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ah, a with top headlines right now, you're not used to national the united states put 8500 troops on high alert. pentagon says they're ready for deployment in eastern europe if russia attacks ukraine despite moscow saying it has no such plan. with the british government minister stands down while slamming their prime ministers, quote lamentable track record and tackling claims of massive fraud in the government. covey loans speak with unix, honda, julian assigned winds the right to appeal to the u. k. supreme court to prevent his extradition to the u. s. on chargers of espionage. the ruling husband welcomed by
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his family and the support. what happened in court today is precisely what we wanted to happen, but we are far from achieving justice in this case. because julian has been incarcerated for so long, and he should not have spent a single day in prison with there's been no stoppage in the headlines pouring in tonight doughty, international on rural re sushi. it's a pleasure to have you with us. so the united states right now is putting 8500 troops on high alert to counter the supposed to threat from russia. pentagon spokesman john cope, you says the units could be sent to eastern europe if russia attacks ukraine. although moscow has repeatedly denied any such these would be additional brigade, combat teams, logistics personnel, medical support, aviation support, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance as well as transportation and,
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and maybe even some additional capabilities after that, the secretary wanting to get ahead of the potential activation and making sure that these units have the time to prepare, if and only if they're deployed with a u. s. on it, or nato allies have now started a series of naval drills in the mediterranean sea. and nato secretary general yet installed in boca said, the alliance is considering deploying extra troops, ride along rushes, borders. let's get more now from berlin. his correspondence, peter, on an awful lot going on on monday, concerning nato troop movements and planned movements as well. what we can expect is that there will be more nato troops arriving in the east of europe. later on monday, us time, they'll be a coal between the u. s. president and european leaders. but earlier, we heard pretty much confirmation of this from the nato secretary general against dalton beg. nathan will not compromise on court principles. we stand for the right
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of each nation to choose his own allowances. on naples door remains open. we are considering to further enhance our presence in east on part of the lions. this could include the deployment of additional natal battle groups, while those navy wargames continue in the mediterranean involving the ag yet the american aircraft carrier, the u. s. s. harry truman. we've also heard on monday from france, denmark, the netherlands, and spain who've all either committed or said they're considering committing moving military hardware or troops to eastern europe. now dmitri pest golf, who's the the kremlin spokesperson, said that moscow as paying very close attention to these movements, a dog reduced in such a nato actions and increase nato activity. now, borders cannot be ignored by our military are responsible for the security of our
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country. there is a constant process of drills, maneuvers and military build up, which has never stopped and will continue. e u foreign ministers were meeting in brussels on monday. they had a lot to talk about, including proposals by the you commission for as much as what could be 1320000000 euros worth of financial package for ukraine. but one thing that jo, several, the a u foreign policy chief did come away from the meeting, saying was pretty much what he said when he went into the meeting, which was there would be no pull out of a you diplomatic staff and their families from embassies in keith, similar to what had been done by the united states and the u. k. i don't think we had the time applies as far as the negotiation going on on the and going on. i don't think that we had left brain and i leave. there was an awful lot of pressure on germany and therefore minister analynn a bare bach in this meeting of foreign ministers. on monday, germany's come under
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a lot of pressure because it's refused to send weapons to ukraine. now, germany has said it will provide financial aid. it's also said it'll provide medical aid and that it would increase our surveillance operations carried out from our romania. what we've also heard coming out to germany is the, the, the chancellor here all app schoultz saying it should there be an invasion that there would be 6 stream consequences for russia, but amongst senior politicians including those no longer in government, of course, and the in the terms of marcus is only the leader of the state of the very he's been speaking to the press saying that europe shouldn't talk to russia as if it was an enemy. we must reject aggression and avoid escalation. nobody wants a war in europe. in doing so, the territorial integrity and independence of ukraine under international law must be respected, but constant new threats and never tougher sanctions against russia alone cannot be the solution. on the one hand, because sanctions have had little effect for
