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[000:00:00;00] with a, with i tough, 2 months of the west insisting that it's set to invade your crank tonight, nato secretary general makes a stunning. you turn admitting the military block actually has no confidence whatsoever that any such russian aggression will happen at all. used to be a police ship, it depends on the russian federation, then there will be no war. we don't want any wars, but we will also not allow our interest to be rudely trampled on and ignored and made
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a growing stand off with the west of ukraine. russia's top diplomat suppress is moscow does not want conflict, but insisted security must been short and overwhelming evidence of abuse. human rights watch claims, one of its own senior staff members who snoops on by the notorious israeli developed spyware, pegasus. she gives us a reaction to it. i honestly was shocked when i 1st learned that this attack had taken place and really filled with hello there and welcome to our to international will be today with me. kevin, how in, 1st than tonight natal sexy generals admitted that the military block actually has no confidence that moscow will invade ukraine. that statement, coming, despite months of the west, pushing violent anti russian rhetoric, claiming that aggression by the kremlin was imminent. can soleberg made the startling you turn at mid atlantic council event, and that time,
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as long as she does not, once again decide to use military force, you don't do that as well. there's no certainty about the russian plans. maybe they have not made any final decision. well, it means we're seeing more and more of a public message shifting regarding what was previously referred to as a russian invasion of ukraine being immediate, just after yen stalsen burg. we've had voting me as the lindsey, the ukranian president speaking saying that he also doesn't particularly see an immediate risk of a russian invasion. and if you take the comments from brilliancy from stolen berg and put them alongside briefings that have been given to the media off the record in brussels from nate. so h q that has suggested that there's really a want to get a de escalation from the u. s. side that there wasn't really a unanimity amongst nato members. that the, the russian troops in the west of russia represented
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a potential invasion for us all really. but that the united states is desperate for a de escalation over this issue, because they really want to switch focus over towards china. this is quite a significant switch of pack though, because if you look at the way this message was put across in the last 2 months, well was put across very differently. us intelligence officials say russia could invade ukraine as soon as january. and that's because of russian troops that are mask on ukraine's borders. we're now at a stage where russia could, at any point, watch an attack and ukraine. russia is the aggressor here. we will not accept the campaign. russia is waging, since it's democratic neighbors against built in burg. also spoken awful lot about the beefing up of nato forces in the east of the ally inside that. committing troops towards deployment and the store troops being ready to deploy to the east. now also on friday was confirmed by the slovakian forum in the that his country is
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in discussion with nato for the stationing of troops in slovakia. lucky it does border ukraine, but what was confirmed by insulting berg on friday also is that there's no plans to set nato troops into ukraine. it's correct that we are not planning to deploy. nate to combat troops to ukraine and install and berg was also at pains to say that nato is very open to having more talks with russia, particularly when it came to arms control. but the idea of having more talk came at the same time as reports coming out. there are plans for huge sanctions being planned by nato countries, driven by the united states and the united kingdom. the sanctions would target russia's energy and banking sectors. they would kick in, of course, if there was any invasion by russia of ukraine or your coast photo, let us go tomorrow to dozer of germany's left party had martin good evening. now for months, a bit here in this imminent threat narrative,
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but today we're getting so big things going to confidence in an imminent threat to supposed invasion was changed. i don't know exactly, but if you know the propaganda which has been proceeded, let's say 2 or 3 months has stopped. and no, maybe the nato states, maybe the us government and they to stay inside that. so it's not useful to escalate it to the conference call. they kind of win. and if you look objectively, it was clear that russia cannot have any interest to a tech ukraine called ukraine. this is on the russian border and it was effect, florida to escalate the situation will be a stupid so maybe no idea the us government has changed. the name has changed that they see that a dialogue is
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a better way to proceed on maybe as well. they want to concentrate on the, in the, on china. we don't know for sure. we will see in the next day. but the 1st step, it's a good step to stop this. probably interesting to interesting to me just bringing the germans out of this germany for a minute to say ukraine, jody nato is not on the table. will that please or, or anger alliance allies seasoning? yes. if you see the german government as trying to get into a better position, the strategic way to have any impact on the situation in ukraine of costs. because a lot of german b, well, which was without evidence would say, no need to rush to the tech ukraine. but no, maybe as will the job governments use that just not the way to do so we can oh that
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they will see it's better to have frankly, dialogue relationship. but we're not sure with sure dynamic in the moment it's a positive but this days will show all. ready ready actions to proceed with also get some but the message today saying that nature won't deploy combat troops to ukraine, but goes given the america rejects russia, expansion demands pretty much at hand on the face of any way publicly can most go trust old books. other message that came through today, we don't know whether it can be trusted, it's, it's a, it's a clear message. and that message just to be seen positive in the end. but then if you see that the idea for a long bring more weapons to ukraine, which is contradicting them in to treaty and that there is no real steps
