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in the southeast with ah t's tough stories right now. president biden plans to position us troops in eastern europe in a show of force against russia. despite nato's chief admitting, there's no certainty about whether moscow would invade ukraine. ah, meanwhile, germany swims against the nato tide by resisting sending arms to you. craig, move that's got the backing of the german public according to recent hold against the fundamental human right of bodily autonomy. a group of british national health service stuff through the government has tens of thousands, could potentially faced the fac, if they don't get a cobit job by next week, we get the latest from one of the doctors behind the lawsuit. calling
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france debate rages over whether the unvaccinated should have the same rights as the job after the parents, hospitals. chief questions for the free treatment should continue to be given a 6 hour t at the weekend. i'm calling bray with the world news this saturday morning. is just at 8 o'clock here in moscow, but here's what we're across right now. president biden has pledged to send more us troops to nato countries in eastern europe in the near future. early this week, of course, the pentagon had already put 8 and a half 1000 troops on standby for possible deployment. although at the same time nato's back tracking on its month long claims that russia is about to invade its neighbor, you cried. alliance chief install to burg. now, amidst this no certainty about any invasion. after all, it's correct that we are not planning to deploy. nate,
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the combat troops to ukraine, as long as russia does not at once again decide to use military force uncertainty. while there's no certainty about the russian plans on the maybe they have not made any final decision. for months. the usual suspects in the west have spurted out the same old hysteria, western mainstream media, quite literally do their own picture of reality with maps of an imaginary invasion from stultz and bic himself to west than officials. and it's media who constantly shrieked. an invasion was just around the corner conveniently, postponing their predictions even when proved wrong. us intelligence officials say russia could invade ukraine as soon as january, and that's because of russian troops that are massed on ukraine's borders are now to see russia could at any point, want an attack and ukraine. but now even the ukranian president has brushed it off as just panic. or do we have tanks in the streets?
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you know that there is a feeling that if you're not here, if you're in england, germany, france, lithuania, there is a feeling from the media that we are to war. troops are walking on the roads, mobilizing this is not true. we don't need hispanic. but hang on, doesn't this all sound a bit like what russia had been saying? all along? used vehicles. are you sure with risky figures? so it depends on the russian federation. then there will be no war. we don't want any wars, but we will also not allow our interest to be rudely trampled on and ignored. but it seems like even all that doesn't stop the wheels at that. it bad sanctions machine rolling. the west prepares, crippling sanctions in anticipation of that same elusive rush in aggression. at this very moment. we have been very clear that if russia further invades ukraine, the united states is looking at a range of options with allies and partners to deliver severe costs to the rush and economy, assessing potential spill overs and exploring ways to reduce those spill overs is
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good governance and standard practice. but if anything, the ukraine crisis has taught us one thing, some western politicians who claim to prefer diplomacy and dialogue, are reluctant to abandon their own wills and step into a reality without russian aggression. we always accuse russia to, to be the aggressor, even if sphere is no, we're reality on the wrong. that's super, that's, that's the situation now. if russia, oh, will not be considered as an adversary of natal. they will be no job, no object. he for the 2 and the united states will lose its super rusty in europe and the object if she's to fragment europe on to torpedo any reset between western europeans on russia, and in order to prevent mercy. pull our richie to emerge. lou crank confirmed on
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friday that it's received another batch of military aid from washington. $81.00 tons of ammunition were delivered in one of dozens of our transfers planned under jo biden's, $200000000.00 support package. however, not all nato members united in weapon izing ukraine. germany is refusing to said arms that ruled out evacuating its embassy there, saying the move would only add to the tensions with more from berlin. his artes peter oliver tough time, see european diplomacy. he remembered leon, many of the decisions made by chancellor sholtes as government happened to be running on the same lines as friends and partners in london and washington. the german foreign minister is also not convinced there's an immediate sign of ukraine joining the nato alliance. everyone knows that this is not the agenda at the moment, including russia. the people of ukraine want to live in peace and security. many have been separated from their families for years due to the conflict in the da boss. that's what the matter is about. not even attempting to nato, another area where germany isn't following the lead of the u. k. in us is when it
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comes to the evacuation of stuff from embassies and kiev. berlin says it would just further to stabilize the situation on the ground in ukraine. of course, we continuously check the security situation in different places around the world inclusion in ukraine. like how are you partners? we have currently decided not to reduce the embassy stuff in case germany has come under a lot of pressure over its refusal to send weapons to ukraine. in fact, it's with some sections of the media into a frenzy, with some headlines, even questioning whether berlin is actually a friend of the us at all. i have with concern the situation in ukraine and the reactions of our neighbors from germany in the face of the threat from russia. it's immoral and hypocritical. it's driving a division line between west and east in europe. foreign minister, bare bulk used a debate in the bottom, the stag, to further cement the government's commitment to the policy seminal demand in the weapons be delivered urgently in difficult situations. you have to repeat the,
