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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 31, 2022 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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we, the world really is seeking for a way to come to pace and a saber rattling right now that's going on. i don't think church or any country. well, particularly those in your and i think the united states, mr. brian, mr. burton need to be in constant contact and lower the temperature right now, because i don't think anybody really wants more. i, i can't imagine that anyone thinks that a, they're anywhere in structure conflict. i mean, there's literally talk of comparison to the cuban missile crisis. well, you know, it has kept in mind that russia is troop movements are happening within the russian borders. i think get really needs to be understood. and russia just as any sharon nation as the right to defended some borders. i think
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the hysteria that's being worked up needs to be discounted mightily. and in light of the fact that there are, are various agendas that are seeking to be advanced in the name of security, which actually when they're unmasked, you can see that in a way, it's kind of a naked attempt to grab energy markets. and we have to be very careful about that, and i think that there are, there needs to be a genuine effort to repair the united states relationship with russia. but one of those agenda is privatization, and i'm not sure about cleveland, but here in london where i'm speaking to you from, often it's being talked about, the people at face a choice between eating or heating. just how did you fight and the u. s. as the youngest man, i did the fight against privatization unit cost your life as you describe in the
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division of liking power. it's really important to, to remember that any time any organization corporation has the ability to control and energy market, whether it's for electricity and what used to make electricity, oil, natural gas. you can basically to control the market. you can name your price and get it. and what people pay for the basic essentials of life because energy is no small matter. i mean, i remember growing up in cleveland as my family moved around a lot throughout the city. i remember my parents counting entities to pay a utility bill. there are people everywhere who are trying to make ends meet and what we pay for for electricity for energy, for oil, for natural gas is no small matter and show when i was the mayor of cleveland. and
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i took this book, the division of light and power is all about. i had to make a choice about who did i represent, did i represent the company that was attempting to grab a monopoly so they could increase the price of electricity or did i represent the people of a city who have a competitive electric system that exist extensively to be able to keep right slow . and so you know, this was what it was all about and there were billions of dollars each day. i mean, i asked the former british energy secretary of state about the need is some see it to keep energy resources, energy supplies on the democratic control, otherwise known as nationalized or under the control of local government. he appeared to be saying that's for the dinosaurs who haven't caught up with the great new economics pioneered, of course, by reagan adventure. now, natalie is the media the dinosaur. okay. we have
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to keep in mind is that public utilities, unless the people controller, unless they control basic public services, they're always going to be subjected to increases. i mean, this is basically it's an economic issue. it's an issue of ultimately to record our freedom. so if, if you know wherever you're at in the world, if i was shutting a service that previously was provided to the public at a, at a, at a reasonable and a low price gets privatize. it is actually erratic that you're going to pay more because the only reason why anyone would private dodge is or is in order to, to have a monopoly and then you increase the cost and lead the public. that's what happens . on the other hand, if you have a, if you have a monopoly that exists in the private sector over a, what should be
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a public service? the idea of municipal is ation is one that should only be taken if you can prove that people can save money because it's all about trying to help people make it through their own lives. so that the most important thing in their lives does not become having to pay utility bill. but look for your facial monthly bill, you have to pay it or whether it's coming from government or from the private sector. and i don't hold the belief that government can do everything it can. i don't want to government, you know, i'm, i'm not a fan of socialism. communism capitalism. hey, i, you know, i'll ask you, i can be rheumatism. but i also think that we need to be mindful of what public policy does to the people when you permit for private monopolies to control the price. if the public controls are they can always go somebody out
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office if the price goes too hot. but if it's controlled by the private sector, they have no action whatsoever. the who is, be mindful, that's quite a undistinguished for anyone having read this book because the fact that obviously what you just said that is not part of the public discourse. here's why i wrote a book, and if you're trying to get you for it and look what happened to you, just describe what have, i mean, also describe the levels of corruption that you see as being bused by the idea of any privatized defacto public monopoly. well, if you can, if you have an awfully and something a large and a public, whether it's electricity, water, natural gas, or transportation, education on health care, you know,
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i wrote the bill in the stage to provide for medicare for all single payer. now where you can get a monopoly nigger price and, and get it. so what happened and what happened clever is that the private utility subverted the city government you know, gave contributions to politicians so that they would vote their way. but there were beyond that, they supported the media, they use their advertising dollars to be able to get the media to say whatever they wanted to say with respect to the cities public utility. so the media fell in line dutiful, son, agra, 1st and attacked the cities utility of the cities ability to write a utility even though the utility was making a profit were serving the people and behind the sage. and this is documented by the atomic safety and licensing commission of the nuclear regulatory commission. behind the scenes,
