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the us president biden plans to position american troops in eastern europe in a show of force against russia. despite nato's chief admitting there is no certainty about whether moscow would invade ukraine. meanwhile, germany swims against the nato tide by resisting sending arms to ukraine. a move that's got the backing of the german public according to recent pulse and candidates prime ministers, brand, the huge truck convoy opposing the vaccine mandate as extreme. and despite the growing drivers movement of 1000, now spreading through the capital ottawa, the
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broadcasting lab direct from our studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. or now us president biden has pledged to send more american troops to nato countries in eastern europe in the near future. earlier this week, the pentagon had already put 8500 trips on standby for possible deployment. although at the same time, nato is backtracking on its months long claims that russia is about to invade its neighbor ukraine. lions chief young's suttonberg now admits there is no certainty about any invasion. after all, it's correct that we are not planning to deploy, nate to combat troops to ukraine, as long as russia does not. once again, decide to use military force uncertainty while there's no certainty about the the russian plants or maybe they have not made any final decision. for months, the usual suspects in the west have spurted out the same old hysteria,
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western mainstream media quite literally drew their own picture of reality with maps of an imaginary invasion from stultz and bic himself to west and officials. and it's media who constantly shrieked. an invasion was just around the corner conveniently, postponing their predictions even when proved wrong. us intelligence officials say russia could invade ukraine as soon as january. and that's because of russian troops that are massed on ukraine's borders were now to say to russia could at any point, want an attack and ukraine. but now even the ukranian president has brushed it off as just panic. tal, do we have tanks in the streets? you know that there is a feeling that if you're not here, if you're in england, germany, france, lithuania, there is a feeling from the media that we are to war. troops are walking on the rose, mobilizing, this is not true. we don't need this panic. but hang on, doesn't this all sound a bit like what russia had been saying? all along,
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use vehicles alicia with risky figures. so it depends on the russian federation. then there will be no war. we don't want any wars, but we will also not allow our interest to be rudely trampled on and ignored. but it seems like even all that doesn't stop the wheels at the big bad sanctions machine rolling. the west prepares, crippling sanctions and anticipation of that same elusive rush and aggression. at this very moment, we have been very clear that if russia further invades ukraine, the united states is looking at a range of options with allies and partners to deliver severe costs to the rush economy, assessing potential spill overs, and exploring ways to reduce those spill overs is good governance and standard practice. but if anything, the ukraine crisis has taught us one thing, some western politicians who claim to prefer diplomacy and dialogue, are reluctant to abandon their own wills and step into a reality without russian aggression. we always accuse russia to,
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to be the aggressor, even if c is no, were reality on the wrong bus for bus. that's was situation. know if russia, oh, will not be the consider as an adversary of ne tool. they will be no show, no object. he full day to and the united states will lose a supreme rossi in europe on the object, if she's to freshman europe on to torpedo any resets between western europeans on russia. and in order to prevent murky, pull our richie to emerge. ukraine confirmed on friday that it's received another batch of military aid from washington. $81.00 tons of ammunition were delivered in one of dozens of air, transferred, planned under jo biden's, $200000000.00 support package. but not all, and nato members are united in weapon housing, ukraine. germany is refusing to send arms and has ruled out evacuating. it's
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embassy. they're saying that the move would only add to the tensions with more from berlin. his arches, purelife tough time. see you repeat diplomacy, hearing berlin, many of the decisions made by chancellor or shoulds as government hobbins being running on the same lines as friends and partners in london. washington. the german foreign minister is also not convinced there's an immediate sign of ukraine joining the nato alliance. everyone knows that this is not on the agenda at the moment, including russia. the people of ukraine wants to live in peace and security. many have been separated from their families for years due to the conflict in the da boss. that's what the matter is about. not even attempting to nato. another area where germany isn't following the lead of the u. k. in us is when it comes to the evacuation of stuff from embassies in kiev. berlin say's it. we're just further to stabilize the situation on the ground and ukraine. of course, we continuously check the security situation in different places around the world,
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including in ukraine. like, how are you partners? we have currently decided not to use the embassy stuff in case germany has come under a lot of pressure over its refusal to send weapons to ukraine. in fact, it's with some sections of the media into a frenzy, with some headlines, even questioning whether berlin is actually a friend of the us at all. i have with concern the situation in ukraine and the reactions of our neighbors from germany in the face of the threat from russia. it's immoral and hypocritical. it's driving a division line between west and east in europe. foreign minister bear bulk used a debate in the bonded to further cement the government's commitment to the policy seminar demand in the weapons to be delivered urgently in difficult situations. you have to repeatedly discuss your actions. so critically. we have to strengthen ukraine economically, financially because in the 21st century and don't just sudden with cannon's friends and allies, clearly not happy with berlin's decision. the german people seem to be okay with it
