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are now on the lookout for these anomalies, help them and literally people are getting up in the morning and sneezing and attributing it to a syndrome me because it's so bang ah ah, president biden plans to position us troops in eastern europe and a show, a force against russia, to find ne toast, chief admitting there's no certainty about whether moscow would invade ukraine. meanwhile, germany swims against the nato tide by where this thing, thing on to you, craig, move, it's got the backing of the german public according to recent polls. against the fundamental human right of bodily autonomy, a group of british national health services, off through the government as tens of thousands could potentially faces fac, if they don't get coven job. by next week,
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we get the latest from one of the doctors behind a bronze debate. rages either, whether the unvaccinated should have the same rights as the jobs of the powers, hospitals, chief questions, whether free treatment should continue to be given to old with a very well welcome to cuz on the international with the latest at world news, it's good to have you with our president, bind and have touch to send more us troops to nato countries in eastern europe in the near future. early this week, the pentagon had had already put to 8500 trips on standby for possible deployments . although at the same time, nato is back tracking on its months long claims that russia is about to invade his neighbor ukraine alliance chief un stalson burg. now admits there is no certainty about any invasion. after all is corrected, we are not planning to deploy. nate,
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the combat troops to ukraine, as long as russia does not at once again decide to use military force uncertainty while there's no certainty about the other, the russian plants, or maybe they have not made any final decision. for months. the usual suspects in the west have spirited out the same old hysteria west in mainstream media, quite literally drew their own picture of reality with maps of an imaginary invasion from stultz and bic himself to west and officials. and it's media who constantly shrieked. an invasion was just around the corner conveniently, postponing their predictions even when proved wrong. us intelligence officials say russia could invade ukraine as soon as january, and that's because of russian troops that are massed on ukraine's borders are now to see russia could, at any point, watch an attack and ukraine. but now even the ukrainian president has brushed it
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off as just panic. tall. do we have tanks in the streets? you know that there is a feeling that if you're not here, if you are in england, germany, france, lithuania, there is a feeling from the media that we are to war. troops are walking on the roads, mobilizing this is not true. we don't need this panic. but hang on, doesn't this all sound a bit like what russia had been saying all along. useful to that issue with the risk if you go through, if it depends on the russian federation, then there will be no war. we don't want any wars, but we will also not allow our interest to be rudely trampled on and ignored. but it seems like even all that doesn't stop the wheels at that. it bad sanctions machine rolling. the west prepares, crippling sanctions in anticipation of that same elusive rush in aggression. at this very moment, we have been very clear that if russia further evades ukraine, the united states is looking at a range of options with allies and partners to deliver severe costs to the and
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economy assessing potential spill overs and exploring ways to reduce those spill overs is good governance and standard practice. but if anything, the ukraine crisis has taught us one thing, some west than politicians who claim to preferred diplomacy and dialogue, are reluctant to abandon their own wills and step into a reality without russian aggression. we always accuse russia to, to be the aggressor, even if it is no, we're reality of the wrong bus for bus. that's was situation. know if russia, oh, will not be. consider as an adversary of need to be no joke. no object to full day to the united states will lose its super rossi in europe. the object, if she's to freshman europe on to torpedo any resets between western europeans on russia. in order to prevent mercy. pull our richie to emerge. ukraine confirmed on
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friday that it's received another batch of military aid from washington. $81.00 tons of ammunition were delivered in one of dozens of ad transfers planned on the job bindings $200000000.00 support package. we're not all nato members are united in weapon eyes in ukraine, though germany is refusing to send arms and has ruled down to evacuating its embassy. they're saying the move would only add to the tensions with more from berlin, his ortiz, pita oliver tough time. see you repeat diplomacy, hearing berlin, many of the decisions made by chancellor on actual government hobbins being running on the same lines as friends and partners in london and washington. the german foreign minister is also not convinced there's an immediate sign of ukraine joining the nato alliance. everyone knows that this is not on the agenda at the moment, including russia. the people of ukraine wants to live in peace and security. may
