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theirs sinks. we dare to ask ah, well they directly we sell advertise, says content to us and decide who sees what content when and how much of it. facebook claims that these algorithms are there to learn about our specific preferences. actually, this is untrue shaping preference. if tomorrow person finds a fake pull the video, we're saying the blast, then this content ranks. huh. at least 20 percent or maybe even 40 percent or pretty. but it's true, very dangerous. who
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i do i have the adjustment placed under a date of emergency by it's mayor as the freedom convoy enters into week 2. well, the recent loss of millions and donations have an effect, or will the movement continue to grow until prime minister trudeau is forced to deal with them? freaking loop in the black lives matter. organization is facing a several investigations into funding. as a chapter founder is sentenced to multiple years in jail for voter fraud. is this just a hit job on the social justice movement? as its curriculum begins being taught in grades kindergarten or 12, it's modify continues to feel the pressure to cancel joe rogan. we will bring you the latest as well as the multiple examples of tech being used by the vida, ministration to sensor voices. they don't agree with. i'm kind of use for you.
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today's edition of news he is used from r t america headquarters here in washington dc. ah please have increased pressure on the freedom convoy protest in downtown ottawa in canada is shilling hundreds of tickets towing vehicles, and making a rest in their attempt to clear protesters out of the city. now the police and canadian officials are now calling it an occupation, or even a nationwide insurrection. artesia john, heidi is an ottawa. it was a much quieter atmosphere. monday in downtown ottawa gone, were the bouncy castles for children. we saw over the weekend, the cook out the music and most notably, the thousands of people packing the streets and what looked more like a winter festival than a massive protest or as noah police,
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city and federal officials describe it, an occupation. we did not hear the cacophony of car and truck horns blaring. ah, an auto, a judge granted an injunction. monday, stemming from a class action lawsuit aiming to stop the noise, but the political dissension was palpable between protesters and those telling them to leave i oh. oh, the mayor of ottawa declared a state of emergency sunday in response to the protest that started when truck convoys converge on the city january 28th and 29th. in response to canada's vaccine requirements for truckers, since then protests have spread across canada. ottawa, however, remains the focal point, and what has also become a debate about free speech expression and the right to assemble. residents have decried the continuous noise ah, if needed,
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officials had called for an end to the protest. some even describing it as a siege. an insurrection, police have increased enforcement measures, issuing more than $500.00 tickets since february 5th law. suspending the licenses of truckers and towing vehicles have chad fennel, who owns a trucking company about 7 hours outside of ottawa, said he was using his rig to haul out trash. he told me he received numerous parking tickets, and police even suspended his license. still he was up beat about being there, one of the most positive experiences of my life, top 5, like everybody here is positive, even most even most of the cops are too i'll say that coll norbury was hauling fuel canister to the truck sunday when he said police warned him about returning there, trying to, to starve these people, vehicles out of out of supplies and fuel to, to, to basically force them to late. and, and, and these people are,
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they're relying on this fuel to stay warm. they're there, they're here peacefully. they everybody's like, way out here with their families, and this is the most peaceful protest you think you could ever be. a part of ottawa's mayor suggested that perhaps a federal mediator get involved to negotiate with the protesters. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has not spoken publicly about the protest since his initial comment. january 30th, when he said, canadians were quote, shocked, and frankly disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nation's capital. but some people became thousands upon thousands of people. the question now will the fight over canada's vaccine mandates playing out on the city streets become a lengthy battle of political will instead, ultimately result in any meaningful and significant change for news news news john? honey okay, i want to bring in jackson ankle political allison host of the dive podcast to discuss this ongoing battle with the truckers acadian border to thank you so much
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for joining me. thank you for having me. okay, so looking at the event over the weekend this past week, do you feel like the group is any closer to getting at least i'm meeting with tornado and his office? and would that be all it takes? i think they have to be, you know, we've gone through the multiple stages of this protest. now 1st they tried, ignoring the 10s of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of protesters and supporters all across the country. then they tried to just write them off as friends, and now you're seeing the mainstream media leads and government leaders, you know, having to resort to call them terrorists in separatists. which if you're on the ground in ottawa, where you've seen videos of these protesters, you know that that's not true. i think the only thing that could possibly happen now, especially as we are moving into the new week and with the coming weekend, there's going to be more and more people that come back out is to have some sort of
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a dialogue between the government. the trudeau administration and you know all the protesters that are out there when you look at what's going on, do you think this is a bigger picture and do those truckers on the ground? you think they realize it's not just about the mandates in canada, but you have people like elan must actually tweeting out his entire base as a port of truckers calling go find me hypocrites for freezing them millions of dollars and donations. he'd comparing the site to thieves clearing out of trains in california. go fund, meaning it's still more rhonda santas is getting involved fraud investigations into the company. could you do you think these truckers understand that this is actually bigger than just mandates in ottawa this is actually a, a almost global or at least in the north american fight for freedom. and these truckers are building sympathy for an even bigger movement against the mandates. the governments are putting on both in america and canada. you're exactly right. i mean this movement is about class struggle. this movement is about basic freedoms.