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. according to polling, nearly 60 percent of the germans are quite happy with the decision not to send weapons to ukraine. senior figures within the largest party and the ruling coalition are keen to stress germany's role in attempt to find a diplomatic solution to the current crisis was not mitten in wars looming right now in the middle of europe. not doing everything we can to prevent military escalation of the situation. and of course, we do not deliver weapons to ukraine because about keeping the peace, lasting peace order in europe would not work with russia, but only with russia. it's korea, lynn believes the diplomatic doors to finding solutions remain open. however, it's equally clear that germany feels that should they supply weapons to ukraine, their ability to keep those doors open would be impaired. peter, all of her r, t, berlin, and just unity among nato members. doesn't end with weapons supplies to ukraine. hungry has refused to host additional nato forces. the country's defense minister
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added that russian troop movement inside its own borders doesn't necessarily mean moscow wants to attack ukraine. bulgarian officials meanwhile admit the countries military may have discussed not allowing any more us troops on its soil and croatia said it would withdraw its new military personnel from eastern europe. should there be a conflict between russia and ukraine. m. e. p. terry mariani is scathing about europe caving into washington on anti russian rhetoric that they'll play most. it's very w. stevie. this is real hysteria. i get the feeling that the russian army could be in paris any day if everything continues like this. what do you think are the real reasons you? i think some people just need to regain christy, which is the 1st the u. s. as we know they left afghanistan the most miserable way . crystal, we don't, 2nd, nato, which needs to justify its existence. so i will also mention ukrainian president zalinski, your crew has had an extremely difficult situation that side of the country.
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recently, all these people need the pressure to build upto you with the same time. i noticed that almost all the media repeat the same information over and over again to george must not forget that. almost all of this information secret satellite imagery comes to us from the one source. the us, of course, the united states is our best ally. but let's remember the way to stabilize the entire middle east, because this very ally explained to us that there are weapons of mass destruction their beams. and it is very often necessary to state that the european union has no real foreign policy. this is, and as you know today, the position of the you on this issue is in line with the position of holland romania, the baltic states. and they're very aggressive rhetoric towards russia. but other than that, the a you as a diplomatic dwarf. oh, dusky. meanwhile, a civilian has been wounded by ukrainian army shelling that's according to officials in the self proclaimed danielle republic in the east of the country. they say the fire came from mortars and targeted, done yet sc suburbs including the village where this incident to place. it's
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a pretty simple you think you talk a bit, you happened at half past 7 in the morning when the man went and his backyard to clear the snow. he didn't expect that to happen. the resident was taken to hospital now. maddox had taken care of him when the shadows takes place every day. people us catch you up. we have requested a response on the incident from the organization for security and cooperation in europe, which is carrying out a monitoring mission in the region. and of course, we will let you know if they give us a reply. and more mortar showing has been reported in the nearby town of yellow and north. com damaging civilian infrastructure. as you can see in the footage, dynamic military official se caves forces used 60 millimeter mortars the nato standard caliber to carry out the attacks. the town has more than 2000 residents who live in constant fear of an army assault. we have asked both nato and the ukrainian defense ministry for comment and have yet to receive a response. ah, switching gears now,
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the key median government is mobilizing security forces and intelligence services. as the mass truck convoy hits the capital ottawa and a rapidly growing protest against vaccine mandates. now about $50000.00 truckers, i thought to be part of the demonstration. protestors are furious at meeting covert jams to bring in us food, which canada heavily relies on. they warned the restrictions couldn't come at a worst time with food, important costs up and astonishing. 25 percent this month alone, and price inflation at a 30 year high. yet ministers dismiss the demonstrators as just extremists, the small fringe minority of people who are on their way to ottawa, who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing do not represent the views of canadians who have been there for each other. we've already seen people who are equating vaccine mandates to ushering in a new era of nazi germany. frankly, there's just too much from the leaders of this convoy which is not about freedom
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and certainly not about truckers. we have already seen some expressions which fall very much into the category of extremism. yet canadians are coming out in droves, waiving national flags to show their backing for the rallies. a convoy facebook page now has more than a 3rd of a 1000000 members and they've got almost $8000000.00 in donations. we spoke to call and kreger, who joined friends, driving with the convoy, he says, all different kinds of ordinary people have gone to extraordinary lengths to show their support. every area of the country that we drove by had people didn't matter . the temperature sometimes low is minus 30 degrees, standing on the edges of the road, waving flags holding signs. they're upset that they're losing their freedoms. c through the mandy, i need to be very, very clear. it's not about the vaccine itself, it's a both the mandates and the freedom to choose whether or not we have to take them.
