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possibly a case of rats deserving a sinking ship, or even a rough jumping onto a thinking ship. i mean, how do you think the public is going to view? that's only about 16 percent of the population. even trust the prime minister, according to the latest polls was the public reaction. when i think the public action here is reflected, well, i'm saying in the back benches when the see him a, the libertarian who want to hold on to him. see now he's becoming a mac or politan elite left wing liberal at the same time. if you, as, as you said, the opinion both showing conservative are 10 points behind labor. and if he's the captain of a sinking ship id and instead of succeeding, i'm taking the part of success in election, he is now in electro liability. then they will have to bitch him, and the authorities are quite actually routed and brutal. when they remove a leader, however, who takes over? i think that's probably people waiting in the week because anyone wants to take
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over who most talk soon. there be a lot of knives in the back for him or for that's why people have question of wait and see. and once in a soon gree report is published, i've been to see more knives. so the out there in the hands and data journalist on political commentator adel dog, which are joining us live for an international, very interesting comments. many dollars. thank you very much for joining us. thank you. and thank you for joining us as well for the truth. a program live from moscow at archie international hope to see you. ah ah ah ah,
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ah ah ah, ah, with ah, with join me every 1st bit on the alex silent. sure. i'll be speaking together from the world of politics. sport, business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then mm . the, we start out that week with thousands and marching in washington,
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d. c. to protest the vaccine mandate being placed by government officials at every level. they join a worldwide course against the rule. with a film the cities protest are being met with water cannon and tear gas by law enforcement. we're going to bring you all of the details because monday is the day the math to come off the students at least to the governor's wish. however, local school superintendents are challenging the newly sworn in governor virginia's repeal of the math mandate. who, when and one portly, what effects are the mandate and rules having on our children? well, we're going to ask our psychiatrist and we haven't covered a violent crime on the uptick around the united states. but politicians continue to put the blame on everything, but the criminal one governor even goes as far to apologize for the label to put on them. we're going to bring you this outrages story as well as why
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a major city council wants to hold the car industry accountable for making their cars to easy to car. jack. i'm scared of hughes and we're going to take an in depth look at these issues today. the news views, so let's get started. ah . as covert infection rates hit new highs in some parts of the world and have record declines in other parts. a number of governments are starting to ease measures use to fight the deadly virus. and while some say this might be a sign that the pandemic is nearing its end, others believe it is happening because people have simply had enough of the government strategies. now all over the world protest are occurring with some even turning violent. are due to alex, the hell of it has the story. demonstrations have swept across europe in the world
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. the people are standing up against government coban measures. sometimes you know, biling fashion. while many have labeled any who resist cobra restrictions as anti boxers, the true picture is more nuanced than that. in peru, people hit the streets to speak up against children being vaccinated in france. 1000 stood up against the countries backseat, pass rules, which mandate that people 16 years of age and above have to show their vaccination status to access public places. frances, a country with a high vaccination rate, nearly 80 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. some argue that since the vaccines are not stopping to spread the virus, the use of backseat passes seems to be in consequential with thousands protesting around the world and infection in hospitalization. numbers starting to decline in certain jurisdictions. governments are starting to pay attention to the call. last
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week, u. k. prime minister boris johnson announced the lifting of colbert 1900 restrictions . in england. we will end the compulsory use of cobra status. dedication from now on the government is no longer asking people to work from home. should i speak to their employer about arrangements returning to the office? and having looked at the data carefully, the cabinet concluded, the once regulations lapse, the government will no longer mandate the wearing of faith. that however, not all governments are moving in the same direction. here, zealand prime minister, our strategy is to slow the spread of ami kron down. this includes boosters and public health emissions such as mosque wearing and restrictions on gatherings or keeping the pressure of our health system to protect those most at risk of getting sick, even with governments loosening restrictions,