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have been separated from their families for years due to the conflict in the don boss. that's what the matter is about. not even attempting to nato. another area where germany isn't following the lead of the u. k. in us is when it comes to the evacuation of stuff from embassies in kiev. berlin says it, we're just further destabilize the situation on the ground and ukraine. of course, we continuously check the security situation in different places around the world, including in ukraine. like, how are you partners? we have currently decided not to use the embassy stuff in case germany has come under a lot of pressure over its refusal to send weapons to ukraine. in fact, it's with some sections of the media into a frenzy, with some headlines, even questioning whether berlin is actually a friend of the us at all. i have with concern the situation in ukraine and the reactions of our neighbors from germany in the face of the threat from russia. it's immoral and hypocritical. it's driving a division line between west and east in europe. foreign minister, bare bulk used
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a debate, and the bond is dying to further cement, the government's commitment to the policy seminar demand in the weapons to be delivered urgently in difficult situations. you have to repeat the, discuss your actions, of critically we have to strengthen ukraine economical and financially because in the 21st century and don't just sudden with canon's friends and allies, clearly not happy with berlin's decision. the german people seem to be okay with it . according to polling, nearly 60 percent of the germans are quite happy with the decision not to send weapons to ukraine. senior figures within the largest party and the ruling coalition are keen to stress germany's role in attempt to find a diplomatic solution to the current crisis was not mitten in wars looming right now in the middle of europe, it's about doing everything we can to prevent a military escalation of the situation, and of course, we do not deliver weapons to ukraine and about keeping the peace, lasting peace order in europe would not work with our russia, but only with russia. it's korea. berlin believes the diplomatic doors to finding
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solutions remain open. however, it's equally clear that germany feels that should they supply weapons to ukraine, their ability to keep those doors open would be impaired. peter all over r t. berlin. russian armed forces in the fall, western parts of the country have completed a scheduled check of combat readiness and are returning to their basis on tuesday. units from russia's western and southern military districts began drills that training grounds using combined forces. this scheduled inspection began following the worsening of relations with nato. they will drills have also been conducted in the black sea with as for the assistance of french euro, m, p t. arie mariani believes the aggressive rhetoric towards russia is beneficial to certain parties. the girl played most, it's very w. stevie, this is real hysteria. i get the feeling that the russian army could be in paris
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any day if everything continues like this. what do you think are the real reasons? i think some people just need to regain prestige, which is the 1st, the u. s. as we know they left afghanistan in the most miserable way or school, 2nd, nato, which needs to justify its existence. and i will also mention ukrainian president zalinski who has had an extremely difficult situation inside the country. basically, all these people need the pressure to build up to you. at the same time, i noticed that almost all the media repeat the same information over and over again . george was, i forget that almost all of this information secret satellite imagery comes to us from one source. the us, of course, the united states is our best ally. but let's remember that we have to stabilize the entire middle east because this very ally explained to us that there are weapons of mass destruction. there it is very often necessary to state that the european union has no real foreign policy. this is and as you know today, the position of the e u on this issue is in line with the position of poland, romania, the baltic states. and they're very aggressive rhetoric towards russia. but other
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than that, the you as a diplomatic dwarf cleo with less than a week ago before doctors potentially faith being fired in england for not having coven jobs. national health service staff are taking the matter to court around $80000.00 work is still on vaccinated ahead of the deadline to get defense jab the lawyers claim. the government's threat to sac staff goes against fundamental freedoms. if people have to give away their bodily autonomy, there is a question of whether they remain free. it is causing an unacceptable level of stress and uncertainty for them and for the health service and the public. and a chance that covered guidelines in england, se employees must have had best. thus maxine dose by february, the 3rd on vaccinated staff faced the sac if they can't be re deployed to a position that requires no interaction with patients. the governments continuing to stand by the ruling despite rolling back most of its kind of restrictions. and i
