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with ah, ah, yeah, she's a, you know, either use this on, on a posterior responsive via a wiki nearly if you got your last you come when you so your doorstep because when you're gone this suddenly green is domes, donna, because all and you live with no grain a you'll not when you, when you get them. of course why he why not? you throw you away now, vicki stein you why not she she away not. i will be can leave the key only so many
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grandma me, he thought he will nicely nice will choice. you not when you come, then let the bill of the session on the solution. but almost a, c, p u h. it will not accuse a family could never. oh, a december 2013. the lowest peaceful year in the history of the united ukraine is coming to an end. the year a, my dance movement is gaining momentum in protest prompted by the government's decision to suspend the signing of the association agreement with the european union. oh, there are so like you my do you see such as new york res paper? yeah. ah,
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what you all are showing all those cooper. if you see one we took we made on the other show up at below. senior column tissue. i left no bottom jojo store, but we'll edit, we'll edit the quinn with the us as the sheen. kimberly, you'll be useful, but he could get a pistol. 11 was what i was sent to my brother. i name any bullets initially. i knew 1000000 a put a will suit on it. so i saw jack, so i don't oh oh it is
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a with jim auction for the if there's a song going from easton manuscript bonus earlier this summer, wearing a lot of them by surprise for us cuz i'd screwed up some. it's a poor social and almost as soon as you know, as a new mouse and just when you're, when you're trying to stop, because when the police will join notion from mom, i me and the child from which she will, you're writing them down to you there as a companion, when you most of extra human production, i never complain the package. can you believe jacob still still move, moving the problem? or is it the worst on which to stay with us? i use most in your 1st and number. you will get a couple of, but you'll see us because most up on the other one you still with my mac and you still grades which started and you will see me this week. you broke your new for
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juliet, though i knew that renewable shirley, my dad lost the job in the grass and strip artistic completion. somebody was nuclear wasn't problem approach of michelin. you're going the glow grains of green and just show you a new one using sure no one you know when it was i mean, the boyish critics watched isn't showing leaders and rank and file members of nationalist organizations admit they had been preparing for violent st. riots long before the protests and gulf key lee, but supposedly it still believes nathan scott has also put the green a number lot of all this he has to lift and lose, but i don't much cool a few more. gro cream school school when i actually bought into,
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so it says 40 with greens, which are the rooms come all the some will not really off topic, not a worn boy commission. yes. at all with no response to it. so noon still holding additional layer keen on the door, william though keith from william, if you knew how to keep going, adjust the young. 2 where yellow, green schema for money seals, you know, if i'm not sure. napoleon, you blew a junior, my e, be record to greenly via up on, but i'm still not for a little. furthermore, with some of the chill, it actually brings us the edge of less,
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don't put it in the store in the prescript. you call it the same way you mean to use use the book up lectures supplement with the the new molecule. our dealership can look much you would use in your style. yes. move with it. all right? yes. she knew it was abuse of us talk. i don't bustle just blew up those 2 is you
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need to must among muslims loosely not national union or was it just need you to switch for disease moves in somebody's, but the sufficient jewelry just a minute. we shuttle bus catch from a bus driver was recently webpage vehicle dumbbells lane. she will dominate the coolness. julia told us that video, mushroom studio e will typically use which is sheena was michelle. it had a to asia. atoria was denellin wrote miss at the list of good night useful to optional with stories lucius knew was from police. you campus. they had left will not she let you go was still grain of morley and was generated you. but i wish only to go on because yet, or should i just leave a ca equals totally steady shasky new guy doing
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and i will communicate this well, is that about the what he's doing with the board? it with billy's book with us, which is 2 grades were be driven because the worse than we was that about them, we mean probably will pressed on years up on the because you think you didn't get it on the use of can put them on to you always need and we sure john mitchell by discourse was why they were going to and you made them when you bring a point to feel in the grassy. and you can feel it those because it's the lowest possible. i'm valuable, or anybody kieffer and linda regularly about the little permission list or view abortion when you when you do business with you for a mass to live you just with the scratch. wally east. oh michelle. a little just land on lynch. my down, dallas i was go, i know it was a good show to be able to judge those supplies, you know,
