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good morning miss rosetta les thump, ah, i'll teach top storage the pentagon and says more military 8 will be heading to you, craig, including lethal weapon. but it comes with washington repeatedly tells russia to de escalate tensions with its neighbor. well, the summer intention, that the border is expected to dominate the thoughts of russia's top diplomat. so gala rav prepared to speak to the russian major, and a couple of hours time will bring it to you live with also had a potentially fatal blow to paris. johnson's leadership leaked email suggests the u . k. prime minister may have prioritized pets over people. during the chaotic evacuation of afghanistan, leaving thousands of british citizens and allies, stranded in the war torn country with and overwhelming evidence of abuse human
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rights. what claims to one of its own senior staff members were snoop told by the meritorious he's ready to develop spyware packages. she gives her reaction to our policy was shocked when i 1st learned that this attack had taken place and really filled with abbey, with it's just a 9 am on friday, the 28th of january. this is our team from moscow. i'm calling bray with world news, we're across this. our 1st to pentagon, announced that it'll be sending a new batch of weapons and military equipment to ukraine. the shipments believe to be the 4th, the since president biden approved the $200000000.00 military aid package for the country. last month i was being sent despite the united states claiming preferred diplomacy to military action. more on that next from caleb open. and we have seen the united states and its allies pouring weapons into ukraine,
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very consistently. we understand that the united states, as has been announced, is speeding up the promise of over $200000000.00 of security assistance to ukraine. and that was promised back in december. now, among what's already been delivered out there have been lethal and non lethal. our weapons are that have been delivered by the 1st shipment from the united states this week included javelin anti tank missiles. now it's important to keep in mind. there are also 200 us national guard currently in ukraine where they're operating as instructors training the ukranian military. and there is no decision from us leaders that indicates those $200.00 american national guard will be removed at any time. soon. russia has been making clear that if it weren't for the fact that the west has been pouring weapons into ukraine, this entire disagreement would have been resolved a long time ago. we are convinced that without western assistance,
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the conflict in eastern ukraine would have been settled long ago. ukraine's foreign sponsors have other ideas and appear determined to implement the scenario according to which russia must attack ukraine. anthony blank and the u. s. secretary of state has repeatedly said that the united states prefers diplomacy and communication and cooperation. that's how they prefer to resolve the situation. however, the actions from the united states of piling more weapons into a country right on russia's borders seem to have the opposite effect. unless you did indicate perhaps the opposite intention was shipments saying the room responds to the potential threat of ukraine being invaded. washington still sites the movement of russian troops on russian territory as a source of concern. although a key spokesman on thursday seemed somewhat confused with his local geography. guardlick is us, have any concern about the stabilizing action at the curse, straight or elsewhere in the region? yeah, i don't have anything specific on the cur, straight a curse. great, kirk,
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straight, sorry. i'll try that curse straight, but i just clear that out for you curse case, a city hundreds of miles away from what john kirby meant to be calling the coach straight, a rushes deploy more than 20 warships and a routine exercise that something the western nations a viewing as a new source of potential military escalation, moscow's repeatedly denied any plans to invade any country, adding that the very thought of a war against ukraine is unacceptable. meanwhile, in another combat exercise in the baltics of russian navy fighter jets bombers have conducted drills against land base targets at a bombing, right. it's part of the baltic fleets, ongoing white, a drill, which are expected to be held in every body of water ordering russia or kennestone from the hampton coalition to stop the war, believes the western countries are simply refusing to listen to moscow security concerns. it's made it very clear, and anybody in the world who looks at the documents that the russian government has
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submitted to nato and the west, though, you can't see these in the media, mainstream media here because they don't print them out. anybody has looked at those documents, can see that what russia is looking for is security guarantees are for its own safety. and what the problem is that the u. s. and nato simply refuse to these very reasonable demands. and instead of agreeing to these reasonable demands of the west, including unfortunately my own country, canada is pouring weapons left and right and egging on the government in kiev, which it brought to power in a coup in 2014. and they're egging on the ukranian government to start a fight with its rebellious provinces in the don bass region, and with russia and around 2 hours from now russian foreign minister,
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sir gala rove, is expected to give a login to view to russia, media on a wide range of topics that are, of course, likely to include the west supply of offensive weapons to ukraine, as well as russia with nicer relations talk san and new security system in europe and much more besides, we're going to bring you that life when it starts. ah . ok next, the bad news keeps building for boris johnson leaky males suggest the british prime minister prioritized pets over people during last summer's withdrawal from afghanistan, while thousands of british citizens and allies couldn't get out of the country. the pan himself had previously dismissed the plains as nonsense. this whole thing is, is, is total revoke. it was an amazing thing to, to move 15000 people out of co, bowden in the way that we did. i thought it was also additionally, a very good that we were able to help those bits. so the question now is did the
