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yes, in the world politics sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then with the west rach itself, the temperature further over alleged russian plans to invade ukraine, bolstering its military presence in the breach. and that is key of itself says there's no reason to panic insisting an attack is next to impossible to really works with your bottleneck court. on my consulting a fox news journalist trying to get answers from the president about the record inflation, liking the us fighting for transparency, we speak to a lawyer who helpful to the sta,
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to release documents on the authorization of the pfizer job explains concerns the decision might have been brushed, very same health authorities that are telling you this product to say, are the same federal health authorities. i gave pfizer, missouri, and j. j. lead immunity, from any liability for injuries caused by this product. walrus, peace, freedom is slavery. ignorance is strength. now george will wells prophecies said pier one step closer to becoming reality. the british university slaps a trigger warning on his anti censorship. novel. 1984. ah good afternoon. great. have you with, as this is on to you tonight, the united states has put more than 8000 troops on high alert as it sounds, the alarm over a supposed russian invasion of you cried moscow's repeatedly denied any such plans . even kia is urging com,
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saying it won't be attacked at these would be additional brigade, combat teams, logistics personnel, medical support, aviation support, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance as well as transportation and, and maybe even some additional capabilities after that loser. bohack them, but you a lot of such power, militarism appears in the media. i asked to reduce the intensity that exist today. little the situation is quite clear to us. there is no reason for us to panic. there are no grounds for searching a full scale offensive against our country. it is even physically impossible to achieve yet or not. so comes in on monday, the top you a step limit. antony blinking, met with his e. u counterpart to discuss ukraine. tensions is exposed divisions between washington and his allies with countries urging different responses to the border situation. peter oliver reports wild troop deployment. sand high alerts are being su. diplomacy remains the number one goal when it comes to finding a solution to these tensions between russia and nato. on monday we saw
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a series of meetings between e. u foreign ministers take place in brussels during that meeting. germany came under an awful lot of pressure. this is over the berlin government's decision not to send weaponry to ukraine. now, a spokesperson for the german government has said they're not going to be changing that decision. as a d bonus, the gillum at the federal government has not changed its position on the supply of arms to ukraine, including the supply of lethal weapons. and in view of the conflict in ukraine, it will not issue a permit for the supply of military weapons ina, where there are 2 very different messages coming out of the nato camp when it comes to the situation on the ground in ukraine. on the one hand, you've got the united kingdom and the united states who have both withdrawn some embassy staff and their families from their diplomatic embassies in ukraine. on the other hand, you have the european union embassies, who have said what we heard on monday from the chief, all fair, e u foreign policy,
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yoseph burrell, as well as a you foreign ministers, they're saying essentially that could cause more harm than good sector. lincoln's his dollars that he was not an evacuation. he was just letting to people to watch when not crucial, the staff are free to decide to leave the country. i nothing theresa and need for us to do any kind of a precautionary measure from defined to reorder number of our staff and their berman engine. okay. i'm either very clearly in the counsel at this moment i see no reason half worse to pull out our diplomatic stuff. and i think you're our presence, our diplomatic presence and caregivers. absolutely key because what we're seeing, seeking is of diplomatic solutions and diplomas on the ground. for quite a while, the u. s. is placed 8 and a half 1000 true group spaced in the united states on stand by for potentially being sent to eastern europe. there's also massive navy war games underway. nato war games with the u. s. s. u. s. s. harry truman,
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the american aircraft carrier as the center of those underway in the mediterranean . and on monday, we heard from a number of nato nations saying that they would be sending military hardware towards the east of the alliance. what this is seen is the kremlin spokesperson to me to the pest golf, saying that moscow is paying close attention to what's happening. but don't turn out there such in nato actions and increase nato activity. now, borders cannot be ignored by a military response. for, for the security of our country, there is a constant process of drills, maneuvers and military build up, which has never stopped and will continue. the french president manual micron is here in berlin. on tuesday, he'll be having meetings with chancellor or la sholtes as they get franco german alliance in line. heads of wednesdays, meeting empower, is between delegations from france, germany, ukraine, and russia. to try and find a solution, a diplomatic solution to the ongoing tensions in eastern europe. lunchable ranked
