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get that in bar, we have to take a very short break right now. we will be back in just a few moments station ah for so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. that development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk with
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started a boy with the summer like be up there for was lynn. this is your total for the starboard only with putting them up on the bluff deadline, but a lot of people like them on the thing we've done a lot. but the leo before i think nozzles but important additional a full and i think i love but i had i left that was also seal. it was a brand new community by other schools finished due by the idea behind the money would bring you might not to live. it wasn't a thing i knew 3, those but not gone with what i did. never get
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a status was all it was done. yes. i brought it, leslie said, well that's a lot of like being able to say it's a clock, a if you could give me keith, i'm got order to like the movie sheet keyboard again. it goes on saturday or sunday with a look at the beginning. the studies machine. yeah. he's here without your permission with will get me able to speak with a dealer than us. the other one you got omitted z, give me a list of those samples. it a day or the army. got them. okay. and i will do that, you know, you mentioned a book, you know, said you're not going to get, we pride it. i'm grading on. yeah. cuz i don't know who
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ah, as of styles field blocks 11 the square kilometers stuff with exclusive booby traps. mind unexploded shells everywhere. i wasn't with all the brushes, international mine action centers. bomb squad is kind of funny. sweeping every inch of it. with
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almost 2 months, fierce fighting raged around the as of style pond. russian troops and dpr militia forced the ukrainian military to leave maria upa and retreat to the plant. 2 and a half 1000 militants were cornered in workshops and impregnable bung cuz they retaliated by bombarding the city and its residence with an array of weapons. with the people who were would've been because you look up of course, always prefer of well as with a nucleus was all slightly ear anybody spoke with a couple of considered dog wrong rubric smeeley but also looked at my remedies. are with your fellow with the reward because i need to install a new booth. lieutenant colonel alexander hud. gov skate. establish the dpi interior ministries vosta battalion in march 2014. since the onset of the russian spring. the battalion has been involved in all operations, declared don bass, of neo nazis. they on the russian army, took some 60 days to flush,
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the neo nazis out a severe, legible as a book you write with this. so your horrible another against this good luck will yourself the richard patasha. i knew a little boy able to see i was only a couple if you can tell it to water. i'm a very particular well an equal the muscle to come when you got really 2 minutes. but then when you put in the shared system, you, molly, me or i mean usually what a little bit portion of it for many the only more with me because i'm a point list on where you go and possibly it is is no, wasn't video. maria says that i'm here or talk, which is video agreement, but i mean, it doesn't help with
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a nika alone. you will watch now. no, i didn't look. i'm wondering, is that what you, what is your thoughts about almost when you have a book, a lot of money actually a bother, a little child? what's the job or is it which is in the machine? yes. if you're through with a user convertible of those let read. yeah, yeah. you don't have to go off or the on the cooker pe teacher to speak to the tutor a little further. camilla, the social worker with you. i mean, you spoke with michelle and when will she get to really push keep up carson 2nd. when you come from milam, the michelin almost only work woman from out of here. who
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knew? well, i thought you a spoke when i was still going and when you see a song, i will go. so if you just and i'm going to see who do i just a moment. so let's continue on with number of new milton. me just yeah it was you guys are pretty so the one is beautiful now. so when you want to go to more like a little study when you're course in cordele showing you with what you get older, you'll stay pushing harder for a book, which is usually case liberal mostly reviews with
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a full mouth with morgan. yeah. cookies, and you wanted to provide it with a jelly a little bit when you had given could you have put up with this solution, logo is on your money. so hopefully i shall as i thought, all this money if i do have a valid done. yeah, i brought it up really well. that's a lot of like like in a class, a mutual pool
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with. so when you call a a give away, like i'm somewhat say able in yourself the free with you. what that would you be still going down when you want to come by needs. the most of them will be an option available to be like the mother, because he's not going to say, but as you say, with that to say, i'm not sure she's here with you can just look, i'm going to know what to put up with a bottle there's just a moment
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or 2 and a specialist with multiple little for the money. that's dollars a month i try to of a one is put you know as good luck with things or help if you thought before i knew for sort of the for him up i should the way needs a so please always use your little to perform is when you're part of, we have bought a for but i want to talk about some leave i be of the bill was then yet so sure. are you still only with a lot for
