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ah, ah, president putin urges ukraine soldiers to take power in the country to protect civilian lives, as western powers, condemn what they called, and all our invasion lumper unusual with you, go to the new stop in the united states, said the bar when it comes to invasions, i will refrain from listing the aggressions that the united states has committed in its history, but it has no right to preach morality to russia. at the security council meeting, russia's envoy to the un says the u. s. has no right to preach to russia, russia v. so that council resolution condemning his special operation in ukraine. officials in the dentist republic claim a ukrainian army. shelling has hit a local school killing to teachers. meanwhile rushes defense ministry accuses ukraine's army of allegedly committing
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a war crime. by placing rocky launches in residential areas, i appeal to ukrainian citizens. your nationalist leadership uses the same methods as terrorists. they want to use you as human shields, rushes, military operation in ukraine who states at aim is to protect the people of don vos, continues, as russian troops move across the country with the weekend is just starting here in moscow. my name's peter scott, on wherever you joining us from. welcome to the program. we start with a note dates from the ukrainian capital. unverified footage reportedly shows a military basil taking place in an area just a few kilometers from the hearts of this city. it is also allegedly where an important ukrainian general headquarters unit is stationed. it comes after
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ukrainian president zelinski gave a video address saying it would be a tough night. president putin has said he's ready to send a delegation to beller roost to negotiate with the ukranian government after president volume is zalinski is off the talks. according to the kremlin ukraine has responded with a counter offer and that's for a meeting in the polish capital war. so, we're so far, no decisions been reached after day to have russia's military operation, boots in has also addressed ukrainian soldiers directly urging them to take power in their country. you should a once again appeal to the military personnel of the armed forces of ukraine. do not allow neo nazis to use your children, wives, and the elderly as human shields take power into your own hands. it looks like it will be easier for us to come to an agreement where ukraine sees the russian
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intervention as an invasion of violation of its sovereignty. meanwhile, president lensky as press secretary posts on social media on friday, the ukraine is open to negotiating a sci fi sci fi with russia. the statement alleges that the 2 parties have got as far as talking about the time under place for those discussions. meanwhile, ukraine has said he will give guns to any ukranian who wants them in the kia region alone is reported that 10000 rifles have been given out of all and says, the country is also strapped, the age limits needed to join the army. this comes as ukrainian men age between 18 and 60 are banned from leaving the country. the russian defense ministry has claimed ukraine is using this population as human shields allegedly on the direct instructions of us advisors. so to get the 3rd one that it's an antigen and cia advisors talk the ukrainian military leadership, how to place rocket artillery systems in residential area to promote return fire
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against local residents is a used by the key ag regime of residential areas to cover the firing positions of its artillery as a war, cry william crist, this handwriting is familiar. johnson of these techniques are actively used by terrorists. supervised by the cia in the middle east and other countries were spoken. i appeal to ukrainian citizen, but i share your nationalist. leadership uses the same methods as carriers or they want to use you as human shields that the russian armed forces will not strike residential areas of the ukrainian capitalism issuing. the ministry spokesman also claimed ukraine is committing a war crime by firing artillery from inside residential areas. whether the russian army will not be drawn into provocations alleging similar ty, 6, i've been used by c, a bikes militants in the middle east. now with international condemnation of russia's intervention, he ukraine, mounting a un security council meeting was held member states including the us,
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russia and ukraine, all issued statements. and there was a vote over resolution calling outs moscow's actions. russia use this veto power, not many. ca be approved. ortiz kitty moping as mull. i'm going through with regards to new stuff in the united states. is that of the bar when it comes to invasions, i will refrain from listing the aggressions that the united states has committed in its history, but it has no right to preach morality to russia. one loan, essentially the united states and their allies brought before the un security council, a resolution condemning russia and a vote was taken and the resolution did not pass because russia is a permanent member of the un security council and voted no on it thus vetoing it however, the vote was preceded by a lot of theatrical speeches condemning russia. russia had an opportunity to defend itself from some of the extreme allegations made by you as allies. here's some of what we heard in this rather dramatic meeting by russia's latest attack. on our
