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tv   News  RT  April 19, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah moscow called on cave to order its troops in a besieged steel factory. and are you able to release any civilians and surrender? scores of civilians have managed to flee from the vicinity through safer set up by russia missing and provided. i know that we were living in the basement for 2 months. we are very happy to see you guys. stay alive and now you are evacuating. right. my sister and 3 nephews, a russian led forces continue their assault on the last stronghold of neo nazi as of troops and marble as
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a safe evacuation route from the area for ukrainian troops. wishing to surrender has gone unused. archie reports from the front line of the war. one city. as you can hear, the fighting is still ferocious, but from what we understand that with troops are running out of food out of waters . willis morale use set to be very low craniums are needed today. only is cannon photo in a proxy will with russia until the last ukranian. that's how the russian ambassador to the un describes the west approach to ukraine. as the un security council holds a meeting about the conflict. with casting lot of direct from our studios in moscow, this is our 2 international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us in moscow called and give to order troops inside mario pals, ourselves,
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style steel plants to release any civilian hostages and surrender. moscow says civilians may be used as human shields inside the factory to prevent russian forces from advancing after no one passed through a humanitarian corridor on tuesday set up to evacuate the facility and other limited seas. fire is to take place on wednesday afternoon, but nearby safe roots have been use. we heard from some of the people who managed to flee. i'm was in it, but like i said, we were living in the basement for 2 months. we are very happy to see you guys. stay alive with everything was bombed and burned down. we lived in a basement, no water, no food. we just grabbed what we could do, which good deal on your to would you like of a pregnant girl was killed? she left 2 kids and this girl was wounded. we've been treating her since the 7th of april. and she never moved like this before. and now you are evacuating right. history,
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my sister and 3 nephews. ah. earlier on tuesday, russian led forces inside mar, you pull, launched a new assault against me or not the as of troops. most of the remaining ukrainian forces in mario who are trying to hold their ground inside the vast territory of the other. install industrial plant, their exact number is unknown, but they are reportedly in short supply of ammunition and food. russian lead forces say they have been making very cautious, moves towards enemy positions as if still has a high density of building. so the distance at which we are fighting is 100 to 200 meters. we're moving slowly but confidently. our units have identified enemy firing points and directed a strike. you can see the explosion right here are corresponding with our gas. deb was near the front line in marble when russian lead forces launched a new offensive that the as of style plant,
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the last stronghold of ukrainian nationalist in the city. here on the periphery of the as of steel and nod woods, industrial compound. as you can hear, battle rages small arms, mostly as well as with armored personnel carriers, but few residential neighborhoods of all that stands between total encirclement ukrainian nationalists inside the other industrial compound. as you can hear, the fussing is still ferocious, but from what we understand, nationally ukrainian troops are running as foods out of work as well as morale is said to be very low there because obviously they're running short and supplies, but also because they invariably a understand many of them with the in that their commanders and those in here here
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which is ordering them not to surrender, that they're throwing their lots away. nevertheless, there are a core radical fanatics among the nationalists in the algebra steel compound and they did any sort of surrender, any sort of negotiation. they want to keep fighting, as they hope, until a diplomatic perhaps solution is reached by which they will be given a car door. as of mary, you had, did the ukraine, proper territories, told by the caribbean military, even though that is at this point, incredibly unlikely. military expert alexander's to pano says cubes leadership is trying to prolong of the military conflict despite the civilian casualties inside your eye. she screws suddenly upon the initiative of the russian side, his aim to saving human lives. and this noble gesture to was walker minerals
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deserves respect. but we are well aware that those military personnel who don't want to surrender are the subject of all is given to them. the main goal of kia is to prolong the conflict as much as possible, despite the casualties and one of the civilian population. the decision of the issue of the liberation of mario paul has already been made by russia, and we can only hope for the prudence of a ukrainian military leadership, which must 1st of all take care of the lives of their military forces, was while the situation in mario pl remains 10th. the un security council held a meeting on tuesday to discuss the conflict in ukraine, russia's ambassador to view and commented on how he sees the west approaching the situation. what unless it is up of nuclear weapons, concern for ukraine and ukrainians is opportunistic, unselfish ukrainians, and needed today only as cannon fodder in a proxy war with russia until the last ukrainian graders 15 member body that leads the united nations, convened a meeting the topic of which was refugees created by the conflict and the date and
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allies on lola, lot of allegations and accusations against russia. but as we just saw in the clip there, dmitri poll yan sky, he took to the floor and defended russia and called out and debunked a lot of the accusations that were being made. now, he went on to say that russia has actually taken in refugees starting 2014. when the united states and allies toppled the granting government and total $2500000.00 people have fled to the russian federation as a result of us actions in ukraine. he went on to talk about political repression and ukraine and our attempts to portray ukraine as being some kind of democracy. being threatened is just simply not accurate. you know, political opposition forces are being rounded up and repressed and have been repressed. and for the past 8 years, they've been waging a war against their own population in the eastern regions and don boss. now,
