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sensor issue is how do we solve the burning problems if the majority of people in the united states and we're a white face, and what is the relevance of this woke language to those problems? there is no relevance of this language to the real problems that we face that we should be discussing, thinking about and trying to resolve. you run it today, appreciate company. this is out international updates for you in half an hour with do you know the number one place for the rich to go to get richer congress and there are parts to being a friend, as well as a record lobbying revenues in 2021. are now being reported with those tied to the president and his administration of benefiting the load. we will discuss the dollars and ask if it was just a coincidence policies involving a some of these,
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a very large group plan to place as well. it's became an investment. netflix, assigning multi year production deal worth more than $151000000.00 with megan merkel and print carried over a year ago. for now. actually want to see something in return. this after spotify also goes public with their frustrations over lack of work by the former royal couple. we will discuss the field expectations with our own hollywood, excited by did ministration, which revoked outright revoked authorization for 2 very popular monoclonal antibody treatment. florida governor, randa santas is angry, the bite administration is saying it's decision to limit monoclonal antibody youth is sudden and reckless. we're going to look at how the world is currently treating coping and give you the justification by this administration, for the limits being placed on the highly effective treatment for co, 19 super,
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super well at all my catches president biden's crew comment about a reporter. but where is the outcry from other media outlets on it for full tact on a member of their own div, mold, virginal. he says to this guy, i'm the guy know he's all of the story. then more on today's edition. other news is used. let's get started. ah, was only been one year in office and president buying a seeing a new low in his approval ratings. and some are looking into exactly why that one of the reasons is how he's handled the corner virus pandemic. and now questions are circulating over his build back better plan. was it really in america's best interest or to correspond it? natasha suite takes a look into some concerns over the deal. was the bill back better trillion
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dollar infrastructure deal to really build back the country or simply line the pocket books of close allies to president biden. after new information has surfaced, it's certainly been called into question. we never stop, we americans always rebuild and we will rebuild this country. biden's built back better plan, bringing in at one trillion dollars was signed into law back in november and was, was advertised to help ease many problems, including the congested ports around the country. some are also noticing benefits associated with dc lobbyists, a firm run by a former aide to bide in just so happened to bring in record profits since the pandemic annual lobby revenues at portales strategies jumped from 1300000 in 2020 to 4000000 in 2021, a whopping 200 percent of their lobbying firm linked to a top. biden advisors, brother also seen record profits for chevy, incorporated, brought in 1300000 and loving fees and 2020. it went up to $3200000.00 in
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2021. while several other lobbying firms connected to bide and sell similar profits . it's not the only questionable deals happening in washington. it turns out when you're making a congressional run, big time candidates are depending on their 1000000 or buddies, as opposed to their own merit. and right now, funding for the 34 open senate seats is ramping up. now, tallying up to more than $10000000.00 in donations, some of the highest funded senate races include georgia with more than $50000000.00 been raised among 7 candidates, florida is next with some 34000000 dollars being flushed into the race. ohio is also in the spotlight after senator rob portman announced he would not be seeking re election but a possible silver lining. some of the top 10 republicans vine for the spot are also in part self financing. some candidates, like my gibbons, shelly, not nearly $8000000.00 of his own cash flow for the race. and some of those
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lobbying relationships associated with biden were formed during his time in the senate. funding from interest groups could be yet another reason. the american people are disgusted with career politicians, reporting for news use hughes and hottest suites r t. but a discuss, let's bring in at tom mullen, best selling libertarian author of it's the bed. stupid tom, thanks for joining me. great to be here. scotty. okay, is no secret. those allies of the president on k street actually make more money the year their guy is in office. so who do you consider to be the largest reaper of this benefit? currently under this administration, well, everything we allow the government to do is gotta be funded. and of course we've let them take over so much of our lives that these people are in their bidding for control over our lives. that's really what it is. and your reporter, they are mentioned that build back better bill, which isn't really going to build all that much. it's a lot of social engineering. but to the extent that it does, i mean,
