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or a ah, the president of gracious that his country withdraw troops of nathan in eastern europe . if there's a conflict between russia, ukraine, it comes as the west to crank up its military presence in the region over a ledger ponds by moscow to invade its neighbor. us to live as a 3rd batch of military aid ukraine and is considering open its military presence on nate, those eastern frontier. washington already has over 8000 troops on standby for the pentagon, says it good. then more. a mission is to pursue jo biden's court on the whole, my consulting
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a journalist who had been trying to get answers from the president over record inflation and prime ministerial partying elise in the u. k. a launch an investigation into potential lockdown breaches by boris johnson's government. it follows a series of revelations about position diggs in downing street coming to your live from our headquarters here in moscow. you're watching our see international. it's just going for you. i'm here in the russian capital. mine is peter scott. and here are the top stories for this hour. croatia says it will withdraw its forces from nato unison eastern europe. that's in the event of a conflict between russia and ukraine. the statement from the countries president came just hours after the us put the song is contingent on high alert. over what he
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claimed would be a russian invasion of its neighbour, moscow's always denied having any such plans. his ortiz pizza oliver with more century comments from czar milan origin corporation. president said that should there be a conflict between russia and ukraine, that he would order the armed forces of ukraine to pull out of any deployments that they are currently on with nato. now, in a statement that sure not only to upset allies within nato, but also very much upset. many in ukraine as well. what do you went on to say was that the 2014 my done revolution was a coo and that ukraine had no place within the nato alliance. not only will we not send trips, but if there is an escalation, we will withdraw every last creation soldier. everything is happening on moscow's doorstep, so it is necessary for an arrangement to be found that will take into account russia, security interests. i worked in the european council when the democratically elected
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president unicode, which a scoundrel who sat on 3 chairs was overthrown in a cup. it was encouraged primarily by the you and the united states, not. i didn't want the hedge money. the u. s. has been striving to, to profess 20 years has not disappeared. we know that among european nate members, there are those who oppose military involvement in potential conflicts in or even against providing ukraine with lethal weapons. germany is the main one. we can also speak of hungary and some central and southern european countries. it was a lot more diplomatic here in berlin on tuesday evening and money will micron was welcomed by chancellor all ab sholtes, the french president on the german chancellor essentially emphasizing the importance of dialogue when it comes to taking the heat out of tensions between russia and nato over ukraine. what we heard from the french president was in saying that he would never give up on dialogue when it came to sorting out this particular
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problem. he did say that the costs would be high if there was any aggression boy from the german chancellor. well, we heard was him rip again. and again his message that there would be no sending of german weapons into ukraine at all, both. and looking ahead to a big meeting of representatives of the norman d for in paris on wednesday, all so talking about ukraine in europe on tuesday was the british prime minister boris johnson. he address parliament in westminster. he said that he would be speaking further with the russian president vladimir putin, that it was important to continue to seek a diplomatic solution to listen to the concerns of the russian side. he did say though, that an invasion of ukraine would result, potentially in the worst bloodshed that had been seen in europe since world war 2, and could end incredibly badly for the russian side. there is a, a standpoint that britain has taken and it won't be shaken from it. there is
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nothing new about large and powerful nations using the threat of brute force to terrify reasonable people into giving way to otherwise completely unacceptable demands or so far this week we have seen a stepping up of nato forces either in europe or prepared, potentially to be sent to europe 8 and a half 1000 us troops placed on high alert that could be sent over here. should the situation get any worse? that's according to the pentagon in washington. we've also are seeing the continuation of giant nate. so navy war games that are going on in the mediterranean, the u. s. s. s. harry truman, the american aircraft carrier at the center of those while the netherlands and denmark in spain, all promised that they would be sending military hardware to the east of nato at some time in the future. all of this, according to the method of best. gov the kremlin spokesperson is being watched very
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closely by moscow dog reduced such nato actions and increase nato activity. now, borders cannot being known by a military who are responsible for the security of our country. there is a constant process of drills, maneuvers and military build up, which has never stopped and will continue on the search for a diplomatic solution to what's going on in eastern europe concerning russia, ukraine and nato goes into well moves on to paris and those normandy, 4 talks it's the 1st time the talks in this format will have taken place since 2019 that involves representatives of the russian, ukrainian, german, and french governance. keeping you up to date on those here on our t. of course. now ukraine has summoned the croatian ambassador in protest. the announcement from president milosevic, stating his country would not get involved in any potential nato conflicts in the region. the creation presence name has also appeared on a notorious ukrainian alter nationalist websites which lists thousands of people
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that have been branded enemies of ukraine. they include journalists and in the past, those on the sites have been physically attacked. veteran british m. p, an artsy house. george galloway believes there's a deep split between european nato members on how exactly to deal with the ukrainian crisis does a splintering of the european side of the nato alliance. germany has made it plain that it does not support the build off of war materiel in ukraine and does not want a confrontation with russia to turn into a war. they want a new european security architecture that is not led by the nose a by a senile american president, that most people wouldn't send out to the shops for a low for bread, but may well lead his european allies into war with hypersonic