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to stop at warn the vaccine mandate is the final straw in a pandemic, which they claim has been marked by chronic on the funding and on the staffing health chief se, any stockings would further impact and already depleted workforce dr. archman malik, who signed a declaration opposing mandatory vaccinations, beliefs forcing jobs on people could be a violation of medical ethics. the concept of mandatory vaccination is really knocking down the cornerstone of medical antics that we've enjoyed for centuries. orderly tanami, freedom of choice, tremendous the most stress i'm just getting inundated with messages from health care workers from the whole spectrum of doctors, nurses, audiologist, fearing for their livelihoods and their careers because they're being made to, you know, forced to have a job or choose. you know, being sacked as frankly ridiculous. i feel the wind is behind or sales, and i think, you know,
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we're going to turn this around. i think the public can see through the nonsense ah, well, the ride softly unvaccinated are making plenty of headlines on the other side of the english channel too. after the power is hospitals chief questioned whether they should continue to get free medical treatment or in the law when free inefficient drugs are available. should people be able to renounce vaccine without consequences . while we struggle to take care of other patients. the hospitals chief said he'd raised this question because he didn't want health care spending to explode one day due to what he called irresponsible behavior. with discussion on this rating right now, we got the thoughts of some people in the french capital. i'm completely concerned since i have my 2 grown up children, young adults who are not vaccinated, i'm for free choice for all and for us to continue to care for everyone with the same conditions for all that's a given in france, and we can give it up like that,
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it chokes me. i've been working for 40 years to have been contributing for 40 years . imagine if i were not vaccinated. i still want to be treated like everyone else. that's the hippocratic oath. treat everyone i bill as well. he's kind of right. the vaccine is free, you don't pay, so it's normal to get vaccinated. it's for you and for others. and in addition, you take the place of someone else in intensive care. we're looking after cobit patients who end up in intensive care costs around 3000 euros a day in france with stays on the ward averaging between a week and 10 days to get a better understanding of the issues involved. we spoke to sociology professor robert gucia and communicate communicable diseases expert, dr. barris' franconia. we just must not make a distinction between immunized and not immunized. they're all citizens and we treat them as equal citizens. we persuade, inform, educate,
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advise the people who have not been immunized and help them to make that voluntary decision to getting used. even if 80 percent of the population is fully immunized. that is 80 percent are not 100 percent immune. it is important in west, in prevention. prevention is cheap, prevention is easier. prevention is better. well, one of the things that we need to worry about are the inequalities that have been embedded in coded since the beginning people long had to pay to get access to the vaccine. whether that be driving a far distance, taking time away from work or friends and family. so there have been lots of cost that have been hidden that we really have under discussed. now we're moving into another realm where people, for reasons that may be illogical, maybe related to their health, maybe related to issues of faith or religion are going to be taxed for those decisions. and so i think that as our society start to move toward
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a sense of quote unquote normalcy. i think we should be looking also at the behavior of the people who are vaccinated are the rest of us behaving properly in order to protect one another. and while debates ranges in europe, either mandatory vaccination, they will tell vocalization is still warning that the risks from the fall spreading amik from variance remain high to spike is small the symptoms for many, and it's quoting for people to still get jobs. meanwhile, in an exclusive interview, argentinian president shed his opinion about russia. sputnik v vaccine, the head of a visit to moscow. yes, you can follow him. i'm sure that argentinians are deeply grateful to the russian people and the russian government at the time. many others weren't ready to help us, unlike russia, eventually argentina became a leading country in terms of his population being vaccinated and was able to resolve vaccine shortages in many of its regions. so russia helped us a lot, and the russian vaccine was of high quality. it proved its effectiveness during the g 20 summit. i expressed my disappointment to european leaders that the student v
