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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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government activities. our campaign has asked that the western addition be the first. and the land use committee write on the placement of people. the impact -- the economic impact, employment rates remain the same. there is a decrease sense of the entrepreneur spirit. the interaction with neighborhoods and the social networks, feeling that this trust overtime helps impact and increase rates in mobility. there is the alienation and the result of a familiar area.
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there are dozens of the voting blocs. they are part of the same family. there is a feeling of mistrust. thank you very much. >> in the afternoon, supervisors. -- good afternoon, supervisors. i wanted to talk about addressing community concerns and racial and religious profiling. i wanted to say on behalf of my community that there have been many issues for the arab- american community. to fight extremism or any terrorist agendas, the united states congress is having hearings about mosques and
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radicalizations. we are part of the solution to fight extremism. review of item 34 and don't look at us as outsiders. we are americans, too. we want to be part of the solution to fight extremism out there. every sermon that we have is simultaneously translated from arabic to english. we have nothing to hide and you don't have to spy on us or anything. feel free to visit us and you'll see that there is no anti- american agenda. president chiu: next speaker. >> you know who said now the kingdom shall return to the house of david?
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it is a difficult question. in the answer is, nobody. nobody said it. they went out and he said in his heart, thou shalt kingdom returned to the house of david. he did not say it, but he thought it. the bible is the only book that can read your mind. jesus said it is one of that bears witness to itself. he bears witness to me. i am preaching at different colleges in the street corners. i met a muslim fella. we had a conversation about jesus. he said he did not die. jesus says that he bears witness of himself and yet his father bears witness of him. how did his father bear witness
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of him? that is what sets christ apart from every religious leader. the scriptures wrote of me. it says here, therefore, i divide him a portion and he shall divide the spoils with the strong because he has poured out his sold in the death. he was numbered with a transgressors. he bared the center of many - th- beared the scent of many. he can only do this through the death of jesus christ. if you get saved -- [chime] president chiu: thank you, next speaker.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. i bring your attention to item 35. i am the executive director of steppingstone, the largest provider. it was founded in the late '70s to prevent frail seniors from going into skilled nursing unnecessarily. it has been a successful program for 34 years and i am now witnessing a moment where we may lose adult day health. this resolution before you to oppose the elimination is very important and it is one that we feel the board of supervisors is in a position to take a stand
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on. i have a copy of the letter, a copy for the record and copies for the supervisors. does the city of san francisco passed a living with dignity plan that really purports the community-based center of caring for our frail and low-income elders? if it is dismantled, it will put many people in skilled nursing facilities within a month, and many more within six months. this will have a disastrous effect for the city of san francisco. we urge you to oppose this measure and send this message to our governor and our legislators at the state level. thank you. [chime]
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president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am a participant at steppingstone golden gate ave health. -- bay health. i have arthritis, bipolar disorder, and recently i had a colon cancer surgery. when i come to golden gate avbay health, i can attend the most nutritional costs. i will know what i it is good for my diabetes. i can exercise at the center. the program is designed for physical therapists and
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occupational therapists. i have bipolar disorder. i can talk to my friends in the social workers. i can get health at the center -- help at the center. please save our healthcare center in san francisco. i might need to go to the hospital more often. it will cost the state and city more money. president chiu: next speaker?
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if you could pull the microphone closer to you. >> [inaudible]
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i ended up in the wheelchair. [inaudible] [chime]
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[inaudible] save adult care center in san francisco. [chime] thank you. president chiu: thank you. >> my name is benni wong, i'm a director for golden gate bay health. i want to tell you a very touching story related to the health center. we have a spanish-speaking
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senior who has been diagnosed with mental delay, dimentia, and other medical problems. when he comes to the center, we monitor his health condition including medication management. we also coordinate this medical care. because he was sleeping in a very comfortable hotel, one day, he disappeared. he was missing. on sunday, they came to the center and told us they were missing. our social worker filed a police report. they found him on the street, he
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was sitting on a sofa. i immediately called a police officer and they came. they told the police officer that he did not eat for seven days. and that he did not take the medication. that is what they were very concerned about. he was put in a hospital. let me tell you. when they wanted to discharge him, they would discharge him back to the hotel. right now, he is sleeping in a home. he is still coming to our center. [chime] president chiu: next speaker.
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>> i am the executive director for san francisco adult day services network. of the 11, for are the originals of started back in the early '80s when san francisco helped us make adult day health care. we worked with other partners to bring in the community base service. right now, they represent 1800 people that are served annually. if they were to be eliminated, 650 caregiver's would have to reduce their hours or reduced their jobs to take care of their loved ones. we appreciate this resolution because it is very significant
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when we can have meaningful voices and numbers take the same position. thank you. >> good evening, board of supervisors. i'm a community activist and human rights activist. tonight, the community of civilians and religious profiling. dear supervisors, i am an american that has lived in this country for over 15 years. in all my time here, i have lived among many other arab- americans who along with me are being mistreated for no reason.
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just for no reason. just because of the way we look and who we are. we are being harassed and mistreated by the authorities. we were second-class citizens. i am an arab-american. if this citizen cannot protect my basic human rights, and dignity, we do not deserve this type of discrimination. we do not deserve this type of discrimination. therefore, i urge you to act now and take a step towards resolving this crisis by passing and adopting an item 44. president chiu: thank you, next speaker?
