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oh, what on the wow she my indiana. oh, i can send more, a lot, a issues pretty screwed, sitting a price cap on russian resources is an absolutely stupid idea. if political decisions are made and they go against contract, then we will simply not fulfill them. we will not supply anything if it's against our interest appears in slums. the decision of g 7 countries to put a price cap on the russian fuel impose and claims western elise for the global energy crisis. mainstream media headline 5 went into panic, alleging that most that we've plotting to limit grain exports from ukraine. that's off the booth and cools out the easy for taking most of the shipments for itself.
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instead of helping developing nations, european countries secretly stalking up on russian oil despite claiming that cutting down on such it was that's according to a report from the world's top financial newspaper. as the russian box head of ukraine's the region condemned the i a a for failing to recognize th selling of the new local nuclear power plant. refresh around the bombardment reported in the area on wednesday with very welcome at 6 pm here in the russian capital. and this is our see international with the latest world news out date. it's great to happy with. your countries are deceiving, the world's poorest nations by scooping up the line of ukrainian grain exposed for themselves. according to vladimir putin speaking,
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get the eastern economic form and volleyball stock. but i did give shows your local, almost all of the green exported from ukraine is being sent to the e. you instead of to the world's poorest developing countries. only 2 out of 87 cargo ships were loaded under the u. n. world food program. that is only 3 percent of all that grain going to developing countries. many european countries are now acting as colonizers once again, just like they did for decades and centuries in the past. the of simply deceived the developing countries once more, and are still deceiving them at this very moment. isn't it? it seems that western plans to help starving africa somehow changed as most of the grain. as you know, that so far left it unblocked ukrainian ports after a un and turkey broke her dill was go in to the you instead of developing nations. and that is actually surprising enough, especially given all the hysteria and repeated west and calls to save african
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cade's, dying from hunger and about that wouldn't have been suggested. maybe now this food grain, a rude should be restricted since the whole operation does not any more stick with the initial plan. adding that he'll talk about that definitely with the turkish president. mr. either gone, there were some media by the way, have already taken, put his words out of the context and blame him for trying to jeopardize their humanitarian mission. but why wouldn't spick and i say economic forum not only criticize their weston at the european, especially governments of for up acting as neo colonialists regarding africa, but also blame out the governments for not caring enough about their room citizens, that cyclists route 3 of them. usually western to leave to may correct was decisions that contradict the interests of their country's peoples and their own citizens. the quality of life people in the e u was being fed to the fires of sanction except for the sacrifice for the sake of
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preserving a you as dictatorship. this situation has been brought about by the reckless moves of the u. s. and in the u. k. and lou, who are obsessed with illusionary political ideas, that when and they push their own citizens and people outside the so called golden billy and the beliefs into the background your, this will inevitably lead western countries to a dead end of economic and social crisis. and it will create unpredictable consequences for the whole world and understand that peyton, also waiting on the energy crisis t. yes. live my put in claim that the west fell actually victim to their rome sanctions that they imposed on russia as a punishment of a for a special milch operation in ukraine. and now they blame in russia for that and fairly he also reminded that they age a crisis in europe and u. s. actually started long before february this year. this is what like me putting, had to say the tours to shows paris who is the current situation on european
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markets is a direct result of the work of the u commission and their so called experts. we warned them against doing so. but no, they basically coerced us to link our gas sales to the spot market. we were not the ones who wanted this. this was forced upon us. everything will come back just like a boomerang. and then the sitting a price cap on russian resources is an absolutely stupid idea. if someone tries to implement it, it will not lead to anything good for those who make this decision. if political decisions are made and they go against us contracts, then we will simply not fulfill them. we will not supply anything if it's against our interests un, no gas or oil, no coal, no fuel at all. you knew him, but we will be fully comply with our contract obligations. another topic there was on the agenda with how russia is telling its focus to boosting its cooperation with asia. yeah, actually vladimir put an attendant the eastern economic forum as part of his trip
