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i would argue that we're still fighting this war and the south is winning with up to month of the west in 1st thing that russia said to invade ukraine, nato's secretary general, make the stunning. you turn admitting the military block to actually have no confidence whatsoever, but any such aggression will happen at all. use vehicles on the ship. it depends on the russian federation, then there will be no war. we don't want any boss, but we will also not allow our interest to be brutally trampled on an ignored committee growing stand off with the west over ukraine, russia top diplomat stresses moscow does not want conflicts, but insists it. security must be in short and overwhelming evidence of abuse. human
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rights watch claims, one of its own senior staff members with snoop todd by the notorious israeli developed by web pegasus. she gets her reaction to r t. i honestly was shocked when i 1st learned this attack had taken place and really filled with . busy a very warm welcome from a team here in moscow. this is our t international with the latest at world news update is great to happy witness. and we start with breaking news. this, our nato's at secretary general has admitted that the military block actually has no confidence that moscow will invade ukraine. the statement comes, despite months of the west, pushing violent anti russian rhetoric, claiming that aggression by the kremlin was imminent. in stoughton berg made the startling you turn atlantic council yvette and that time as long as she
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does not once again decide to use military force, you don't do that as well. there's no certainty about the russian plans. maybe they have not made any final decision. let's go live the get the latest now from europe, correspondence, pizza, oliver peter, good to see you. what does all this mean amidst the ongoing tension? well, it means we're seeing more and more of a public message shifting regarding what was previously referred to as a russian invasion of ukraine being immediate just after yen stalsen burg. we've had voting me as a lindsey the ukranian president speaking saying that he also doesn't particularly see an immediate risk of a russian invasion. and if you take the comments from lindsay from stolen berg and put them alongside briefings that have been given to the media off the record in
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brussels that have from nate. so h q that has suggested that there's really a want to get a de escalation from the u. s. side that there wasn't really a unanimity amongst nato members. that the, the russian troops in the west of russia represented the potential invasion for. so it's all really, but that the united states is desperate for a de escalation over this issue, because they really want to switch focus over towards china. this is quite a significant switches tack though, because if you look at the way this message was put across in the last 2 months, well was put across very differently. us intelligence officials say russia could invade ukraine as soon as january. and that's because of russian troops that are mass on ukraine's borders were now at a stage where russia could at any point, watch an attack and ukraine. russia is the aggressor here. we will not accept the campaign. russia is waging since about it's democratic neighbors against dalton.
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burge also spoken awful lot about the beefing up of nato forces in the east of the ally inside that. committing troops towards deployment and the store troops being ready to deploy to the east. now also on friday was confirmed by the slovakian foreign minister that his country is in discussion with nato for the stationing of troops in slovakia. lucky it does border ukraine, but what was confirmed by insulting burg on friday also is that there's no plans to set nato troops into ukraine. it's correct that we are not planning to deploy, nate to combat tubes to ukraine and i don't well, while there was also a lot of talk from yen stultz and berg about holding dialogue, holding meetings with russia, particularly in the the realm of arms control. it all came in the same day as we're hearing reports that the there is a huge package of sanctions being prepared that good target rushers, energy sector,
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and banking sectors as well. all of these things being set up in case of a russian invasion, not invasion, of course, now seeming less and less likely the messaging and certainly changing quite dramatically on the potential of any type of the military action coming in that sense. so you are correspond pizza, oliver, peter, thanks for that update. let's continue the conversation now and bringing our guest here political expert pierre emanuel, to man. thank you very much for joining us on the program this evening is here to see. now, the months we've been seeing there's an imminent threat narrative yet now the nato chief has no confidence on his oppose an invasion, so was changed. yes, it was her big fake news to pretend go. but russian forces were about to invade ukraine. it was part of a communication war, or to depict at russia as the aggressor. and to were wise,
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the profile of the united states and atlantis countries in negotiations with russia . and also to divert attention to were really issues which is the enlargement of natal. but her russia like to start and her need to in united sit, doesn't want in agreement on this issue because each would change her dispatcher and geopolitical order. busy and her, the, you're with united states and need to a member says she doesn't want to accept multi polarity in the world. so they, you're this teacher. oh wow. and to impose video, all know a ranch mentor on, on security. are our new base on the base of the unit. put our world a month, a month. we've had this one single message coming from nato, and now we see a complete you turn. what does it say about the head of nato to make such a move?