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the private power company was working to stop city council from approved from improving any kind of improvements to the city electric system. and it was determined later on they were creating outages. honda municipal system, is there a black house that we created during holiday seasons and then the media which a she, you have an electric system doesn't work. no, we had one that was being sabotaged. and this book is a story of corporate espionage, of corporate, sharon, tired of the, of creating blackouts in the city, or with the intention of grabbing a natalie on electric power and wiping out the city system. in cleveland, we have competitive systems, we have a private system serving part of the city and a public system serving part of the city. but the private power company wanted it all. i'll get to media collusion and why you had to carry
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a starter pistol on you in a, in a 2nd. but of course, what you just said, the britain has a universal health care system which is funded with the half of the percentage of public money per capita that they do in the united states. still, it is a universal system. some people say there's a deliberate running down of national i systems just the way you put it there. so that people, certainly the elite of a middle class has got to stop using these public systems and off for private. and also it then allows people to say, see, it doesn't work when it's a democratically accountable, is this something that the people around the world should be aware of? absolutely. the private interest, if they can gain control over, was essentially a public service such as health care. again, you know, your price and you get it. now just think for a moment, the consequences of this were in a pandemic right now. it's affecting a whole world. you know, in, in a country like america,
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which is really been hit very hard by cogan, how much better we would be if you know, for the last few decades, we would have a public house here. some more people would check in regularly and be able to monitor their health and make health care a not just a service, but make it a consciousness that people have so that we take responsibility for how government can give a shout. when we take responsibility for our own house and we start to do things, might improve our immune system, our ability to respond to diseases. you know, that should've been done years ago. what about why hasn't been done, and why is joe biden have no, absolutely no intention, no of our intention of doing anything like that? well, i think, you know, the political parties are controlled by corporate interests. and the democrats, unfortunately, went that way, decades ago,
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and decided the only way they could get enough money to win elections was to do republicans or during those get the money from corporations. and in the private healthcare insurance, the private insurance can contribute mild to yours campaigns. that basically it's a paid employee system. it's almost an option and the policy goes to the highest bidder. you know, it's pretty, pretty simple in that regard. i mean, even know, the great mass of american people would prefer to have access to health care to, to pay less and, and have a broader range of services. it's not happening and you know, i, i carry that flight forward in the united states congress for many years and there's the need is still very great in their country. i really feel sorry for so many people suffering because this system doesn't serve the people. it serves interest groups dennis can finish, i'll stop you that more from the twice us to have a great presidential contender. after this break i look forward to talking to
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you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to create a truck rather than fit a job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot less protective own existence with join me every thursday on the alex simon show. i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah,
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your challenge with chinese students on the yeah. can you them from dosher she can. hi sharon, my name is rob with. right? yeah, that is latoya, this is rudy with she been closer and well, i mean kelly, recruiting quote and i renewed my for azure night. you're sure 1000th of long didn't get to our lord anatomy for she gave us manage to. i must be happy. i am a fat mother enough that i'm looking for samuel caskey asked him,
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you myakea protection for him. um procedure. martha, the one that i can live with with. welcome back. i'm still here with former us congressman dennis considers 53rd mayor of cleveland and twice democrat presidential contender. there's been a corruption scandal here in britain about cash for questions in the british parliament. what would you say 2 politicians around the world watching about why the corruption goes from taking a few tickets for a bowl game. right up to a having questions asked in the legislature? well, she seems our systems are corrupted. and i think many people go into public service with the intention of actual service because they, they care and people,
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even those of integrity can find themselves in compromising situations. if there are political patrons ask for specific chambers as the consequences of dispensing those figures are not carefully considered. so i really look at it as the changes have to be made systemically, in order to make it possible for politicians to avoid the near occasions have been compromised as a worker. then what does it mean if you're in public office? what it means is, chance take any money from anybody who's bound to ask you to do anything, not how you know that might cause some whiplash. when you think about it, but the actors what it comes down to, don't take any money from anyone who may ask you to do anything. well, i think by that the president of the united states is bankrolled,
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arguably in the senate by the credit card industry via amazon google. boeing talk to you is gave money to his campaign. were you ever attempted to say, given a ticket for a ball game by a financial corporate interests that you suspected of having ail, terry? i'm just now, not a chance. let me say, i don't want anything if you go into public life looking to fill a hole in your soul. no, no, no, no, no blandishments, no contributions, nothing of the way i look where it got you. in this book, there is a transcript from w k y c news of a hitman. i wanted to kill you quotes. we come to make a finish. that's what i was told. we come by can finish. he was cut from a different cloth. wow. did you find yourself wanting to keep a pistol and the assessor the police learned of a math, hit them?