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discuss your actions self. critically. we have to strengthen ukraine economical and financially because in the 21st century and don't just sudden with cannon's friends and allies are clearly not happy with berlin's decision. the german people seem to be ok with it. according to polling, nearly 60 percent of the germans. busy are quite happy with the decision not to send weapons to ukraine. senior figures within the largest party and the ruling coalition are keen to stress germany's role and attempt to find a diplomatic solution to the current crisis was not committed in wars looming right now in the middle of europe, it's about doing everything we can to prevent military escalation of the situation, and of course, we do not deliver weapons to ukraine about keeping the peace, lasting peace order in europe would not work with our russia, but only with russia. it's clear berlin believes the diplomatic doors to finding solution remain open. however, it's equally clear that germany feels that should they supply weapons to ukraine,
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their ability to keep those doors open would be impaired. peter all over all t. berlin, some political thoughts on this french euro, m p. t. re mariani believes the aggressive rhetoric towards russia is beneficial to certain parties. zekiel played most, it's very w. stevie. this is real hysteria. i get the feeling that the russian army could be in paris any day if everything continues like this. what do you think are the real reasons? i think some people just need to regain prestige, which is the 1st the u. s. as we know they left afghanistan in the most miserable way. second, nato, which needs to justify its existence. how awesome mansion ukrainian president zalinski who has had an extremely difficult situation inside the country. basically, all these people need the pressure to build up you at the same time, i noticed that almost all the media repeat the same information over and over again, like the sa, forget that almost all of this information secret satellite imagery comes to us from one source the us, of course,
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the united states is our best ally. but let's remember the we have to stabilize the entire middle east because this very ally explained to us that there are weapons of mass destruction. there. it is very often necessary to state that the european union has no real foreign policy. and as you know, today, the position of the e u on this issue is in line with the position of poland, romania, the baltic states. and they're very aggressive rhetoric towards russia. but other than that, the e. u as a diplomatic dwarf trio or less than a week to go before doctors potentially face being fired in england for not having coven jobs, national health service staff, and taking the matter to court around 80000 work is still on vaccinated ahead of the deadline to get the 1st job, but lawyers claimed that the government threat to sac stuff goes against fundamental freedoms. if people have to give away their bodily autonomy, there is a question over whether they remain free. it is causing an unacceptable level of stress and uncertainty for them. and so the health service and the public and i
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just covered guidelines in england say employees must have had their 1st vaccine dose by february. the 3rd unvaccinated staff faced the sac if they can't be re deployed to a position that requires no interaction with patients. but the government's continuing to stand by the ruling despite rolling back most of its coping restrictions, fire nature stuff warned that the vaccine mandate is the final straw and a pandemic which they claim has been marked by chronic under funding and understaffing health chief se, any sacking would further impact an already depleted workforce? dr. ackman malik, who signed a declaration opposing mandatory vaccinations believes forcing jobs on people could be a violation of medical ethics. the concept of mandate united nation is really knocking down the cornerstone of medical antics that we've enjoyed for century bodily tanami . freedom of choice, a tremendous a mess and stress. i'm just getting inundated messaging from health care workers
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from the whole spectrum of doctors, nurses, audiologist, feeling for their livelihoods and their careers because they're being made to, you know, forced to have a job or choose, you know, being sacked is based, frankly, ridiculous. i feel the wind is behind or sales, and i think, you know, we're going to turn this around. i think the public can see through the nonsense the rights to the unvaccinated of making plenty of headlines on the other side of the english channel as well. um, the paris hospitals chief questioned whether they should continue to get free medical treatment or danella when free and efficient drugs are available. should people be able to renounce a vaccine without consequences while we struggle to take care of other patients who hospitals chief city raised this question because he didn't want health care spending to explode one day to, to what he called irresponsible behavior. i was discussion on this raging right now . we go the thoughts of some people in the french capital she, i'm completely concerned since i have my 2 grown up children,