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>> mr. president, mi am a a member of the gallery, i come here often. i am confused and i prefer to be in the audience. my district, for the first time ever, in the last election, not only was a progressive collected but the runner-up was also a progressive which is a unique thing for our district. it is positive, but things are not quite settled as they were when it was chirris daly versus everyone. getting rid of that the way --
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dead weight, thank god for term limits. i would like to make a belated welcome to the supervisors. my own supervisor kim, i live in probably the most dysfunctional area of the city, we are competing with a view -- bayview on that. we sue each other. it's hard to work with us. i welcome and hope our new lord of the flies -- i know the voters are not used to having to pick someone. i appreciate you getting through that. desmond bishop, i know the bears
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won that game. today, we won that one. [chime] >> is there anyone else that would like to talk for public comment? if not, public comment will be closed. thank you. president chiu: if we can move to the next agenda item, committee reports. >> item 25 was considered at a regular meeting on thursday, march 3, 2011. a motion making appointments with terms ending february 23, 2013. and a term ending february 23, 2012 for community development. president chiu: colleagues, the item is in front of us.
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supervisor avalos: this is an item that supervisor kim was going to be discussing as well. i'll stand up. i had -- i was surprised to see the names come out. i worked very closely with them on the local hiring ordnance. peter cohen i worked with for new strategies in san francisco. there is work that she has already done. i think it is important to recognize the work that she has done. i was also alarmed that charlie shamas was not put forward on
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the rules committee. it has been a strong voice for economic development and environmental justice. with community members, building the leadership, it is so necessary in the city with the economic downturn that has been working hand-in-hand with community members and has made the citizen's committee on community development a very meaningful experience for the community to take part in. in the past when there would be community meetings with cccd, they would have about two minutes for public comment with the work of restructuring the committee and having a stronger approach on community development. they opened it up for the community to actually take part and there to be dialogue on how the city will be responding
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with its community development work. it is not some much a cut-down approach, it involves the community in a very interactive way. a couple years ago, there was a proposal that was working towards eliminating community development work in san francisco. my office convened a working group, working closely with him david -- pam david to write up the findings of the working group. they met at 8:00 in the morning and once or twice a month to come up with a plan for how we would be able to respond to a community problem work being done in san francisco. we fought a new proposal where it now sits. we have revitalization efforts,
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changing our approach around poverty in san francisco. since that time, in my district, charlie has been involved with that effort that has not existed ever in district 11. there was a conscious discussion about how we are going to involve members of work force development. this is something that is new. we are working with the citizen's committee on community development to make this happen. it is really important to have the continuity of charlie's work on the committee and i like the motion that we add his name and i really hate to say to take out rivera's name as part of the committee. it is about the work charlie has done and that others have done
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over the years in revitalizing the work in san francisco. that would be my motion to swap out charlie's name for nicole rivera. president chiu: supervisor avalos has made a motion to amend. is there a second? seconded by supervisor mar. supervisor mar: i just wanted to add that he has been active as supervisor avalos mentioned in community-based efforts. we need his experience on this advisory committee. i know he has got tremendous expertise and community planning.
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there is tremendous knowledge of community-based organizations. building alliances and unity among other neighborhoods and a low-income neighborhoods in the city. i will be supportive of the motion. supervisor kim: i also support this amendment. i said on the rules committee. the board of supervisors gets to appoint four members. we reflect and advance the concerns and needs of our low- income neighborhoods. it is to strengthen the social and economic infrastructure of the low-income neighborhoods. we have folks that work and represent folks in the
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communities. and now as an organizer, i think he complements peter cohen in being able to represent a diversity of neighborhoods. i am very impressed with nicole rivera, i would love to help her get appointed to another committee. she does a lot for the city and county of san francisco and is qualified to serve. the board of supervisors is trying to get representatives at work in the community, he is more appropriate for charlie. supervisor cohen: the issue that i specifically want to speak to has to do with being in favor of
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cohen. i'm concerned about charlie. the reason i am concerned, one of those things that i have heard when speaking to my colleagues, the committee has spoken in support of charlie, and that is wonderful. i wanted to bring to people close the attention -- people's attention. it is only a matter of time. it is a last-minute amendment. and having adequate time, when they could also add equerry rally troops. -- adequately rally troops. i am very concerned that what happens, people they characterized for who they work for on a short snapshot.
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they have written her off because of who she works for. i cautioned that you use to a person's employer is to evaluate their ability to serve san francisco. i am also concerned that the rules committee heard the issue, voted one way, and here we are. i see this is a slippery slope that we will continue to fly down. i hope we can get some kind of resolution to this particular issue. supervisor wiener: i am not going to be supporting this amendment.
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specifically, when it comes to housing and community development, diversity is important. miss rivera is involved, younger than i am significantly. someone that brings that level of diversity. it is also important to bring a fresh perspective. across the political spectrum, we see people that are involved for a very long time. it is also important to bring fresh people. i was excited to see her name for it from the rules committee. i know and respect her. i can't support this amendment. supervisor campos: thank you, mr. si