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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2010 11:01pm-11:31pm PST

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>> thank you for clarifying that. >> yeah. >> and i ask them dorks they have particular issue or they just say no. if they just say no. >> you have up to three minutes to speak. so you could choose to speak the entire three minutes or just choose not to. it is up to you. but you have up to three minutes. >> let me ask them -- >> okay. that's fine. >> you can -- will i be calling these cards? >> no. >> my name is eric. >> eric? >> yeah. >> good afternoon. a commission member. we have a meeting on july 14th. just about eight days ago. we already collect about 457 signatures which is -- we
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disagree about the proposal going on to about the parking space -- right now, we already get so hard time looking for a parking space, because the city college right there, to -- now there were 70 units right here, which is, with -- with time by -- by a motor board, like a common sense with the people in the building. they build 18 studios, 18 one-bedrooms. and 21 units two bedroom and 13 unit which is is three bedroom, if we pack it out, like about at least 135 parking space, not in -- according to those. and we -- so that is really conjested about the parking space. sometimes we have to park our car on the sidewalk and we get a lot of tickets going on right there. so please -- commissioner, please think about -- the issue of parking space and the & going to be like.
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safety issues. and like, also for -- in in front of the 2 four -- two four houses. they smoke weed there and union right there. so we call a lot of time about the cops and have the safety pass through a lot of time because they -- they got it going on on our neighbor right there. i hope like, thank you for your time and we consider it about the issues going on in the neighborhood. thanks a lot. >> thank you. ken wang. you have to pronounce. you have to -- scuste my pronunciation. i apologize in advance. ken kwan. you have up to three minutes, if you choose to speak for lesser time, that's fine. >> the project. >> if you could speak into the mic so we could hear you.
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just give us your first name, your full name. i'm sorry. >> my name is kwan. >> so we could hear you, otherwise we can't. >> my name is kim hun kwan. i respect -- the project, you -- the building. that's like four parking and -- that's for parking. if this building is built, many parking spaces will be around the street. the reason is -- the low income families -- family and children that are 18 to 24 years old. teenager. i don't think so. they -- what they will do and then -- about the -- about the low income families. so this great problem. it is the parking space.
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many parts run on ocean avenue street. near ocean avenue. almost full. >> thank you. if this individual, we will be difficult to find a parking space every night. >> then the second reason is the security. the security -- the security is great problem. that -- i think that means we cannot control this. thank you. >> charlene yi. kwan chi lang.
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translator: translator: she's not satisfied with the huge building. the security is not good. it is difficult to find parking.
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translator: the teenagers always are by the street and are mokh smoking and sitting on the stairways on ocean avenue. translator: she's scared to talk to those people because they're so angry -- anger and she's scared to talk to them and she has a way outside and -- until those people leave and she goes home. those theme taking -- in front of her house, so -- i'm not -- acceptable and she feel very
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difficult. she's not agreed and accepted to those building. she opposite to this project. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i live on hale avenue. she say, she agree to the same statement. >> okay. thank you. >> okay thank you. >> my name is shannon yi. i live in ocean. almost 15 years ago.
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she's living there 15 years and she has difficulty because all the time she has difficulty defy packing. translator: now because -- city college is nearby -- the stop, all of the packing occupied by the city college students so one more huge building will create a huge problem for parking.
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the oring, dofrle, maybe building building elsewhere and this is not suitable. thank you. >> tina chu. may hinge el. nahong. >> good afternoon. my name is fing ho. i say no, the first problem is the safety problem. the second problem is -- thank you. >> i'm tina -- i live in
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brighten, brighten avenue. i would say no for the project. the -- it is two years. and get in trouble for parking. two or three car and then it is hard to find a parking if -- if 70 units in the building only have four parking, it is really trouble for us. and 70 units and 21 unit for the -- for the -- for the 18 and 24 age. and for the -- for the safety and security for our neighborhood is there. so we say no. thank you.
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i am may. i live at 226 avenue. i live there 40 years ago. i come here and realize that -- the -- to my work really hard. lot of this. i save all of my money to buy my house and i think i will have a good life. >> to -- you got things. housing. translator: she know there will be a developer for a huge building apartment. she's very uncomfortable and can't live for three nights because of the security problem and also because the parking problem.
