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tv   News  RT  January 26, 2022 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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and the south is with russia, receives written replies both from the us, the nato, to moscow request. the security guarantees a conflict in ukraine in the news countries across europe, east coast restrictions, despite near record high infection rates, while health officials give mixed signals on the threats of the only constraint. also i had i would prefer to be led by law. the law will he now with british prime minister boys johnson's political life simply hangs by a thread with a government inquiry into downing street locked down violations expected to be
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released any day. now. a separate police probe is also under way with coming to you live from our headquarters. here in moscow you're watching are the international. my name is peter scott, and here the top stories this our us and nate. so have given their written responses to russia's request for secure to guarantees. the american ambassador handed over the documents here in moscow on wednesday evening. but so far, the exact contents haven't been disclosed. and now a quick reminder of russia's demands. they include ukraine and georgia not been offered nato membership, scaling back the alliances forces near russia's borders and the removal of u. s. nuclear weapons from europe. well, earlier unit o'neill spoke with some of our team correspondence across the world about that development. well, antony blank in the us, secretary of state,
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talked about how a document had been prepared and delivered to russian officials and they were choosing to not make that document public at this time. but this document does address russia's security concerns. the document won't be public. however, anthony blanket did describe how the united states has provided javelin missiles, ammunition defensive security systems, helicopters, and other weaponry to ukraine and how the united states has authorized other nato countries, such as stoney had to do the same thing. there were threats of more sanctions on russia and export controls putting, put on russia in a way to hurt their economy and access to certain items. now what's interesting was, while anthony lincoln's tone was rather calm. and he seemed to emphasize that they wanted a diplomatic and negotiated solution to the issue. it seemed like the press and the reporters were asking him questions, were anxious to demand that he go into greater conflict and there be bigger tension
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. this is some of the interactions that went on between anti blanket and the u. s. mainstream media, just buying time till they replaced to invade ukraine, making you jump through hoops like han, delivering written responses to questions that you, vance at time and time again. in the past, meanwhile, the stabilizing ukraine from within the economy, crumbling, you're spending hundreds of millions of dollars showing them up. what point do you stop playing rushes game and take preemptive action? now, we can walk and chew gum at the same time, and that's very much what we've been doing. so we've been clear to russia that there are 2 paths, diplomatic one, but also a passive defense and deterrence. and if russia chooses aggression a path that will lead to massive consequences. now antony blank and also talked about the need to export more energy to europe and make countries throughout europe less dependent on russia for natural gas, sir. so that's all we heard from anti blank, and it seemed like he was emphasizing the willingness to negotiate and resolve this
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. so without further attention, the mainstream media and the press in the room seemed to have different ideas. well, let's say it turned to morocco the ever senior correspondent now in the studio with me merits, in terms of the russian demands. it's not something i was asked to day or yesterday . they've been there for quite a long time. what kind of responses given and what are the a, some of the main ones? well, they had been there for the better part of a decade. it's just recently that marcia has said that patients either has run out the now they are making demands because they, they aren't being heard. russia's security concerns, a multitude of them charged for yourself. for example, 20 years ago, russia had only one, a neighbor that was a member of nato. now it's 5 with you create and ga, potentially ascending in the future. they're essentially that to nato. that would be 7, almost half of russia's neighbors would be members of nato. and what that means,
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this is russia's concern, is that native infrastructure that is measles base is rockets would move closer and closer to russia. potentially hypersonic nissan, american hypersonic missiles, big station in ukraine, which is just a few minutes flood time for moscow, which for russia is completely unacceptable. that is where they have to order the red line. and they said all these, all these proposals to the united states and added today. so we're now hearing a reaction from russian officials who have seen this document at ease as was said, still confidential. the americans have asked the russian sod, not a shoe, not to share the documents their response with the press. but the reaction that we have heard so far is, is disappointing. one russian official has said that this is inadequate, but the united states responded with it cannot be accepted. another russian
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official has said that they did not address a single russian security concern. so they said a whole list of other themes and topics and proposals, refusing to, to answer single russia to address a single russia concert. we have heard of previous weeks, most of russia's proposals being shot down in public by there is a members who officials from, from native, from the united states, from europe. that is, that native world promise not to expand further to woods towards russia, that it won't promise, nor to station troops closer and closer to russia. that it, it will, you know, it refuses any negotiations. a compromise over potential nato expansion, which for russia is, as was said today, simply an acceptable, but it just doesn't want that to be done in whispers from the u. s. they want legally binding guarantees because they said they're sick of being told one thing. and then nothing happened. mother, this is the thing the, the,
