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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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i talk to people in europe online every day. it is amazing how many people have no idea what this place looks like other than the big orange bridge. i think the opportunity to have those kinds of visuals, have that kind of interest focused on us for that time really has a very long-term and very measurable financial value. thanks. supervisor mirkarimi: we're going to take a two-minute break. be cool. we will resume where we started. thank you for your patience. supervisor mirkarimi: i would like to resume where we were with those people queued in the aisle prepared to speak.
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after this person, i will read some more names. >> i'm a resident of district 3 and president of the marine firemen's union, headquartered in district 6. for the past few days, in meetings facilitated by the city attorney, representatives from maritime labor have discussed host city and a new agreement concerns with the mayor's office, the america's cup event authority, and bmw or go racing. we believe we have satisfactorily resolve these concerns, so on behalf of the area's seagoing labor organizations specifically, the sailors in and of the pacific, the international organization of managers, maids, and pilots, the inland boatman's unit, and the marine firemen's union, i wish to express our support for this resolution. maritime labor would also like to publicly recognize carry mcclellan for the tremendous effort she put into addressing our concerns and for her work in
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developing what we believe will be a bit leading to a magnificent series of events for all of san francisco to enjoy for years to come. [applause] supervisor mirkarimi: next speaker please. >> we can only have one microphone on at a time, sir? >> about two years ago, i came over from the east bay by bart, and i walked past the craft center and the farmers' markets and the ferry building. i buy things. i get food there. i spend my money. then i walk down. practically every weekend, i'm
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out there, and i'm spending my money at local cafes and restaurants along the embarcadero. i would not have done this three years ago before i started coming to san francisco to sale. i'm probably one of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who would come to san francisco to spend their money because they love sailing and want to watch the america's cup. thanks. [applause] >> mr. chair, supervisors, resident of san francisco for 25 years. supervisor elsbernd seems to have left the room, so i guess i will have to call them separately. i urge you to support and look for the full board host city agreement. i'm also here representing two organizations. the bay area sports organizing committee was established in 1987. i will bring two points, two
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events that we help bid for an stage in the 1990's. 1994 men's world cup and 1999 women's world cup. these were outstanding celebrations of international sport, generated huge amounts of economic benefit and impact. they were substantially focused on the peninsula and the south bay. san francisco benefited from that. bay area sports organizing committee that will work with the america's cup organizing committee, mark buell, and dewitt's park to fulfil their obligations to you. several members of the executive committee serve on the america's cup organizing committee, including the president and ceo of captain healthcare west, the managing partner at hanson bridget law firm, and a representative of sunset development. i mention these because it is clear that a point of concern
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legitimately as you go through your fiduciary due diligence is this issue of the reimbursement of the city. i urge you strongly to have confidence in the mark buell and the america's cup organizing committee and those stellar individuals that are helping him put together a plan. the bay area council will do its part with the executive committee and those members that i mentioned and those others. the bay area council is a non- profit public policy group comprised of the largest private-sector employers of the bay area of this entire region. that is it. that is a fast two minutes. i urge you to support this and move it to the full board. supervisor mirkarimi: after this next speaker -- [reading names] >> budget and finance committee, i'm walter paulson. ♪ i hope you get america's cup
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in this city and the budget price that you need who is reaching out to capture a moment and that i hope is wendy's because when he makes sailboats sure glide and i hope that the tide is high and you really boat flying take a ride i hope you get america's cup in this city, and that budget price that you need i know you are out to capture this moment, and i hope it is
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windy and wind makes sailboats glide and i hope the tide is high and your boats sure fly and take a ride who is reaching out to capture this moment and i hope the america's cup is here and it is windy ♪ [applause] supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker please. >> executive director of the bay planning coalition in 1983. that last rendition inspired me to sing full fathom in five -- 5, but i will spare you. bay planning coalition, we represent about 175 maritime industries, predominantly companies around the bay, six
