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tv   [untitled]    December 27, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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. >> good morning today is december 17th 2013 welcome to the san francisco transportation authority my name is john avalos the chair of the authority and today's authority meeting is broadcast to us by jessie lar larson thank you for your work. madam clerk will you please call the roll. >> campos absent. chiu absent. mr. farrell farrell present. commissioner kim. tang
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present. commissioner wiener. wiener present. we have quorum. ? m. any comments or questions on the minutes? okay we can do comment on item number 2 seeing none we'll close public comment and the motion to approve the minutes a roll call vote. commissioner avenue avenue. >> aye. >> commissioner breed? >> chiu absent. >> commissioner cohen. >> kim aye. >> wiener aye. >> commissioner ye the item
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passes. >> chair report this is an information item. >> good morning colleagues it has been another busy and productive year at the transportation authority. in particular i wish to thank vice chair scott wiener for your partnership and leadership on transportation issues and eric mar for plans and programs and on behalf of my colleagues i wish to thank all of our aids to help with the large work we have here and the transportation staff. during the selection process -- i
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would like to thank you maria for your great work keeping the organization running smoothly and helped to keep all of our projects on track during the transition period. as you know colleagues after a vetting process we appointed tilly cheng to her executive director position. and i look forward to discussing later on our agenda. 2013 also was a big year for local and regional transportation planning with the adoption of plan bay area the first regional plan to respond to statewide policy and
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investment policies that tie trapgs transportation to housing goals. last month brought conclusion of the mayor's task force report and much needed revenues for transportation and we'll continue to discuss and shape as we move into the new year and on today's agenda is the adoption of the san francisco transportation plan or sftp and it's our city's strategic transportation blue print that sets our investment priorities for policy discussion for years to come i want to thank staff and our sftpc and the public in this complex and important work. i also want to recognize
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great staff work on innovative tools such as my street easy tools to find out where transportation projects are happening and weigh in on priorities. to congestion management and neighborhood access together we're tackling important issues. the agency also kept the funds flowing this year helping with our economic recovery and addressing pressing needs in every neighborhood across the city. this year the transportation authority passed the one billion mark for our sales tax program allocating funds for projects to improve the safety and accessibility
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of our transportation system citywide. we've moved a strong group of projects forward. the brt program moved ahead and the major capital projects of the prop k plan are all under construction. to the. our impact extends beyond the investments on the ground. we're engaging community based organizations in our outreach to communities of concern and increasing the involvement of neighborhood groups in the decision-making process. i'm excited about the work underway early action plan and prop k
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prioritization process. i look forward to working with colleagues on strengthening our transportation sector in 2014. and enhanced project delivery across the city i'll conclude my remarks by wishing everyone an enjoyable and relaxing holiday season. we can go on to public comments to this item and seeing none we'll close public comments and move onto the next item. >> this is an information item, the directors report. >> good morning tilly cheng executive director. my report is on your desk. it's only been a few short weeks but
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we've got a full report for you today at the federal level we noticed that the house of representatives passed a 2 year budget agreement which reduces the likely hood of another shut down which is always good news and shows highway programs however will not be subject to can you cuts. it is positive. at the state level cap and trade discussions continue. the legal hurdles have been cleared or 2 of them have been cleared and there also appears to be an expected state budget surplus so renewed energy and see if the governor might be will to repay some of the cap and trade funds so we'll
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continue to work with the san francisco city family and folks around the state on that effort. here region ly the cap and trade discussions will be happening tomorrow at mtc continuing on the framework that was introduced last month that we discussed in my last report talks about a very significant investment in the 3 major transit operators bart and muni and ac transit and the change since that time has been a proposal to change the core capacity formulas to savor some of the smaller operators proposes 30 percent to the big 3 and seventy percent to the other operators. the regional
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transit ridership is about eighty percent carried by the big 3 operators and the balance carried by the other operators so that will continue and hope there will be more time to make that formula more equitable across the region. so we're monitoring the transportation california and alliance for jobs proposal for statewide vls and if passed the fifty percent threshold could generate the estimated 25 billion dollars statewide and for san francisco slightly less about 57 million per year compared to 73 if we were to pass it locally. the
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active transportation program we've reported on in the pass past this is the new program for smaller projects that used to be the transportation enhancement program. we're continuing to advocate for the cpc to administer this program in an efficient way allowing the regions and delivery organizations and counties really be empowered to delivery those efficiently. so we will continue to work with partners here in san francisco and in the region and state level to coordinate our input into that
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process and hope for a better result by next year. locally we've had a lot of great developments there was a hearing of the budget and legislative analysts and many of you participated in that and . this compares to average spending and will be a challenge in terms of the funding. on the geary project you have a more full report on your desk on that project. we've been doing outreach we
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held the meeting in the richmond early er this month and we had a meeting on larkin street so please come on down to the main library and learn about the staff recommended preferred alternatives that we're talking about with mta and give us your input please. the japan town will also have an event in january to discuss the options particularly with a focus on the western edition area we continue to do great outreach on the rapid transit project so the citizen's advisory committee has 8 members appointed by the transportation authority. so the 19th avenue and balboa
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projects -- we'll be bringing to a final meeting on january 23 so please check our website for that. the potrero hill project also kicked off and we had more than 40 resident in attend ance at that meeting and possibly exploring the idea of a community as shuttle. we've got financial modelling happening in the treasure island study. an exciting study . already great work happening there. so we got really great
