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ah, ah croatia, briggs ranks going against nato's bound to help the grain against russia, saying that it will withdraw. troops from the alliance with the conflict escalate. situation in which joe biden has won moscow. he'll be for peace in europe with thousands of troops as the case has been awakened, con crisis worsens. during the pandemic, we speak to a mother who lost her son after he was made to wait more than 4 hours, despite turning up with chest pains. last january, the price of gasoline in manhattan was roughly $2.37. but now, here at the p in midtown manhattan,
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they won $4.79 is the american said that top concern right now is rising. price is one of the overwhelming majority of small businesses, se spiraling us inflation is damaging the badly. we speak to people in new york. you have to make concessions to, to fit your budget by drive the car almost every day. the cost, the gas is going up, a firm is really going up really quickly. really? i hi there. very good afternoon. you're watching t international. gracious president says he'll withdraw his country, streets from nato, in case of a russia ukraine conflict, prompting care to label him an anti ukrainian propagandist. well, joe biden reiterated that thousands of nato troops are now on high alert for deployment in eastern europe. should russia invade its neighbor ukraine? something russia has repeatedly denied intending to do. i think peter oliver
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reports on how it's all lead to divisions within later corporation president zora milan of ich, making so many century comments on tuesday. he said that if there is a conflict between ukraine and russia, he would order the croatian troops to pull out of deployments that they're involved in with nato. now this was a statement that's not only unlikely to have gone down particularly well in nato headquarters. it's also unlikely to gone down particularly well in ukraine either because mr. milan of each also went on to say that the 2014 might done revolution in ukraine was a coo. and he said that ukraine had absolutely no business in joining nato. not only will we not send troops, but if there is an escalation, we will withdraw. every last corporation, soldier, everything is happening on moscow's doorsteps. it is necessary for an arrangement to be found that will take into account russia's security interests. i worked in
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the european council when the democratically elected president young cove ich a scoundrel who sat on 3 chairs was overthrown in a cou. it was encouraged primarily by the e. u and the united states. i feel obliged to be proper presence, little present in on eastern front of sources and i learn are either part of or nato operation. i saw you us operation. the language was a lot more diplomatic, here in berlin on tuesday as the chancellor all f sholtes welcomed french president emanuel macaroni to discuss further how to calm down how to take the heat out of the tension surrounding russia, nato, and everything to do with ukraine. now, the 2 of them use their press conference to emphasize the importance of continuing dialogue, the french president saying he would never give up on dialogue. however, he did say that there would be a high cost if there was any aggression,
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also emphasizing the importance all fit be good to talk with olaf sholtes. but he did also use his time at the podium to say then to again clarify that germany would not be sending any weaponry to ukraine. also talking about this ongoing situation in europe on tuesday, over in london was boris johnson. the british prime minister. he was speaking in westminster to parliament, and he said this essentially diplomacy was the only way that there should be a solution. he said he'd be having further calls further contact with the russian president vladimir burton. and it was important to listen to the concerns that russia had. however, he did say that if there was an invasion of ukraine by russia, that it could well end up being the resulting in the worst bloodshed that had been seen in europe since world war 2. and it wouldn't end well for russia. there is nothing new about large and powerful nations using the threat
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a brute force to terrify reasonable people into giving way to otherwise completely unacceptable demands. i think the americans are desperate trying pressurized, a new government to come on board, but it's new cold war against her and against russia. but clearly there are still some in the german government who work at russia and see not as a threat as a potential. i'm sorry, my business partner who don't want to make or break those links. and if the germans don't come on board, what the situation is going to be is gonna feel classic situation of the americans taken away for by the poodles in france and britain. and with other various are eastern european states, russia to help. and we are seeing no america and britain pumping arms pumping its visors into ukraine and making threats and extra sanctions and so on. there's also major military major navy wargames underway in the mediterranean. those nato ad drills surrounding me and revolving around the bear, the american aircraft carrier,
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the u. s. s. s. harry truman ongoing in the mediterranean. there was also promises earlier this week from the netherlands, spain, and denmark to send military hardware to the east of the of the nato alliance. the search for a diplomatic solution moves to paris on wednesday, and norman d format talks will be taking place in the french capital. it's the 1st time that this type of talks have taken place since 2019. what that means is representatives of the russian government, the ukrainian government, the german and the french governments will meet to try and find a solution or veteran british empire naughty house. george galloway believes as a deep split between european nato members on how exactly to deal with you trying crisis does a splintering all of the european side of the nato alliance. germany has made it plain that it does not support the build off of war materiel in
