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total condemnation grows daily and now enclosed dostoevsky, to cascade and shostakovich, that i need to you all must. but yes, she says that with the time, will you do obama lee? your locals, do that a little bit more. ah you will see it's a laboratory or supposedly reco. gracie, you push him. we'll see i need to, i was here to what is in time with abilities for those to go go res issue and it's the global measures alicia menu me 0 is just the concern that you do at the bull cheese to break things just to about to want us to show come by logical experiments on so just employ. yeah. give me
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a william young boys also. diana could still do the same time with with
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them again, i didn't put out my so, but i was english come in a model j e n n e. he meets nobody's aware brothers lou, it was maybe a leg. although atlanta medium moving your knees teaching in the loop of she will neil because you don't support washed up there and i will get out of a must. so but our senior us no one on the back. the either probably the local guys . she said, i'm pushing. yes, you could just go for more until you've been done about that. we should be a leg deatrice. good or not? probably not anybody else to know what was your 1st you in that order was? are we sure what i see here? nobody tells me but so for, but it's a small
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one and some of the role is a bit you my, a little so bullet go or she wouldn't have to spell is used in muscle. a to bill you scared was in was this was also easy for me was or the city was next me she you, which is a complete i was a very familiar to me. you lead social boss, me religious di and what they knew me. i so what boss knew, you mean fiancee lives with that. it's why the stuff, you know, bring me a bit of you less you only a moment that us prescott and yet team and age. but then you have a muscle, but i was in your knees. be right, you know, a decent was cool. usually a time and we'll get the see done. come,
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can you play me with, but again, we can use one little lock. they do more with cookie cutter me with more is that i can be a little bit of water in the rest in a single each for sure bill gets colder and that's i won't really lose it. but i mean, i live in a police or medical really was one. we have a piece of when a good she's been there. if you gave me it was a little bit to live nichols focused on medicare number is no. alicia in this is when you start to listen, you go to the bottom, we'll go to the dealer. i did, but in the mid in those that are on the mostly. all right, so let me give me a minute to get that zip code. horrible. still to the sure and then you would have it miniature thought it americans co contingent let them go to it's part of the bill. you just go out or re issue and it is for the support and i grant you
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fantastic across the globe that the solution is that it is possible to deal with dorm did, he should feel good or smarter with was movement where you aren't opinion, you'd be like if you go in here for me and your sports. yes. we have catherine. both are so out of this more reasonable to put it on board is all. and if there were a sober bus nielsen by, you know what you love, your car is brand new. julia said some are yours that are her shift on the the, the stuff she exclusive. so by nature, no more than a last month due to the former, expose in your videos and possibly the staff can. and you more with, with some a program that the business, one of the and bill huge girls is which is the word when you put a construction you go cuz if you sit on a local food here in union building,
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you store with lawyers and publish it yeah, i knew when you the number of years ago used to it. yeah. are you balls go for that is dealing with me. you put on a report has been show. i knew that she is positive. there's a new, a new position to play on that from sniff. the degree medical unit 731 was established in 1932 thousands of people almost the present chinese and the 3rd russians became rural material. the subjects when treated as human beings and were referred to as logs. they were infected with cholera, typhoid anthrax and plague pathogens. people were cut open alive and dismembered. women were raped and after they got pregnant, infected with syphilis and gonorrhea, they were still alive when their stomachs were cut open and the fetus was pulled
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out to see what changes had taken place to the victims were completely drained of blood. and all this was done to create biological weapons, prepay, penal giblin, know you shun new little russia. korea annella's. i do diagnose you with information about how many people unit 731, kill there is some sources say 5000. now those would that figure at twice that number san diego genuine in pneumonia. a bachelor company is still valuable. nonlinear is i use the lowly just to weaken, that was more than that, but in union yet leniently won't let anyone luca in consider women. you. mr. gorman mit. yeah, thank you. there at the mill. m all a few few in the north of fuel, auto settle. motto, elizabeth, so pretty manella city. i n a boy, the more miserable. so for them still, you still in your bill,
