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tv   News  RT  January 25, 2022 1:00am-1:31am EST

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ah, ah ah, the west rat shits up the temperature further over alleged russian plans to invade ukraine, bolstering its military presence in the region. that is clear of itself, says there's no reason to panic, insisting an attack is next to impossible. fighting full transparency, we speak to a lawyer held forth the f. d. a to release documents on the authorization of the funds that job explains concerns. the decision was very same help authority to tell you this part of the day or the same federal health authorities. i gave pfizer, missouri, and j complete immunity from any liability for injuries caused by the product. more
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is peace freedom if slavery, ignorance is strength. i'm now george, will wells warnings get their own as a british university. slant to trigger warning on his novel, 1994, which warned against censorship with. good morning. great. how are you with this is our t internet. the united states has put more than 8000 troops on high alert as it sounds the alarm over a supposed russian invasion. if you cry, moscow has repeatedly denied any such plans. even kia is urging tom saying it won't be attacked. these would be additional brigade, combat teams, logistics personnel, medical support, aviation support, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance as well as transportation and, and maybe even some additional capabilities after that loser. bought them. but you know, a lot of such param, militarism,
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appears in the media. i asked to reduce the intensity that exist today. little the situation is quite clear to us. there is no reason for us to panic or start no grounds for searching a full scale offensive against our country. it is even physically impossible to achieve them. not so gonzo whom you on monday, the top us diplomat, antony blinking, met with his e u counterparts to disgust ukraine. tensions is exposed divisions between washington and its allies with countries urging different responses to the situation on the border parties corresponding peter oliver has more. you for a ministers met on monday in brussels and they hadn't plenty to talk about not least a potential 1320000000 financial package that could be heading to ukraine. it needs approval by member states and the u. parliament. before we can really talk about that though, what we did here for certain from joseph brownlow, the chief or foreign policy bought from the e. u, is that they won't be a pull out for embassy staff and their families from e. u embassies. we had seen
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a move like not from the u. k. and us over the last few days sector, lincoln's his dollars that he was not an evacuation. he was just letting to people, there was one not crucial. the staff are free to decide to leave the country. i don't think there is a need for us to do any kind of a precautionary measure from defined to reorder number of our staff and there been managing agree. it looks like we could see more nato troops heading it to the east and borders of the alliance. the nato secretary general. you install timbered speaking on monday, nor but confirmed it. germany's come under a lots of pressure in the last few days over berlin's decision. not to send weapons to ukraine, all af shots, the german chancellor said that germany would stand united with the west in the face of any potential aggression from russia against ukraine. the chancellor had proves, he said that there would be great consequences for russia if there was an invasion
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of ukraine. now germany, although hasn't provided weapons, they have provided medical aid. they've also provided finance said they would contribute to financial aid. and in militarily, they are providing more surveillance flights for nato out of bases in romania away from the government. and the leader of the state of bavaria are a very senior politician and his own right market zone has been given an interview to german press, in which he says, sanctions against russia on the way forward. and the west mustn't treat russia and moscow as an enemy. meanwhile, the british prime minister boris johnson, has been having his se that's after london sent thousands of anti tank weapons and special forces to carry out training on how to use them to ukraine just last week. the british prime minister saying that an invasion of ukraine could be a disaster of historical proportions. but we also need to get a mesh verse in leading ukraine from
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a russian set is jente painful balance and blood this. this could be chess, nato, navy wargames continue in the mediterranean right now. they center around the american aircraft carrier, the u. s. s. harry truman. but we've also heard from a number of other nato member states in europe. that's denmark, spain, france, and the netherlands. we've all said that they're going to either commit, or in the case of france, they're considering committing troops and hardware to the eastern frontiers of the nato alliance. dmitri pess golf the kremlin spokesperson has said that moscow is paying close attention to the movements adobe dish to another session, nato actions, and increase nato activity. now, borders cannot be ignored by a military who are responsible for the security of our country. there is a constant process of drills, maneuvers, and military build up, which has never stopped and will continue. huge movement in this story over the
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last 24 hours and much of that movement involving nato troops heading towards the eastern frontiers of the alliance. and he wore activist david swanson says the most americans don't actually want war yet. the u. s. me to insist on going actress bogeyman? well, i think it's a sort of a self fulfilling of belief. this notion that russia in response to all the militarization within ukraine and neighboring countries by nato, put all of these troops months ago near the border and hasn't used them, hasn't invaded ukraine. most people are not in the military have nothing to do with the military pay. very little attention to the news at all. and certainly if asked whether they want to major war or not, would say no, but are generally aware of small scale us war making going on constantly eternally around the world and are horrified of vladimir boot. and our having nightmares