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yes, it's because or this sir. communication strategy head on leave your are you object t for 2, o 2 to target to russia or during the negotiations? and since now, when negotiation actually started the united states and nato accepted, or to start some negotiations on secondary issues or, or they don't need this communication strategy any more on go or a negotiation, we go on, but for crisis re nuts. oh, oh, evade it? will be a permanent earth crisis. we've upon dance and tensions are, will be applied against russia. 2422 bore saw of the negotiation position of the nato member states are given that america has
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rejected. russia has red lines that been his anti expands and demands. can moscow really trust this? the other message that nato wont deploy combat troops in ukraine this she's in a very difficult, jo, particular configuration where grid powers don't agree on v or especially older on geopolitical older on this still are united states still think in the long term they could win and and maybe continue enlargement of need to, after, for example, may be a regime change in russia. but now it's not possible or, or, or they know, but to say, read psych, your full russia under. they cannot do this now. but the tension will go on as long as, or they disagree on the new geopolitical configuration. so this is
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a very long negotiation that we could update place now and are probably each when there will be some minor progress on disarmament issues may be, but not yet on the question of enlargement of nate to it, which is a long, very long term negotiation and are we f 2 o 2 absorber a whole far each will go into some tensions until they will be maybe one day in agreement. i russia has said over and over again. it has no plans to invade any where those and beg, speaking, stay at the bed, nato is preparing for the words despite russia, you know, continuing to say it has no plans of an invasion. will the west ever accept this nato cielo t y to to convince or are all member city student import on either a job?
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so the need to have russia as a, as an adversary. so we will always accuse russia to, to be the aggressor, even if sphere is no, we're reality on the ground. that's for butts, but was situation now and earn the problem, ease, or of all in which a global geopolitical configuration. orval china becomes main adversary's of united states. they cannot b o, a niecy arrangement to be russia because if russia, oh will not be considered as an adversary of natal. they will be no joke. no objective for nato and venus. united states will lose its super rossi in europe and the object if she is to fragment europe on to torpedo any reset between western europeans on russia, and in order to prevent mercy,
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pull our richie to emerge. pierre, and i know it's a man geopolitical expert. thank you very much for joining us on the program. we appreciate it now, just hours before the nato chief spoke, russia's foreign minister spelled out clearly that the country does not want war, sir, gala ralph reiterated moscow's position on escalating tensions with the west. however, he also noted moscow. com to stand by watching its interests being ignored. love rob shared his thoughts during a 90 minute interview to rush and journalists among them was our teeth editor in chief, margarita sim onion, his aunt, mister latter. i've had to say, yes, this is alicia authorities configured c. lately. if it depends on the russian federation, then there will be no war. we don't want any wars, but we will also not allow our interest to be brutally trampled on and ignored. the foreign minister was asked many questions about the tensions about what russia is going to do about them and where ultimately this is all going to lead. when there's
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going to be a boy. he himself was a much more diplomatic with regards to the america documents, the county proposals to russian security proposals that arrived in moscow just 2 days ago that the united states finally sent in writing, which is something that, marcia now demands, given how in the past that fields are cheated by verbal guarantees that it was given. so now it insists on a, on documents, on paper in rights and guarantees. and what marcia sort of guarantees that ultimately the gist of it is the nater missiles and troops on stationed in the near future on russia's borders or any closer to russia's borders than they are now. and that is something that, according to many officials, that wasn't included in these documents, he himself, for 4 minutes, the lab rob was much more diplomatic. he said that the analyzing them are that they received the documents from both the united states and nato. at he was much less
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diplomatic about what he had received from nato, however, or to you will not in the fornia. in contrast to what we've received from nato, the american response is almost like a model of diplomatic decency. the response from nato is so ideological, it breeze so much with the exclusivity of the north atlantic lines that i was a little ashamed of those who wrote these taxes previously, we had heard from other officials that the documents, the counter proposal sent by the united states i didn't address a single one of russia's concerns that they made no promises that they thought expand further east or does it also meant that those no guarantees that those missiles, they to miss how's america missiles, of wouldn't be stationed ever closer to russia. nevertheless, he says there is some optimism varies or negotiations. there are tools that are ongoing and perhaps a solution might be reached
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a solution which satisfies both the united states and russia. nevertheless, we must have county says for relations relations which for years have var deteriorated, which are now at a level that is catastrophic which law which says a lab, rob says a much, you know the fault for which is much and it, i to say it's court what with various demands that they have made over the years with regards to russia, you slew on you if they insist that they will not change their positions, we will not change our position either. it's just that their position is based on false arguments on a direct turning over the facts. an opposition is based on what everyone signed up under. and here i don't see any room for compromise. otherwise, what is they to agree on? if they frankly sabotage and misrepresent the old decisions, this will be a key test for us. i usually at russia with regards to what is happening in ukraine of the russian foreign minister also said that the united states and nato are
