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tv   Keiser Report  RT  January 29, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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particular, they do not want to be independent. they do not want to the sovereignty of any other than any nation on earth that they must all cow and bend the knee to the mouth and their bureaucrat, you think they know better than everybody else, including the most popular elected leader out there in the universe. at the moment, right, well i'll, salvador in countries around the world are begging the mass to remove the money from their program. the money is the single greatest instrument of slavery, impoverishment, and terrorism, money laundering, and crime, the history of the world as ever. now the map is a chief proponent of this aid in the bed financial paris. as i say for decades now the matter come up and this is the greatest moment for freedom ever against the money outside the doors leading the charge president calli is leading the charge the i m f is shrinking like the wicked witch of the west. when
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confronted with a bucket full of tears as they should, because they're tearing this, get it. let's get rid of them. like you would find something unpleasant on your show. that's the i am. the woman who runs the i m f. i believe it. well, of course, the fact that this i'm f body would think that they have some sort of say over what a sovereign nation could do is one of the reasons why one once a whole big point on an individual level, on a corporate level, and on a state level, not if you cannot make sovereignty because there's nothing they can do, right? it's, it's complicated. it's censorship resistance. they can trade with whoever, whoever they want, it doesn't matter what some bureaucrat and this a body that proclaims to rule over the world that knows better than you know, the president elected by the people of this nation. so that's one thing that's
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really important to bear in mind. also, of course they do attack in particular, the big point back volcano bombs, that is going to build out that infrastructure that bond, the 1st $1000000000.00 will go toward building out the infrastructure in which they can mine big points. so using geothermal energy, they have mega megawatts of stranded energy here in el salvador, which cannot be used for other purposes, but which could be used to mind. bit point i right now, they're on a us dollar standard and they have to rely on what j, how much he's printing, how much lord knows what joe biden is up to in the white house, tries to stumble is way through various press conferences and attack journalists and america, with all sorts of vulgar language, but here they get to, they basically mine their own money. so they keep mind big point in legal tender. they have more control over big point by the way than they do over the dollar in
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terms of securing the network here through mine and point curse the i'm f, as never said anything remotely. you know, within the ballpark, in terms of understanding the big coin is they've never released any kind of message about big point in terms of expressing any kind of knowledge about it. they have said nothing about the volcano bonds that would suggest they've spent more than any time looking at it whatsoever. they're just very clumsily deciding to issue their edicts, like i king that deranged or job to take your pick. and if nobody's having it, you know, nobody, nobody is giving them any agency, nobody's listening to them anymore, which is the way it should be. they, they're, there, they're gone, they're toast. and of course, the thing that they don't,
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one thing that, that i am of doesn't want that thing that the u. s. doesn't want the thing that the world bank doesn't want. the thing that these global organizations don't want is success. they don't want it to succeed. just like they, you know, they punish haiti all these like 200 and something years later after they successfully got their independence from france. like, this is the same sort of mentality, these bodies, these organizations have in terms of they don't want a demonstration of the ability to succeed without their sort of being the middle man or them having some sort of control. and i want you to do it on your own independently. while it's great that they finally woke up to the fact that they're about to be made irrelevant. it's too little too late. and you know, they're the block roster world banks are and same thing of the world bank. the same thing with. busy all wall central banks are going the way
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a blockbuster video. there are the just the unaided ego. they don't perform any, any function. they, they apply owners penalties. they're mismanaged. the, they're just toasted this the hormone. well, i said that the i m f was afraid of a salvador winning and night g. but kelly, he always has a response to drop back to these organizations to any of these it's international institutions, claiming to know better about what he should be doing using their policies was called for. basically what economic hit menus to do is like extract resources. importantly, your human resources, they want you that the best and brightest to flee to the u. s. well, no jeep kelly is a slaying on twitter. and he said that this hopper state of that would,
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would be exposed to what he said was this one of the hypocrisy, look at the one supporting a president biden, who wants to go to war to boost his approval rating, something gas prices to the roof in the midst of a global inflation that will send hundreds of millions into poverty. but they're concerned about mcdonald's job. yeah, he made some names about mcdonald's working at mcdonald's. i went around the big coin, twitter like wildfire for a couple of days. and as kelly is suggesting at the i m f, i thought this was somehow in there bally wick for a commentary. and it's a hypocrisy, of course the, the math which is principally the united states. they've got a president and office who's popularity is quite low. so is always the case america