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prime minister actually authorize pen palding's animals to get out of the country via a private chart to flight? according to these leagues, a mountain was involving virgin atlantic and the prime minister's top parliamentary aid, she told the allied that she could actually secure a plane to evacuate these animals from coppell and they were actually backed by a bar, is chosen the prime minister, uneven fost tracks now foss trucks being a key line in that email because it suggests that she could get a plane in and out of the country at a time when it was nigh on impossible. now, number 10 denies one of these claims as does boris johnson, he calls it title nonsense that does the story really adds, ah, the prime minister's biggest critics are saying that his story doesn't tied up the tool. boris johnson is unable to make the serious decisions that are needed. in this case,
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people were fleeing in terror as the taliban took over kabul and british forces were putting their lives at risk. the prime minister was once again prioritizing the wrong things and making the wrong calls. this deming revelation shows that boris johnson has once again repeatedly lied to the british people. this is not a man who is fit for office at the time back in august of last year, the prime minister and the then foreign secretary. they were know it to be seen. both of them were away on holiday leaving junior ministers and journals. it's junior civil 7th to pick up the pieces and deal with the crisis. the government has repeatedly been severely criticized and condemned for how it reacted when thousands of desperate people in afghanistan was scrambling to get out of the country. so how has all of this come up? and i will right now, this currently an investigation inquiry into how the government handle the crisis in afghanistan. but of course, it comes visa, the other investigations that burse johnson is embroiled in, particularly the su gray investigation. and the police investigation into
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allegations of downing street parties throughout the pandemic. meanwhile, in the poles, we see labor skipping ahead of the conservatives quite comfortably. now, plus, though, there are some serious concern, sincerest worries at all of these scandals upon scoundrels. abhorrence johnson is finding himself in may affect the tories comfortable majorities. what they're trying to now do is deter. 8 tore back benches from submitting these letters of no confidence in the prime minister as rumor has it. there are almost enough of those that is being submitted that could actually trigger a leadership context all in all really what they're saying versus boxes are basically telling tory back benches. you must now back the prime minister because if bars johnson goes down, we'll well, a full, the british army officer at africa will veteran trevor coach believes that number 10th latest scandal is just a distraction from the bigger issues. i think this is
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a bit of a smokescreen, right. i've got to remember that there's a lot of stories going around about president putin on my own prime minister vs president. this is a smokescreen to trying to hide what's happening. we need to start looking at the proper news. yes. that you can get the minutes are getting on like like rock winders as it is it? yes, we have something to write about. we've not got something there to, to replace party. you know, we don't, we're throwing the stupid stories which don't have any credit whatsoever. right. and i, i do believe that the main thing that we should be doing is trying to preserve life . and there is a possible conflict between both the russia on the u. k. we should be talking about thought rather than cats and dogs. we are going to lose pretty shoulders on russian blood spelt and ukrainian border, and that's where we should because on maybe a diplomatic approach rather than a military strike. so let's forget about cats and dogs. embarrassed johnson and party get the rest of the rubbish. and let's concentrate on trying to ship lives and stop people from being killed at a senseless war. human rights,
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what claim someone has been watching them. the global body claims that the notorious israeli developed spyware, known as pegasus, was used to talk at the director of its office in lebanon, lama for he shared with us. so she 1st became aware that she was being snoop. them only learned about the half when i received a notification from apple and number. and after confirming that in fact, the notification was authentic. we were able to review the data on my phones, conduct the forensic analysis, and confirm that my devices has been targeted 5 times between april august, 2021. during the time of the attack between april and august of last year, i was working very intensively on an investigation to see which the government officials were couple were responsible for this last having taken place. it is possible that these attacks were connected with investigation. at the same time i
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was to provide, they work on a number of different credit process around the world. so very difficult to say which government was responsible. it is true that the penitent software has been found on the devices, you know, numerous human rights activists. and we have seen cases where individuals have the detain, where they've been tortured, and where they've even been killed after they are someone they know have been infected with spyware. company develops the spyware isn't israeli firm called and s o group. our tools because the center of numerous hacking scandals involving the phones of journalists, activists, and politicians. and it allows attackers full access to a phone camera, microphone call logs, emails, text messages, and more of the n s o group itself said it was not aware of any of its customers using the software against human rights watch stuff matters, adding that it will look into the allegation, however, number 5, he says she now lives him fear having been the target of