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the fight goes on with protesters insisting that they should have a voice in how we progress from here for r t and alex my limits it is not just in europe where protest against the maxine mandates are taking place. tens of thousands of protesters how they rally right here in washington d. c. over the weekend. now, united states is a country which often boast about its freedom and democracy, but our days of boasting might be coming to the end. and while in the past there's been a so you stripping of that freedom from individuals to the government. no single event in american history has given the government more power to insert control over the daily lives of citizens than the chronic virus. those empowers, starting at the very top, have done this through mandates or regulations all in the name of public health, and with each layer of power taking as much control as they think a person will tolerate without fully rebelling and despite science continuing to become more accurate in their knowledge of the kroner virus, which is resulting in the large reduction of a level of threat. the power grab
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a noose around american freedom is continuing to tighten. now post civil war era. so strict state and local laws which are marginalized, african americans, and allowed for the legal limitation of their actions. but while the jim crow laws era technically ended in 1968 today. so those same rules and restrictions which were deemed to be illegal offensive and discriminatory, are being put into place for those who decide to not receive the code. 1900 vaccine . and these mandates, which are overwhelmingly being put into place not by legislative body by, by a single executive denies citizens of the united states, food, shelter, and work at these policies are being openly cheered. as those who do not get the job are being labeled as disgraceful unless we're, they demonized and punished for not following their leader's orders without questions. and those troubles are minor compared to the thousands of workers, including much need health care and emergency service workers are being forced out of their job over refusal to comply creating even more strain on the system so much
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. so now many hospitals would rather have coded positive workers who are vaccinated, taking care of the sick. thank you. the healthy non vaccinated staff. now all of these are examples completely exposed. the agenda being about control and power rather than the health and well being. and after 2 years of living with this pandemic, and all the hardships the united states has faced and tried to overcome, instead of trying to heal our country, those in power have taken a page from the darkest years in american history and trying to recreate it. but this weekend in washington, thousands gathered to protest against the mandates and to stand for those that being targeted by authority, been swan brings as the story was got, the most media will call this rally an anti vaccine rally. but for the speakers here were there people like robert f, kennedy junior, and dr. robert malone, as well as the nearly 30000 people who attended. they would say this event was
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about much more than being against vaccines. it was about being pro freedom and pro good information, the name of the event defeat the mandates. the march was 1st announced by doctor robert malone during his podcast interview with joe rogan. it was held the same weekend as the march for life pro life event. tens of thousands turned out to hear speakers and rally for their right to not be forcibly vaccinated or coerced into vaccination. the 2 major things of the event seemed to surround, resisting the employer and government ordered vaccination. in his speech on sunday, robert f. kennedy junior, referred to the modern social climate as turnkey totalitarianism, saying that the government has managed to put in place all these totalitarian measures for control making coven era policies inescapable. the 2nd issue for the event calling out big tech and media organizations, which have suppressed viewpoints and information regarding the pandemic. malone stated, quote, on the crohn is destroying the approved narrative that the vaccines are safe and
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effective. and that early drug treatment does not work in quote. and robert of kennedy junior's comparison between the current coded policies and nazi germany. well, that's gotten a lot of attention over the last 24 hours for media organizations which have condemned the comparison. but it is worth mentioning again that this defeat the mandates march seems to be timing out pretty well with decisions coming from federal judges, including a federal judge in texas, who just 3 days ago ruled the president biden's order for federal workers to get vaccinated is unconstitutional. for news use hughes. i'm been swan joining me now to discuss the effect this is having on the mental health of americans of all ages . as inviting dr. clay carmichael, who is a clinical psychologist, an author of nervous energy harness the power of your anxiety. thanks for joining me, dr. thanks for having me. scottie. it's great to be with you. okay, so looking at your patients at the overall climate of our society right now,
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are you actually concerned with the mental health of americans right now as compared to years past? oh my goodness, scottie, i'm concerned as a clinical psychologist and i am concerned as a mom as well. i think that this issue has become so divisive and when we're literally, you know, even covering our noses and our mouths, i think that there is a level of depersonalization and kind of an us versus them teen mentality. that unfortunately makes it even harder for us to come together and find common ground. well, and that's what we've all been talking about. unity, unity, unity for the past few years. and you look at dr. the, the new governor and virginia young can, has just said, you know, we're moving those mass mandate. superintendents are fighting him on that. how does the younger generation look at? they said authority conflicting out in the public. one thing, one thing, the other thing, not one wants to cover their face, the other wants to give them freedom and let their parents have the choice. what messages are we sending to this next generation about respect for those that are in