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vaccine had still not received their approval. i told them that if they wanted to verify its effectiveness, then let them ask me because i had already been vaccinated was booting the 3 times . but it hasn't happened yet. the world health organization has an approved spoof degree. he can. okay, so i think it's a mistake of europe, and there are geo political motives involved. we have an organization that controls and certifies medical products and vaccines. and it is one of the most qualified organizations in the world. it rates the same as the u. s. or european agencies and before it's certified, the student v vaccine in argentina is representatives not only made several trips, but also thoroughly study the relevant documentation about the trials. i know that our agency takes things seriously and they approve the vaccine. therefore, i don't understand why europe is delaying certification. i don't have any explanation, and it's a pity because a significant number of argentinians have been vaccine was student v, and they faced difficulties because the vaccine is not yet approved in some
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european countries. meanwhile, early this month, a russian italian study was released on russia's sputnik v vaccine research is conducted a comparison with the 5, the short and found sputnik was roughly twice as effective against the micron strain. when i joined live fi c. so you can ski, we're such director for the french national institutes of health and medical research. thank you for joining us on the program today. we appreciate your company now. you've examined a study made by a leading italian institute in relation to sputnik that you showing good efficacy against micro and especially in comparison with other vaccines. now, i will talk back to the next, but can you explain in simple terms to abuse? what are the advantages of sputnik fee that's what the study shows. not really, because if it gets a, you know, you're looking for clinically and boom and what, but it shows something standing interesting and promising that it's capable to
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madison not only to the x is trying to do that, but also the new micro variance. so this is the most important and not only as a stand alone max in that if you use this as a primary 2nd. but also what is used as a booster combination with all the max in just the ridges on the max. and so that's, that's, that's what i wanted to make to make the advantages of this is that you may know less than out of the ones population as we go to the next. so as of the population is not vaccinated again. and that clearly shows that among the 1st 2 in the are in the bags. and also the, i don't know why is
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a next is just would make again, that would be, yeah. now, would you ever want to send this? and this is the main advantage that i didn't think the best thing suggest would be the easiest to deploy for reasons get it part of a max. it's game. i'm not ready. and you can, you can roll them out. ok. especially in emerging countries or less of the country . so it's good. nick is granting him action important to enlarge the size vaccinated people that number level it was it's more stable. so it's a very nice study can. but the study shows that get enhance immunity was which would make it better. ok. and
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probably longer than the other actions. so you can use it suspect nick is a practical vaccine instrument can you can use it as a standard on election. there's a can also use it as a boost in combination is called a mixed match. ok was, although isn't it. sputnik still has not been approved by the w h. i though do you think this study could help speed up the process instead and they would more credential but i don't think that that makes it nice more evidence. it doesn't think i'm trying to be broad maturity to doesn't mean to me, you know, in performance in the general population. what enjoy your listing needs for
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the me is a so i don't know what stage are advanced and the, and that is by that i got the i didn't need to be x ray because the action needed in the afternoon of make sense. yeah. there are being several studies suggesting the strong effectiveness of certainly a what do you think is taking so long for the russian jobs to get approval? i don't know, was i saying that from the data that we have not only taken trials to the 3, but also detection bryant job
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abbreviation, the performance of the action is convincing. you know, to and it's bore. you have another aspect of the chapter of any marriage, according to the actions, which is the manufacturing. so informally and days. and then in this by you know, nation of the manufacturing sites, sites web ex, meeting produced. but as far as i know, those sites should, should, shouldn't, shouldn't match the requirements. i know the device has been used not only in russia, but in a number of injuries and bring in yeah. where my usually higher education. so i don't, i cannot answer you, i'm not there. so i would imagine that the manufacturing aspect is an important one where we are going anywhere penny was the way out of this pandemic for is it purely,
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depending on vaccination? do you think you need to get out of the ballistics? yes. vaccination, very, very important. but that is in combination with setting diameters distancing. i gene sessions. and then we see now coming on 5 hours that i've been promising that will be you guys on the, in how to say it's a combination of even doors. and clearly the most efficient. and this is, this is irma resignation with the spread of on the chrome within vaccinated people. and those who have already had cobit 19, still getting sick. what do you make of that? do you think that only crime could be the end?