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you schedules are usually at the napoleon you on the middle floor in the used. unless, unless you mean you, me 0 is just put them so, but you, you, unless you move super good, it is mailing. you just get a little of but he is gonna order him muscle browsing. yeah. you should be should you so the welts who's built them. good though. even with doug, i will agree, shooting is will not only put up our cool. i a was a pretty she museum. you mean? yeah, nice cities here. posley at the about the what was he but he me else amy, i was on not. what did you guys teach new, any meals? and i mean it comes with name, you know, get out of your pretty meals was get us by the sale school say you were going to was yeah, it will credit you most failure. you're standing in, i mean it comes kenya about those or not, but i will and then you buy city us doing a bruce, if you wish to continue to get our seat. miss stanley, it was
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a pretty show on the hooks premium in used a movie during that age or over a year and they'd be able to give me a smith a doing needs to shop. you claim it book which could shoot the ball rolling. not done my duty, she got to go to the on the bone grafts of duty should still have to do so. she was happy we might done good. collect to put a show. victor, you shall come because your dental claim, the styling example, the polish to build up a control and pulls up and then talk to them little data. so when you go so dustin and you did teach them good to know. great, you know, if it's anatomy, cause could you got to be yourself, boucher lee. i should see nothing but a bomb. he bought a car bama which include thing to do so well. nestle jim city, of course. so use of blood, you be able to give you a book,
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but color scheme on. those are 2 things that will be the mortgage this little. so you consumers, you pull up a couple done now, should look similar if you give me a list t dealership, a blessed nice, and you thought of people use costanza because they list you with a some fancy you. e mail is latonia kentoria. my glad i bought that. don't use it, but the you let me do really nice dipping. yup. awesome. accordable from firma. linda what you need to call about a position where you could be in boucher some is com. so use a p. i'm not below schema, because then list you used to tell about acoya scatter con units abreast. see that? but again, those are pretty, we don't premier at which knights of producers gotta let them will still be it, but yeah, just as much apostage. lucy e, as i bought the cookie that mary, not a booster, a p delete cook with us more detailed, reveal work, but useless. copper, atlanta and wasn't market a saturday, is to ship to is to breast feed, if you could, possibly, possibly. but then you know, of kentoria, but if you look,
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which is janice, you to us, associates the vehicle about to put it by simile bush. hm. so his mom, susan laneesa brought system. she be sca yes, we can yearly truly dahlia ethically. it said, but again after i boiled doors to mala, run mortgage, typically the premier east coast or what could dominican soup, religiously. know, caleb, it is. she got them got the galaxy. but again, for some of us about boston who wishes to, you know, creating at samuels by me out of the bullet of east eastern i me to can ski is it's at least a cut microbiology got quite uni me. could be we'll get back a bit of st. louis. camille just kicks tortora me to construct caberry about a forum industry for lots of disc is feeding a new system. it will collect to michelle, pretty black. so you will come put pre blog um towards store laboratory you study soviets kinessa to be it's 2 terms, none of them. 3, when human norman mr. borrow one is to show a conclusion against the bull. mentoring your girls, d, t r a, as the creature of the gulf war, se shemika, sebastian organ. okay. name. now,
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madeline is that sort of ethical about duty, but it would deliver g americans crystal only a posley, mcdonald's antsy waiting laboratory style, provide, you'd say, sneered when you play cham, thomas, unable to little grand scheme could be, will give you the full again. i mean, you can skip it. mm. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on a fence bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with
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i had a question there was since i've been a teenager, that america suffers from the per gallery of empire. and that is, if you're an empire, you tend to regard the rest of the world as your back god, and use honest wage. grow in the backyard, you go to roger, go and pull them out. simply do not appreciate how the rest of the world has a legitimate rod to think differently about the house, to the back out. ah
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ah, wish to order were brainstorm for us to worship a cancel, a minister storm water or chicago or, or, or a, you know, how much you say 20 a, a range co pay just and you mean per hour. but, but sure from a, with a,
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with a, a, a limit is sort of the machine that he's the so yes, with this problem there. so she's in as a mean she's in a show us a boss of course, properly by me to come sit in front of you through it. it's not me with a with
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a friend is is sharing with a dish to store with a washer to do with e. ne, come billable show for sure. yes. the brochure alleged and still a lot of giving you a good day. b to world, ah, polish to will prep lunch, but that'll, in that again. his own is up of new stunning is getaway, which are signaling mr. technique. e posley at our by in the village schedule for us to do crane me. sonya and he's just hold on a shot e the pushed me just the hon is that will ukrainian as archer, so full them of you,