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ukraine and does not want a confrontation with russia to turn into a war. they want a new european security architecture that is not led by the nose of by i see no american president that most people wouldn't send out to the shops for a low for bread, but may well lead his european allies into war with hypersonic. there are more nuclear superpower called russia. so it's all beginning to break apart the law of unintended consequence that they don't hate russia. you know, i made this point you before they put in russia, because putin has dragged russia up from the floor where it was lying, having it pockets picked and restored prestige and respect,
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self respect to russia. that's not the kind of russia they want as tensions with the west meant russia has announced huge naval drills in the atlantic arctic pacific a mediterranean versus northern fleet has already lost wargames in the parents. say that force is there are honing the arctic combat skills. the excise will involve more than 1200 troops and some 34 ships and with russian invasion is stay gripping the media some alice getting a little ahead of himself, cnn label the cranium territories being russian. read about the confusion on our website on turning now to the u. k. where the pandemic is aggravated a crisis in hospital admission waiting times, and in case back in october, 27 year old norman barker was taken to a any with chest pains. he died outside the emergency unit, waiting to be seen up to being told that he'd have to wait 4 hours. we spoke to his
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mother who expressed dismay at the lack of treatment. her son received a foul tommy and kit chest pains. they said they'd pay for an ambulance, but they got told there was going to be a chill out why? i was actually told this to sit down, but there was no way to say that people were standing outside normally patch, you know, given a weak night leave out. well, i was still got my given my whole symptoms and i'm only wasn't able to spell it. and now the to the tell we have to wait for was a come across to me in a got way, teach down in your stop, stay in our number. it's just here. that is, you know, i'm not the one that fast a lot of lunch because of the disaster situation in a any that normal mock is mother described is only getting worse videos of immersed, which is claims show ambulance is lined up outside hospitals waiting to deliver patients comes as research published early this month by the emergency medicine
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journal, finds that the case national health services struggling to meet the demand for treatment. according to that study, more than 40 percent of your hospitals fail to meet the national 4 hour waiting time target. so far this year, 6000 patients have had to wait more than 12 hours in a any to be treated patients where the more than 5 hours are considered that far greater risk of dying cases, similar to norman barkers are on the rise. as the pandemic puts ordinary service on hold, in his 1st year, more than 53000 had their cancer treatment delayed over the same period more than 4000 excess deaths were recorded. we've spoke to joy grover, an emergency medicine consultant. he says factor such as the only convent having a dangerous impact on any just waiting times still 60 months. so within the united kingdom, as in many other countries, i'm sure other has been around 10 to 20 percent. oh,
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hospital and sees related only to google visions, which has meant that there is no slow processing of visions list the visibility of bits for people who come in mid problem other than corporate. which then means that people are spending much longer in the emergency department before they can go to the hospital bed. so this is a problem and if you look at the editors in o data last to last year and they were about the ph to 90 percent of patients who came to the emergency department in less than 4 hours on the last 6 to 8 months. that has dropped significantly from 90 percent to 65 to 70 percent. so that's a significant problem to holland, which are 2 arguments in the united kingdom officer. and you survey so small businesses in america being crushed under the weight of spiraling inflation.
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despite a beat messages from president biden and overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs say, the financial health is deteriorated in the last 6 months with households or so having to type belts. kellem open revolts from new york. as the saying goes and dollar ain't a dollar any more. and american families are being squeezed by inflation. there has been a 7 percent increase in consumer prices over the past year. that's the fastest increase that we've seen since 1982 joe biden has promised that he is going to fight these increasing costs of pretty much everything. and he has already found some one to blame for the crisis. so bottom line, this isn't just about quick winds, it's about reversing decades of concentration of her workers, consumers and small businesses. it didn't happen any one time. it's been over a period of time now a long time. the average cost of low bread in new york state in 2021 was $0.88 here, a popular supermarket in manhattan. there's bread for sale for roughly $3.48,
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or $4.27. now, prices in manhattan are loc, steeper, even in good time. that's a pretty significant increase in cost for the consumer. i food thickly thumb is really going up really quickly, really high. and the fruit check we got off, we going to boise that on just a regular trip to the supermarket as it is becoming um you know, becoming more difficult. you have to, you have to make concessions to, to fit your budget, to, to buy the essential things through a feeder family's got 3 kids and the cost, the food is going up. i drive the car almost every day, the cost, the gas is going up. i don't think there was anything class january the price of gasoline and manhattan was roughly $2.37. but now here it be p in midtown manhattan. they want $4.79 per gallon to fill up your tank. if i could get this under control, a lot of people would breathe
