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a with a camera, men are wounded in taken to hospital as naughty crew came on the shell link by ukrainian forces in the dawn. yet for public what you have here is a ukrainian snipe is nest. it has been set up on a roof of one of the military bases, and it has been abandoned well along with the rest of the base, corresponding reports from ukrainian military bases in mary o poll, which they abandoned as russian forces advanced as russian and don't yet so just continue to fight for the as i've still plans in the outskirts of the city. oh,
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it's rainy, police confront moon is that the funeral of an out of there are journalists killed during class. she's in the west bank with palestinian and israeli officials blaming each other for the tragedy. i love to be a member of the european parliament guess. detain this protest against the definition of a memorial to soviet. so just on folks in the latvian cath with a warm welcome you watching aussie international with the latest world news headlines is good to have you with us on our team. crew has been challenged by ukrainian forces in the city of dough. could shy of skin be done? yes. people's republic. i'm good on the public, but like yeah the but partly because i knew i did out the to camera,
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had suffered shrapnel wounds to their legs and the facts are being taken to hospital. the incident happened, as the crews stopped at their local petrol station. they claimed there were no military objects near by the moment of the moscow with shifting its position on ukraine's membership of the european union. where the russians took diplomat saying the block is turning into nato's aggressive accessory. and moving away from the initial founding aims of the block with the problem of the knock useless of caves, desire to join you raises serious doubts. the european union has turned from a constructive economic platform as it was created to be into an aggressive militant player. they follow nato's lead, thereby confirming their integration with the north atlantic alliance, and will essentially perform the functions of its accessory. meanwhile, the defense ministers of russia and the u. s. held talks on friday for the 1st time since the outbreak of the war in ukraine. moscow say it's
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a phone call was initiated by washington to discuss the most pressing issues of international security. the pentagon claims that called forth these fire in ukraine, both sides emphasize the importance of bilateral communications during the crisis. let's get lost now. so william mullins and full of british diplomats, unprofessional, or political ideas and institutions that goofy marconi university. thank you very much for joining us on. the program is great to see. now, what do you, how justifies, almost goes concerns of the ukraine? joining the e u. well, 20 years ago, they would not have been justified. today's completely justified why this is because the e u has transmogrified from nico nomic and social union into, as you said, an appendage of nato. why is all this many reasons? first, remember that the united states and the united kingdom have always done the utmost
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to prevent a european army, which actually would be more in moscow's interest. because this european army would have been completely independent of the united states. that was not to be allowed. that's why how they got germany into nato 955 when the europe project crashed. now, it remember that this is all very much about who controls europe and who controls german russian relations. because the, the british, particularly for a 130 years have always fought hard against german russian corporation. and this came up recently again with the nor stream not stream pipeline. and big german businessman. and as a result of you know, stream stopped, which must have made the americans and british very happy. and that shows exactly what the whole thing has been about. europe and germany must never be allowed to
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move close to russia. now, another thing we must remember is that in 2004, one of the final nails in the coffin of a serious economic and social union was put in with the ridiculously manic and huge expansion of all the european union promoted, of course, by britain and america, when russ raso phobic nations, historically like poland to the baltic states, also members of nato, joined europe. this berkeley put an end to proper future foreign common insecurity policy of the european union. but against that, we have what some might say from moscow good signed. we have president me call, i'm sorry, my call to give me saying that ukraine can never really join is a full member and each and other states will take years and years, which will mean a special relationship to europe. why don't they say, sorry,
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throughout this week, this is what the russian foreign minister has said. he said the european union is pending into quote, ne, toes, accessory and aggressive military play a bit too strong. do you think? would you agree? i agree fully. another example of that is, is what's happening with finland and sweden, 2 countries with her, and the reputation for ferris democracy, tradition suddenly goodbye. they're not even having referenda that they somehow being pressurized, apparently into joining nato's, which is unbelievable. all this is the same time, however, as countries like hungary, more thoughtful and more intelligent and thinking more carefully. that's another aspect of this which you might find interesting because of all these sanctions and sending more and more guns to. so all his grades will die in the end is the fact that germany itself could slowly be becoming an agricultural stage. remembering
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$945.00, there was the famous morgan ta plan to put make germany and agriculture state's. now it's not going to become that now, but certainly the signs of that. and don't forget, paradoxically, that nature was begun to keep america in russia out and germany down. and that is exactly where we are again now, the full cycle, germany's down, it can't do anything now and rushes out at the moment in some way. and americans in america is making a huge, a huge amount of money. don't forget that the l n g and the weapons manufacture. and there's another aspect, hope to prove the western hysteria. how come? i have to say that went went turkey invaded cyprus, for example, to apparently protect turkey speakers in cyprus. the west did nothing a tool,
