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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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they ain't going to happen with your momma in the conversation. i liked the way he naild that down. i felt bad about it later. i almost didn't come. i need a break from here and it might as well be y'all. how often does he get her hair done. i do her make up too. you cover up the blue. she has emphysema. she got to worrying about it. it must have been lennor. she looks really good. i like to work on old ladies.
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no one objected. he pulled me closer. within seconds he had us both in hand. like an eager barby doll. sorry. every now and then, my own visuals overwhelm me. then he went down on both. i can understand why my editor didn't want this. then we went down, never neglecting either one of us. ben pulled my face into his and
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kissed me. in a three way, there's always the danger of being left out. i never felt unwelcome on the ride. by the time we were naked, by the time i shot my load, i rolled it on to patrice. he came on all fours. never touches himself. i know because i was under neath, catching the flash. ben stayed there. his heart beating hard. then my cell phone rang.
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it's programmed to ring like an old 40's ring. leave it said ben. from the middle of the panting stack of men. nobody move said ben. there was a brief silent. or at least when i do. sorry. that's okay said ben. patrice rolled off the bed. then he flickinged it into the toilet. what's this? his head was on my which of the now.
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that's an orchid. it keeps coming back. one with of those extra touches that mean a lot. he stared down at this offering. it don't look right somehow. i know. especially with a condom on it. he cleaned up at the sink. he started gathering up his clothes. hang with us for a while. busy day tomorrow. >> my other job, bacheloret party. i strip for private parties.
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that's what this is for. he was stepping into his fatigues. apparently impressed. it ain't worth the bus fair half the time. patrice shrubbed. if a sister has a plate of ribs, there's no way to held her attention. ben and i laughed. i'm serious. tickled to his response. i am up there working my ass off and they are sitting down there with their press on nails.
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tough crowd. they say they like the mens, he drew out the last. but they don't like the mens like the mens. they don't tip as good either. he came to the bed until we came his naked book ends. he laid there for a while. be well my brothers. he said at the door. [applause]
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>> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking. w3
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>> i am very happy to be here. i feel very honored to have been asked to interpret this poem and make it a song. it's funny because something like two days before he asked me to do this, i was thinking
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to myself, i wonder what it would be like to write a song to the poetry. the reason i love the poem that we chose is because everything that i love in this poem, it's different, but, it has this magic in it and it's what you heard in spanish. of unexpected and beautiful things being placed next to each other in a way that surprises you and makes you realize life is always magical. here it is. [music]
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>> this is the way the world is, my dear, my dear. well, today i have to think the world as a whole. that i have to come from the sky. only you will be in the dark of night. [music]
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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>> performing the poem day 30, for transforming into a raindrop. stand up. rise. balance your body slowly. you will notice you are making small, concentric circles. now partially close your eyes. looking between your eye lashes, feel the drop of water. concentrate on the idea that your body is essentially liquid. now gently raise a leg. keep the balance you achieved. raise your arm slowly so as not to break the balance that is costing us so much. hold your head in your hand.
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balance is at its critical point. pull your head upwards. your body fights against gravity. close your eyes and enjoy the pleasure of having changed into the last raindrop balance in your silent of the night. [applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> day 75, when i get ready to sneeze, everything seems to stop instantly. all the world butter flies breathe in flight. the polar ice caps stops building. the couple who are kissing don't want to take the tons out
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of their mouth. maybe paradise lost. >> foreign language speaking.
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