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most fundamental principles is so bold, so brazen that it threatens our international system. as we know it, president putin has launched a massive invasion of ukraine. his aim is to remove its government and subjugate its people. this is naught, self defense unto article 51. it is naked aggression. it is an unprovoked unjustified war. and this council must condemn it. now, at this point, and following the resolution, and the fact that it was essentially voted down because of russia's membership as a permanent member of the security council, we then got to hear the russian ambassador refute some of the allegations men, the russian ambassador pointed out that lugens and don ask,
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have been subject to showing a food blockade and ongoing attacks since 2014 and that russia has waited for 7 years for the mens agreement to be implemented that would deescalate the conflict and reintegrate the eastern regions back into the country. russia waited for 7 years before ultimately granting recognition to the republics. now, the russian ambassador was quick to point to the hypocrisy of the moralistic tone where it seems like us leaders have so much empathy. suddenly, for the people in the ukraine, but they're not, you know, worried about, you know, pushing the country into a conflict. number one. and number 2, they didn't have no empathy for what the people, the eastern regions have been enduring for the past 8 years. a lot of which came at the hands of the extremist as our battalion, a ultra nationalist far right wing, a fighting force. so. so from there we heard the russian ambassador taking the
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floor defending russia against these allegations. and then after that we heard the ukrainian representative who used his opportunity to address the 15 member body that leads the united nations. we heard him basically engage in a very theatrical speech, involved a moment of silence followed by applause from you as representatives, very, very theatrical. this is what we heard from the ukrainian representative, and we'll ask whole of you to pray for so. so those who has been already killed for souls. oh, those who may be killed. let us spend a moment in a complete silence. i shall rush. inebriation will, i do apologize. but before moving to a moment of silence, i want to include in the list those people who perished over all these years in don
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bass. they also are worthy of being mentioned in person. all human lives are valuable. let's not forget the new there. now that was the russian representative pointing out that while there seems to be so much empathy for those who are genuinely suffering right now in ukraine, amid the current situation, there has not been empathy for what has taken place for the past 8 years in the eastern regions now the russian representative and he also pointed out that in sure noble there has been a de escalation of the situation on the radio activity is very low on the danger to the population than the fear that there could be some kind of chemical explosion or dirty bomb or something like that, at this point is nonexistent, dodge or noble has been secured. he made that point and then bang the gap. while the meeting was over, now, many onlookers are wondering how productive this meeting was. russia vetoed the resolution and had no chance of passing as rush as a permanent member, the un security council. however, western leaders and states,
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britain and their allies were able to use the euro un security council in order to engage in some theatrics and to make wild accusations against russia. but other than that was anything really accomplished in this meeting for actually resolving the problems in the country, bringing the world closer to gather, stopping this tension. many are looking on and asking themselves if that meeting really served anything near that purpose. to teachers have been killed by ukrainian artillery strike on a school outside done yet. so that's according to local officials. and the quick warning you may find the following footage disturbing who we receive these images showing the aftermath of no children. fortunately, were in the building at the time and it's within one of the 2 don bus republics, which russia recognizes independence earlier this week on in done? yes, good. so residential areas have also been hit, according to locals are ukranian, shell, london in a car fog damage of several vehicles. the shockwave smashed the windows of
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a nearby warehouse and one civilian was reportedly severely injured. autism and culture of reports from the done, his republic has shelling a continues here in the nest people's republican women here in it's in this censor of the city on the outskirts of the city. and of course, said the news came from the city of a girl of co earlier on friday, where 2 teachers were killed by a shelling ha, and a school. thankfully, the school was close and that will no word were no children present. he would you nation good again, but i think he'd now to give you another tragedy occurred in our town today. ukrainian forces shall to school. as a result, our colleagues, 2 of our teachers have died for 8 years. we have been leaving in fear that our loved ones may get hurt, di i'll call explained i wise that there is no answer please. if you presented that will be via loss. he grant has been given us for 8 years now. he's left without
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parents. the deputy had teacher has a son, he's in 5th grade. he became an orphan. she didn't have a husband, he died. the geography teacher has a sick mother. no one knows what to do with her now. that's terrifying. when will this be over? we're waiting for a police everyone who is doing it just stopped this terrible war. innocent people are dying to watch the deal. it's more my shelling of that city continues for 8 years already and this friday i was not any different. in addition to that, the women who were killed by artillery fire one person was wounded out earlier on thursday. another 2 people were killed at a factory where they were working and so all in all over 2 days with all of the as many as 12 people have been wounded now from the city of gall, of co, which is about an hour away from where i'm standing to arrive here to the city of