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charge? well, that's a really interesting point, scotty. so, i mean, what i actually love is when people are able to have both sides expressing their opinions freely and openly, i think that's not only good as an american, but as a psychologist for us to be able to just use words and subtle our differences. but unfortunately, it seems like people kind of want to smear people who are on one side of the issue and say, you know, well, you know, you're an extremist and that kind of thing. and then of course, when you mentioned the superintendents in the schools, i get very concerned about children and their socio emotional development when we literally are now embarking upon a multi year plan of covering up their, their mouth and their nose, which is key to their social development as well as their language and even their ability to use what they colleges call their mirror neurons. it's something that's
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inside their brain that only actually really fires and gets fully activated when it sees a face. and so as a mom and as they college us, i am very concerned about this. well, and i'm also concerned about what are these children going to be like as an adult, we talk about anxiety. we talk about insecurity in their lives were literally put on a halt for something that majority of them did not even know or experience and completely everything cancelled. and they were sent home for 2 months. what effect will the last 2 years do you believe? do you believe will have on this generation when they reach adulthood? well, it's already having, in fact, i think, i mean, the surgeon general's recent report has shown that anxiety and depression in children has been skyrocketing and you know, tier point scotty about the future effects. when we are potentially depriving young people of the chance to say, take refuge in social support rate, we're putting unnecessary stress, i think upon their ability to have strong social ties. and psychologists know that
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strong community and social support are key for resilience. and of course, when have all of this, you know, one day the schools are open and then the next are closed by the way that's really hard on parents to when they're trying to create child care plans and everything else. and we have all of this uncertainty, i just think unfortunately, it's not a good situation. scotty. well, and dr. carmichael, you know, do you think we're teaching the younger to this generation? the discrimination is justified. you know, the exact seems opposite the world that i was raised and we like possibly about the same age. we're being politically cracked and you didn't want to offend anyone. it's like the exact opposite. now in this current state where it's ok to target certain people to separate their people to make them stand outside over others. so we've actually become very discriminatory. is that something that these students are learning at a young age? it could possibly hurt them down. the wind is as well, i'm afraid. so scotty. so there is actually really an element of de personalization, dehumanization that happens. i think when we start really digging into this us
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versus them mentality, and that type of dynamic is only exacerbated even just simply by putting people in uniforms. now, when we have that, you know, uniform, so to speak, being an actual thing that covers your fees and it makes that even that much harder to see each other as people, as individuals. and we start really categorizing each other this way. instead of thinking of ourselves as americans 1st, much was even being able to really think about why and how we got into this situation in the 1st place. not being able to have the open conversations that i think many of us would really like to have. when we have to start stifling those kinds of conversations, i think you're absolutely right. got to be concerned about the fact that that would have on a young generation larger problem. i go out to be honest with you. the only positive thing that i can think is that this generation underneath us will not. we'll see what we're doing, the mistakes we're making, the adults the room are making and they're going to choose not to make. and maybe
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we're teaching them the lesson of not how to handle the situation. that's the only optimistic lemonade i can come out of this lemons. we've been handed as a society as a world, but i appreciate your commentary. thank you. thank you. now after the break, while a rest are being made of those unvaccinated to one to dining restaurant, california governor is apologizing to the criminal. all this fault, more police officers were ambush and killed this past weekend in the line of duty. we will discuss the rising crime and the reason behind it with our panel all after the break. ah. with james all down through here. oh, mr. larry over here. so your camps are always a little nicer than this. this is evidence of absolute poverty, just to mayor,
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people in our city and other cities, all across america are living like this. we're at the original eat and village that opened up in 2018 right now. there's 31 homes on the property. it's a little over 4 acres with 31 homes and a community center. unfortunately, a lot of people don't make it out of edition more homelessness and i'm just really happy with it. and there you with, ah, i financial survival guide. i don't buy, hey, i guys only teachers of friday. that's the last time i buy it from the teacher. so franco watch kaiser reporting
