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tv   News  RT  May 4, 2022 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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ah ah ah, this hours headline stories, the local authorities report, multiple casual sees as ukrainian forces continue to shell several cities in the done yet for a public, including the regions capital on oil depot is still on fire. they're not sales you printing and forces allegedly tried to use this these far to regroup inside the besieged adolf spell. plant in murray, you fall, unsuccessfully. the russian defense minister say the city is a head. the commission feels to reach consensus. all that total bond on russian oil by the end of this year as part of a new run all the sanctions of some block members of express brave concerns for such a move. citing dependence on the energy supplies and india and prime minister in
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a rend remote he said to whole talks about french counterparts and money on macro and those parts of his european diplomatic tour. today, the trips happening this fight on going western pressure on you daily to change its neutral stuff on. do you crate with live for moscow? this is our t welcome to the program. my name's you know, neil on 30 minutes of news and views start, not one person has been killed. 10 more injured after an oil depot in the done yet republic. city of mckee of kell was in gulf by fire this morning. local authority say this site was shelled by ukrainian forces for oil tanks caught fire as a result of the strike. efforts to tack on the blaze are still occur should be
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in the next republic also. so shelling, leaving one person dead on 5 injury. local officials claim ukrainian forces launched 15 missiles in the area and in the capital done yet 7 people were injured after ukrainian artillery shelling according to the local authorities. meanwhile, the un say's alma evacuation of civilians from the cell plants in more useful which has really been the epa center of finding in the city. for some time has been successful. it states over $100.00 civil, no less the factory. we spoke to a woman evacuated from the factory, she sees she was and others were prevented from leaving at the plant by ukrainian forces. went to, does she leave work, can a steel plant and decided to take shelter inside. when we realized the front line was getting closer,
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we became more and more frightened and try to escape when you about the corridors of the evacuation from the port city shopping center. but they did not let us out. we were in despair. they locked us in cage and did not give a chance to escape. they even came and threatened us telling us we will bury here. now, all of them, of course i can speak for everyone. there were some who threatened us. there were also some decent guys. there were situations when a green corridor was now over the radio and they would come and sit in the bunker, keep us distracted and make sure nobody left. they hid behind us. there was plenty of space in the plant, but they stood near us near the civilians and were firing right from the building where we were. and they came to shoot from the spot, making our location a target. who moscow claims militants in the plant habit, tempted to use the cease fire to regroup, but were prevented from doing so by russian forces. while the russian defense minister has confirmed the situation in the city is now under control. so this is
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virginia. you're gonna, in accordance to the order of the commander in chief, the remaining militants and the us off stall, industrial plant are firmly blocked in along the entire perimeter of the territory . several offers made to the nationalists to release civilians to lay down their weapons along with guarantees of safety and dignified treatment. in accordance with international law were ignored. we continue our attempts to persuade them. peaceful life is being restored in the territories of the denounced can logan's republics and ukraine, free from the nationalists. this includes more, you pull the largest industrial and transport center and the as of c, which is now under control of the russian army, the united states. and their nato allies continue to poor weapons and to ukraine. we know that any ne, to transport arriving in the country and carrying arms or supplies for the craning armed forces will be considered a legitimate target issue as well. oh,
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the e u has reportedly fail to reach a consensus on an oil embargo on russia as part of a 6th round of sanctions over the conflict in ukraine. that's as some member states earlier voice there at deep concern about the proposal, which includes a total bomb on russian oil imports by the end of this year. let's discuss the latest with our correspond ramana coster of rama on that very point. if the reports are correct, clearly no unanimous support within the block for a total bon all noise from russia. well this is what's happening on this particular meeting at the moment though with do know that civil reportedly, vulcan, senior meeting on the 5th of may as well that may be able to reach some kind of a decision on thursday by at the moment as it stands the yes, the representatives of the members faith were not able to reach a decision on that of imports off a russian oil to the e. u. now,
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earlier on what we saw there were trying to present a united front if you will, but the way it looks right now it's far from unity in europe or at the moment. well, it is true that the european commission president ursula underline, did present a proposed new sanctions that will include a ban on the import of for russian oil. she out wind what needs to be done? mind you the plan on lea, a concerns are russian oil and so far by looking at what's happening, i haven't seen any talks about restrictions on the import of russian gas. so now to me, it looks somewhat so hypocritical, if you will. that's countries that rely on russian gas are willing to risk the will