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a long time. and on the other hand, because these new sanctions would often harm us just as much. meanwhile, boris johnson, the british prime minister, has been having his se that's after london sent thousands of anti tank weapons to ukraine just last week, as well as a team of special forces to train people how to use those while they're in the ukraine. now the british prime minister saying that an invasion of ukraine could be a disaster of historic proportions. but we also need to get a mesh. this in the new crime from a russian set is going to be a painful balance. and below this, this could be an awful lot of movement in this story. throughout monday, most of that movement seems to be in the form of nato military hardware, either moving or planning to be moved further towards the eastern frontier of the alliances boundaries. we spoke with and people activist and executive director of
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world beyond war, david swanson to the short time ago in the program. he says that most americans don't want any war, but the u. s. media continues going off or it's so cold booking. well, i think it's a sort of a self fulfilling of belief of this notion that russia in response to all the militarization within ukraine and neighboring countries by nato of put all of these troops months ago near the border and hasn't used them, hasn't invaded ukraine. most people are not in the military have nothing to do with the military pay. very little attention to the news at all. i and certainly if asked whether they want a major war or not would say no, but are generally aware of small scale u. s. war making going on constantly eternally around the world. i and are horrified of vladimir putin or having nightmares about vladimir boot and have been ward that, that the evil dr. putin is trying to take over the world and something must be done
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to stop him. it's another munich, it's another appeasement. it's another moral failure to launch a war quickly enough. this is, this is what they're fed. a constant diet of on us television. a senior conservative minister has resigned in the u. k. in protest of the government's handling of fraud allegations and multi 1000000000 pound cove, it contracts a theodore act, news exit has piled further pressure on prime minister boris johnson. already reeling from a scandal of a lock down parties that downing street a journalist of isa, oddly reports from london to the resignation of a peer in the house of lords, lord agnew of olson, who served as both a cabinet and treasury minister and his role was responsible primarily for investigating cases of corruption or fraud on him to take his frustration which has led to his resignation. today is linked to the governments of bounce back loan
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scheme. now this was a scheme which was hugely popular in the country at the time. loans being given to small businesses of a height of the pandemic and the locked downs to help save businesses to help save jobs, the treasury doting out 47000000000 pounds of money to desperate businesses all across the line to give them a lifeline. but as the national audit office estimates that up to potentially 5000000000 pounds of that could have been, fortunately claimed lord agnew spectacularly resigning the dispatch box earlier saying that his attempts to try to get these instances of alleged fraud investigator were met with nothing. but in action by other government officials, it is my deeply held conviction that the current state of affairs is not acceptable . given that i am the minister for counter fraud. it feels somewhat dishonest to stay on in that role. if i am incapable of doing it properly, this is not an attack on the prime minister, but a combination of arrogance,
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indolence and ignorance freezes the government machine. now we heard the lord agnew stating that his resignation was not intended as a attack on the prime minister, but it's hard to see how it could be anything but a huge blow on bars. johnson, who's under immense pressure following revelations of a number of incidences of breaking of lockdown roofs by himself and others within his government and the highest levels of in downing street while the rest of the country essentially locked. and there were new reports emerging lead that boris johnson had a birthday party held for him, organized by his now wife carry. and that revelation states the forest. johnson attended that spots in the cabin office in down the street at a time when the country was in the 1st national lockdown, and indoor gatherings were strictly abandoned. you know, we've heard and seen this prime minister shrugging of accusations of racism
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shrugging of accusations of corruption within his administration. but it could be these revelations of parties and other events which broke lockdown rules, which could cause an end to his premier ship. and we've already seen him having to be humiliated, essentially, politically, and apologize at the dispatch box in the house of commons. i want to apologize. i believed implicitly that this was a work event. but mister speaker with hindsight, i should have sent everyone back inside. i should have found some other way to thank them and i should have recognized that even if it could be said technically to fall within the guidance, there would be millions and millions of people who simply would not see that way. a senior civil servant within the government,
