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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 26, 2022 4:30am-5:01am EST

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rear, here at home is actually over. and today the so called world's largest democracy, india celebrates the 75th anniversary of the end of a british imperialism. that reputedly killed 35000000. we ask, outspoken routing b, j. p party and piece of romanian. swami. india is increasing, animosity with china is now making india a colonial subject of native all this a more coming up in today's going underground. but 1st, today the scandal hit government to the u. k. government describing the majority of current of ours related restrictions in the country with the highest co death toll in western europe. now as well as johnson joins nato members in attempting to warn off russia's vladimir putin from ukraine. a question mark covers them of the issue of europe's gas crisis, as moscow arguably holds all the cards. joining me now from here in london is the case, former secretary of state for energy and climate change, chris hewn. chris, thanks so much for coming back on the show, even if i remotely, i better start, i suppose, obviously with the fact that the police is involved in
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a criminal investigation of the boards. johnson administration for allegedly violating corona virus laws. yes. is not good news for, for us johnson. he's had a oh series of revelations. first of all. ready from leaks about with the number of parties that were going on in down the street at that time when they were banned and a lot of old people were making considerable sacrifices. and yet it appears that number 10 was our having parties virtually every other day. and deborah's johnson has a major problem and with the police getting involved as well, i think things are closing, and i mean the context of this obviously, is that tens of thousands obviously ever died. millions, arguably psychologically wounded, makes your embroidery with the police are seem quite small, arguably in response. why do you think president dick the head of the metropolitan police?
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had to be persuaded by media reports to investigate what would otherwise have been this? what fine they supposed to violating the corona virus restrictions? i think the most voluntary a had a policy of only investigating and prosecuting where people were literally breaking the rules in front of their eyes. and that has simply not been sustainable when it comes to downing street because of the amount of media pressure. and frankly, the public outrage that people who have made the rules have been breaking the rules of old phrase in british politics. lawmakers must not be law breakers. i know myself and. 6 the reality is that that has come home to roost for boys johnson. i mean, i don't go too long on this because obviously the energy supplies and the bills are going to be mounting up for britain's was vulnerable. but you walked into downing street many times as a cabinet minister, the, there's a policeman literally outside the building,
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guarding downing street. we surprised that so belatedly, the inquiry by a civil center now internationally famous su gray. i think she's talked about in its national babies. that the only belatedly were the police then invited for interview about a possible criminal violation before the head of scotland yard then said okay, for as john is probably has to be questioned about this. it is of course, the case. the scotland yard is responsible for the protection of senior figures. tron terrace, and since anything else. and therefore there is always a, a police presence at downing street. and you could argue they should have known about this all. ready along and in the donnie street, of course is covered as no such buildings would be by cameras. ah, and yet nothing was reported to the place now it may just be internal. what we call
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chinese walls and the personal protection squads are, have a, a solid firm pledge of a murder to ah, that the people are protecting em and don't shop them to the rest the police force, but it doesn't look good. and i think the embarrassment is mounted for chris at a deck and martin that accounts for the fact that there's been a u turn in the much fall in places policy. and they are now looking at these events in retrospect. now, it's a well known rule of for politics. the famous a wag the dog phrase about the clinton administration, that a politician in trouble will seek or other avenues and to distract from their situation. i should just say on corona virus were unlocked down here because apparently i tested positive one day and the restrictions are being lifted. now, you think there's a bullet as a zation of the corona virus restrictions themselves. the w h o,
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they are saying that they are alarmed by johnson's go with the policies thinker rather than medical evidence this police say investigation may be affecting the health of the nation or no, i don't. i think that the evidence on the number of people in intensive care and the number of people being admitted hospital coming down quite sharply. there have been enormous increases and under cases, but most of those cases are asymptomatic or they are people who are really showing no signs of simpson. i think the call a late last year to a relax restrictions was more classical. but i think that actually, boys johnson got away with that. well, obviously, as we keep hearing from conservative politicians or johnson, she's actually recommended for the best vaccination record. and of course, denies any element of code restrictions being politicized. but then arguably on the
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same day, i mean within the past 448 hours, what we hear is that the cabinet office and treasury minister resigns who's supposed to be responsible for counter fraud over a legit, 4000000000 of corona virus and procurement fraud or what would you make of, of that? i think it's quite inevitable that there was fraud when you dispense so much public money so quickly to keep business alive. and i think the minister, who resigned was trying to flag up the treasury and others need to be rather tougher about pursuing these cases. how may have been while the government denies or fraud. and obviously those being pursued at the moment, deny that they're involved in any fraud or you have to make a clear distinction between government for which there. ready is no evidence and fraud by companies that were often set up in order to claim cash from the
