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tv   News  RT  January 26, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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oh, business i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm hm. mm. breaking news and artsy us gives its formal response to russia's request for security guarantees and fears of a conflict in ukraine. also ahead with countries across europe, ease their cobit restriction in this, this spine near a record infection rates. while health officials give mix signals on the threads on plea all may calling the brain and i would prefer to be led by law the law. how will he now has on british prime minister boris johnson's
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political life, seemingly hanging by a thread with a government enquiry into dawning street, locked on violations, expected to be released very soon. a separate police probe is also under with another significant story of the day, argentina agrees, the surest data on the russian sputnik v. cobit vaccine with the world health organization raising hope se could soon be approved for moscow to the world. this is our t. my name's unit o'neill, you are welcome to then use our we begin with breaking news. the u. s. has given its formal response to russia's request for security guarantees. the american ambassador handed over the document here in moscow some hours ago. but so far, the exact content has not been disclose the reminder. russia's demands include,
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excluding ukraine and georgia from nature. the possibility of getting in stealing back in nato forces near russia's borders on the removal of american nuclear weapons from europe. where we can hear from r, t 's correspondents across the world, killer me up and in new york, peter oliver in berlin and our senior cross from rutgers. the of us in the studio with me. let's start with caleb. as you can see and screen there, can you bring us up to speed indeed, what the us secretary of state had to say today? well, antony blank in the us, secretary of state, talked about how a document had been prepared and delivered to russian officials and they were choosing to not make that document public at this time. but this document does address russia's security concerns. now he also emphasized that nato is preparing a separate document, which will be provided on behalf of the nato alliance. and they will address these
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concerns in a separate way from russia. now the document won't be public, however, anthony blank and did describe how the united states has provided javelin missiles, ammunition defensive security systems, helicopters, and other weaponry to ukraine and how the united states has authorized other nato countries such as stoney, had to do the same thing there were threats of more sanctions on russia and export controls putting, put on russia in a way to hurt their economy and limit access to certain items. now what's interesting was, while anthony lincoln's tone was rather calm. and he seemed to emphasize that they wanted a diplomatic and negotiated solution to the issue. it seemed like the press and the reporters who were asking him questions, were anxious to demand that he go into greater conflict and there be bigger tension . this is some of the interactions that went on between anti blanket and the u. s. mainstream media
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just buying time till they replaced to invade ukraine, making you jump through hoops like hand delivering written responses to questions that you, vance at time and time again in the past. meanwhile, the stabilizing ukraine from within the economy's crumbling, you're spending hundreds of millions of dollars showing them up. what point do you stop playing rushes game and take preemptive action? now, we can walk and chew gum at the same time, and that's very much what we've been doing. so we've been clear to russia that there are 2 paths, diplomatic one, but also a path of defense and deterrence. and if russia chooses aggression a path that will lead to massive consequences. now anthony blanc and also talked about the need to export more energy to europe and make countries throughout europe less dependent on russia for natural gas. so that's what we heard from anti blink. and it seemed like he was emphasizing the willingness to negotiate and resolve this
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without further attention. the mainstream media and the press in the room seems to have different ideas that will lead to massive consequences. and through all that, kill my pin in new york. well, let's say it turned to morocco as the ever senior correspondent now in the studio with me merits, in terms of the russian demands. it's not something i was asked today or yesterday . they've been there for quite a long time. what kind of responses given and what are the a, some of the main ones more they had been there for the better part of the decking. it's just recently that marcia has said that patients either has run out the now they are making demands because they, they aren't being heard. all of russia's security concerns, a multitude of them judge for yourself. for example, 20 years ago, russia had only one, a neighbor that was a member of nato. now it's 5 with you create and ga, potentially ascending in the future. the there essentially did to nato,