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the civic could be saying, even before vaccines where i'm going. okay, 3 big tries. those were injectable actions. it's may known the non for injectable actions and this is immunity in the lungs of forget. all right, so when you, when you have a meeting in the, in line. so what happens is that you protect against the most shares of them, which is reputation. the virus in the lung, which is a, goes of the unfortunately, you know, the wrong time injected do not. it is immunity or strong enough in the ways which is in the nose in the most. that's not about the next in any. and therefore,
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remember that we utilize as a main bolt of entry, the nose in the modes. so it's not too surprising that people can get infected yet they are protected. and then it's rather orientation device protected needs. so they can have infection that they can transmit. in some gazes, they can be 6, but the manifestation of their sickness. essentially logan, i says in those and the mouse, hence, this is why you can see symptoms like lots of based on the laws of made sense. but then basically those people who have been vaccinated vaccination didn't make sense when they do not live up to them. and when they do the kingdoms,
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they are usually not really critical and that life threatening. now aside from this report we've been talking about, have you conducted your own research into this put in exact scene or any of the other vaccines? and if so, what we will findings i would say that by an alms, but again, this is the best of opinion. all the action that i've been that i've been approved by magazine. once you know none of them is registered and since it is in getting good responses in blood, that's the only thing you know to measure neutralizing. that's what we measure those responses. i'm not dramatic the strong good dentist that strong when you compare with other rascal backs incidence of a nice again, those comparisons and a be made but it's my my,
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my own. so it's not surprising that you need back more. those is done, but good. there is something that actually well known is that 3, those is said, those is very often the magic that is reading it a maximum of 3 years. so let's see what happens. you don't have enough back now, but i'm reasonably confident that you know what the 2nd booster when sufficient to use really neutral, at least for some duration. that could be pretty good to get in. and then i really get speaking to you today. thank you for coming on the program at that see such against a research director for the french national institutes of health and medical research. thank you. thank you again. mr dalton. thank you and that's it. but
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there's the update, please don't, is again in 30 minutes the, all the latest. ah, [000:00:00;00] with i'm option returns in,
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i'm back in the studio after having had corona virus here in london for the 2nd time. this is going on the ground coming up in the show, while bar a strong to new fights for its political life. this weekend may have opposed charging those involved. the world is but hours away from commemorating a 10 minute massacre. bloody sunday, we investigate. and after the vatican last week, beatified as priests slaughtered by alleged so called us back to death squads in el salvador. what should we expect from the country supreme court? opening up a new investigation into the murders of jesuits clerics that inspired st. oscar romero himself mounted 45 years ago. we speak to an expert witness in the case dollars more coming up in today's going underground. but 1st, we are on the eve of the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday, which sparked global outrage against the british government for parachute regiment, soldiers killing unarmed civilians in ulster, no one has ever faced trial and borrows johnson's really good government, has been considering legally immunizing all soldiers involved in atrocities.
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joining me now cooks done not an island is soon faint and p from adults to francy malloy. thanks so much for coming back on. i mean people were waiting this week for su grey in a inquiry. of course, when it comes to bloody sunday, there was a witchery inquiry that people may have forgotten about it. tell me and remind us about what bloody bloody sunday was. and the whitewash committed by british civil servants and officials after the atrocity was. thank you very much. for the imitation home on a really sunday was changing our parish. political scene aid was a massive change, of course for the 1st time and the celebration pm. british soldiers had i went in and opened fire a with lay round on on, on arms, a 1000000000 marching. they and they, yeah, they tie dish, we're very much in the end of april walk in honda in hon as the song said that
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after time on the steps of martin luther king iraqi had done the same in america or


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