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a hack. i honestly was shocked when i 1st learned that this attack had taken place and really filled with a tentative address about what government has attacked me. what have they stolen? how do they intend to use this data? it really is overwhelming to, to consider it to know that my device could really be used to get me in the way to potentially try to undermine other people's rights. and we do know that there is an absence of a regulatory framework in place which allows the sense of the attack to, to present their digital fingerprint, that would help us to, to point to finger. and this is why we're really calling on to move forward and establishing, right? that sort of framework for the trade off technology to ensure that these attacks no longer typically electron fraud, alarm bells are being sounded and frowned, sold over a new apps. it's designed to match voters with candidates for the upcoming presidential election. the countries datawatch stock is now looking into claims that the system
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not only violates privacy laws, but it's also favoring president crum shall do better. it's been investigating how to vote in the upcoming french presidential election in april. it's a question that many people here are currently asking themselves. however, not so much for young voters who seem to have decided not to vote a tool. why i, i think the current candidates are too narrow in their interests is we are a bit lost when it comes to politics. we don't really know what it is. it bomb q. i get the impression that the choice is limited. this year. we are limited to a spectrum that has simmer in the far right at one end in micron who promises many things, but doesn't fulfill his promises at the other. don't worry hey, to save the day, is the new app a lease? creating feisty room, being built, the type of tin differ politics. so the aim is to match your views with
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a candidate who represents them. the most sounds like a great idea except not to win. the candidate doesn't meet your expectations, but no, i'm not communist, not me. i just know emmanuel macro and also young luke melon, joanne. but don't know the fast fabian, resell i on sit as i cage. i didn't expect to marsh, i don't know, politics or i didn't know what it was going to be. that's not the only issue in these, which has been downloaded close to $1400000.00 times is now under scrutiny by the french data watchdog. there is concern that this could turn out to be another cambridge analytical scandal that was when millions of facebook uses half a data collected, but political advertising purposes. the natural problem or the most obvious for boost up for us. is that the effectively
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obtaining information for all the users we'd all the use a really understanding what purpose that information is. but the real purpose on the after ops is to obtain, uses information and then sell it on to political parties or to agencies or acting on behalf of the political party. so what happens is the user quite innocently might give information such as the name of the date of birth, or they leave with a certain material that my views to brainwash them to be blind about. it pays them also concerned that the application has been playing the ritz whom you may wonder. well, none other than emmanuel macro and the french president, the founders of the ap have said that this was a technical bug and the app is neutral. some people wonder more widely about our
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possible political intentions. who would like to remind you that eli's a strict and non partisan? no candidate has been granted the slightest favorable treatment. that's perhaps a little difficult to swallow when. for example, emmanuel michael isn't even an official candidate yet, so we don't know exactly what will be in his program. elise has taken macklin ideas from his 2017 campaign. and since then, you could all you, his political leanings have taken a sharp turn to the right. however, the real concern right now is white. so many young people feel out of step and those aiming to try to run the country and how close to they selection candidates can find a way to engage them. debowski asi, paris. okay, on the way an error encounter, tara, the mother of an 11 year old school boy hits out of the case, anti radicalization efforts up to her son gets put on
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a police database as all to reports in around 90 seconds with ah ah mm phenomenon. earth as he is a sphere in your fast,
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you're far enough and and the other side of it came from and you're back home. so i would like to envision that. does it personally address if you live in? it's just like that. no one direction do i need to? i'm from the other side. ah, ah, ah hello again. being a brown, muslim, asian boy does not make you a terrorist that's for the mother of an 11 year old boy is said after her son was apparently referred to you. kate counter terrorism program called prevent. it came after a fellow, people accused him of saying he wished his school would burn down during fire drills. the case was closed and the investigation found no evidence that the school boy was in contact with all supported any extremes. group, however, the boys details were added to the counter terror policing database which his
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mother says she had to fight hard for them to be removed. a we spoke to the director of the campaign group that helps people impacted by the counter terrorism scheme. kind of a sneer on your reputation, even if nothing came of that site, somebody suspected this child of being a potential feature, terrorist so that in and of itself can be quite damaging. there was a cool case which revealed that there were 10 at least 10 police databases that the child's information was stored on. so you can imagine what the implications are. i mean, i'm not sure how the police or the home of this can justify having an innocent child's information on their database with regards to the psychological impacts. what we see were a lot of the families is at. if the child is old enough to understand, make usually in the last years of primary school, the end of secondary school, then it can be really disturbing for them. i mean one child, the parents actually had to arrange for counseling sessions for him because they