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official, a visit to as far raised, where he also watched large scale boasts of 2022 war games involved in china and other asian countries that have good relations with russia. and like my port inhaled the growing role of the asia pacific region in global affairs stressing that moscow is now seeking to strengthen corporation with the countries of this region. and also he said that this is part of a new reality where the west is actually losing its trust and power beat, their opinion, or their currency. for example, mrs. wagner had to say, you're not sure what direction that they do. we have witnessed a loss of trust in the us dollar, the euro, and the pound death currencies for making payments, storing reserves, and nominating assets step by step. we are now moving away from the use of such unreliable compromise currencies. and by the way, even some of the allies of the united states are gradually reducing their dollar
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holdings. it's all there in the numbers. gradually, the volume of dollar payments is being reduced, while such savings are declining. put and also pointed out that inflation was on the rise in the us in europe while here in russia decreasing, and that as a result of anti russia policy, he believes that in fact hurts and harms brussels in washington instead of moscow. he's looks on a boy co on the sidelines of the forum, and she said that russia cooperation with eastern countries is gathering pace as asian leaders, unlike was the ones and to serve the national interests that people i think this panel has very clearly demonstrated very different approaches to both governance and foreign policy on the part of the east and the west, as well as very different treatments of reality. vladimir putin as well a number of his gas on the stage, and those who found their video addresses to the conference re, to rated that the western dominated world order. the haji morning won't order is
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no longer sustainable. he said that the countries are no longer satisfied with serving only one sovereign. they also said that the way they want to develop this region is based on mutual benefit and on mutual trust, as well as some measure of predictability. sure, they're bad differences within this region. but they believe that each of the countries treated according to the national interests and according to the goodwill those interests could be accommodated. i think it's ultimately about the, the central question of their arthur enlarge. and to whom does the great serve, in other words, to, to whom does the state serve and when it comes to it's in societies of the answer seems to be clear, it should be serving the people also during the eastern economic forum, china's top legislators said that cooperation between beijing and moscow is
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stronger than ever or stressing the importance of a multi polar world. ginia, unless we are pleased to note under the leadership of president putin, the russian economy was not crossed by the sanctions of the united states and it satellites in a very short time, it stabilized and demonstrated stress resistance with the chinese. i believe that russia remains an international investment cooperation partner. putin will continue to show comprehensive corporation in the spheres of economy and trade, finance, science, and culture shareholder. the multi polar world is an inescapable trend. you're reflecting the desires of the world community margin on a multi polar world is the only right way for humanity to develop. the father world turned her 2nd part, enjoy into military dwells and rushes far a. cit, baiting san dix, army navy, and air force is including since 100000 troops more than 300 military vehicles,
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as well as our cross and war shit. during the eastern economic form at lee john, she also underlined the importance of global security and proposed joining forces with russia. oh may, i should, darning, should you strength thing, cooperation for the development of the far east provides an important opportunity to main security and prosperity in the region. in this regard, hoarding i would like to make the following proposal, new fog, implement the global security initiative for peace and stability in the region hunger. and in order to create a harmonious and peaceful region as a common home, there was no other choice but to join forces. an idea to coleman and sustainable security. who did you, who have human knew? as a studies professor benjamin charles st. beijing is very keen to expand his partnership with moscow. lee is china's top legislator. ah, he has been extremely ball court in slamming any rules about sanctions against china and against any other countries in general. and they are good reasons for
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that. we are seeing that the majority of the world, there's no sy, with the u. s. this time intention to russia about $100.00 countries, including china, india, and bricks, countries and so on are not sentient in russia, but even to china, russia, i'm not military alliance. they share a lot of common interest, especially in supporting do one china, principal, or separately or caused by one street arlington committee. military power of japan in the states in default, is as well as increasing concerns about the expansion of nato to the is as low as 2 to 4 years. china's tre roof, russia actually are sword. china's crew oil imports from russia short, 55 percent on the year earlier to recollect for in may displacing the saudi arabia, that pop supplier to china. despite the tough talk from western officials on slapping even more restrictions on russian fuel them ports, the e u countries, a secretly treating themselves to plenty of russian oil according to an expose,
