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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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i wish there was more people in the audier yesctiontionv ~ audience and i'm sure they may be here in television. i've been working very hard in my life. i'm not sure for what yet. can i please get your attention, supervisors? hello? well, they choose not to pay attention, thus their right. i'm running for mayor of san francisco. i'm not making a public announcement -- >> excuse me, sir, we do have a rule in the board ham berg you can't use public comment period to campaign for any offices. so -- i apologize and i understand that. well, i'm concerned about today is how difficult it is for people to work within, say, the health and human services department. i'm a little embarrassed how dirty the city is. and i'd like to say to all, thank you for your time. i'm not here for any gain of any sort. in time it will show.
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i ask the city of san francisco to do the best of all of us can do to clean up and show the world how beautiful the place we live in. thank you. aloha. >> thanks. next speaker. i have something i would like to put up here for you [speaker not understood]. i would like the attention of all of you supervisors today because if you don't, i'd like this to go down in history. [speaker not understood]. i was appalled and very disenchanted when i seen this article in what they call the new fillmore. this article here, even as i speak now i choke up because a lot of people i knew, african americans that died under this man here. but the killing thing about it, ladies and gentlemen, this man was ushered into our community by some people that are still living today, some people in
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the hierarchy of the government. so, it tells the truth of what i'm getting ready to say. i've been coming up here for years. i'm tired, i'm sick and tired of it. i have no other choice. if it don't work today, putting the city on notice. now, my supervisors, just one supervisor. we have another black supervisor. but they can't do it all. this is a city effort for all of these supervisors to jump on board about the outmigration of the african-american black knee grows. the other thing is the fillmore in which redevelopment has come. ~ negros it is so discouraging and i've asked for them to come for a public hearing and i'm asking my supervisor as the rest of y'all, to chime in on this in the fillmore. i mean, you can see all these businesses [speaker not understood] are shutting down and because of this article here -- put it back on there. show this. show this. this man here was ushered in by some of my own people. i'm not going to name them today, but in a book that i'm
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writing, it is disgracing that they would put this in in light of all of our black businesses closing down. and the bottom of it, it says [speaker not understood] of the situation. right now this paper here which i wrote four years ago -- i'm going to find out from the manager what is going on. but i am requesting that y'all help my supervisors, my black supervisors for attention, i'm asking for a public hearing for what's going on in the fillmore. >> next speaker. supervisors, daniel landry for the record. i just want to put you on notice that, number one, first of all, i'm from the fillmore western addition, and i'm here today to announce an issue that's developing in our area regarding the fillmore harris center. originally in 2006 i was one of the supporters of that project and over the years we have
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watched this center go up and down and a lot of crisis happening in our area. like ace just said, we do have an issue with black businesses closing. and, you know, an issue happened a few months ago where the yoshis which is currently facing bankruptcy was telling our community that it wouldn't be wise to set up in the lobby area and do any business or conduct anything without their permission. and i brought to their attention that this is a public use space and we need to be very careful who we invited in, which was yoshi's 1300 to overlook the community. now, i got a lot of information here, but one of the things when i did a record request is i seen there was a clause of community benefits that really haven't got out to the community. some of the things that i thought was really appalling was that, you know, at this time, all the money had been put in this project, it could
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be considered not only a trouble project which is the term they use under hud, it could be even considered a failed project because it's so much money have been invested in the fillmore harris center and it's time to take a good look at the records and compliance. the community deserves to know the direction of the fillmore. we speak about, you know, just hang on, hang in therersctiontion things are going to get better. let me bring to your attention, we have banners that say the fillmore is the heart and soul of the city. if the fillmore is dying, that means the city is dying. so, i look forward and i will be engaging supervisors, of course our supervisor, thank you. >> next speaker. my name is eugene gordon, jr., and i have context, quote of [speaker not understood] tracing [speaker not
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understood] moscow first printing 1966 printed in union of soviet socialist republic. in calling upon the german people to fight for, quote-unquote, not ideals in naziism. [speaker not understood] was buying up the states. fascist choice [speaker not understood] was not accidental. it is said he decided to buy the states in this area because hitler liked these places and [speaker not understood] counted on having him frequently. many other leaders of third raich had a stake around meklinberg [speaker not understood]. chief executive department and in charge of concentration camps. [speaker not understood] quote-unquote objectives [speaker not understood], death camps on way from berlin. [speaker not understood] frequently visited these camps,
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watched thousands of people die, issued orders, then went on to their orgies at their estates. the state, so much effort to convince as it self-destructs. [speaker not understood] a military regime that is, unquote, quote, the state's effort to [speaker not understood]. received invaluable assistance from [speaker not understood], conform with the desires of meklinberg, other landowners, [speaker not understood] monopolies. >> next speaker. good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of our
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public library. don't give money to the friends of the library. don't accept money from the friends of the library. what is at stake in the san francisco public library is one of the great privatization scandals of all time. except it is business as usual. i have pointed out for a number of years the city library in san francisco has received from the friends of the library both a discretionary fund and [speaker not understood] fund totaling $65,000 a year. these used to be called slush fund. these funds were never reported in the city librarian statement of economic interest nor are there any 801 gift to agency reports filed. i filed an official complaint with the california fair political practices commission on april 17. despite having the power to investigate without informing the perpetrator, they sent a letter to him anyway on april 24. at that point, the letter had first been sent to jim sutton.