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coordination on that. we also met with neighborhood folks in the district 6 area along the waterfront those neighborhood groups have given us specific input and clear guidance on those types of issues they want us to address in that waterfront assessment. and customer service and efficiency improvements that we talked about we're working with our technical working group sponsors can now request and we can issue amendmented for budget changes on our project and see grants and we're also moving towards electronic invoicing. another piece of
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good news is that the credit rating was affirmed at double a plus and they gave us a stable financial outlook. they cited our strong program did debt management. looking ahead we hosted with kal trans 39 firms to identify upcoming opportunities here in san francisco and the bay area regions. in addition sam trans
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and other folks participating in the u.s. asian chamber of commerce in san jose. >> our staff has also been honored at the industry events. i was also very honored to be recognized by the organization and i want to thank commissioner kim for her remarks. thank you. >> thank you for your presentation. any comments or questions from colleagues? i do have a question that's really a minor one hopefully it can be answered. it's just on the statewide vlf is it
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possible for the legislature to actually put that on the about on the ballot themselves. >> that's a good question. >> we can certainly research i know at this point they are planning on doing a ballot initiative and gathering over 8 hundred thousand signatures. but we can check to see if the legislature can do it as well. >> okay thank you. we have no control of what the legislature does but if we knew it was moving forward. >> we'll definitely follow up on that. >> regarding the vlf right? i think that the legislature can put it on the ballot i think
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the challenge is i know that they will probably continue to do poling statewide and it creates timing issues as well so it's definitely has created complications for us unfortunately in addition to the fact that it only poses 10 percent for transit of the entire pot which i find to be very problematic. >> right. most of it is resurfacing and the like. >> is that with the 10 percent for transit or is that? >> that's interesting. most of it would be for road maintenance. >> the way it's structured statewide -- so the amount that would come to san francisco presumably would conclude the 40 percent highway so just the
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fifty percent local road and 10 percent transit my understanding is they are open to some possibilities for example granting more flexibility to local jurisdictions in terms of how they allocate so i think we should continue to dialogue with them. >> great. >> thank you. >> commissioner mar thank you miss cheng i really appreciate the outreach to different neighborhoods i'm looking forward to the main library event was it the 17th? i wanted to say there's more community oriented information out there go geary and other community groups are looking at
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this many different areas of the city so i wanted to appreciate the transparency that's going on as well. >> great thank you. we can go on to public comment on the executive directors report and seeing none we can move on to the next item. >> item number 5 -- for the lowest responsible and responsive bidder golden state bridge incorporated. authorize executive director to negotiate contract terms. authorize executive director to execute other supporting agreements. for the i-80 yerba buena
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island. >> okay we can go on to public comment. public comment is open on this item. i have number -- 5 and if no one comes forward we'll close the comment so we can do a roll call vote. >> commissioner campos. >> campos absent commissioner chiu chiu aye. >> commissioner farrell? farrell aye. >> commissioner tang. >> aye. >> wiener aye. >> it passes. >> next item please. >> item number 6 except the audit report this is an action item. >> colleagues, any comments or
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questions? okay seeing no one come forward we'll close public comment and can we take that -- okay the item passes. next item please. >> item 7. implementation and licensing and support and maintenance services for microsoft dynamics and authorize the executive director to negotiate contract payment terms this is an action item. >> okay no questions from the colleagues. public comment is now open on item number 7 and seeing no one come forward we'll close public comment. same call the item passes. >> and we'll go on to items 8. >> allocate in prop k funds
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this is an action item. >> great. commissioner mar. colleagues this is a request for 3 different projects for prop k funds one from the mta on escalator rehabilitation and street repair and cleaning improvements there was a lively discussion and great presentation at the programs committee on the mta escalator rehabilitation. we had approved the plan with continuations and it looks like the various conditions i believe have been met and i was going to ask if staff could
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brief us on what our options are. >> commissioner mar thank you for the pointing this out we have actually just received the maintenance plan for mta staff we had worked out with them to receive it and it's reflected in the resolution before you that we would receive it by friday. we can forward it electronically to the board right now. we understand from mta staff that they would like to move forward with the allocation today and they are here to answer questions that you may have about the potential impact of moving this forward today versus moving it forward in january. >> and chair avalos i would like to recommend that we move this forward today. given that the mta has met the condition to get the maintenance plan but my hope is that staff can look at the plan and i think that
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would be good to forward to all of us electronically as well. >> okay. thank you commissioner mar. with no other public comment on this item, number 8. >> and seeing no one come forward we'll close -- are you coming to the podium? >> good morning commissioners avalos i'm a member of the cac i was at the program's committee last week when i heard this item. unfortunately i didn't get there in time for commissioner mar to hear me but regarding this item, doesn't muni have a budget that deals with maintenance this sort of
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thing and maintenance and operations -- should this money be coming out of their budget instead of having to come to us? i mean, i know that these stations -- these are also -- this money is also for escalators to go to the bart stations but shouldn't this money be coming out of the muni budget instead of coming out of prop k? that's the question i want to raise. thank you. >> thank you very much. any other member of the public like to comment. seeing none we'll close public comment. >> next item please. >> item number 9 adopt the san francisco transportation plan this is an action item. >> any comments or questions? okay. go on to public comment. and
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>> regarding this -- i've been on the cac since 97 i worked with the executive director, tilly cheng on one five year and i think you should look and see what's been done in the past under the five year and prioritize the projects that have not been done before you move forward with anything else. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker please. >> good morning my name is kate hodge. i want to commend the
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staff for the tremendously hard work with this plan. based on a five year plan the strategy developed by the mta an excellent strategy but it's been turned into a 25 year plan this is a strange development and i wonder how our city is going to live up to its promise. right now what you are asking for -- so we're asking that the mta and other agencies involved with this plan development articulate how this is going to be able to reach the promised goal by 2020 thank you. >> thank you very much. any other member of the public would like to comment?


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