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with davis once and says the west is painting russia as an aggressor yet is itself, he says the wall making was more likely. the point is to paint russia as the aggressor on, provoked engage, or in evil aggression against innocent bystanders. most people are not in the military have nothing to do with the military pay. very little attention to the news at all, and are horrified of vladimir putin or having nightmares about vladimir boot and have been ward that, that the evil dr. putin is trying to take over the world and something must be done to stop it. building up the hostility, you're increasing the likelihood of war under the pretense of preventing it, discouraging it, but it's a vicious cycle. it is in the interest of, of european governments and the european public's and not to go along. oh,
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with the madness of war. and that seems to be in the interest of certain individuals in the u. s. government. in the meantime, the american stock exchange experienced a turbulent day and that concerns over u. s. involvement in the ukraine, russia crisis. it comes after day of hysteria with the white house ordering officials to leave ukraine of if is a conflict, was imminent on stock stumble, more than 10 percent. the dow jones took a major hit. things did recover a little by the close of play market expert. we spoke to says that politics is to play the drop in the u. s. equity markets today had 3 direct costs. the 1st is the growing tension between the united states in russia, ukraine. the 2nd is the u. s. federal reserve. meaning later this week to discuss either going to fight inflation. and the 3rd is of the stock markets have risen extraordinary amount for their march 2020 lows without a correction and investors are going to generate it. biggest factor. the tension
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between the u. s. western europe, russia and ukraine. anytime to major superpower space off, there worries about the cost of a conflict in the risk that it will spill over into other areas. plus energy is a huge export of russia and western europe has a lot to lose. if trade in energy is hindered or stop by a conflict and further there's, there's worry among some that the u. s. doesn't look strong in front of the world facing russia. uh huh. mike moment is closed, embarrassment. figure by at a media conference the president was asked about the record inflation gripping the us with the journalist, getting an insult to midline. oh, i'm giving a story for assault. he's my guess the new studio rad scanner on
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a way up and, you know, trying to do joe biden, a favor there, you know, go easier and, but i think that was in no uncertain terms, quite nasty from light. and why was he so upset? well, it was a nasty behavior. i'm befitting the president, but that is, imagine he was, he was stressed right. he, he needed an outlet. silly moment. we will have moments like that. but the issue here is the subject. neither that is inflation because there are, there are 2 explanations for what but, and said the 1st is that perhaps he was kidding. you know, he was angry. this is an outlet again. again for his stress for his ag atlas. the 2nd option, which is even scarier is that he actually believes that inflation is a great asset. i'm you fall to brought. you felt that the inflation that has gripped the world not, not only of over the past year, but over the past 2 years of the course of the panoramic. you walk into a shop,
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you look at the process. this is that this is everything fuel for our cars, clothes, for food. the price isn't in supermarkets. i mean, cars, computers, everything's gone up into the stratosphere. nobody's gaining from this. people are literally watching that their salaries, their wages, especially people on fixed income, or even worse, poor people, low income people. they are watching their salaries that purchase power evaporate. that say, as an example, say you were making $10000.00 just just for suppliers, simplicity sake, $10000.00 a month, right? given this inflation in the united states and 7 percent over the past year, you effective sell so. so what you can buy is worth $9300.00. this is in the, in the span of a year. so again, if, if someone gives you a raise, if you get a raise, well that's just, you know, getting back clue and back what you've already lost. and so it is incredibly
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strange reading, reading what some and the media wrote. and i'd like to note that this is, this is left wing media that inflation is somehow a good thing why inflation can actually be good for every day americans in bad for rich people. why the inflation we're seeing now is a good thing why inflation might actually be good for the economy jain until the data is. so someone telling me why you can afford to put food on your table is a good thing. it's, it doesn't come across well well it's, it's actually the same thing and those headlines that some of them have apologize. the office, they have been ridiculed to such an extent that they had to. they had to go back on what they wrote because there is, there is no justifying this. with the refresher we, we are seeing in the united states were inflation. that is an absolute record in 40 years and 40 years. i mean, the,
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the numbers are absolutely tremendous how much people are using. now, you'll hear some say this is even worse for 1000000000. they're billionaires, they have no problem. affording all buying whatever they want. sure, they may, may, they might make in a year 5000000000 dollars instead, instead of $6000000000.00. they, they are feeling the old, seamless as a catastrophe. that the reason that this is all happening will part of the reason because there is the pandemic. but there is also the printing press on which the united states to, to, to a greater extent than the european central bank to a less extent, quintin trillions, trillions. they ran these for, for so long. they give our people checks, covered checks, and more people used these covered checks for is a by basic necessities. they, they went for electronics, they went for the luxury things. and what this did is these caused inflation.