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su gray has been tasked with investigating those instances of rule breaking. and what the prime minister's alleged role in those events were. and it's thought that su grey's report could make or break porous. johnson's political future, no doubt to the glee of his political enemies, those who oppose him on everything from his lockdown policies. those who say that he hasn't been harsh enough with the lock down policies, and that he scraps, things like vaccine passports to those who oppose him. on the question of briggs it, but importantly those on his own back benches as well, who are paying for his blood. and so all eyes will be on what sue gray reports. earlier i spoke with lord prem, see code who believes that simply replacing the prime minister won't solve the problem was ultimately he says that he can you k needs to utterly change the way it's governed. the minister would speak a minute or 2. but as the, as has
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a speech lasted longer, and they started criticizing the government, we send something was up, but then it became more dramatic when he slammed is a resignation. letter on the dispatcher table actually walked out of the chamber. i not really see anything like that before. many people from outside have already sense that something is seriously wrong with the government. very, very serious indictment and insight into incompetence. and the heart of the government simply replacing one prime minister with another prime minister, believing in the same ideology, values, and policies is not really good enough. what we really need is a complete change in the way this country is governed. simply replacing one sort of gods with another god with another set of gods isn't really going to do much for the country. so we need new people center politics. and that is not really all for
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the moment by any political party. with helix found that julian assange has won the right divers, extradition case, reviewed in the u. k. supreme court. of course, he's wanted by washington on espionage charges. there's still no prospect of assange being released. his fiance says his health is worsening after suffering. a recent stroke in prison is our correspondent in london sharia. it was dashing. judith san has been crowded permission to take his case to the green court. of course, that means that he can now appeal to you as extradition. decision that was granted at the end of last year or more is who is the partner of doing this artist held this as a victory. what happened in court today is precisely what we want it to happen. but we are far from achieving justice. in this case, because julian has been incarcerated for so long and he should not have spent a single day in prison sooner. sounds still remains behind the deposit bell marsh
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prison, which is one of the most notorious prisons hid in the united kingdom and that all of this should be thrown out of court. in fact, that calling for the united states the case, and they all do that press freedom worldwide, is that stakes, not all cases go to the supreme court. there must be an all people point of law, and the case needs to have a public importance that now has been deemed a public importance. and many of us on just supported on and did a defense. they argue that the united states is simply making an example of june assange for revealing these legible crimes of documents relating to the war in iraq and afghanistan. ah, a
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with blue. so what we see now is a decade long soccer, illegal, elaborate the horror story of fit you in a song. well, he goes through, back and forth, various court systems here in the united kingdom. all of these protests is when they got announcement some few minutes ago. they all are opted into child saying free free at units on. of course this isn't the end. he's still behind balls and there's still a long way to go to doing a song to try and fight against expedition to the united states. earlier in the
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program, i spoke with an activist on the pink floyd co founder of roger waters. he said, this is a small victory for songs whilst rating the treatment he's faced over the years. obviously, this is bad and yours hadn't been denied lose. to appeal to the u. k. supreme court. if he, if he had been denied that may by the high court appeal go, his, his name would have gone straight to pretty, but joe, who would have shouted off with his hedge and sent in the united states to be killed. so service is a small victory, but as stellar explained, i could just his snatches of your programming and on. while i was sitting there waiting to talk to stellar explain julian, a so should not have spent a single day, even in the air with dorian embassy,
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where he was sort of locked up for about 8 years for certainly not so much to present because he has committed no crime. how many times to have to blame this to the rest of the world? obviously he has committed no active espionage by any definition of the word, probably in any language, anywhere in the world. it should trump up nonsense piece of nonsense. all. clearly it's obvious to everybody, the whole traditional procedure that's been going on in the u. k. is shirad. it's a piece of data to persuade those of us who need persuading like them trying to persuade me. i suppose that this man deserves to be punished in some way for what he has done. we should be building statues to judy in those songs in our towns