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government to get through the code crisis versus the fraud. while the minister said it was ignorant of incompetence rather than corrupt as, as you're suggesting. but then, i suppose i'm going to ask whether the police inquiry may also be impacting on the government and taking their eye off the ball when it comes to energy bills that alone ukraine, which i will get on to do you think they took their eye off the ball as a former energy secretary state yourself when it came to one after another energy company going bust in the past few months. well, there are 2 separate issues. there were a lot so little energy suppliers. but when boss, because they weren't adequately capitalized for the job that they were doing, and because they did not put in place the source of hedging mechanisms on the financial markets, would have allowed them to continue to supply energy that they had committed to supplies. so that was a regulatory failure on the part of off jem,
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but i think you have to distinguish that situation very much from what's going on world markets for both gas and oil. and here we have a situation which is way outside the control, frankly, of any single state player. because we have a situation where gas and oil markets have been strengthening, tightening very, very rapidly over the last year. largely due to fundamental factors such as increased demand and the far east because of our hot summer and extra air conditioning demand. and because of cold winter, because you've had a whole series of or of potential supply shocks with various suppliers coming off stream. and you've had a shortfall in northern europe, of, of wind electricity coming from wind turbines. so all of these are almost like
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a perfect storm. and i think that any government that thinks that it can control world gas world crisis is frankly behaving like the legendary. no region the king canute who famously explained his quarters that he couldn't control everything by putting his throne down on the sea side and showing that it couldn't stop the tide. and i think that's the situation so, and the government is going to be held to account all the governments will be held to account in the u. s. joe biden. it's very, very worried about rising oil prices because people blame governments even if governments have very little control of issues. yes, but i mean, i'm in fantasy to king canute, he arguably had control over the resource. it's known as a natural monopoly. energy supplies were old enough to know when it was a nationalized under democratic control industry. off jim, the regulator was he denies wrong doing. what isn't this
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a case for just bring it back under democratic control, nationalize these energy companies. so one company can hedge against those markets and can work with an international any, any, any company can be required by the buy option option should have required energy companies to hedge their positions. if they were committed to supplying gas or the particular price, then they need to be able to go into the gas market and secure their supplies in advance. if they don't, they are taking a massive gamble. the, the gas price is going to stay low enough for them to continue to make a profit. and what has happened over the last year is that it's gone up. and as it, as a result, they've been losing money. and some of them, as you've rightly pointed out of traps, they're avoiding nationalization context. men. nationalization i think, is a complete red herring. and absolutely no reason why a nationalized company would be any better position than competing companies. in
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fact, i think frankly, i mean you have experience of nationalized companies in the past when we did have this and having to. ready wait, for example, for weeks and months before you got a telephone or when you can walk in and just get one straight away. now i think that nationalization is very oversold as a benefit. okay. well, all they have is around the world watching this with their nationalized energy and telecoms. i suppose we'll have to take note, but i better ask you about the idea of course of war in europe, in the global south, obviously, in russia and china, the idea of a war in europe is as easy as a very improbable but a nation media is being regarded as imminent, again and again the brink of war in europe. what impact would that have on the energy supplies in europe, given that russia, as supplies, are reputed, 40 percent of european energy? let's not forget that. we've had a low level in eastern ukraine really since 2014,
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when the penny annual description of what they are, the local separatists took control on. the only issue now is whether it is seriously escalated, and if there is a serious escalation, then i would expect gas more prices to rise very, very sharply. but i will also expect that russia would not benefit from that because of course, what will. ready happen is that the u. s. will attempt desperately to pump out as much l n g and as possible. and it has been involved in a liquid. now it could not liquefied natural gas and it has been involved and talks with both norway and gas in order to make sure that there would. ready be extra supplies, it's a very big hole to fill because russia obviously are supplies, 40 percent of the gas in germany and similar proportions elsewhere. ready in the e u, but if that happens, then i think that it would be immensely damaging,
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obviously, if western europe in the short run, but in the long run, the people who would really suck will be russia. because if you get the reputation as an unreliable supplier, then people will never want to buy your roll materials again. so, and that would surprise me, frankly, because up until now russia has been a reliable supplier. it has not generally played politics with gas or oil supplies, and countries that do play politics with gas or oil supplies, lose in the long run. growth in form, thank you. after the break, as india's power rises is the asian continent, big enough for 2 superpowers. we investigate the future for india with the raja saba, m. p. in india's ruling b, j t party. all this more can we have about to have going on with
