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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> (speaking foreign language). >> i'm glad that the legislation is here to consider the building on we're low income families and also particle for income families also. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (speaking foreign language). >> so greeting supervisor i'm a peer organizer with the collaborative. >> (speaking foreign language).
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>> so as part of my job i often go visit our families and see how they're doing and oftentimes they're not aware of the for example, the pastor issues and a lot of times we're the ones who educate them and let them know. >> (speaking foreign language). >> and a lot of times even if their faced if the opportunity it apply for financial hardship
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the process is cumbersome and it's times intensive and sometimes they choose not to go through with it. >> (speaking foreign language). >> so if this passes it would help make the process smoorther. >> thank you. >> hello, i'm with the housing rates committee. we're in support of this legislation. beak we see this legislation as being a simple motivator. it streamlines the board process so those who quality already for a hardship get one in a timely manner. this is really important especially for people on limited income and i see them everyday
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in my officer who barrel pack pay the rent and the medication and everything else they have to pay. especially seniors. for them to have to wait for o a 5 most process is a hardship. it's a psychological hardship because it is resident actual would be back to the date so this is a lot of pressure on somebody who is already having trouble making ends meet. as i said i see them all the time. even paying $50 center a tremendous burden and maybe keep their apartment or guch a prescription or food cutting
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back on food. and i think this is unfair that anybody should have to make a decision like that. we ail believe in safeguardingor facility but it wouldn't be cruel if safeguarding our people to displays people. so i urge you and i hope you'll not only pass this legislation but pass it out with a favorable recommendation today. thank you very much >> thank you, ms. new. >> today, i'm with the san francisco apartment association. i have some comments on the legislation. we have some concerns about the lack of due process that is built into the legislation. in other words, it's an or in has concerns about the hardship
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we believe that they should get a hearing at the rent board. it shouldn't be left up to staff discretion but in the rare curtains or the curtains that the owner wants a hearing they should believable to have that hearing granted. the other thing is on assets we understand that assets are exempt from the calculation on income. but we were wondering if this year's committee might entertain an option of putting a threshold amount in there. we believe that assets should be a part of income or clarification for whether you get a hardship or not but we're willing to compromise if we could request a certainty threshold amount where assets
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aren't looked at. in the legislation itself on page 2 section 4 there's a date of february 21st,003, in there i don't think that's a correct date thateefid. eaten page 3 line 12 i was going to ask for some clarity from this body or the city attorney on what this meant on the stay. so if you get a stay on payment if the board goes in favor whether it's registered or not registered that's the question i have >> president chiu. >> if i could ask the st. first of all, on the date on page 2 i
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don't think we're tending for everyday 2013 so i want to ask if there's a recollection was it 2013? >> not take i don't expect - unfortunately, i was here then horrible chair and committee members. that date is actually the date of what we call the other ordinances that set aside the proposition h lawsuit and basically amended a 50/50 split important the larger buildings etc. this provision required us within 5 most of the passage of those amendments to implement an outreach process which we have we have 6 contracts to do
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outreach around hardship. this just excuse me. as opposed to the effective date of this ordinance put february 2012 but we know what that date is. it doesn't change anything and so we're just assuming this requirement moves on. and then to the city attorney that was raised around the state of payment do you have an answer to that >> i wonder if this is a question regarding stays in the current ordinance. >> currently when a tenant files a hardship application it says is a pass through for 60 days this is usually enough time to adjudicate it and sees if the tenant qualifies but it will be
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stayed until the board comes up with another acquisition but currently it is stated and no one has at a pay until it's decided by the board and we make sure we do that within 60 days. however, it's been powered if that's proved it's retroactively back to the first day. even if they don't have to pay for it but they would have to come up with the sums >> as i read it we shed capital the tenant application so that's a technical clean up. why don't we go to our final
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public speaker >> i'm with the san francisco tenancies. i want to thank the board of supervisors for follow-up through. when the service safety ordinance i had concerns we neat to protect those buildings but many tenants were going to be displaced for the rent increases for the service work. we comprised tlbld a 50/50 split and with the mayor's office came up with this hardship provision and this will exempt low income and tenant seniors and those on fixed incomes to having to pay the service bond costs and will keep them in their homes and keep a lot of san franciscans
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who are having a difficult time when landlords are expiating every loophole they can to raise the rents. when the bond is going up and when we've had higher electric payments. so people with a fixed income 20 or 40 increase is enough to push them out of the city so thanks to the supervisors and mayor for addressing those concerns >> thank you next speaker mr. turner. >> good afternoon. i'm brooke turner. many of the concerns that the organization have or had are addressed by ms. new. one that wasn't addressed was our concern about the hardship
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exuding of non-liquid assets. you may have a tenant who's cash poor but own property but don't have the cash, of course, to address or to pay for that rent increase. we certainly understand by is that something that's part of this legislation of people who may be somewhat weight would be given a havrp because their cash poor. that's a question i have important you >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please mr. collier. >> good afternoon. i'm with the toirpd housing client.