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solution. they have 22 solutions. one is print money. the 2nd is to invade countries and kill people, innocent children, and babies and mothers. and that's a good point because this is fiance relies on violence. empires rely on violence, economic hit, men rely on violence, and right, the violence, inflation is violence, its best of property, especially the poor people. because remember, the costs are, are eaten most by the or because of the fact that agriculture and food and shelter are so important. massless hierarchy needs the most basic fundamental needs of any human. and when that goes up and they can't afford it, that's one thing. but look at what, how big coins, how big point and an anti fraudulent operates compared to what the mainstream corporate media, what the us, sort of a lead, self appointed leads of the world. the, the people who think their rulers of the world where they were upset with because
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of the tweets, where he said new profile peck. and it showed him wearing of mcdonald's baseball cap and a work uniform. because of course, when bitcoin prices crashed, when they fell hard, you know, they were concerned trolling. but the thing about big point is the anti fragility to humor and collective humor of the, of the group that keep fighting on to live another day. the hot on another day, rather than to feel some well from somebody else around the world make up for your losses in the stock market or your losses in the opinion polls in the case combined . and who is like hoping for some wars across the world in order to win the mid term elections. right, exactly. and i think that's why there's so many depth of despair in america under a 1000 suicides on it, 1000 overdoses from the pharmaceutical industry. and because a lot of people understand that america's only role in this world is to print money and causal flesh and bankrupt people or invade countries till mommy's and children
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. that seems to be the only 2 buttons they know how to push the hollywood cultural wars being lost by china. china is now bigger output of movies and they're doing it based on the chinese propaganda model. not the hollywood propaganda model. so there's nothing left in the us except some old ronald reagan speeches. and maybe some barman bally apparatus left over for when the circus was in town. but that's about it. folks games over, by the way, whatever happened to the aliens. remember like 6 months ago, they were talking about some alien invasion in order to try to who is their rating . and then, then now we're like pushing for multiple fronted war around the world. and we have like, escape monkeys. infected with lord knows what's running around and pennsylvania and yeah, it feels like the entropy is getting real for turning is happening all the stuff we
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talked about them trying to paper upon the ponzi scheme started to fall about apart as soon as they said that they were going to taper, and they convince people they were going to taper. and what happened is, what market sword, as soon as they said, where we might not pay for because max always says you can pay for a ponzi. yeah, exactly right. of course, there will be no raises of interest rates to can paper upon thing, but a lot of people including like paul pregnant and others, they their propaganda. so they repeat the like, oh, tapers coming and people sell their stocks off. and then they say, tapers coming by, they can do more massive mergers and acquisitions so that the top 5, top corporations get bigger and bigger and bigger. the poverty and entrenched poverty. and, and i'm overdosed americans living in the gutter model goes to 150000000. and then you know, the top people and the technology like we create poverty and people living in the ditch. and that's the, we love. and that's going higher, you know, but,
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and also i would rather like, actually we just want to jo, thermal energy, the president knows is going on lateral move here. will take your huddled masses, your abandoned americans can come to all salvador. have i have the quality of life that used to be available in america, maybe 50 or 60 years ago. right. and this is a great point with this great sweet from stephen, call the i m f. doesn't want the world to see how much better life can be on a big point. standard, stay strong. el salvador. you don't want to end up like los angeles for san francisco, or the increasing murder rates over there and the homeless people on the public cation and the alluding across the cross, the landscape looting all of the trains. and, you know, we don't want that. no, i mean, living in there on purpose, not a goal that i think people should have. and yet in the us, the millions of people seem to aspire to live in their own staple matter,
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which is not a good look in my opinion. anyway, we're going to take a break and when we come back, much more coming your way. ah ah ah ah, bring you the very latest every out the day. this is all he's now snow from everyone here with no chatting with them
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from gashodi. she can hi sharon, my name is rob mcneally with kaiser. i look forward to some recruiting with she been closed online in kelly, recruiting court and i renewed my for my kids shows that thousands of london q 2. i learned that refreshing the bathroom and i must be lucky. i couldn't fathom of fact . not enough that i'm looking for a federal pesky asked him. you myakea get approved for him. um with the money that i can love. thank
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the me welcome back to the guys report. i'm at pfizer time now to turn to robin martinez, otherwise known as roman. welcome. thank you. thank you for having me today and thanks for being here and father. yeah, we're having a great time now where i'm on the i m f is concerned. very concerned about big coin and el salvador. you are one of the 4 guys right here in big point, be chosen. who help spark the hyper because ation revolution. what is your response to the i m f? that's a good christian. well, i will love that someone to view then asking why they're like, so worry about it because i started by the area and we just see benefit and be can use bringing hop for our country and our people are getting or