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to peek making. for example, if you really want to make peace, you could say miss bad walk and the foreign ministry off us exporting violence and violence channels and faces so that they all come off on. yes, and here, and maybe most can paris and new york can play together and we want some direction in peace. instead of only discussing on the military side and still it's necessary. if you look at the situation that the nato stops that conference call against russia, because only if there is certain steps taken. now it's a conversational level that been some kind of decrease of escalation,
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know that has to be seen and in real steps. so maybe it's the 1st step. well, there's a quick one, i wanted to ask you again, but going back to germany, cuz this way from is nice. so going to force berlin to change. it's pretty cautious so far stuff from the crane conflict. i it refusal, the said weapons they were just going to happened regarding the, the germans side of it. i think you tell me, you always, you have like different ideas to go forward and the conflict in the social democrats and in the green parties, especially in social democrats, that different fraction of all friction once dialogue and only ties to russia and doesn't want to escalate the conflict, the other part is more of the trans atlantic, and there will always depends on civil society as well. and if you look in german civil society, you have like more than 60 percent always says we shouldn't be aggressive in that
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conflict. we should try to reach out for peace, we should reach out for lego education and that play the role for sure. and then maybe we will find out in the next few weeks, which is that we'll idea behind the change your mind or whether it's a real change of mind only just the tactic. you not said good leave, it does not. and those who jeremy, so left party, thank you. thank you. what new and more kale says are up to the once water tie relationship between the u. s. mainstream major and tear off the c. n deleted then returned an article revealing ukraine's president told joe biden that america was over playing the eminent russian invasion card covering that tonight. susskind taylor plugged in. last few days. ukraine crisis has thrown out a whole away of contradicting statements from nature mendecy disagreeing. and whether to keep troops and the russia you stayed disagreeing on whether to send
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weapons to keep the latest mixed message. and quite a mysterious one comes from 2 key players up to washington and key of not all thought they the u. s. on ukranian, president had a phone conversation, and the major reported the biden was warning the wilma brink of wild war 3 pitches waiting for the ground to freeze over in february. and that he'll give the signal for an invasion. let us keep his part was trying to calm his us counterpart down by stating that it will still big us. it seemed then that the 2 leaders was very much at all a call between us president joe biden, ukrainian president, follow them, are zelinski on thursday. did not go well, a senior ukrainian official told cnn amid disagreements over the risk levels of a russian attack. so lensky urge his american counterpart to come down the messaging warning of economic impact of panic. according to the official, he also said ukrainian intelligence sees the threat differently. so it quickly thought later that on top of all the other disagreements within the
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e. u. a. nato. now even washington and kia, who off quite literally brought this in onto on the same page, but then something that happened less than an hour and a half off to the see in an article broke, it just disappeared. there was no trace anymore biden, with his theory about him in a wall and the landscape telling him to come down on its pace. what a pit? well, a few of tweets from cnn people on farther afield about how the white house dispute, how the call wasn't a success. in fact, it was all just one big lie. white house on biden's, zalinski call, anonymous sources are leaking falsehoods. president biden said that there is a distinct possibility that the russians could invade ukraine in february, reports of anything more different than that, are completely false on hot on these heels. he also came out claiming that the original article was riddled with mistakes. dear colleagues,
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some reports regarding the content of the talks between presidents villa dimmer zalinski and joe biden have appeared on social media. citing the alleged senior ukrainian official. these messages are completely false. so to put it simply, we had an article, citing a senior ukrainian official. now the article disappeared in a whole army, both in the ukraine and state side, out, doing damage control. what happened behind the scenes? it's still a mystery font, understandably that all of the questions and what suspicions, why such a shot? one, a teeth who gave the order for the story to be taken down. and so probably not a surprise. biden's critics are calling the transparency. what they want is a transcript of the phone call. will someone ask, press secretary if the white house will release the transcript? when will you release the transcript? what exactly was said in the hour and 20 minute chat between bites, ansolaski is still unclear. what did dynamic between them to lead to says it's
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still unclear. is it indeed true that the lensky was the one telling bite and to tone down the hysteria? there are a lot of questions that also seems to be the sense that at best this was pool and verify jonathan and it was if we're being re cynical, that was something in that article that someone really didn't want to come out. you know, just hours before the night, her chief spoke, rushes for a minister spelled out clearly that the country does not want war. so go over of reiterated moscow's position on escalating tensions of the west. but he also noted moscow can't stand by watching his interest being ignored. never off should his thoughts cheering a 90 minute interview to russian journalist earlier among them was ortiz, editor in chief, my greatest simonian is what miss still ever had to say. yes, this is alicia authorities, if you do not see lately, if it depends on the russian federation than there will be no war, we don't want any wars, but we're also not allow our interest to be brutally trampled on and ignored. the