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if you go back far enough in history there at this the, the states before the civil war wouldn't even let the government build roads and bridges. so the wider it's influence expands, the more of our lives that it, that it gets involved in and screws up, craig whyte, frankly, you know, the more your money that's going to be going out the door to these lobbyists and, you know, we, as far as your other guest talking about the what's going on with the of pharmaceutical companies. it's the same deal, i mean, and we're not even, we're not even collecting this money in taxes. we're printing it all. so it's just a disaster in every direction. well, i almost wish with every bill that we were able to get that you could actually see a list of who the beneficiaries were. are the ones that were bidding i and you can just take a lot of time and there's a lot in there, especially with something that's a multi 1000000 deal. like to build back better plan. but isn't more attention being given to the fact that these at large lobbying groups with the most budgets are the same ones reaping the benefit and the legislation being passed. why are we
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not calling them out? why are we not taking the time to get a front page add in the new york times the washington post talk about were the for the black and white would be this kind of recording in public display of who's getting the money that is being passed by congress yeah, i couldn't agree a more, i mean, again, you know, the bigger the government gets and the more involved the a hurt our lives on, the more there is to buy. i mean that, that's the big question is, why is it worth a millionaires money to invest in a lobbyist because there's something out there to get from taxpayers either directly or through the federal reserve inflation, which we're seeing that tax that insidious, silent tax on our savings and in our wealth we're, we're, we're finally seeing the, the, the downside of that we, we printed up 16 trillion dollars and 2 years and just handed it out to people, paid some people to stay home and not produce anything. most of it,
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once of the people that are represented by those lobbyists, well, and that's the thing, is it, what do you do about? i mean, this is not a new problem that we have in america. but is it even possible? let's just say we had a bunch of people in congress who actually wanted to make this better. can even craft legislation at bands this pay for play system, or is this just how it works? well, i think you're always going to have lobbyists and, and there is another argument to that to say, well, everyone's got a right to try and get their views expressed in washington. and, and you could also argue that some of the richer people pay more of the taxes. but to me that the thing to do is concentrate on what we're allowing the government to do. if it was following the constitution, you know, which is not perfect. but if it was staying within the limits of the constitution, nobody would care what the lobbyists were lobbying fork, as the govern would be doing very little. but because we've got it and o r r, healthcare decisions, we've got it into education, we have it into whatever is and build back better. and most of that is not roads
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and bridges. my friends, ah, because it's, it's just got its tentacles in every aspect of our lives. there's just more to buy . well, i think would be better off of having those count down clocks for the better. at the bottom of these half, we just have a how much is this going to cost me clock? every time we talked about a piece of legislation being introduced by congress, always great to chat with you. thanks for joining us. thank you, scott. speaking of dollars, things going to be less chill for netflix shareholders. as the streaming jaya stock price, well, it continues to plummet. now it fell another 2.6 percent on monday, after a catastrophic 22 percent plunge on friday. the biggest one day drop since july of 2012. and this is all predicting more slow the growth ahead. netflix is doing what it can shake, office swap, part of the strategy strategy will call on what they find for make megan markle and prince harry deliver on the 120000000 euro deal signed with a couple of 16 months ago. now the former duke and duchess of sussex,
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signed with netflix when they quit british royal life and allegations of racism at buckingham palace. that's when they turn their attention to growing their bits empire and massive deals with both netflix and spotify. so what do megan and harry have up their sleeves for years at home? well, at work we work in author filmmaker, sean shown for is always welcome insights. now this is about meghan here, talks about netflix and ultimately sean. do you see netflix getting their money's worth and why did they invest so much into a former royal couple that's. that's an excellent question. i think there's obviously this mystique that people think royalty carries. and it's certainly itself, you know, it's sold all kinds of cheap magazines and grocery stores, but as far as helping netflix in its, in its image, i don't think that this is necessarily what they're looking for, especially to time as we saw last year with the o for interview that seem to backlash, there was, you know, there was a lot of untruths told by negative harry in it. and this sort of sense that they
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were trying to convey that they were cut off, you know, from financially, from the world family, which was later proven an incorrect. and the, just the overall attitude they seem to convey. and the interview i think was showed how disconnected they were from, from real people. and so to then, you know, to say netflix is going to sort of help boost it's, it's, it's audience, it's, it's subscriptions with this. i would be very surprised when you look at what kind of documentary they try to do they doing one more. they try to like the car dash is the new credentials and family, or they try to do like cheer and follow along toward some sort of pride. but there's going to make megan this opportunity to do cartoons as well to be producers . yet over 60 months nothing's been produced. so do they have the talent experience or brilliance to pull off what is needed besides, if there tabloid fascination to make something that's interesting in regards their personal lives that people will want to watch? there you go. i mean, i can't speak for them, obviously,