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public course, several marine terminals, labor unions, and recreational boating industry dedicated to keeping the day driving for commerce, recreation, and the environment. the major aspect of our program is securing federal appropriations for keeping the bay bridge. we will about 5 million to the yard every year to a beneficial be used side, and we can help with throwing out any dredging issues that the project may have. the other half i wear today, i am a member of the cruise terminal advisory committee for the port. been on the citizens advisory committee, and a homeowner in the ne waterfront area. with these hats, i just want to encourage you and to say even more forcefully about with an unparalleled opportunity hosting this cup means for the port and its waterfront. this will literally bring the port and the waterfront out of the -- shall i say the of this of the pre and post-loma prieta
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earthquake. you have seen the thousands and millions of people coming to the waterfront. we have got a lot of improvement so far. the board has over $1 million maintenance repair bill that i do not see based on my 45 years of being here, ever being really fulfilled. with this in mind, i also want to just point out, too, this is a balanced plan. the staff here and the mayor's office had done a fantastic job of thinking about the public, the public access. the port has been taking care of its tenants, so remember, the united nations, 1985, and we have another opportunity to bring san francisco to the international -- supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker please. >> in the harbor master for 25 years in east bay. i'm here representing the
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california association of harbor masters and four captains. we are a 62-year-old organization mostly on the coast. we wanted to give you our support and let you know that we are here to help in any way we can by providing any stations for the visitors helping to distribute travel, providing new sites, and working with our yacht clubs and coast guard for any assistance you may need on the water. we think this is a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity and hope we can make it happen here. thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm a partner in a company that provides maritime services on san francisco bay. family operations, small company, and i heard the question asked why does the city
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need to act now? if we had not noticed, the economy is not so great right now, so i thought maybe this might be about something more important, a thing called jobs. i am disappointed reading to the budget analyst reports that the characterized the contribution from the maritime industry as being relatively small. what is not included in the report is the total number of workers in san francisco bay. for every boat, there are -- there are 20,000 votes on san francisco bay. after confirming with the maritime industry, they believe the size of a 33 foot boat -- we're not talking about mega yachts. there has been a tremendous amount of deferred maintenance. those spots will be improved with an event like this.
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the estimates are something on the order of $2,500 per year spent on that 33-foot boat over the next three years. we are talking about $7,500.20000 boats, which is $150 million, which is -- we are talking about $75,000 and 2000 votes, which is $150 million. we are talking about skilled craftsmen earning a living wage. we are not talking about wealthy individuals being given unemployment. i think it is very important that this be kept in mind. somebody mentioned the fact that this is a bit of an annuity. you win the america's cup and get the chance to win again. please push this forward. supervisor mirkarimi: well said. next speaker, please. afterwards, i am going to call
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some more names. dennis mckinsey, peter s oenberg, ken neil, simon snellgrove, andrew waters. >> i am the vice chair of the southern waterfront advisor committee. that is the past 10 years. so the maxwell was on the committee before becoming -- sophie maxwell was on the committee before becoming attendant supervisor. for the past three years, i have run three businesses in the bayview/hunters point area. i want to commend supervisor avalos and the rest of the board on the landmark legislation passed yesterday about local higher. i think it is fantastic. virtually every member of our committee once the america's cup. we want to have the america's cup here. the question is at what cost and
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with what benefits. i want to make three points on the america's cup deal as we now know it. since working in this building almost 25 years ago for mayor feinstein from 1980 to 1984, and as part attendant for the last 18 years, i have for put eight port directors and their staffs. the current port director and her staff are a dream team of which the city can be proud. that are extremely competent, and they are committed to the best interest of the court -- of the port and the city. this is the best team we can have to hold the key to the fire of the america's cup and to enforce whatever deal is structured. the court staff has been working hard with the mayor's office -- the port step has been working hard with the mayor's office. in the last week, in the mind of the people from our advisory committee, this is taken a 180
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degree turn. it is sailing with the wind behind it. but is this as good as it can get? i am hopeful that in the coming weeks this committee will make it even better. this leads me to my third and final point. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you, sir. >> which will save for another time. -- which i will say for another time. >> good afternoon. i am lowrie armstrong from the san francisco convention and visitors bureau. i am here to reinforce the fact that this type of opportunity in the bay -- i think you get that. unlike the world series and the super bowl, the america's cup will bring business for weeks, months, and years. like the olympics, it is a tremendous opportunity to benefit the people of san francisco by bringing a surge of economic impact to the city's largest industry -- tourism.
