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ah ah, i think will this fuss around next for alms supplies the crate has only one goal. that is to drag out the military conflict as long as possible. and so i think you think the start of the complete, but you may have to think criticizes the huge amounts of weapons being sent to ukraine. thing russian forces are cracking them like nuts, with more voices from the u. s. coal on here to make concessions to moscow as a retired us general says ukraine lacks the military capability to defeat russia. there is no way that the great ends will ever have enough combat power to keep the russians out of ukraine as well. and so what does that look like in the, in game is in 10 fighting continues in ukraine,
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r t follow the russian forces using drones to locate an attack ukrainian positions . right now, they're anticipating a command that would mean that the russian artillery will ahead. the coordinates that they will provide them provide to goes well behind the big guns. and the u. s . provides training and equipment for almost every saudi unit engaged in the bombing of yemen. thus, despite numerous accounts of civilian death, as according to a newly released study with moscow to the world, this is our international. my name is peter scott. wherever you jordan is from. welcome to the program. rushes foreign minister said again love. rob's plunge. trip to serbia has been cancelled that says neighboring states, bulgaria, north macedonia, and montenegro refuse to let his plane fly through the space. the news came just
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hours before the shadowed meeting between russia's prop diplomats unsaid the president's alexander boots. in belgrade, the russian foreign ministry has confirmed the closure thing. it's another line of communication that's been cut off the serbian president is expected to address the matter later on monday, western arm supplies to ukraine are aimed at dragging out the conflicts fell for bloody me. putin has said in his 1st full interview since his daughter rushes military offensive. he also claimed the rough and military was successfully neutralizing much of the advanced equipments since the key f. better best of course, a certain extent of the delivery service west has from the u. s and other countries are aimed at replacing caves, losses in military equipment. there's nothing new in this. it actually changes nothing more unmanned aerial systems that actually perform stress can only be effective if there are no military air defense systems present, which is what we do have them as the book, the thought, the pansy or a panther,
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extremely effective. not that i want to offend anyone, but the systems are cracking these vehicles like them not when you're below dozens of them have already been destroyed. industrials, okay. i think will this fuss around extra supply. so crazy has only one goal. that is to drag out the military conflict, as long as you understand long range missiles are supplied, it will force us to make decisions with them and use our means of destruction, which we have enough of to conduct the stripes. the facilities that we haven't targeted. so far or if i came in while the russian defense ministry has confirmed its forces have destroyed a number of tanks. and all the military equipments on the outskirts of key of those armaments were believed to have been supplied to ukraine by eastern european countries or the stripes. targeted facilities in the den. yes, for public way ukrainian military equipment was said to be undergoing repair works . and now you can see on your screen on verified footage from ukrainian capital,
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which is reported to show explosions on sunday, according to the ukrainian president's office railway facilities were targeted. but no casualties were reported. that comes as u. s. president joe biden has recently floated the possibility of a negotiated settlement between care and moscow. speaking to the media, the president stated that ukraine could seed certain territory to russia in order to establish a peace agreement. this mr. territory, i'm not going to tell what they shouldn't, shouldn't do, but it appears to me that at some point along the line, there's going to have to be negotiated. settlement the same calls are coming from u. s. military officials, the former deputy commander of the u. s. european command said he has no real prospects of defeating russia and must talk with moscow if he doesn't want to incur
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for the losses. russia has a heck of a lot of comment are the ukrainians, and so there is no way that the ukrainians will ever destroy our defeat. the russians. there is no way that the great ends will ever have enough combat power to keep the russians out of ukraine. as well. and so what does that look like in the, in game, the more this war goes on, we never know if that's going to wait. and then they will lack the ability to go to the bargaining table at a position of strength and may lose more than they intended. well, early a former u. s. secretary of state, henry kissinger, he said the key does need to make concessions to moscow in order to prevent a dia outcome to the conflicts. kissinger was later added to the mirror for this website, which is the ukranian database of people considered to be enemies of the states. former penske and security policy analyst,
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michael mullis believes the ukranian army should get back to the negotiating table before it suffers more losses. as this war continues on it's, it's turning into a into a slug 1st and in which the ukrainians are losing dramatically even though the russians are 2. but the ukrainians have far fewer troops. the ukrainians can come to a certain point where they can, in effect, called foresees fire and negotiate. at least they will still have forces to protect what's left of ukraine. otherwise it's going to be diminished even further. zalinski will not be able to take back all the territory and that the more that he commits troops and military logistics to fighting the russians, it will mean less and less that he's going to have to defend his own country for what's left of it. 5 civilians were killed and over 20 injured after massive