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supplier supply chains already disrupt that. there's less things for more people, which means higher prices and people are people have raised prices of people who are willing to pay the my not now, but we've said all of this, the only way to combat hold of this is to is for, for central banks we, we've all heard, you know, central banks, high rates or whatever and we will wait for what the hell that mean. what it means that by way of increasing interest on all loans, central banks cool off from economy by making sure there is less money to go around . the problem here is that the united states is now $29.00 trillion dollars in debt . $29.00 trillion dollars in debt and if they hike rates, they, if they hi, grades long term. so for example, for, for 56 years, the issue will be that they're going to make much more payments, minimal payments on the existing debt. so for them it would be like, shooting themselves in the foot. so they're trying to balance the needs of the
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economy versus the, the outcry from the public them from the people. and try to squeeze by are either pleasing, ultimately, no one. yeah, it's clearly a very complicated fiscal situation and it's some, as usual, the people the bottom seem to be suffering the most at the moment. appreciate the, the latest at the death. okay, moving on to whether he's not the us food and drug administration will soon have to hand over documents that it had wanted to sit on for 75 years. they relate to its authorization of the pfizer vaccine. critics say that that might have been a bit too hastily rushed through. the info will now be released thanks to a group of scientists. they took the matter to court. we spoke with their lawyer or, and siri, he says, transparencies vital, know, our representative individuals injured by vaccines. we've been representing them for years. we do that for all the other vaccines. we don't do that for the 5 back thing with my during our day for kobe. because you can't see them in any manner.
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we've got waning immunity. there instead of eating unity got the cdc saying that the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission. and there are obviously some harm to that can cause as i do in public health officials don't deny. there are clearly issues with the vaccine and we need every independent scientist on board and looking at the data looking information, helping address those issues with the real problem here in my view and view, i think of many is that the very same health authorities that are telling you to say, are the same federal health authorities that gave pfizer, missouri, and jane j complete immunity from any liability for injuries caused by the product . and they gave them that immunity before the products were even authorized before they were even made and licensed and put on the market that created a moral hazard by decoupling the company profit motive from its interest and safety . and i think that does concern a lot of people and it showed there are
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a number of doubts about the fast track approval that defines a shot. the judge ordered the f. d a to release the relevant information says this is in the public interest. john f kennedy likewise recognised that a nation that is afraid to lead its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open markets is a nation that is afraid of its people. there may not be a more important issue at the food and drug administration than the pandemic. the phase of vaccine getting every american vaccinated, and making sure that the american public is assured that this was not rushed on behalf of the united states. even if it wasn't russ, there's no reason not to have transparency but certainly in a situation where. busy was rush, transparency is certainly important. it does beg the question, why does the f one away ally initially? why did it want to wait as long as it did? it claim it doesn't have enough resources, but it has over 18000 employees,
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a budget over $6500000000.00. reviewing a few $100000.00 pages for what a claim is, the most important product it's ever reviewed and put out there presumably. and so we did couple the public health authorities own reputation from these products, right? such that they're just viewed as any other products. and then we can actually address individuals who are injured by these products and get them the treatment that they need. so to come, crime is surging and chicago, where people are increasingly blaming the d fund, the police movement of moral not after this for the i what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation,
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let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only nationally, i'm going to resist. i'll see how that strategy will be successful, very political time, time to sit down and talk ah with