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thermonuclear superpower called russia so it's all beginning to break apart the law of unintended consequence that they don't hate russia. you know, i made this point you before they put in russia, because putin has dragged russia up from the floor where it was lying, having its pocket picked and restored prestige. and respect, self respect to russia, that's not the kind of russia they want. meanwhile, with us having sent a 3rd installment of military aids ukraine, the white house has said that you had students would not be deployed to the country itself. but the pentagon said he could send more troops to nato's eastern border. that would be in addition to the $8500.00 already on standby, resembled when, meanwhile, told reporters he's mulling sanctions against that. he may putin,
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in the event of a conflict between russia and ukraine. i may be moving some of those troops in the near term. i feel obliged to be proper presence. middle prisons in on easter chrome pool remaining center. would you ever see yourself personally sanctioning him if he did evade ukraine? yeah. you what was he that? well, according to john kirby, the $8500.00 troops that are on high alert that they include, they would include an additional brigade, combat teams, logistical personnel, medical support, aviation support, intelligence, surveillance, recognizance as well as transportation. and these forces would only be deployed in the event of russia invading ukraine. plus, it's important to note that they are also making statements to the effect of the current economic problems. russia's facing being nothing in comparison to what
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would happen if russia were to dare to invade ukraine. now, there's been some other strange development. russia still waiting for a response from the united states regarding issues of the security guarantees that were raised at the last dialogue. but while russia has not yet received an answer from the white house, it's pretty clear that ukraine halves now when biden spoke of a possible russian invasion of ukraine, he used some rather dramatic terms. here's what he said. remember, enormous consequences worldwide. this would be the largest if we were to move in who all those worse would be. lord is that asian? since world war 2, you would change the world. now. that is just factually in accurate when the united states invaded iraq and the us led coalition invaded iraq in 2003. the invasion involved, 177000 troops being moved into the country, 177000. and 130000 of those were us troops. so this latest
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statement from biden, about the of the biggest mobile is a and since world war 2 fits in with a string of inaccurate an unproven allegations, we've heard from western leaders over the course the last several weeks as they continue to play up this idea that somehow russia is on the brink of invading ukraine on staying with joe biden, a hot mike moments as close to embarrassments for the american president. that's a media conference. he was asked about the record inflation gripping the us with a journalist who asked the question, but getting more than he bargained for good with the super. so peter spoke to this, the president called him and he conveyed to him that it was nothing personal man and also acknowledged that all of you are going to ask him a range of questions asked. so i think that speaks for itself earlier,
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neil javion rod does d f. so 3, what spots such an on diplomatic response from the u. s. president? polly, missouri a nasty booster. baby. i'm befitting of a president, but that is the imagine he was. he was stressed right he, he, he needed an outlet, but silly moment we will have moments like that. but the issue here is the subject neither not is inflation because there are, there are 2 explanations for what but, and said the 1st is that perhaps he was kidding. you know, he was angry. this is an outlet, again, again for his stress, for his ag. and the 2nd option, which is even scarier is that he actually believes that inflation is a great asset. i'm you felt abroad. you felt that the inflation that has gripped the world, not, not only of, of the past year, but over the past 2 years of the course of the pandemic. you walk into a shop, you look at the process. this is, this is emily fuel, for our cars,
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clothes for food, the prices and in supermarkets, i mean cars, computers. everything's gone up into the stratosphere. nobody's gaining from this. people are literally watching that their salaries, their wages, especially people on fixed income, or even worse, poor people, low income people. they are watching their salaries, their purchase in power, evaporate. that to have, as an example, say you were making $10000.00 just just was of the simplicity said $10000.00 a month. right. given this inflation in the united states and of 7 percent over the past year. your effective so so, so what you can buy is worth $9300.00. this is in the, in the span of a year. so again, if, if someone gives you a raise, if you get a raise, well that's just, you know, getting back lou and back what you've already lost. and so it is incredibly strange reading meeting what some and the media wrote. and i'd like to note that this is,
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this is left wing media that inflation is somehow a good thing, why inflation can actually be good for every day americans in bad for rich people. why the inflation we're seeing now is a good thing. my inflation might actually be good for the economy jain until that is. so someone telling me why you can afford to put food on your table is a good thing. it's, it doesn't contrast well, well it's essentially the same thing. and those headlines that some of them have apologize, the office, they have been ridiculed to such an extent that they had to. they had to go back on what they wrote because there is, there is no justifying this. with the refresher we, we are seeing in the united states, right, inflation that is an absolute record in 40 years and 40 years. i mean the, the numbers are absolutely tremendous how much people are using. now you'll hear some say this is even worse for bill. they're billionaires,