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i'm not gonna sit here and judge them. certainly look at their spotify output in which we would think last year, especially 2020th and 2020 would have been very easy to produce their podcast. right. and then through locked down for at least a year. so why not? you know, have them producing podcasts? apparently they produce only one. it just it that kind of be photos. i would be fine with me just as far as content is concerned. that's a simpler thing to produce than, you know, as a tv series. for example, if you take a lot of work. so your netflix is scrambling to find producers and writers and so forth. you know, to, to, to shape these, these shows if they're going to put out. again, i don't know that they're really, you know, that they're really contributing more than i some ideas and their name. which again, is this, this fascination that i think america has had which for too long this property has fascination with the royalty. and i think princess di was a different, you know, was a different character than, than this next generation is, is totally,
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i think it's mistaken in the eyes of netflix, that they think that they're gonna get the kind of response that princess di had, you know, 30 years ago, when there's obviously a mistake that comes with them, i would love to see the daily life if it turns out to be something interesting. if she's gonna be the producer and produce something that's just a reflection of herself or there actually to be a story line. it like real producers do not making about herself all things to be told. but once again, i think you just over netflix or your life is quite interesting itself. so i would follow that one is all i think that might have a better chance of netflix than the merkel. thank you so much for joining me. now the goal is always been to defeat the corner virus by prevention and treatment. however, why is the by the administration, i currently live in team. they use the most effective treatment in the united states. but i thought we were wanting to save lives, were discussed, and after the break with
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the mayor may, we should all be mayor. may we should all be angry or what's going on, right? can't understand united states history and the role that slavery plate is already a very formal institution. by the time united states became a nation, it actually define the nation, the rise of capitalism clearly on the backs of flight. and it's laid down if you investigated lynchings to any great extent. you believe that really, your country and country still stands in brick. i'm from the south. everybody know, know what they're saying. to some extent, i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war. and the south is winning.
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welcome to max kaiser, financial survival guide. looking forward to your that's with yeah, this is what happens, dimensions in britain. does this happen? you watch kaiser report? i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point obviously is to grapes trust rather than fear i would like to take on very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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oh no, we made a mistake last week saying joe biden had changed the way a president treats the press by not making them out to be the enemy of the state. well, the way the previous ministration did. well, i think i spoke too soon because by don't was caught reacting to a reporter's question. we thought the mike was off a more in the super well so much for that campaign on decency unity hands. the ability to discuss who wanna bring in our own artie has to be depressed and beloved friend of the show. steve mall, who the berg media, media media, you know, we had to have you on this. puerto peter john, so happy from fox news. so did the 1st time he's had
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a run in with the president or a spokesperson, jen, saki, what does this, however, say this is the one person about the administration tolerance for news media that does not go with the narrative and why the media more coming to peer, do see that defense? well, what's happened and thanks for having this guy. i always love it on the do see and biden, and to see and soc is you point out, they've had their back and forth. but the president has always given the impression that he likes to see, you know, when he calls on all there's my friend, he might have big little tongue in cheek, but he always does acknowledge him in a way. so it really came as a surprise to me that he would say that about him on the, on so many levels. this is crazy, but i think the reaction of the media, it was mix you had the women of the view of all people actually saying biden was wrong. you a jake tapper on the job with jimmy kimmel last night, saying jake, as saying joe biden was wrong. on the other hand,
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you had the 3 network newscasts this morning on their morning shows. cbs, nbc and abc moralists are saying, oh, you know it's help being president or oh, job binds very frustrated because of bad poll numbers, basically, excusing it a bit. but you had brian stells or also brian fell to have cnn the media guy last night in his blog that he puts out. he said it bind was wrong, but it's not a big story. and he goes on their morning show and see and, and this morning and reiterates and tells the house. i'm glad you didn't leave with this because it's not really that big a story. i'm paraphrasing here. so this is the same. brian seltzer that in 2018 when donald trump at a rally called chuck todd of n b, say the same thing and s o b brian seltzer said that it was dangerous ended, exposes journalists to threats and intimidation. so i guess it depends who's saying
