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tv   [untitled]    January 20, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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be abolished and condemned. -- abolish a condemned appeapie. the final is anticipated in 2011. the commission recently signed and approved a signed agreement with the army corps of engineers to carry out demolition of the project expected to begin in november of 2011. the america's cup event authority was used as a newly reconstructed worth for a public viewing of the event. as a result that required project completion by june of 2013. support staff is working closely with army corps to advance the schedule. also looking to resolve funding shortfalls in the project so that we can meet the schedule to get it built in time. the shortfall is about $4 million.
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the blue-green way project is to improve and expand public open space network trails along the city's central waterfront from the china basin channel to the san francisco waterline. you will recall that it was not well defined at the time. several potential projects received deal bond -- geobond funding. guidelines will identify how it will be funded. a few of the projects were identified for early implementation. most projects are awaiting completion of the signing process. for those that had early identification, they found park design has completed with a construction bill expected this spring. park improvements expected in the design phase with construction bids. expected this spring for the crane park with rfp for project
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assistance. as i said, planning is ongoing. the first and second issuance is provided with $6 million for the project. the third issuance is $8.6 million. the final has a value of $7 million as anticipated. combined with existing waterfront parks, pier 7, gary bridge plaza, pier 14, southeast part, the 2008 geobond supported the development of new public parks and open spaces. the next day of project and implementation cs project 43 constructed along with brandon street. we will work with stakeholders, the mayor's office, the board of supervisors, and a capital
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planning committee for a financing proposal appeared 27, china basin park, bicycle pedestrian improvements for the achievement of a vision of public parks and open spaces along a continuously walkable waterfront. we will back very shortly in march with supplemental appropriations for the third sale. i am here with the project manager for pier 43. also with larry brown from financing. thank you. >> thank you. is there any public comment on this item? any questions, commissioners? >> just one. going back to the brand and street wharf, you said there might be a shortage of $4 million. how do we propose capitalizing that shortfall? >> commissioners, executive
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director, my name is steven and i am the project director of couple brennan street wharf -- project director of brennan street wharf. we have alternates for the project to complete the build out. the full bill out is $4 million short.
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