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the country still stands in brick. i'm from the south. everybody know, know what this thing to some extent. i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war. and the south is winning a top headlines right now here. what are you, the national, the russian foreign minister, i sort of a laptop says the u. s. replied moscow, security concerns kind of only serve as the basis for resolving secondary issues. i failed to address the key question of nate host eastwood expansion. aliens refusing to visit us because of russia alleged invasion plans. the western media appears to well lose the flock over ukraine publishing our host of absurd stories over the crisis in the program. we speak to a top us vaccine expert who explains why sputnik v. it's better than fight against
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ami crohn. i would cook a lot. i will, he now was i, when will the prime minister cool, cool and good if i mean, if the board johnson political life seemingly hanging by i read the government inquiry into downing street lock down violations expected to be released and any day now at a separate police pro, already underway with well, it's great to have you with us today. of course, at asi, international here at moscow research. i am right now before ukraine taking center stage, the russian foreign minister. i started a law firm has commented on the u. s. a note of response to moscow's demand for security guarantees. he says the most important question has been left unanswered. look, i say, yes, i knew the comment that as for the contents of the reply,
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there are grounds for the beginning of a serious conversation. only about secondary issues regarding the main issue that has been no positive reaction. and the main issue, i remind you is a clear position on the admissibility of nato's further expansion eastlake and on the deployment of strike weapons that could threaten the territory of the russian federation. when i was doing it with our teeth, don caught a here in the studio. good to see you today. you've been closely monitoring the story from the get go dot. and it looks like we're off to a bit of a rocky start here. these proposals, the secured to proposals from moscow, apparently rejected by washington. what do you know? yeah, absolutely. it is obviously not a success for diplomacy in this specific situation. the to keep proposals for security guarantees that the survey lab, rob said were rejected have to do with the deployment of offensive weapons in europe that could possibly hit the mainland of the russian federation. and also a promise from nato that it will not further expand eastward specifically into the
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countries of ukraine and georgia. now that 2nd point there is something that nato, that the russian federal that the russian foreign minister reiterated was actually promised to russia back in 1990 back when the ussr was still around and soviet president, gorbachev was power back then nato promised the soviet the soviet president that nato would not expand past the odor river in europe. now, he also cited the east on bull and astonished declarations of the organization for security and cooperation in europe. now, these defined the boundaries within which a sovereign nation can decide what military alliance to be a part of he specifically talks about the point that you know, that cannot interfere with the security of another sovereign nation. let's take a listen to what sir. love rob said rebuttal, so use of the right to choose alliances is clearly conditioned by the need to take into account the security interests of any other o. s. c state including of course the russian federation. the principle by which
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one cannot strengthen one's security at the expense of the security of others is deliberately hushed up. labrador also accused that the west of are ultimately em cherry picking policy when it comes to the issue of, of obligations it expects. others to follow? can you elaborate a bit more on that? yeah, absolutely. what he specifically meant of course, were at these points in the declarations that i mentioned earlier, the a stumble of standard declarations that a country has the right to freely choose the military alliance. it wants to be a part of as long as it does not infringe on the security of another country. now live rob brought this up, actually with an antony blink and the secretary of state in the united states during negotiations in geneva. so let's take listen to what the, how survey lab, rob said that discussion went yes. brochures renewed in geneva when blinkin. and i, when negotiating. i asked how they could explain their position according to which
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they consider the commitments adopted within the o. s. c, a. only as a menu from which they pick and choose only the items they find appetizing. what they have pledged to do in terms of the interests of others. they try to ignore lincoln did not answer this question. he shrugged his shoulders. now the kind of things we've been hearing from live rather than this statement, to be honest, are not that surprising, especially because just on wednesday, nato publicly said that it's rejecting moscow's key proposals that i just mentioned earlier. that was shortly shortly after the american ambassador john sullivan visited moscow, visited the foreign ministry here and delivered america's answer that came 2 weeks after it was expected. but blinking also. anthony blinking also said the u. s. was open to dialogue and everything, but this is at the same time that he says that this is the dialogue is only going to be possible with russia stops, and so called aggression. at the same time that nato is strengthening its military