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it about who for brian seltzer to react and how he reacts. well, and you know, the last time we did hear this kind of thing like he point out with our trump, if he went mad, muddle it under his breath. he would actually say it intentionally or tweed it out . and even though the president did try to make it out called d later, does it seem like mine is more friend of the press because basically more of them are his friends than the last administration. the, according to, to peter do see who was on with hannity last night and had any stopped the interview and said when it you never answer, did he apologize and do see so well. he told me don't take it personally. so that me, that says there was no apology yet. i've seen headlines today that bind apologize. so, you know, it didn't really happened. i think biden is a loose cannon. and the next thing he's got a blurred out as a nuclear football codes. so we better watch out. well, i agree with you, steve and apology involve 2 words. i'm sorry, that might be 3. i am sorry. if that was not said, it was in an apology,
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but you never need apologize because you are always on the money. thank you so much for joining us, steve. as the united states continues to struggle with the, i'm a crime variant of the coven, 19 of virus. other countries around the world are also grappling with the virus and fighting to keep infections down in spirits up artes john had he takes a closer look with the exception of 2 volume in the south pacific and some islands in micronesia, just about every other country is still dealing with the ongoing coven, 1900 pandemic, and the highly infectious alma crohn varian. india, for example, reported 306000 new cove in 1900 infections between january 23rd and 24th, with weekly positivity rates jumping 17 percent since late december due to the on the kron varian. this, according to the country's health ministry, and several european countries are still dealing with record numbers of covert infections this week, including france,
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the u. k. italy in germany. that's the bad news. the good news, the world health organization said monday that europe is entering a new phase of the virus. w h o regional director of dr. hahn's clue said. the e u is moving towards a, quote, pandemic, and game with the chrome possibly infecting 60 percent of europeans by march. these countries are taking steps to try and keep the viruses spread down in the economy up and going. the $27.00 each member states have reportedly agreed to work on better coordination of travel rooms and not to impose new restrictions on those where the european health certificate. italy continues to require all visitors to test negative in order to cross its border. and german officials have also decided to keep existing coven restrictions in place. due to the ana kron varian, which is certainly led to the anti vax protest and social unrest over the countries restrictions, speaking of which france introduced a new vaccine health passport monday citizens who are 16 years of age in up my show
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that they've been job to access restaurants, bars or even use inter regional public transportation. these new measures come despite the ongoing protests and political fight over them. and then the u. k. fully vax travelers arriving there will no longer need to take a cove in 1900 test starting february 11th, same in scotland. those who are not vaccinated. how ever must still take one test before departure. and another p. c, r, upon arrival, but no need for any isolation. and finally, in israel, some health officials agreed beyond the cron could mark the end of the pandemic. though the country is still seeing a record number of code cases and many restrictions remain in place. and while the w h o 's regional director in europe, dr. clues, talked about a pandemic and game for the e u. his boss, w h o director general dr. changers on a non gay braces, had a different take, saying it's dangerous to assume that the arm across will be the last varian or that
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we are in the game. he said, condition globally are ideal for more variance to emerge. adding that to change in the course of the varying quote, we must change the conditions that are driving it for news news, john honey. so to talk about the treatments available in the united states and how they are being distributed. let's talk with the attorney former tech us there, representative rick greene. thanks for joining me. good to be with you. okay, so do you feel like the president is justified in this latest action and limiting the monoclonal antibody treatments? and do you think this has anything to do with this anti virus pills that are coming out from pfizer and mark, i mean, why not have patients and doctors together make their best selection? absolutely, the decisions coming out of the white house are unconscionable they are not based on actual science. they're based on political science. and whatever's going to pad the pockets of big pharma and, and i would have said that 2 years ago, i'm a free market guy. i think if you make a good product and you can sell it, you can market it. people want to buy it. great,
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that's good for you. if you make billions, i'm for you. but what we've allowed to happen is this collusion between big pharma and government to where government is now shooting for a big pharma, and not only shilling, they are sha petition whatsoever, and hundreds of thousands of people have died as a result of it. it is wrong, it is criminal, it's got to stop and exactly what you just said is what needs to take place. individuals need to be able to make the decision if government wants to help to in for, if it wants to, you know, and be involved in an advisory role with the public. great, that's a good thing. but to prevent things like these monoclonal, so take up, the whole problem here is a government took over the market and now government's making the decision about what staking get. and you've got an administration in my opinion so wrong that they're willing to give out life saving treatments based on the color of your skin . that is incredibly evil. but that's the kind of things that they're doing. well, we're also saying based on what state you live in, and i guess how it politically they vote and the governor may,