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the same assets for standards would apply and those standards are already laid out in the mayor's office of housing protocol and i don't think you can oppose property and retirement accounts should be exempt because people won't have no retirement money and get evicted for not having the rent. so we're going feeling in a time of rising rents. my history of doing this for 26 years in an upward climbing market we see more and more passengers passing through the rent board. it targets bigger building upwards of 10, 20 units and with
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the service requirements that could be more so. we need to afford accountability by stopping evictions but we need to protect the rising rents and bigger buildings and capital improvement passage is a major way. we support the legislation and hope for its passage >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> gooets i'm barbara skinner. i want to make a comment that people should remain the incentives. folks who build large building that some of it will be set aside for affordable housing. i think with certainly with
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propose 13 i happen to be living in two different areas and on the east coast. it should be remembered that property owners are benefiting from propose 13 and their ben already. that needs to be understood and oftentimes people forgot that >> any additional public comment on item number 5. seeing none, public comment is closed. timing chu >> city colleagues again, i want to thank the members of the peanut butter public who have support this. first, i have a couple technical amendments as clean up language that the deputy city attorney as proposed. on page 1 line of the language should read to acquire the rent
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board to provide notice not the landlord just delete the word loaned with the rent boards. on page 3 on line 19 the word determined should be determines. on page 5 line 14 the word landlord should be struck so is it notices tenant applications. as we were talking about ms. new on page 3 lines 12 through fourteen there are a couple of words on tenant hardship applications with capital letters on each.
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first of all, i want to move those are clean up amendments if we can >> can we take those maementsz without objection. >> amendments b are adopted. >> i have one question for the rent board. there's a preference to do a hearing mooivendz if the rent board needs to do one necessarily they'll do one >> as you know there's always a hearing. it would not be if those 3 criteria were met. the loaned has a right to request and hearing but it's not automatic. bead be making a determination based on the evidence or the documents provided by the tenant and the observation that the landlords has raised and any
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documents. i'm a little bit like porter stewards definition of porn because we'll know it when we see it. and whether or not to grant the request for the hearing >> those are standards that are fairly clear but if there's any issues that you would move with the hearing. >> i think we would error on the side of due possess. i think that make sense. when he were discussing the service legislation this year, the tenants understandly asked for the consideration of the 50/50 pass there is no. but i think we agreed upon we'd work together to help streamline the hardship application process which this legislation reflect.
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that may not have everything that everyone wants but it is reasonable on the understandings and because of that those issues were sdusdz for a number of months i think we should move this forward with the minor technical cleans up we've made. and if there's other issues we need to look at it from a taenlt or landlord prospective i know my colleagues will be working with the rent board and you'll let us know if there's any language that needs to be addressed but with that colleagues i'd like to move this out of committee >> and can we take that motion without objection and a madam clerk call item number 67. >> item number 67 the amendment
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code for the maintained retrofit earthquake program and to report the building code records. >> thank you and i'd like to thank the gentleman from the mayor's office. >> good afternoon supervisors speaker when we sat here in the same room earlier this year we knew there was going to be trailing legislation for some other minor amendments. the amendments are proposed amendments to the chapter 34 building code. they've not changed the code those are minor applications. they fix a technical bfrn mark and we want to make sure that if someone eyes retrofit a and c
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they have the same sizeable earthquake sate. the construction organization who worked tirelessly for the bench mark study. this was approved naems by the full code advisory committee and by the building inspection commission. it adds discolor requests to basically add two questions the first question was this building part of the retrofit program and simply was the work done. a very clear definition. the third thing is establishes an appeals process through the
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board of xrmz. you may not be familiar with them but underneath the building inspection when the design is some complex. we don't anticipate those will end up but we want to make sure we add 3 seats to the public xrmz who are to be required to be a service expert and won a prosperity own and the other member a tenants. those are appoint should the board need to meet. with that said. i want to say thank you to the department of building inspection. acting director robert and jim who they've put in charge have
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been responsive. thank you on the record as well >> okay. we'll now open it up for public comment. i have one public card for allen and tom who explicit appear to be here >> is it there any public comment on item 6? seeing none, public comment is closed arrest colleagues can i have a motion to forward this to the board of remedies >> madam clerk any other business before the committee? >> no, that concludes our business. >> we are good evening, every