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ah, welcome back, george. all wells classic novel, 1984. it's a shilling cautionary tale that warns of the dangers of censorship, but one british university. similarly north, the message in it and set his sights on the novel slapping trigger warning on the work for is apparently explicit material. so the address dusty reads between the lines trigger warning. this item discusses trigger warnings. i'm now going to quote st george o wells 1984. so if you feel at risk of being offended, please meet your tv now. war is peace, freedom is slavery. ignorance is strength of future where freedom becomes slight ah, where privacy is forbidden. the past due forgot his prophecy remains us
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terrifying. miss beverly incentive, engaging in individual critical thinking. students at north hampton university studying the dis, stokely and censorship nightmare ah, well receiving trigger. warnings from the institutions very own thought police. while it is not university policy, we may warn students of graphic depictions in relation to violence, sexual violence, domestic abuse on suicide. 1984 centers around a government worker renee totalitarian state, he is followed by the ever present gaze of the ruling party. and it's dictator big brother. but maybe north hampton university is different from the big brother, and simply one that's looking out for as little siblings who might just get upset or something trigger. warnings can be a spoiler and skew students perception, or was shut down, discussion inquiry, and dare i say it thought there's a certain irony when universities start adding trigger warnings to 1984,
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there's something very big brother about it. i think 13 year olds might find some of the scenes in the novel disturbing. but i don't think any one of undergraduates age is really shocked by a book any more. shocked. i don't know perhaps by how all well, in his dystopian science fiction depiction of mass media control, censorship and surveillance is becoming airily familiar. in fact, 70 is on it so relevant today that it's still on amazon is best sellers list and sets quite well on north hamptons, academic courses, alongside samuel beckett play and game as well as alan laws v for vendetta. oh, but they to come a trick of warnings, of course, i mean, generations of students are ready with a being offended and being able to re do without any kind of supervision. so i don't understand why they have to molly katelyn to protect this generation of students is rather insulting to the intelligence. on the one hand,
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you have students trying to cancel controversial views and on the other you have academics falling into line behind this kind of nonsense saying the controversial views have to be flagged up in advance. so students must be ready to encounter them. oh is it could an infant alizay's sion o student life university and has to be diss and must be deplored? well when i was at university, i was reading all sorts of things for my dissertation defending the west, the rise of islamic state. i don't think either of those have made the cut these days to you. but even when i was at school, i was reading to kill a mocking bird and jane air, both of which are now on the naughty sap. okay. kids are reading books these days anyway, they're glue to the t, v screens and maybe that's for the best. i'm every part of it. i am
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free going to be any was gonna be any. i just want to be a law. okay. okay. perhaps not the and her family have come to the library. she lots better, though the way things are going. papa will be deemed he guessed panky and take a throw back some day. an 8 year old girl was shot and killed while walking with her mother in the us city of chicago over the weekend. melissa ortega was hit by stray gunfire during a gang fight with soaring crime race leasing in chicago. once again in the spotlight, one local pastors calling for change, lashing out of the defun, the police movement. is there any hope for chicago? the chaos. the lawlessness is so bad is chicago, that the criminals, openly mark. i police and i city leaders and even our governor. what makes me so
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angry in a peer 80 is that we see our leaders mocking our efforts with their wishy washy id . like to find the police. come on there. the police are not our enemy. how many more will it take before i lose wake up? you know what? they'll never wake up. you know why? they don't care. last year, chicago records his highest homicide rate for 25 years of $797.00 deaths. meanwhile, the week starting the 10th of january, so overall crime up nearly a quarter compared with 2021. for instance, carjacking increased by more than a 3rd inside the city we spoke with. dominic is a former police officer from chicago. he says it shows cited to place the blame, squarely on the police sort of freaks a certain situation. this happens disturbingly repetitively in chicago is, is broken, got government system. we have from our job safe certain chem fox to the mayor and her vilification of all the police officers want to leave her to our share of tom