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positions on russia border. at the same time that us military advisors are still in the ukraine and they continue to receive weapons from western countries. so, diplomacy isn't looking to all that great right now. looks like a round one has just just finished, and it's not up to a good start, as you say, don't know, quarter. thank you. let's learn a little bit more here on the program on our t international. enjoy martin mccauley and author and russia. analysts discuss this latest development here. martin. great. the. so you good afternoon to you. what do you make of the russian foreign minister statements just now he's making a very strong russian statement which has been stated before and the americans are very well aware of it. and they have said that basically we don't agree with that other, they don't respond to it or we don't agree with it. so you have 2 sides who are arguing and neither side, in addition to the other. the other side is willing to make concessions. and we're
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in a situation where it's a good thing they're talking because talking is better than, than going to war. as you know, and you've heard it many times before, martin leverett spoke of the nato promise not to expand further eastward. it was made in the 1900 ninety's. now it's, i guess, been well and truly broken. russia feels a bit aggrieved. but by this what, what's, what's your position? well, americans argue that the statement about nato troops not moving eastwards of the odor, only concerned the german dominican republic. and it disappeared in 1989 and the soviet union disappeared in 1991. so that for all these statements and song, if you like on limbo there were made at a time when these 2 states existed and no longer exist. and therefore the americans would say, right, we start from that. russia is not the success and state of the soviet union. it's
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only one of the 15 former republics of this union. so that from the american point of view, they're arguing that basically these promises were made to states which no longer exist. martin, what about the other, the other comment from us? ok law for all to said that one country cannot strengthen its security at the expense of another. i mean it sounds logical, but is that a realistic expectation? and that's very important because if one state i citizens aggressive by another one on his border, it has the rights and to defend itself increases security. but it cannot increase the security at the expense of the other state trying to become stronger. because that security is really based on the current balance then and everyone then treated secure. but at once one state appears to be aggressive, a very strong. and the other found is
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a week then isn't the position word will call on the side. but if it has any outside power, george porter to come and support it. because it, president of ukraine is a big part. and russia is a giant delighted person. and therefore, from ukraine's point of view, they need outside help without your help, they had in the future. do you think this ever going to be some sort of solution here? i mean, do you think nato will ever really respond to russia's concerns about the alliance moving closer to russia's borders? well, they would say that the, the states in this is says, successes, states and so junior, which joined nato is tony led really to enter and eastern europe. they were southern states than they had a southern right as, as its own state. they were right to choose their alliances, and when they both asked govern drove after i did a did own about the future and the bud secures and so on. you said you are. so you
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are someone state or even through your alliances. i do think fit because you are a shovel state, so therefore we're back to square one. where from american point of view, the americans cannot do in fact accept the view they, they're the russian view that they can expand to anywhere else. they would say it's up to any other southern states their wishes to join us and we will consider that. but from the russian point of view is that is it just was because we look at the form of 15 republics. we shall be junior and we don't want the americans encroaching on that. in fact, they would like a native to leave east in europe as well. but that is not possible because these are southern states, poland, hungary, jordan, southern state, members of nato. and they would argue that out as soon as not the americans would take this in its odyssey, and therefore we're back to, if you like. and sometimes
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a dollar to a death where one side is saying something. you know, i was, i didn't listening to that, but i mean, i can say, you know, i think absolutely right. it was, it's almost getting to a point of dial ogle bust. i mean, at the moment we've just seen around one of these told so the letters going back and forth and it's off to a very, very bad start. one might say, well, it's just round one, they're going to be 12 more rounds perhaps. and all of this, but all this, while russia re staging enormous military drills and some of the major parts of water around the world, navy drills and the parents see the will take the mediterranean, the atlantic right now as well. russia is in a way signaling that if nato is going to be put to potentially aggressive, then russia will meet the question. and if there were some sort of kinetic war, he would probably, and very, very quickly. but do you think nato, with this war mongering rhetoric and the banging of its war drums is actually ready for a kinetic war with russia because i'm sure the people are not ready. no, it's not ready. nato at present could not win
