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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2010 1:30am-2:00am PST

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legacy out at -- going to have a legacy at pier 50, we already have the financing to deal with ouepier 70. the money has to come from somewhere. if you pull that off his ledger, you get closer to no net impact for the general fund, but i think that number is real and i think there are other costs on here which are also real. i think for us to say that this is going to be a big benefit to the general fund just is not true until you can provide the numbers. i have two staff people, but we
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tend to be overwhelmed. maybe you guys should prepare the spreadsheet so i can do what you're doing to my spreadsheet with your spreadsheet. at some point, that has to happen. this is an incredibly rushed process for an item that is going to have the kind of impact and perhaps even greater impact than the hosting of an olympic games. this is an event that is going to have enormous impact on san francisco. some of them are going to be very good. some of them are going to be very bad. ultimately come up with a term sheet and a finding of fiscal feasibility and responsibility that we have to do pursuant to chapter 29 of the administrative code before the process can begin at the planning department, we have the responsibility to decide whether this is good for the city and county of san francisco.
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what i am noting is a net negative impact on the general fund just with the facts and figures i have been getting up until 10 minutes ago. there are huge questions as to stability of the america's cup, given how the last daughter went down. it went down in the courtrooms. any cannot just sell the tv rights to billionaires' lifti tigating one another. it is not must-see tv. you cannot fix a pier with litigation between to sailing clubs. i represent the district at least for a few more months. i am in legitimate representative of the district that is going to have the most
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impact from this event. while i have never gotten the courtesy from the mayor's office, at least not since 2006, of the heads up or the meeting. just like yarney would go to sunshine committee and say they complied but never got as our requests, the mayor's spokesperson will say, "that is just daly and his ego going off." that is how they operate, and they lie. there is no record of a meeting request with me. if there was, it would have been produced, because i sunshined it. i expect that. i should not. it is terrible. i expect that.
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but what i do not expect from colleagues is a ramroding of the process. i mentioned yesterday in committee -- if sean elsbernd were on the other side of this with have his questions unanswered, we are the tax and spend liberals. he would be having a field day with this. if the impact was an 90% in one of your districts and not one of your colleagues checked in with you before putting their name on it, not a single one -- i know all of you. you probably would not talk about it much here in the chambers, but you would be mad. and rightfully so. because if this little experiment of district elections is going to work and keep working, there has to be some
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level of deference. it is not like you were going to vote against what you believe in because it is in someone else's district. that is not what i am talking about. but it is the kind of difference for this an appeal on the development project in a district, you would ask to see the supervisor. there has been none of that. for the next three months, i am on this board of supervisors, and when you move this item without these questions answered, without having checked in with the district representative, and you pass this along and do pass the burden of this along to my constituents, you know longer have the loyal opposition from the supervisor. because i know a little bit. i am relatively resource will. i can be dogged.
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if i have a bee in my bonnet and it is a billionaires' boat race, and i stick with the poore -- this tacking around supervisor daly will not get you in calmer waters. i told myself i was not going to make a yachting reference. but i will bring a white squall onto this race and on to this cup and i will do everything in my power starting on january 8 to make sure these boats never see that water.
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i do not need a memo, because i am relatively familiar with the law from 10 years of sitting in this chair. i do not need an advice memo from the city attorney to know when something does not fly and how quickly is something can come tumbling down. i do not need a budget analyst report to know when the finances on a proposal stink. i have an excel spreadsheet. and i do not need the phone number of a swiss billionaire to figure out how to get something done when the needs and resources. so gavin newsom, maybe you have never heard of me. i think he sat next to me a few years on that side of the room. but you get to know my name.
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supervisor alioto-pier: colleagues, i am going to change the tone of the dialogue. supervisor daly has had clear reservations with this term sheet. i do not. he said we would be hard pressed to say no if ellison says yes. i pray to god that ellison says yes. i could not be stronger on my feelings of getting those boats out on to san francisco bay. let me begin by thanking mr. ellison before considering the city and county of san francisco. here we said at a very historical moment, much like san francisco's sat after world war two, when the united nations first considered coming to san francisco and we said no.
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we sit at that type of moment in our history where we have an opportunity before us that expands everything and encompasses all. i represent district 2, and i am very proud to represent it. i am proud to represent the presidio. i am proud to represent christie field. i am proud to represent fort mason and that part of our waterfront. i am very, very proud to represent the golden gate yacht club, where mr. ellison holds the america's cup today. i will say it is clear from the comments in conversations i have had with people within my district that there is no question that they are excited and they fully embrace the idea of having the america's cup come
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to the san francisco bay. i will support that embrace. i will also say that this is not a supervisor oriel district issue -- not a supervisorial district issue, but a city issue. once we break it down into two has jurisdiction over what part of the san francisco bay, we are not looking at what you have in front of you. this is an issue for the city and county of san francisco. the impact will be great and it will be positive. i would like to thank marcus young, who is doing a tremendous job to create an excitement around the america's cup. i would like to thank bob mulhern. i would like to thank mark buell.