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he also talked about how all of a lot of these narrative that are deeming russia, demonizing, russia, ignore the history of us crimes. and that there is an account now to rewrite the history of the 2nd world war and deny the achievements of the soviet union and defeating the nazis and try to create a situation where somehow these ukrainian nazi collaborators like step on ben, dera, are considered to be hero, now he called out the u. s. military industrial complex. he talked about how a lot of the military hardware, the united states is given to ukraine, doesn't even work. some of these vehicles have not been functional and they just kind of been dumping them on ukraine and how the united states claims that it cares about ukrainian lives. but at the same time, i'd seems to be trying to prolong the conflict and bro, the granting lives away in an effort to her russia. he also talks about the impact on the european countries that are aligned with united states and how they have been badly impacted by the sanctioned by the conflict. and based on that,
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he argued that calls for a cease fire coming from united states and their allies seem insincere. and there's a legit concern. this is simply an opportunity to, to let the extremist, not the forces regroup, and continue their efforts not just against russia, but against ukrainian civilians. now, later after we heard from the countries making up the un security council, we did hear the ukrainian representative get up. and he made a lot of accusations against russia. one being that russia is not allowing civilians to leave a factory and basically is enabling and causing civilians to be killed. this is what the granting representative said when addressing the security council. the situation in mario remains the most critical. thousands of civilians are still in the city congress of them, including children, have taken shelter in the style plant. they need immediate safety occupation, and the rational forces are well aware of these. instead,
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the russians deny all requests from the ukrainian side world leaders and the u. s. u n. high officials for iraq creation car doors for civilians. now, prior to these accusations from the cranium representative dmitri poly and gay, representing the russian federation, spoke and explained very clearly that the presence of these civilians in the factory was hidden. despite repeated requests on the part of russia to make sure that no civilians were in harm's way. and now russia has been calling on kiev to influence the fighting forces there and allow the civilians to leave the factory. so essentially, ukrainians are being used as human shields. by, you know, by these extremists anti russian forces that have been armed and trained by the states in ukraine. so the version of events that was presented there just doesn't match reality. now it's also important to note that at the security council meeting
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shina up to the floor and talked about the dangers facing the global economy and how the targeting and manipulation of currency as a result of us sanctions is having a very long term and serious effect not just in china, not just in russia, but in other places. now the world economy is being badly affected by these moves by the united states and the escalation of the conflict. so i was quite a meeting at the un security council, a lot of allegations against russia. russia didn't have an opportunity as a permanent member of the un security council, a body that was formed among the countries that defeated fascism in the 2nd world war. they had an opportunity to give their side of the story and they presented facts that are being ignored in western media and ignored in the tirades of western leaders. so i was quite a meeting at the security council, not a lot of unity among the countries there. clearly some very different understanding of the dance on the ground in ukraine as a lot of people are becoming refugees. and
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a lot of people are clearly suffering. ukrainian military is accused of using internationally band cluster munitions and it's showing of a populated village in an apparent effort to push back russian forces claim reported by the new york times. but the cluster munition that landed to next to mr doors. shank goes house was not fired by russian forces based on evidence reviewed by the new york times during the visit to the area. it is very likely to have been launched by the ukrainian troops who are trying to retake the area. keith has adamantly denied the allegations. it's the 1st time a western media outlet has reported about ukraine using cluster munitions during the conflict earlier, russia was persistently accused by western media outlets of using band ordinance. earlier. my colleague nikki aaron discussed the issue with the host of marcio worlds apart. oksana blake, interesting article, what more can you tell as well, i have mixed feelings about it because i'm the one hand,
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it does admit that the contacts of the ukrainian military is less exemplary than the americans would like to believe. but it also presents information in such a way that i think is even more deceiving than the overall reporting on this crisis . because 1st of all, the article make it makes a claim that this is the 1st use of cluster munitions by that ukrainian army. even though i know for a fact then, you know, we've been reporting that all along that ukrainian forces in the dorm bass region at people in the dorm bass region have been on the barrage of classroom munitions for many, many years. and that has been certified by a number of international organizations. and it also makes it claimed that article that the russian military repeatedly use this class to munitions as well, despite the fact that the russian military denies its flatly and even amnesty international. for example, con, confirm it. so it's a very,