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and it's a question of whether or not the employer dictates and mandates have become intolerable for workers not just in canada, not just an auto, but all across the world in these anti mandate protests which are supported by people who have been both vaccinated and are not vaccinated i have been receiving a little to no media coverage all across the world. now we're seeing in the united states a similar protest begin. we've seen us truckers did start demanding that the by didn't ministration drop a similar vaccine mandate for cross border truckers and they are planning to launch a convoys similar to the canadian con boy that would take place from california to washington, dc, my nation's capital and facebook has already step in and bands b, u. s. freedom trucker convoy facebook page from their platform, so not too dissimilar from what we've seen from go fund me. removed the gofundme page of the canadian convoy of truckers, that had res,
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$9000000.00. we're seeing these corporations again, he'd the calls of government leaders to stop the movement of workers all across the globe. well, and here's something that i have to say is i observed this, i'm a little worried about, you know, you had the director of the police for to actually call this a nationwide insurrection. which brings back obviously, ties it to the january 6 and everything that went on. are you worried now that we're finding out about possible instigators starting violence all to make the truckers look bad and that's how the excuse they use and shutting this down moving forward if this continues? yes, i think that, you know, we have to be really worried about disingenuous actors who are trying to paint the entire movement of people who are fighting against these mandates as all violent or all coops or anything like that. right. these are workers who are standing up for their basic freedoms in it's as simple as that, and they're not gonna stop until they get
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a victory while jackson and i want to thank you for your conversation about it. we're going to continue to cover. this is why this is a very important story to both myself and my audience. and i appreciate your insight. podcasting star joe rogan was offered a $100000000.00 on monday. i'll leave his exclusive contract with spotify and sign a deal with alternative platform rumble. the rumble is a, posing a challenge to companies like youtube, twitter, and amazon, by offering a free speech alternative that wont sensor its users. the offer comes amid new to nancy ations of the outspoken talk coast. after a compilation taken from 12 years of material shows him appearing to use a very deeply offensive racial slur more than 20 times. that's our. he says, i'd say use word the word word to really couldn't say rogan had apologized to remove a number of offending episodes from the platform,
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which so far has held firm its decision. not to silence him. it's a video that's made of clips taken out of context of me, of 12 years of conversations on my podcast, and it's all smushed together and it looks horrible even to me. now i know that to most people, there's no context where a white person is ever allowed to say that word. never mind publicly on a podcast. and i agree with that now. and journal has been sworn to discuss this, and we were just talking about freedom handling in canada. now let's talk about freedom here. in the i say, freedom of speech by administration, comment on the joe rogan controversy. the message has been applaud spotify for adding disclaimers that had been great disclaimer to joe rogan content, and that he needs to call more minutes information, while uplifting, accurate information or flagging problematic post for facebook that spread this information. there's about 12 people who are producing 65 percent of anti vaccine
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misinformation on social media platforms. all of them remain active on facebook despite some even being banned on other platforms. you shouldn't be banned from one platform and not others. if you are for, for providing misinformation out there. how scary is that been? the government is telling a platform what they should mark as being misinformation the government. so how much control does the biden's white house have over our social media platforms currently? well, i don't think it's that they have much control at all, right? so if the social media platforms don't want to go along with this, they don't have to. i think what they're doing, though, is a lot of these social media companies and big tech companies do want to censor. and so what they'll do is they allow the white house, they allow politicians to kind of lead the way, make the case for why this information is so dangerous and why this misinformation and dis, information should be taken down. and then if they decide to take action on it, then they basically lean back into this and say, look, the public sentiment,