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be or the economies of those countries that are well the relying majorly on russian oil. in this case we're talking particularly about so countries like hungry slovakia perhaps said check republicans of bulgaria who would be thrown low under the bus by other european giants. let's take a c. hungary is energy supply cannot be endangered because no one can expect us to allow the price of the war and ukraine to be paid by hungarians. it is currently physically impossible for hungry and its economy to function without russian oil. if it comes to an approved embargo, fresh or less part of a further package of sanctions against russia than slovakia will request an exemption. now another potential problem that says some e, you members see with the potential embargo of, for on the russian oil to use that there is really no clear plan of support for
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those nations that will be primarily affected by this band, by this embargo. and this is of course, regardless of their relationship with russia or how they see the current situation with ukraine are, for example, a check republic now. they've continuously voice support for their opposition of the russian special military operation in ukraine. well they, they have been slamming the proposals for, for the you, for the ban of russian oil for not having any well clear burden sharing plans now. so that's the european commission presidents. ursula of underlying insisted that said the blocks members simply have to dirt. can we just expand? remember what we said earlier from those countries, you're talking about stuff. archaea hungry, very direct comments from leading officials in those countries. why are the so keen
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on keeping up in ports from russia? can you expand along? well? because the russian natural resources are extremely important to these countries, economies that we were talking about. hungary and just like here for example, of budapest to depend on russian oil for at least 58 percent in their economy. if you take a little breakfast lava in slovakia, well, they depend for a warping and 96 percent of russian oil in their economy. ok. now for them from what we know, the european union is proposing a longer transition period for up to 20 months, according to some resources before they can stop issued their need for a russian and natural resources. however, the proposal reportedly doesn't take into consideration the fact that it might
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actually take these countries several years, much more than 20 months to adapt their infrastructure to well, some sort of alternative source of energy. and naturally they would need some sort of guarantee from the big family of the european union, which is apparently the moment yet not on the cards. ok, we are, we're, it's what's gonna happen over the next 24 hours or so room. and thanks very much from on cost roof just on that in a speech by her. the 2nd general of opec, according to the reuters news agency, he's saying that there is no spur capacity to replace that russian all supply as vs oil and other liquid exports. nick, up at $7000000.00 barrels per day and obviously the ramifications of that would be quite extreme to try and replace all. that's another aspect to this, there's quite a few developments in the past a day or so. the russian president has signed
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a decree and producing retaliatory economic measures as a response to western sanctions. the new document bonds trading with individuals and entities from so called on friendly countries. it also forbids certain raw materials to be exported to those states. the entire list of actions is set to be published soon. sanctions on russia. energy isn't the only topic causing divided opinion across europe. german intellectuals, an artist, i've written an open letter to love shows, urging the chancellor not to risk world war 3 by supplying more heavy weapons to ukraine. we are convinced that 2 such divided lives have now been reached. first, the categorical prohibition known, accepted and manifest risk of this war, escalades and into a nuclear conflict. the delivery of large quantities of heavy weapons however, could make germany itself,
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it brought it to the war. the letter also urges olaf show to do all he can to ensure that a sci fi is reached with germany making a decisive contribution to a solution that they say will stand up to the judgment of history. yet this stone seems to have landed the magazine in hot water. hi, alice schwartz are your call for ukraine. surrender means that your celebrated feminism was just a front, a fake to accept the mass, rape of ukrainian women by russian soldiers as pure cynicism. i don't want any one in the right mind buying your shoddy emma, the letter states. we hope that a compromise can be reached as soon as possible that both sides can accept. if that were the german attitude, then violent border shifts in war crimes would be the new european normality. this position is insane. however, not all or against this call for a pacifist line from germany, important called for artists and intellectuals. the praise for shoals is
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unfortunately outdated due to his buckling under pressure from union free democratic party and grin, and to deliver tanks to ukraine. but the demands to prevent world war 3 are all the more urgent voices against the move to supply. heavy weapons to ukraine are getting louder already on the petition side. change. don't all hundreds of thousands have selling to signal that they are against such deliveries. while public sentiment in germany is slaves poll, showing that an equal number off for and against that decision by burning their support for sending such weapons is said to be on the decline. the magazine emma, where this letter was published, also hate out of the media coverage of the war. some have argued germany was bullied into the decision to vote to send heavy weaponry to ukraine. no,
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it's clear there all, many in the country who still don't support that decision. any dissenting voice does seem to be now the target of a campaign of browbeating shoulders. even ski r t. paris it's not just germany where opposition is growing over the optic of lethal aid being sent to key if hundreds of protesters took the streets in bulgaria on tuesday, angered off the government's plans to send weaponry to craig. the ma may nothing. concrete stays neutral from the conflict chanting we want peace and neutrality, people gathered in front of the parliament building. and sophia, the demonstrations began after the government announced it would be holding a vote later to day on sending arms to those against the missouri calling for him. we're a tory, him all dispatching either trips or weapons among setting up military bases in the country. no one moment. one of the governments favorite phrases as they cannot stay