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foreign minister was asked many questions about the tensions about what russia is going to do about them and where ultimately this is all going to lead. when there's going to be a boy. he himself was a much more diplomatic with regards to the america documents, the county proposals to russian security proposals that arrived in moscow just 2 days ago that the united states finally sent in writing, which is something that russia now demands given how in the past that fields are cheated by verbal guarantees that it was given. so now it insists on a on document, on paper in rights and guarantees. and what marcia sort of guarantees that ultimately, if the gist of it is the nato missiles and troops on stationed in the near future on russia's borders, or any closer to russia's borders than they are now. and that is something that, according to many officials, that wasn't included in these documents, he himself, for 4 minutes,
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the lab rob was much more diplomatic. he said that the they're analyzing them or that they've received the documents from both the united states and nato at he was much less diplomatic about what he had received from nato, however, or to remove the fornia. in contrast to what we've received from nato, the american response is almost like a model of diplomatic decency. the response from nato is so ideological, it brief so much with the exclusivity of the north atlantic alliance that i was a little ashamed of those who wrote these taxes. previously, we had heard from other officials that the documents, the counter proposal sent by the united states. i didn't address a single one of russia's concerns that they made no promises that they thought expand further, easter to the ultimately that those and no guarantees that those missiles, they to miss how's america missiles of wouldn't be stationed ever closer to russia . nevertheless,
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he says there is some optimism varies or negotiations. there are tools that are ongoing and perhaps a solution might be reached a solution which satisfies both the united states and russia. nevertheless, we must account. he says for relations relations, which for years i have var deteriorated, which are now at a level that has catastrophic which law which pseg a lab, rob says, are much, you know, the fault for which is much. and it, i did, said scored what with various demands that they have made over the years with regards to russia, you slew on you. so if they insist that they will not change their position, we will not change our position either. it's just that their position is based on false arguments on a direct turning over the facts and opposition is based on what everyone signed up under. and here i don't see any room for compromise. otherwise, what is they to agree on? if they frankly sabotage and misrepresent the old decisions, this will be
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a key test for us at russia with regards to what is happening in ukraine of the russian foreign minister also said that the united states and nato are pushing ukraine towards an escalation, they're pushing them with a vast amount of arms, we've heard the united states posting about $283.00 tons of the lethal farms and other equipment that they have delivered to ukraine in the last few months. and this is, this came, was as a boast, the russian say the although it is a united states, is using, using ukraine in order to achieve its own goals, which are to contain rush and ultimately focus on china before answer your minute, even of france, germany and the european union called russia conflict country. what can be negotiated then when they say you must comply with the minsk agreements? we asked them what exactly of these points should russia fulfill? nobody answers the key of realised that berlin in paris would not force it to
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comply with the minsk agreements. so they understand that now they can do everything by the zalinski and his regime a used 1st of all by the americans in order to escalate tensions. their main goal is not the future of ukraine, but to heightened tensions around russia and then move on to china. ultimately the russians say that their nice side, the only power on earth that can force the ukrainian government to follow through with a minsk agreements, a comprehensive peace plan to end the civil war and ukraine. that the only power that can force you credit to abide by them is the united states. and that isn't interested in seeing them minsk agreements fulfilled because that would lead to a di escalation, that there wouldn't be a need to keep pumping weapons into your credit. and there wouldn't be a need to escalate tensions with russia, and this is something the ukrainians are beginning to understand. foreign minister lab rob says that they are being used as sometimes are sometimes a,
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regardless of despite what they want. and the ukraine has blame the united states and, and the media for escalating the situation. there have been ukrainian officials that have said there is no evidence that the russians are preparing for an invasion. and that the only i sides of all with sea have been on television and from the mouths of various politicians. there is also an elaborate said, the fear that the, the situation could be it could go out spiral out of control because of elements that the key of that ukraine doesn't control. and that is various extremist and volunteer battalions, 5 his odd to the teeth station near the conflict lines. who could on the orders of someone out carry out a provocation, but could escalate things even further. meanwhile, the pentagon's announced, had we sending a new batch of weapons and military equipments, he had cray, despite the us, claiming it prefers diplomacy of the military action. the shipments believe to be
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the 4th since president by an approved $200000000.00 military aid package for the country last month. washington still sites the movement of russian troops on russian territories. a source of concern. although a key spokesman, thursday seems somewhat confused with his local geography. regardless of us, have any concern about the stabilizing action at the curse straight or elsewhere in the region? yeah, i don't have anything specific on the cur, straight. cursed creek. kirk st. sorry, i'll try the curse straight, but well, let's just clear that up for you. kirk is a city 100 miles away from the kurt straits, which is what john kirby was actually referring to. the russians deployed more than 20 war ships and a routine exercise. there. something western nations, a viewing there was a new source of potential military escalation. moscow's repeatedly denied any plans to invade any country. geopolitical m, as patrick hennington telling us that many of natives that conversations over