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the sentiment from our leaders is all telling us that we should do this. and therefore we have to act right? because we're trying to be good responsible citizens, and i think that at the end of the day, the social media companies do not want this content in the 1st place there. but they are looking for reasons to be able to delete it or they're looking for some politician to give them cover. so that when they do what's not actually called censorship, it's more of a public service. and the politicians are definitely delivering that, that cover like they wish in ohio house, put republicans, they're planning a bill to fight so called viewpoint discrimination on social media. they say big tech is violating at 1st minute when they do platform users over politics for in texas struck down. some are laws. what have you heard about this legislation? and how much can they really do in a state level for these multi national companies that obviously had the internet is open to everybody right now in the united states as it is. yeah, the, the difficult thing about it is this, that when you start to make the case that you can't censor people because of their
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political views, now you have to decide what is a political view. right? so, you know, you, you played the compilation there of, of joe rogan, obviously, you know, a lot of those comments are taken out of context, but again, there's an argument here should, should a white person like joe rogan ever be allowed to use this word ever in public right, that's, that's the debate that's going on surrounding joe rogan and some people will say, well, it depends on the contacts and other people will say no, never, and other people will say, who cares for the context is free speech is free speech. you should be able to say whatever you want, right? the here's the problem with us. got it. is that all of that is a political point of view because everything is politics. and so what republicans are trying to do is they're trying to parse this right now to say, well, we're not going to worry about free speech, we're going to worry about politics. you can't restrict someone on their political views or vaccines. a political view, how you view a vaccine, is that political or is that scientific? and so when you begin to put speech in the camps and you start to really isolated and create silos of speech, now you're just playing the same game, a game of
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a dog eating it's tail right where you're just basically chasing yourself all over the place. you can really follow this. so what it really comes down to is, is all speech acceptable? that's called free speech, or is only some speech acceptable. and if you line up and say, well some speech is that is acceptable and some is not. then it always comes down to who gets to decide who's the arbiter of that and right now with social media companies. okay, well let's look at one which is rumble, who just offered joe rogan, this contract now from both relatively new. i go a $100000000.00, where are they getting this money from? it's over course, i think of like 4 years. you know, how much a, here's what we've seen on these other cases that are not more mainstream. they crash the 2nd that they have. they don't have the infrastructure built into it, so they crash the 2nd, they get popular. do you think that it's going to grow their rumbles, actually a solid enough company that if joe probably decides to take them up on their offer, that he's gonna be able to stay on the air waves, or is it going to crash and burn like it is so when other ones have done in this
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case, well, i don't think it would crash and burn. i think rumble has the ability to be able to support it. where are they getting the money while they're backed by billionaire peter tail, who helped to launch pay power and was an early investor in facebook? so that's probably where the money's coming from. i think the question is, why would you go out and offer joe rogan, the exact same deal he has with spotify, which is a bigger platform that more people are on. if you're trying to bring him over. hey peter, you need to give him more money. so maybe a 150000000, maybe 200000000. what would be interesting about this? got you though is where is that money coming from in terms of a r, a y for rumble? would they actually be able to make it back? one thing that, that india are really the, the artist who said she was going to come off of modifies platform over joe rogan. she actually said something that is true. she said, spotify his pain, joe rogan, this $100000000.00, because they're not paying it to music artists and they're using their music, whether you like joe rogan or not, that is a true statement. that's where the money is coming from. exactly how rumble would make up this money if they did it. that remains to be seen. well and it's advertisers right now, obviously the advertisers are sticking by and we're not hearing much about it. what