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that we talked about earlier. that if you listen to the judge by the journalists at anthony lincoln's press conference, you, you honestly get the feeling that it's the journalists who wants a war lord, right, more than russia, the united states. and you could put together. i mean, you heard what of the one of the questions, it was why you bothering with negotiations and documents with, with rush of wasting thought as this is from a journalist. another question was, why, why are you sending hell, it's wise germany sending helmets instead of more missiles, aside from the thousands of missiles and anti air weapons that have been sent to you. creative. as the united states, boosting $283.00 tons, tons of ammunition and various rockets and military supplies says of russia's consent so far, etc. haven't been heard or are been entirely ignored on camera. thanks very much
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for an iraq sd of taken us through at rushes, the mans and the response to them. let's say i get some of the nato perspective now in the implications for europe. we can cross to our europe, corresponded peter, i believe you've been listening into the nato. zachary generals briefing a lot more. besides air ticket through developments on the continent, you installed some burg speaking in brussels. he said things were at a critical moment when it came to the ongoing situation regarding the tensions between russia and nato over ukraine. and he started off by talking about russian troops in the western part of russia. he also talked about their a significant buildup of troops in bella roofs, including fighter jets. they were heading in that direction. however, he then switched tack and moved on to talk about potential areas in which there could be future cooperation,
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particularly when we're talking in the areas of dialogue in the ways that nato and russia can communicate better with one another. let me outline the 3 main areas where we see room for progress. we should re establish our respective offices in moscow and in brussels. we should also make full use our existing military to military child. so communications are look also into setting up a civilian hotline for emergency use, make no bones about it. there is in going to be great news for russia when it comes to the written and written reply to moscow security proposals from nato against dalton. burke said the alliance won't compromise on their path to joy and policy, which is the open door policy, which is basically nato expansion. as russia sees that expansion towards it's a, it's borders, it's territory so that those offers do remain open to anybody that would like to
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join nato. but what you insult and burke did say, is that not only would there be dead doors open for talks that, that in terms of m a cute lines of communication, but also there would be air doors open for meetings, for summits that could be taking place. so the idea that they could potentially be some talks about not so much signing new treatment, but revamping in reinvigorating already existing treaties. that's what yen stolberg was talking about, particularly when it comes to the ideas of basically letting the other side know when there's going to be military drills. this was something he was very keen to stress. it hasn't just been nato that we've been hearing about though all narr on wednesday coming out of europe. there's also being quite important. norman defore, ab normandy format, meeting taking place in paris that wrapped up an anomaly format, of course,
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as their representatives, all russia, ukraine, france and germany. this meeting taking place at the, the level of, of diplomatic advisor. it was an i well 1st meeting of this kind since 2019, so was quite as a move anyway, to see this format re kindled. what we've heard, what we understand from the russian side, that they've put out a message so far as that, we will see another one of these meetings taking place this time where i'm speaking to you from in berlin, in around 2 weeks time. so that could be taken as the sign that the diplomatic approach is certainly still be the main goal, leave with the approach front and center. the idea that there would be further talks on that norman d format that would follow on from what we heard from manual mark on add the french president and all i've shown the german chancellor. they were here in berlin last night, getting that franco german alliance in order before that. and that normandy format
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meeting took place in paris. the next to all of those. nobody format meetings taking place here in berlin. the what they were saying was, dialogue must prevail and manual micron say he would never give up on dialogue when it came to this particular issue. so diplomacy looking like it is winning out at the moment. however, it doesn't seem like russia is going to get the answers. it was looking for either from the united states, although we don't know that or certainly it seems from what yen stalsen burke had to say coming out of brussels from nato. meanwhile, us politicians are raising the panic level over ukraine. republican congressman ted board has written to the secretary of state saying, given the fact that the biden administration stranded an unknown number of americans in afghanistan, i write to you with extreme concern for the fate of american citizens in ukraine. thus at the white house press, secretary, gen sock, he ruled out an american evacuation from the country. and the idea has been widely ridiculed on late night shows,
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organized evacuation as plan wiser because of the last, when you organized, ah, we love the hell now we're just going to go and expedia. thank you. and while natal ramps, or pitts military activity with wargames and away in the mediterranean, rushes also bolstering its c defenses. more than 20 warships have just set out from russia's southern ports for exercises in the black sea. there also large scale russian navy drills taking place in the barren c in the arctic there involving 30 ships and 12000 personnel we spoke with carrying can i? so last years, former foreign minister and she told us that the u. s. has more pressing concerns than ukraine, potentially joining nato. i don't believe that the ukraine file is the only and number one priority 5 from the u. s. went to point, i mean, now we all know what they really care about,