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that would be 7, almost half of russia's neighbors would be members of nato. and what that means, this is russia's concern, is that native infrastructure that is measles bases rockets would move closer and closer to russia. potentially hypersonic misaki, american hypersonic missiles, big station in ukraine, which is just a few minutes flight time for moscow, which for russia is completely unacceptable. that is where they have to order the red light. and they said all these, all these proposals to the united states and, and today. so we're now hearing a reaction from russian officials who have seen this document. it is, as was said, still confidential. the americans have asked the russian side nato shoe not to share the documents their response with the press. but the reaction that we have heard so far is, is disappointed. mon russian official has said that this is inadequate,
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but the united states responded with it cannot be accepted. another russian official has said that they did not address a single russian security concern. so they said a whole list of other themes and topics and proposals, refusing to, to answer single russia to address a single russia concert. we have heard of previous weeks, most of russia's proposals being shot down in public by there is a members who officials from, from native, from the united states, from europe. that is, that nato won't promise not to expand further to woods towards russia. that it won't promise, nor to station troops closer and closer to russia that it e, it'll, you know, it refuses any negotiations. a compromise over potential nato expansion, which for russia is, as was said today, simply an acceptable. but it just doesn't want that to be done. in whispers from the u. s. they want legally binding guarantees because they said they're sick of
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being told one thing and then nothing happened. mother, this is the thing the that we talked about earlier. that if you listen to the judge by the journalists at anthony blinking spreads conference, you, you honestly get the feeling that it's the journalists who wants a more push, all right, more than russia, the united states. and you could put together. i mean, you had one of the, one of the questions. it was why you bothering with negotiations and documents with, with rush or wasting thought as this is from a journalist. another question was, why, why are you sending hell, it's wise germany sending helmets instead of more missiles, aside from the thousands of missiles and anti air weapons that have been sent to you, great over at the united states, boosting 293 tons. tons of ammunition and various rockets and military supplies. suits of rushes are concerned so far. it seems haven't been heard or are being
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entirely ignored on camera thanks very much for an american city of taken us through at rushes, the mans and the response to them. let sag get some all the nato perspective now in the implications for europe, we can cross to our europe, corresponded peter oliver in berlin. peter, i believe you've been listening into the nato. zachary generals briefing a lot more. besides air ticket through developments on the continent you installed some burg, speaking in brussels. he said things were at a critical moment when it came to the ongoing situation regarding the tensions between russia and nato over ukraine. and he started off by talking about russian troops in the western part of russia. he also talked about her a significant build up of troops in bell roofs, including fighter jets there were heading in that direction. however,
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he then switch tack a moved on to talk about potential areas in which there could be future cooperation, particularly when we're talking in the areas of dialogue in the ways that nato and russia can communicate better with one another. let me outline the 3 main areas where we see room for progress. we should re establish our respect their offices in moscow and in brussels. we should also make full use our existing military to military child. so communications are look also into setting up a civilian hotline for emergency use. make no bones about it. there isn't going to be great news for russia when it comes to the written, written reply to moscow security proposals for nato against dalton book said the
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alliance was compromised on their path to joy and policy, which is the open door policy, which is basically nato expansion. as russia sees it expansion towards its, its borders, its territory so that those offers do remain open to anybody that would like to join nato. but what you insult in burke did say is that not only would there be doors open for talks that in terms of lines of communication, but also that would be doors open for meetings for summit that could be taking place. he said that he's put this all in line with the allies that may cope the alliance, and that they're ready to go as soon as possible. though this could be the great barometer, if it just how serious nato is about. they saw certainly how serious russia perceives nato to be because we heard from said a lot for us not so long ago speaking with the, the german foreign minister when the russian foreign minister said there wasn't going to be any meetings just for the sake of their being meetings as far as moscow
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was concerned. so if there are any meetings that do happen, it would seem that there's something there worthwhile to be discussed. no, you installed in book said what they could take before more of this. talk about arms control, talk about nuclear weapons, shorts and medium range rockets, also talk about cyber defense and space and everything that entailed as well. now this also could get the attention of moscow and could see nato pushing against an open door. because if we go back in time again to the o s. c summit in stock comb at the end of last year, so de la rove ending his speech there by say there was a death of treaties between russia and nato. so the, that they could potentially be some talks about not so much signing new treaties, but revamping in reinvigorating already existing treaties. that's what you installed. and i was talking about, particularly when it comes to the ideas of basically letting the other site know