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squares. not punishing. what he has done is expose inconvenient truce to the powers that be to the ruling clause. an 8 year old girl named melissa ortega was shot and killed while walking with her mother in chicago over the weekend. as we understand, she was hit by straight gun fire intended to hit a gang member during the fight between sudden members of the tragic killing of the girl who had just moved to the city from mexico comes in chicago, seeing the highest level of homicides in 25 years, those stats coupled with instance, like the tragedy of melissa ortega has brought her on renewed scrutiny of the way chicago's police and it's also left one of chicago's pastors, a crying out change. is there any hope for chicago? the chaos. the lawlessness is so bad is chicago, that the criminal's only mock. i police and i city leaders. and even now governor,
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what makes me so angry and appealing to me is that we see our leaders mocking our efforts with their wishy washy id like to fund the police. come on, man, the police are not our enemies. how many more will it take before our leaders wake up? you know what? they'll never wake up. you know why they don't care? let's take this further here on the program a dominic, a. so a full, a police officer from chicago. now joining us live the see thing here, one or 2 international. great to see you today. sorry, it's with such bad news. it really is an awful incident here. this happened with this young girl that kind of highlights the frequency of crime in the city dominic with the record homicide rates currently coming in. is this a freak situation now, or is there something broken in terms of governance? no, it's not a freak. certain situation, this happens disturbingly repetitively in chicago is, is a broken ga government system. we have from our seats turn kim fox to the mayor and
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her vilification of all the police officers were underneath her to our sheriff. tom dark, who was absent at the helm all the way to and i don't i'm, i'm gonna, i'm gonna catch them real health for this one. the, for the pre, the pastor who was speaking, i have no contact with him whatsoever. and i agree with everything he says, but these pastors are part of the problem to chicago has a very famous pastor, father michael slager, who is an inflammatory figure in this city, who does more harm than good these pastors or leaders or community leaders. and i know that there's a conflict of interest when you're leading your flock, talking about politics. but these pastors have massive influences and how to change the votes in this city. this problem is, is not to police. this problem. it's there, it's their citizens, if they're flock, but it's also and how a vote they keep getting these people, their congregation to vote democratic every single election. chicago was a 100 years, ron democrat. so these men who were in such positions of authority,
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i'm not talking about the police and talking about pastors, have a real issue. it's time to start looking at leadership for the city and maybe steering your flock, a different direction as an engine. coming to make that dominic about these pastors are getting political here. but when i asked you about, is this a freak occurrence here? that this a stray bullet shooting or is there a matter of broken governance? you said it is a matter of broken governess. how is it broken dominic? a couple of months ago in chicago, the chicago police officers who are some of the hardest working men or women out there, they arrested 2 rival gangs for shooting at each other seats. as they started kim fox, her office screened the incidents and no arrests were made. all parties were released from whoever the gang members worked, the cpd picked up, and they were released on mutual combatants. no charges. this kennesaw state tourney, kim fox, she is delusional. just as much as the marriage, she's making the coffee shop harder. i don't know. to be honest, even though i c b d does any job. i don't know why they do their job because the harder they work.
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they're not going to get any backing from the states attorney's office or the mayor, and they're just going to be having their, their, their little ones taking the hits. the cops are being blamed for everything that everyone else is doing. i know you might have mentioned a couple of weeks ago when you were here with us on our tea that you said that some of the police have been turned over made into that of a scape goat. so will we still, but we still witnessing the fall out from the hold to fund the police movement. do you think it? yeah, the defend the police move in is one thing in the next year is going to be something else. the police will always be the pawns because they're right in the middle. you've got the elected officials who make the promise, elect me. i'm going to change things. you've got the state attorney who are making deals with the defense attorneys who are also an elected position, states attorney, you know, elect me. i'm going to do x, y, and z. then you have the, the citizens who are committing the crimes or also the ones you are calling for safer neighborhoods because of the crime. you know, not everyone's coming in christ. and you have the cops, the ones who are right in the middle, and the entire burden of peace and prosperity is put on their shoulders,