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what they're worried about. it's the situation in decibels, chinese see it's taiwan, it's china, it's technological edge. so these are to really, is just for them and not so much about ukraine joining are not joining nato. this has been on the agenda ever since. 2008 and nobody was really enthusiastic about it . and let me refer to a very distinguished us diplomats with diets some time ago church cannon. he was actually the one who had coined the containment of cold war policies in the late night and forties. and the torch cannon was still alive in the early 19 ninety's when are there other force measures or for enlarging on the nature eastwards. and he said then very clearly that this is a big arrow. don't do it. i think it was a night and night 56, that he said that then and that her statement by canon should, should be studied, should be implemented still ahead on the program. several european countries are
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listing that co read restrictions, despite near record taste numbers. that story more coming up shortly. ah
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah welcome back to the program, the british prime minister is on the ropes with the inquiry to so called par to gate lockdown, violations about to be released boys. johnson faced the fury of m. p. 's and a common showdown earlier with calls for his immediate resignation. i would prefer to be led by law than ally. i will. he now has a legally for roving parliament,
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misleading the house decorating with dodgy cash partying. while the public suffered, every moment he stays, his dragging over the agony for families who reminded of the sacrifices they made when will the prime minister top horn and go every day, the prime minister latches from scandal to scandal. and meanwhile, his government has written a full point, 3000000000 pounds to fraudsters, instead of writing of loans to food stamps. why, why the prime minister write his resignation to the queen? well, it was indeed a very heated prime minister's questions this afternoon. as the primary subarus johnson clings on refusing to resign, it comes as we still are awaiting the very much long awaited su, gray investigation report. it's still yet to be published as the weight gets longer and longer though many people have taken to social media saying the anticipation is
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more exciting than waiting for christmas. even though many of these pretty uses are saying to, we really need a report to confirm the parish. johnson and his colleagues were breaking the law at the height of the pandemic. meanwhile, the leader of the opposition, he's calling on barnes johnson to go saying the prime minister ly twice misleading parliament about these parties. on the 1st of december, the promised to told this house in relation to partition lockdown. all guidance was followed completely in number 10. on the 8th of december, the prime minister told this house i have been repeatedly assured since these allegations emerge, the walls no party. so since acknowledges the minister of quote replies to him, while he now resign, oh, it's the people at least 16 alleged gatherings in downing street parties have imagined come to light report is expected to make conclusions on at least some of
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them. now what we do know is that includes the 20th of may 2020, where by allegedly a 100 people were invited to the downing street party to make the most out of the wonderful lovely weather and also bring your own booze. in april of 2021, apparently 2 parties were held on the very same night where one attendee was even sent to the nearby shops at top up on the food stamp. she returned with it in a suit case. now, quite crucially, that party i was on the night before prince phillips funeral, and since then, downing street has apologized directly to the queen. now more recently an allegation comes with birds johnson and his birthday party on june the 19th, apparently there were 30 people endorse where the prime minister was present with some cake and staff saying, happy birthday. now, many people say the prime minister has indeed been caught red handed with all of this, but boris johnson has repeatedly said that he didn't know he was breaking any of the rules while some of bars johnson support to says some of these parties. and
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indeed, the birthday party was not premeditated. people came and presented him to the cake on his birthday. the saying happy birthday was there for about 10 minutes. it was not a pre meditated organized party in those rooms. he was innocent ambush, rotate well as we still await the su gray investigation and have finding some people do say that it will confirm at least some of breaches. in fact, summer saying there must be enough evidence to suggest at least an element of criminality. considering the metropolitan police have now launched an investigation . interestingly though, when it comes to the su gray findings, they will be sent directly to the prime minister. and then it will be up to him to make a statement to the house of commons. so some people are saying will we see the full findings will that be made public or will the prime minister choose to redact some of that information? what we do know though is once that rapport lance on doris johnson's table, he'll have just
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a few hours before he has to make it publicly known and release it. and as every minute goes by now, the calls for him to resign and for him to go, i'm guessing louder and louder in the news with the german government debating whether or not to introduce a covey vaccine mandate for over a scenes. protesters had been rallying in berlin against the proposals. there was a big police presence on the streets and several demonstrators were reportedly detained. the bulk of the action was at the boon to start where lawmakers were debating the controversial legislation. the monday it's been a bone of contention between politicians with the opposition party saying a sweeping mandate would be overkill. because the army con variance is milder. we heard from some of those attending the rally. i don't like it very much. the moment you you name it mandatory. yeah. it's mandatory to everybody has to have the same ride. this is really weird that we can't be like 6 months,
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at least an immune scene. as a movie, we're critical about the system about the way they treat us. the way they put us into positions, i don't trust the narrative, i am totally against a mandatory vaccination. meanwhile, some countries across europe are actually lifting restrictions and thus, despite near record case numbers, and there's plenty of confusion over the plans with the w h. o europe chief saying the army constrain could spell the end game for the pandemic. while other officials points are the heights and risks, arti shar davinsky reports from paris. well, a year ago, people were living in fear of cosy, but here we are today. and despite there are recorded new numbers of cases in europe, it seems that the concerns of european governments are melting away. take frogs, for example, where a year ago, 20000 cases a day precipitated a 3rd national lockdown. 500000 cases