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they have no problem affording or buying whatever they want. sure, they made me. they might make in a year 5000000000 dollars instead, instead of $6000000000.00 at they, they are feeling old, seamless as a catastrophe. that the reason that this is all happening will part of the reason because there is the pandemic. but there is also the printing press on which the united states to a, to, to a greater extent than the european central bank to a lesser extent, quintin trillions, trillions. they ran these for, for so long. they give our people checks, covered checks, and more people used these covered checks for it is a by basic necessities. they went for electronics, they went from for luxury things. and what this did is these caused inflation been a supplier. supply chains, all ready disrupt that. there's less things for more people, which means higher prices and people are people have raised prices of people are
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willing to pay the my not. now we're, we've said all of this, the only way to combat all of this is to, is for, for the central bank we, we've all heard, you know, central banks hike, rates or whatever. and we'll wait for what the hell that me, what it me is that by way of increasing the interest on all loans, central banks cool off in economy by making sure there's less money to go around. the problem here is that the united states is now $29.00 trillion dollars in debt, $29.00 trillion dollars in debt. and if they hike rates, they, if they hi, grades long term. so for example, for, for 56 years, the issue will be that they're going to make much more payments, many more payments on the existing debt. so for them it would be like, shooting themselves in the foot. so they're trying to balance the needs of the economy versus the, the outcry from the public them from the people,
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and try to squeeze by are either pleasing, ultimately, no one. meanwhile, biden's crude words after the press conference caused outrage on line with people saying the insult was directed as anyone who's concerned about rising inflation. joe biden may think it's stupid to care about inflation. but a whole lot of americans disagree and they are going to vote this november working families are being crushed by this white house and their solution is to curse out anyone who questions them totally out of control. biden's message to americans concerned about inflation. very stupid son of a think he's left himself open to more criticism about being a hypocrite about, you know, how we talk for, you know, during the, during the campaign and over the last year about how he was going to be more respectful with reporters. and then he acts this way, i think, frankly, what we saw was frustration, frustration over the fact that his policies have helped lead to this inflation that
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we're seeing this record inflation frustration over his rhetoric about shutting down the virus meeting up with the reality of the fact that the virus isn't getting shut down frustration over the fact that now he seems to be flirting with a direct conflict with russia. not only is he acting rattled, he's cheery, picking data, and trying to whitewash what's happening. americans are hurting. and i think an underrated element to all of this is the fact that his energy policy is also contributing to the rising prices of consumer good. you know, at his 1st day in office, you know, he went ahead and revoke the license for the keystone pipeline that drove up and then american energy costs the cost of energy for transportation for creating goods for running factories for everything. i mean, that has a direct correlation to deal the prices that americans pay in terms of at the retail level. so you combine that with the inflation from all the printing of the money and all the pandemic spending. and we wind up in
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a very tough situation still ahead in the program, fighting for transparency, a group of scientists for the u. s. government to show it tons of law, they claim was washington to hasty approach to proving cove it back to the team. we get took into that shortly. the join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. and i'll be speaking the yes. will the world politics sport? business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah
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ah ah ah, welcome back to the news here. nazi international. now police in the u. k, have launched a formal probe in the part is held at the prime minister's residence. that's in
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a parent violation of cove lot damage frictions at the time. parallel to that, the result some internal government's inquiry expected to be released this week, piling even more pressure on boys. johnson ortiz, a shoddy i was dusty, has been following the latest developments. well, what to say in westminster. it's been an old kicked off earlier today when the metropolitan police chief was asked whether or not the police are covering up for those in power. and she had back announcing officially the launch of the investigation into the downing street party allegations. as a result, firstly of the information provided by the cabinet of his inquiry team. and secondly, my officers own assessment. i can confirm that the mat is now investigating a number of events that took place at downing street and whitehall in the last 2 years. in relation to potential breaches of covet 19 regulations, this is
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a really big move for the metropolitan police. as we've always had it, they don't normally investigate retrospectively. but many people say this really goes to show just how much evidence there must be. and at least an element of criminality. but bar is johnson, the prime minister. he's actually welcomed this investigation and says it will help a draw a line under all of these issues. and finally, the government can move on. but that's pretty bold words from a man, a prime minister, who many people including politicians think as time is up per much more or less embarrassing, such as his colleagues, a viagra to remove that mind from office government a success. the prime minister's or 40 is in tatters. really, he advised his boss to do the right thing in the national interest and resign the prime minister, not simply compounding his previous turbo states by continuing to deny