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ah. bring you the very latest every out the day this is out. he's now snow from everyone here with, with part that are on the rise, even more so in america's most populated cities. but there are issues and tracking these cases and his art correspond, natasha. sweet explains. there's also a disturbing trend when it comes to who are behind the fess for local police departments throughout the country. we can see there has been
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a major shift for skyrocketing, car thefts, that many of the under age thieves are not being tried. and on top of that, the f b i is reporting system doesn't even trace carjackings. last year or 12 year old was seen stealing a car in washington dc, taking it for joy, ride near chicago, a state senators, car was taken at gunpoint. and in philadelphia, a rice, your driver had his car taken earlier this month he ended up shooting the thieves. according to the philadelphia police department, carthage separate poorly quadrupled in the past 6 years, and 201-5170 festival reported by 2021. those figures rose to more than 800 in new york city, the n y p. d reported 112 car thefts in 2018. 13220193282020 . and last year, more than $500.00, the city hit hardest is chicago with a whopping $1800.00 carjackings last year. and while these steps are rising, very few are getting prosecuted. according to the university of chicago's crime lab, only 11 percent of car theft led to an arrest in 2020. and of those less than 5
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percent faced charges approved by the state attorney's office. many of these cases are seen underage offenders. some question at the lack of schooling and work during the pandemic had any impact now in a bizarre twist. local law makers and we'll walk a claim that automakers are responsible for making these cars too easy to steal. instead of punishing offenders, they are calling out kiya and hyundai in particular, reporting for news, these huge nauseous, sweet r t, the violent crime waver ravaging cities and towns across the u. s. is it truly a disturbing trend? perhaps even more so as the fact was, response of to little state and local governments. take california governor gavin nation. for example. reacting to the shocking recent that of cargo from l. a trained, he actually apologized for referring to the groups responsible. as quote gang newsome seem like he cares more about politically correct language than about his
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sworn duty to uphold the laws of the state. or to ask the former law enforcement officer mike murphy and attorney at brock. lori, thank you so much for joining me, gentlemen. thank you. thanks for having us. i'm going to start you brought on this one. why do people care? especially the governor of california, about hurting criminals feelings if i had valuable property. so in a train robbery, guess what my feelings would be hurt and this would be the least of my worries. so where is sympathy for victims in crimes like this? right, it's a, it's an absurd scenario when you think about it. what, what's wrong with the word gang says is, is somehow inherently racist. is there a problem here that i didn't know about him? is this a new word that's supposed to trigger a saw? so i don't understand it's, it is a challenge, but there is, seems the does seem to be a new monitor now that somehow criminals are new protected class. i guess that's where they're going right now. and the idea is somehow that i were all victims and
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that crim a crime is simply a response, a natural consequence of all the racism and unjust treatment that we had, but a minority is and otherwise. so that's, i think they're trying to, to delve into a new way of looking at crime. and perhaps this is their whole attitude, gangs itself as a, a notorious word. it's at loaded word and they don't want to use it. well, that's very strange at the same time, the guy that he said that knew some also said that he, he wants to understand what the hell is going on. you know, it's, it's a little bit like mass and, you know, going to his a crime scene that and saying what, lordy, lord, what's happening to this country, but not even actually look at the readings that call it has. and that's what it gets me. they're gonna name call, but they're not going to call out what's the, what's the reasoning behind it? so mike does well hyper sensitive sensitivity about politically correct language actually make it harder to govern. and what are the limits of the thing? what does that, the reason why the governor has to be nice, the criminals because he's careful of stepping on somebody else's toes? no, absolutely not. your seamless stuff spread across these blues states,
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especially here in the state of minnesota. we have to remember that governor tim walls who are running against as a candidate for governor, here in the state of minnesota, allowed this lawlessness to take place. a lot of those clips that i just saw you playing during a brock speaking there was from minnesota. those tvs were being looted from a target down in lake street where the george floyd incident took place. so tim was allowed the 3rd precinct to burn to the ground here in minneapolis, he gave the order to the police department to abandon. it looks like lives matter ended cheaper, come in and burn the entire precinct down, which spread it like a litter. well, a literal wildfire across america, which now we've seen the highest murder rate and st. paul in decades. minneapolis almost broke the murder apple, a records of 1995 carjackings or 536 percent. literally grandmas are being beat walking to and from the grocery store. that is how bad it is here in minnesota