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and now they become totally hysterical when probably on far better grounds, formal, understandable grounds, offering pope's for years and threatens for years. russia tries to protect its own brothers in what still pull the crate. then there's a huge amount of people proceed, i think will being understood and it will come through because at the end of the day when the, his serious eyes down economics will make sense. and you're probably going to see some european countries saying, hey, look, do we really want to be an appendage? is that the moment we are, europe is literally an appendage at the moment of the us, the simplest that they call it later. well, having said that, what should be done in your opinion to make the country's reach a breakthrough in peace talks? i think that was somebody should sit, they should sit down and look at the realities of the situation. if they prognosticate and go on and say this is going to go on for 5 years, a,
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it could lead to world nuclear war be it's going to lead to, to complete end of ukraine as a viable entity whatsoever. and this is going to be one of the other with this knowledge, i think, given that russia has taken back old russia, having been provoked magically and wanting to protect, i think that they should sit down and say, yes, alright. russia might withdraw here, and there are a few little places, but that's it. after the rest, i don't know, maybe poland wants a bit, or maybe it doesn't to, or maybe it'll end up as like some kind of rump state, which maybe is what they want. i do wonder sometimes, but that will be there, have to be talked, but you can't ever expect the pieces that have been taken, which are essentially old, russia to, to be returned, nor should they be without create even further instability forever. so it's gotta be based on territory and economics and not on his theory and emotion,
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which is always got at the moment when you're mullins, and for my purchase diplomats, unprofessional, or political line days and institutions. i say google marconi university. thank you very much for your time. really appreciate your thoughts. god bless. good night. thank. well, let's cross a situation on the ground in ukraine now, the russian defense ministry says it has stuck in oil plants near the city of cremeans showed in the central part of the country, officials at a high precision weapon destroyed be oil plunk, production facilities, and reservoirs with gasoline and diesel fuel used by ukrainian forces power that vehicles may want in the city of mario post on. yes, republic officials came to join forces now strengthening that positions and pushing pressure on ukrainian troops in the as of star plans. russian, anton, yes. republic joint rescue said says, are conducting early stage, we construction in cities in the dumbass region, carrying damply and explosives from the area they've also been supplying cities.
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natania is republicans in crank with water supplies, and humanitarian aid residents of some cities will also receive one other financial support to as locals begin to, we build their lives in the war 2 regents are corresponding egleston visits, 10 military bases abandoned by ukrainian forces. this military base, it has housed all sorts of troops including a tank unit that has left tons of armaments like this one. for example, in a rather while di, a condition also there was a special forces union housed in a building over there. again, tanks and even priests and many, many rooms here they bare insignia and flags of the as of battalion and the right sect am to most notorious neo nazi wings of the ukrainian forces. the base resides in a strategic location. it provided ukranian troops with an excellent fortified shelter overseeing the key road towards moore. you pull from the east, along with a good portion of the city. and what you have here is a ukrainian snipers nest. it has been set up on
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a roof of one of the military bases, and it has been abandoned well along with the rest of the base. but here you can see it up close and personal and have a glimpse as to how it all works. it looks very cosy, like for example, here you have a whole sofa that looks that way. later we were explained that this position was more likely to be used by offices tasked with reconnaissance or a spotter. that of course, before the hail of bombs made them flee the place, abandoning weapons equipment, vehicles, metals, and documents. and this is yet a, another military base that was abandoned by ukrainian forces. they've left behind quite a lot because military vehicles here. some of them have been quite badly damaged because while they were shelled quite extensively here, you can see for apple, the wool over there has been completely destroyed and dismantled, obviously as a result of some sort of a strike, maybe of a tank strike. this whole area has been made available for journalists,
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for example, not so long ago, because as they were leaving hastily they were still, they still had time to rig the place. but now, well, just dogs roaming around here. they didn't have many options as to where to run from the shelves. either surrender or holy as of stalls t works, which catacombs still shell, to the bleeding out remainder of the mar you pull neo nazi garrison left at the very end of the rope. makers, dawn of reporting from our usual c a u. s. senate has found 2 adult 10 asked a rated bell on earlier assistance to ukraine, despite financial support for the cd adoption of the last. and it's around paul, oppose the decision. according to the senate, i would be a big mistake by the u. s. to save ukraine by dooming the u. s. economy is comes as the country faces. it's was inflation rate in 40 years as cost life now it's well