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young adults who are not vaccinated and they don't want to be vaccinated. i'm a teacher, so i'm vaccinated. i'm for free choice for all and for us to continue to care for everyone with the same conditions for all that. so given in france and we can give it up like that. whatever the context, it chokes me have been working for 40 years to have been contributing for 40 years . imagine if i were not vaccinated. i still want to be treated like everyone else. that's the hippocratic oath. treat every one of his own. well, he's kind of right, the vaccine is free, you don't pay, so it's normal to get vaccinated. it's for you and for others. and in addition, you take the place of some one else an intensive care. looking after coby patients who end up in intensive care costs around 3000 euros a day in france with stays on the board, averaging a week to 10 days while to get a better understanding of the issues involved. we spoke to sociology professor of a good job and communicable diseases experts talked about concordia. we just must
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not make a distinction between immunized and not immunized. they're all citizens and we treat them as equal citizens. we persuade, inform, educate, advise the people who have not been immunized and help them to make that voluntary decision to getting united just even if 80 percent of the population is fully immunized. that is 80 percent are not 100 percent immune. it is important in west, in prevention. prevention is cheap, prevention is easier. prevention is better why one of the things that we need to worry about are the inequalities that have been embedded in coded since the beginning people long had to pay to get access to the vaccine. whether that be driving a far distance, taking time away from work or friends and family. so there have been lots of costs that have been hidden that we really have under discussed. now we're moving into
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another realm where people, for reasons that may be illogical, maybe related to their health, maybe related to issues of faith or religion are going to be taxed for those decisions. and so i think that as our society start to move toward a sense of quote unquote normal seat, i think we should be looking also to be here. the people who are vaccinated are the rest of us behaving properly in order to protect one another. well, there's not even an easy road for some of those happy to have coven jobs, because the shots might not work for people with medical conditions. and alternative antivirus drugs in the united states are in short supply with hospitals supposed to set priorities. for some people in the pandemic era, leaving home is the same as winning a lottery meat vivian chung, a doctor, and an immunocompromised patient at high risk of severe symptoms from cove at 19. she didn't develop antibodies after vaccination, except for what i don't go out until i haven't been inside of
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a grocery store for over a year. good news. first. the fda has recently authorized an antibody cocktail to protect people with weak immune systems from coven 19. but here comes the bad news . the new drug is in short supply. we put everybody's name into a lottery. if people literally get their name pulled in the lottery, we bring them in for an injection. first deliveries of the drug to the massachusetts general hospital, reportedly covered less than one percent of those in need. the hospital has been forced to rank patients by medical needs and lotteries to even the odds of the most vulnerable patients. the same russian drug roulette is happening in other hospitals to it's basically by luck they happened to be randomly picked by the computer system. doctor chung was lucky to get the drug. i know the system. i know people who can pull strings for me. it's just wrong, bright, everything about this is wrong. many keep trying their luck in lotteries for the
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life saving drug. desperate times call for desperate measures, right? manufacturers and m am appointed by the u. k. government as a key advisor to tackle is lamb of phobia claims. he hasn't received any meaningful engagement for ministers in years. korea same was commissioned to work on an anti muslim discrimination project in 2019. but he says the work never really began and his letters have gone unanswered. he told elsie about his main concerns. i was appointed in 2019, but sadly, no work has taken place since 2019 because it hasn't been potentially political will behind defining it on for the year to help prevent for is now for big incidence and commons happening in our society the government has not shown any form of engagement. the government
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has not engaged me or responded to my correspondence. and so this, this lack of engagement is deeply disappointing. and from the muslim communities perspective, i think that the huge level of frustration that the not being taken seriously because of by not engaging with me regarding the defining is number 4, be at the government. is shipping, lack of willingness to perhaps have a definition in our country, but also i know people can read into this that the government is not as interested in tackling this time of year as people would quite like them to do. so. these latest claims come just days off. the prime minister boris johnson was accused of failing to probe allegations of islam of phobia. within his government. the raw was aggravated by accusations from the former transport minutes, no struck gunny who claims that she was demoted because her quote,
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muslim ness raised concerns within the party that the p. evans, that the government takes the claim seriously and does not tolerate any kind of discrimination. i've said is, i'm a phobia, it's been a growing problem in the u. k. in recent years, according to a home office report, almost half of all recorded religious hate crime offences last year were against muslims career. same things. the 1st step to present prevent bigotry is lambda. phobia is to define it. we need to edge and need to come up with a definition that is acceptable to the majority of the people in this country. because without a definition, it's really hard to distinguish between what is in prejudice and incense him. and what is the people in having it definition of will be it will help us to define where the red line boundaries are. you know what is acceptable and what is unacceptable behavior or an acceptable comments?