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about vladimir putin have been ward that, that the evil dr. brewton is trying to take over the world and something must be done to stop him. it's another munich, it's another appeasement. it's another moral failure to launch a war quickly enough. this is, this is what they're fed, a constant diet on us television. in the meantime, the american stock exchange experienced a turbulent day and had concerns over us involvement in the ukraine, russia crisis. this comes after a day of hysteria with whitehouse ordering officials to leave ukraine overseas. a conflict was imminent. will the day began shaky leave for the market with the s and p 500 stock index dropping more than 10 percent? as well as the dow jones falling by more than 1000 points. however, afternoon study day, the stock market managed to recover by the close of play. meanwhile, one expert we spoke to says the case was to be expected, given the current political climate to draw from the u. s. equity market today had 3 direct costs. the 1st is the growing tension between the united states and russia,
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ukraine. the 2nd is the u. s federal reserve meeting later this week to discuss either going to fight inflation. and the 3rd is of the stock market to resume extraordinary amount from there. march 2020 lowes without a correction. investors are going to generate the biggest factor. the tension between the u. s. western europe and russia and ukraine. and time to major superpower space off. there worries about the cost of a conflict on the risk that it will spill over job areas plus energy, as you job export of russia and western europe has a lot to lose. if trade in energy is hindered or stop by a conflict, and further there's, there's worry among some that if the u. s. doesn't look strong in front of the world facing russia. it all comes in that record high inflation in america, which is being fueled by federal reserve policy and that the pandemic can't. but
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asked about it. u. s. president joe biden insulted the reporter. he shouted out the question before his microphone was cut off. good with us, food and drug administration will soon have to hand over documents that i wanted to sit on for 75 years. these relate to its authorization of the fines. if i've seen these critics, i was too hasty. the info will now be released thanks to a group, a scientist taking the match to court. we spoke to the lawyer iron. siri, he says transparency is vital. know our representative individuals injured by their fees. we've been representing them for years. we do that for all the other vaccines . we don't do that for the pfizer, that scene with me during our j. j for kobe, because you can't see them in any manner. we've got waning immunity. there,
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instead of 80 immunity, got the cdc saying that the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission. and there are obviously some harm to that scene causes that even public health officials don't deny. there are totally issues with the vaccine. and we need every independent scientist on board and looking at the data looking information, helping address those issues with the real problem here in my view and view, i think of many is that the very same health authorities that are telling you to say are the same federal health authorities that gave pfizer, missouri, and jane j complete immunity from any liability for injury, cause other products. and they gave them that immunity before the products were even authorized before they were even made in life since then and put on the market . that creates a moral hazard by decoupling the company profit motive from its interest and safety . and i think that does concern a lot of people and it should there are plenty of doubts about the fast track
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approval of the find the chef, especially with jap mandates in place for many work with the texas schools now or the gay to release hundreds of thousands of documents related to last year's authorization, the judge schooling it a matter of public health. john f kennedy likewise recognised the nation that is afraid to lead its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people. there may not be a more important issue with the food and drug administration than the pandemic. the phase of ac, seen getting every american vaccinated and making sure that the american public is assured that this was not rushed on behalf of the united states. even if it wasn't russ, there's not to have transparency, but certainly in a situation where. busy was rush, transparency is certainly important. it does beg the question, why does the f b a one way alley initially? why did it wanna wait? as long as it did? it claim it doesn't have enough resources, but it has over 18000 employees,
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a budget over $6500000000.00. reviewing a few $100000.00 pages for what a claim is, the most important product it's ever reviewed and put out there presumably. and so we did couple the public health authorities own reputation from the products, right? such that they're just viewed as any other products. and then we can actually address individuals who are injured by these products and get them the treatment that they need. who have more on the f t a little later in the program as the nominee for the administration directors under scrutiny for his relationship with big fall with us still to come georgia was classic, 1984 as a chilling cautionary tale. the warns of the dangers the censorship, but one british university simeon ignore that message and set its size on the novel . slapping a trigger, warning on the work for its apparently explicit material shot. he had his dashti
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reeds between the lines trigger warning. this item discusses trigger warnings. i'm now going to quote george o wells 1984. so if you feel at risk of being offended, please meet your tv now. war is peace, freedom is slavery. ignorance is strength. future with freedom becomes slain. ah, where privacy from the past forgot his prophecy remains as terrifying miss beverly incentive, engaging in individual critical thinking. students at north hampton university studying that is stopping and censorship nightmare ah, well receiving trigger. warnings from the institutions very own thought police. while it is not university policy, we may warn students of graphic depictions in relation to violence, sexual violence, domestic abuse on suicide. 1984 centers around