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a war against guy against russia in europe, because the russian troops are in russia and they can move and all the equipment is on can be moved westwards. whereas nato, nato in europe really means france and britain. the other countries with only provide very, very few troops and very, very little equipment and the americans would have to bring a lot of numbers, amount of warmer to yo, into europe, garbage time. they probably would have lost the war, so that from, from a native point of view, they don't want to fight a war in europe. because the chances of winning a very slim, unless they use a nuclear weapon, nuclear option, which presumably will not do. but from a conventional point of view. they contest between the train and nato and his allies would in fact be a loss for nato and the west. so therefore they would not. they do not want to get
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involved in immunity confrontation because they would lose it. by the end of the day, i think i can speak for just about all of us here we have the call ahead will prevail, martin mccauley. ortho and russia analyst joining us live on our national. appreciate it. thanks for that. thank you. but while washington does trust a need for diplomacy is the only way out of this crisis, there are some john list to striking a slightly more belligerent tone. just buying time till they replace to invade ukraine, making you jump through hoops like hand delivering written responses to questions that you, vance at time and time again in the past. meanwhile, that the stabilizing ukraine from within the economy's crumbling, you're spending hundreds of millions of dollars throwing them up. what point do you stop playing rushes game and take preemptive action? now? we can walk and chew gum at the same time. that's very much what we've been doing while some journalists are, and i guess a war mongering mode, others seem to have lost the plot altogether when it comes to ukraine with some
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media outlets pumping out some pretty absurd stories. saskia taylor now explains. they say you should be coo and a crisis on last your the media, in which case why when you can become hysterical and so panic instead. and never mind the criminal battle probably european bickering or by didn't miss night cream . just off the warning about world war 3 off rule will never understand what goes on in his head. the media pundits, one real scoops the boulder the better, the more outlandish, the better. like this random women and kids, they found just hanging out a window holding a gun. i have never hunted in my life. i but this carbon, after listening to some soldiers discussing the best rifle to get if it comes stood, then we'll fight for key if will fight to protect our city. i don't see any sense in the rush and starting a war and leaving cave alone. it's strange because usually the media is pro gun control. i guess it doesn't count of watches of the target. well, the,
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how bad the crisis is, the media says that housewives have what their bags for rifles. the thing is, marianna juggler is in fact a simple ukrainian woman from the territorial defense forces. her uniform is british, another fake story about militants whom western propaganda turns into anti russian freedom fighters. i got to cite done speaking as great when it's directed against the russians. i guess there's only a certain number of undercover housewives in ukraine. so the media had to look elsewhere specifically at a map. and it's noticed that the quickest way from moscow to key f as a fire churn noble making at the lowest logical invasion route. also making russians pretty much the only willing visitors essence, well, 1986. the risk of a war for the spreading radiation seems minimal, but one object in the zone is particularly vulnerable. a new $1700000000.00,
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stainless steel arch over the destroyed reactor. it was completed in 2016 to prevent the spread of highly radioactive dust. yes, on route to zalinski is office. the press things that putin's troops might just topple a giant radiation containing structure, but with more than 29000 tons. you know for some like texas eyes and toxic exposure before the real fighting stops. talking about the real fighting. have you read the mirror recently? no. oh, wow. see you. i can seen hooton's terrifying arsenal of high tech support. while these include, i warn you, the positively far raising power tupa dogs. i agree. it really doesn't look like that dog in the articles photo signed off for regular sky diving. and that's because he didn't and thought photo is all they such an rescue dog. not one of the kremlin kin canines fabricated by the mirror. but if the ukrainians a don't surrender at the sight of a flailing dog and