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well i, i never, i never are myself. everybody was, you know, they're still there. that story was a gun rights, i think was a started to pistol when i i'm no, no i that that was another story from another era that was i'll call it apocryphal . but i to speaking of the challenge that our face when i was mayor. but it was made very clear to me by police intelligence, the connection between the assassination plot and my position in refusing to sell our municipal electric system to this private utility. you have to keep in mind that during this time, cleveland was the bombing capital of america because of wars between various factions, of organized crime and organized crime, had penetrated in the city government into the banking community. and you know,
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unfortunately, that the power that was exercise was such that you could pay a hit man $80.00 grand to kill a mayor. you know, the fact that i survived that. i was lucky. i mean, it was want to town for a high powered rifle shot. came to my house that i'm in right now. and initially i had my fraction fraction, period. and, you know, i, i look i like you to be are right now. what i was lucky to get through that period without getting hurt, that obviously would event know, moving arguably of the entire democratic party. animal progressive line in the presidential attempt to 24 and 20. 08 i just quickly on the media. you do talk about the u. s. corporate media being the handmade and of the corruption involved in privatization. well, from my experience and clear it was early in my political career as
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a city councilman, that i came into contact with an internal document of the clean electric aluminum, a company where they basically were bragging how they were using and manipulating the media in order to get positive coverage of the clean electric illuminating company and negative coverage of the municipal electric system owned by the people so much so that they were directly delivering editorials to read to newspapers and television stations. and having them published verbatim, in order to be able to get their point of view across which total propaganda, that was corporate propaganda. and they were using it to undermine the public's right to be able to own their own electric system to keep electric rates low. so we can go over that little local paper there, arguably internationally. i have to ask about the fact that, given that this kind of thing is reported again and again in countries with
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neoliberalism, let alone in the united states and the effect of privatization in neoliberalism. do you think ironically that, that and the impact of privatization was something that steve bannon tapped into in that speech for donald trump, american carnage. and actually had the despair of the midwest of the united states that came from this kind of these kinds of actions. you talk about in the book, well elected trauma, you know, let's talk about the in westerman the midwest. was d industrialized one of the reasons why we lost so many industry was the high cost of electricity, particularly because of these private utilities raising a cost of energy to the rough. ok. now the, the over arching issue is a philosophical one. the mayor of cleveland, who founded our municipal electric system at the turn of the 20th century,
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thomas johnson. he said this and i, i think that, you know, his words are, were very eloquent. i want to repeat them. i believe in public ownership of public service, monopolies of water systems, of schools, electric systems, of parks and on. because if you do not own them, they will in time own, you know, corrupt your politics, role your institutions, and finally destroy your livers. now that will show over a 100 years ago, there's nothing short of freedom involved here. and when people end up paying more and businesses end up paying more in industry, gentle paying more, it just it creates destruct, destructive economic, undermining of people's lives period. could that quote from that previous review mayor of cleveland, cleveland we used, is extended to the military industrial complex. it owns you when it comes to the
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white house. one of my, one of my books in my library is about the life of david as our, who was president of the united states. when he, when he left the office in his valedictory stage, he warned about the influence of what he called the military industrial complex on the everyday lives of americans who is warning, you know, should be put in stone outside of public buildings across the country. because a, what's happened is, is that a larger and larger percentage of the budget of the united states goes for the military contracting. and in a way behind the scenes, it helps inspire wars and to keep us out. war it is a, it is a corrupt system that will take money that should be used for
