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soldier or dead marine shows up in this country. if we start asking yourself, why did they die? why do what were they fighting for? nobody bothers to ask about the contractors in her ah, top stories right now. the simmering situation on the border with ukraine is expected to dominate the thoughts of russia's top diplomat again of ra, prepared to speak to the russian media this out. he's editor in chief margarita, some on yeah. will be among the journalists putting the foreign minister shopping. meanwhile, the pentagon says more military aid will be heading to ukraine, including lethal weapons. but it comes as washington repeatedly tells russia to deescalate tensions with its neighbor. a potentially fatal blow to boris johnson's leadership leaked email, suggesting you k prime minister may prioritize to pets over people. during the chaotic evacuation of afghanistan,
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leaving thousands of british citizens and allies stranded in the water and country and overwhelming evidence of abuse human rights watch claims that one of its own senior staff members will snoop down by the notorious israeli develop spyware, pegasus. she gives her reaction throughout the month. it was shop when i 1st learned that this is pam had taken place and really filled with . busy abbey, with us this friday, the 28th of january. i am calling bryan moscow where it's just an 11 o'clock. i'll top stories right now. the west supply of offensive weapons to ukraine relations between russia and nato. and talk some of the security system in europe. whole topics, expect it to be covered shortly by russia's foreign minister. so kind of probably giving a long interview this our, to the russian media. and we're going to bring that to you live when it happens. i'll tease editor in chief margarita simonian is among the journalists. while,
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while we wait for that to happen, looking ahead now our team mark as they have joining us outside the foreign ministry in central moscow. i suppose the subject matter is probably guess a bullets which direction the multi media news quartet. take it but we'll, we'll find out in just a few minutes when this interview kicks off. but indeed, there is no shortage of topics given current tensions that record levels that both countries the united states and russia as well as other countries. you grade the european union, one of which have said a level of tensions that is simply unacceptable. the united states maintains that russia is about to invade ukraine. they have said so. and they said so in december promising an invasion, then it was in early january, mid january, late january. now that's imminent invasion has been postponed, seemingly, according to the state department,
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to mid february of the supply of american weapons, all flood perhaps might be more apt at his ceaseless and it is continued. we hud add to the blanket, the secretary of state of the united states, a boast just a few days ago that already the united states had delivered $283.00 tons of lethal weapons. the you great, but the interview with the saggy lab rob is about to begin, i am told. so let's go over there. now. you starsky. deal it's is a, was ringing. glliam, gallagher was here for the other colleagues. will you refrain from the making of such people with unique pauses as it were noticed and comes almost kept her useless . huge curious lobe lost them. and if you don't mind him on your minister, let's 1st give the floor together so that margarita she manion. yes, i suppose bad were usually usually chill. well, we didn't understand yet that the interview has already started. yes ma'am.
