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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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what went on there, and one person at least thank you. president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is -- and i come to represent one of those disadvantaged neighborhoods which we call the fillmore. as the gentleman spoke to come outside the race an come into our neighborhood to see how we can get some economic development also, and also, with the special permits, you know, food vendors, street vendors, the local hiring, and i think we really need to get knee deep into the meat of the rays as local hiring is just not based on construction. i work part time sometimes at the moscone center, and there are so many jobs there, u.s. security.
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you have the construction of the booths. we have so much employment there that i think we should have and point out line on what it is that the america's cup is going to need from a small minority contractors, security, to building stages. there are so many jobs that i think the local hiring issue needs to have a better help line and not just what was given to us. i think there should be a special hearing just on the jobs in this small contracts that are available beyond just construction. construction comes and goes. small businesses, as we get ready for small business week in may, they are here to stay, and we know they are the backbone of the economy. we want to know this also. president chiu: next speaker.
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>> i am kimball, and this is not my first time to speak as an advocate of the america's cup. i urge you to keep the faith. we have all made some adjustments. since february 2010, and the close observer of the city family, and there are some very adept, smart people working hard to make america's cup on the san francisco bay a reality. i have a better opinion of city hall than when i started in that observation, thank you for your efforts. there is not a lot of new stuff to say. let's get this done. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> been added. my name is dave hill. i am the vice president of the international longshoremen's union, and local located next to at&t ballpark. we are very proud of the fact that the new cruise terminal is named after our esteemed past president. his legacy was about protecting
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and creating jobs along this waterfront for the diverse membership. today, i speak on behalf of the international and for four locals that work is san francisco crews and cargo terminals. we support this agreement because the poor investment at the piers will create jobs for our union. it will create jobs for the races in 2013 in the short time, and in the long term, it will create jobs at the increasing cruise business. the facility can be used for a third cruise is the terminal. we have met with a race official, bob, and we have told him our expectations and to have members work at existing terminals. we are asking that the members work where there will be race boats and spectator boats docked. anything short of this will be a blow to our legacy and a rich history on the waterfront.
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on a leap of faith, we supported the america's cup altman this process, and we are still supporting it today. the america's cup, getting to finalizing their contracts for labor, we a expectations that this will be met. thank you. president chiu: 80. next speaker. >> good afternoon, president, members of the board. i am the secretary/treasury -- treasure of and local that provide security services to terminals and crews facilities. we credential all of the vehicles accessing marine terminals. on behalf of the members, i am here to support the america's cup development agreement today. i have been here many times. i cannot tell you how many times i've been here to speak. i have been too many meetings and have sat on the hard benches for hours, and they are very hard.
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but i have been doing that because i am optimistic that our members will benefit from the jobs that are created in 2012 and 2013. our local is very diverse. we are over 50% minorities. maritime security jobs are hard to find in san francisco. at the waterfront, we have a unique opportunity with this event. last year, we guarded the or always but for two months, and we look for to going back for the america's cup. it has been a long process, and we hope that today it can still be approved and that we can continue to work with the racing management on the many requirements where there will be raised and spectator boats. thank you. >> good afternoon, president, members of the board. veronica sanchez. i am here to support the
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revised america's cup development agreement and related actions. our union represents the captain on the tug, a company on the waterfront. it is an lbe company. that company has a history of doing construction work on the waterfront, including dredging. we look forward to the opportunity of having our captain man and a ferry charter business that may result from the america's cup, so we urge you to support the resolutions before you. thank you very much. president chiu: next speaker, please. thank you. >> i am martha, a trustee of the park's conservancy, and i also chaired a board committee. i am speaking today about that
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thousands of donors to contributed towards the restoration and all of the volunteers that work very hard every year, as well as all of the visitors. over six months ago, we met with the feeling of being the authority, the national park service, and the city of san francisco. all parties agreed that chrissie feels should be in better condition as before the events. we were to to make that a true guarantee. after six months of working with the event of 40, we were able to mutually agree to a concept of a letter of credit from the of the authority as a financial guarantee against any damage to parts plants. this was approved by many, including nancy pelosi and the event authority. just two weeks ago, we learned
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that the of that authority role was off the table. instead, the city would be responsible for the operating costs and potential damage and the wear and tear associated with the america's cup events on national park lands. we had constructive conversations with the city since that major change, but we are looking for a guarantee, an explicit guarantee that shows us a clear source of funding as well as a guaranteed mechanism to transfer those funds to the national park or to the conservancy. we must protect it. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am with a san francisco travel organization. travel is a vital to san francisco, and tourism. last year, san francisco hosted