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very interesting piece of reporting. and i think it's very characteristic of the way western media have been approaching this campaign because they have an overwhelming narrative of political life that they won to instill in the minds of years. but sometimes they let certain contradicting information to be printed in the small phrase. so, so that's, you know, some seem, or some doubt some suspicions could be voiced, but not overwhelmingly, it's an interesting article because like you say, it's not very often we say our school is criticizing the ukrainian side. so why not? it's not give them criticising nikki, it's like it's sort of mentions the perhaps this may have happened above it accuses rush of doing that much greater extend despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever they, even in that article day that linking to another article that supposedly lays that out even though that in that article too,
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there is no evidence. and what's more interesting is this article, i am fascinated by this because i covered the number of conflicts. i know a lot of war reporters from the west, from the east and that particular article, it was written by 2 guys. one is the couple bureau chief of the new york times who also happens to be a former marine infantrymen and another guy. he is a former navy explosive ordinance disposal officers. so, you know, all of a sudden we have for my american military covering events as journalists, even though there are lots and lots of professional reporters, alabama who could be well, i don't believe that they could be fully independent of the american political narrative. but at least they will not have been as invested in the military covering of the of the conflicts as former army men. i mean, even among the russian army and not among the russian press corps, there not too many former military people. i have to say,
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although rather it's not the 1st time that the mainstream media has criticized ukraine's version of events. so is it, i think, the reason why it's done is you are right, but we do get some, some smidgen of reporting of the other side of the story. but i think that is done with a very cynical reason to, you know, allow those news outlets to believe that they're being balanced even though they are not. because if you compare the amount of coverage, the amount of time, the amount of you know, newspaper space that they allow for various sides, you know, there is no discussion about balance whatsoever. but you know, they allow them some small article that voice. some suspicions that show that perhaps reality a little is a little bit more complicated and a little bit last homogenous, then they want to present it. and then, you know,
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they go on with the major narrative. and so nothing really changes. in this respect, italian american journalist who has been covering the conflict from inside ukraine, has reportedly gone missing in the city of harker. now fellow reporters now fear for his life, saying gonzalo lira has been out of contact since last friday. extremely troubling that gonzalo lira a u. s. citizen in ukraine has disappeared from social media. he was scheduled to interview me last friday about the lensky s b, u kidnapping, and assassinating dissidence. and now i fear he has become its latest victim. if gonzalo lira has indeed been disappeared by ukraine's s b u, he joins a long list of dissidence. leftists, human rights activists and local officials kidnapped, tortured and even assassinated by zelinski death squads and with key as open support. meanwhile, one of ukraine's nationalist leaders has posted a series of tweets on his private account, mockingly claiming the journalist might have been abducted and killed by quote,
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some guy with the call signs, chile, and other posts. he shows a photo of neo nazi fighters again hinting they might be the ones behind the reporters disappearance and even applauding the prospects of the journalists being dead. but the radical ukrainian commander has not provided any evidence. so the information cannot be immediately verified. gonzalo era is 54 years old and has been living in ukraine from past few years. he was in care of. busy when the conflict directed in february and then traveled to the 2nd largest city harker to cover the fighting there, he has repeatedly criticized new cranium, government and armed forces. at the end of march, he treated what he called the truth about the landscape regime. adding, he felt that he might disappear as did other critics of king of some of whom were later found dead. here's one of gonzalo, whereas the latest interviews before he went missing in a very real service, the armed forces were makes up. but they also integrated these neo nazi hyper nationalist elements. not just him to the armed forces by the way,
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also into the government itself. and these new and not see extreme nationalist seeing the gradient elements poisoned the well and the ukrainian state. you can probably anti russian. and this expressed itself in the government itself and also in its armed forces. there is a constant shelley of be done by the reach of the break away public. republics. i've gone to nash and over the years, well about 15000 people were killed there needlessly. and it was really because of the aggression of the ukraine regime, which never wanted to negotiate with the people on the brake republics and pushed forward this extreme radical ukrainian nationalism. sheila is foreign ministry has confirmed to r t that they have been informed about the loss of contact with the journalist and are now in touch with relevant entities to get an update on his status and location
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. we also requested comment from the us state department, as gonzalez, we are a holds dual citizenship. so far the u. s. has provided no response, but we will keep you posted javier crusoe, parmley, a journalist, and former european parliament never says washington's silence is because the west is deliberately ignoring some matters in ukraine if they would reflect poorly on key of leadership. when i wasn't assuming that we don't see any reaction from either washington or the major west or mediate, because that would mean the, except they're dealing with a regime that is train every way to restrict the right to free access to information, even resorting to lengthy prison sentences and abductions, thus, in view of a number of the crimes that we are witnessing, we can say this regime was inspired by new nazi ideas. any war is dangerous in any work or spawn and knows that. but we cannot allow journalists to be turned into targets, abducted or even killed, where developed society that protects the right to free access to information.