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dreaming again. so i don't understand, but i would love like i say that someone interviewed then and that they can speak why they are so worried about it. you know? yeah, that's a good point. now they don't actually say why they don't list any reasons why they're concerned about el salvador and big coin. they simply make a categorical statement that we at the i m f on our ivory tower overlooking the globe from our position being associated with america and all the military might of america. i've decided we don't like this, but they don't back it up with anything. i think that's why people are generally ignoring them. yeah, an a some beat couldn't be to help powers for eyes beep trees to perfect tool. it's
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a tool, the how people such snout shot salvador him, people can take by touch of these new technology. but people need to understand that. i think like people just when they thinking about did, can they thinking a solitary t currency. but the thing is a new technology is some monitoring that work that he's hoping this 70 percent off is so, but i am people the were on bank before bitcoin. yeah, the number of people with the coin was now far exceeds the number of people who had bank accounts. in total. all, all salvadorans of bank accounts when you add them together is less now than the number of people in el salvador with big coin wallets or a big coin bank accounts. so it numbers in the many millions, 4000000 and, and counting. and i guess it doesn't hurt when the president earn a g, but kelly is openly mocking the i am math and making fun of the i m f on social
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media. and the, this has got to be a bitter blow to the i m f because they are literally being laughed off the world. stage. your age, your president addie, what do you think when you see something like that? i think he's great, but i, i how i always say like, i can speak are saw side by dorian, a spruce on that. see all the benefits that big guns breeding to our country. i before been going in our song, did. the majority of the people didn't have access to the simple bank account. the majority of the people cannot transact digitally. the majority of the people never had the chance to buy like an active for the 1st time in their life. a now was she all these benefits happily in our country now? in those saddler?
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so i say i see my point of view. and what i'm telling you now is the benefit that i see that our country is taking from these new technology that osama da singing band. but the, we're taking band patch of that because he's there and we can use it, you know, to poor man or pupil to giving access to people that never had access before. and now is here helping our country, the narrative. awful saba there. he's already change it. and so now let's look at some of the numbers here. but again, the i m f. a does. they don't seem to have any clue what's happening this. just look at some of the numbers. so i'll, salvador is going to have the best g d p growth ever in the past 30 years, over 10 percent. they're on track next year. doing 20 percent of tourism is up of
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something like 500 percent or more. um, you know the property market, the real estate market here in l. zante in around this area. what's, what's the real estate prices if i'm not mistaken, they're, they're absolutely zooming. and my right is crazy and maybe there are 2 things. there was title i seen directly like impacting directly in our economy in his tourism and real estate, the market of real estate. but what he's more impressive to me is to see people from all over the war. consider eating. now sadler, s the please that they want to leave families consider eating of sapir as the place that they want that their kids growing here. yeah. reminds me of a california in the 1950s. a lot of families moved to california 900 fifties because of great weather. it was a lot of great jobs. it was after world war 2. america was booming. it was the american century here in el salvador, it's after the civil war a, you've got
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a brilliant leader, a with a boot kelly, and the opportunities are enormous and families are moving here. and it's a great family environment. and as you point out the, the economy is absolutely booming, tourism is booming. the property market is booming. and you know, this is something that is also happening in big coin city. so big coin city is already the property market surrounding the location for big coin city in the east . it's already boot booming. i and how do you think the coin city will impact the the, the, the economy? what we know so far is that it will be designed as such a way where there's no capital gains, tax sto, property tax, no income tax, no payroll tax will be supported with value at attacks. and it'll be built out in part by the new volcano bombs. what. what are you hearing about big coin city since the announcement? what is, what's the latest? i think he's incredible is lie. is, is a project though,
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will benefit one ari awful saba, though that for years had been forget it, you know, and, oh, sabah, there needs these kind of projects to attract it. can series lay is to project thirty's, attracting all this mar, there are people in the we're done now want to come here and when people say like i'll sadler, it can be the new singapore of latino mary golf. america is thanks to dot. people wanna come here, thanks to beacon things to be considered. thanks the press he then she is doing a great job leaving or country or this is my perception. as isabella orient. you know, there before may coin actually you are already involved with and education and all so developing for the, the next generation, a feeling of