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name is my name namely kelly good on the city of mississauga city and county of san francisco. >> [applause] >> thank you my fan club fan club there and about. but welcome to the city of san francisco and welcome to usf. today we are gathered here as beneficiaries of the civil rights movement. to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. i am proud to stand before you as the first african-american, first woman city administrator. >> [applause] >>thank you. i i am grateful to be inspired and mentored by
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many great civil rights leaders and my educational leaders which includes usf law school. >> [applause] >> and my family members who have mentored me and have paved the way for me along my career path. i could not have gotten there without them. my greatest inspirations are my parents william little and maria little, and i my greatest inspirations are my parents william little and maria little, and i want to talk about howthey were inspired by the march on washington and dr. king's speech which subsequently has passed on to me. my mother was among the 200,000 people who joined dr. martin they were inspired by the march on washington and dr. king's speech which subsequently has passed on to me. my mother was among the 200,000 people who joined dr. martin luther king on the march on washington 50 years ago and stood up for the rights for a teenager growing up in washington as a teenager growing up in washington dc, she and her church did people demonstrations leading up to the march in washington where they would go in front of the white house. you have to remember, the time. this was
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the time they would go there and racial epithets were thrown at them and people would come up and spit on them and they had to practice turning the other cheek. a very very scary time.but both of my parents, made me fully aware of the importance of that speech and importance of education and but both of my parents, made me fully aware of the importance of that speech and importance of education and the future of black america. as the first woman's and african-american city administrator i bow to do the best job i can possibly do for the city as i've done from as the first woman's and african-american city administrator i bow to do the best job i can possibly do for the city as i've done from the outset of my career.i will continue i will continue to draw on the inspiration and guidance from my parents and the civil rights leader in my educational leaderin our history and culture and the relentless fight against in our history and culture and the relentless fight against prejudice and intolerance, and hate. there consummate energy intelligence and courage and their unshakable persistence consummate energy intelligence and courage and their unshakable persistence unflinching sacrifice and unwavering faith.we all know the we all know the fight is not over yet.i will keep fighting when i called the three jays, jobs, justice and jubilee in my capacity as a public service. i will continue to ensure equal opportunity for all to compete in the public
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competitive contracting process. we will continue to fight for local jobs for those who can need jobs. we will continue to fight for justice for people who will serve despite their ethnic background, religion, economic immigration status and their government and their policies and process. as for jubilee,it gives me such joy that we just recently celebrated this historical victory of the same-sex marriages in san francisco is the first county clerks office in this state to say open california to perform ceremonies for same-sex couples during our pride weekend. >> [applause] >> we can continue to celebrate these historical events diverse cultures inheritances that make san francisco unique. 50 years ago dr. king i have a dream speech inspired and changed many lives. we as
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beneficiaries, of his legacy and of the civil right movement can keep his dream alive if we do all we can and all are shared by keeping fighting for social justice and equality for our generation and the next generation. thank you and welcome. >> [applause] >> don't say it. i've known her for a long time but i will say for how long. only her and her father no. she's beautiful. she turned out just wonderful. great job, dad. thank you naomi. a couple acknowledgments. i want to several members of the city family were here this evening. we want to acknowledge them on
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the human rights commission, and that wave your hand. thank you. >> [applause] >> michael sweet the commission chair, human rights commission. thank you >> [applause] >> and this this lady sitting next to me years on the police commission and i was her vice president a couple times. she was the director of human rights commission, theresa sparks. >> [applause] >> dir. of the southeast community facility where is he? there he is. >> [applause] >> i think i don't know where rhonda is where is rhonda? ishii requested i will save him to the end. he's either first or last. i have got to say this lady right here san francisco
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robin swick is with us this evening. >> [applause] >> and when i say this name people stand wave and we all know who the former it's hard to say farmer, mayor willie brown. >> [applause] >> i have been around the university for a long time. too long. what has been too long but it's been a long time. i can of course number the events of the civil rights movement. i was actually on this campus the day dr. king died and we all cried. you know, in those days all was on university were trying to do our thing. if we wanted to do we could do the big things we did our


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