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translator: she at the time she working around 0 ferrell street. lunch time she eat a swand witch and somebody come and grab her sandwich and run into the low income apartments. she know those people create problems. now she know those people coming to her district. translator: she has a fear to
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wait 25 minutes. however, the bus was occupied by the university student like san francisco state and city clean. she could not attend and she has difficulty for parking upon she been living here for more than -- 15 years. she save money for the house. right now the huge problem come over to her and many problems regarding the parking and traffic and security. translator: she say she saves
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money and try to be a peaceful home and peaceful life. she's not against the people that get welfare, however, she doesn't want those people to invade her privacy and safety. thank you. >> any additional public comment? s >> my name is peter bagatalas. i'm directly across the street from the project. we have owned this property for about 50 years. so we are -- we are not newcomers in this neighborhood. we know it very well. as you've heard this area is -- is very conjested. you have city college there. you have all of the traffic, all of the muni transportation,
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delivery trucks, you have people, you have -- you have fast food restaurants and chairman mccray jr.: donald's and beach burgers and everything else. what is being proposed here is to put more congestion in the area. i'm -- i'm -- i'm concerned as an owner there -- and excuse me. agree with the comments made by the other speakers. safety is a concern. this area needs police presence. i think that -- i think rather than reiterating the comments, i suggest one of the conditions imposed on this project if you do approve it is that you require full-time security to be provided as part of the project and there be a security guard on site to be able to monitor the kinds of incidents these ladies described and to head off any problems. graffiti, littering, loitering are all problems.
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these need to be addressed. they can't be just tucked under the carpet and ignored. as one lady said, when you put this kind of housing in an area, it -- it increases problems. it doesn't solve them necessarily. or does both. it creates some and solves others. i ask you to look at these issues. also on the face of it, i'm concerned about this -- this transfer of the hoop and having the buses go from where they currently are next to the fire station to going around the fire station. that doesn't sound to me, on its face to be safe. these buses break down. there's congestion andcars -- accidents. all sorts of things. what is going to happen if that bus, whatever it weighs is stuck in front of the intransway to the fire department. that truck can't get out and put out a fire in the neighborhood. so i don't know if that's been addressed or not. but that sounds on its face to me to be unsafe. i wouldn't want buses looping in
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front of a fire department innie michigan neighborhood. so, i would ask you again to -- to make sure that all of these issues have been looked into. parking lastly, i don't understand how you get by with five spaces, four sayses and one space for a zip car for 71 units. i don't understand that. they got a lot of bicycle spaces but make it a condition that the tenants have to use bike kells and can't use cars. include that in the conditional use permit. thank you so much. >> thank you. any additional public comment? seeing none. public comment is closed. commissioner borden. commissioner borden: i think we were developing a balboa plan, we were excited about the opportunity of new development in this area and this is such a great partnership with using city land, which we -- we have in scarce supply, to be able to provide affordable housing. i want to commend alberto heights and mercy and the
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agencies within the city that came together to make this a reality. we're sorely lacking affordable housing in the city. here the -- here is a great opportunity that we will be able to provide it. one nice feature, is there would be 21 units for foster youth, because that's amazing, the city college being close by, it is really great because we were talking about when we talked about housing, we hoped there would be housing opportunities for students at city college and so i think this is a really -- a nice -- a nice opportunity there. i think it is unfortunate that there's still a misperception among people that affordable housing brings crime and -- because there's -- there's, that's not true. particularly when it -- an organization like this, is a well established organization that runs amazing -- amazing facilities throughout the city. mercy as well. it -- the need for security all of those claims, they're not there. i mean they really run quality projects and the people who waited on these lists for such a long time to be able to have
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this affordable housing really cherish the opportunity to have an amazing place to live. i think there's a misnomer around what youee sazz -- see as rundown, existing rundown housing, public housing that may exist in areas as opposed to -- you know project where people. they scrape together their money to be able to be -- and wait a long time on a list to have an opportunity to have a nice home. just like other people did to have their homes. it can't be underscored enough how important this need is and how people don't need to have this fear about the types of people that live in affordable housing. i think it is really unfortunate there's this misperception out there and that sort of way. i think that -- the collaborative nature of the project also shows the commitment by the city and everyone involved to make this a really adequate project. the architecture is amazing. i love the cord yard and the play area for the -- for the kids, the families that are going to be in this building. i think that this -- this is
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exactly the kind of housing that we want to see more of. we wish we had more land to make available to have these projects happen. i'm so excited about the way that things are coming e -- things are coming together, if you can't put parking on this site, what kind of site could you put this on. i don't understand that. >> i move to approve this project. and i look for a second. >> second. i like to support commissioner moore's comments on the housing. it is not a public housing, it is p.u.d. p.u.d. means something else. having said that, i think this is an incredible effort by all city agencys. the man is fantastic. i love the idea of transforming really -- a -- pavement to park into a three dimensional manifestation of that idea and finding across the city sites
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which could do the same thing. obviously we have the most competent architecture do this work, mr. herman indeed shines with his contributions to innovative site planning and housing solutions in this particular category. i couldn't be happier to support this project. i do think this -- we should, though, be aware of the neighborhoods concerns. that's fair and that's request we're sitting here. i do think when we approved the pal boa park plan that we -- with ask for city college do really start coordinating parking efforts and really deal with students not completely conjesting neighborhoods. we had that the other day at san francisco university and i do think that there has to be a little push back toward the institution, particularly as that area will take on a different shape to help with balancing neighborhood feeds with institutional needs and get that better organized. so -- in enlargement of the --