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done that square shilling hit will nearly the center of the city of about 2 kilometers away from where i'm standing. several, all our civilian facilities were, were here and unfortunately one person lost their life. it was a woman who came under fire and an ambulance came to save her life. our unfortunately, she died on route to the hospital. now dennis kiss quite a large city, answer. many of its outskirts are right there on the front line. were heavy artillery tools to continue, and many of the local residents, so were forced to hide in bomb shelters. were speaking of fur mario paul, while according to the representative of the people's militia here, edward's bas sir. and well, that city is currently encircled by as of battalion. it's a so called the territorial defense force which over many years the many have linked it with me on nazi affiliations and belief. well,
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they're saying here that there are members of this battalion, they're not letting people evacuate from murray, opal. we've been hearing a lot of artillery fire here in the center on friday. of course it's been a, it's sounds a lot more distant, but yes, there were explosions right here in the city for the atmosphere. you can definitely see people walking around me. of course, everyone here is hoping that vis conflict will soon and according to you and numbers are more than 14000 people had zyden over 90. children were killed in this conflict. so 240 children had been wounded and many of them became a disabled. so certainly the people here want peace. they want not nothing but peace. and some of them are all over the past 2 days since they're breaking again. they're saying that said, don't netscape, the moment is probably the safest place that's in has been in the last 8 years
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because the fighting is now mostly going out ward and not into the city. we heard from patrick hennings, an executive editor of 21st century wide dot com and he thinks ukrainian government has little control over some of the more extreme forces fighting in the country. you don't really have a fully functioning state. and i think a lot of people will argue that, you know, on many levels, ukraine has been a kind of a failed state in some sense after the coup in 2014. but just by nearby the nature of the fact that they don't have the military hierarchy don't have full control over all of their a paramilitary units. we're talking about the as all battalions. and some of the more extreme radical right leaning extreme right. leaning military units that russia and moscow's complained about that or not under the full control
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of the unified ukrainian military hierarchy. and, and this is why you probably have all of these a civilian casualties shelling in the dom bass. and at the same time, the government key has been denying that they've been firing or broken ceasefire protocols regarding the mix accords and so forth. so that level of deniability is always very convenient if you have sort of freelancing uh units within your military structure. the russian defense minister says russian forces have entered the city of maley toll pull in se ukraine. according to the report the troops were not met with resistance. earlier the ministry also said troops on the done yet scandal. ganske republics are advancing with the support of bush and forces. they've moved 25 kilometers west beyond the former concert line into territory that was until now held by keith. numerous ukrainian soldiers have reportedly surrendered and laid down their weapons. russian forces now also control the
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exclusion zone surrounding the former to noble nuclear power plants in towns and cities across ukraine. the warning sirens were going off throughout the night on friday. these images are from nikolai of on the black sea coast. and you can see people huddled in a soviets air raid shelter in a school basement. and earlier, there was a large fi on the outskirts of cart cove in east in ukraine. the video apparently shows a blaze. it's an army fuel depot. color cove is ukraine's 2nd largest city home to some 1500000 people. russian troops have been conducting operations outside the city limits, but say those have now concluded ukrainian national symbols. they're also being removed in the break away don bus republics, which russia now considered to be independent hair done, yet militia fights that can be seen replacing ukrainian flight. the done? yes. republics. outside
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a local administration building. wow. ah, done is forces have moved west beyond the former contact line on there is now a heavy fighting now you pull between them and the adult battalion is a nationalist militia group, which russia considered to be neo nazi on. the un has accused of war crimes. meanwhile, on very fight video is circulating online with apparently shows people welcome in the russian army near. hark of assimilated ours daily lives in new orleans, him on the north bureau of order. and early on friday morning, kia was rocked by a series of powerful explosions. authorities claim they shot down a russian cruise missile over a residential area in the capitol. box rushes defense ministry has denied