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i get making friends that were dealing with people's lives here. but at the same time, near the f k has just started testing a vaccine for the amok on very it alone a nother vaccine. but here's what i'm trying to figure out the science and law logic and this doctor found you said 98 percent of population is expected to get this variant and produce antibodies at some point. so why is a, another vaccine still needed just for one variant of the, the thickness that we've all been vaccinate against in the 1st place. because big farmers gotten used to making tens of billions of dollars on vaccines. that's the only answer to your question. it's and what i get most upset about is the kids. i mean, the fact that we are testing these things on children to make our still better. that's a bad sign for any society that would do that kind of thing. and the kids are more likely to die from drowning or the cold than they are to die from cobit and yet we're still forcing these vaccines on them. it's wrong while you would need one for amok or on. i'm a chronic gift. i mean, it's literally
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a gift to give you immunity when you don't have, you know, you know, very light side effects. for most, everybody, never, i always. so when i say these things, people go all but i have this anecdotal example i can give you anecdotal examples of people dying from just about everything and, and the fact that we're gonna shut down western civilization or we're going to make everybody take an experimental vaccine over something like the om across version of corona virus is just again, no actual science, no logic, no reasoning, no looking at the data, but instead, what's the political decision that pays off? and joe biden has done that from the beginning in the campaign of 2020. the things that he said all politically based, not scientifically based. and unfortunately by then taking over the white house, able to drive all of the coven policies for the united states. in that direction of what's best for me, politically, not or not, what's best for the american people. and what is the science say that we should be doing all the science in the health in this quite there was a lot of unknowns, a lot of questions. now we have numbers now we have facts and figures. actually we have what works, what doesn't work. still 98 percent of people in order to know that you have this,
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you have to get a test for the majority because the majority, people don't realize they have it. but something that has improved that at this monoclonal does work for the governor, randa santas is angry at the, by the ministration saying it's decision to limit monoclonal antibody youth is set and reckless. do you feel that this is kind of similar to the lack of support for other treatments like hydroxyl corklin, enter information which is actually about to be sold in pharmacies in new hampshire to treat coven were 6 months, 9 months, a year ago, people were losing their jobs even on air. do you feel like, is that same sort of stereotype? now, no question. our administration is mailing out free tests that are frankly useless, mexico's mailing out ivr max in itself. the 1st time we need to be following what mexico's doing. i take this personally on the monoclonal thing because it really helped my wife when we had cove it and it helped her her father, my father in law, her dad just last week. it was so hard to get it though because of the government controls. rhonda santa's did it right when he made it available to folks all over
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florida last summer. i wished it other governors would have taken that example and followed. busy it and i wished as president would follow that example, but it continues to be political decisions out of this white house is why government should not have been involved in it in the 1st place. well, thank you again for jason la. thank god bless texas and maybe the rest the counter will follow and that's all the time that we have for today. show up comments. forgotten to the conversation song as far as getting into your project team and the make sure that you download the portal that he add, like i always say, heavy se, helping with lines have been drawn and positions made clear. after 2 weeks of high level talks, russia and nato, we main poles apart on how to define pan european security moving forward. moscow is presented its vision in writing while washington falls back on our cave. cold
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war, please share with james hall down through here holland. this larry over here, so your camps are always a little nicer than this evidence of absolute poverty, dest mayor, people in our city and other cities, all across america, are living like this, where the original deed and village that opened up in 2018 right now there's 31 homes on the property. it's a little over 4 acres with 31 homes and a community center. unfortunately, a lot of people don't make it out of edition more homelessness. a. i'm just really happy. it made it bad. you with
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trisha brakes ranks going against nato's about to help you against russia, saying that it will withdraw its troops from the alliance if the conflict escalates situation in which joe biden has worn moscow. he'll beef up east than europe. thousands of trip past the chaos for the waiting con price is worth since during the pandemic, we speak to a mother who lost her son after he was made to wait more than 4 hours. despite turning up with chest pains. last january, the price of gasoline in manhattan was roughly $2.37. but now here it be p in midtown manhattan. they.


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