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were so worried about how he had internalized what happened to him in terms of being was i to prevent or just give you some more context on this prevents is the counter terrorism program introduced by the u. k. government. it focuses on preventing vulnerable people from being drawn into extremism. any one can refer someone to the scheme on almost 5000 referrals were made between april 20, 20, and march last year. or the british government insists that all the dates were in the prevent program is confidential and only held temporarily early removal as possible, but only were deemed appropriate, but later, alto hodges claims of the whole scheme is discriminatory. we know that these are more likely to be more, since it's more likely that the missing child or listen, i don't, will be referred to prevent in the 1st place. and therefore, it's more likely that m as in child, almost an adult will have their name stored on the prevent database. so it makes sense that if you have more lessons going in a fast pace, then you're certainly going to have more muslims within the prevent database. the
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reason why, well, firstly, prevent in and of itself is highly discriminatory and it was designed for muslims. it was actually design post 911, right? specific people them as in community. so there's no reason why it still wouldn't disproportionately target the muslim community. and also it relies on people trusting their like instincts. so it taps into a lot of unconscious bias. even even people who think i'm not racist, you know, it's tapping into their bias is seen look, even if you suspect something is strange, just refer it to prevent men offices. what they will, you don't have to worry, rather be safe than, sorry, ah, came at a rapid spread of another wave of coven infections in russia. university here is starting clinical trials of a new vaccine. but unlike the conventional ones that are administered with a needle, this one is a nasal spray, or it's based on the existing sputnik v vaccine that is hopes it could be on the market as early as the spray that armstrong has more details. session if university
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here in moscow will see some 300 volunteers take part in the 1st clinical trials. if the nasal vaccine it will take around 2 or 3 months for those tests to pass. and after another 3 or 4 months, it should be launched into public use. now officials and experts say it should provide the final piece of the jigsaw in protection against the only cron very. and these will, vaccines is needed in order to prevent people been infected by the highly contagious or macro variant. if we had it right now, we would spray everyone with the nasal vaccine, so they don't get infected. now a vaccine sprayed up, the nose may sound odd, but recent research undertaken at yale university shows this novel, unconventional method could have a higher effectiveness against respiratory viruses than injections. we found that local mucosal immunity that's established by intern nasal vaccination, alyssa, it's a much more robust and cross reactive cross protective immunity than a conventional vaccine. that ease is intramuscular injection. quick and painless
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book. don't take our word for it. president vladimir putin has already tried out the nasal vaccine in its experimental stage is back in november. i sprayed, worn, and then the other. i sat there for 15 minutes and it was all over. i felt nothing simply, nothing shows. now the sputnik vaccine has shown to be twice as effective as the phase of vaccine against the on micron varian and experts are hoping that the nasal spray will have the same rates of effectiveness against that strand of cobit 19. now the expectations of experts in this nasal spray vaccine have yet to be proven. it will, of course, come as encouraging news to people in russia where in moscow alone, the record for daily cove infection rates has twice been broken in january. but with this, a new barrier against that on the con variant, it could mean that russia strengthens, is already world leading defense against the, on the kron varian, danny armstrong,
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moscow r t. a war of words has broken out over will. critics say is increasingly becoming a war on words. us universities found itself facing a huge amount of flag offer announcing an event to debate whether the word professional is racist that should be confined to history. ah, the term professionalism has at times been used to silence and marginalize people of color when attributes of appearance, language, or interactions that have nothing to do with job knowledge, are labeled as unprofessional. with cynthia williams, the assistant dean of community partnerships, the skilled and highly motivated professional with 37 years of experience in
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academia. ah okay. that's how it looks for moscow. this our up next i for you a personal journey through the history of racism in the usa from emmy winning director and pharmacy and m producer frances course. ah ah lose .
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for prim unity. are you going the right way? where are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows.
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is the earth still large enough to satisfy the ambitions of jeff bezos? you know, it's got its tentacles in so many aspects of the economy. there's nothing that amazon is i'm trying to get into to step by step. the amazon empire has extended its group on the world that walks like end up being quite like a dog gets a dog. so amazon looks like monopoly trades like a monopoly makes money like monopoly behaves like monopoly. amazon essentially controls the market place. it's not really a market as a private arena, a wild, where a single company controls the distribution of all day. the products and the infrastructure of our economy. is this the world according to amazon? ah
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ah, hi . my name is ron hughes. my grandma could thomas yeah. on the banjo. did you mind your mom macy? i'm in cotton. yeah, mm hm. oh, shoot bench. and put you on a little woman, poor woman carrying the p, joe with no one in the pipe out on the lambert in the plate. he 1st saw
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a room in it. all right, and now you can understand, united states has screwed up understanding the role that slavery played. it was already a very prominent patricia. by the time united states became a nation, it actually defined the nation. slavery didn't just and, and go away. we, as a country, were formed out of a compromise with slavery. the southern colonies were not willing to be part of a union part of a national government. in last, the institution of slavery was protected in the price of protecting that institution.


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