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dark. who's absent at the helm. the define, the police move in is one thing in the next year is going to be something else. the police will always be the pawns because they're right in the middle. you've got the elected officials who make the promise, elect me. i'm going to change things. you've got the state attorney who are making deals with the defense attorneys who are also elected position states attorney, you know, elect me. i'm going to do x, y, and z. then you have the, the citizens who are committing the crimes or also the ones you are calling for safer neighborhoods because of the crime. you know, not everyone's committing crimes. and you have the cops, the ones who are right in the middle, and the entire burden of peace and prosperity is put on their shoulders with no support from communities or the ones who are there, you ought to back them their, their government. so they're the ones you're taken, the worst position, the hits on all side, and they're always going to be taking the hits. it's if they're the pons. ah,
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prison, political activists, alex, in a valley has just been added to russia's terrorist, an extremist blacklist as have a number of, of the people linked to his outlaws, anti corruption foundation, one was von, this for multi correspondent on call to can afternoon dawn. what will this main, this decision fall in the valley and the others linked to it? either neo, well, as you said, russian, the russian authorities have put out political activist, alec seen of only and a number of his associates on this list of extremists and terrorists, right? now on the, on the is facing actually a handful of charges, one of which being the creation and leadership of an extremist organization. what they had in mind there, of course, is the anti corruption foundation that isn't of all these organization and was labeled to an extremist organization by the authorities just last year. now to remind our viewers of only was arrested just about a year ago, right after his return to russia from germany. he was receiving medical care, therefore, and a legit poisoning. but shortly after his arrest,
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moscow court decided to cancel a suspended sentence he had in connection to fraud and the french company eager shay, and decided to turn that sentence into a 3 and a half year sentence in a penal colony, which has since been reduced to 2 and a half years, the moscow court said that the only was responsible for repeatedly violating the terms of his probation. now, as for the associates of this organization that have been put on this list as well, we've got new both sobel. she was the former lawyer of the anti corruption foundation. we've got. gotcha love demonte. he's the current lawyer of the organization. and yorkie i'll bore of who is who's actually currently working in the research division of the anti corruption foundation. so what does it mean to be on this list? while the main thing is basically that their bank accounts have been for all intents and purposes frozen, they can only use their bank accounts for personal expenses, eating living expenses, and they can give a maximum of $10000.00 roubles a month. that's around $120.00 a month to family members,
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and that's basically all they can do with their bank accounts. we're going to have to see how this situation continues to unfold as last year we saw the organisation of nevada being labeled in extremist organization. now the leader of himself, so we're going to have to see what happens. don't thank you on the correspond donald quarter with the update that wraps it up for this news. our last we packed in, i hope you appreciated all that i'm very late to cause coming your way in around 30 minutes. ah, there may or may, we should all be mayor. may we should all be angry or what's going on, right. can't understand united states history and the role that slavery play was already a very formal institution. by the time united states became a nation,
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it actually find the nation. the rise of capitalism is clearly on the backs of flight. and it's laid down if you investigate leaching any great extent, you can't believe that the country and the country still stands in brick. i'm from the south. everybody know, know what this figure. to some extent, i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war in the south is winning in with bring you the very latest every out the day. this is our now snow from everyone here with
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her. all those driven by dreamers shaped banks concur some of those with in ah, who dares thinks we dare to ask look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law of the patient. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence.


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