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a daniele republic official, same arguable is now almost completely controlled by russian forces and the battle may soon be over. naughty, corresponded on location, meets with a tank crew following an attack by the ukrainian neo nazi as of battalion. with western media reports accused russia of abducting mario pl residence and sending them to labor camps and remote russian regions. at the mid evacuation efforts. as more people flee to the east, we ask some refugees what they think of these claims. it's not like that at all. those claims about people being in length or nonsense. i'm here because i ran from the war. we tried very hard to get in the bus. no one forced us. we'll have all passed it to now hans. oldest statements to the country,
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a life with whose musters don't steal your money with russia, talk to them that says on a visit to india, that bilateral trade will grow in the countries national currencies and emphasizes that western attempts to derail moscow's close ties with new delhi. are doomed to fail ah, broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. but start by breaking down to what's happening on the ground in the war in ukraine, gives top security official, has denied allegations of conducting an air strike on a civilian fuel depot in the western russian city of belgrade, about 30 kilometers from the ukrainian border. russian authorities say 2 workers at the facility were injured when 2 ukrainian military helicopters conducted the
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attack early friday morning footage shows terminals ablaze with smoke billowing skywards. emergency workers have since extinguished the flames. meanwhile, battles continue in the city of mary ople. local authorities claim that the city is no longer under control of ukrainian forces and that the head of the done yet for public says the battles in the city are almost over. while some reports say that there are still 8 resistance hotspots in the area. now as fighting over the city continues more than 110000 people have been safely evacuated from. are you able to the east, according to russian officials, with more than $3000.00 and fleeing to russia within the last 24 hours alone. but mario pals, deputy mayor says ukrainians are being abducted and forcibly deported the western media were quick to support ukrainian positions on the matter stating that civilians are sent off to labor camps in russia,
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deprived areas where they are reportedly given menial jobs or cheese corresponded rum on cost of check whether the western narrative corresponds to reality. due to the ongoing, special military operation in the ukraine schools here are currently closed and their facilities are being used to temporarily. how's the refugees are coming here from murray full and all of that to go and speak to some of them and ask them what they think about the headlines in the west that are saying that they're being kidnapped from their own city by russian military. and then you think that the system is not like that at all. those claims about people being in place, their nonsense. i'm here because i ran from the lord. we get food here 3 times a day and were treated well with understanding relatives in russia are expecting many of the people here. they come and pick them up from the checkpoint. i need the resolution. yeah. i feel outraged because those hard lines are complete. nonsense.
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i'm going to moscow with my grand daughter to get away from the house where we're in. were left in the basement for 21 days. we had nothing to eat, but didn't it brad for 2 weeks. so we decided to walk tank la metis to the border. there were 3 families now group. we tried very hard to get in the bus. no one forced us. we all have our passports in our hands, all the statements to the country allies. and i've rarely seen any western journalist here in don boston. why that picture coming out of for the nest people's republic is sometimes very skewed, but it's not inside it true because there's some western journalist i have been the be working here for the last 8 years. and one of them is maximilian clark was be working for the last 8 years. the impression, i guess if people have family or friends in this side have done toners, they can just go there freely. no one really checks the camps are there for the
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people have nowhere else to go. people are leaving to russia again if they can. but this notion of local people being drafted offs obscure parts of russia does not murray, with the experience i've found speaking to people. daily outrage is probably the best word to describe the feelings of the year. refugees here in the nest for the right from a ruble outrage about the western headlines the claim. and they have been kidnapped by the russian army and will be forced into slave labor somewhere in russia, as i've talked to them. and they told me that sir, they hear on their own will, and all they want is for this conflict to finally and so they can return back to their homes and live a normal peaceful life. roman coffer of hearty. though next, russia's top diplomat has said that trade in national currencies will intensify
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between moscow and quote, strategic partner india, on a visit to, to new delhi or gala. i've explained that western controlled financial systems have shown that can no longer be trusted. the reason for moving. ready ready to national gallon systems, again, absolutely. the reliable nature of the bars. we don't want to bend over here still, which would be closed and you don't want to give masters can steal your mind over today. the russian, mr. surgeon, that the process was, it was also a strategic dive, the one military defense energy and also just like to make the key think would be also this was the national fees which would be the issue and the western countries. and this also comes on the backdrop. you
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keep on and tickets the little sort of who sort of india to counter the dependency on russia. the energy demand, it's important that we double down on the sanctions. the u. k. wants to see more sanctions put in place on banks on the ability for russia to use gold clothing, access to ports for all vessels around europe in the americas, and all se, tackling the dependency on russian oil and gas. the top diplomat insisted that the die within the continue as they all are specially when it comes to the strategic partnership over the military or the emission which comes from russia to india. and let me tell you that this has continued to the new because of