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lines have been drawn and positions made clear. after 2 weeks of high level talks, russia and nato remained poles apart and how to define pan european security. moscow was presented its vision in writing while washington falls back on our cape cold war. please share with . mm. welcome back. as india celebrates republic day on its 75th anniversary of independence from british colonial rule, that same imperial power has now come searching for trade deal with india. considering this reversal, what does the future hold for the country that is expected to be the 2nd largest
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economy in 2030 and has the current of ours, pandemic slow down india's rising power. joining me now from new delhi is in his former law and justice minister and ross. i'm a m p in india's ruling b j. p potty, dr. romanian swami. thank you so much, jesse, for money for coming back on. i want to get to a recent events in a moment, but obviously you been tweeting a stream of information to your 11000000 followers on twitter, about net or g su bus both. why have we never heard of this man? and who was this man? because they are different generations of their generation was contemporary in the forty's. i heard of nobody else, but him. he was a president of the congress party man who 2nd phases of a flushing career of being a civil servant and the top of service. one of the i c s and he came, it was
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a freedom movement and he excited all the people. he had a theory that on the great in creating an organization, but his, i turn total non violence is not going to drive the british out. so he wanted a mixture. ah, there was a revolt in the congress party about that. and so he quit the congress party and then ultimately, when the war was declared, the war was declared. he went abroad. i 1st tried to persuade the soviet union to help him by then by then stalin had decided to make up with the western world. he broke his alliance with hitler. and so he went from moscow to, to, to germany. and there he tried to persuade a hitler to i held women liberation of india,
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a ted lower seem to be more interested in the middle east. and also he thought that the indians need to be ruled and that it shouldn't be given independence. and then he said ok, put me on a submarine and send me to the indian ocean. and from there i'll go to japan. and that's why the, how he ended up when singapore and he created all an army out of those who had surrendered to the japanese. and the british, i'm from a british indian army. those b, lenny, good, an army. he invaded india in the sense the cross the border. he captured some parts of mother on for the flag of india in the northeast states of india. and he was her mom, i mean, became a hero in india. i mean, i do want to skip along, but people can follow you to find out more about that. i should just say in passing
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that prince charles is the great mentor lord mac baton alleged killed by the array that you you say that you say that it, it was an agent defact to him his in a sense that killed gun v. ah. well, i don't say it, yes, the, the assassin not, not my gandhi. in my opinion, i had the links or the with mouse button because his 1st attempt to assassinate mark on the, on the 28th of january, 1948 was a fiasco. and in sort of molesting him and putting him in jail because it was clear us part right handed, he was let go free. and then he comes back to new delhi, on the 27th of january and then now, and so did the us, as a fireman gun the, i don't know whether those will it killed it on the or not. and there's
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a big misty on that, that does it on the 30th i'm holding a online discussion on watches. yeah. how did the actually die? and of course, mr. will god say, as he was non did fire at point blank range or bullets, but how many more bullets you fired and all those are controversies. but it's quite clear that mr. gold saying would not have gotten it on the if it weren't for the complicity of mr. ma'am on back. ok. well obviously, i mean we covered on this show about her not to mount batten's papers are still kept secret by the british government. this move on 75 years later you have more poor than the whole of sub saharan africa put together. you have a prime minister who had to back down finally after the largest strike in history. what did you make of these farm protests that ignited the poor and the consciousness of the poor all around the world? this was the pharma laws that were passed on. you can make
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a case that it was good reform, but the fact is that one part of india, not the whole of the death one bothering there, namely print job ah, and some sympathizers in the western stay of western district. so you'll be, they were against the same because it affected the minimum support prices, there would be getting which they were getting at the very high rate. but job and job was a very prosperous, a. our government and particularly the prime minister, was unnecessarily obstinate i had written to him and suggested that those states where the b, b is ruling you implemented there. because the constitution has made it very clear that agriculture is the sort of business of the states and the center has no nothing to do with agriculture. how mr. moody, brought in these amendments was by the back door because the taxes that are levied
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even on agriculture therein, by the center. so in the name on for reforming the tax collection i, he created this reform and the seeks or no mean characters. they are fighters, they're far, they're really hard to find the mountains un mrs. on the was there. and they were didn't bag down. and so ultimately, mr. moore, do you have to magna, but rather than a matter of a legislative minutia is arguably something philosophical about new liberal food policies. and actually this relates to your increasing comments against a china china, broad 800000000 people out of poverty in the past. since the elements, where can you not see that these sorts of farming reforms as you call them, actually are the opposite and what china did and managed to use to policy that