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the decision to actually investigate was sent to me on may 7 with a cc to the law firm only. the city should ask itself why does the california fair political practices commission in san francisco know in advance that if there is a violator of ethics and financial disclosure laws in san francisco, jim sutton is his lawyer. the answer is straightforward. [speaker not understood] is so institutionalized in san francisco it is taken for granted. i call this buying exception from accountability, but in fact the influence of the drifters and the thieves of political assets is so entrenched that it is the sort of respectability to be a part of that. the occupied movement is correct. you're going to bleed the society until it collapses completely. the damage is to the faith of our citizens in our society. david chiu having me arrested does not solve society's problems and the lies cost more
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[inaudible]. thank you. >> thanks. next speaker. hello. thank you, board of supervisors. i'm a medical interpreter at ucsf medical center as well as a free-lance state certified medical interpreter. in principle i'm in support of ab 12 63 because there is a shortage of qualified and especially certified medical interpreters and collective bargaining rights for free-lance medical interpreters would go a long way toward filling that important gam in meaningful access to health care for patients. i would appreciate if you consider the passage of this bill. the context of the actual environment of care from english proficient patients at ucsf one of the top 10 hospitals in the nation. i need to point out a few draw backs of this which should be addressed especially when access is juxtaposed to quality or even equity in health care ability in light of an emerging
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and unevaluated use of technology to deliver health and human services. medical interpreters at ucsf sent us a letter to senior ucsf management to migrate our in-person interpreting to [speaker not understood]. for the record i have taken it upon myself to send this to you so i don't want to put any of my other colleagues' jobs in jeopardy as a result of my actions. the data used by management to justify migration is not based on ark tail utilization data [speaker not understood]. the so-called inherent structure inefficiencies of inperson interpreting used as justification by management is actually due to serious mismanagement. this is documented via years of e-mail as well as incident reports on behalf of patients who either did not receive interpreting or received substantial interpreting bilingual employees and minorses to interpret. the inherent draw backs in the
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use of video technology include primarily the problem that medical interpreters vital role as cultural brokers completely being disregarded by this and could be seriously compromised if we are over a video screen. [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. next speaker. can i use this one? can i use this? >> we can hear you. is it on? >> it is on, sir. i can't hear. okay. john [speaker not understood] from the san francisco. i read this in the year 2002. it seems like some things never changed. in these days the so-called
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freedom fighters, enable this, enable that, perhaps it would help if we came to the realization that this evil in the world stems from a worldwide sickness of the human heart, a sickness stemming from broken hearts, broken dreams, misery, despair, rejection, loneliness, resentment, misunderstanding and fear. what a heart break for humanity. instead of pointing fingers at evil, at one another, perhaps we should throw our arms around each other worldwide and have ourselves a good old-fashioned cry for this tragedy that is engulfing the human spirit today. watch obama's speech tonight. thank you for listening. >> thanks. next speaker. this is neil [speaker not understood].