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inactive against the injustice. but nowadays, they are ready to introduce the bulgarian people to a war. bold isn't the aussies that we want to ban approved of bulgarian territory be used for hitting either of both countries of the war. the neutrality and this madness is the most important thing. it is the 3rd and final day of the indian prime minister is diplomatic tour of europe nor render. mowdy has visited germany on denmark and is now in france for talks with president and money will micron. it's his 1st trip to the west since the start of the conflict in ukraine coming against the backdrop of diplomat. again, fighting on pressure on new delhi to join the sanctions regime against russia or correspondence r t to cool thing. can tell us more drag minister, not into moby during his tour in europe in his meeting with his danish counterpart, met frederickson discussed as relationship with european union. and also
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discuss into pacific dies, as well as situation in ukraine. even as we discussions, revolt around economic agenda, particularly india, and use free trade agreement, which is expected to be finalized at the earliest, but at the same time is danish counterpart attempted to pressurized sir modi to take a stand on russia, denmark and the entire european union strongly condemned russia's unlawful and unprovoked invasion of ukraine. my message is very clear. putin has got to stop this war and to end the killings. i of course, hope you had india will influence russia also in this, in this discussion and his response, prime minister, not in the more be why did any mention off russia. he did not express any couldn't
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donation against moscow. and in fact, called for please in ukraine, we appeal for an immediate cease fire in ukraine and for the adoption of dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the problem. so thought india has been consistent on its approach towards more school it has taken. it's a started go traditional stance, riches sharing strategic partnerships. the more school it has a why did you in fact, all the wards in the united nations security council. it abstained from working against russia on his lost spot on his last trip. in b europe, each robin still more be really be visiting france and meeting president emmanuel marker. he's been recently re elected will just all not
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point foreign policy expert. good res shake believes that india will not bow to western pressure to change its stance on the ukraine conflict or anything else. mr . macro knows moody very well. what linda did you bring? what is this foreign policy? so nobody can, should raise the primary stuff like that in there will be to have people lot of support in india, new belize, the way to the bank in front of the pressures. because i believe in the freedom of foreign policy as well as the freedom also policy. and what we're going to be doing in b do what it thinks is right in the i will go. what it came to right was to bluish priest in the boy. ah ok to something seemingly lost in the midst of time, weeks before the ukrainian parliament declared its independence in august 1991.
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then us president george bush senior, visited kiev and spoke of extreme nationalism in the country, sparked by ethnic hatred. americans will not support those who seek independence in order to replace a far off tyranny with a local despotism. they will not aid those who promote a suicidal nationalism based upon ethnic hatred. interesting, seeing that isn't it? well, let's go live now to done complex human rights lawyer on peace activists. always good to have you in the program done. so there we have a, during the visit to key of $981.00 us president bush spoke of ukrainian quote, suicidal nationalism based upon ethnic hatred. what do they mean at the time? well, i mean we've seen in ukraine, you know, as far back certainly is in 1000 twenties,
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these ultra right wing groups there that have been significant nazi groups that have, you know, engaged in pogroms against jews against the roma people against gays. and a course that has continued to the present time, and we're seeing that now sadly blossom and i think that's what george h w bush ah, was warning against doesn't mean there are for that washington for saw the controversial aspirations on risks posed by ukrainian political elites. 30 years ago, i think they did, i think i think the, you know, the seeds were there, and sadly, you know, it wasn't much longer after bush made those statements that the u. s. started to water. those seats, you know, where the u. s. started to support some of those ultra right wing forces because they did decide,
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even after the clerk collapse of the soviet union that they wanted to weaken russia . and they thought that working with these groups in ukraine, what would do just that? yeah, back then washington. you, as we saw it, done, made it clear that they would not be supporting nationalist policies yet as you've been going through more weaponry, legal aid is being sent to care unseemly. a blind eye is being turned to the rule of far right groups within the military. has washington simply forgotten bush's warnings, or just put it to one side. so i don't think they've forgot the warnings. i think they've, they've, they know that the neo nazis or they are in fact the c. i is been working with them, training them to kill russians. this was according to a fairly recent news report before the invasion. they see these neo nazis is their allies. just as they have seen the radical jihadists in syria as their allies. they wanted to stabilize the world. they wanted to stabilize countries,
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they see as rivals, so that the us can maintain a gemini in the world. and they see these nazi groups as an instrument that i mean, you know, so there are embracing them and they've either done the mops done that way. you know what the precedent is going to be unsafe that you know what? we don't really care that we've got support for ukraine's policies and nationalization battalions, etc, and we're willing, we're willing to take that risk that either people will forget or they just don't care. yeah, again, in terms of the u. s. government, it's not that they are ignoring them or forgetting them they, they, they know they're there and they want to help them. and yes, they hope they can convince the population not to care. and unfortunately what i'm viewing from social media and other places is a lot of people don't care that. yeah, they've, at 1st we're told, oh there's no neo nazis. and then of course they had to admit there were neo nazis . and now people are like,