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pushing ukraine towards an escalation. they're pushing them with a vast amount of arms. we've heard the united states posting about 283 tons of the lethal farms and other equipment that they have delivered to ukraine in the last few months. and this is, this came, was as a boast, the russian say that ultimately the united states is using, using ukraine in order to achieve its own goals, which are to contain russia and ultimately focus on china. you for answer your minute of france, germany and the european union called russia conflicts country well can be negotiated. then when they say you must comply with the minsk agreements. we asked them what exactly of these points should russia fulfill? nobody answers from kentucky have realised that berlin in paris would not force it to comply with the minsk agreements. so they understand that now they can do everything by the zalinski and his regime
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a used 1st of all by the americans in order to escalate tensions. their main goal is not the future of ukraine, but a heightened tensions around russia and then move on to china. ultimately, the russians say that their nice side, the only power on earth that can force the ukrainian government to follow through with a means agreements, a comprehensive peace plan to end the civil war and ukraine. that the only power that can force you credit up to abide by them is the united states and that isn't interested in seeing them minsk agreements fulfilled because that would lead to a d escalation. that there wouldn't be a need to keep pumping weapons into your credit, and there wouldn't be a need to escalate tensions with russia. and this is something the ukrainians are beginning to understand. foreign minister, elaborate says that they are being used as sometimes are sometimes regardless of despite what they want and the ukraine has blame the united states and the media for escalating the situation. there have been ukrainian officials that have said
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there is no evidence that the russians are preparing for an invasion and that the only other sides of all receive have been on television and from the mouths of various politicians. there is also an elaborate said, the fear that the, the situation could be it could go out spiral out of control because of elements that the key of that ukraine doesn't control. and that is various extremist and volunteer battalions. 5, his arm to the teeth station near the conflict lines. who could, on the orders of someone else carry out a provocation, but could escalate things even further. i mean, while the pentagons announced that will be sending a new batch of weapons and military equipment to ukraine, despite the u. s. claim to get prefers diplomacy of a military action. the shipment is believed to be the 4th since president find an approved a $200000000.00 military, a package for the country last month. washington still sides the movement of
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russian troops on russian territory as a source of concern. although a key spokesman on thursday seemed somewhat confused with his local geography. regardless of us, have any concern about the stabilizing action at the cur, straight or elsewhere in the region? yeah, i don't have anything specific on the curse, straight. curse crick, kirk st. sorry, i'll try the curse straight, but let's just clear that out for you. cask is a city hundreds of miles away from the coach straight, which is what john kirby was actually referring to. russia's deployed more than 20 warships and a routine exercise that something western nations a viewing as a new source of potential military escalation. moscow has repeatedly denied any plans to invade any country. jeff, that's called analysts, patrick kennings and told us that many of nato's accusations of a russian aggression actually applied to the military alliance itself. dado is desperate to find relevance in the world and it is really working hard to try to. i
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think wrap up this crisis in order to keep itself relevant. this sort of speech that was given by yonce dalton berg, director of nato, which they posted on line, is a highly politicized ideological, a, in a sort of approach. and this is the opposite of what you'd expect um, from nato. it seems like it was nato take in the ideological lead and the sort of battle to spread freedom and democracy around the world. or is this normally the purview of countries like the united states? it's funny when you reading the objections of the united states representatives are putting forward, they're demanding that russia deescalate, their aggressive behavior stops. inflammatory rhetoric is almost like a, a bullet point list of what the united states themselves are either doing or not doing. so to come to sal giving new meaning to swiping left or right. and you tend
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to stop election app has got france in a flap is supposed to match, made for photos and presidential hopefuls. but if accused of having an unfair crush on one particular candidate is on that story, when we come in with ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, community. are you going the right way or are you being with what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend. i join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. now and all you see is a sphere. is your fast you're fall off and on the other side already came on your back home. so i would like to envision that does it actually universal to live? it's just like that. you're on the actual return from the other side. ah, welcome back. being a brown, muslim, asian boy does not make you a terrorist. that's what the mother of the 11 year old boy has said off to her son that was referred to the you case counter terrorism program called prevents. it came off to a fellow people accused him of saying he wished his school would burn down during
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fire drills. the case was closed down the investigation found no evidence that the school boy was in contact with or supported any extremist group. however, the boys dee's house were added to the counter terror policing data base, which his mother say she had to fight hard for them to be removed. we spoke to the director of the campaign group that helps people impacted by the counter terrorism scheme. kind of a smith on your reputation, even if nothing came of it's like somebody suspected this child of being a potential future terrorist. so that in a little bit self can be quite damaging. there was a court case which reveals that there with 10 least 10 police databases that the child's information was stored on. so you can imagine what the implications are. i mean, i'm not sure how police all the homework this can justify having an innocent child's information on their database with regards to the ecological impacts. what we see