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a harness while the robot tanks and flying kalashnikov are ready as back up the still firing ai ecological rifle with its own brain is still at the prototype stage and appear recently. it's an arm show it can identify targets and pull the trigger with all the need for a human shooter. so puritans dragging out the very latest innovations the special occasion. the thing is, the a kalashnikov rifle has actually been around since 2017, the senior, the mera fide, it's entire back, jackson department. it seems. but never mind all this, because the most disappointing thing about this entire crisis is that putin's pad block the world will put a stop to travel, highly of old, extra terrestrials, probably regard wool ferris, something the only primitive civilizations engaging. so the ukraine situation means we're unlikely to get an invitation to join the federation for the time being, quite frankly, who can blame the media driving to aliens and told us,
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because once they finish driving, this wild population to a nervous breakdown, they'll need some new readers for all of the while to panic and despatch that they've got cookie or they're staying with ukraine right now. whereas we understand a police of arrested, a soldier suspected of carrying out not shooting in the city of the network. 5 people were killed in the atrocity as we understand. the shooting happened around for a m local time. it took place in the offices of a company that makes missiles for the military. the police say the suspects shot dead for others, soldiers and civilian. at this point is not clear what the motives were, what we understand that the gunman fled the scene with an assault rifle. however, no one was hurt when he was arrested. my story, is it still to come here on the program on our team international? a boston man is refused a life saving heart transplant. his family say it's all because he doesn't want to get the job against coven that and more with back in just a 2nd. in
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the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation, let it be an arms race, movies on of very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time to sit down, talk blue, blue b o a
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a, [000:00:00;00] a the good to have with us today, argentina has asked the world health organization to speed up the approval process of the russian sputnik v vaccine it's currently sharing its data on the injection with the w h o. a team of experts from the organization is now due to visit russia sometime next month. what's more, a russian italian study released by the russian direct investment fund earlier this month found that wouldn't be, is more effective against the armor constrained than that of the pfizer shot
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among all samples 74.2 percent of sputnik the vaccinated sarah were able to neutralize on the con versus 56.9 percent suffice vaccinated. so i looked at the paper and the data promising. what the paper shows is, says, nick, we, yan 2 bodies that i induced by the 16 cross react. miss alma cross isn't lost and ready to do, but there is still residual activity that will hopefully provide protection. i found, especially promising was the very last graph of the paper shows the kinetics of the party response. and as the new design a big scene that holds up quite rapidly. so after 6 months, there are significant lower levels of antibodies than you have shortly after the explanation of these responses seems to be mos estate. i think we should also help
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developing countries to improve their own menu manufacturing capacity. do i think that's an hour and a rec, saying companies that are going to collaborate with us as a nicole, a j. j. i'm not sure to be perfectly honest, but i would say a hospital in the united states in the city of boston has refused to give a life saving heart transplant to a patient. it's primary says is because of his refusal to get injected against cove . it or the man's wife says it's a violation of his rights. he is it extremely high risk of sudden death? we are literally in a corner right now. this is extremely time sensitive. we're being pressured to choose a shot that could kill him. this is not just a political issue. people need to have a choice. the j ferguson is a 31 year old father of 2 and reported a suffering end stage. heart failure. family says it wants to move him to another hospital,
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but it can't be transported due to his condition. baltimore has defended his dance, saying the covert vaccine is one of many requirements for old transplant recipients . our health care system requires several, c, d. c recommended vaccines, including the coven, 19 vaccine and lifestyle behaviors for transplant candidates to create both the best chance for a successful operation and to optimize the patient survival of to transplantation. given that their immune system is drastically suppressed. we spoke to john dombrowski, our ceo of the washington pain center. he says, refusing to get the job is not grounds enough for a transplant, but in ethics, you know, one, we have to, we know, respect to patient what they want. now truly, if the patient is really bad, heart disease but has bad behaviors and things like that in terms of smoking and diet and exercise, he doesn't do well then clearly, you know, those organs are very limited. so we're not going to give it to that one individual employ changes your lifestyle behavior. but clearly this is not the case. he sounds compliant with respect to his you know,