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a huge sigh of relief. but judging from the way he reacted to a reporter's question about inflation. that's not likely anytime soon, a more inflation super. some new survey shows that 76 percent of small firms in the united states have felt the negative impact of inflation over the past 6 months. there's nothing natural about it as a result of political decisions. and the result has been vast borrowing of money to speculate in the stock market. it and some of that money has now fallen over into the rest of the economy. and so we have an inflation mostly because businesses have wanted to offset profits last in 2020, and the 1st half of 2021 by raising their prices. now it is
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a profit driven decision not to be clear. it's not like biding did all of this personally, this is a result of supply chain issues and a sudden increase in demand as we come out of the pandemic and lot downs. and some of the ins are warning that it's not over yet. and it might actually get worse. the emergence of new coven 19 variants, could prolong the pandemic and induce renewed economic disruptions. moreover, supply chain disruptions, energy, price volatility, and localized wage. precious mean uncertainty around inflation and policy policies, high serious public health disaster. colvin and an economic crash on a scale with the great depression of the 19 thirty's to have these 2 things at the same time was excruciating. and now at the end of those 2 years to have the added to it on inflation. currently rising 7 percent per year when workers wages on
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average are rising between 3 and 5 percent per year means that the working class is now hurt by the new 2022 already in the 1st month. yes, this is going to be a very rocky a year and the stock market vibrations this last week are more evidence. now in 1971, u. s. president richard nixon imposed a 90 day price freeze to curve inflation. now, economists are debating what the results would be. biden was so bold and how that would affect the economy. but regardless, so far, jo, biden's protest has to tackle the problem of inflation or just words. prices are still rising. caleb mob been r t new york tech john spent a record amount on lobbying in 2021 months. according to filing submitted to
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congress. the top 7 firms spend to combine 70000000 dollars fighting legislation aimed at limiting the market power at the top of the list, amazon and facebook, now known as matter like, spent around $20000000.00 each persuading little bike is not to adopt tough new regulations. in the process, they use dozens of intermediary firms, deployed professional lobbyist, close sized members of congress and biden administration officials. but not all of those efforts have succeeded last thursday, the u. s. senate judiciary approved a bill preventing tech johns from giving preference to their own businesses on their websites. the innovation and choice on line act as it's known still has to pass though a full senate vote in order to become law. we spoke, we've been one host about these business show been bust. remember there are about 5 different laws that have been suggested in terms of being able to rein in these tech companies. in this particular case, this, this freedom of choice act essentially what it's saying is if you're amazon,
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you can create your own product on your own marketplace and then compete directly with the other sellers who are on there. especially since amazon is constantly deriving information and data from those sellers. so they're essentially utilizing someone else's research, someone else's market position, someone else's understanding of price points to basically copy all of that and then compete directly for a lot of years. companies like facebook and amazon and twitter and google didn't have to spend a lot of money to lobby lawmakers because they were essentially left alone. so you could throw a little money here and there in key positions. i think what we're seeing now is a much wider swath of congress, receiving donations and receiving money from those tech companies because they recognize what they really have to do was muddy the waters. you don't want one party to be on your side because when the other party gets into power, then you have problems. instead, you wanna as white of a swath of both democrats and republicans in order to influence them. and then you
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can't really get legislation passed. you can't get it in front of committees and you can't get the votes that you need. because as you know, we have a very divided congress here. if an ordinary citizen tried to buy that much influence for their own gain, it might be considered bribery. how much of a difference is there in reality, between lobbying and bribery? i think there is very, very little difference, especially when you consider the fact that not only do these law makers receive money directly from these companies in order to push their agendas. many of the lobbying firms that do this, this bidding also right. the bills that go before congress, many lawmakers don't write the bills themselves. it's a lobbyist on behalf of those companies that write the bills that ultimately become law. would you dictate the laws that govern and regulate the companies if that makes sense? so it's such a backward system that you've created here in this country where there is very little accountability and very little ability for the average person to actually
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have a representative. that's what we're supposed to have in this democratic republic representatives who stand up for our interests, not the interests of these companies. a few moments son will be looking at how hiked energy bills in the pandemic, a proving a bad mix of ingredients for italian restaurant and his money now poised to go bust status after the break. lou. now mean all you need to see is a sphere. if you go fast and you will fall off the end, and i'm a dell aside, already came home and you're back home. so i would like to envision that does it actually address the living? it's just like that. you're on the action you're doing from the other side.