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a from top financial newspaper ne k, or the details from archie contributes a rachel marston, if european union countries are still importing russian energy on the down low, are they still sticking it to russian president vladimir putin like they're leading their own people to believe they're doing. european leaders haven't stopped telling their citizens that the stratosphere act, energy prices and inflation are all sacrifices being made for ukraine, which is purportedly fighting for european values. but apparently, one of those european values is to betray the very same principles that your val declaiming to defend. it turns out that the new k group has been tracking oil tankers off the coast of europe since the beginning of the ukraine conflict. and what they found will no doubt come as a shock to those who think that if europeans are suffering under crushing bills, it's only because of an uncompromising refusal to touch any of that dirty russian
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fossil fuel. mackay analysis found that in the 6 months since russia's invasion of ukraine begun, $41.00 vessels might ship to ship transfers of oil off the coast of greece, with tankers that left russia and later arrived at european ports. there was only one such vessel last year. the survey highlighted the crucial role that waters near greece plays a hub for royal shipments between russia and europe. what are all the ships doing? unloading all are filthy authoritarianism onto europe's morally pristine shores. when the blocks leaders haven't stopped talking about how much it disgusts to them, there is another point on which there is no doubt. we will end germany and europe's dependence on energy imports from russia. member states are working on getting rid of the russian oil by active active procedures. and our goal is to get completely rid of the russian fossil fuels for good. therefore, i say here clearly and unequivocally, yes, germany is also completely phasing out russian energy and ports are ministers,
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agreed that we will cut our gaskins on from because only by doing so, just lowering dollar dumont, we can have a positive impact to that a gas price that of a lot have this service agencies and for coming together to reduce your dependence on russian energy. maybe russian energy undergoes moral purification when it transfers from one ship to another before reaching you shores. just as nick a claims to a witnessed august 24th. when an indian registered ship that had left from turkey, received an oil transfer from a greek flag ship that had travelled from an oil terminal in north western russia. meanwhile, china sales of liquefied natural gas to europe have also risen according to western mainstream media reports. while chinese l n g imports from russia have skyrocketed this year, is brussels making sure that the chinese l, n g that it's importing isn't contaminated with all that extra russian supply?
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or are they going to continue with this ridiculous charade of virtue signaling while pretending that europeans have no choice but to suffer in the name of values that they're already discreetly violating. as or back as 2019 washington was already branding its gas as synonymous with freedom and democracy, increasing export capacity from the free port l. n. g project is critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world by giving america's allies a diverse and affordable source of clean energy. freedom isn't free though pal. in fact, u. s. freedom energy is far more expensive than russian authoritarian energy about 40 per cent more to be exact, which is why it makes sense that the, you would rather just keep finding ways to stuff it's coffers with as much of the cheaper. but of course, immoral energy that can get its hands on while it still can. that is before it lowers the boom on itself with even more self imposed embargoes. all
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a public aid pretending that if its people are suffering, it's because the you couldn't dare to bring itself to violate its own stated principles by turning its supply tap of cheap, rushing. yes. back on. as a you propose, as a price cap on russian gas imports, european energy companies are facing a severe financial emergency. this price is rising. since the beginning with the worst is still to come. what we see overholser market is 20 times the price that we've seen 2 years. 20000 warnings. the european energy trading market may collapse as this margin calls past the 1.5 trillion dollar mark. this means that the risks of trade now hugely, suppose any possible profitability on the banks, according on trade, is to replenish that accounts. however, many firms are struggling to find the extra cash. it really is
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a case of lenders of last resort governments having to step in to keep power market players above water. commercial banks typically provide this kind of facility but are reaching their own exposure limits. also on financial commentator jim rogers says that global debt to accumulated since 2008 is behind the issue. one reason we're having so many problem now is because there is such gigantic dead everywhere in the world isn't good. know, but you will, the government, you would. yes, they think that's what they should do. if you ask me, i would say let them go. microphone people might mistake. they're supposed to go bankrupt, but that's not the way western governments think. we already have you in these economy, we're going to have more economic problems. we always have. we will have more in the next year or 2. we had a big problem in 2008 because of too much debt. since 2009 debt has skyrocketed everywhere. so the next economic setback has to be the worst in my lifetime. i mean