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those advertisers move over if you went to rumbles that were the money would make up, always great to talk to and thanks for i ben. now, when we come back, your child's curriculum in school might include a black lives matter agenda as always. kindergarten. however, does this curriculum actually hurt unity? we will discuss after the break. ah, mediterranean is the world's most over fish seen on sustainable exploitation of its fish dogs, which maureen biodiversity under great thread, assuming it's the lesson the getting the quote, our special guest on this is we got our system i'm working from going to pull the cookie careful with one of the kids to kick in one or 2 but a loose despite the eas promises to end over fishing by 2020. the situation is
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changing too slowly. well, i'm very disappointed with additions that they've basically not in public interests. they also do know in the mid interest of the fishes, the only interest of the fishery movies on the face showed the only ones in danger . the fishermen also at risk of losing all the plugin with all of them before they get to them about that. i'm a global, i guess it might be real, she's been there wouldn't be abusive block. and with black, assume at their thumb is schools are celebrating the b l m week of action. some
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parents are concerned about the deep rooted message actually has nothing to do with race or to correspond. natasha suite has more on what has some parents up in arms whether you agree to protest for or against. the beal and movement, most americans would agree that we should all come together as citizens of this great nation. but is that really what b l m is demanding. some parents claim the teachings are an attack on the family units. traditionally, schools would partake in celebrating black history month, but this year the black lives matter and are collaborating with schools nationwide to promote its week of action. but some of the philosophies in the curriculum is causing an uproar among parents. some claimed their vow to disrupting the western prescribe nuclear family structure is problematic. and then a lack of fathers in the home is the main reason for the growing crime in this country. and the 1st place, a california parent in the santa monica malleable school district, writing a letter to officials saying b, l. m, as
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a divisive and radical fringe group that includes anti american, anti israel, anti semitic, and racist propaganda. the vice president of parents defending education st. children as young as 5 years old, are being trained how to be political activists. oh, be elim movement exploded after george floyd was killed by in minneapolis police officer. and while cities across the country engaged in protest, the exact intentions at the movement came into question after some of the groups leaders bought high in real estate from the cause. according to taxes filed in 2020, the group raised tens of millions of dollars. and now after the co founder resigned, there is no official leader handling the remaining $60000000.00. and now some of the groups leaders are headed to jail. pamela moses, founder of the b l. m, chapter in memphis, has been sentenced to 6 years in prison. for legally registering to vote in tennessee, moses had existing felony convictions in 2015, which would not have allowed her to register. but that's not all. several states
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including connecticut, indiana main, maryland, and new jersey to name if you are evoking the groups charitable registration. california and washington are threatening to hold some of the groups leaders liable for not being up front about where the money was going. critics say, instead of catching kids up on the chairs of schooling, they miss during the pandemic that teachers are now merely breathing political activists reporting for news vis hughes and how she sweets r t. we want to now bring in a hawk newsome, founder of black lives matter. new york chapter, and ed martin, president of phil shaffer egos, gentleman, thank you so much for joining me on this. thank you, hawk i want to join. i want to start off with you and there is the cause and there is a reason behind and there's the organization. those 2 things can be separate. so can you help me help us to understand what is the purpose of black lives matter today? is it an organization, or is it about actually doing the cause and what is actually inspired to start?