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oh well it shows the wrong one. i just don't move to see proud disdain, because of the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah, welcome back, italian restaurant struggling to make ends maiter's, record energy bills, compound the impact of the pandemic. many fear that they will have to close because
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you don't see the situation is not sustainable. so raising the law, we compare the bill of about $1500.00 euro housing turns 19. you know, the last 2 months i, our cost triples in november i went up fivefold in december. our latest bill is to $5300.00 euro, which is the price which we just can't afford at the moment when a $5.00 holding grease is ordering. the death, the business, the calm down key because we're seen fewer people go to restaurants since coby, the other cancellations, have been rife, and the future is uncertain with the next few months looking particularly so, and i was not going through a good time with all these restrictions that we are getting penalize the future of our business is also at risk them due to an increase in electricity and gas coasts . it is given as a big problem pick on, on oil. they want to see for those feeling the pinch, the italian government set up a public part to 5500000000 euros to offset some of the burden for households and businesses. but we spoke to italians, he said the help was made little different so far. classy what i meant, eh, it's
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a dramatic situation with many companies on the brink of closing and others already closed that government aid has also not arrived. and if it doesn't arrive, there will be chaos unloading hey, or if we continue like this, i don't know where we will end up on the economy is collapsing, that it would be a serious blow for all of us to effort different their own. this bill increases an attack on families and businesses that don't term much of the low income coupled with the cost of these bills will force them to lay off workers spill in wooster. b, i who do i so now if the situation is truly dramatic, i received a very high bill and in a family we're only one person works, but it's really hard to get to the end of the month. he'd have been told to mind your language, it was probably because he was swearing, but now it could happen even when he's woods widely deemed inoffensive, especially if the university of washington's new language style guide gets his way . called anything lame recently? well, the low please. so on the way to get you,
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the problematic word was put on the rate up by the university of washington. claim a bill is i'm implying this where it is offensive, even when it's using slang for own cool, because it's using a disability in a negative way. minority offensive in various context implies a less than attitude towards the community being disco, mansion, cultural appropriation. many people in the buddhist and hindu community hold this to him as a highly spiritual and religious experience, and it is not to be used with nonchalance webmaster races. the words may have been chosen to emphasize the concepts of a free master. that is no work and a slave to follow the master's board as an everyday word or an offensive slur. it takes an expert to tell a difference. nowadays, no one hears that those supposed to be no offensive words, and you don't know whether to laugh what i mean. this is a politics and
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a culture of utter banality and irrelevance. and here you have steady intellectuals coming out of u. s. universities that are fixated on this pretty symbolism and really playing a word game with no relevance whatsoever to the burning issues of you know, of our day. this is just is inexplicable. censorship a free and open speech and we're looking for things to sensor issues. how do we solve the burning problems that the majority of people in the united states and world wide sites and what is the relevance of this woke language to those problems? there is no relevance of this language to the real problems that we face that we should be discussing, thinking about and trying to results abrupt adobe right up to date. you've been watching, opting international. thanks you, company. i will return with updates on the top stories in what, just over 30 minutes with
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there may, may, we should all be mayor. may, we should all be angry or what's going on, right? we can't understand united states history and the role that slavery play is already very formal institution. by the time united states became a nation, it actually defined the nation, the rise of capitalism clearly on the backs of flight and the slave down. if you had investigated lynching set, a great extent. you can't believe that really help the country. and my country still stands in brick. i'm from the south. everybody know, know what this failure to some extent. i would argue that we're still fighting the
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civil war. and the south is winning it's an open secret that private military companies have been playing a role in om, complex world wide. u. s. government doesn't track the number of contractors it uses in places iraq or afghanistan, the united states army and the military and general is so reliance on the private sector. i would call the dependency, but we don't know who's the on the ground presence of these companies overseas. we just don't out west and private military companies can in their turn, views, so called some contractors from countries with trouble past. the chances are quite good that they had also been charles soldiers. this is, i was a child, as well as my job professional job is with the whole 141. if i said that, look with no flaw, minimum own wall shit,
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which i mean to be merciless killing machines. now they fight and die in other people's was people. carol lock a dead soldier or dead, marine shows up in this country and we start asking yourself, why did they die? why do what were they fighting for? nobody bothers asked about that. contractors in a bring you the very latest every out the day. this is all no fun everyone had with,
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[000:00:00;00] with i'm option return seen where back for another locked down edition of going underground after i just supposed to be grown of iris in the country with the highest coven deaf stolen western europe. and that's today you k p, m boards, johnson drops, almost all panoramic restrictions coming up in the show. as boris johnson threatens the blood, dove russian soldiers and joe biden ready, thousands of u. s. troops to fight over ukraine. britain's former energy secretary tells us what it means. we're powering european homes and where the johnston's party political
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career here at home is actually over. and today the so called world's largest democracy, india celebrates the 75th anniversary of the end of a british imperialism. the reputedly killed 35000000, we ask outspoken ruling, the jetty potty and peace of romanian. swami even the is increasing animosity with china is now making india a colonial subject of native all this em all coming up in today's going underground . but 1st, today the scandal hit government to the u. k. government describing the majority of current of ours related restrictions in the country with the highest coven death toll in western europe. now, as well as johnson joins nato members in attempting to warn off russia's. vladimir putin from ukraine, a question mark over them of the issue of europe's gas crisis, as moscow arguably holds all the cards. joining me now from here in london is the case, former secretary of state for energy and climate change, chris hewn. chris, thanks so much for coming back on the show, even if i remotely i better start,


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