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a government worker, renee totalitarian state, he is followed by the other present gaze of the ruling party. and as dictator, big brother, but may be north hampton university is different from the big brother, and simply one that's looking out for as little siblings who might just get upset with some think trigger warnings can be a spoiler and skew students perception or was shut down discussion inquiry and dare i say it thought there's a certain irony when universities start adding trigger warnings to 1984, there's something very big brother about it. i think 13 year olds might find some of the scenes in the novel disturbing. but i don't think any one of undergraduates age is really shocked by book any more shock that i don't know perhaps by how all. well, in his dystopian science fiction depiction of mass media control, censorship and surveillance is becoming airily familiar. in fact,
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70 is on it so relevant today that it's still on amazon is best sellers list and sets quite well on north hamptons, academic courses, alongside samuel beckett's play, and game, as well as alan laws, v for vendetta. oh, but they to come a trick of warnings, of course, i mean generations of students are ready with being offended and being able to re do without any kind of supervision. so i don't understand why they have to molly katelyn to protect this generation of students. it's rather insulting to the intelligence. on the one hand you have students trying to cancel controversial views. and on the other, you have academics falling into line behind this kind of nonsense saying the controversial views have to be flagged up in advance. so students must be ready to encounter them or is it kind of infant alizay issue or student life for
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university and to be diss and must be deplored? well when i was at university, i was reading all sorts of things for my dissertation defending the west. the rise of islamic state, i don't think either of those who made the cut these days to you. but even when i was at school, i was reading to kill a mockingbird and jane air, both of which are now on the naughty sap. okay. kids are reading books these days anyway, they're glue to the t, v screens and maybe that's for the best. i'm every part of it. i guess i am going to be any more. i'm going to be any. wow. yeah. it's gonna be a lot. okay. okay. perhaps not her and her family have come to the library. oh wow. that's better though, the way things are going. papa will be deemed pay guest panky mpeg a phobic some day. still to come,
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crime is surging and chicago. what people are increasingly blaming the d fun, the police movement will have more of that after the show, brick. ah ah ah ah.
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk ah, welcome back. an 8 year old girl was shot and killed while walking with a mother in the u. s. city of chicago, the weekend meliss ortega was hit by stray gun far during a gang fight. we saw in crime rates policing in chicago's once again in the spotlight. and one local pastors calling for change, lashing out of the d from the police movement. is there any hope for chicago?
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the chaos. the lawlessness is so bad is chicago, that the criminals, openly mark. i police and i city leaders. even our governor. what makes me so angry and appear to you that we see our leaders mocking our efforts with their wishy washy ideas. like the fire, the police. come on there. the police are not our enemy. how many more will it take before our leaders wake up? you know what? they'll never wake up. you know why? they don't care. last year chicago recorded its highest homicide rate for 25 years, at 797 deaths. meanwhile, the week starting january tenths or overall crime up nearly a quarter when compared with 2021. for instance, car jacking has increased by mold in a 3rd inside the city and with the div on the police move and gaining traction. a spike in carthage has also been registered in other major us cities.
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ah ah ah. oh, i spoke with dominick, his own phone, the police officer from chicago says it's short sighted to place the blame squarely on the police side, a freak certain situation. this happens disturbingly repetitively in chicago. is it a broken ga government system we have from our job seats 30 kim fox to the mayor and her vilification of although the police officers were underneath her to our share of tom dark, who's absent at the helm. the define, the police know been is one thing in the next year is going to be something else. the police will always be the points because they're right in the middle. you got
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the elected officials who make the promise, elect me. i'm going to change things. you've got the state attorney who are making deals with the defense attorneys who are also elected position states attorney. y'all elect me, i'm going to do x, y, and z. then you have the, the citizens who are committing the crimes or also the ones you are calling for safer neighborhoods because of the crime at the alley that everyone's committee cries. and you have the cops, the ones you are right in the middle, and the entire burden of peace and prosperity is put on their shoulders with no support from communities or the ones who are there it's you ought to back them their, their government. so they're the ones, you're taken, the worst position, the hits on all side, and they're always going to be taking a heads if they're the pawns has been a military takeover in west africa, the king of france. so where the army has announced the suspension of the constitution announced that the president, members of the king of s, as military appeared on state t, v, claiming to have seized control of the west african nation,
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make soldiers said they had suspended the constitution due to the failure of the president to unite the country and to stuff away the nation wide. you had a tax reading party claimed that the president has survive and bought the sustain nation at 10 during the k and the home had been run. ah, the new nominee for director of the us food and drug administration has years of experience in the pharmaceutical business. but he's told me ties with the johns, a big farmer that's raised eyebrows as some wonder if his interests line up with those of the american people. tell him open reports. after 10 months, joe biden has finally gotten around to nominating somebody to run the us food and drug administration. that is certainly an important post during the pandemic. the nominee is robert caliph and he's face some tough questions in washington. you currently own up to $8000000.00 in stock of major pharmaceutical companies. how can