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and that is what these ordinary hardworking canadians are here. they want to, they want their freedom, stored in local journalist says it's a sad irony that canadian protesters are heard more by us based billionaire ilan mosque than their own government, which really cares. he says more about power than health so. so you are not as, as supported as protest, and that's more, more support than we've seen from the political leadership in this country on it, which is really frustrating for the convoy i, they've told me frequently that they expect the political leadership in this country. both liberals and conservatives to either support them or leave the lesson to their demands. the mainstream media in canada had convinced canadians that we ourselves loved the vaccine mandate. but now that we see on the ground, how many people are coming out on to the highway in the bitter cold minus 30
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degrees celsius in some cases, to wave flags and support this convoy. it's clear that the what we've been told about the support of vaccine mandates isn't really true, but the government doesn't want to release the authority that they've gained throughout this pandemic. they're dead set on keeping a iron fisted grip of power over the people. deciding what they're able to do, where they're able to go, depending on their medical status. still to come on, our international numerous aid organizations warn you back to sanctions against the african state of molly could trigger the worst crisis in decades that and much more after our break things. ah
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ah goodbye dreamer shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask
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in ah, welcome back, this is our international. now we've talked a lot about coven. let's talk about what's happening in europe. in france, specifically, authorities outbursts against the unvaccinated are also raising eyebrows. after the paris hospitals. chief questioned whether they should even get free treatment anymore or danella when free and efficient drugs are available, should people be able to renounce a vaccine without consequences while we struggle to take care of other patients with the hospitals chief said he had raised this question because he didn't want health care spending to explode one day due to what he called irresponsible behavior with discussion on this raging right now. we got the thoughts of some people in the french capital. she, i'm completely concerned since i have my to growing up children and young adults
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who are not vaccinated for free choice for us to continue to care for everyone with the same conditions for all that's a given in france. and we can give it up like that. it chokes me. i've been working for 40 years. so i've been contributing for 40 years. imagine if i were not vaccinated. i still want to be treated like everyone else. that's the hippocratic oath. treat everyone. right. well, he's kind of right, the vaccine is free, you don't pay, so it's normal to get vaccinated. it's for you and for others. and in addition, you take the place of someone else in intensive care about looking after covered patients who end up in intensive care costs around 3000 euros a day in france with stays on the ward averaging about a week to 10 days. meanwhile, a controversial new vaccine pass has come into force in the country, meaning that everyone over 16 years old will have to be jobs to be able to get access to different public space. it's like restaurants and inter city transport to
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get a better understanding of the issues involved. we spoke to sociology professor robert gucci, along with communicable diseases expert, dr. brought pong khana lee. the just must not make a distinction between immunized and not immunized that all citizens and we treat them as equal citizens. we persuade, inform, educate advice. the people who have not been immunized and help them to make that voluntary decision to getting used, even if 80 percent of the population is fully immunized. that is 80 percent are not 100 percent immune. it is important in west in prevention. prevention is cheap, prevention is easier. prevention is better why one of the things that we need to worry about are the inequalities that have been embedded in coded since the beginning people long had to pay to get access to the vaccine. whether that be
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driving a far distance, taking time away from work or friends and family. so there have been lots of cost that have been hit in that we really have under discussed. now we're moving into another realm where people, for reasons that may be illogical, maybe related to their health, maybe related to issues of faith or religion are going to be taxed for those decisions. and so i think that as our society start to move toward a sense of quote unquote normalcy. i think we should be looking also at the behavior of the people who are vaccinated are the rest of us behaving properly in order to protect one another. campaigners say, u. k. police have overstepped their powers in arresting. a woman's rights activist who campaigned against transgender inmates in women's jails. officers detained jennifer swain on hate crime charges over her posters and stickers, calling for no men and women's presence. and for warning about the level of male
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violence against women, police released a statement saying that they had received complaints that the posters contained abusive writing. they also rated swain's home and confiscated a book critical about children being allowed to change gender, a spokesperson for the group fair cop, which probes whether police actions have violated human rights says, officers have gone too far. well, the activity i know about is that she put up stickers saying cervix, it's a women's fan, and that one in 3 women were murdered by men. so no, i didn't find any of that pensive. it's a statement of simple fact because we seem to now have something happening in our country when i transfer via is defined as anything which is reported to be offensive by anybody. and that is enough to make the police take action. obviously if she was putting up stickers and posters, which i think she's admitted, that could be criminal damage. it could be fly posting. these are criminal offenses . and absolutely the police have a right to investigate that. well,