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the with oh, i should use all of these customization mush appointment. going to one issue was this with the steel is because with little to provision yes. mushroom listening cause because whole story writers with only player one most of the stolen if you could even put on the okay, not he wanted it to work order or is it he's one can kind of thank you for that. i hear back lose 3 little and miss abrazzo onions other as of june, always go with sort of if you're,
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are you on the law or do you what was the right honorable with google for a promoter with yours. how can i be related room? i pity media, that's my work. sort of ongoing koala, a collusion through multi a number and you know, so it's not going to keep it because i just come up with a a, a little bit of a,
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i mean i know with the book uses bring them a lot of scope is also to provide you with a foster prostate or a little bit of feature or to to peach with, with, with, with, with
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a done deal. so if you can have a, a, use a whole style show room or you don't get here 1st just when you get a new, when you're below watching a lot of the style who bought a new by with, regardless of the new bill as your mom, a dollar store in a minute, your phone, your lives, your so this one would be to and you, could you go in the da ah
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a major said galena ski named volcano commander of ukraine's 36 marine brigade served in crimea before the 2014 referendum took part in combat operations against civilians in don't bass. in april 2022, his marines joined forces with as all but as a stop table at the store on your own. mostly we've had to prove that that it was still in a, we've had no grain was simple, it didn't go to do, was listed as the reason in broken his toe, one or more guns. they were new, very good. it was his physicals. and if i knew i knew it shouldn't be a little on the other. katerina polished cook code named birthday 21 years old as of regimen sniper poses, as a paramedic,
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inactive. my dad protested since the age of 13 past ideological training with as all civil corps, a disciple of the chief nazi ideologists, that is left to check if you could give me keith, i'm going to have them write machine keyboard. my don't go far initially, would you prefer a journalist for the for sure. if your creation with or you may want to speak to the gym, we need your meeting and we bought a new a demo for instance, that i need to fill where you go when you have learned, even when we're getting frustrated with
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until february 2022 more than 10000 people had worked at as of style. many lived in the balance dormitories. a practice that's been going on since soviet times. i think that that's really cool because she's not aligned with ah, a lot with it the way much with blue chest. what she did studies that she said, just a matter of fact had made lots of this. you're going to love kids
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with what the child will not catch up with the ability to bundle my bill, but it's not post store or not. but i believe my up that's and that i know that all the one that you were almost done. i already read this coupling. and you did break yet. look one minute cheated yet, but a lot. so that mimic monday might be a separate doublet. if i pick up a ship through bottom line, go on top of all the issue is what i have been is not going to be more. it's not your fault, but gay when you're not gonna be ah, with
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a few small consolidated casual. so that will get you the fruit you. i will make a movie, you will lose the cd, but the ability is not working well. it is not frankly, the idea idea mogley will bring you might not to move with me. the bang. i knew that it's been a gun pool of the board. can you believe support? it doesn't live with any point. you may have more of that. you go home and that the panels and they've been with the brilliant stores. stuff that on the other side, but you're more welcome with mushroom one more 3 got your our school community by beulah north, south capital motion that i bought. all nuggets all that i'm also got them out
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there. got a black but now circle of be mature. no, i need them, one is fine, you put a way and then we'll transport book in that unit. so that would be a prompt. you 3 more, you more than what? but also my emotion. i made martin got totally got the worst of money. we know we got new guy was mostly steve, but the most look got visually spoke with up still much and also we're going to be an issue. there wasn't much in your but much in that will out but go on the got the agrees to show up with movies it it does, it is not switch truck. i was going to have issues with a professional don't believe was so she can you pick that issue? i think that she has gone we know enough about it. i think it was a school this year the but then your team was got stuck in which were
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a possible now they both knew much please i'm study blood a thumb. so when you might, when does miss process with a new bride is a, be see a military thought because of the bad that those lot of the we've visited cumulus to says i'm in the glass up. i knew that it looked up at that. can we assume bus little thing is not just the disease knows it, but well see jack and you've been freaking. but also when you thought a you know, say today with a policy daily wasn't a style at the mirage. it whereas with yourself. mm. and you have one magazine that needs to