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shelling in the done yet. people's republic over the weekend, local officials claimed the attack was carried out by ukrainian forces. they say key of forces fight 40 missiles from grad multiple missile launches. here though, hasn't yet commented on the incident for schools and a kindergarten of an extensive damage with broadcasts in the region interrupted. meanwhile, russian forces continued to push ukrainian troops by using drones to locate and attack their positions. parties eager has done reports so behind me you can see the work of russian artillery spots as right now. they have a drone up in the skies and they've already discovered some of the fresh ukrainian positions. they're watching them right now. we've seen the pictures. well, they are very clear and vivid. you can see people, you can see where they put food. you can see their foxholes as well. right now. they're anticipating a command that would mean that the russian artillery will ahead. the coordinates
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that they will provide them provide to those well, behind the big guns. so, and well potentially, we might see them hitting these positions. this is what we're waiting for. right now. i've talked to the people here, i've talked to will to our, to the soldiers, according to them, the ukranian forces are retreating. there will close to fleeing even were near the village of kamisha. ha, this is the front line and the russian, and the forces of the la guns people's republic. they are pushing back the ukrainian forces, the ukrainian, neo nazis, et cetera. they are trying, they basically the thing is they don't have the positions to fall to. they don't have back up positions on this well, on the, in this directions right now, you can hear the artillery working so they don't have the positions to retreat to. so they have to dig up the trenches very quickly if they want to stay they've the want to gain a foothold and well hold the ground. their work is to make sure that this doesn't
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happen. as the conflict drags on more soldiers on both sides are being detained and any nope, as prisoners of war. ortiz, roman cos, riffs, spoke with a family serving in the as of battalion who were captured at the mario pl as of style steel plants. and now being held in captivity by russian forces. oh, we are at one of the points here in the next people's republic where the captives are held. this is one family, it's a mother, son, and the father. the son is 18 years old, 0. he's an active soldier. the mother and she told me is a magic. and the father is a driver. now i was allowed to speak to these people clumsy this up. no, sir. i live up sugar broiled. wanted me to just clean my son, which was 2 and i feel okay, the treatment is appropriate. there haven't been any incidence, at least involving myself. nick, nick, nick said, you're peculiar, brown, shania,
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the fish flim. it's hard for me to answer that yet, but i thought that no one will survive at all, that we would all die there at the as of still slightly on the move to the decision was made to save lives and avoid unnecessary losses. so i believe it's the right one, but on the other hand, of course, it's a blow to one's reputation in each book, learners of liam, i'm your poster proposed at the core core small door by it. so yes, it's a young fighters training that test both mental and physical endurance. there's constantly physical criminals, lewis, the graphically used globs to call courses military mountaineering toys. now i might not be able to repeat all these things. i was able to react around cuz i couldn't go service lizard for years. my husband was serving and as of and i came to supporting the bushel even those of wasn't built. but besides, contract to you of the game is i'm just him. it was so, but you will the bushel even was off on foot,
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but it was the best military unit in mary o pal at the moment. her tongue and dr. the mas, maribelle said, posted the walker crew, whose knives to table earn filled up. hm. okay, let's go to your pretty much go amongst those who oppose. oodles. i don't know. i don't know how i would be viewed. every one there is against us now. ship rose anson of the story were across today. the united states has provided jets on pilot training, most of every saudi units conducting as strikes in yemen, which has been widely criticized for causing thousands of civilian deaths. thus, according to a recent study published by the washington post new analysis by the washington post and security force monitor at columbia law schools. human rights institute provides the most complete picture yet of the depth and breadth of us support for the saudi led air campaign, revealing that
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a substantial portion of the air raids were carried out by jets, developed, maintained and sold by u. s. companies and pilots who were trained by the u. s. military. the saudi led coalition, 7 year long war against toothy rebels in yemen has cost thousands of lives with over 23000000 people in need of humanitarian assistance. and who was the number one sponsor of re ads campaign. the u. s. joe biden suspended sales last year and promised the u. s. would stop supporting offensive saudi operations. still the maintenance contracts for re ads, instruments of death, just keep on coming. the investigation shows that only 39 air force units from the saudi muradi led coalition could have conducted airstrikes in yemen. and that during 7 years of war, the u. s. approved contracts that likely benefited 38 of the 39 air strike units. arms training and technical maintenance. all provided by the u. s. weapons industry have aided the majority of saudi arabia's fighter jet squadron to carry out war crimes. since 2015 human rights groups investigating the airstrikes have identified