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i mean a scholastic governance coke from mr. worth of, or, but i'm the store and you put us in the movies. be watching rights. ah, a little kid really. except a little guy. this isn't really a little do with that show you spoke lobo up a don't you just good sell a when you talk up? would you say yes, but he'd say i spoke with you to do what you scared and thought see a life
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with all of them with this with you or is with you. i have with we believe there is activity in the shows up on if i need to keep awfully easier and was telling us a land a was learning to more with when you came in. it's your you know, where they people coincide, then you should, but almost which to shoot. first one is
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a list or dish goes up. ah ah, the like when you blow me of them. yes. but almost a 1000000000 but a minion. lee. and you talk a could tell you more toy shop or the tolan you food. joke hours. do you said you bite soul safety than you thought about the ha latoya's unused dishonor. what do you need from you so not conflict is days went to all steamers. kiwa was totally new or just blue sharks, but anyway, just wanted a course with you on little companion yearbook treatments which 1st yep. came up. i called christian venues cuz all spoke with
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a sala mission. i leased my daughter on fridays or is it got to put a work on that? she did not put a slow, especially issue with the super liberty was ritual. so be external
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with who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing. i figure which of the problem was to call sure, as we speak on the bill in your senior, mostly mine or wish you were banding all imports of russian oil and gas new g i. g 's with joe biden, imposing the sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. you. so
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there's your boomerang ah concert, you cut out literally and what happened during the ocean, come reduce it and then we're done your butch marble don't you said to me like a ball so sure. the blue process? yeah, a new quote. bring in your book. both of them actually. so i mean in the home from school, i was just going to was really sure welcome trust to prince bill to trust all will nobody called but i'm still still coming up with them or do you do them somewhere? total bill up the one on $100.00, you know,
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so you can proceed. you knew this was i'm sure scott quoted about a total for you. oh no, you will with them. here we go. go to somebody with the radicalization of my down is proceeding apace barricades. appearing all over central key, my dance, self defense activists seize and control government buildings. confrontations with the police on new me a skirmishes anymore. real battles are ranging in the city streets, protested wheels, iron bars, improvised batten's, stones, and stacks of molotov cocktails. a
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with ah journalist roslyn cut saba covered the events on my down in 2014. he saw what was happening in the center of cape with his own eyes. and he's still trying to understand who was interested in keeping my dad going. and why is this a good you got to do it? or what would you mind if you see the one that you knew? if they didn't get pretty young of thomas it up up what you really got hope clear cut them. you dropping the all that was why we're so push. neither was why did with liberal of me if you miss i'm is,
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is really suddenly to bring money breath away. but virginia thoughtful of shorda gordon's israel's mr store for the system shows press 3 to thread. no beautiful the world, the one of the more dinner, more jojo hot people put a front room over um a holler what i'm hopeless. oh. 6 i see him with. 6 6 a. 6 6 motion coming on you burn. got us, washington, go from getting a little string on was on the webpage and jump. we mule you only that we should add in. yep. yeah. just like, oh, alex on dakota kosky was one of the commanders of the ukrainian security services alpha group and jeanette's. he was regularly sent to keep on detach service and was well aware of the situation in the protest,
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written streets by february 2014. the situation on my dad had the escalated seriously from albany. me a was in, was doing a lot nothing to bring up on the new the new model. if this was the one on the last name, which when you move in with you. okay. well, it will be settled and i need to see if i can do the modem, which is little moment shift. is it a little moving up all or no more than proof of my luck wasn't sure that she was naval up. there was a problem. i went to the with your sip you and you mentioned you said when, but he bought them google chrome. you do you wish you got them? but once you go mutual, so when you look in
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the choices. here we go for the 2 of them, which will much would keep them dealer to a proposal, but yeah, we do you to work with so boy of the most, but i'm still e, so pissing them to ship. when your mothers we do deal up serials and stuff. i mean yeah, but the more i just returned with someone to grow young with with some let's do it last day or something to what our next trans forwarded for some last for food. and i want to show a state about you minute, you said be external to should issue a problem,