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it's, it's simple logic. these are facts. robertson's, that newly appointed prime minister is already in hot water on the home front. thus, as chris explained, his trust hasn't properly explained how she's going to handle the economy. she seems more worried about reassuring ukraine's president, as she might have 1st international call is premier to keith. i became the 1st foreign leader to have a conversation with the newly elected p emblem trust. invited her to ukraine, thanked british people for the major defense and economic aid for ukraine. is tacit, spent her 1st hours in office dealing with foreign affairs, speaking with the leaders of t as and washington she, once again promised britons assistance for the long term and the ukraine. conflict on the move comes as the united kingdom face is 40 year high inflation and the series of domestic problems with trust continuing to play rushes precedent for storing energy prices. even referring to this when growth by m. p. 's on completely
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unrelated issues. inflation is at 40 or high, the n a test is on its knees. we do have problems with our energy supplied due to the appalling wall being perpetrated by p to then ukraine. when she sets, when she set in a leadership campaign though she was against winful taxes, did she mean it appalling russian aggression that has led to the energy crisis? she still not told us who will p for our energy flow. the prime minister has sat in every one of the conservative governments responsible for this man. make them think she does not have the support of the british public. the prime minister may have changed with the speaker, but it's the same old b showcase. don't buy the place at the top may change, but the story remains for. to discuss this further, let's cross live 2 journalists to austin, returns the now option. thanks for joining us on the program. so the 1st phone call
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is just made out to becoming british pm was to ukrainian president flood mr. lensky . she always said it would be. so what does this mean in terms of her stance on the conflict? well trade union leaders, we were wondering why it is that zalinski is more important than them because they have written is about to face a massive amount of civil disorder. just in terms of strike action over there in the right. a live real work is birth. dock workers, box drivers, garbage collectors. amazon were postman nurses, teachers, civil servants on october. the 1st to the enough is enough massive organization which is much greater arguably in its opposition than anything you see in the british parliament. they are organizing a mass day of action, and we got to remember here the britain no longer has a free press look good julian assange in jail there. and now it has a prime minister that is, that his prime minister, because $1000.00 of the 1000th of the population of britain voted for her to
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be prime minister. that's why britain is being called totalitarian and, and i run a clique some might say, given me banning requisition bodies in ukraine, given the banning of languages and civil rights in ukraine. actually, britain and ukraine chair quite a bit at the moment. she faced f. s coiling in the house of commons earlier today. and peter saying that nothing has changed despite her becoming prime minister. what are your thoughts on that? well, somethings of change. i'm just trying to load up our interviews with the person who's been appointed chancellor financial or the top finance man in his trust is government. it was a regular arguably on r t actually, but it was really, really deleted all the finance ministers interviews. i don't know why prism you know that curve on breast freedom. it's very, very serious. so things are changing all the time. the bond crisis,
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the risk of sovereign default, has increased according to the markets in the past 24 hours. people are already worried about the energy announcement she's going to be making in the next 24 hours as to how it will be financed. she appears to believe that the huge electricity company is mentally and in foreign owned. they should keep their profits at the expense of the pounds sterling, the sovereign sovereign status of the british shrine and says, and of course, off the back. so for all those workers that are a balancing on strike action, it seems that with less trust, whenever she's asked about how she's going to deal with the energy crisis, she just continues to blame vladimir putin. why does he keep doing that? well, you gotta remember that he even a blamed she was asked, is she going to call a general election? so she has some kind of electro legitimacy as the by minister britain. she said she
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couldn't cool a general election to prove her legitimacy is by minister because of food. and similarly, when it comes to energy, it's put in salt. and because of the banning of all free media that tries to be impartial and these matters, the british public things and don't realize that the energy cost, the electricity cost a lot because of putin directly there because of the sanctions on russia that have helped to call this and anyway, the profit taking by the monopoly stick, big electricity provide this, many of them, it's to be that are horn and the big, there's a big one. but in the french government and a big one owned by the, i believe, linked to the chinese communist party. they're the ones making the money and making a profit. well, as you say, trust doesn't have the backing of the majority of the british public. as prime minister recent polls had suggested that. so why was she failing to win over the british public? well, of course,