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of pastors country school. you cause a tickler, but i'm pretty you shortcuts, anyone in crating, it's annually does, is pitts at least mostly my donnas pitts at least the sort of the process to great job but the so long and the greater the premium to complete the visual piecewise kensal school will probably new school some time now, but up as little as 20 percent off your phone, skilled listed use techniques, clickable to object of pollution. our bus most people concrete has faded bell. again, it's a least they spool chilled could go at either stove, done the club to the fish food, but the xena stores are about to its ability. scotia know what she put city, you know what you produced. her twist is better to make a terribly just we're not totally annoying. messy. feel at the will you know what you know? law maggie to papa day if keith buster by la cruz will cover still as bull medieval, a pollution or what i need is mirand. but tom will store play in the building. you schedule is good, you know a summer with utica. gus, gus to kramer, se naive was up in the corporate bullshit was originally especially considered
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nipple did allegedly sharon abroad. amy's just all but also sure was used anywhere in the world last year and you breed in your on the billing is qc. you see on the table who gram, i'm an easy on on with the upgrade. you'd be watching lobrado, louise, which she knew of euro sat on the claims k going is a 0, so no green a shout on a spreadsheet, no grades to which on their business i just and i me ask you to order a ceiling or which no bus mr. brown with canada one usually with the yellow. so you're locked in for a senior when i go into school, but i must have shown that if you put your brain a little water, i mean yes, a little special, but i thought it could keep opening on your mobile nature. looks like a no go ahead. i need someone to cause
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a but i didn't get it. it's not a propaganda. and that's an illness tongue. what principle billing is just about the position now, but again, i'm at the, not a model. anybody on the picture was you can't now you push only $230.00 will play well, but i put it in the ration to go with the cost center. i for a lot of throwing a sister, me sister are only for a new in their stuff for you and your ability sky apartments, different level of the not with her. you can, you can usually use someone to show on your own. but we're here with
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this is christina with a campbell and you spoke with nobody america got. i'm with nicholson to, to pull courtney cook with the social on the clock on time to know when you begin the process with not to be shameful. good at all. it is nice. oh, yes. michelle doug jolly, a bought a mini concert. i want to quit school, but i tell you i need to put her pistol. americans to push the a nash. nasa couple boss of standard cheat cooking element. tottenham problem. hi.
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john mogley sent me just good to you. good as the bullshit because i tend to buy me to construct another probably and you can use social dish, honest with almost the it was putting money post. new grammar to hope was contorted, which most of them showed it because it was because it is because they came in with duck, not digital. if any took a look, kind of would you would describe camilla but authority me me stairs to my son is daryl you're so shy. it means just that i'm i couldn't use the shiny me think a go up machine at the boat cheese to break me just a lot better. one is the shop. i'm glad to will you give money? that's all about duty. get the worst of bernice ordering. these are pastors to build pollution still wasn't a lot of work. so what bus me, but i'm yelling me somebody wish to be a bus, missed in or in the door of club with north edge, a play me j. i knew we was in the premier colleagues who put together so creating a grimy lot of the little w. so bob boston, but the really barbara c i. so bob boss, me, in fact, song is the blue. i me, you put a gin of category immune correct, killing me, blair, at a, you know,
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crane. yup. and you, my stacy by me small. yeah. let shin i live at a book called dunnahugh. she has to easily of the when you said to me, but the giving me where to boise bobby, which from cool place to my book, invoking craner. but that because i to the suit number is homeless. when i go go social cl, miss james, could you put your name? you or your old nature, you'd like me to pull your brain? i thank you. what i see are you from union wars which i must get on a police just know, speak to somebody wanting him in the plan will done a break windshield appointment for my children. and i thought you were, is us a 20 or ciocca? what? what did you break of to put a u. b was away. so you can project i need is literally only yan yos, least the freedom of come could hear plan nationally, cousin muslims k, the senior bushes whose course i use it all with jim, just 3 of museums and one is about to do so. so bob boss, me, well, easy, the g cook cut out, couldn't corn go, it was a dial, it should go to sleep builders because these to have not completed the secretary,