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where we're seeing ukraine is that only journalists who repeat the official line like a mantra are locked to work. this is not military journalism but military propaganda . it should be condemned. the u. s. lashes out against china's efforts to provide security for the south pacific nation of the solomon islands. as washington's allies, australia and new zealand consider the region to be firmly within their sphere of influence. we are concerned by the lack of transparency and unspecified nature of this agreement, which follows a pattern of china offering shadowy, vague deals with little regional consultation in fishing, resource management, development assistance, and now security practices. the u. s. delegation plans to raise the issue of an upcoming visit to the solomon islands while discussing the planned reopening of its embassy. there after a 3 decade hiatus, china's security deal reportedly allows it to send police and naval forces to the
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solomon islands to maintain peace there. the exact details have yet to be made public last week, as senior australian official went to the solomon islands to try to dissuade it from signing the pact as cambra is concerned about arising. chinese military presence in the region, china for its part says western powers have been whipping up hysteria on the show to share what we want to say is that pacific island countries and not anyone's backyard, let alone poems in a g. a political confrontation island countries have actual needs for diversification of foreign cooperation and also have the rights to independently choose their partners deliberately exaggerating tensions and provoking the confrontation of camps has no appeal among island countries. the attempt to interfere and obstruct the cooperation of the island countries with china is also doomed to fail. we heard from joseph gregory mahoney, a professor of politics and international relations at the east china normal university, and shanghai who says the west wants to create a sense that there is
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a threat in the region. it's clear that this newly signed a security pack between china and the solomons is red meat for australian politicians with federal elections. now just 2 days away, us wants to support leaders in canberra, who have followed washington against china in recent years. and they want to do this by making a very big splash over what is in fact a very small matter in a very large ocean. and sure can barrett would like to imagine this is some kind of emerging close at hand threat like cuba to the united states. despite the solvents in 2000 kilometers away and not ideologically hostile to australia. although the solomon's resent australian had too many more than they feared china, what they really want is security support unrelated to either australia or the u. s . and they want to sort of investment in trade, that neither of those countries have provided. consequently, this ex, this pack speaks directly to their security needs and reinforces their economic
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interest. pakistan's new prime minister, who recently replaced the ouster the iran con, has called for better cooperation with the countries neighbor and long time. rival, india. we believe that peaceful in co operative ties between pakistan and india are imperative for the progress and socio economic uplift of our people. and for the region, this can be best achieved through meaningful engagement and peaceful resolution of all our standing disputes, including the core issue of jumbo and kashmir. the disputed region of cashmere has been a key point of contention between india and pakistan for the past 75 years. the countries have fought several large scale conflicts for control of the region, even sparking fears of a nuclear war as both possess atomic weapons. but last week, india prime minister congratulated his newly instated pakistani counterpart, saying india once peaceful and stable relations. if former indian ambassador to
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pakistan says the decision making process in islamic is still largely in the hands of the military stop press. political changes make only a slight difference because impact is done and we need, especially when it comes to relations with india, the army plays a substantial role. you know, the addictive government generally goes by the advice of the military. so that is one continued factor, but yes, you can have prime ministers who choose to go on a different group, but they will have to be careful. and i have known the present a prime minister shabbat chevy foot a really long time. he's already able administrator who was a very good chief minister. he's the brother of law. mister. no, i should if i don't own so he has visited india and met our last prime minister
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doctor montmorency um so i think that he will try and keep the relationship on no sort of balanced wheat. but in an argument analysis relations with india, he's not the elected government, but to the pakistani military, which has the predominant see in determining that relationship. we also got some inside from a retired pakistani air force commander and security analyst, who says it's surely to be optimistic about relations between islamabad and new delhi. yes, they're been put start does horizontal not under mold the writing to the new prime minister suggesting a plot twist to good relationship in the future. but unfortunately, what the problem state, as they have always been for the last 7 decades, at the same time, shabba should it may not be in part with long simply because the fractious political environment in bog hassan is almost pressing and holding for an immediate election. right, might not be as immediate, it could be
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a few months down the line. but it seems that that would be perhaps the east beginning, but the starting off yet another a government and get out of the head up. that does it for me this hour. i will be back in 33 minutes with another phone for such news since our international
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a a city live with both both the models. you need to do both nelson's news with a, with a, a,
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with us the 1st one the we're with oh, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? hi sir. lation whole community. are you going the right way,
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or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, with hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . we are told one of the hallmarks of western liberalism is the idea and practice of tolerance. more specifically, it is said we should not judge an individual or group based on their race color or creed. but that apparently doesn't apply when it comes to russians. bruce,


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