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more than 300 that violated or appeared to violate. international law, as us supplied and service to military hardware continues to make an already terrible humanitarian crisis, even worse, washington's throwing billions of dollars in age to those who are being bomb. the united states remains committed to delivering aid to the most vulnerable in yemen, funding gaps for significant cuts to life saving humanitarian programs, depriving millions of you mean ease of the support they need. humanitarian assistance alone cannot address the roots of this crisis. we urge the parties of the conflict to hold hostilities to make way for a durable inclusive political solution to this conflict. for the sake of the people, no doubt the thousands of yeah, many people who have been protesting and chanting death to america and the streets over the past week would prefer the u. s. stopped helping their saudi enemies rather than except washington's charitable donations. especially when the
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$4500000000.00, the u. s. has sent to yemen is bread crumbs in comparison to the over $50000000000.00 in usaid to ukraine. but that likely wouldn't fit the white house as agenda biden's, reportedly set to visit. re add later this month to court the saudis, into lowering global oil prices and punishing russia for it's offensive in ukraine . what a 180 degree turn from back on the campaign trail when biden called saudi arabia, a pariah state for its suspected role in the killing of journalists, jamal, co shoji, back in 2018. we were not going to in fact sell more weapons to them. we were going to in fact, connect and pay the price and make, and in fact, pariah. they are. sounds like a great way for the u. s. to stick it to a country, it's accusing of war crimes. enlist the help of another country that's consciously facilitating one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. but then the defense industry, represented by companies like lockheed martin raytheon,
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are making a lot of me on this war. and i think that's what the war's about as much as anything. and so the war persists were 7 years into this war. one of the most devastating wars honesty in human history. this is worst humanitarian crisis in the world in the u. s. continues to pure cerebral. this is the u. s. war, this is the u. s. u. k. war. saudi arabia is the proxy here. i mean, the us now fights most of its wars by proxy is it's fighting russia now for ukraine . and so, yeah, i mean, the u. s. has been critical in this war is provided most of the armaments, including cluster bombs, has helped with logistical support, including targeting and refueling saudi plains, in air, has supported the saudi blockade of yemen, which has star countless numbers of people. but as many of these wards and undeclared war, i mean, most americans don't even know what's happening. if they do,
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they don't know that the u. s. is behind it over to the warden islands now, which have condemned a gas drilling projects in the north sea. they say it will be harmful for the environment and it comes after germany on the netherlands decided to join forces to develop a new gas field, which is aimed at cutting dependence on bushing energy. the german federal ministry however, downplayed the impacts of future drilling. let us go, in other words, the gas quantities that could be extracted from this field or small in the context of the total gas consumption in germany casa, this contributes little to the gas consumption and he associated emission so that this is not a fundamental decision to resume unhealthy projects was previously abandoned by i'm to done. i'm berlin, mainly because of the european union's ecological policy. however, the decision has been changed over sanctions on russian energy r t contributor rachel marsden, explains the change of agenda. some countries in the european union having to choose between pleasing environmentalists or pleasing ukrainian president. a lot of
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years lensky and 3, this is who wins that contest. germany and the netherlands have just announced a new joint project to replace russian gas imports. and environmentalists can't possibly be too happy about it. the 2 countries have taken the 1st steps, job rise, drilling for gasoline, or see after russian energy giant gas problem said that it was turning off the gas tab on its exports to another lens. duct, yes, buying and trading for gas, cara had been refusing lost those demands to pay for russian gas rubles in order to secure a continued deliveries amid the european union's financial sanctions against russia . over the ukraine conflict, germany has invested heavily in its green energy strategy and new gas drilling projects like this one risk undermining. it's carbon free utopian fantasy. b u is obsessed with what they keep calling russian president vladimir gas. but replacing
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it is going to come at a cost to their climate change obsession. u. s. president joe biden has also announced that america would be reducing its oil and gas important for russia and yes, they did exist prior to this leave in washington in a position of having to develop domestic supplies, which american environmentalists actually post. and earlier this year, the british governments climate change to being share express concern, or the singling impact of new north sea exploration. flor demons suggested that it will show a lack of seriousness about their plans to limit global warming to $1.00 degrees celsius. so i guess it's nice to see that you and it's member states have such wrong values, which can be replaced from one to the next by other values, which i guess are equally strong. and oh, the news, 3 rush, violinists who are excluded from a music competition in italy while they upon to sue the organizes of the contest.
