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ah, ah, the whole earth catalogue was part of the movement. this publication was created by steward, brand, a former biology student, and a jack of all trades. he wanted to help cumulus find everything they needed to fend for themselves by showing them where to buy all the necessary tools so weird because right, so these people are going to build farms. but what kind of tools are they take? well, they take books and that's because what people wanted in the communes was not just farm equipment, but consciousness, equipment. they wanted to change their minds catalog is absolutely central to the counterculture and to the, to the, to the commune. movement of the late 19th sixty's. but it's also central to silicon valley. they found this world and they began to reimagined computers as the kinds
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of tools that the whole catalog had promised. when i was young, there was an amazing publication called the whole earth catalogue, which was one of the bible's of my generation. it was idealistic, overflowing with neat tools and great notions on the back cover of their final issue, where the words stay hungry, stay foolish. it was their farewell message as they signed off, stay hungry, stay foolish. and i have always wished that for myself, you know, when you look at the catalog, it is trying to give you access to goods that will transform your life and it is trying to be whole. it is trying to literally be the whole world of goods. you can see that now in the amazon world on steroids, amazon is in many ways trying to be the whole world of access to the things you might want to buy in its structure in its interconnections, in its being
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a global information system to supply goods to make your life better if the catalog on life thanks to the internet, has amazon globalize the ideals of the whole earth catalogue? today, stewart brand, its founder, has a very rich friend, jeff bezos. me affinity between hippies and wall street stop here. ah, jeff basis is a libertarian, advocating for small government, he values complete, entrepreneurial freedom, unimpeded by laws and regulations,
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with amazon burned off the social vision that animated so many in the $900.00 sixty's. the hope of a better world through consumption through interconnected information systems. that's gone, this is gone for the consumers of amazon and it's gone along with my local bookstores. it's gone along with my local shops, it's gone. the civic world is not something that i see amazon carrying about at all . and i think that's a great shame. i think it's picked up on one on one of the core elements of the horse catalogue, but it's lost. whatever, civic and vision animated the catalog. and that's a great shame. me the
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my name is alex, i'm long shribel. fish and wouldn't be like fish. been fish are going to say it's john august, 2000 if by online so unlike fish, when you pick it up and you said, uncommon incision finish in your course and uptight on receive. so pick and taking the ball before joining amazon, alexander was a soldier in the german army but in the warehouse he was confronted with a ruthless work culture where employees are treated like robots and all that stuff. and that's what comes up
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when i'm seasoned in many ways built. i've put a time on the phone in holland, michigan. there's michigan. i and i, i think i'll take it to log onto the, i'm thinking i'll take it up to when i open up the ticket and protection. so for patterns on the have also the home is the things you can hold on. give them food for my. i'm talk most most big even size seems how isn't my there's not from the $1000.00 off and up i a couple issues of food this because i'm supply wouldn't from the cancer to the most, not for the thousands of you know, you have a scanner. there's a line that you where you have to go when you pack,
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you have to move the way where computers bend and this conners and managers and teachers and neither here and so make so called the equation of movement. so 1st you take this hand, do a pipe like this, and you park in the line and you really have to what follow all this movements are something new in the sense that to you, your work as a machine, but you are also controlled by machines and this is something scary if you don't follow this, read them off the that the corporation push on you. you are just not accept that. they tell you if you don't like hong walking here, you just go, we don't leave want. we don't want to unhappy workers with altering from the 1000. my mom was east mission mission. so they plan by and, and that's in this basically advisor to, you know, go out syndrome, follow best and the place and effect that me and burn out
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a published in ticket window for the won't guys to get wonderful. doesn't get picked. this does this to have. i was with on dozens the procedure and for the one with all the hope to unfold. a woman, i know in germany on black friday the unions are calling for a strike to go. but this is all right. all righty. born through just north to be in there. good. oh no, no. it's a group that was, are in europe. jeff bezos is facing strong states where social protections are especially important and where employees have more labor, right? if not, if you don't fully out of them, i guess those plans are through the last 5 years verity the main german union has
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been organizing strikes and the countries 11 amazon warehouses are. i am so sorry that i spoke heights in the phone just to let you know that i need to get with the workers are mainly asking for wage increases. thanks to these mobilizations, the leipzig warehouse workers have successfully increased their wages by 11.2 percent in the last 5 years. that is more dollars standardized april 2018. the major german media group axle springer is about to award basil it's prize for the most innovative person of the year. dirty has called on workers from all over europe to come and protest in front of the building. standing alongside the germans to day or polish italian
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and french workers. there are 1000 strong. he'll come to berlin. thanks. it's great to be here. today, amazon is employing for 566000 people. you know, probably the biggest drop rate of recent times at the same time, you're aggressively criticized by union send by media for paying low wages for inappropriate working conditions. how do you deal with these accusations? if you do anything new or innovative, you have to be willing to be misunderstood. if you cannot, if you can't afford to be misunderstood, then for goodness sake don't do anything new or innovative. i am very proud of our working conditions and i'm very proud of the wages that we pay. i in germany,
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we employee 16000 people. we pay at the high end of the range for any comparable work. wait a microwave test. i. yes. so we can live our, we have very good communications with our employees. we don't believe that we need a union to be an intermediary between us or our employees. congratulate you fall you have achieved thinking and congratulate. very nice. thank you. back in 2017 amazon made $178000000000.00 in total revenue. the multinational is crushing all its competitors and online sales. but amazon is also the leader in another area. it has nothing to do with parcels or material goods, but it's of strategic importance. the cloud, an online data storage infrastructure, entire databases and web services are physically hosted and amazon's data centers.