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education, for health care, for feeding people and just give it to a military contractors who will make sophisticated hardware that's trying to find a way to years. you know, i, i, i was right in the middle of that for 16 years. and i, and i refused to vote for budget, which ended up saving money from the american people and giving it to, to this big war machine. which just look for ways to keep things stirred up so they can find a way to use their products. i mean, you know, is there, is there a connection? look, any time, any large corporate interest have great influence over a government. it cannot be to the benefit of the people of that nation. but even the lobby, a sun k street, arguably didn't us the pentagon to us for 778000000000 dollars this year for the
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military budget. you think joe biden thinks that giving them extra is of price we're paying the same office? i mean, i don't, you know, i, because i will tell you, i think, you know, we make a mistake in personalizing this, i know because i know i know you're buying a loaner for more than 50 years. i don't, i don't think that he thinks it charged you just express, but i do the fact that he has spent a fairly loyal servant of a system that supports that approach. and that that's a problem which a bipartisan problem. it's the reason why party politics doesn't work to reason why the system is not serving the american people. well, that last congress plus that up about $27000000000.00 more than was even ask for
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and show you wonder what is going on here. with, with all the need that exists now people are going to say, i was just keep printing money. well, we've got to look at our monetary system. and if we're going to do that, because within the context of the present monetary system, the way that the governments being rod is highly inflationary. the basic needs of people still are, are being met. and i will tell you that we have a crisis which involved. so public confidence in government and in government leaders and, and the root of it is that corporate interests are, have infiltrated the government and are actually calling the shots for policy and just about every area of american life. well, somebody will go to very rich. obviously, during the pandemic, we often say on this program, 40000000, maybe more need food stamps to eat tonight in your country. if anyone reads this book, one is going to have to ask the question, can change in your country be achieved peacefully, you sacrifice your health,
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you nearly died in the hospital. there was that mafia here to attempted. the levels of corruption, defamation can change in your country be achieved peacefully. of course, you know, i don't believe in revolution. i believe in spiritual evolution. cultures evolve if you get a chance to. yeah, i was american citizen was set up so so that we could try to help a country adapt to an agreement, a future. but it would help if we had public financing campaigns to take away the great influence that has existed by and from corporate interest. that would be a good start, but you know, our system is weakened by corporate influence. there's no question about it. now, is there a way to break it? of course there is. and then involves electing. people are determined to do that.
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and that involves people actually getting involved, at least on a level their book and becoming more aware. you know, it's going to happen overnight. now. can it happen? of course, a chance. you know, the countries always had this capacity to break through. got, you know, it all depends on, on who's and who's elected danica savage. thank you. that's over the show will be back on wednesday 22 years to the day. south african president, w de klerk lifted the 30 a band on nelson mandela's communist affiliated african national congress mug in the beginning of the end of apartheid until then keep in touch by social media and let us know how you think the power and greed of big business can be restrained ah, your panic is in the air, but not in care of. apparently, nato says it's united again. why she's so called aggression against ukraine. but
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alliance members are indifferent, even contradictory ways. washington in london appeared to what confrontation their allies not so much with a me for geography, nick with chinese students and the from boshoway. she can. hi sharon, my name is renee sharagen,
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i believe with a latoya. this is rudy with she didn't wholesale and kelly recruiting court and i renewed my for asher night issue. thousands of london keys to alone. that musician the best man's too much lucky i had him of fact not only not that i'm with you mac. he had to pay to put him on with the money that i can let through. ah
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ah, today, mister speaker, we are standing together with our nato allies against the potential aggression vladimir putin. tonight. boris jones's attempt to shift attention to ukraine's criticised by lawmakers as the probe, the darling streets im for the 2020 lockdown parties, finds serious failures. womack coming up and same with you. cray, no threat of a planned invasions ever come from any russian politician, moscow's envoy to the you and clear about attempts to escalate the security situation in the region then. but bringing what he had to say way from canada's prime minister said he's got cove it tonight and he's branded protested as those who fly not see flags and still.


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