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a privilege that i have confidence that despite pressure on india from the west are relations will not suffer. partnership does depend on a legal message as dick tat and blackmail, an opportunistic considerations with regard to russia, india, and china. it is completely pointless to apply such a policy as for the current to china and then india. i think this is a completely natural route. if you are not joined, the list of the countries in pressing sanctions against russia has also not given into the demand by washington or london to press for the sanctions of the country and has also taken a very strong result not entering into any sort of negotiation but these countries either and yet remains committed to fostering its style with russia. a was 7 strategic partnerships. britton's, not the only state warning india against cooperation with russia and senior us
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national security adviser. deli sing has threatened to new delhi with quote consequences if it circumvents the west's sanctions against moscow. we have very keen full countries, especially our allies and partners, not to create mechanisms that pop up the rubel and those that attempt to undermine the dollar based financial system. and yes, there are consequences to countries that actively attempt to circumvent so back fill the sanctions. that was a language person and it's a language usually used a towards trying state russell states. india finds it easier to get crude oil from russia using the alternate alternative trade mechanism. and this is not the 1st time that india then that india and then back on 2 occasions in the past with americans that impose sanctions on iraq to i think it is, are, it is not
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a new to the practicality of using a mechanism to trade with countries that have come under sanctions, as pressure on the eastern world, intensifies the e u as asking china to maintain neutrality regarding the conflict in ukraine with the european commissions president warning beijing not to interfere with sanctions against russia. the european council says china should abide by the u. n. z, a general position denouncing russia's actions in ukraine. china trying not to the blind eye to russia's volition of international law. these principles are enshrined in the un charter and principled secret to china. so we also made very clear that china short, if not support, at least not interfere with our sanctions. it would lead to
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a major reputation or reputational damage for china. here in europe, china's prime minister has responded by telling you leaders that beijing would push for peace quote, in its own way. trying to president meanwhile, emphasized that the global community should support dialogue between russia and ukraine and not add fuel to the fire. asian has traditionally close ties with moscow in relationship strengthening in recent years. we heard from a senior politics lecturer at bath university, who says china is seeking peace in ukraine while trying not to undermine relations . china already said that it's going to seek peace on the you're going to contract on its own terms. china would not be couple or trying to undermine the european union's position in new china. we're trying to tell you what is the gist of the problem that you saw. the problem, of course, in the war has to do with how the united things be behaving because the united
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states has been trying to and teased the european ewing to and tardy the couple from russia. and this new crane conference was already plan has since by the time during the obama administration, if brussel is going to recognize that then they would need to revise astrology or a policy in, in how to do with united states in the future. while china and india are maintaining a neutral stance over the ukranian conflict, they marked the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations . chinese ambassador said both the countries should stick to a long term perspective and a cooperative posture. we discuss the improving relations between india and china with a professor at the center for china and globalization and an editor research of the magazine india. today. both china and india, a still having a very steep coat of growth and development. there is really no plan to not cooperate. he's got economies which are dominating the ward in terms of economic
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growth. in terms of, you know, the emergence of sort of a total open population, very large consumer base. they are the biggest consumers off russia, oil, the other biggest consumers of middle east oil. and one of the objectives depriving is channel china to also formally invite most of the prison wanted to attend to briggs. so china is holding, they doing what was originally caught up as a grouping of emerging economies. a market is not essentially a very strong force to balance the views of the west. obviously we had some water problems which came up when you simply between the 2 countries and which has not been resolved. and that was one reason when the last week, for example,
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when one geek, the chinese foreign minister came to india. we had a long docks between the 2 countries, but the border issues they did not catch up on friends to india and china and china year together is 36 percent of the world's population and 20 percent, all told g d p nominal attempts. so russia, office, choir and defense to hear and russia offers oil to china. and they have seen john harris again to us since a tree warning, 2018 china india has $100000000000.00 a trade between the, between the 2. in fact, india, russia only has a $9000000000.00 trade, so yes, there is a growing close in us. and because of the economic sanctions and this a fight between, let's nato was of a russia, then try to build an alternative to forum via the bricks, in which, as i said,