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the couple bring millions of spectators plus thousands of -- the cup will bring millions of spectators plus thousands of competitors. every dollar is spent outside the hotel on retail, transportation, and so on. the america's cup will support jobs for people who live all over san francisco. the largest part of the hotel tax goes into the general fund. that support services for the entire city. -- that supports services for the entire city. people in every city neighborhood will benefit. this is a global media audience. this is not the best team in america. it is the best team in the world. international visitors stay twice as long as domestic visitors. that is more spending. when viewers across the world watch the competition unfolding, they will make plans to visit
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four years to come. i encourage you to embrace all the opportunities the america's cup presents. thank you. [applause] >> i am dennis mackenzie. i have been an educator for most of my adult life. i have provided a number of proposals on sports and education to city officials. my proposal on my website, for the benefit of the public -- it is a letter supporting this effort to bring america's cup to the san francisco bay. obviously, in my field of work, i have taught high schools in san francisco for the past eight years. this is an incredible incentive for kids to be able to learn how to sail a boat, but also the high-tech innovations. as other people have mentioned, this is an opportunity not just for this year or a few years.
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i would also like to suggest that maybe mr. ellison, if he has long term goals to win this caught several times, could work with the san francisco unified school district to create some kind of green science academy associated with the san francisco high school public schools, as well as the city. thank you very much. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you for the opportunity to encourage this committee to lend its support to the america's cup hosted in san francisco. i am peter stoneburg, rear commodore of the yacht club and a member of the america's cup organizing committee. i have been to and seen the great improvements made to other america's cup venues like newport, rhode island, san diego, california, valencia, and auckland, new zealand.
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we have an opportunity to host the oldest trophy in the sport, to bring the global recognition to our great city, and to bring over $1 billion in economic value and nearly 9000 jobs. we have heard that through the day. i would like to talk about time. time is of the fn -- is of the essence. teams are pushing very hard to learn what venue is going to be for the 34th cup. they need to know whether it will be raced in 25 knots or five knots. san francisco provides 25 knots. they need to know. the city also needs to know so we can start the ceqa process and begin building what we need to do it and deliver on our promises as a city. timing truly is of the essence. my profession is mergers and acquisitions. i have worked with larry ellison
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before in my other life, and i know from firsthand experience that he will walk away from a deal if it getsre- traded -- if it gets re-traded or renegotiated at the end of the day. we trust that will not happen. we talked about the dream team of the port authority. this negotiating team also is a dream team. they have done a great job of negotiating. maybe they did not get the absolute best deals, but they have done a great job. i encourage you to move this forward quickly and approve this proposal. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. after these next speakers, i am going to call up some more cards. tom rellea, jon heralds, niel ignoles, and george clyde. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am with pacific waterfront
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partners. we are a developer on the north sea. we have completed projects there, among others. i have been involved in this waterfront for about 40 years. i am here today to encourage you to accept these terms. we have been working in support of the port and the mayor's office of economic development to help attract the america's cup to this venue. i have to commend the mayor's economic development team for doing an amazing job of scrambling to get this together so quickly, and for the port, who has come up with some terrific contributions to this effort. it is a great team. we have been private-public
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partners with them over the past 11 years. we think this is the big one. our mission is to reconnect the city with its waterfront. the america's cup represents probably the greatest opportunity to complete the development of the nebraska waterfront that we are ever going to get. -- of the north east waterfront that we're ever go to get. >> my name is andrew waters. i am representing future business prospects. i would like to participate in the america's cup. i want to qualify my statement for who i am and why you should tell you my opinion. i am from maryland. i am a dingy racer. i spent four years races -- racing in high school and have since developed a water taxi business. i have worked with boston pedicab, which i convinced to
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branch out to san francisco. it is now golden gate pedicab. in the last six months, we have created 40 jobs. that was especially in front of the giants game. i want to do my part for the america's cup. we could launch it into something that could be used for the san francisco future. if i could have all of the money i could take, i would probably personally be able to create between 75 and 100 jobs in san francisco during america's cup. that might not factor into the analysis. basically, something that is important for the city to do -- we are transforming the waterfront. it is huge. i have sailed in maryland, florida, south california, the gulf, everywhere -- key west, d.c., boston. i have seen the waterfront from the outside in the inside.