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well i guess they're good neo nazis right. and they just throw up their hands. i mean, that's how it, what i'm perceiving has happened. so i guess the propaganda has worked unfortunately just finally, what can a precedent to support for such groups who are done? well, it's terrible. i mean, we've seen these groups in the past. they took, you know, power in countries like germany and italy and, and, and ended up killing tens of millions of people is a very serious risk that, that could happen again and at the cia and other government agencies have decided to partner with them is just frankly, unforgivable don, thanks has always done cobbler human rights lawyer and peace activist live on our team. thank you. can. let's return now to the front lines on don bass. russian forces say they now have almost complete control over the city over the base noise. now it's in the loop, ganske republic. the area has seen bustles since the start of rushes, offensive with fighting, continuing, still in several locations. our
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t 's maria phenomena sent this report to us from the complex all as to weeks. so fears fighting the town of rubbish. now he's now completely under the control of russian forces, together with units from the people's republic of la guns and supported by chechen fighters. they are now focused on the local zed. yeah. gunpowder factory. located in the industrial zone on the outskirts of the city. it is heavily fortified, ukraine's military, together with a nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries occupying it. they could tough a position, shows them at the moment. the task is to capture and completely liberate the zaria plan from the enemy. then we will wait for further instructions. for doing the work, the goal is difficult, but not impossible. the fighter se with optimism, we go with them on their nightly patrol. the why the aim of the operation is to secure a further progress towards alyssa chance and 7 or the next. the last 2 strongholds
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of the ukrainian forces in the republic, the army continues their relentless advance had night. the fighter is move without flies and we use infrared camrys so that we are not located and targeted by ukrainian drones, silent fast, and deadly weapons. russian force is also used drones vertical with the help of a quad copter, we can figure out the enemy's positions and carry out surgical strikes. using the quad comforter offensively helps to find out the enemy's positions. it's a big help. over the last hours, the join forces have managed to take control of the 1st line of defense around those that are planned. old counter attacks were repelled and so cool at the moment about 100 people have been eliminated in about 10 units of heavy equipment have been destroyed. there is resistance, we have a task and we are carrying it out all. there are quite a lot of foreign made weapons and we have clashes with these on
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a daily basis. we are confiscating them afterwards. formal cotton supplies to ukrainian forces on the dunbar front is now a priority control over the entire industrial zone. will not only pave the way towards least a chance can say that or the next, but also help gain control over the entire territory of their republic. grief notion of how t from to be eschnann. okay, that brings us to the end of this news up there, but to stay close because cross talk is back on your screenings. in moments today, peter and guests are discussing whether western support for ki, of is actually more about weakening russia than strengthening ukraine. it's an interesting shots that is right ahead. ah oh, what else?
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so think wrong. well, please just don't hold any world yet to see proud disdain, because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with ah, ah ah ah,
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ah. hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things considered? i'm peter lavelle. western media and politicians are obsessed with the idea of ukraine winning say otherwise than you are maligned, accused of treason, and even cancelled. the ukraine must win. troob is actually about something completely different. that has everything to do with weakening russia. ah cross sucking. who's winning? i'm joined by my guess. martin j america. he is an award winning journalist and commentator. and in sydney we cross aj aloria. he's the editor in chief of consortium news dot com. hi, tony. cross ok, rose in effect, that means he can jump any time you want. i always appreciate a job. let me go to you 1st and sidney here. why is a western medium politicians obsessed with this job? ukraine is winning. ukraine will win. um,
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without any kind of serious analysis of the battlefield. now we could, we could relegate that to experts on the military. but for the last 30 years, western military experts have gotten everything wrong. so i think we're losing on all county or go ahead. joe of agassi corporate media in the west has joined the campaign. the government's campaign, which is bertram, clearly an american proxy war against russia. this is evident from the very start on february 24th, the day russia entered ukraine. joe biden gave a press conference and he was asked, what do you think? why do you think the sanctions are going to work now when they didn't prevent the invasion? he said the sections were never meant to print, prevent the invasion. they were meant to tell the russian people what he's done and, and to make them feel the pain. that's what this is all about. and then of course, in poland, he came out right out and said it, it's about regime change in russia. this goes way back to 1949 when the c i a took nicole 111 of the leaders of van doris fascist, grew back to new york and used him for sabotage against the soviet union and


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