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unfortunately, man is still a rough. i'm in isolation. i would like to shake your hand, but i'll do that, you know, loose movement virtually. can you hear me? yes, we can see, we can hear you. yes, i am in isolation. you know, the circumstances are exceptional, both in russia and elsewhere in the world, but in the circumstances are exceptional. not just with regard to the pandemic, but also with geo politics. and russia and all across the world. so i'll start with the question though, world is asking and we're asking ourselves to you. so minister love is there going to be a war? was that or not? we send out proposals to them. we were waiting for their response, we got their response, but we aren't happy with this response. you know, whatever demons, gender, nash. and before that we had said that if we would not like a very spawns, we were reserving the right to take most drastic measures. t protect our interests
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and to respond. so you can you elaborate on bad men? we're not going to bad mcdonalds, i think. so if i can quote my subscribers, they put this question in the following way. where now we've gone ahead washington . is that gonna be a war? how long i'm going to drag? i will feed. so is there going to be a, what if anything, it's up to russia. there's not going to be war. we want to know was, you know, yellow bird with the post, you know, trampling our interests. ignoring our interest is something we cannot allow either . i cannot say that the talks are rover, abortion. you know that, but americans and nato allies have taken more than a month to your study. our elementary proposals enshrined and the draft treaties with washington and with ne, 2 and just the year before. yes,
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day week got their response. would you seeing the bulletin run line, you know, useable sunlight, new zulema carpios are great off the rest of your skates. things as in the west is prone to do, but still there are some responses to our basic questions which were very important to us in particular with regards to the intermediate and shorter age massage. you know, when the americans sabotaged this tracy, we're urge them to show some common sense. mm hm. oh boy, our president send a proposal to the o is she? but he enjoining everyone to join our unilateral moratorium just sort of brutal and do agree andrew vacation measures back then. this proposal of i was was ignored. right now it's included into there. what would you response? you know, we also had an idea of trying to withdraw of the military exercises father from the we will got, i believe we got the frontier from
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a boundary and from the conflicts in the scholars. you know, these is the oil change for the border as it were. and there were other method measures for d, confliction and particular the safe distance approach. and right now, even though they've been ignoring it for several years right now they, yes, you seem to be willing to talk about that also. i think it is something that you go ultimate learners about so, so to speak. and, but the most important thing for us as the t settle the conceptual foundations of european security in 2010 and as dana, and before that in 1999 and eastern pool. all presidents, all prime ministers of the early c country, is put their signature to a package of documents, principally, and lease documents contained interlinked principles of indivisibility of security
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. the west is lord of singling out, just one slogan out of this package, namely that each and every country has the right to choose ads, allies, and military alliances. but you know, it is in these packages of documents this you can upload, so you'd be the person that should be real close, right? is conditional on another principle, namely not to strengthen one's security or the expense of others. and their incantations, the where says that nature's policy is sacrosanct and no one cannot prevent ukraine from joining nature. it's up to be great to decide on that. but when we're just doing that with the west, really avoids any references to this 2nd part of the principal and your preview. and when morales and other counterparts, us say that we need to follow agreed principles in the u. atlantic area. not
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a single one of them. ever mentions either the eastern bull declaration nor the shooting ass down a declaration. they usually reference the helsinki final act as well as the parish charter for in europe of $990.00. and these 2 documents do not have the service provision of not strengthening one security at the expense of the security of others. whereas in subsequent documents, russia insisted that such an obligation should be included. so deliberative and as in william valuable, i promised to more to day i'm sending official requests to all of my old counterparts. i would like to ask them to provide an official explanation with regard to how they are going to implement the commitments their countries took upon themselves at the highest level. this is a moment of principled importance, because before not talking about practical issues of european security 1st,
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we need to see how the wes, you will. so, you know, i wanted to say how they're going to wiggle out of this. but i do hope that the, our game to give an honest response and say what they mean when they talk about these documents. because so far they are only implementing their obligations in a very, you know, lopsided manner, which is entirely advantageous to them. and they lose sight of the fact that this freedom of choice of alliances is conditional on the not to strengthen one security, expensive others? roman please. so picky the if they give the answer. many experts anticipate, namely the puzzle, some would response. we're not going to be happy. we are those go grocery. what do you think it can lead to severin of relationship because for quite some
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time we've heard now that the americans are willing to slash sanctions on you on the leadership even on you. what means even on me am i deserve enough. sanchez? well, she knew me. i do not think that there has been any instance in me for a time in history that sanctions were contemplated against the president and against the foreign minister. and just remember the statement of our ambassador in the us treasury watching, who said that all of this could even lead to severin of ties because our diplomats are basically being expelled even though it's done on a different source machine. well, there are many layers to your question, so what would severing of ties hypothetically as possible? let me begin with the most important thing. if the worst doesn't listen to the voice of reason, what are we going to do?
