes if outside land and increased thoracic field permits and from increased recreation programming and really the bulk of the growth is from increased uncle not from increased fees. we use our resources primarily to the single biggest resource for park maintenance. 50 percent of our operating
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budget is allocated toward park maintenance. a quarter of our budget is for recreation and 12 percent for structural maintenance and maintaining our parks and facilities and 7 percent for administration which is all my staff personnel and accounting the general manager and property management etc., and 3 percent for park patrol and other programs. of course, the single largest thing that we spend money on is people and salaries at the 61 percent. we spend a lot of money on services of other department and city attorney and repairs for our vehicles. we spend a lot of money on utility like water and power and sewer and telephone services.
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we spend 6 percent of our budget on supplies and commit. 5 percent on debt certifies and this is increasing in the fiscal year the two are open space revenue bonds and we're feeling the debt service from the west harbor of the loan. we spend four percent of our budget open services, garbage pickup and 3 percent respectfully on our management zoology society and for operations and then one percent for citywide overhead and facility maintenance projects. so this is actually, the slide i really wanted to focus on this
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this afternoon. i'm sure you're aware of for many of the years the department has been in a defensive posture. we want to protect services among many million dollars of budget you cuts and finally, with the its improving economy we can look forward and make decisions where we might want to make some investment in the department over the next 2 years. so in light of that opportunity the general manager and staff has spent time to identify some could he strategic priorities for the department to make some budget environment. those priorities toy directly to our strategic goals and they are to enhance public safety, to advanced environmental
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sustainability, to support alive living and strengthen administer support. so we see preventing have anism and also fixing all the vanism that happens in our parks the broken window to her if you have a broken window other windows get broken but if you take care of it it defers. we need to both address immediate public safety concerns from hazard trees but also plan for the replacement of the trees canopy. we're looking was it would look like to focus resources on sustainable management of our parks and open spaces. we think that active living go
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should be focused on actually recreation choices and meeting what is an obesity academic and we'll fund programs to get children and adults outside and moving around. we want to focus on building administrator sport. first in refresh your memory and hiring and this is really to respond to the additional complexity that we created when we pledged the departments recreational model where we created an enormous recognize staff open on ongoing basis, and, secondly, in technology we want to improve and innovate the
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hardware and software program that enhances users experience in our park programs. i'm interested in the next 4 minutes on the commissions thoughts around those strategic priorities and we absolutely welcome our feedback whether it's this afternoon or over the next 4 weeks or so on what you think about those strategic priorities as we start to make some budget allocations. so as we did last year, we plan to use revenue to balance our budget. we're looking at leases and scone sessions in golden gate park and the towers for additional revenue we are going looking at looking at the xaend expanding new leases con
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section. i think the parking garages are going to generate additional revenue and we'll continue to earn more revenue from special events and our facilities. i think we'll see continued growth in our recreational programming. as we move through the budget process we will, of course, be out there talking to folks to our staff and stakeholders to the community, labor and to the cities policymakers. we actually have two of our community budgetometers scheduled the first one is next monday at the applying log rejecting center so on monday the 27 and our second is monday
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february 3rd at the clubhouse from 5 to 7:30. i'm going to be at pro-sack with my presentation and be back to the operations committee on february 6th with an update and we're consider our plan to the mayor on february 21st and, of course, the mayor will submit his budget on june 1st to the full board. two minutes to spare >> not bad. i for one congratulate you on fiscally on sustainability and alive you living those are residing a waiver that happens to be in the tied as it were now and it's our responsibility to do that so i encourage that. i don't see any other comments from my fellow commissioners
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>> do we have any public comment on this item. any public comment on this item? >> good judgment public comment is closed. >> you just won't be able to sleep tonight in i didn't point out to the commission no erroneous to the first public speaker and any public comment? if there is flrtd enforcement of off leash if there is enforcement of off leash the history is there is a person who was, in fact, injured it was a 6 year-old i didn't come prepared but if that's the reason there's
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enforcement at christopher and i'm sorry if the dog-walkers are upset he it's the law. the kid was walking down the pathway and was attacked by an off leash dog. we have a presentation in support of this child and at the park and while the police were there to moor we were notoriety i didn't people behind us were playing in the park playing with our dog off leash i asked the police why you are not enforcing the law and the woman then leashed her dog. i just rather than in any way chris's the park rafrj for
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enforcing the law i hope you'll give them an accomodation for enforcing the law. people want to play and be safe. the reason that shared use didn't work it's the same thing. people are not upset because the law is being imported if the - you change the law to say there's shared use the off leisure will not be imported and that's disappointing >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we're on item 15 commissioners matters. commissioners? >> not a thing. >> any public comment? so on we're on item 16 new business agenda. any public comment? se


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