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a day at the moment. and what does the government do to respond to that? well, it's easing the restrictions from next week that comes at the time when there is still intense pressure on hospital staff and capacity. and despite that, those restrictions will start easing form that next week it's pretty mind boggling . but france isn't the only country doing that. austria to pulling suit in announcing on wednesday of next week need to be under their own specific type of lockdown will be able to go back out to st freely. although film was able to access restaurants and bars because they are unvaccinated. and there is this question about whether this is a more of a will to continue these types of people described as being to communion restrictions, whether government just simply giving into this. there is now a ray of political who sees from culture saying, restrictions now it's too much and in fact,
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the restrictions are impossible pretty much for the police to monitor some also say the restrictions are easing as a result of vaccination levels being quite high across europe. the average now is at 70 percent, and there are also restrictions easing in denmark and in england in the u. k. but all of this comes amidst a warning from the world health organization that this pandemic is far from over. and the idea it said this narrative, this is now a mild disease, is simply wrong. the w h o saying that actually health services are still inundated, in cases and you are, remains the at the center of this pandemic. so is the light at the end of the turn . what we've been here before with easing restrictions and then being put back to square one. but the reality is it does seem, is it coded 19? now he's going to linger like a bad smell and a bad smell, we're simply going to have to get used to. and now from vaccines to viruses,
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argentina has agreed to share its data on the russian sputnik cove id shot with the world health organization. and thats raised hopes that the vaccine could gain emergency approval from the direct show with a team of experts due to visit russia next month. earlier in january, a russian italian study was released on sputnik ve. the research is conducted a comparison with the pfizer shop and found the sputnik is significantly more effective against the army constrain. we spoke with hildebrand earth, all a professor of vaccines and immunotherapy in the us, and she thinks the results of the study look promising. so i looked at the paper and the data, a problem is saying what the paper shows. it says put nick b u n to body said i, and used by this vaccine cross read this on the crowd. there is a loss activity, but there is still residual way to do that. then hopefully provide protection. i
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found especially promising was the very last drop off the paper. you know, it shows that kinetics on the end, you part of your response and as the new is our neighbor seems that for some, quite rapidly. so after 6 months there are significantly lower levels of antibodies . then you have shortly after the explanation, my with these responses seems to be master state. i think we should also help developing countries to improve their own menu manufacturing capacity. do i think that m, our native st companies, fives that are going to collaborate. this foot degree astrazeneca j and j. i'm not sure to be perfectly honest, but i would say, well that's it for now, but feel free to head over to r t dot com for more stories in depth analysis. my name is peter scott, and i'll be back again in half an hour in
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a big pedal luther know there are, you don't get a back. i don't know what i would get the rest the 7 years a record. denali know you him. this is, he is a sphere, he will foster you will fall off the end. and on the other side, when he came home and you are back home. so i would like to envision the postal unit if you live and it's just like that. you're on the action, you need to, i'm from the other time. and there is james all down through
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here, holland, this larry over here. so you're camps are always a little nicer than this is evidence of absolute poverty, despair, and people in our city and other cities, all across america are living like this, where the original eat and village been opened up in 2018 right now. there's 31 homes on the property. it's a little over 4 acres with 31 homes and a community center. unfortunately, a lot of people don't make it out of edition more homelessness and i'm just really happy. it made it. oh, her dad you with me in. ah, oh, it's an open secret that private military companies have been playing a role in our conflicts world wide. u. s. government doesn't track the number of
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contractors it uses in places iraq or afghanistan, united states army and the military and general is so reliance on the private sector. i would call that dependency, but we don't know who's the on the ground presence of these companies overseas. we just don't out west and private military companies can in their turn use so cool subcontractors from countries with trouble pass the chances i quite good that they had also been child diligence. i says, i was a child, as well as my job professional is with the whole one full quote. it is $1.00 to $5.00 set that looked with no limit, malone, if you want the choice to be merciless killing machines, now they fight and die in other people's was people carol, lot one and
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a dead soldier or dead marine shows up in this country and we start asking yourself, why did they die? why do what were they fighting for? nobody bothers down to about that contractors in how this show on the, the fact that some countries are withdrawing part of the implement doesn't necessarily mean a minute emulation. it's rather a part of a delicate diplomatic ha. together with our partners, we are acting as one team. protect your bodies from virus, use your brain from lyles and heartbeat from fantasy. wait a minute. what did the president ukraine just say? this show on the, the fact that some countries are withdrawing part of the implement doesn't necessarily mean a minute emulation. but president biden has issued a high alert order for the you.


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