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this is the biggest opportunity any city has ever had. i am really looking forward to the potential of raising my kid in the america's cup environment. it is something i dreamed of as a kid. if it could be a reality for my son, that would be huge. this is a long-term investment that europe would take seriously. it is something we in america do not understand. sailing is a big part of the world. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. >> my name is patrick markle. i am currently a tenant of pier 29. we are a nonprofit arts organization. we have been part of the bay area arts community. we are in our 11th year. part of our mission is education with master class is, summer camps, and circus schools for children and adults. we also offer internships. we employ over 50 full-time employees and 25 to 30 part-time
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or seasonal employees. we have brought joy to 60,000 patrons from around the area and around the world. we are a business. we keep the spirit of the embarcadero and the porch. we support the bid to get the america's cup. very much so. with that said, we would also like to remain good tenants of the port that we have been so far. thank you. >> my name is george clyde. i am a member of the america's cup organizing committee. i have been involved in the negotiations that led to the agreement that was presented to the board of supervisors recently. i want to commend the staff of the mayor's office and the county, and the city and county of san francisco and the port commission. the have been extremely divergent in taking this opportunity -- they have been extremely diligent in taking
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this opportunity. the staff of the port commission, the city attorney's office -- as an outsider, i am absolutely impressed with the quality and diligence of that group. on saturday, we had 12 people from the city working very hard to make this a reality. i also have been a rules adviser and lead attorney for three america's cup teams for the last 10 years, including two times where i spent months in auckland, as well as most recently in valencia. i have seen what has happened to the port areas with the development of an america's cup. it is an extraordinary event. it would be amazing to see in san francisco. we have not been through and america's cup. i know you have walked races on tv. the months of planning that goes through it -- it will be quite an event from the time that you first see the 90 foot america's
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cup logo to the final races. even if the golden gate yacht club loses, you will have a venue here. you will have fully occupied tenants there. you will have port facilities that have been rehabilitated. time is of the essence. i am in intimate contact with my former colleagues. the teams need to know where this thing you is going to be. that puts immense pressure on ellis's groups now. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speakers. >> i and the operations manager for two sailing companies here in san francisco. we are located on pier 40. we have seen an uptick in business already, just due to the possibility of the cup being here. we have been fielding phone
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calls from around the world about what it would cost to torture a boat to be out on the day to see the races and our waterfront. i was talking to my boss. if this goes through and the board votes on it as a yes, we will start the conversations about purchasing a new vessel to grow our business and take care of the demand coming in. that will be an immediate four to five full-time jobs, probably in the world of 40 to 50 jobs while the cup is here. some of those will go away. but we will see a large increase on that. we have also seen an uptick in the interest of sailing on the beginner level. we have a sailing school. over the last year, we have talked about 300 new people how to sail. -- we have talked about 300 new
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people how to sail. we will probably seek 500 or 600 people within new interest -- we will probably see 500 or 600 people with a new interest in our school. supervisor mirkarimi: we have exhausted our speaker cards. if anyone is interested from the public wants to speak, feel free to line up in the middle and come one after the other. >> my name is tom rilley. i have sailed with ted turner. i have sailed for a number of years. it is a huge thing for the city of san francisco to have this opportunity. i think it is great exposure for the city. i think it is a great job creator. i think it will benefit all of us. not just the sailing industry, but the whole industry. it is an opportunity to update the port area.


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