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helped to feed hundreds of people? no, not china. abolish the can system, permitted the farmers who are not previously permitted to sell their own produce and if necessary, come to urban areas and sell them. yes, didn't allow foreign companies didn't allow foreign companies to come into small farm holdings and take them over. i don't think there is being a allowance for specifically foreign companies to come. what there is, is that a day there was operation by rich, the indian plutocrats or the big business could come in. and those are things that were uncalled for in data farms. and i and my son objected to it because when you say that no farmer's need not sell it in the, in the, in the wholesale grain market, they can make direct contacts with the industrialists and make
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a contract. and in fact, grow what the industrialist wants you to grow. now was actually, in my opinion, a disaster. and shouldn't have been there in the 1st place. i have just b j. b policy. look at the coven vaccines over bill gates is very into india. and the coven vaccine? yes, but if it runs on me, there will be no indian challenger waxing, because i'm on the standing committee of parliament on health. i was able to ram it through in the beginning are, and mr. by mr. announced the on the announced that the british or i asked for any card whatever it's called. and then i my you know, had, didn't, in the meeting was there of the stank of it. and i made a very stringent criticism. and i don't know whether in response to that or what the, by mr. nate late night that same day, also said that co action can do it in
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a quote. maxine is the only maxine or which guy you know, has 0 mortality rates. and they're referring to the indian vaccine, not the multinational attempt to trying to vaccinate the global south, or whether i don't think that correction is enough to give it to too many people abroad. i have no reports of any co action debts that has been submitted to our committee. and if anyone can find out to that, i'd be happy to take it. obviously are meds and always kaiser risk. i think the void is 75 years on. so might say that whether it be the vaccination, whether it be new, liberalizing the farming, whether it be the or what is this $10000000000.00, a negotiated bombs from the united states. $22000000000.00 from the us in arms over the past 10 years. a point against china is one allegation, india is basically
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a colonial subject of nato, and the i m f and world bank and bill gates, maybe you, well i'm, i think we are not anything specific. that's the worst part. either you should be in the car acquired or you should be in the bricks. but mr. moody is in both. and both sides. keep inviting him or not that he achieves anything in that. i agree with you that we need to do a lot of our own production and i was the slogan earlier on self reliance after the most money to go, the 1st dilution take place when we bought from the french, the a plains. and then from the soviet union, excuse me, russia, we bought the s 400. and now i think we are going to buy $500.00 to and now the americans are upset. they're saying that, you know, the, this is
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a big with chinese electronics and we can give you our advanced weapons because there will be spying. so to try to learn. we are, we are getting the worst of both words. you're not really doing it to the west. if you are saying that we are a junior partner of the west, that's wrong. here. we seem to be junior partner practically the both blocks. and just finally, i better just very briefly put to you what has been of course said that there is a genocide against muslims and christians continuing. i presume you reject the accusation. yes, i have. and i can tell you that, but i that's at the, at the college genocide is ridiculous. yes, there have been rides, but this is not just that you have a happened only in our when we became to part the beach, became to part this is gone. these thing i can give you what 89, where they've been on it. i in order get it killing by hindus,
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and then in your som, i or whatever the target is killing in, in the job the seeks. oh, there are plenty of examples, but these don't come into a term of genocide. it's not that they have been they said maybe lack of finesse in using the police. lack of pre preparations there. but i mean, foreseeing something is going to happen and do something about it all that, but genocide in india, there's no place that has happened. it's western propaganda. doctors romanians rami, thank you. over 180000000 voters are eligible to vote in elections in the beginning february, and that's able to show back on saturday, 20 years to the day since president george w bush's state of the union address. where he 1st using the term axis of evil, before catastrophic nato interventions in the chemist on iraq, libya and syria illuminated by julian assange when a small legal victory on monday to prevent him from dying in
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a u. s. prison. until then keep in touch, why all our social media, and let us know what you think will be the result in the upcoming election? ah, a to see out. because the applicant and engage with the find themselves will depart. we choose to look some common ground. ah, and i make no no borders under a tease and
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new fresh has emerged. we don't have a therapy, we don't to the vaccine. the whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are judgment. 2 common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. oh, the wrong one, i'll just don't hold any world yet to shape out. disdain becomes the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so
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many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, trisha brakes ranks going against nato's van to help you train against russia seine will withdraw his troops from the alliance at the conflict escalate situation which joe biden has worn moscow. he'll beef up the eastern europe with thousands of troops as the case hospital waiting time crisis worsens. during the panoramic, we speak to a mother who lost the sun after he was made to wait more than 4 hours despite turning up with chest pains. last january, the price of gasoline in manhattan was roughly $2.37. but now here it be p in midtown manhattan.


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