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statewide historic preservation in oakland california. we had a policy of commemorating events that took place 70 years ago. the reason that this is about 70 years was about as long as people who are alive either participated or witness historic events. and this particularly pertains to those right now in this period of world war ii. the event that i want to draw your attention to tonight or this afternoon is regarding an action of this very same board of supervisors on september seventh, exactly seven years ago to the week of 143. it was special order 359 2, urging repeal of the chinese exclusion act ~. and the chinese exclusion act had been passed in 1882 as you probably know and the
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subsequent action reinforcing or extending its impact. and by 1943 the national situation was changed very greatly and and it was seen there was a great deal of interest on the part of interested parties in having this act of 182 [speaker not understood]. the purpose of this was to put the chinese people in the system. it didn't matter how many, but that was the important thing. every country had a different number quota. i just want to mention supervisors, the vote was passed 11 to 0 to abrogate the 1882 act by supervisors brown, coleman, younger, guard man, queen, mcfee, need, meyer, [speaker not understood]
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shannon and ewell 11 to 0. and it was very influential across the whole country because san francisco had [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. next speaker. hello, members of the board. thank you for the time. my name is judd holtz man. i'm a sit san of san francisco and i'm here representing ~ 350 san francisco. i'm going to bring you back, if you permit me, to the business that we have heard here today, namely the mayor's comments about the clean power sf program. given the support that the board has given the program, i'm sure that a lot of this will come as no surprise, but while i didn't plan on speaking, it was impossible for me to let certain assertions made by the mayor stand in the public record without being challenged. i appreciate supervisor avalos's comments trying to set
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ani would second all of those. i would just like to additionally point out it is represented as though the contracts which is clean power sf, i would just like to point out one more time that this is a small portion of the clean power sf program as proposed. it would be less than 5% of the total power provided by the program. the contract would be for 4-1/2 years with shell. the actual green benefits of clean power sf do not come from the power revised from shell but building local renewable generation sufficiency here. the funds to provide that come from selling power, for example, from shell or another provider. the power from shell is not the main event. the rates the mayor was discussing are maximum ceiling not to exceed rates. humans will not actually pay these rates. the actual program rates are yet to be set, but currently puc staff say they are
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competitive with pg&e brown power rates. that is being completely ignored. i would just like to point out that when we talk about homes being under water in the bayview and we're talking about mortgages, the more time that we spend debating this issue, we are actually talking about homes under water in the bayview, real water. we need to act sooner rather than later. i support everything that you're doing [inaudible]. >> thank you. next speaker. and final speaker. if there are any other members that wish to speak in general public comment, please step up. i am now come forth to give you skill and understanding. those words were spoken by the angell gabriel to the prophet daniel and he gave him the greatest rev yoution in the entire old testament. he gave him the year of the a nowthctionving of the messiah and he gave him the actual year of the death of the messiah, 4 87 years before he died. now, i can't say for sure that
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in two months from now on november 10th that the world is going to end, but i think there is a high likelihood that it's going to happen then because in daniel 12 it talks about this blessing that will come in 13 35 days, which is certainly related with the seven-year cycle and that will end 13 35 days. he was told secondly to go his way because he was to die and then be raised at the end of the days, whether the days, the 13 35 days. now, getting back to the 70 weeks prophecy, the 77 jubilee prophecy, it's an amazing thing. 9/11 was the sixth trumpet and it's really quite easy to explain it and it's based on the number 666. if you count to 36 -- if i had a stopwatch and i clicked off 36 seconds and stopped that watch at 36, that's the very unique number because if you
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count the 36 and you add every number, you get 666, and god said, here is wisdom. him that has understanding, let him count the number of the beast, it's 666. that was the stop number, if you will, okay. when 9/11 happen, this is the easy way to figure it out. when 9/11 happened, it was after 36 70s of years from the destruction of jerusalem. now, in luke thatthv 3 when jesus was baptized there were seven synchronizations and seven rulers. that was 28 a.d., it was the sabbath year 28 a.d. when the lord jesus christ [inaudible]. >> next speaker, please. hello, good afternoon, supervisors. i'd like to read off the newspaper headlines courtesy of the chronicle. and i hope everyone does read it. first one, i would like to urge
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the immediate resignation of the fire chief, the first headline in the chronicle [speaker not understood]. if anyone would read that article, you would throw up to see how a black firefighter was called "house boy" and was forced to do very menial jobs. if that doesn't qualify for resignation, the second headline, s.f. firefighter faces discipline for helmet camera. everybody in this room knows the [speaker not understood] of two firefighters. third headline, which i feel that this board has neglected for obvious reasons, s.f. school group linked to alleged theft of [speaker not understood]. i know many of you were affiliated with the school board. so, i'll just leave it at that.
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next headline. c-c-s-f head has plan for $95 million concert hall. after reading that article, why didn't the mayor's office and the board of supervisors even talk about that fiasco? now, this is the greatest headline. this shows how the city does business -- does business. nephew up for sfo job despite disciplinary action. please read that one because the lesson learned is if you want to be a high-paying city employee, keep breaking every rule. somebody will cover you and that even includes internet pornography. thank you. >> thank you.