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with no support from communities or the ones who are there to, to back them their, their government. so they're the ones who are taking the worst position, the hits on all side, and they're always going to be taking the hits if they're the pons, is the situation in chicago really as bad as the statistics are saying, right now? i wouldn't come here. i live 20 minutes outside chicago. i've been to the city in a year. i wouldn't you know, you got the magnificent mile. you've got your lake shore drive, state street, all this. i wouldn't if my family said they're going to be going to the city, i'd be like you out of your mind, you're not going. the problem is, is the element is not being held accountable for right. the cops are doing their jobs and even when the cops are doing their job on site, the crucified for it, the element, the criminal element is also making its way to the more affluent neighborhoods of chicago. and as they continue, they're going to start with making their ways in the suburbs of cook county. everybody talks about chicago, chicago, chicago. the thing to keep in mind is, is within cook county, illinois. chicago is 2700000 people. cook county,
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illinois is $5800000.00 people every time the news reports, they report on chicago, they're not talking about the southern bordering neighborhoods or the western bordering neighborhoods of the city which have their own element that the city is chasing out committing crimes. and then fling right back into this is going to be a lot worse. dominic i've, i've got about 20 seconds left. if you could divvy up the blame between leadership and gangs using guns, it, could you try it? could you try it and share the blame between those 2 sides, or is it is not that simple? now the guy games are never gonna accept responsibility. so you know what? let the cops return to the constitution are dead. beach sheriff tom dart has to go . the sheriff has to start stepping up state police need to be able to do their jobs. more chicago police need to do their job there and get this horrid disgrace of them. and the states journey out of their dominic is a former police officer from chicago. joining us live here on auto international, very insightful comments. thank you very much for your time. just thank you.
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while there's been a deadly shooting and the german town of heidelberg who's just several hours ago when a gunman opened fire in a university lecture hall, killing a student and injuring several others before turning the gun on himself. or are these dani armstrong was following mister one dead, 3 injured after a shooting a heidelberg university. that's the oldest university in germany. one of the most renowned in europe, him for the world in the world for that matter. police said in a press conference just wrapped so recently that been an 18 year old man himself. a student stormed into a lecture theatre around 1230 local time. open fire on the students present then left the building before turning the gun on himself and police said there were 4 injured originally, one of them critically. and we can confirm now that one of those victims that was critically injured has to come to her injuries later in hospital. there were reports that she had been shot in the head by the attack in
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a police of the perpetrator who was acting alone. a lone wolf attack, as it were, was a student himself, and used a long barrel go. now that's a rifle. to me, the type is held in 2 hands and propped against the shoulder. a search after the attack did find that there were 2 of those such guns on the, about the body of the attacker. now this has been a huge event in the city of heidelberg, a huge student population. there. we have had some comment from the chairman of the student body pizza ableman. he said that this is a catastrophe. and incredible shock add to the city. the north of the city has been called an offer. swat team was deployed there, a helicopter also to aid in the the search the is there is no threat to the public as we understand now, of course our threat was neutralized when the attacker turned the gun on himself. alley said there is no political or racial motivation behind the attack. the gunman
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acted alone. however, when this did 1st, when news of this attack 1st broke on social media, there were reports that this was down to radical veganism and the perpetrator had some kind deep hatred. stevenson was exact thing, some sort of sick, revenge for the suffering of animals on humans. that was rubbish than the police have said. now that it was a lone gunman, 18 you, 18 years old, former students there is a p in a press conference. it's been wrapped up, this kept us up today and we will keep you up to date here, t on any information that we have. and when it happens. so i dont armstrong right there, wrapping up the program for this hour here and off he international. it has been such a busy evening show here at this channel. major stories hitting their headlines tonight . they will continue in about half an hour with my colleague peter scott, who is at the desk. i hope you can join him with
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ah with bring you the very latest every out the day. this is all now snow from everyone had with there may or may it we sure all may we should all be angry because a was more all right. can't understand united states history
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and the role that slavery play already a very formal institution at a time, united states became a nation. it actually find the nation. the rise of capitalism is clearly on the backs of flight. and it's laid down. if you have a great extent, you can't believe a country and the country still stands in brick. i'm from the south. everybody know, know what this figure. to some extent, i would argue that we're still fighting the civil war in the south is winning. mm hm. with .


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