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a hope and an enterprise in the future. you have the, the 4 pillars, larry vol. what this is before break coin shona and the 4 pillars. education, recreation is period tall and empowerment. right? so any, this is a, something you came up with and you were putting this forward and you were getting some attention and some traction. and then bitcoin must have seemed like a dream because it makes all that actually a gives it wings. exactly. so. busy between beach, he saw a theme of mike peterson code heverland sway. la you've been pama me and nor tim. he's more bigger now and nice beat going have been the tall before beats going to become my legal tender in the sub other beacon was the tool that made a song to dreaming that default to all song there the chance that poor dal
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santo no sober in the rather off everyone around the we're a now hi say a lie bit game works really well in our community and everyone can come to santa and can leave the experience. like since we started talking about bit can in their community and see it. now people, perchance him properties, houses in bitcoin. so his is in 2 years in a half, we move it from seeding with the furs, mary chancing sancho to sprained, enter the katy then about midday a now were passing to people from all over the world coming till sather to purchase property and did good this is incredible and i this is the for me, is crazy to see these judge in 2 years in the half. imagine what's gonna being 10 years. yeah. i guess. and on the other side of the coin, one has to start to think about what would be the risk to many people showing up
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too much money showing up. and, and do you think that in fears time will look back to, to day and see it as a kind of a golden period. whereas before it became hyper commercial, i do think that's a possibility or risk or reserve. what are your thoughts on that? i think everything can happen right and big cry make people trim. let's talk about mike peterson. he's been here a long time, many years and he seemed so as a guy who, who's very aware of what might be other problems of too much growth. and he is actually building a lot of homes, affordable homes accessible homes. and we also see that in san salvador were home projects are being constructed again with big coin in mind,
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bitcoin enabled. ah. so there is, there is a initiatives by the government to, i think, make sure that the growth is it, and say even yes, evenly distributed and you have a, it doesn't lose the character and you feel confident you feel like this is going to be this. the situation. yeah, i really positive and i think lie. beep crime. i always say that march of the beep coroner's lie. when you build something and beat going more, you're a bit coin there or you're trying to build like a company. you're thinking 1st and benefit. others, and that sense is what i seen sheer, i see are contract growing into private sector because there are many opportunities to build everything here. and one of the project that i would love to touch his sly,
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a project that new stories, workings years a charity. and there are like building homes for all the local people here that they can afford and they can have lawns, they can be the launch and beat crime. so it's a huge opportune, right? so new homes for everybody and loans backed by bitcoin, make it all possible. another huge benefit of big point. we're going to put her up there. thanks so much bringing cars report. you are not going to do this dish of the cars report with me max has earned stacy. herbert want to thank our guests, roman martinez. and so next time i, you know, ah, in with there may or may, we should all be mayor. may,
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we should all be angry because of what's going on, right? can't understand united states history and the role that slavery play is already a very formal institution. by the time united states became a nation, it actually define the nation. the rise of capitalism was clearly on the backs of slate and the slave down. if you had investigated lynchings to any great extent. you can't believe that really helps the country. and because you still have it, i'm from the south. everybody know, know what this thing to some extent. i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war and the south is winning with those incidents of havana syndrome. as you mentioned before, things like difficulty concentrating, insomnia memory problems there. so would be asked to be experienced by just about
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everyone who has ever lived in any given week. right. and so now people all over the world who are military personnel, or intelligence officers or diplomats working for the american government, are now on the lookout for these anomalous health incidence. and literally, people are getting up in the morning and squeezing and attributing it to a central amy, because it's so bad a ah
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ah, is the earth still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos? you know, it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon isn't trying to get into the step by step. the amazon empire has extended its group on the world that walks like end up being quite like inductive. so amazon looks like monopoly trades like a monopoly makes money like a monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially controls the market place. it's not really a market as a private arena, a wild, where a single company controls the distribution of all day, the products and the infrastructure of our economy. is this the world according to
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amazon? ah, i do as president biden plans to position american troops in eastern europe and a show, a force against russia, despite nato's chief admitting there is no certainty, bad weather moscow would invade you cray me time germany swims against the nato tide by resisting sending arms to you, craig, move this got the backing of the german public according to recent polls. away from all that it is prime minister, bronze, the huge truck convoy opposing the back seat. man. they does extremists, despite the growing drivers movement know of thousands spreading through the capital. also with .


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