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with the families is that if the child is old enough to understand, make usually in the last years of primary school we in of secondary school, then it can be really disturbing for them. i mean one child, the parents actually have to arrange for counseling sessions for him because they were so worried about how he had internalized what happened to him in terms of being was to prevent just to give you some more context, prevents is the counter terrorism program introduced by the u. k. government. it focuses on preventing vulnerable people from being drawn into extremism. anyone can refer someone to the scheme and almost 5000 referrals were made in england and wales between april 2020 and march. last year. the british government insists all the data in the prevent program is confidential and only held temporarily. early removal is possible, but only where deemed appropriate, but prevent watch claims. the whole scheme is discriminatory. we know that these are more likely to be more,
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since it's more likely that the muslim child or an adult will be referred to prevent in the 1st place. and therefore, it's more likely that emma sent child almost them at all, will have their name stored on the prevent database. so it makes sense that if you have more muslims going in the 1st place, then you're certainly going to have more muslims in within the prevent database. the reason why, well, firstly, prevent in and of itself is highly discriminatory and it was designed for muslims. it was actually design post 911, right? specific people them in community. so there's no reason why it still wouldn't disproportionately target the muslim community. and also it relies on people trusting their like instincts. so it taps into a lot of unconscious bias even so even people who think i'm not racist. you know, it's tapping into their bias the seamless, even if you suspect something is strange, just refer it to prevent offices, what they will if you don't have to worry, rather be safe than, sorry, ah, election fraud, alarm bells are being founded in france all over a new app that is designed to match voters with candidates for the upcoming
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presidential election. the countries datawatch dog is now looking into claims the system not only violates privacy laws, but there is also favoring president micron. charlotte davinsky has been investigating how to vote in the upcoming french presidential election in april. it's a question that many people here are currently asking themselves. however, not so much for young voters who seemed to have decided not to vote to tool why i, i think the current candidates are too narrow in their interests is we are a bit lost when it comes to politics. we don't really know what it is. it bomb q, i get the impression that the choice is limited. this year, we are limited to a spectrum that has simmer in the far right at one end in micron who promises many things, but doesn't fulfill his promises at the other economist. don't worry, hey, to save the day, is the new app a lease?
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creating feisty rules. it's been built, the type of tin differ politics. so the aim is to match your views with the candidate who represents them. the most sounds like a great idea except not to win. the candidate doesn't meet your expectations because you know, i'm not communist, not me. i just there are many mat cornell. so john, look, man and shawn, but i do not know the fast fabian row, so i answered as i did who i did not expect too much. i do not know politics. so i did not know what it was going to be, because i did or didn't, wouldn't. that's not the only issue in these, which has been downloaded close to $1400000.00 times is now under scrutiny by the french data watchdog. there is concern. this could turn out to be another cambridge analytic a scandal that was when millions of facebook uses half a data collected for political advertising purposes. the natural problem, or the most obvious problem though,
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stop for us is that they effectively obtaining formation for all the users with all the use a really understanding what purpose that information is. but the real purpose on the after ops is to obtain, uses information and then sell it on to political policies or to agencies or acting on behalf of the political party. so what happens is the user quite innocently might give information such as the name of the date of birth, or they leave with a certain material that my views to brainwash them to be blind about it. phase of also concerned that the application has been playing, favorites, whom you may wonder. well, none other than emmanuel macro and the french president, the founders of the ap have said that this was
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a technical bug and the app is neutral. some people wonder more widely about our possible political intentions. who would like to remind you that eli's a strict and non partisan? no candidate has been granted the slightest favorable treatment. that's perhaps a little difficult to swallow when. for example, emmanuel michael isn't even an unofficial candidate yet, so we don't know exactly what will be in his program. elise has taken mack guns ideas from his 2017 campaign. and since then, you could argue his political leanings have taken a sharp turn to the rights. however, the real concern right now is white. so many young people feel out of step when those aiming to try to run the country and how close to they selection candidates can find a way to engage them showing debowski asi paris. but we'd love to hear your thoughts on the day stories. i do get in touch by following guys on social media as
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well for me for today, but kevin, i will be head with all the latest at the top of the with ah, join me every thursday on the alex salmon? sure. i'll be speaking to get us on the world politics. sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then.
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oh my name is brown hughes. my grandfather bonnie could talk on the banner line. your mom me with. mm hm. oh, shoot bench and put your own eventually meet on your.


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