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corresponded rachel blevins for more on this. rachel, good to see you. i was seems an alley agreement on the bill has stoled. why did this happen and what's next? well, the united states congress is planned to pass an additional $40000000000.00 of funding for ukraine was stalled, after it did not receive unanimous support in the senate. thanks to the objection of a single member. now republican senator ran paul so that he could not support the bill because it didn't include legislation that would allow the inspector general to oversee how the money was actually spent in ukraine. similar to what the united states has done with the funding it has said to afghanistan for years. except for the top 5 countries. $60000000000.00 is more than every other country in the world spends on their entire military expenditures. if this gift of ukraine passes, our total aid ukraine will almost equal the entire military budget of russia. we should not forget that the soviet union collapsed in large part,
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not because it was defeated militarily, but because it ran out of money in attempt to save ukraine. we will doom, or will we do the united states to such a future? now is that an error, paul is not the only one who has been criticized for calling for basic oversight of the historic funding in the united states is sending to crane congress on margaret taylor green was also call about and she was even accused of quote, repeating pollutants propaganda, after she took to the house florida question why congress was moving forward with so much money for ukraine when here at home, the country is currently facing a massive shortage of baby formula that is impacting thousands of families across the united states. now all of this comes as the prices of everything from food to gasoline have continued to store with inflation in the us remaining at 40 year high . however, the sun is not finished trying to pass that additional funding for ukraine,
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and they are expected to take another boat on it as early as next week. ok, all corresponded. rachel blevins. thank you very much for the days house. thank you . ok. and they, the unprecedented western sanctions against russia, the country's national currency, the rubel has the name to as the world's best performing currency of the year, according to bloomberg. it's written a little over 11 percent against the us dollar since january. the agency reports, while the offshore rate indicates the live and also around 12 percent. this comes with mosca required to export to sell foreign currency and trade partners. pay for energy import the roubles. where should one professor of banking and finance, demonstrative estee, phase western sanctions has failed to really hurt the russian economy. bringing damage to your appeal markets. i don't think those that impose those sanctions wake spec thing the ruble to do this. well, the fact is that since 2014, with a sanction sticking in and the international financial markets being already at
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that time becoming increasingly hostile towards russia, there was a kind of market base discrimination against russia. they were aiming at brush your but i don't really achieving that. but actually if you look at the logic behind this, the sanctions, it is essentially sanctions imposed by the us on the europe to head the european economy. where they're not really sanctions to had russia. which is very difficult to do when you are, you know, the largest economy, the largest country in the world, and, and one of the largest economies that spanned from europe, asia that is able to trade with the entire world is rarely security forces have clashed with mon, as at the funeral of an algebra journalist in palestine, sharina aqua was killed on wednesday while reporting in the west bank. the if i can show the
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police confronting those attending the funeral as they tried to move the casket on foot is unclear what exactly course the scuffle the coffin was late to deliver to church by car. thousands of palestinians took part in morning for the journalist who lost life amid the recent wave of tension, a warning he may find the following images distressing. this which it shows a moment's off to the out. is there a journalist who kills and doing it? and he's really on the raid and the town of jen and palestinian authorities on the tv channel itself. lane is ready soldiers full of journalists, beth israel said both soldiers and palestinian militants were firing at the time and called for a joint investigation which palestine has refused. dahlia into murray reports from the funeral attack. some journalist taking place at many entrances to the old city we were prohibited from passing. and just now we've managed to get to the funeral procession. there are
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a lot of important people from jerusalem and across palestine participating in the funeral procession of our colleague coming through the old city to the resting place where she will be buried in a grave prepared in advance. yeah. you rarely see such a crowd enjoy them. it hasn't happened for decades. and maybe it's the 1st time we see. so solemn funeral is the allowed fee and member of the european parliament. tatyana donna was detained as a protest against the demolition of a war memorial to soviet soldiers in the countries capital riga. she's not be released, police have been told to take a 0 tolerance approach to the process. the politician was among hundreds of people to encourage them to go home and stay safe. i thought of the last few government proportionally began preparing to demolish a war memorial to soviet soldiers. moscow has condemned the decision saying, it defies any reasonable explanation. and accused of being the most aggressive russ, the ally of the e. u and nato. we've tried to get reports from the grounds where the protests took