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when there's going to be military drills. this was something he was very keen to stress. it hasn't just been nato that we've been hearing about the on the on wednesday coming out of europe. there's also being quite said important norman defore normandy format, the meeting taking place in paris thought wrapped up and normally format of course, is there, representatives all russia, ukraine, france on germany, this meeting taking place at the, the level of a diplomatic advisor. it was well 1st meeting of this kind since 2019, so was quite a move anyway to see this format, re kindled what we've heard and what we understand from the russian side that they've put out a message so far is that we will see another one of these meetings taking place this time where i'm speaking to you from in berlin, in around 2 weeks time. so that could be taken as the sign that the diplomatic
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approach is certainly still be the main goal, the with the approach front and center. the idea that there would be further talks on that norman d format that would follow on from what we heard from manual mark on the french president and all i've shown the german chancellor. they were here in berlin last night, getting franco german alliance in order before that, that norman before about meeting took place in power is the next to all of those. nobody for meetings taking place here and berlin, the well they would say with dialogue most prevail and manual macros say he would never give up on dialogue when it came to this particular issue. so diplomacy looking like it is winning out at the moment. however, it doesn't seem like russia is going to get the answers. it was looking for either from the united states. although we don't know that certainly it seems from what you installed in burg to say coming out of brussels from nato. can extremely busy day peter, all of her bring this through all of our europe,
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corresponding live in berlin. well, let's cross live knowledge to a former pentagon security unless michael maloof for his take on the days developments on. there's been quite a few of them, michael, welcome to the program. what secretary blinking said they're peered to be no compromise on expanding nato, but he said that there's quotes serious offers and rushes other concerns. what do you expect to come out of the document? well, it rushes, not getting everything at once initially, but i look upon the initial response as the opening of of dialogue and i think from there you can, you can go ahead and, and add on and, and improve upon what's been being said yeah, nato expansion is something is actually moved in the real world because neither ukraine nor ga, can, can join nato, since they have frozen conflicts inside the inside of each of the countries. so
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they're not even eligible to join nato. that said, there are other areas that can be worked on, namely troop movements. the re establishment, for example of the 1997 founding act on mutual relations and cooperation insecurity. which basically said there would be no, no movement of troops or, or offensive arms into those countries that will border on, on russia. they're also can be the, the dement to agreement, which is under the normally format that peter pointed out. then, you know, states and europe need to insist that ukraine abide by, by that agreement would say that which they agreed to and, and ensure that the, the terms of that agreement, namely autonomy for don bus and loosens. and, but here, here again,
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or what i'm really concerned about is that in this interim process, you're going to have elements with inside ukraine that could, that could instigate something that would prompt that russian response a military response. and then that would be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back and create conflict that has to be avoided. the i'm really concerned about the neo nazi influence of the as off a battalion. and there are other groups within the ukraine military that would love nothing. more than to agitate and create a conflict. and we see that happening. i think that the, the, the, the proposals for you also have natal, basically a disarray. they don't want to conflict with the russia. and i think that it really behooves russia at this point to sit down and outline those terms of,
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of insisting on minsk agreements and, and also the founding the act principles. and so there is something to build upon diplomatically if that process is allowed to proceed. that, that's my point. it is it at least a positive step that the u. s. envoy has been to the russian foreign ministry today and we've got this formula tempt attempt at dialogue or are we in a better place than we were? well, you gotta have a starting point. okay. the, the initial paper has been dropped the by russia. there's been a response now you build upon that that's, that's the whole idea of diplomacy and negotiation. it'll take some time. but i think it's moving on a fast track and, but again, in that interim, i'm really concerned that there would be an instigation that, that the united states, which shouldn't even be leading this process, is so involved. but they should insist that ukraine do nothing to create