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right now. nobody feel safe going to minneapolis and saint paul, the crime is spreading out to the suburbs and tim walls and our attorney general chief ellison their mouths are shut. and of course you have ilan omar calling for the dismantling of the minneapolis police department and that all cops are right into the route. so we have to take back our states into enter communities again. no law enforcement, no, we have their backs. well, at the same time you're seeing the accountability of this. it's not necessarily going on the criminal. so brock, i want to ask you, you have a in talking about minnesota, you have a group council. minneapolis actually says that they're going to hold a car manufacturers responsible for making their auto bills to easy to car. jack and i'm not joking. i literally read this article and absolute disbelief. what is it about trying to put the blame and what is the danger of putting the blame on the wrong person on the wrong perspective? been actually where it should be. what does, how does that help the situation right. it said,
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it certainly does not help the situation and it only emboldens the perpetrator to fight more. and so still more to kill more into rate, more and dilute more and everything else that we could possibly not watch. it's a little bit like blaming the, the kid, the nerd in school for somehow damaging the bullies fist. right. that's, it's a weird dynamic that's now playing out and looking for any victim or any anybody that they can point to instead. and the reason why they're doing that, scotty is simply because here is a target that won't complain back, it won't fight back these car manufacturers will no doubt not respond in the appropriate way that they should, which is what are you talking about? this is not what they instead will do is to say, well, maybe you got a point there, we will try to make our cars more resilient to such things. and it's our faults, we, we share responsibility in this. so it's a bizarre world where good is evil, evil is good and there we say that this is a way to and the path toward the destruction of our civilization. we really have to
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fight. this was interesting, brocky say, then you brought out the idea of the idea of the rhetoric behind it. and so mark, i've got your specially if you are running for office, you're obviously trying to think making sure that you say exactly what you mean at the same time. you don't want to offend a group, but there are people that you feel like they need that they want to defend the police. that there is an issue with the police department when in brutalization, is there a way to have a conversation without using extreme rhetoric, which causes people just to shut down and not actually deal with the conversation actually insides violence rather than actually dealing with the problem at hand and for you really not seen much be done about the problem the last 2 years. is there a way to have that conversation? respectfully, i believe so 100 percent that we can have this conversation and i have been having this conversation. but until the judges and the prosecutors are starting to do their jobs again and the sentencing guideline commissions are actually enforcing the laws instead of listening to the guidelines. nothing's going to be done. people
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are terrified to leave their homes. yes, it sounds like political rhetoric, but it's the hard facts. nobody is safe in or in their communities in these blue states anymore. it is the truth. i know a lot of people that refused to go to a twins game or a vikings game or even go to a downtown restaurant anymore because the minneapolis police department is short, 400 police officers. we have organizations like the minnesota freedom for on here which was backed by comma la harris, and raised over $35000000.00 for cash fail to immediately bail out, looters, murderers, rapists, sex offenders, violent criminals with cash money. and they're back on the street again. and we have attorney for county attorney is one of them here, his name is john choice and he says we're no longer going to enforce federal felony . is that stem from a low level traffic stops? so how are we going to have this conversation without being firm in being stern? if we have to,
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we have to say that this is out of control and it has to stop or monday, the day the old ride west, when unfortunate, got so bad that they took it up on their own hands. if you watch yellowstone you're seeing that idea come back out there when the police and law enforcement feel to week to do it, they still have to keep their communities in order. and i think that's very dangerous, especially in 2022 gentlemen. thanks for the conversation and that's all we have today show, but let us continue the conversation over on twitter. got it and he hash tag team and vh. and if you haven't download the portal dot tv app yet, consider this your personal location and just go to your android or apple app store . it's free until mid against a healthy, happy standpoint. ah, ah, a wrong one. i just don't know. i mean, you have to shape out the same because the african and engagement
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equals the trail. when so many find themselves will to part, we choose to look so common ground. with story right now here, when aussie international, the precedent of croatia claims this country will withdraw from the nato if there's a conflict between bratia and youth. but it does come to west crank up its military presence in that region over alleged plans by moscow to invade its neighbor. a gas unconscious with police in the ukrainian capital, as people take to the streets of key of demanding economic reform. or.


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