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they don't have a right to do though, is go and search her home and remove books, edited by perfectly respectful academics on topics of public interest. that's a very serious infringement of her article. 10 rights in my view. ah, meanwhile, swain, it took to social media to argue that her messages were not anti trends, but pro women and to lead to that her thinking was being investigated rather than her actions. it's a much discussed issue and you can find more on this at archie dot com. sarah fillmore again told us that it would be safer if women's prisons did not allow transgender inmates. i think prison should be single sex. women are usually much smaller and weaker and not as fast as men and women deserve, therefore spaces where they don't have to worry about being attacked by men or simply spaces where they can just be within without male presence. and given that
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the majority of trends, women do not make any alterations to their body. either you medication or surgery. i think single sex spaces remain incredibly important for women and all right, be protected by law. so when sex matters, it needs to be recognized and protected and to say that is not transfer big and people should not be investigated by the police were saying that more than a dozen aid organizations are warning you back to sanctions on the west african country of molly, have the potential to trigger the worst inequality, crisis and decades. the restrictions were imposed after the military government very postpone to planned elections, but critics claim they are suffocating the country reporting next years are cheese . show davinsky. the situation. is it die as molly battles with the worst bound to food insecurity that it suffered in a decade? sanctions way, hard restrictions that include a trade embargo and financial aid being suspended, were initially brought in by the economic community of west african states. but
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they are now being supported by the e. u, and that is a step too far from more than a dozen aid organizations. many hundreds of thousands of persons displaced internally within molly. it's in full narrow exemptions against the moments with darren goods. we have a lot of people that needed to run it very high, several 1000000 if we had, you know, a weakening as a result of sanctions that could drive more people down into a digital situation. the sanctions have also sparked protests in the malia and capitol hill. so why have such punitive measures been imposed on one of the wolves poorest countries? in 2021, molly was taken over by a military coup,
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which was led by the vice president to see mccoy, to who then installed himself as being the main man. and initially the plan was to hold elections within the year. however, that pledge has since been rescinded. however, molly's recent history has been even more tangled in a military web with thousands of soldiers from european countries, mainly from here in france on the ground since 2013. ah mm. ah. paris has also blamed the worsening relations with bunco on the arrival of russian
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military contract, a wagner. however, that is something that is being denied by the molly and authorities who say that only russian trainers are on the ground to strengthen the operational capacity in the exact same way as european trainers have been there for several years. annex this which is also got the e u in a twist where the wagner is or isn't present in molly, it certainly is persona non grata within the block. the activities of this group reflect russian hybrid warfare. they represent a threat and create instability in a number of countries around the world. all of this begs the question, is molly being partially sanctioned? because it has asked for help from russia. it is clear that almost 10 years of intervention by the europeans hasn't brought peace and security to the country. and as molly looks elsewhere for assistance, the e. u has hardened it stumps,
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pushing the country into more food insecurity and deep in school. she might increase as well, so besieged by our ministers in the population cannot leave here. we also have issues of funding there she mention a crisis in my view has not been funded to, according to, to, to the needs the last year and, and the stairs not getting good as well. the reality is that sanctions will impact the poorest the most, and it is the vulnerable in molly society that will really pay the price. charlotte, even ski r t, paris. and finally, let's change the pace up just a little bit. to wrap things up and turn the ninja has elite kurdish fighters in northern iraq, show off their martial arts skills and hand to hand combat. wow . instructors put some 180 male and female warriors to the test in sub 0
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temperatures in one of the rocks. coldest regions. dressed in the customary black head gear and closed a practice martial arts skills, including jumps forward roles and crawling in the snow. my mate growing up in indonesia would have loved doing that. in fact, we do that with kids who watch our to international good have with us. we'll be back in about 33 minutes with so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race group is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk
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you're chatting with jagger the nutrition, which on the me issue in sending a job boshoway shakeelah. hi sharon, my name is rob with me. i have a better latoya. this is rudy with she been wholesale learning, kelly recruiting quote and i renewed my financial mark issue that 1000th of love didn't get to i learned that a me for she gave us times to i must be lucky. i had them of the fact not only, not that i'm with the union here to push your mom will proceed to get my the money that i can live with
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. ah, ah, nice guys are this is the guys a report. the i m f is correct, and they're having a nervous breakdown, a very public nervous breakdown as they should. things are about going their way. stacy, el salvador is winning and you can tell they are winning based on this tweet here from earlier this week. breaking i am of urges el salvador to remove big point as a legal tender and to this tweet responded najia. but kelly, the master of internet, told them with this tweet. max, as you see,
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he is alexander the great of social media. the man does not lose you come at the king. best not miss is what he's basically saying to the i m f. so max, you know, the point is what the i m f is doing is they're really against the volcano bonds in particular. they do not want to see independence. they do not want to see sovereignty and any other, any nation on earth that they must all cow and bend the knee to the eye, mouth, and their bureaucrats, and think they know better than everybody else, including the most popular elected leader out there in the universe at the moment, right, well, salvatore, in countries around the world are begging the i m f to remove the out money from their program. fear money is the single greatest instrument of slavery, impoverishment, and terrorism, money laundering, and.


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