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six 3.5 million visitors that spent almost $8.50 billion. that supports many jobs and contributes $525 million to the city budget. these are significant increases over the past year, and we can be happy with those numbers, but we can do even better, and the america's cup will help the city -- even greater benefits in many ways. in the short term, the events themselves will track the visitors that will rent hotels, eat in our restaurants, and otherwise stimulate the economy, but in the long term, the international exposure that will be provided by these events is priceless. i have a calling that goes to different places around the world, and sheet tells stories about how people will come up
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and say, "you are from san francisco. that is my favorite city in the world." and she will say, "why is it your favorite city?" and they often say, "i do not know. i want to go." thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, my name is john. i am a resident of san francisco district six and m eight captain of 8 group. it is private business and take passengers on the san francisco bay. we have taken a lavender people sailing on the base since last june, all of them are excited about the america's cup coming to sentences car and about raising on the bay and for the city. so i am here to speak in support of the resolution. i will say that speaking with
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, and also promoting the business by speaking to the concierges tour of the city, there is increased -- they do not understand the minutia of the discussions going on inside this building. there is increased concern about the uncertainty about the america's cup. and that is leading to fatigue. i urge the supervisors and the board to expedite this process so we have certainty for the races in 2013. thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> good evening, good afternoon, supervisors. i am a private citizen. in 1983, i had a pivotal change in my life because that is when we lost the america's cup when i was in college. what happened then is the technology inspired me to take up an aerospace engineering degree. the america's cup is unique. it is a unique thing in sports
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history. you could see nothing but technological innovation. because of this, i got involved in aerospace engineering and in 1983, 1984, i joined the team in newport beach, california. we tried to bring the cup to newport beach. they were faster and we were eliminated quarterly. san francisco has registry. what -- has a rich history. this can be one of the most innovative and inspiring events in california history. if you want to inspire children, if you want to inspire them to see what people can do and what teams can do and what individuals can do, what you want to do is bring the america's cup here. when i was involved to have to go out in a boat and go offshore.
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for the first time, you will have to -- you will have the most inclusive show. they will see the excitement and technology that goes into it. tens of thousands who have never seen america's cup boats close will be able to see it. the technology is so far ahead of where we were in 1985, it is amazing to see. what the team is doing is pushing technology even farther. i would encourage you to please vote for this plan to bring america's cup to san francisco and let's move on and get the race is going here in the bay. thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am andrea and i represent ecopress partners. i have sat through two hearings and i applaud you for your stringent cost value analysis. what i am not hearing is any intent to support the workforce
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development plan in -- and the america's cup has been working with me since last october to bring revenue to the small businesses of san francisco. they are very supportive of growth within our industries, i represent the printing industry. i am speaking for myself, will be hiring more people and putting money back into the economy here. i urge you to quickly pass this riddle -- this resolution and let's get moving along. thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon. i have been a san francisco boater and resident for the last 25 years in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. i am a member of the golden gate yacht club and the manager of that ceiling program there. i am requesting your full support by voting yes today on
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the lease indisposition agreement between the city and america's cup planners. the america's cup will ramp of jobs for a fairly long time as visitors roll into town to see what is going on before, during, and after the main events. bring -- teams will bring their family, support groups, and their fans. they will need housing. there will go to our restaurants, the fan base i think is something that we have never seen here in the city and i am excited about it. i hope that you are, as well. you have the opportunity today to say yes to something that the whole world would love to have in their hometown but it is yours to have for throwaway. i urge you to vote yes. thank you for your time. president chiu: thank you, next speaker.
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>> president chiu, board members, good afternoon. today is the kind of weather we have outside that most sailors and their vessels change their course and chart for shelter. i believe san francisco bay is one of those days in the earlier times before any of the industrial economic development happened here. san francisco is a landmark and many uses and government's responsibility is affordability and keep in mind we already have the copier in our short. we are the defending champion -- we already have the cup her on our shore. we are the defending champion. what we are thinking is not necessarily what we have to
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say. you are casting a vote. more than likely of vote that is cast that unifies and with conscience. i urge you, i plead and ask for your support for the enthusiasm of the population coming to san francisco. that money can never by the happiness and the experience of generations in front of me and behind me. i see the opening of ribbons and welcoming of our guests. i would like you to think about your vote you have cast today. and participate with the party and be on board with everyone. again, a consensus vote is about with conscience. please do.