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russian aggression actually applied to the military lines itself. dado is desperate to find relevance in the world and it is really working hard to try to. i think wrap up this crisis in order to keep itself relevant. this sort of speech that was given by yonce dalton berg, the director of nato, which they posted on line, is a highly politicized ideological and is sort of approach. and this is the opposite of what you'd expect from nato. but it seems like it was nato taking the ideological lead and the sort of battle to spread freedom and democracy around the world. or is this normally the purview of countries like the united states? it's funny when you're reading the on the objections at the united states representatives are putting forward, they're demanding that russia deescalate, their aggressive behavior stops. inflammatory rhetoric is almost like a, a bullet point list of what the united states themselves are either doing or not
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doing. next, human rights watch says some of them watching them. the global body claims. the notorious is rarely developed spyware, known as pegasus was used to target the director of its office in lebanon. lemme fact he shared with us how she 1st became aware that she was being snoop tom. only learned about the high when i received a notification from apple and number. and after confirming that in fact, the notification was authentic. we were able to review the data on my phones, conduct the forensic analysis, and confirm that my device has been targeted 5 times between april august, 2021. during the time of the attack between april and august of last year, i was working very intensively on an investigation to see which the government officials were couple were responsible for this last haven't taken place. it is possible that these attacks were connected with investigation. at the same time, i was to provide the work on
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a number of different credit process around the world. so very difficult to say which government was responsible. it is true that the pegasus software has been found on the devices, you know, numerous human rights activists. and we have seen cases where individuals have the detain, where they've been tortured, and where they've even been killed after they are someone they know has been infected with spyware, with a company to develop the spy was ms. railey from called n a. so group, it's tool, it's been at the center of numerous hacking scandals involving the phones of journalists, activists, and politicians. it allows a tech, has full access to a phone, camera, microphone call logs, emails, text messages, and more than a. so group said it was not aware of the 10 if it's customers using the software against human rights watch staff members though it, it will look into the allegation. but lemme key says she now lives in fear of the target of
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a hack. i honestly was shocked when i 1st learned that this attack had taken place and really filled with a tentative address about what government has attacked me, what they have they stolen. how do they intend to use this data? it really is overwhelming to, to consider it to know that my device could really be used to get a way to potentially try to undermine other people's right. and we do know that there is an absence of a regulatory framework in place which allows the sets of the attack to their digital fingerprint that would help us to, to point to finger. and this is why we're really calling on state to move forward and establishing, right, that sort of framework for the trade technology to ensure that these attacks no longer typically is sort of the think about western liberal democracies. now live under a full sense of freedom with the u. s. practically civil war. that's what leading philosophers level g check is warranted. his new book, heaven in disorder. we go the low down
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a was the i think what day really nice indicators are western liberal democracies themselves. i not blaming one site or the opposite of here, the debbie level off in cuba society. the outrage state policy this that the spectrum. but the bishop district who, you know, very strange, great demo to be done slate into political engagement in the west cares if he is much more in the den. so the sends off we are james. while we are not even aware of how we ought to change and because we experience ourselves, do what you want, but to be especially digital media,
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it's not what you want to doing. what you are doing piece. thank you, stuck somewhere there. old death, new pharmacy big you can manipulate your desire, your says, you have to do a food buy out. she promote that some repairs for talking about the ecology and so on. but it's quite possible that she will lose their electrons and then the united states cannot react. so this is the beek dusk now in a state of war. the country is that true? that you cannot, trevor even at least in the dialogue,
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nbc sh betty saffo. she shook there. that's all he's will do today with me, kevin. oh, and thanks for watching, though. bust is coming up next for me in the same very good evening and thanks for watching all t international. what happened? i make no certainly no borders, to tease and you guys as a merge, we don't have authority. we don't to look back seen the whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are judge, you know, come with, we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we
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also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together with exaggerated rhetoric, massive arm shipments and endless threats. this is how nato presents its vision of pan european security. meanwhile, moscow wait for the u. s. and its allies to respond to its demands and vision for the say. the status quo is untenable. is the earth still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos? you know, it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon is i'm trying to get into to step by step. the amazon empire has extended its group on the world that walks like a dog in choir, like a dog gets
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a dog. so amazon looks like monopoly trades like a monopoly makes money like a monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially controls the market place. it's not really a market as a private arena, a world where a single company controls the distribution of all day, the products and the infrastructure of our economy. is this the world according to amazon? ah hi. this is been by phone business here. you can afford to miss,
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i'm rachel blevins and i bridge warren washing and here's the way i'm coming up.


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