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stay luggage in the screen. i thought them not. then you probably put them all the better knowledge. but sure it book about with the ability to brought it. i'm really definitely sure they mother will and you but they been generally a bottom partially. they believe that they don't come in for the movers to get the form. yes, you go shorter than this one. yes. that was okay. and you need it but, but at least you know, when you down below, probably most lovely black company. i'm a few boyish. yes. if my child, you can block the brochures to will class for them to put them up. so she isn't there should we should be able to that, you know, she like to be, you do is he's got to meet the scholar to go with. she's east teacher and you can
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actually keep order mathee particular by and see me before that i can sure what the official a submissive over the most. lucia. yeah. the only way. so it's a combo who level of it? so boils go a little bit, your performance affordable to look at the revenue. so for this, when you go get on. so usually group as will of international is just for reference of a, was it been various weights or not? so you must go to court to purchase very much for as all of his military unit 3. oh, $57.00, special task force. the national guard of ukraine established may by 2014 in murray . you poll task to suppress and eliminate russian sympathizes in easton, ukraine, founded by us as a backup. former minister of internal affairs personnel nationalists from the right
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sector. and my dan self defense attorney. does this use other often with him as an equal dealership spiritual wisdom? smith, uncle, what i'm a little note in lockwood, so you never spoke of during the 3 year old vision emotional to him about the recall. yeah. this what somebody in pentleton you, kirk, but nothing has to be push positional costello's. his public. dinah of also i nibbled up, that i knew was on legend, was it? but other than you would edition or still mostly now bought a new movie nozzle or bertha muscle by and see what they did. oh this was in like no small order injury or nuclear arsenic. oh, what was your minute?
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are you only responsible for? does this man no more than with drenched or physician cooking? and he's respond jojo is such a certain, you go to your store on your medical leave, a series near cookie phone, sna bureau engineer from going school or, and you didn't, you wouldn't need to when it was causing me for the stucco burbock. so on you. good morning, ma fork grain scarce though. you started as a dirt. oh, my god, benito in new york when you bought from and from somewhere consumes as or as close connections with far right extremist in the e. u and u. s. in october 2019 the us congress suggested putting as of on the list of foreign terrorist organizations, the state department blocked the initiative in russia. as all of is recognized as
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an extremist organization and his band. with what, you know, the point oregon venue. i'm with the minister when is this the only progress orders, since we're in the shipping. a thorny barnabas. it is supposed to do what's funny, do you wanna come to them regarding crystals? what are some of those current maddy? boone's doorstep, unusable snyder. calling from us all the bug scores them grow. as ellen's crime, suppression of bro russian demonstrations and shooting at police officers in murray . you play video and haka in 2014 the siege of the crimea, nevada. kidnap rate looting and robbery. human olden trafficking, torture and killing. a prisoners of war, people in the dpr call as of a death squad with the can you go to someone doing
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a new deal to science versus a prosecutor? well, there's more. so when you boil your deliverables, this one for pick. you remember when i was supposed to void, it wasn't with any sort of why in michigan with the girl that was boring, you used the occasional washing bush from college, the to certainly lower their borstal role or do you read those? don't don't do that. but so scribbler is little schooling except schools. models. korea poked, overall nurse rosemary over
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w teach crystal pura got dora philip wouldn't assume grade, roster muddy, polished, also nick a couple of them. one you just have them here. girl dove graham. they got was both of those up all day. it said little gray in the 3rd. the more you should be able to do it. ah, ah ah, only one main thing is important for naziism, internationally speaking to that is that nations visits are allowed to do anything . all the mazda races, the reason us hedge empty is so dangerous, is it the lie? the sovereignty of the country? or is business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing,
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which is fashion with this, where you can possibly store over in your view on this area. hold on one quick, find out when we go benito saunders thursday morning, which little in the public storage store make sure we can get started or those through school with a new and easy or the non us in the semester it was gotten more score. so now stores and develops of another to with this to get on with dish or scan it in the bottom a bit. so good smith and we were just need more to pick up more report. the dunham is who i stay at cisco. nope. of you switch to.


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