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india, russia is already very close in the china a trying to close or international energy agency members have agreed to release oil from their reserves and then effort to bring down prices, but the measure appears to not have had an immediate impact amid a lack of information about the amount of oil being provided. us president joe biden previously announced unprecedented use of the oil reserves in response to widespread criticism about skyrocketing prices are more less cost live to archie's, rachel blevins, rachel. we see oil reserves being used on an unprecedented scale in the u. s. in an effort to bring down prices, what's actually happening in the country right now? yes it is. it actually the 3rd time that president biden has approved your release from the u. s. strategic oil reserves. and this time at the 180000000 barrels that to be released over the next 6 months. now, biden is noting that this will help to add more supply to the overall market. and he's also hoping that it could have an impact on some of the soaring gas prices
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that we've seen here all across the united states. however, he has these heavy criticism for this move, both from experts in the field and also from former president donald trump, who is quick to point out that when it comes to be reserved, these are the united states emergency replies suppliers rather. so now the buying and ministration is going to have to figure out how to replenish those supplies, and hopefully before it's too late, it's supposed to only be used for large scale emergency or conflict. now i see where biden has just announced he's going to take what we so carefully and magically built and what will be a futile attempt to reduce oil and gasoline prices. they will soon bring it down to empty again, it just never ends. now even with that criticism, president vitamins team has really tried to celebrate this move to talk about how unprecedented it is. the white house chief of staff took to twitter to note that it
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is historic. however, that criticism also followed the administration on social media with many people pointing out that even though this has never been done before, there may be a reason why it has never been done before. you guys are actually bragging about having to release record amounts of oil from the strategic reserves. i came to the historic al, if from afghanistan, the biden admins, historic events are unprecedented in their terribleness. this is not what the strategic oil reserves is for now it's important to note here that when it comes to the binding ministration, binding of course, came into office promising those clean energy policies, promising that he was going to reduce the united states reliance on fossil fuels and so up until this point, he has spent a lot of time calling on the opec bus alliance to increase their own production in
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order to tackle those storing prices. and they have repeatedly told him, know who it has made by and look very, very weak when he's calling on those international allies. and they are quite frankly, not listening to him. now, at the same time, biden is calling for an increase in domestic production here in the united states. however, for though the energy producers here for the companies across the country, they've been hesitant to move forward with new investments because they don't know what the buy and ministration policies are going to look like in the years moving forward. or even in the months to come. now if you're thinking that maybe by then maybe taking some sort of responsibility for his policy, well, you would be wrong and he has instead of moved to blame it on russian. president, of course our prices are rising because of food is actually, there isn't enough supply. and the bottom line is if we want lower gas price,
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we need to have more oil supply right now. now all across social media, there have been images posted, showing stickers with biden's based on them. and with the words i did that. now the stickers are being played on gas pumps across the country, showing those skyrocketing prices, and they really become a picture of the frustration that is being felt by american consumers all around as they are being the ones forced to pay the store and gas prices. but at the same time, even though biden is presenting this as a possible solution, there really is no guarantee here as a number of experts have noted that it is going to help to keep those gas prices down. and especially when it comes to those us emergency supplies now being depleted, there are many now warning it could make the current situation even worse in the long run reporting and washington, rachel blevins, r t. i appreciate that,
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rachel. we know that as a situation developed, you'll say across it for us. right now, the kremlin says russia won't immediately cut off gas applies to the you. if importers fail to switch to paying in roubles, companies have until the 2nd half of april or even early may to accept rushes terms . let him put in has declared that countries imposing sanctions against moscow, including member states must pay for such gas imports in russia's national currency . top diplomat, sergei lab, rob has explained the reasoning behind disposition, my friend a signature degree which provided a scheme. as far as i could understand, acceptable to lewis 3, campbell views the rules of because of the previous with them they are so. so this fusions be present of use anonymous lows off to give the bayman eventually
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in the rules of that was the original. well, there is a huge amount of concern, despite the fact that that russian gas is still flowing on friday. and even though the ad deadline has been passed and there is, you know, what we've heard from germany that this has been described as a black male. this idea that you could be threatened with having its gas supplies. i turned off if it doesn't pay for russian gas in rubles, and businesses in particular, very concerned this, especially countries like germany and austria at which are the ones that have to launch a use of the russian energy that comes in. and of course, germany is the engine house of the european union. so when businesses are concerned that then there is a problem. and some businesses from both countries have been issuing some push stock warnings,