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conducting a rocket strike and says ukraine shot down its own fight to rec. fastest. the debris apparently came down on an apartment building, sparking a fire and injuring 8 people. around 200 russian power troopers have seized the key gastorm all air field near key of fighting had been ongoing for 2 days now and ended when the paratroopers linked up with other russian forces. the u. s. his sanctioned lady, may putin, and the russian foreign minister sit a gay love rav thus falling a similar decision by britain and the european union. following a television, a telephone conversation, a president biden, held with i, european commission president ursula underline and in alignment with the decision by our european allies, united states will join them in sanctioning president putin and foreign minister lever. other members of the russian national security team. expect we'll have more
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specific details out later this afternoon. basically the united states, the, you, the u. k. the west in the line so, so to speak. they are, they keep applying pressure and mounting pressure on russia in a bid to try and will stop moscow in its tracks when it comes to its military campaign in ukraine. and of course, the biggest development here now is that, well, russia's top political officials are on the sanction list, starting with president vladimir putin. of course, this was the big development today. there you have it. vladimir putin is on the sanctions list along with the russian foreign minister or your lab on the left, and the russian defense minister showing who, who is on the sanctioned list as well, at least when it comes to the united states. now personal sanctions is not, of course, the only thing that has that the united states that you have announced today, russian defense ministry as a whole, plus russian intelligence, one of russian intelligence agency, the service of foreign intelligence has been put on the sanction list along with
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the rushes leading companies over the military, industrial sector, for example, those that build military jets, those that build warships they are, they have been sanctioned as well. now going back to some of the personal sanctions, but in a broader scale. it was, it used to be there to certain categories of russians like business men, politicians, officials, diplomats, they enjoyed a simplified a most streamline the process of applying for an e u visa. well, no more. they enjoyed paying less of in fees they, the process was okay, but now all they can do is apply through a standard procedure. like for example, i would also when it comes to companies, when it comes to the you and the us applying pressure to the industrial sector. basically they have band, the you has band all experts when it comes to oil facilities to the defense
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capabilities and all sort of like space tech has been banned from entering and from being exported to russia as well. so this is the long story short like again, as i said, they keep mounting this pressure. but russia so far has remained defined even before this round of sanctions, before any sanctions had been announced. the russian president vladimir putin had said that, well, russia was preparing for this military campaign, not just like military wise, but also they have been kind of, you know, playing out and simulating all sorts of scenarios. so russia says that it is ready for anything that is yet to come or that has been imposed already. and well again the, we are already getting new reports of new, fresh fighting, fresh bombardments in and around the ukrainian capital. the city of a key of so russia shows no indications of stopping the onslaught. the
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minsk agreements obliged both sides of the ukrainian conflict to withdraw weapons from the front line. and an anti documentary follows the lives of people living in the conflict zone for the past 8 years. you can see the full version over r t dot com, but his equates ease and a warning you may find some of the following seems disturbing. hi alexandra leon. tv is one of the gravestones. most nob hill resident. he's the only electrician still here after the civil war broke out in the settlement of alexandra for him. the frontline stopped just outside the gates of his own house. took i do for a while. it felt towards the fire. ruth, a yellow thought in the personal hello mtv for you. who call you back?
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are they boy he did. alexander keeps a special notebook when he records every one of his schools to repair power lines damaged by shelling in the last 7 years. it's become a real chronicle of an undeclared war. didn't like the auto so really only focus premium with a bit deeper with a with,
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with this new entry and alexander's diary of january the 16th 2015 or that was the day his family was killed by motor, a room. i'm not sure how military officially come on. i wish process. so somewhere there is a bush is really, really cuz she just was crucial. so yeah, it's a score software. so it's a little because actually more dome, she doesn't or dishes or is there any chance i'm in with him for some years with chris? are you that are for, for here boy or skype you friday a or is there are to her that
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ah a yeah. a with a close the
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enough company admission equally official wellness, and that they bump lawson clo cibola. they said this is a school vision, this shirt voided so ah, much somalia russia buller deals are learn amazon for a for what to familiar with them with it's a below the and that's it should go not submitted. when does this as out as a witness? jolla analicia, this is, was, ah bush, not from do not. but i did look at the store for, ah, susan 9091 year work at the state economy council. did cups took a precise plan of exiting for the con, the crisis one door shallow. little to water will cause the presidential all shoulder commissioner reformer. he's a plausible dose. his goods.


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