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thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> good evening. i am ace washington. i am here at public comments and my colleague said, what are you going to say? you're going to get in trouble. ♪ i would like to know who is in control right here in san francisco ♪ the america's cup, i am for it. billions of dollars and millionaires are coming here. ♪ i would like to know who is in control, i asked the mayor but he did not care ♪ it is an issue that is going on with the african-american
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migration report. i'm here supporting the america's cup but a lot of people say that african- americans will get economic development. we're not part of the 10-year plan. we definitely are not part of the billionaires' plate. i, ace washington, will be watching over that. the african-american out migration is institutionalized. ♪ i would like to know who is in control right here in san francisco ♪ ♪ redevelopment is going, but we're is willie brown? ♪ ♪ i will talk to governor jerry brown, this is his second time around ♪ ♪ he has got to help us turn this thing around, what i am talking about ♪
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♪ the black population is coming down. when the benefit comes we will be nowhere around. ♪ i can't pay my own doggone rent ♪ ♪ let alone be a san francisco resident ♪ president chiu: thank you, next speaker. and you don't have to sing. >> i cannot sing. i am a retired army flag officer and member of three of the major yacht clubs in the bay area and a member of the golden gate yacht club. i was debating whether i was going to speak today are not in my concern is about our children. will our children benefit from this event. our asian, latin, african- american children who are not
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exposed to the sport? i want to make sure that this document that you execute, sign, and approve have some options that expose our children to this opportunity. they will be what we see. until tiger woods started playing golf, there were not many african-american children excited about golf. if we can excite our children in the schools about sailing, about this opportunity, it is great. a rarely see anything -- anyone who looks like me or the diversity on this council. it is important that our children as part of this process. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> ♪ good luck to you and america's cup, we can share ♪ ♪ sailing quiet blow on the water, i hope i will be there with you -- quite a leap, blow
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on the water, i hope i will be there with you. ♪ ♪ make the race precious, and the moment we can shraeare ♪ ♪ sailing the city blue, i will be there with you ♪ ♪ and i f i can't sail back, it will not make the race bear -- fair ♪ ♪ and the moment we two can share, i hope you care and can be there ♪ president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> the afternoon.
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i'm wishing you and early happy birthday. i am a new business owner in sixth street in san francisco and i am here to support america's cup. i really think it is going to bring -- it will stimulate the economy and create a lot of jobs. also be really great for small businesses in san francisco. and generate a lot of revenue. i really support that and i urge the board to vote in favor of america's cup. thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, president chiu, and members of the board of supervisors. i am an entrepreneur and also a ceiling fan -- sailing fan. i am a member of the nonprofit
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organization, the goal is to inspire and involve high school students with an early involvement in technology and engineering. in the past, we supported youth sailing. this year, we are interested to leverage america's cup events to provoke their interest in wind power and engineering. just imagine the boats which can travel three times the speed of the wind. zipping around in the bay. i think it can be really inspiring. i myself am inspired to seek an alternative solution for wind power. i really admire the work you do in building the great city of san francisco. i am inspired by your work to -- and hope to join in the public
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effort. making san francisco the best city in the free world. it is with this mindset i come before you to urge the board to vote and approved the america's cup. so it is only 17 months away from the main event which will be held in 2013 and a few months away for the first event in san francisco, will this be an amazing phenomenon or another ordinary event. it rests in our hands. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon. i wanted to speak to the issue
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of jobs and workforce. we and many of our coalition partners have been in many hearings over the past several months. stressing the importance of the america's cup and what it can do for the city but also with the message of insuring we have commitments to local hiring and prevailing wage on what we're going to do in terms of the bill out to prepare for the america's cup. i think today is a good day to finally get to this point where mike martin from the point has pointed out. we have gone through the documentation, we think it is good. eddie at brightline did some more analysis. told me this morning that the press conference on the one-year anniversary of that local hiring policy were there. we want to move forward with this. it is important work to be done. it will create a lot of jobs,
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jobs in construction, at a time when we have record unemployment, prevailing wage seems to be in place and so again, after many months, we have got to a place where local hiring is that on the construction and the only question i would put out because we're trying to get the little bit of clarity. the prevailing wage around the temporary construction, that is what is referred to collectively, the bleachers in the america's cup village. it is not covered by the local hiring policy but the union is -- the unions doing the work are carpenters and engineers. local 510 has been involved. there was proposed basic craft agreement is -- which is the way that we would like to see them sign an commit to those bleachers. it is work that has to be done the right way, the right wages, and a question we do not know but it would be important, as the basic craft agreement been
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signed? let's move forward. thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon. having gone through the workforce development plan, the latest generation, it has gone through a lot of improvement. no longer a hearing to the good faith efforts that were part of the draft several months ago and now complies to local hiring ordinance. we commend the authority and -- for taking the right steps in making sure hiring can happen on the permit construction work. there is one small typo in the actual draft that we did notice. that is on page 19 of the workforce development plan. if you go through page 342 of the entire package, it is a lot of pages to go through. there is a section on contractual obligations. the local hiring policy will apply to construction contractors, $400,000 and above
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windt this should read construction contracts. it is a small typo but it is something that can lead to confusion in the implementation of local higher across the board. that is something to notice. -- local hire across the board. that is something to notice. looking forward to america's cup. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors and president. i am here representing cabrio, a pedicab service. besides the pedicab factor and we have a specific plan to expand which has a keystone with the america's cup, i want to talk about the fact that i am also a sailor. this is something that is good for the bay area itself. something that has not been talked a lot -- about a lot. we are


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