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of the community's concerns, there should be some effort by the institution. on the other hand, the decisions we make here are not in support of facilitating onstreet surface parking lots. that's not what we we do. we encourage everybody to wean themselves from the use of their cars and rely on public transportation and if m.t.a. needs to reexamine how the neighborhood is served by -- by buses and -- frequency of buses in support of the neighbors and in support of using -- using -- less of their own car, i would be in support of that. but this project has my full support -- that's it. >> commissioner antonini. >> i hope this project can begin a process that is similar to what we have seened aings mission bay and king street. now that's a different, it is
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not necessarily analogous because that's new construction because we have a neighborhood here and we're cognizant of that. housks what is going to be present here and is present at the other site is a blend -- and -- somewhat seamless blend at mission bay of affordable housing, market rate housing, ownership housing and rental housing. that's a form has that i think works really well. in fact, this is a really good use of in lieu fees. it is -- it is a good argument for the fact that you don't necessarily have to provide all of your affordable housing on site, if you could provide a blend of market rate in close proximity to each other, you're doing the same thing and probably in a more cost effective way. i think that's good. for some of the other concerns. -- it speaks accurately about parking. i'm not sure the fact that you're only providing four parking spots, i forget the
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number was for 71 units here, in that range, maybe a couple more, might be unrealistic. i don't know that the assumption that because it is 100% affordable project, there won't be cars may not be an assumption that is justified. housks that's what is proposed. that can be tried and then i would like to see the city keep an eye on it and see what happens with -- with the project and others like it? what is the real ratio of car ownership? are we being unrealistic in our approval of projects with so little parking. i think that would be -- something to watch for the future. and in terms of the security -- security is something that you know, it is a problem regardless and is not necessarily tied to this project but i think that -- that -- you no there's a close proximity to engelside station and if there are problems with loitering, with threatening and intimidation, these are citywide problems in many places and you know, this may be something to be soft in other ways, with --
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with you know, legislation or -- or more police presence or other things but -- i hear what the neighborhood is saying. i think that it is important that -- that anywhere we have -- we provide security and -- and we also make sure that -- that we make neighborhoods safer. as we do these things. i'm sn in support of this. i like to add those caveat that is we kind of keep an eye on what really happens and what is the reality of car ownership and -- make sure, you know, that we're not creating more congestion. thank you. >> cop missioner lee. >> something -- especially and chinese neighbors, speaking chinese. she's afraid to go outside her house. the issue with the housing we're doing here. it doesn't mean that because they're foster kids or afford ablingable housing that they're the criminal element because we have a lot of that in chinatown. now in other places. the lady mentioned she worked down in 0 ferrell, and that --
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that area, was harassed but you have a right to always call 911. i don't understand it, if you're afraid to leave your house, from where you live now. i was out there quite a bit. i worked there with the fire department and also the -- the community clean out there. so, with the chinese out there, you have to understand too, i know you have some fears, given what has been happening at bay view and over in location okeland, your supervisors -- your supervisor is good with law and order, shaun ellsbury understands where you are coming from. you don't have that crime element that you think you have down there. i know many of you feel intimidated because of it. you have to understand, you need to get along with your neighbors also. san francisco, just not asian oriented. your neighborhood, used to be african-american and italians that you needed to go out and meet. regarding the issue of -- of parking -- i agree that area is
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-- is pretty dense. we have a public library at one time we rented out and people were can bing, you couldn't go to the public library there. and so, i think -- i think what the staff needs to do. the mayor's office is actually trying to figure a way with community college -- to increase the parking. the students dog don't going than -- go on people's streets. finally, i think the neighborhood also has to understand that -- this is a pivotal area here. we're rebuilding it. this is going to be a brand new -- it is going to be parts of it is going to be housing. this frankly is the first of -- many will go into the area and actually make the area be much safer. director? >> i just wanted to -- i just wanted to say if this is kind of personally gratifying to see this come forward because it is an outgrowth of the plan. it is kind of -- it is great to
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see the planning process that -- that happened over many years, and ken richards here to kind of nod his head and take credit for this. it is great to see a project with direct implementation of the man that you adopted last year and the support adopted as well and to see it move forward. almost in the exact form that we anticipated. i just -- i just wanted to say that i'm personally gratified to see this move forward. i want to thank everyone for their role in making that happen. >> commissioner sugaya. >> i like to add my support to -- to the other commissioners in the project and -- and -- i won't go any further. as my parents who by the way lived in this exact same type of housing for some portion of their lives, used to say don't say things you'll regret later. so -- i won't continue.
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>> i want to also -- echo the comments of -- of commissioner borden and commissioner moore and the other commissioners. i think it is an excellent project. sometimes it is a little unsettling when -- when we hear members of the public sort of characterized -- characterize people in low income housing as being sort of guilty of you know -- potentially you know crime ridden or whatever. i think as commissioner borden pointed out, that's not accurate, that most people would be greatful -- grateful to have a beautiful new home to be in. it is really -- it is really nice to see that -- there -- there will be units provided to -- to -- i don't know emancipated use. i know that the politically correct term that is out there. and so i think that is really heartening because -- there's -- there isn't enough of that in the city, od