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place. however, many people, including local journalists, appear to be concerned about legislation, prohibiting dealing with sanctioned media outlets. investigations have now been launched into some of those who came to the memorial after being outraged by the flowers removal on the may. the 9th, the case has been opened against a man who was spotted with russian flag. now he is allegedly accused of condoning genocide and crimes against humanity. lawrence's and why yaki a little girl with we spoke to the mother of alexander, the man arrested for carrying a russian flag to get more details restored. with your credit, my son alexander was arrested on to the article of genocide and crimes against humanity. the maximum prison term is up to 5 years on the non to may. my son marks
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police officers for the russian flag was banned in latvia. they said it was on may the 8th and 9th. but on may the town, it was not a flag is not an in league of symbol on made attempts to police officers approached alexander and asked him to put the flag away after long conversation they apologized, let my son go. then alexander, late flowers and candles, and one hour later he was detained out 2 flat have been searched on my hard drive and seen kyle were taken my son his trust. now of course, however, he's more worried about his grandparents as their house is poor. shown, the tensions launched off to authorities used bulldozers to clear flowers brought by locals to the monument for the may, 9th victory de commemorations. in response, people brought even more flowers to the side with police than completely blocking off the area. week. it has been one of the most vocal critics of moscow's actions in ukraine. lafayette, published this dan, political activists. vladimir lindman believes these actions are
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a reflection of the rest, the phobia currently being witnessed across the world to just 3rd rebuttal. now in view of the fact that the world is infected with such a virus, of the most violent, unbridled russo phobia on this wave. and this beg route to the ruined people of lots of it have realized that this is their chance when they can demolish the monuments. this is a step towards rewrite in history. in general, history has been written by the west, but especially in the baltic countries and in poland with such an attitude that in general, the russian positive traits in history is simply raised to a state of 0 below the plan. and if it does not exist, this is the task. the task is to depict the role of russian civilization and history in such a way as if it either does not exist at all, or it is absolutely negative, villainous. let the angeles van damme our says, the aim of these actions is to suppress the russian speaking community. she just says it was worse the but now the circumstances allow the largest russian speaking
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community to be put in their place some time ago in m. p. in the latvian same uri's douglas said, we do not need you to speak the language, meaning lavion. we need you to know your place. and today that is being implemented would right now, the goal is to suppress and subdue those who preserve their cultural identity. that is why the ruling elite calls everyone who visited the monument to the liberators of riga on 9th, and the 10th of may enemies of the state. we need to realize that everything that has happened is no chain of coincidences, but a result of preliminarily plan special operation aimed at turning all baltic countries into a military base against russia. and in the u. k. a recent poll phase. 93 percent of britons are very aware of war in ukraine, while only 23 percent are in phones on the hunger crisis in east and africa, which has tens of millions in its grip. the horn of africa is a region consisting of 4 states, sounds more than 140000000 people. it was previously partially administered by
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person. and joseph warrants, the global focus on the ukraine conflicts may distract the world from other launch crises. here an expert has been warning of a crisis in the area for months before the starts of war and ukraine. 3 failed rainy seasons have caused the worst route in the region. and 40 is a problem with exacerbated by the war in ukraine as well as sanctions imposed on russia, which is the world's main wheat exporter. the situation has caused grain prices to skyrocket, but russia face is problems. exporting goods to global markets often limitations on financial mechanisms on goods transportation. we discussed the problem with an associate professor at the university of south africa in pretoria. he stays, africa has been living in the state of conflict for a very long time. and the constance problems that shouldn't be forgotten. i leave currently on daily basis. and i've got we see immediate week in the west and community just
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by making sure that that i've gotten into bob would any longer because that was funded by the western counties was, was been says i knew because to be in making sure that i was in place on issues fitted into funding and security to be just fine, but then i got a letter friday july in southport from there. well, what do i been doing is to get more debt for i don't kind of give them money, especially content and also because there's not one on the market. it's in that put this there with them many thanks for joining us. our nazi international web, back in the top of the app ah,
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ah, with when thinking about the u one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry when it says
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it's united over the issue of ukraine. it is not. it says it doesn't want to fi russia, but in fact, is a co belligerent on the side of ukraine is determined to deeply damage which is economy. but in doing so, damage is itself ah, ah, a with, with both both the models you need to do both with
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a form of a a with a personal number and you end up with
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ah, with a dollar. you talk too much of a hopeful that i see a
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ward interested also the situation like i does she somebody over there or so she but 0 but she wanted before she was almost with talking to a a dual much bye for.


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