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you gave me the opportunity to clear this up, black lives matter. global is an organization that found it moving, however, is moving so much bigger than black lives matter. global. this may belongs to the people 99 percent of that activism that you see where you see people holding up black lives matter side has absolutely nothing to do with the global movement organization. like last magic rated, new york has found that the school we pass and the piece of legislation, the federal, 50000 people. on the last 2 years, we are an independent organization. in fact, we are an independent nonprofit corporation. so we have to be able to separate black lives matter global from the black lives matter movement. ok, and i understand that the good actually can actually understand what you're saying, as well as have been very active in finding tea party. obviously, fellowship legals. these are things that we all, i think have in common right here,
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both conservative as well as this movement. but that being said, as you're looking at what's going on right now, some of the troubles and trials that are happening of the organization. does that damage the credibility of the movement when you look at it? i would say, of course, and here's what i would just say about it happens on the conservative side, happens on the liberal side. there was a great american writer named eric coffer. and he said, every great cause begins as a movement becomes a business and eventually degenerates into a racket. and we've seen the republican party has at various times become a racket. the democratic party has become a racket, i would say black lives matter. i was all the tell tale signs of something that became a business start as a movement became a business and has become a racket. and when you see people exploiting the instinct of individuals to say, hey, how do i make my voice heard? that's where you say, hey, this is gotten far afield from what was happening and again to be clear, it happens in every movement and every side of the aisle. but right now,
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black lives matter. it's, i think, been exposed, at least in terms of its leadership as having some serious problems. ok, so hawk thing that is there's some sort of accountability for this leadership right now. are you concerned about the missing dollars or we're going down in memphis with the leader herself, so it was put in jail because she was supposed to, they're saying she misled in her voting registration. does that concern you as someone who represents this organization? well, i think it's like a constitution leave. it was a me a well, you're with me is a protection against cruel and unusual punishment. i believe that every american, every american citizen have the right to vote. and even if that person goes to jail, i think that they should have the right to vote to getting involved. and the politics may be led to jail to that country that led them there. now if you want to
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talk about black lives matter, global leadership, there are problems, there's problem, they've been involved with the salvation army. even problems with trumps foundation problems with the claims foundation use. absolutely right. there are always problems. what would you have to understand is you have to separate black lives matter goal network from the black last matter, move me. this will make is powerful, is responsible for changing the world. and you cannot let this what's been happening, just just deteriorate in their prosperity and the progress of this movement. and lastly, america has a history of hating movement for civil rights, a black lab for black people, doctor j smith, malcolm x nation in law. black, they're the party, i go for days and re progressive organization for the rights of black people
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have been damaged by the american government and the media. this is just a fact of this country. ok, so you just saw, you put all those groups. obviously i would not put all of the list you just gave. i would not put the same category. i'll be honest with you. so i'm going to give this category bottle in is they've been scrutinized by the media in the government . they're not the same by me. but they've all been and maybe as some of it, they'll probably is justified ad let me let you respond and well. well, the one thing i would say to hock is i, when you hear the local action, you start, you hear like you said feeding people and then starting a school, those things we can sort of relate to. one of the problems we see right now is that the people who are using the movement, you know, taking it and steering it towards business, taking and steering it towards a racket or people that are using for example, c r t. i think hawk would probably agree, a lot of what is said when you say,
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let's teach us how to get along white and black and color. that's one thing. it's another thing to have a curriculum. and you know, mirror garland, son in law is the guy in fairfax, virginia. all these people that are hanging on and they're pushing an agenda. and a lot of times the agenda goes far from the local movement. and my point here would be black lives matter. the brand is been really damaged by the carry on of if it's global and c r t, just like by the way, a conservative movement say the pro life movement gets criticized by other, by other end, by putting, by being put in a position where they're criticized well hoc advocate, contest conversation. fortunate spanish. i think i just really didn't. i don't have the time. i'm sorry, we're literally out of time. i will have you back on. we will have you back on. thank you. and that did for the show, like i told them, we'll catch you later. thanks for watching. ah
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. with bring you the right every out the day. this is all. no, everyone had home with a sheep out this day because of the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves will depart,
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we choose to look for common ground. with you, ask me if russia wants to fight with nathan, let me ask you, does night. so want to fight a world with russia. vladimir, who's in warren's nato, to stop playing games and ignoring most go security to month. the strong woods come as the russian and french president agreed to work on stability. am at the tense situation around ukraine. breaking from the pack. emanuel mac, ron turns his back on nato's ante, russia rhetoric by coal from moscow security concerns to be heard. the u. s. o takes a different road with president biden threatening, that a crucial european gas pipeline would be shell of the if russia invades you cry,
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