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the president has already given an answer to that, if our town to agree on mutually beneficial be mutual acceptable principles of ensuring security in the review or atlantic area sharing that when we were close to have these attempts fail, we are going to take measures and response with regard to what kind of measures he said they can be different, it's going to be based on the information provided by our military. and of course, other agencies and government bodies will participate in drafting these measures, at least at this point in time. at the interagency level, we are studying the shift responses from nato and from the us or the contents of these documents. what are knowing almost to everyone by this point in time? i've said that you knew about us, but what i can tell you that the american response is 0 sort of for an exemplary or would she to miss
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a document of your diplomatic courtesy. whereas the native document is filled with crystal, nature's pride. and you know, i felt a little embarrassed for those who wrote was this document should now with the report go to kill just as a possible robert measures and response of that will be reported to the president. they are gonna be drafted. but so far we are going to act growth in the manner i've just described. now speaking about sanctions, when our president spoke, in particular, we told the americans that the package of sanctions that roman has just mentioned, coupled by russia's disconnection from the financial systems. well, it would be tantamount to severin of ties. this is something we said to v a u. s. and i guess they understand that and i don't think it serves any one's interest as
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far as their behavior with regard to our diplomats is concerned. i can tell you this already several years ago. she smell to be more precise in december 2016 when i last was in washington. that was a prison trumps her last month in the white house a few months ago. and i was sir saying good bye. if you go from t on view, state secretary, tell it now, it was not till the senate was pompeo loom cook and of the museum, is that we are thinking how to optimize, you know, the functioning of our diplomatic missions are narisa brickle basis. and there is something i need to tell you, you know what to reboot. americans, sir, american diplomats work 3 years abroad. and then they rotated or transferred back to washington. and that's why we believe that you need to do the same. your diplomats also need to speak to this 3 year term, or no more than 3 years you?
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oh, i'll question was, cookbook. if you wouldn't remember, why are you doing that and such a clandestine manner? and are we the only ones whom you are telling this? do have a similar measures with regard to other countries. the answer was no. there are no other countries. it will turn to refuse that would participate in this old experiment. only brush actual surgery with blue, and that is when yet another spiral of our for you see was diplomatic horn law king started and, and we said so, but if we have to stick to the 3 year term, then you know, as our practice goes, you know, how do you do not have to hire local citizens to work for the diplomatic mission lea at 400 people working here? and the same goes for, you know, now don't russian citizens, but also people from central asia. and you know, when this you,
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when you discussion with okay, got off and there were shouts and screams, you are disconnected as from the network as it were by we said national, if you want to follow this principle, you know that you can do whatever you want and you will impose what you think is right on us, then we will follow in your footsteps. this was yet another bout of crisis that 1st fled and about mom. he showed his true colors several weeks or months before leaving the white house. maybe he wanted, you know, to sabotage child. he took several facilities of diplomatic property from dozens of diplomats had to leave in 3 days. they were expelled from the country. this is when it all started. you know, we talked about something with blinking in geneva. we now have a new channel when we close this conversation and european
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security where we made a proposal. once again, we offered it out to a royal bag. do where we we started. so grew, we decided, possible to, to think about rolling it all back to you before more noble prize, obamacare, you're these decisions, not noble prize winner. president obama took these decision, but right now, we know there's this bargaining mcgee, my desire to maybe, like our ambassador. absolutely. needs 12, people who want to go service him and they have to be taken out of the quota that we have agreed upon on the reciprocal basis. we're trying to explain that their quarter has already been agreed with the 450 people. and on our side room, the globally wall, it's
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a gesture of goodwill. crucial and enormous gesture because these $450.00 euro include not just the diplomatic missions and the consulate which in this would be desserts of the but you know, it also these $455.00 people. it also includes vic staff of our diplomatic representation, our diplomatic mission at the united nation. it nations, even though it has nothing to do with our bilateral ties. it was a gesture of goodwill on our part. but we warned them that if this rude behavior, continuous new limits in the move and go in the populace. and you know, what? is it not rudeness if they say that if you don't have accept these 12 people for our bastard a we're going to expel and batter and turn off machine? well, you know, if they stick to this line of behavior, then we will have to, to take measures in response as well. the little girl was letting me miss of an