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i would like to thank every member of the acoc. i would like to thank greg hartman, martha cohen, the port of san francisco, rec and park, and the planning department. i would also like to think the mayor for his efforts to get the america's cup to san francisco. this is a citywide effort because it is exciting and vibrant and new and intrinsically san francisco. we had a conversation a couple of years ago about bringing the olympics to san francisco. there was a lot of disappointment when that did not happen. now we are looking at a city whose history is based on the bay. we brought people from all over the country that came through the san francisco bay to go and dig the gold mines of the forty-
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niners. here we sit with the third largest sporting event in the world. it is on the bay, which is intrinsically us. it could not be more perfect. it could not be more beautiful. thank god we did not get the olympics, because the america's cup fits the character, the history, and the framework of san francisco and of our port. i think that is something we should all be embracing. i would like to thank my the people at the port as well. before i had the honor and dignity of working here at the board of supervisors, i was a port commissioner for nine years. it is not until you sit and listen to the financial issues the port of san francisco has that you really understand how dire they are. we are losing our piers. this gives us hope that we can start rebuilding the
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infrastructure in a way it needs to be built. the $150 million investment in port property is nothing we should sneeze at. we would be building cruise ship terminals and a number of other housing developments and piers and births for this particular project. -- and berths for this particular projet. -- project. i would love to know if we could describe the facilities, including the it city facilities. -- including the city facilities. if you would not mind touching on the vision that will include iconic public places, and really
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the feeling of what this would look like for san franciscans. >> thank you. i am from the office of economic and work-force development. thank you, supervisor. to answer your question specifically about facilities, which covered this in detail in the land use committee. the idea is to take per se 30 and 32 and make them the central site of public engagement. every day, the teams would come down and the public would be in an amphitheater setting, able to interact with the sailors in see the boats come and go. in pier 28 would be the media center. the sea wall to the west would be an area for public gatherings, a kids site, a
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family site. moving to the south along the waterfront, the granite street wharf would be an area called the america's cup basin. there could be a marine not supporting the super -- for supporting the super yacht berths. there are anticipated to be eight to 12 challengers. the challenger of record is the club nautico de roma, obviously out of rome. there will be organizing the challengers. that is to the west of pier 50. it is currently used for parking. a small portion could be used for the broadcast center.
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hundreds if not upwards of 1000 media would be coming from all over the world to cover this event. it would be housed in pier 28. lastly, pier 48 would be the headquarters of regatta management and some of the event authority facilities. i would also like to mention that this public process, this opportunity to discuss specifically what san francisco is putting on the table, not only to the event authority -- it is to those challenges we spoke about. they are getting the opportunity to kick the tires on our deal, if you will. this inoculates against possible future litigation. the challenges are knowing what san francisco is offering to the team's -- not only the opportunity to sail on the san francisco bay, which is known
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internationally, but they get to take a look at what are the infrastructure improvements the event authority would need to invest in and what the city is putting on the line and what the organizing committee is committed to. that is $270 million in corporate sponsorship. to the question about the litigation, it really is an opportunity to showcase what is in our deal at this point. we can go forward and move into a city agreement. supervisor alioto-pier: thank you. when the port of san francisco has cruise ships at port, and back in the '70s when we were more of a cruise ship terminal, it was a tremendous economic boon to our small businesses. right now, if you walk through supervisor mar's district and
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mine, there are storefronts that have these a deep freezer sections for flowers. the reason for it was because we had this booming cruise ship industry that needed it. businesses sprouted up far away from the waterfront itself. that is important for us to remember and recognize. the america's cup will generate thousands of jobs. i think the number is 9000, and that is a conservative number. it will also give a good shot in the arm to small businesses right now that are hurting. not just our florists, but every type of small business from our caterers to our small dressmakers, and not only in our little neighborhood commercial districts. if there is anything you can say about the economic growth of san francisco and the job
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opportunities, that would be great. >> yesterday, we heard testimony from a number of small business owners about the maritime industry. specifically, it was a helpful criticism that perhaps our economic analysis is a bit short on what this would mean in terms of those businesses located in san francisco and throughout the bay area that would be servicing many of the spectators that, or the syndicates themselves. when i was in district 6 a month and a half ago, members of the delay and c street organization were there and they talked about their -- members of the delay anncy street organization were there and they talked about their storefronts. it would be a direct benefit to them. members of the community talk about activity that would be
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generated within their neighborhood. supervisor alioto-pier: thank you. i just want to also say in good sportsmanship we congratulate spain and italy on being among were picked. but we need to go out there and we need to beat them. and i certainly hope that we bring our hometown guy. mr. elson is a constituent of mine in district two. i hope that what we send forward today is something that shows the rest of the world that san francisco is there for a fight. that this is something that we want and that this is something that we're willing to go out there and win. and i hope and look forward to watching the new classic bowl, the multi-hole 72-foot
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catamaran in the bay of san francisco come to the bay in 2013. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. president, colleagues, i appreciated the discussion both yesterday chaired by supervisor maxwell from the land use committee and believed all very good points were exchanged. as soon as mr. ellyson's oracle had won the cup and secured the rights, i moved with a resolution which we had passed unanimously and then the mayor had also said that san francisco should do everything in its power to become the host in the america cup races. i still feel the same way but not, of course, to the exclusion of the watchful comments that i think have been chaired by supervisor daly and a number of you colleagues.