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because at the moment, i will remarks about most things without being being cold out without any fear that this is something that should be unacceptable in our society. the potential to trigger the worst inequality crisis in decades. that's the stock warning for more than a dozen aid organizations about the u back sanctions on the west african country of molly. the restrictions were imposed after the military government postponed planned elections, but critics claimed the suffocating country reporting next to charlotte to bend ski . the situation is die as molly battles were the worst bound to food insecurity that it suffered in a decade. sanctions way, hard restrictions that include a trade embargo and financial aid being suspended, were initially brought in by the economic community of west african states. but they are now being supported by the e. u, and that is
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a step too far from more than a dozen aid organizations. many hundreds of thousands of persons displaced internally within money. simple marashi exemptions against the moments with darren goods. we have a lot of people and needed to run a serenade several 1000000. so if we had, you know, a weakening as a result of sanctions that could, i could, you know, drag more people down into a difficult situation. the sanctions have all so sparked protests in the maryan capitol hill. so why have such a punitive measures been imposed on one of the wolves poorest countries? in 2021, molly was taken over by a military coup, which was led by the vice president to see me going to who then installed himself
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as being the main man. and initially the plan was to hold elections within the year . however, that pledge has since been rescinded. however, molly's recent history has been even more tangled in a military web with thousands of soldiers from european countries, mainly from here in france on the ground since 2013. ah mm. ah. paris has also blamed the worsening relations with blanco on the arrival of russian military contract a wagner. however, that is something that is being denied by the molly and authorities who say that
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only russian trainers are on the ground to strengthen the operational capacity in the exact same way as european trainers have been there for several years. annex this which is also got the e u in a twist where the wagner is or isn't present in molly, it certainly is persona non grata within the block. the activities of this group reflect russian hybrid warfare. they represent a threat and create instability in a number of countries around the world. all of this begs the question, is molly being partially sanctioned? because it has asked for help from russia. it is clear that almost 10 years of intervention by the europeans hasn't brought peace and security to the country and is morally, looks elsewhere for assistance. the e. u has hardened it stumps is pushing the country into more food, the security and deepen sushi mice and crises. some areas also besieged by army
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doctors and the population can not leave the area. we also have issues of funding this. you margin crisis in my view has not been funded to, according to, to, to benito there last year and, and the stairs not looking good as well. the reality is that sanctions will impact the poorest the most. and it is the vulnerable in molly society that will really pay the price. charlotte even ski r t. paris balsam insight on the ground. the interim director of oxfam in molly told us more about the already diet humanitarian situation. the molly is already been insecure. the tree family be best friends of all is different from the importance of the blue here. and with these international sanctions,
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money has no increased risk of getting more difficult living. in addition, for the population of money into the humanitarian situation, more than 15000000 people are in different states. and then in terms of security, if the board is not available and the other services and media is not available. so that will be jenny and this will increase expectedly another be inside the tuition can be many and the international sensors, some work in the morning, then mostly community that this was gone mean and tried to try to initiate the new year and it was monday and transitional government, western liberal democracies, now live under a false sense of freedom with the united states practically in a civil war. that's what renown philosopher slough, where he takes warning in his new book,
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heaven in disorder. we call the low down as to why i think what today really east indic isaac's are western leave that democracy themselves. i'm not blaming one site or the other here, the dairy level off in cuba society, the outrage state policy. but the bishop district, you know, very strange, great demo to be done slate into political engagement. in the wes, kansas is much more deadly than the send off. we are jealous while we are not even aware of how we are and because we experience ourselves if we do what you want,
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but to be especially digital media, it's not what you want to doing. what you are doing, right, you stuck somewhere to use that new pharmacy big. you can manipulate your desire, your says, you have the situation by out. she promote that some work for talking about ecology and so on. but it's quite possible that she will lose their electrons and then when the united states cannot react. so this is the beek, not bad now, because the state of war, the country in fact broke, that you cannot ever even reason that but dialogue in
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very there you go, trying to put a deeper, sinking into your weekend for you. there's more of that at all t dot com. you can also stream some of our award winning programs this weekend to be fancy as well. i'm calibrate in moscow. i'll be back here with your next weekend updates and 33 minutes. see that? ah, what happened? i mean, no shit, you know, borders and just like to tease a new, fresh as a merge. we don't have with the we don't have a vaccine. the whole world leads to take action. that would be ready. people are judgment. 2 common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we
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also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great to response has been massive, so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together with ah ah, ah.
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shoot bench. and put you up on a bench b, a kevin general little woman, pool woman karen peacher with no one in the pipe out. owning lambert in the place. he turns or not in mere sleep, ah, lose it all with you can understand united states has rode on understanding the role that slavery plate was already a very formal institution. by the time united states became a nation, it actually defined a nation.


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