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addictive. good morning minister colleagues was no longer asleep minister william. yes, very well that my questions are based on the questions coming from our listeners. and he shall feel, i would like to remind everyone that we have for in our studio minister leverage with muscle for a minute. for a mr. michael mcfall. this can afford an michael mcfall from california from the stanford university. i sent a question to us a why didn't you say it was apostrophe or didn't russia haven't tried tier 3 of with somebody. meaning if you were getting it, i see a book she knew $0.10 on the un security council for potential use of force in ukraine. if such use of force women would be required to look away. didn't even try to do that. and why didn't russia recognize the self proclaimed republics of don outs? can lew hands? well, to be honest,
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these are so questions i'm giving you for the do i nod will switch, correct english to you foundational. in the 1st question, if i got that right, why didn't russia address the un security council requesting the consent to use force from effort? it would be require to be for a while, i won't even explains why this wishes to repeat it, as you know, no sense whatsoever. because in practical diplomatic measures, the word gift doesn't exist to roach it. and i think the 2nd question was about the recognition was from michael. mike, right? alexi? yes. and it was from me. so i think michael mcfall global little share made a great contribution to undermining everything. constructive about russian us all of my relation. maybe he just didn't have a chance to familiarize himself with uminski agreements that were agreed in february 2015. these means, guess agreements say that there is
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a need to preserve the unity and territorial integrity of ukraine's lives. these agreements were dubbed years ago that you've middle school, even though several months before little girl student, you going it's clear blue her and don asked republics who had proclaimed their independence and germany and france vesicles over new york new participate ed and drafting the means agreements together with ukraine and with us elsewhere. and petro parish, jenco, you know, she, she joined this request. and they wanted us to convince the leaders of the jury publics invited to man school services. but musically, mcgloid honestly asked to persuade them to put their signature to the means could agreements where sure essentially changed the outcome of the referenda that had taken place before. and 20 years for robin mac 14. so i think michael mcfall has to
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familiarize himself with a morning history of this region because the issue of recognition, your daughter will of smart roots of context of not has to be viewed and the context of the firm line we pursued. namely, to make keith and to make the west stick to the means by the article arrangements, then everything is going to be fine. just as you know, stipulated by this document which incidentally has been endorsed by the un security council. com somacki preferably has been will. good morning, minister of rather perpetual. i believe total, many people who have read our draft of treaties we prepares to the usaa. you were surprised. many people were under the impression recon, myself included. i miracle that russia had won some kind of war, whereas the, you worse had you, margaret lost, you know, the radical nature of these proposals like rolling back to you 1997. so what
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was that you bought? it was, it's obvious that the americans are horrible. milt of you are not game to roll bad without a serious around good reason. they're not going to sort of to leave the country is they feel very comfortable in government bristol, which is to a lot right now, really. so it could budget the while the principals with that, you know, used to draft the st. louis. jade and i'm with them and you know, the, the, the document say that you expect an answer very soon. robert, i can let you know sort of an, incidentally, this is the 4th, i mean, american team, you have to work with on the other side. really. so it's 30 quickness how different are all these american teams, all these american administrations. how important as the role of personality in history only industry own. do you think it was comfortable to work with google or not so much with mouths through the complicated limited counselor on december the
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15th. when you handed over our proposal, still nato as well as to the wes, these proposals might seem something that soon exceptional is uni experience. you so only if the experts who medical on assess these proposals assume that the american several ready taken everything around the loo. so why bother? just to mean, you know, put up where do we confine yourself to bare minimum of the was the hon. delicious, but what we want, as for them to work with us along with honesty, i just cited the commitments adopted at the highest level at the a we see they were signed by the president's including the president of the us. and these provisions stipulate that no one has gone to strengthen their own security at the expense of others, whereas, for americans, the freedom of choice of alliances is sacrosanct. but we say only under cond,