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but you know what support your local store. hello, my name is shola sh, glued shut q g. so it will be right with that. but just to shut down, we're still probably out as a new student or leave new school could surely do a new escalade. beautiful, less really a slip by the way, she told me and just look up. i just wish use a jim a choice. this report interesting. little when you got then you learned paul, go don't studies. he has this was going to look look what it could you brought obese. got other pussy. marsha grier ski fluid. you she you know, glass you clue g. those just really, you know,
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my don tomblin onto my done it yet though i, you know, to shut up just me body of the most affordable. i don't even look when you might before the thought of the movie, you can just go with people double folk. lavinia look a diesel to put your america was a thought it was yesterday. i was it's i know i got up. i'm a crazy like ask him, can we get those? you know, you know what you think talk about could be 20 and you fish just even get us yet. but she them the begin the a stroke. it video me as the if a by default,
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the night with children's village just cuz i g up polasta to produce 2 zeros in the middle school . oh, for story that i think social was osco enough for them to look it up. let's go across saw a sequential, so the, the, i'm not sure. premium ro, we'll stop and talk a little plymouth. yup. my dear. but can you please again what's to buy with key nose up on the let's look at move seals are you still a nuclear? you know what else with a girl with your sense akila a yellowish bushel and all still kept as you'd say, but the cell is washing yet. no. somebody died at the civil schwinney. police felt
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a show digital friendly a request to get worse. going to deal with that music or was some stuff is still school as a cultural issue. go spoke with the boy with what's known, but keep rusty come, which makes me she is not the number cuz we're still going to come or what the other numbers that are going to blur. who's doing this? i'm simple, simple machine. you should be able to pull your models, can music you can keep in with voice schuler. marcia got the property of the nucleus, gulick campbell, i would, she still opens cuz it go for you from desktops, no guns. can you then use jewish being able to continue to wait and that was communicate with each other. my name's emma machine. your question was she didn't want to speak when they use it for a school. why wouldn't you build it up as being, are going to start with that going to that was appointed to stall is good but steve
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does not say she was a muffled for the more i used those letters to love. you whirlpool nominalism promotions. i use little either i see it would seem like it should be more to be able to say yes or from that will to put the post to place you a few months will. michelle was michelle, which is tina with . 6 whiskey middle school, somebody award says he is off and they go. so just wanted talk to command on yeah. you of the sassy shalysea beaumont from cal 1st or what, what are the of these thoughts see will not work. usually. whiskey shows here with a can, you will be like me at garza was there so boom. but i would say to one a masters up on the green, auto stores
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a nationalist with the southern bias here at the coast. credit the post on and you computer when us. i was still capital interested. dillard, an up with a token just should have disc the missile? sure. focus sure. is there some found up which all of the book is plugged in with? um, usa usa, a 1000 is the cable meant on their phone with somebody at cooper slow them the receipt for ski. it was or later let's have this florence for or you think of a should i linguistic reflected are all the link for more wars empty law, digital design is rosa dependable scheduling. i mentioned you
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have a ah ah, lisa canter. russian state patrol never. i've side as i phone and ignore santini, devastation, american house southland signed up for a group in the city battle between. okay, so mine is too bad and speedy. when else calls with we will van in the european union the kremlin. yup. machines. the state on russia for
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date and school r t spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band to on you to a question. did you think it was a mm hm. is the aggression today, i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing up in your future list. of course it's become a new city most of mine or wish you were banned in all imports of russian oil and gas. new g. i g
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over with joe by imposing the sanctions on russia. you know, has destroyed the american economy. so there's a boomerang. with the as all battalion reports lay on the brink of defeats the besieged, ukrainian city of murder, you poll, we take a closer look at the house. i'm in the west, appraising the ukrainian units. despite that neo nazi background on this by thing. in murder you pull is focused on the city steel with some residents hope of finding the relative to they haven't heard from in weeks. there was a stock in the besieged city. you wish to speak to you if you wish to discuss the project? give us a bond over in pakistan, ousted prime minister. the iran con launch is


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