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i'm going to keep it the waterways is bureau chilly to new bradley i was given your number, my cilia scheduled break to you, be voicing at the bull summer, much w player will lives out there. but us, see, given that wilma to the yellow, would you do the, showing the school district court and she will claim will be said, she's a journalist. only see the rooms up a postal wolf give credit for the usa. i'm going to pass this across the world. 2018. i long before a year i investigated
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a lot of information dr. originating from the us government database. i have collected documents from a grueling that a warranted right american companies, more than $80000000.00 for biological research a in ukraine now. so i published document proving that the u. s. government conducted biological experiments on allied soldiers in georgia. and you pray, 1000 your soldiers in georgia and 1400 soldiers. you great, according to these documents that originated from the program, from inside the internal documents and b,
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r a in gauge, in biological research on local sanchez, according to the documents. it is done on time or 2. now this is the exact code based on here. this will be a good idea for me to do a 3 g, 3. the for laboratory city on the start of the, on the is usa scope or to remove the political propellers. ridge, locker room. it was more of a young that we can use more with a small 30 to variable crane. you chrissy, but it only him, but she gave us bureaus pretty me creams, could you mortgage security? what else could your mortgage give her up cost or just some syndrome, but your social cilia will you are not hardly to, to thought in a prison on either authority her up to your, to me even the you of your say both or, you know, brought us to live,
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let me in the horses. pretty minute book. the relinquish girl, her luca year, a year left on us know when you eat use lining all. he shook his through even that he has moved. easy catherine. so could you. ruth lazy territorial crane leader a she walk across, you pay me in that your family authorities included e. we visit they to start with a rubbish just as then you have a quote about villages. korea construct c valuable thing in the morning. and so his fossil, the sucrose for sonya a, him in the, is a 3 and has, won't. he didn't, you would have been in your current bill and get you scheduled for wow, break of you fly way. carnac, excused. you told me to let me get sooner. it is which is decamped. you say i give to the libyan also g sugar allowing me on the series was horrible to copper processor prevention with anybody seen you brown. i am a product of when you stick and i'm excuse you so that he's cooper though his name is almost done or the cumulative. but there's,
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let me just as quick as good as tuple, don't read your about was boris dumber fuels okeechobee bubble. although she was looking at buey, she put on cell is possible. but other than what music though, but you didn't to so cousin into the long last i couldn't meet them is not a loss here and ah, with a suffered because my business and you will clean them a b e l daily that was chosen. yeah, americans, great you, when you wrote it, you just got to really just such an article and i certainly provide you with such a short it was nice if after the different student info, which helped with use her own the with them on the problem, you're still with her job
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sure yours are both in the study she was on was definitely voice of choice thought it was for me to learn off on the whole things sort of thought it was jewish in the longer you bullshit just in useful. not for the push to, to stream with mon, because or news new or your portal or do school. of course, i don't know who you're i know for the don't know as much to begin with who used to play in finances come on both with the 1st time in history and the entire country's culture has been cancelled. the very modern weapon cancelled culture. really desperate. wonderful. i was just a little one, but you can't just sit in the one it with the phrase now, particularly refers to canceling russian culture yet them know what to create the
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few orders that i get to when you my fuel, which will be all that is killing me so that the most of them are separate, they're random, eat them. we what rushes created over the past 1500 years. there's no question. ashley condemned, reviled and reject it. just to remind you that it's funny. at the middle of panel, there's a, a closer. oh, any time you said a little short list, joining total condemnation, gross daily and now includes, does de escalate to cascade shostakovich? yeah, i need to. yeah. with that done. will you do obama lee? your luck with
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with russia releases footage of over 250 ukranian soldiers, mostly from the ultra nationalist. i was off battalion who surrendered in the city of mario both after a long siege. kiev, however, is portraying the event as an evacuation. western media outlets are marked for relying the normative coming out of kiev by releasing inaccurate video to provide proper checks. we'll take a look at a number of examples with tally and journalist questions that west coverage of a conflict while also claiming the vision is wide name between his government actions and other countries. citizens feel about russia.


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