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huge buildings filled, which servers ah, amazon owns $120.00 data centers like this one spread around the world. in 2017 amazon web services accounted for only 12 percent of its turnover, but 60 percent of its profits. with
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amazon, a lot of the retailer, but it's really, it's a mistake to think of amazon that way. amazon is a com any that really wants to control the underlying infrastructure of the economy . so wants to be the platform on which all buying and selling happens. it wants to be basically the interface between all buyers and sellers, and it is a major part of the, the cloud on it's amazon web services controls about a 3rd of the world's cloud computing capacity. and increasingly, it's moving into shipping and package delivery. there isn't anything in history that's quite like amazon. i mean, it's completely a new thing. we've never really encountered anything like this, but you can think about it in some ways, like a railroad in the sense that that's what amazon controls and lots of other companies need access to that in order to get to market. that's an incredibly powerful position. i don't think amazon has any other competitor that could
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potentially challenge it. i think the only thing that could stop amazon today would be government intervention. ah no one else shows the wrong one. i just don't know. i mean, you prove yes to see how did they become the advocate an engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves will the part we choose to look for common ground l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is at conflict with the 1st law. show your identification, we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great trust, rather than fear we'd like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence. with aware of the risk amazon is increasingly nurturing its relationships with governments. in 17 years, it's lobbying expenses exploded. in the united states, they've gone from $492000.00 in the year, 2000 to $13000000.20. in europe alone,
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they add up to at least 2000000 euros group with will. jeff bezos used this money to counter a less than accommodating europe in 2017. for the 1st time, the european commission decided to attack the company, margaret vest, hagar, european commissioner for competition sanctioned amazon for its taxes. arrangements and the commission has today adopted a decision that emerson's tax benefits are illegal under use dated rules. a tax ruling granted by luxembourg has reduced emerson's tax bill in more than 8 yes, between may 2006 and june 2014. it was not
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justified. amazon now has to repay the tax benefit worth around $250000000.00 euros plus interest. amazon paid the 250000000, but luxembourg appealed the decision. not all states endorsed the commissioner's approach, nor to the also court other measures that promote tax furnace the thing with with amazon, and we know that from the tax case is that you don't necessarily make profits, but you create value. so you create value on the stock exchange, but you don't make profit in your business. so people make money by buying and selling stocks instead of making money by having a profit coming out of the business in itself. and one of the reasons why we are so a eager are also to have
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a sort of broad european digital taxation is to make sure that that we get it right . because digital companies, on average pay 9 percent in tax, where ordinary businesses, on average pay 23 percent in tax. europe is trying to put in place a new tax that specifically targets gaffer, including amazon this new tax would levy the revenues and not their profits. since these web giants usually store away their profits and countries with low tax rate, france is alone in defending this initiative. we have all had a wake up call to say we're yes, technology is fascinating and it produces so great things that we can do. but oh, that's a bad sight to everything. that's a fetch our democracy. there's a threat to the way we do business. that's the threat for us as consumers to be
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respected in the marketplace. we need to getting control of that. so here it is. the world, according to amazon, a world where a single company controls the distribution of all our daily products, the infrastructure of our economy. what i'm buying or receiving packages or i have friends who are doing like yes, also man as a great thing that we built. but as i said, if i put my heck, so being a citizen that on a lot more. busy questioning of what do i really feel, any fraud in that? i think most of the time i, i, i feel almost the opposite. i helped to create something that may not help to really be a net good in the world. so
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the issue is, who shapes the future of our country? is it us or is it amazon, you know, that's the question me on the pacific coast in seattle that question has already been answered here. amazon is already imposing its vision of the world of tomorrow. at 1st glance, it's an ideal world. the company's headquarters are located in this building called day one. added to feed the brand new structure wanted by just basis a series of glass baseballs sheltering rare tropical plants. like a bio took 2 point oh, where amazon employees come to work in harmony with a domesticated nature.