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it's difficult to view monitor british media to understand the depth of misery and economic misery in britain. i mean, before i had to leave the country, one in the 3 children were living in quality. those were official figures and when even no, no, no, it's not progressive publications, often conservatives and talking about a destitution in their constituency. you see what effect the disastrous 3 administrations of the conservatives, or is it for cameron? johnson proposed to raise a may and now we have someone who is an ideological matcher, right? and believes in the primacy of the trickle down effect. so the, the scale of social unrest cannot be underestimated. with the rising inflation. soaring energy bills work is taking strike action, of course of the winter on the way, christmas,
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just around the corner. do you think the bush is public hiring? if the government prioritizing support the ukraine when things are so dire for them at home? well, when you have a media that is not free, your, you can continually pump propaganda the people and say, this is a life or death situation. we must fight the evil russians in every way that we can . whether it be burning roscoe tennis place for wimbledon, whether we play battling russian opera singers from line one, whether it be starving, a starving and failing to heat one tome and allowing the elderly and many more excess deaths. that would be normal this winter because russia is the enemy, and ukraine must be defended. ukraine, democracy must certificate. and it's very clever and it's very well done. there was no coverage of the eastern economic forum on the bbc or british television. and there was no way anyone could see ortiz coverage of it. no one knows that the
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international community is against britain with a speaking to african returns the journalist. many, thanks for your time. really appreciate your insight. ah, i care the 4th is have resumed shell and the southern ukrainian city of america down close, it is actually a nuclear power plant that's according to local russian back toll authority. the city is currently without power. as a result of the bombardment relates to south follows a series of daily sailings by ukrainian forces, reportedly targeting both this city and the nuclear power plant itself. rushes defense ministry says that and yoga dar with its sell at least 3 times on tuesday. the attacks continue despite the presence of 2 i. e, i observed as at the site vladimir putin say the i. e. a was placed under pressure from western states, which explains why the nuclear watchdog failed to blend ukraine for the shelling of the output. osha nuclear plants. moscow's envoy to the u. n. is also slammed the i
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am report for stopping shorts of confirming rushes, accusations. russia, we were the marine perhaps if the document was devoted exclusively to the results of your trip to the persian cra, power plant, your conclusions could be clear and unambiguous. we regret that in your report on the implementation of international atomic energy agency safeguards in ukraine for the period from april to september of this year. the source of the shelling is not directly indicated, and un secretary general has demanded that russian and ukrainian forces agree on a demilitarized design to ensure the safety of his appleton. she had planned his speech to the un security council, came after the i. e. a released his report following a visit by inspected to the site last week. nuclear watched, remain neutral, and did not blame either side for the security situation at the plant. the russian back had any claims that russia region has criticized the i. ava failing to recognize what he described as he, as nuclear terrorism book, just look a circular,
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we are extremely satisfied with the visit of grossey and his delegation. the agency said almost nothing today for the residence of the, the parent, your region for those who work at the station will they said was, don't shoot, it's not good. we should protect the plant. they didn't say who fired the shots. would gould, the terrorists are pursuing, they did not express their position, practically, no conclusions would ruin. we, as the residents of the region i, as the head of is approaching a region which was reclaimed from those who are playing nuclear terrorism. today, we are extremely dissatisfied with what happened. the key regime does not understand that if something happens to the nuclear power plant, there'll be hell to pay, not only for ukraine, and not only even for europe, the i. e, a should have documented that ukraine continues as an isis state to show a nuclear reactor. this is what we were waiting for,
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so that the shilling would stop. there is a threat to the whole world here, and we don't see any reaction. my opinion, no reports, no negotiations with the terrorists who will affect whether they will shoot at the nuclear power plant or not. thanks for keeping us company, asi international will be back at the top of the hour with the latest, ah, doing my daily liquidity. so now what was shown a portion of my down in that old tree shy at the court. where did you wanna border
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a shawl, norwalk, with a question, not in the totally sri you surely was nip is no, i put the most of them will be stupid. with the family i'm to consider, so only goes from marston. it was on the home, they call you beast for me like that. it also tom cook with the unicorn without us because she she knew me yet. oh, the russian speaking, se ukraine refused to accept the cruise outcome. people took to the streets of ukraine's largest cities. that had been protests in krakow odessa. mario pope, and zap our osha mass protest broke out in the crimean autonomous republic and overwhelming majority of crimean citizens voted as a referendum to break away from ukraine. i did march 2014 crimea rejoined russia or chester scrimmage is.


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