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the condition that it's not gonna strengthen your security or the expense of others . and this is something you, my dear, you as colleagues, have bought your signature to would you be worth. and this is something where reminding them of and we'll, we'll make sure that they are not trained to wiggle their way out of it and provide an explanation how exactly they inter appears these commitments they are president of su, has assumed when he put, i'd be a signature tool, but please documents rules. and if russia cannot dismiss, achieve gladly a vague rubric can arg was that there was no problem for fiddle their obligations under these documents and is gonna be a very important revelation showed a move of the moves of ship. you know, you do a day, you gave us assurances that nato would not expand, and afterwards they said this is not what we meant. we didn't want to mislead you, where we're just those teachers again, hayden,
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the so you substitute judy or blood stakes. the current state of affairs where i was listed in our own co retrieves formula. mike michael. michael was just smart. he was remembering the un security council and the americans required that the group and so just you and security council should consider what we're doing in ukraine way. but we are mural what glucose east we figured nod d escalating and this is something coming from the us that is spread. it's the base is across the world. we do not understand what they do in iraq now when inviting them there. so, you know, machine you left for the americans want to consider the issue of force, posture, you williams, then those much to discuss with commercial this reversal, we are not stationed anywhere without the else nation. wrong consent and, and, and full compliance with international law. we observed the commitments we
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undertake you distribution of the weather, the hosting channel will americans are trying to create a hysteria around the escalation or the escalations lorelle and blinking. it's kind of a mantra and they say we hope that brush has gone as choose look at the shoe. so the path of diplomacy and i can tell you that this is something we've always stuck to since the soviet times live on the outcomes of bits of diplomacy. you include the eastern pools where you llanas, stan, i suppose his declaration, soldier said washing stipulating that no one is going to strengthen their security of the expansiveness covers. this is the embodiment of diplomacy. these documents, you know, this is leah shambler example of a compromise. they need to do what they agreed to do, and there was a question about different teams. well, honestly, vadim. i don't want to give any personal assessment. there are other things we can
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discuss, but also i tate to discuss loosely, additional machine such an example. press my personal opinion about my counterpart and we have to work with every one and with anyone. roslyn was failure and i can tell you that i had good normal relations with the all of my colleagues. we always could have an honest conversation with any of them, even on questions. there was the great daylight between us, even at the political level. so the round is complete leg once again, get to a sporting, if you're a diplomat, minister laboratory are not ever going to formulate that in well, this manner. but i'm a journalist. well, yes, i did formulate some interesting things, not as a diplomat, but that was not, you know, publicly assuming that it was just an accident when the journalist caught you at
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that the specific like well we've just saved kazakstan. maybe we'll have to save the day between tristan and cargo sterns. i am, we are saved p and cara bar can armenia, well, always trying to save our exit as it were. so what do we have some as a result in that? well maybe that really, we're just let us live. we have our colleagues, some com, some oscar pravda, who may have great research, a great investigation. he and about the russian empire, some of math. and this is investigation about what's written in textbooks about russia, the russian empire, the u. s. s. r. and the textbooks in these are ex soviet countries. and if you don't know about that, you know, well, i think you'd be surprised talk. i've report was says to our president that russian language as thriving an a catholic schools. but according to our information,
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it's not yet precisely the case. i'm not talking about cows, extend, and particular i'm talking about other different ex soviet republics. on many occasions, atlanta, we heard that the, lia bush's nessa meter was like foreign ministers against a simplified will it procedure for getting russian citizenship abroad? i know this is not the case because you'll made an active contribution to simplifying their citizenship. grant. we're not sure. good granting got it done. we're not reading that he has a share. so when our attitude gods evie change, when are we going to get our population back? in accordance with the ethnic principle? and when are we going to a stylist, save and protect those citizens who found themselves abroad, even though they didn't want the country to collapse. there were many, blaze to this question or using a can me bold.


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