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a condition of that would force a russian response. and i think that those other terms can be worked out. they just have to get and if you can reestablish the, the natal counsel the nato, russia council inside it that, that, that would be very, very significant and important m. and reopen those offices. you gotta have communication that right now it's, it's breaking and, and there's talk on this end of sanctions against mr. brewton. personally, i have had discussions with russian officials on background that basically said if there is a personal attack on their prison, such as sanctions like this, even though they are meaningless. that in effect could rupture relations altogether between the united states and russia. and i'm very concerned about that as well. well, thank you so much for your time. your thought sounds all is mike on the loo, former pentagon security unless live on the program. ok, let's move on to more world news now. just approaching 20 minutes into the program,
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the british prime minister is on the ropes with an inquiry into so called party gate lock don, violations about to be released. maurice johnson faced the fury of m. p. 's and the commons showed done earlier with colds for his immediate resignation. i would prefer to be led by law than ally. i will. he now has a legally for rule in parliament, misleading the house decorating with dodgy cash partying, while the public suffer. every moment he stays, his dragging under the agony for families who is reminded of the sacrifices they meet. when will the prime minister top horn and go every day, the prime minister from scandal to scandal. and meanwhile, his government has written a full point. 3000000000 pounds to fraudsters instead of writing of loans, to food stamps. why? why the prime minister write his resignation to the queen? well, it was indeed a very heated prime minister's questions this afternoon. as the primary subarus
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johnson clings on, refusing to resign, it comes as we still are awaiting the very much long awaited su, gray investigation report. it's still yet to be published as the weight gets longer and longer though many people have taken to social media saying the anticipation is more exciting than waiting for christmas. even though many of these pretty uses are saying to, we really need a report to confirm the parish. johnson and his colleagues were breaking the law at the height of the pandemic. meanwhile, the leader of the opposition, he's calling on barnes johnson to go saying the prime minister life twice, misleading parliament about these parties. on the 1st of december, the promised to told this house in relation to partition locked down. all guidance was followed completely in number 10. on the 8th of december, the prime minister told this house, i have been repeatedly assured since these allegations emerge,
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the walls no party. so since acknowledges the minister of quote applies to him when he now resign. oh, it's the people, at least 16 alleged gatherings in downing street parties have imagined come to light report is expected to make conclusions on at least some of them. now what we do know is that includes the 20th of may 2020, where by allegedly a 100 people were invited to the downing street party to make the most out of the wonderful lovely weather and also bring your own booze. in april of 2021, apparently, 2 parties were held on the very same night where one attendee was even sent to the nearby shops at top up on the food stamps, to return with it in a suit case. now, quite crucially, that party i was on the night before prince phillips funeral, and since then, downing street has apologized directly to the queen. now, more recently, an allegation comes with birds. johnson on his birthday party on june the 19th.
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apparently there were 30 people endorse where the prime minister was present with some cake and staff saying, happy birthday. now many people say the prime minister has indeed been caught red handed with all of this. but boris johnson has repeatedly said that he didn't know he was breaking any of the rules while some of bars johnson support to says some of these parties. and indeed the birthday party was not premeditated. people came and presented him to the cake on his birthday. the saying happy birthday was there for about 10 minutes. it was not a pre meditated organized party in that sense. he was innocent ambush will take, as well as we still await the su gray investigation and have finding some people do say that it will confirm at least some breaches. in fact, summer saying there must be enough evidence to suggest at least an element of criminality, considering the metropolitan police have now launched an investigation. interestingly though, when it comes to the su gray findings, they will be sent directly to the prime minister. and then it will be up to him to
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make a statement to the house of commons. so some people are saying, will we see the full findings? will that be made public or will the prime minister choose to redact some of that information? what we do know though, is once that rapport lands on doris johnson's table, he'll have just a few hours before he has to make it publicly known and release it. and as every minute goes by now, the calls for him to resign him for him to go. i'm guessing louder and louder. the british government also under fire over ever growing any chance waiting times which can sometimes fatal results. in september last year 27 year old norman barker was taken to a, in, in the city of lincoln with chest pains. he died outside the emergency unit. after being told he'd have to wait 4 hours to see a medic. i spoke to his mother. now tommy and i can't chest pains, they said they'd pay for an ambulance, but they got told there was going to be