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but i do think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. i have lived and seen this opportunity where i spent most of my youth in new england growing up with a single mother, very working class, blue color community and witnessing the generational effect economically of what this race did for 53 years when it was hosted by new port, rhode island. we lived off the port of new port. we couldn't even get off the mainland unless there was a boat to do so. that's how isolated we were until they finally put a bridge in. it wasn't like anybody where we lived was rich. but our economy was entwined at the time and it was significantly enhanced for all specially windows with greater
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means did come to the area on a three-year rotation the compete for the cup. i also participated in some of the cup myself in 1980. i feel strongly that san francisco puts its best foot forward in a unified, as much as we can, collect vised way in trying to secure this. to the general public, i know this has been mentioned but this is a very clumsy process. we're the only city vying for a cup. our competitors are two nation, italy and spain. it is the prime minister who gets to make the unilateral decision of whether their countries are going to be able to successfully vie for the cup. they do not necessarily have to seek the blessing of their parliament or therefore the
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supervisors in order to get where they want to go. fortunately, we have the freedom of information act and we live by sunshine and brown act. so the demands on us are that much more compounded to make sure that we're able to drill down the most effective agreement that we possibly can. we're the only city that's going to have to go through this exercise but yet this is a mandatory exercise. so i don't think anybody should feel, i think, withered or fatigued or beleaguered by this because it's necessary. and yet known very well in recent history of what has occurred and what could become with the 49ers in san francisco , what had happened and not happened with the olympics in relation to san francisco. what did not happen with the
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world cup in 2018 in not coming to san francisco where we had other cities beat up. we're trying to do everything we can to line up the variables as much as we are enabe led to make sure that the point people on behalf of this effort are as well fortified to secure the best deal possible. some of the very questions that supervisor daly and others are asking, we don't have answers to those questions, so we're going to want our team, our point people to go in there to ibs gait a process to what the term sheet about, to begin the green light process just toiness gait a process but knowing very well they're going into the gauche yating room and there's no way in order to get those answers yet. so we're in this purgatory. and this purgagtory is are we
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going to move forward knowing very well that we're not going to subvert the best interest of district six constituents or people in the bay area. i'm betting on the fact that if we move forward this term sheet, we have enough backstops to referee i think the warning signs to make sure that we do not see a salaried experience. i'm not betting this blindly. we must have those answers. but those answers must be predicated on some milestones. one of those milestones is that in order for sequa to beiness gaited that that fiscal report must be in hand. and for us in order to move with se qua only will allow us to be real players in competing to secure the cup races.
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so the question to the chair to the staff of oewd would like to answer is -- when can you get us a fiscal feasibility report so that we're able to, i think, get to some of the drilldown that a number of us would like to see so that we're not officiating i think this exercise blindly. >> supervisor merker, we would be pleased to come back to the budget and finance committee with a physical feasibility study for the cup as we understand it subject to the fact that the organizers don't know the full scope but we will disclose everything that they have disclosed to us and do as much fiscal feasibility and impacts based upon that as we know it at this time and that time. >> so let's troo to put a little more hape to the answer. so is it possible that you can
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say that if the chair agrees with the budget committee that two to three weeks tomorrow depending on which budget meeting, can we have a hearing and budget committee on the physical feasibility report? >> yes, we can. >> all right. and to close on this, this report -- i mean, i know we're into slogan hearing. the direct and indirect benefits of potentially hosting the cup. i'm not speaking to the potential loss which we will have analyzed but conservative doesn't put it into a close approximation with regard to the potential on the job market side. i can see where the job potential can be and that is a
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tax not to the boating industry but i firmly brief that this is that interception at time that happened purely out of coincidence and the ser dipity that it presented an opportunity to san francisco that we now might be able to reimagine what to do with this portion of the port that there has no plan for and it has been remaining in abay yens for so many years. this has come down from mono. so with regard to, i think the opportunity that is before us, then this answers long-standing questions, unresolved about between this section and yes, the very section of an area well, -- well-represented by our colleagues that we can still use this and capitalize this and something very good beyond the impact zone of just where the building is.


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