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and thus, despite the rejection letter, claiming there was no prejudice in the decision. well, one of the violinists, lydia country says that the organized it's, the organizers violated their own charter. since these days, people of all nationalities can participates in the contest. this was my 1st fall and that was been rejected because of the nationality these couple of months. but in the rules of, she was using the every produce, have been converted to place of an english analogy. everyone now know about the story because i made a point on facebook. and actually, yesterday we received a letter saying we will be ready to go and condemn concluded. i'm a musician. so i'm out of politics. and i finally strange did it. they asked me to do it because when i applied, i just applied as musicians aware of nothing to do with it. well,
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it's certainly not the 1st case of until russian sentiments in the cultural sphere . earlier 9 russian musicians were excluded from the dublin international piano competition. the hawkins international piano competition over in canada, and also withdrawn its invitations for 6 russian pianists. lydia country on again was she told us the competition organize that those plans have changed the rules in lights of the conflicts in ukraine. the region, the next show there they will be happy to see are some participants, again, the one the country to be over and know the president of the computer surely decided to teach the roofing people from the conflicts in countries they won't be able to participate in the competition, in my opinion, this is ridiculous. what just because of the russian nationalities just because of the place of birth. and now for some use, in brief, from other parts of the world,
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at least 49 people were killed and hundreds more injured in a massive fire in the city of chitter gong in south eastern bangladesh. the fire broke out in a contain the death with local authorities. they may have been caused by flammable chemicals. in some of those containers. at least 9 firefighters died while fighting the blades with 2 still thought to be missing. wildfires and now raging near the greek capital fronting the evacuation of residential areas. a strong wind funded place near athens. local media have reported several buildings and vehicles damaged and authority say that nearly 300 firefighters are currently working in the area to control the spread of those raging wildfires. and while the plumes of smoke are still visible from up to 20 kilometers away, and obviously that is causing some concern among the local people that people can
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miss, i think, i think yeah, and this footage you can currently see on your screen shows saturdays hot lava flows from mount in italy, which is of course, the tallest volcano in europe. it's activity has was used in recent weeks, and that's provided a stunning display of lava, which is transforming the land. now, while frequently active at no really cause as much damage on its own inhabitants slopes and finally over to the united kingdom. now, where plans are being drawn up within the government introduced a 5 year expiration date for nearly 1500 european union laws that are currently still in use as the country, it looks to distance itself from the block and recently leads emails reveal and alleged talk, but those plots excuse me, back in 2018 by high ranking breaks is including a former,
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my 6 chief to leave you without a deal from brussels block any deal arising from the disastrous and craven check is white paper ensure that we leave on clean w t o terms if necessary, remove this prime minister and replace with one fit for purpose. cleanse the polluted civil service from top to bottom. well those are legit plans included and influence campaigns. the quote defeats prominent groups who supported remaining in the european union. it's also advocated for the creation of a committee coordinates in anti bricks, the groups and allegedly establishing an intelligence operation to infiltrate government offices to undermine then prime minister. theresa may, as well as supporters of a soft breaks it investigative journalist. week sterling believes the aim was to cut the united kingdom off from the european union. this was a blockbuster story. it reveals an incredible corruption and
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influenced by insiders and by the intelligence. in addition to a financier, key people involved are the former director of the my 6 and a prominent nato advisor nato, as well as for defense department advisor. they're the key people in this. they got a mall working within the civil service to was passing on all of the documents that were being done. this group was very much opposed to any kind of accommodation with the european union, and they wanted a very hard record and, and it looks like behind the scenes, they basically want to ally very strong ally, britain with the u. s. and a limit or basically cut off ties or, or ties with europe. well, that's
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a wrap for now. do you feel free to head over to all t dot com for more stories? an in depth analysis. monies peter scott and he's been great to have you with us. thank you for watching. ah ah, in need to come to russian state will never be a speaking with man in the european union. the kremlin, the machine, the state contract with the sport that even our video agency, roughly of band on youtube, a,
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with a football talking about with the bus a, [000:00:00;00] with
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a choice issue, somebody over there, both of those with him to walk video with lookout him, you up boils up with the and i do so as you know that way. i don't mind. oh well it shows the wrong one. i just don't know any world yet received out disdain because the attitude
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and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh oh, blue ah, with green shemika,
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that's all with no li, the style study of columbia. you steal, mom will follow you use a. 2 2 2 2 2 sherpa pnc,
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a thought to meet you. a chipotle you watch writes a funny side because of the boys. more lives analysis, you put them king some might say 70 years is a reasonable life. my brain is one that may be full of events, both happy or sad owner of ups and downs, neat, christ opportunities and glorious achievements, misty in the historic sense. so he, 70 years, his barely and instantly ag edition, you were, you will admit the to july 13th marks the 70th anniversary of events, the meaning any significance of which the still debated and ost, poland, and grain. i'm just here


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