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other issues or really to his heart disease. the one thing seems to be the sticking point seems as code vaccination we've done with many patients who are new transplant with a kidney transplant, lung transplant before cove it and there's never been requirement for vaccination ever. well, these are ethical questions and if the patient does not want to move in that direction, but truly needs care and then the physician and the patient should talk to one another and move forward. so we should want to get some more information, but hopefully we can move forward, take care of these patients. because time is of the essence. let's do the transplant and maybe talk about the vaccine later because he may not make it to tomorrow. the british prime ministers, political life hangs in the balance with an inquiry into so called polity. kate locked down violations about to be released. although downing street appears to be stalling, saying the report might need to undergo certain legal checks 1st. meanwhile, this rampant speculation. it's released could spock a vote of no confidence in boris johnson,
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though he did face the wrath of m. p. 's and a common showdown earlier with calls for his immediate resignation. i would prefer to be led by law than ally. i will. he now reside every moment he stays, his dragging over the agony for families who reminded of the sacrifices they made a drug in his party, father through the dirt. the public knows that the house knows it even his own and please know it. or when will the prime minister talk horn and go? well, it was indeed a very heated prime minister's questions is the primary subarus johnson clings on refusing to resign. it comes as we still are awaiting the very much long awaited su, gray investigation report. it's still yet to be published as the weight gets longer and longer though many people have taken to social media saying the anticipation is more exciting than waiting for christmas. meanwhile,
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the leader of the opposition is calling on bars johnson to go saying that the prime minister alive twice misleading parliament about these parties. on the 1st of december, the promise to told this house in relation to paul christian lockdown, guidance was followed completely in number 10. on the 8th of december, the prime minister told this house, i have been repeatedly assured since these allegations of merge the walls no party since acknowledges the minister of quote replies to him, william hours on oh, to sleep. at least 16 alleged gatherings in downing street parties have imagined come to light the report is expected to make conclusions on at least some of them. now what we do know is that includes the 20th of may 2020, where by allegedly a 100 people were invited to the downing street party to make the most out of the wonderful lovely weather and also bring your own booze. in april of 2021,
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apparently 2 parties were held on the very same night where one attendee was even sent to the nearby shops at top up on the stash a return with it in a suit case. now, quite crucially, that party i was on the night before prince phillips funeral, and since then, downing street has apologized directly to the queen. now more recently, an allegation comes out with burst johnson on his birthday party on june the 19th, apparently there were 30 people endorse where the prime minister was presented with some cake and staff saying, happy birthday. now, many people say the prime minister has indeed been caught red handed with all of this. but boris johnson has repeatedly said that he didn't know he was breaking any of the rules while some of bars. johnson's support to says some of these parties, and indeed the birthday party was not premeditated. people came and presented him the cake on his birthday. the saying happy birthday was there for about 10 minutes . it was not a pre meditated organized party in lessons. he was in
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a serve ambush military. interestingly though, when it comes to the su gray, fine things, they will be sent directly to the prime minister. and then it will be up to him to make a statement to the house of commons. so some people are saying, will we see the full findings? will that be made public or will the prime minister choose to redact some of that information? i dropping out the program with our story right here when oxy international. thanks for sharing some of your firstly with us here at moscow. returning very soon at the top of the hour, about half an hour's time with more of your top well, a lot. there may or may we serve up in may, we should all be angry because what's going on, right?
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can't understand united states history and the role that slavery plate is already a very formal institution. by the time united states became a nation, it actually find the nation. the rise of capitalism is clearly on the backs of slate and it's laid down. if you had investigated lynching any great extent, you can't believe that a country and country still stands in brick. i'm from the south. everybody know, know what this thing to some extent. i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war and the south is winning with paris, paris camps all down through here. all initial larry over here. there
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wasn't any in here. this was all grown up, overgrown really up high. those camps were up a little bit further. so you're camps are always a little nicer than this, but this is, this is evidence of absolute poverty, despair. people in our city and other cities all across america are living like this in survival mode and struggle with to give up already for it already is there. so i'm david brown and i am the co founder was my wife linda of eden village, which is where we are right now. this is in springfield, missouri, and it is
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a tiny, really tiny home. really,


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