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the american people feel comfortable? you're going to stand up to this powerful, special interest. bernie wasn't exaggerating. calif is a cardiologist turned multi millionaire, and he's been deputy commissioner at the f d. a since 2015 alarm bells have consistently been going off about how well connected he is. e mails revealed he'd been having cozy meetings with lobbyists of the very companies he's supposed to be regulating watchdogs, raised their concerns. expressed concerns regarding the recent emanation of dr. robert cal if to lead to food and drug administration, and to urge the committee to reject his nomination. calif worked with lobbyist to put together a new bill that would fast track new drugs onto the market. cutting back on the procedures put in place to make sure the public is safe. the bill he helped right along with big pharma lobbyists, laid out a method for using real world evidence rather than double blind studies before putting out new drugs. however, cal of says he was doing it for the greater good way trials are currently done is
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so expensive that they should, there's no return on investment for these kinds of trial. so i think i'm gonna throw it back at you and say, banding together and making this happen is a matter of practices critical. i would also, i do need to be vociferous when cal, if was out of government in 2017, he was an unemployed for long. he worked for bitter roots, bio boring or ingle. i'm pharmaceuticals, anson tessa, all of them, big drug companies, caliphs, stock portfolio lists over 30 companies. he has over $100000.00 invested and he's got half a 1000000 and m g n, and bristol myers squibb and a quarter 1000000 invested in gilliard science. he's got 2000000 in psycho kinetics and a whopping 5000000 incident tasa talk about a conflict of interest. his ethical reviews, however, say that he is in full compliance with the law, but it gets worse. i can't fathom why we would confirm someone whose actions failed
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to swiftly curb its height of the opioid epidemic and protect the public's health. especially someone who's already held the sta. ozzy's commissioner. the issue that came up on capitol hill was the opioid epidemic with pain killer medications being handed out a bit to freely turning millions of americans into addicts. as the fallout continued, doctor calif was pressed on the app da's decision not to update the labeling on opioid medications back in december, he said that the agency would continue to review the evidence coming in. that provoked more criticism. the evidence has been here for a long time. it's the evidence, it's thousands of people. hundreds of thousands of people dying in this country. now the big pharmaceutical companies have no real objection to their body. bobby, this is what a top lobbying firm said about him. congratulations to talk to robot kayla for being nominated as the next commissioner of the us food and drug administration. it's vital that we have a commissioner who understands the important role the sta,
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plays in promoting public health and providing science based oversight of our nation's medicine supply, and some on capitol hill think that he is ideal for the position. i'm not sure you could write a resume of somebody more qualified to be considered for commissioner of the fda. how that was you asked senator richard bur, who has also got a relationship with big drug companies. now the f. d, a is supposed to be monitoring the activities of big pharmaceutical corporations, holding their feet to the fire, making sure they do everything possible to protect the public. so for such a position, wouldn't it be ideal to have somebody who wasn't cozy with them and their lobbyists, just a thought taylor mop and archie, new york. thanks so much kelly. that brings us right up to date in just a little thought. if you have time check out more news on our website, simply had to r t dot com. ah
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mm. bring you the very latest every out the day. this is all, he's now snow from everyone here with there may or may it, we should all be may or may, we should all be angry because of what's going on. right. can't understand united states history. i've been spending the role that slavery play is already very formal institution at a time, united states became a nation. it actually find the nation. the rise of capitalism is clearly on the
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backs of slate and it's laid down if you had investigated lynchings, any great extent. you can't believe that really having the country and a country still stands in brick. i'm from the south. everybody know, know what they're saying. to some extent, i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war in the south is winning her german by drink shaped bank concur senators with ah, a dares syncs. we dare to ask
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it's an open secret. the private military companies have been playing a role in om, complex world wide. u. s. government doesn't track the number of contractors it uses in places iraq or afghanistan, the united states army and the military and general is so reliance on the private sector. i would call that dependency, but we don't know who's the on the ground presence of these companies overseas. we just don't out west and private military companies can in their turn, views. so cool subcontractors from countries with trouble pass. the chances are quite good that they had also been child soldiers. i says i was a child, as well as my job professional. it is with the whole one feel good if i said that, look with no flaw, minimum own,
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if you are sure which way to be merciless killing machines, now they fight and die in other people's was people carol, lot one and a dead soldier or dead moraine shows up in this country and we start asking yourself, why did they die? why do what would a fighting for? nobody bothers down to about that contractors in a hey bed room, but the one bed there. so you can coordinate that brand new board and i'm ready to .


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