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culpability leading to on necessary and expensive police inquiry. when he could do the decent thing and resign. well this week, of course we were expecting the investigation led by stu, gray, and her findings to be published. but in light of all of this news today, many people thought it be kicked into the long grass. however, the metropolitan police had said it looks forward to the whole thing as being published. so now it really feels like it's just a matter of time. but for boys johnson, it's a very, very sketchy time. indeed, because downing street, they've said the prime minister did not believe he had ever broken the law. and of course, last week we had from bars johnson himself say that he actually thought a party was indeed a work event. and in regards to the latest birthday party allegations, many people are simply playing that down saying it was just a bit of cake during the working day. although at the time the rules were that you
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could only have 2 people mingling indoors together. where is this part? at least the allegations suggest around 30 people. we're mixing in doors together. so all eyes now are really on to gray and her report. we could expect that investigations findings to come out even as early as tomorrow. it could be any minute. now, but as one tori and p allegedly had said to day in response to one of this news, it feels like it's another nail in the coffin which bore as johnson is lying in already. well, earlier we spoke a little bit opaque, who's a broadcaster and former british m, p. and he told us that even if boys johnson does managed to avoid formal charges his days as prime minister in numbered, i think it's inevitable, but he'll be strapped aside by this for a few weeks. i've been up to view that his position is simply untenable. now 2 reasons trustable, it's quite obvious. he's broken the regulations as far as the public's concerned, the cold of public opinion he's already been guilty. secondly,
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this police investigation stalls the outcome of the investigation by su gray. but it's, it's legal investigation. the prime minister is being investigated for breaking the law. that's not a good look. i think it's $5050.00 whether there will be charges if it in some way charged. a lot of people are going to insist that own lines that they pay for breaking these should be returned to the line later respects when it comes to the masses of life, africans, the country, and the looks like i have. and in the united kingdom, when you cross a line, there's no way buying and i think he's got some money that they didn't know the news. the us food and drug administration will soon have to hand over documents that he wants to sit on for 75 years. they relate to the authorization of the 5, the vaccine,
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which critics say with carried out way too hastily. the info will now be released thanks to a group of sciences, taking the math of the court. we spoke to a lawyer who said that transparency is vital. no, our firm represents individuals injured by vaccines. we've been representing them for years. we do that for all the other vaccines. we don't do that for the 5 vaccine or madonna j. j for cove it because you can't see them in any manner. we got waning immunity there in center of 80 immunity that the cdc same as the vaccine does prevent transmission. and there are obviously some harm to vaccine causes that in public health officials don't deny. there are clearly issues with the vaccine. and we need every independent scientist on board looking at the data looking information, helping address those issues with the real problem here in my view. and you, i think of many is at the very same health authorities that are telling you it's hard to say are the same federal health authorities. i gave pfizer, madonna and jane j lead immunity from any liability for injuries cause others
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products. and they gave them that immunity before the products were even authorized before they were even made and license and, and put on the market. that creates a moral hazard by decoupling the company profit motive from its interest and safety . and i think that does concern a lot of people and it shows the so that development comes as the world health organization recommended giving a reduced dosage of defies of vaccine to children, age 5 to 11. now the joke has already been approved for that age group in the u. s . canada and the u. however, there are a number of doubts over the fast track approval of the shot. the judge, you ordered the f. d, a to release the relevant info says it's in the public interest. john f kennedy likewise recognized that a nation that is afraid to lead its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people. there may not be
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a more important issue of the food and drug administration than the pandemic. the phase of vaccine getting every american vaccinate is and making feel that the american public is assured that this was not rushed on behalf of the united states . even if it wasn't russ, there's no reason not to have transparency, but certainly in a situation where was rush, transparency is certainly important. it does beg the question, why does the f b a one way alley, initially? why did you want to wait? as long as it did, it claim it doesn't have enough resources, but it has over 18000 employees, a budget over $6500000000.00. reviewing a few $100000.00 pages for what a claim is, the most important product is ever reviewed and put out there presumably. and so we did couple the public health authorities own reputation from the products, right? such that they're just viewed as any other products. and then we can actually address
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individuals who are injured by these products and get them the treatment that they need. last the latest from around the world to my name is peter scott. and i'll be back again in about 30 minutes. but feel free to head over to our social media pages. if you can't wait that long. ah, hours in l. dante, el salvador, big clay beach hyper bitcoin ization countries made big claim legal, tender. it's one of the fastest growing countries of the world now. and things happen in a good way when you go all the way, because there may or may, we should all be may or may, we should all be angry because what's going on, right. can't understand united states history and the role that slavery
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plate is already a very formal institution. at a time, united states became a nation. it actually find the nation, the rise of capitalism clearly on the backs of flight and the slave down. if you had investigated lynchings to any great extent. you can't believe that the country and country still stands and i'm from the south. everybody know, know what this thing to some extent. i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war and the south is winning when i would show seemed wrong when i was just a shape out the same, the kind of the african and engagement equals the trail.


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