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giving up russian gas is impossible if we are not ready to accept the huge consequences. some countries could do it, but for austria, it is not possible this year. banning russian gas imports comes at a cost this could lead to the worst crisis in the german economy since the end of world war $2.00. we heard from germany's leader as well as leaders of other e u countries. ringback they will not pay for russian gas in roubles. they say that that would be a breach of contract because the contract specifies payments in euro. so we will have to see how this plays out. however, both germany and austria, in particular, are preparing for a complete ceasing over russian gas coming through. they've triggered emergency measures, which would see the reduction in consumption of energy when it comes to industry. but they have said that hospitals in residential care homes would be shielded for even the worst impact if that comes to pass. now,
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other you countries are also grappling themselves with war, whole to russian energy supplies would mean for them. now, in france are already some plans in place that could see rotating blackouts across the country. thus, despite the fact that france is one of the least dependent on russian energy out of the countries in the european union. but really does have also been giving general advice about how you can reduce your consumption. so we've heard from people like france timmons, who said, you know, put on extra jumpers, extra sweaters. others have said, you know, you could turn the heating down and not to, to in your home. and then another you commissioner has this nugget of advice. everyone is asking, what can i do? you can do 2 things. ah, control your own and your teenager sat showers and when you turn off that, what do they take that putin in the u. k. there's also a cost of living crisis that's unfolding their households and businesses seem to be
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grabbing not just with the huge increases in energy. ringback also price wise is in other areas whether that be food, but also from april 1st increases council turks to broadband bills along with many of the hikes. and they could be even more on the way we've heard from both the e u m b u k. that they are still possibly move sanctions that could be leveled against russia. and as we knew. ringback those sanctions, we do have a blow back for countries in the west, the ones who are imposing them in the 1st place. so if they're almost function, then they could be big problems yet to come. the executive vice president of the eurasia center says that sanctioning russia, such an integral part of international supply chains, could cause a global economic lapse. well, i think the, you know, we, we know about the energy side. i mean,
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the huge impact on energy. and i understand that the u. s. is trying to get the europeans and others not to buy and boycott rushes, gas and their energy. so what's going to, what's going to happen it'll, it'll force further, economic hardship, not just energy prices but, but that will ripple into the manufacturing community manufacturing sector in, in europe. the other side is, is food we talked about food, 50 percent of the food comes from that region into europe. we've got most of that food into the, into the south global south comes a lot of that come from, from russia, ukraine, bella, rules, area. fertilizer like 70 to 80 percent of fertilizer. so that's going to impact that as well. the, the other side, we don't talk about too much, a semi conductor market. it's, it's in the supply chain. but neon and other elements that are used for for
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semiconductor manufacturing come from ukraine, russia and that region as well. that's going to impact the supply chain that fx manufacturing of semiconductors. so okay, we may not ship, i'm a conductor. so russia, but we may not be able to make them for ourselves anyhow. so we have a global, you've got a major player in the global supply chain that we're sanctioning and not thinking through the ramifications. basically getting towards a towards the global collapse, the head of the international monetary fund says western sanctions against russia threatened to erode the dominance of the us dollar. she says there is a global trend towards other currencies playing a bigger role. the unprecedented financial sanctions imposed on russia after it's invasion of ukraine threatened to gradually dilute the dominance of the u. s. dollar and result in a more fragmented international monetary system. russia is, if you play us security council player, it is a very important information with the international system. and countries do need
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to stay interdependent so that they both have mutual one. their ability is up to a point because that enables them to then see through and try to find construct a solutions, isolating one party or decoupling parties. as we see somewhat in the us, china relations is lose lose for both parties. i think the russian central bank is handling the situation very well. the room has already strengthened. also the way i understand the later scheme is that yes, that they in dollars, but then they then have to transfer that into rubles so that risk is at the end. what was being done by say guys, prom carly is going to be now on the shoulders of the purchaser. so it's not a very big step, and i would expect that they will comply with these rules low. the fortunately countries and the unfriendly purchasing countries. but i think that will help the rules. and as you saw in your,
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one of your previous stories that you are going to do, their exchanges in rubies and rubles, india has done exchanges previously with their in, in re l. so there is precedent for that and people know how to go about operationalizing these. these new arrange. 32 minutes. that's when i'll be back with another form for selection. is this, is archie international, glad to have you with us. ah ah ah, ah ah.
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oh is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct?
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what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, with .


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