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a chill out. why? actually told us to sit down, but there was no way to say that people were standing outside normally. hot, you know, given a week 9 label out to well, but i was still got my given my whole symptoms and i'm only wasn't able to spell it . and i need to be told we have to wait for was a come across to me in a hallway teacher down in europe. stop, stay in before and i bridge to come to you. that is, you know, i'm not the one that starts to look on. you know, people go off for lunch because of my suit, arkwin speaking to r t. according to a nationwide study, more than 40 percent of u. k. hospitals failed to meet the 4 hour waiting time target. so far this year or 6000 patients. i've had to wait more than 12 hours in a patient waiting more than 5 hours are considered a far greater risk of death. all cases, similar to norman barkers are reportedly on the rise. as cobit puts ordinary
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services on, hold in the disease is 1st year more than 53000 people. now their cancer treatment delayed over the same period more than 4000 access dance were recorded. not related to cobit, we spoke to joy deep rover and emergency medicine specialist about the situation. the last 6 months. within the united kingdom. in many other countries, i'm sure they hadn't been around 10 to 50 percent of occupancies really did only to go with patients. which is slow processing of patients list. so they debility are based for people who come in the problem other than people are spending much longer in the emergency arguments before they can go to the hospital. so if you look at the last to last year about 90 percent of patients who came to the emergency
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hoffman states, the last 6 to 8 months dropped from 90 percent to 65 to 70 percent. so that's a significant problem. departments in the united kingdom of faith or countries across europe there, lifting corporate restrictions, the spike near record case numbers. now there's plenty of confusion over the plans with the w. h. o. europe chief, seeing the army kron strain, could spell the end game for the pandemic. while other officials point to heightened risks r t. charlotte dubin ski reports now from paris. well, a year ago, people were living in fear of cosy, but here we are today in despite there are recorded new numbers of cases in europe . it seems that the concerns of european governments are melting away take fronts. for example, where a year ago, 20000 cases a day precipitated
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a 3rd national lockdown 500000 cases a day at the moment. and what does the government do to respond to that? well, it's easing the restrictions from next week that comes at a time when there is still intense pressure on hospital staff and capacity. and despite that, those restrictions will start easing form that next week it's pretty mind boggling . but france isn't the only country doing that. austria to pulling suited announcing on wednesday the from next week, unvaccinated to be under their own specific type knocked down, will be able to go back out the streets freely. although film was able to access restaurants and bars because they are unvaccinated. and there is this question about whether this is a more of a will to continue these types of what people described as being de kooning restrictions or whether government just simply aren't giving into this. there is now ready of political who sees what you're saying restrictions now it's too much
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and in fact, the restrictions are impossible pretty much for the police to monitor some also say the restrictions are easing as a result of vaccination levels being quite high cost you up the average now is it 70 percent, and there are also restrictions easing in denmark and in england in the u. k. but all of this comes amidst a warning from the world health organization that this pandemic is far from over. and the idea it said this narrative, this is now a mild disease, is simply wrong. the w h o saying that actually health services are still inundated . he, casey, and you were, remains the at the center of this pandemic. so is the light at the end of the tunnel. what we've been here before with the easy restrictions and then being put back to square one. but the reality is it does seem, is it co vig 19 now is going to. ringback linger like a bad smell and
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a bad smell we simply going to have to get used to argentina has agreed to share its data on the russian sputnik v. cobit shots with the world health organization. and that has raised hopes dumped that vaccine could gain emergency approval from the w. h show with a team of experts juice of visit russia next month. earlier in january, a russian italian study was released on sputnik ve. the researchers conducted a comparison with the fi, rashaw and funded sputnik is significantly more effective against the on the chronic string. i spoke with hillary gun to hurtle a professor of vaccines and immunotherapy, in the u. s. she thinks the results of the study look promising. so i looked at the paper and the data, all problem is saying what the paper shows is says put nick b. yeah. antibodies that i used by this vaccine cross reg is all micron.


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