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members of the board of supervisors, i would like us to remain on the overhead until i remove it. [speaker not understood] san francisco open government was mentioned by a previous speaker, city librarian luis herrera is under investigation by the fair political practices commission and several of us went to sacramento to testify before the commission regarding this investigation. over the years, mr. herrera has accepted gifts that were directly beneficial to him such as travel, hotel accommodations, reimbursement for expenses, office supplies, so forth. he has also accepted gifts that indirectly benefited him by giving a large [speaker not understood] that he could pass out to staff members to silence them in their questioning of the relationship between the library and the friends. none of these gifts for years have been reported as required
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by state law or by local ordinance. they have been simply accepted and spent and kept quiet. in return, both the city librarian and the library commission have been negligent in the performance of their duties under the law and contrary to public policy. the friends have raised and expended more than $53 million between 2000 and 2012 and the library commissioners and the city librarian have nothing to show where that money went. in the effort to cover up their negligence, they have sensored and abridged public comment. they have been found in violation by the sunshine ordinance task force on numerous occasions and i have mentioned one to you that you six months ago referred to you which you will never take up because it uncovers your own negligence. it also violated the california
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public records act. and in the order determination 110 83, thatses what reflected to you but ire not going to take it up because it covers your own negligence in the matter. ~ you're not going to take it up ~ [inaudible]. ladies and gentlemen of the audience and supervisors, good afternoon. for the record my name is emil lawrence. i've spoken before this commission, many other commissions [speaker not understood] to other commissions many times in the past. for the record, i think also that what do we have to do to get dennis herrera to investigate luis herrera? are they relatives? is that what's stopping you?
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what's in your power to get to you do that when the corruption is on the surface? i'm not going to spend much time on this issue at this moment, but i think you should look at that. your job is to basically observe and also listen to citizens of the county. and when you see corruption, to get somebody to investigate it. very briefly for the rest of my time, i'm going to ask this commission, this board of supervisors to have a moment of silence for mr. paul courier who ran for mayor, had the guts to run for mayor, spent 5,000 with no political machine, who died of a heart attack earlier this year. if we have more citizens of the county and city doing likewise, we wouldn't have many of the problems that we have in san francisco if it had more citizens that were empowered in such a way.
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so, the remaining time is in silence for mr. paul courier. i thank you for your time in this. >> thank you. any other members of the public wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. [gavel] >> madam clerk, can you please read the adoption calendar? >> items 4 through 7 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. a single roll call vote [speaker not understood] these items. if a member objects a matter may be removed and considered separately. >> colleagues, would anyone like to sever any item? supervisor breed. >> [inaudible]. i would like to sever item number 5. >> okay. colleagues, any other items? madam clerk, can you call the roll on the balance of the adoption calendar? >> yes. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell?
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farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. there are 11 ayes. >> those resolutionses are adopted and motions accepted. [gavel] >> and item 5. >> item 5 is a resolution reiterating the board of supervisors's support for clean power sf, citing the board's role as the preeminent policy making body in san francisco, urging the public utilities commission to set not-to-exceed rates for clean power sf without any further delay, and promising further action if the public utilities commission fails to set rates. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. colleagues, i would like to ask for a continuance for this item to next week's board meeting. >> colleagues, supervisor breed has made a motion to continue for one week. seconded by supervisor avalos. if we could take that motion to
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continue without objection. that shall be the case to the 17th of september. [gavel] >> madam clerk, can you read the in memoriams? >> yes, mr. president. today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals. on behalf of supervisor mar for the late ms. susan heron zib ot. on behalf of supervisor tang for the late young kevin john mcguire. on behalf of the full board of supervisors for the late ms. gail bishop. ms. evelyn wilson. and ms. christine vandemere. >> and is there any more business in front of the body? >> that concludes our business for today, mr. president. >> ladies and gentlemen, i want to thank sfgov-tv and greg burk for their work. with that, unless theretion any more business, we are adjourned for the day. [gavel]
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>> all right. good morning, everyone, the meeting will come to order. this the regular meeting of the transportation authority finance committee, i'm cohen and to my left is tang and supervisor david chiu will be joining us and weiner and superviser fer elwill be joining us shortly. >> the clerk of the board is erika cheng


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