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in total 20 percent of seattle's downtown area is occupied by amazon. in the last 8 years, 40000 new executives from around the world have joined the ranks of the american giant often young and very well paid. they can take full advantage of the amazon way of life and can preview much of the company's innovations. lockers where you can pick up your packages at any time or amazon, go supermarkets, where no check out is required. customers enter with their smartphone and the computer automatically charges their account to
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welcome these new comers. luxurious buildings are constantly being constructed. thanks to amazon. seattle has become a favorite city for the american executive class but at night, seattle becomes a completely different city in since amazon's arrival with its numerous hires of senior executives, rents and seattle have been rising by 10 percent each year. the poorest can no longer find housing, even if they have a job me here. 30 percent of the homeless population is employed
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at city hall, seattle's younger city, counsellor theresa mosquito made housing. the priority of mandate me with out of 600 percent increase in how and homelessness. and we saw twice the amount of people who are living in our v's become homeless. that number is immense. you can see the crisis of poverty and homelessness on the street. however, here in seattle, we have a higher rate of homelessness per capita than cities like los angeles, which is a call for action. and it's imperative that we do something. we have a 1000 people who are moving to this region a week, which means that we're not building housing. the costs of housing increases people who were and otherwise affordable rental units really have nowhere to go. they are falling into the street or they are getting displeased and pushed out of seattle
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spring. 2018 city council proposes the creation of a new tax. the biggest companies in seattle, including amazon, will have to pay $500.00 per employee per year in order to finance the construction of social housing. we had initially proposed tax because you would have brought in $75000000.00 a year, which is a drop in the bucket of what we actually needed. we ended up with $47000000.00 per year, which amazon agreed to. the proposal was passed unanimously, unanimously. by the council and signed by the mayor within 24 hours of amazon agreeing to that amount of taxing and at each corporation, $275.00 per head for 5 years for just the largest companies after they agreed to that within 24 hours they changed their mind. they found that the opposition and ran
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a campaign to undermine it. no. oh. amazon initiated a power struggle to push back on city council. seattle was divided to counter the multi nationals campaign citizens mobilized for social justice. i amazon won the battle of opinion. it's petition gathered over 45000 signatures. on june 12th, 2018, the seattle city council decided to hold a new vote on the tax in front of supporters of both sides with red, against green pro, to acts against anti tax herbal vote quickly,
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the city council voted to reverse its new taxation policy whereas vote where i so on only 2 council members, including theresa mosquito voted against the repeal attacks, must get a vote for ne o'brian vote for i. 7 in favor to oppose ah, to the bill passes in the chair was sign it. mm . 3 months later, jeff bezos announced the launching of his own housing policy, me a 2000000000 dollar private fund to help poorly house families across the country. i want to make sure that public policy is driven by those who were elected to pass public policy not by the whims of one seal or one corporation, 11 day decides to donate money. i think it's a real warning signal to the entire country that we have got to be able to govern
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and do so with integrity, to make sure that our most vulnerable are being protected and invested in. we need public policy to be passed by. those have been elected to do so me . ready ready every night and seattle city hall opens its doors to provide a place to sleep on the floor, to those who have nowhere else to go on in the
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me, i me. ah, me . ah, ah.
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the yeah. ours in el salvador mclean. the type of big point is ation. countries made big claim legal, tender. it's one of the fastest growing countries of the world. them and things happen in a good way. when you go all the way, because you join me every thursday on the alex summon, show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me ah, horace. chance all down through here. column is the larry over here. so your camps are always a little nicer than this. this is evidence of absolute poverty, just to mayor. people in our city and other cities all across america are living
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like this. we're at the original eden village that opened up in 2018 right now. there's 31 homes on the property. it's a little over 4 acres with 31 homes and a community center. unfortunately, a lot of people don't make it out of edition more homelessness. ally, i'm just really happy with . ah, ah, ah, ah. well, oh, oh, oh, oh,
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i know. ah, with ah, the president of croatia claimed his country will withdraw from nato. if there's a conflict between russia and ukraine, had come to the west, frank south, its military presence in the region over a legit blondes falling moscow to invade its neighbor pounds. ah, tear gas and clashes with police and the premium capital as people take to the streets up here to demand economic reforms with.


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